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As we draw closer and closer to the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the amount of Halo related videos rockets through the roof. In order to kick us all in the nostalgia, @Ovaiz and @Humza decided to create a video showing some awesome Easter Eggs!

This week's Community Hunter Video of the Week is… Halo: CE Anniversary - 3 Easter Eggs

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ailsarocks Fashion Jedi
What's up you gorgeous community you! You having a nice day! I hope so!

Now I have several questions for you:

Do you have an Xbox 360?

JTD2013 Numa Numa
Hello everyone!

I want to make an official announcement about the Get In The Know podcast that has just started up from the The Know - Community Reporters group. Much like the group, this podcast will be covering all sorts of news, announcements and rumors regarding television, movies, games and technology. We've just started but the first episode in my humble, completely non-bias even though I edit it and publish it, opinion went quite well and I'm really excited to see where it goes in the future. We have all sorts of plans for the podcast, including bringing on guests from the group to be a part of the podcast and be a featured guest for an episode (or episodes depending on how many want to be a part) so it's bound to be a hit and hopefully something the entire community can enjoy! We a...
The Achievement Hunter Community Update is a weekly summary of all things happening within the amazing Achievement Hunter and RoosterTeeth community. Highlighting a Community Hunter, Fan Art and Community Project of the week. It also covers any big events that happen to be coming up so that you'll never miss out.

I hope that you'll check it out and share it if you like it, but more importantly, get involved! AHCU is a community based show and if you have a project or event that you would like to have featured or need community help with and would like to get the word out, just let me know and it will get a spot in the show!

The show is always growing and trying new things, so feedback is always welcomed and considered. (Some more than others) I hope you'll check it out!

- Joe
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