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45 years ago
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lordcrusnik Sponsor
Alright im scraping the bottom of the barrel and am desperate, Im looking at starting working with 3d animation, tried my hand with maya and it was too complicated for my taste, and the trial ended on it, and with as much time as it took to make this Halo map concept, i found it way too time consuming and while the willpower is there, the time is not.

Im researching POSER and watching tuturials from smithco and this program is perfect for me....its also 500$ and i cant invest in this myself even though its PERFECT for what i need.

Ive used there other product anime studio which i got from walmart for 50 dollars, which is well in my price range with animations on my channel here

I also have SEVERAL halo maps im working on.

Bringing it to what im asking for...
This is another School project where I was supposed to create a creative resume, but since I want to work with films and stuff I got to make a demo/showreel based on my previous work in After Effects. So here is basically a montage of stuff that I've made in the past two years :-)
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