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A recently held contest for the Community Hunter's resulted in over a dozen video submissions. The goal, to create a brand new trailer for the Community Channel. All the submissions were quite incredible but only one could take home the gold. A huge congratulations to @Jerem6401 for his victory and a huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the video!

This week's Community Hunter Video of the Week is… Welcome to Achievement Hunter's Community Channel!

Community Hunter Channel | Community Hunter Group
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caveman1509 RTCSProducer
With so much talent in our community that crosses the entire spectrum of possibilities, I think that everyone ought to find some space where they can invent and create freely.

In that mindset, here is a new outlet for you people who either enjoy listening to or creating music! The group, which goes by the name of Community Video Game Music Album, is actually an open forum for anyone to come in and support/make music to be a part of a larger community album! This current album is, as you could guess from the name, video game-centric, so that means remixes and original pieces of every genre and type in both live and sampled format! You can do anything you like!

The tentative deadline is sometime in mid-June for this year's, but the rumor mill is spinning and it is becoming a common thought t...
caveman1509 RTCSProducer
Our RTCS UK side definitely knocked their first short out of the park with this! Check it out here!
ailsarocks Fashion Jedi
So as you all know I'm involved in a few projects here on the site.

I love this community so much, and I love working with you guys and girls so I just thought I would let you know how you can get involved with the various things I do here! Whether you're new to the community, or have been here a while, please have a read as I would love your help!


You are all probably aware of the RvB:Scotland Charity Game-a-thon and the Worldwide Edition (that you should totally take part in!).

I'm calling all folks on this site for this one. As this is a fundraiser, we are trying to raise some money for charity. We are doing giveaways throughout the events and we have some cool stuff from places like Insert Coin Clothing!

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