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45 years ago
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Audrey Spread Love

For 100 days, starting on May 1st, 2015, we will dedicate ourselves to one happy thing each day. The days will each be themed (for example, Day 42 might be "Draw/paint/use your coloring book"). You can tweet/share any photos/text with the hashtag "#HappyExperiment100" so everyone can be included in how you're making your day a little brighter. When you tweet at the Happy Experiment account or share it to the Facebook Page, you may be featured with a retweet/share! This is simply meant to be a fun way to hold yourself to self-care.

Please join this group and also like/follow. Any word spreading is a huge help here!

Want to help in a more official capacity? Here's what we currently need!

Yay! My gymnasium project One Year Later, is finally finished! All the editing and effects were made by me but other than that, we were a total of three people working on this project :-)
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