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Sometimes words aren't enough to describe the awesome that is a Community Hunter video. So instead of reading about what you will soon watch, just click the link and appreciate what @iSayWhat and @The_Hybrid have created.

This week's Community Hunter Video of the Week is… This is... This is... This is...

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Audrey RTX Guardian

So you may or may not have heard of Community Based Network.

Community Based Network is a collaborative effort, headed by @SilverKM03, @LoZelda, and myself with @topham as one of our regular showrunners. What Community Based Network boils down to is community produced content submitted by the community. We have several regular series already lined up, and, because we want to put out content daily, two shows that entirely rely on random people from the community sending us content. We'll also be open to producing new one-offs, miniseries, or series (at our discretion). So go on ahead and join the group on here to get involved or just to watch the content. Please also like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe on Youtube. All of those links can be found under our group...
Notorum Calligraphy

Singer Song writer Contest
As many of you know I am working on a documentary focusing on our community, but one of the production skills I don't really have time for is the music, and to be as legit as possible I will be hosting a contest. Good documentaries have a slow melodic undertone of music through the entire things but what I am asking for if for you, the community, to do is to send me a PM of a about two minute long piece for thing project to show another great aspect of our community. It can be done on any instrument or even done by vocal, although I feel like lyrics would take away from what is being said.

Creative Writing Contest
This one I could do but I would like to showcase our talented community as much as possible. Once again just send me PM of a 5 paragraph long creative wri...
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