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45 years ago
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lordcrusnik Sponsor
Ok so here is a redesign of Joel for The how to animation series (Reset)
First things first ive been working with anime studio alot more, and learning various functions

_new features_.exe

-Masking over mouth
-teeth and tongue
- head turn (fully boned and manually tweeked points)
-Fully defined non generic facial features including protruding chin
-movable chin layer
-Line depth changes
-Gradient eyes
-Better rigging system
-frame by frame animation

Overall its a vast improvement

Heres the problem, nobody even attempts to watch content i make othjer then halo maps, so please if you want to see this production come to life, subscribe to my channel, the original series is shit compared to this, however i still stand by it, as its My shit,

Youtube channel
lordcrusnik Sponsor
Forge Concept Map, with a super saiyan spartan Armor effect concept.
xLEO725x The Danger
By informal request from Geoff L. Ramsey during GO! #24 at 4:52, I have compiled a "no-scope sniper montage of Ryan's progress bar." I used footage from the following episodes of GO!: 5,12,13,14, 17, and 25. All of them contain a point in time where Ryan (aka The Mad King) had to download an update, which pretty much accounts for his losses. At the very least, he never had a chance! There might be an update screen or two that I missed, but I think the point is made here. Without further ado, here is the video you requested Geoff... uhh boss, sir, Mr. Ramsey... just watch it.
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