AUGUST 20TH, 2011  
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wanderer2343 Sponsor
What a great way to end the comics!
1 year ago
Can anyone say that they didn't expect this?
11 months ago
NixieShimo Black Kitten
No More Comics!?! And I just learned about them too. Go figure. LOL. Well, I suppose I can always go through and read what's archived on the site and guy the books from the store.
8 months ago
mikesaby I aint care
Ahh just reading some of these again. These were great comics and makes me sad that they are done. But good job Luke and Griffon nonetheless!
5 months ago
JStummer Wizard
2 months ago
there stoping the comics?
2 years ago
Shatobyteme 1stJoined07
In reply to meh805, #436:

They canned immersion after the first season, they already said that there will be no more of that, since it takes Gus and Geoff out of the office along with Burnie, without them, not much would be able to get done.
2 years ago
RymanX Sponsor
I don't know what to say other than that I can't believe this. Maybe that's because I'm in denial, but so be it. It seems impossible to me that you guys would end this.

The comics have always been the heart and the sould of the site, especially before Drunk Tank came along. I just finished searching through all 23 pages of comments on this to try to find some sort of vindication for the end of RT comics, only to find nothing. I know you guys have your reasons, I just eagerly await them.

I'll sincerely miss watching all the "first"s bombed with negative mods, Geoff's parodies of the very same thing, and having something else to look forward to every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I'll fondly remember actually being able to make an early comment on a comic for the one and only time and all the hilarious moments in the comics.

So I guess there's nothing more to say except... Peace out to you too.
2 years ago
skier523 tree hugger
How will I waste my time now , Danm it !
2 years ago
hangman878 Sponsor
what is life without RT comics?
2 years ago
12 comments to the next page. B
2 years ago
I'm so sad they're gone!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!
2 years ago  |  + 0 WTF
Kierosive Sponsor
I wish i got to see these comics. The only one i remember is cheap tactics. They made fun of the black eye skull for halo 3: odst
2 years ago
tmcgrath21 TORINosaurus
Still can't believe there aren't any more comics :/
1 year ago
I miss these comics everyday :(
11 months ago
Cucumbers Praise Helix
It's too bad there aren't any comics anymore D:
2 months ago
geoff i sympathize... also thanks luke and griffon for the comics but seeing as im a waffle dont give me to luke he just butters us up with sweet talk and then stabs us with a knife and then eats us... waffle revolution to the non waffles... wait what was i talking about before????(-_-)
2 years ago
NOOOOO How Could ya do that to You man... even in... wait nevermind... Geoff isa ass
2 years ago
No... More... Comice... What will i live fo- Wait is Luke Copping a feel, were is Geoff with his shot gun when you need it
2 years ago
Blutonian Spooner
So i've thought long and hard about what to take away from this comic. My conclusion is that if you call a married woman a bitch, you can get to second base with her...
2 years ago
:'( End of Comics?
:') But Brilliant comic aswell!
2 years ago
Why would you stop now...? Who will suply me with bornography?
2 years ago
2 years ago
11 comments to the next page. A
2 years ago
gallegoloco Sponsor
and to all a good night.... followed by a morning of dry heaves and regretting life decisions
2 years ago
Dont end!
2 years ago  |  + 0 Lame
holy crap
2 years ago
Bow chicka bow wow.
2 years ago
2 years ago
First day on here, last comic? better go backwards then!
1 year ago
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