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44 years ago
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Audrey RTX Guardian

Project #1: For all you writers/creative folks out there, feel free to give this a look-see. Follow and all that good stuff. I'm also very open to suggestions! (And a new logo for you artistic folks out there. I will promote the shit out of your stuff if you make one for me.)

Project #2: Operation Happy Community!

So we've seen the Myspace-style journals spread like wildfire. I had my Warm Fuzzies project for Valentine's Day this year. Now let's combine the two (sort of)!


Step 1: Write a journal with a lovely message of some variety. Could be "You're awesome!" or "You can do this!" or a fun fact that'll make someone giggle... Whatever. Unlike warm fuzzies, make it general enough so that, if it pops up on someone's feed, it'll make their day brighter. (I mean, you could direct it...
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