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  • Just a small note of thanks

    2 days ago

    kriss Community Manager

    With internet culture being the way it is, people often times forget that the person on the other side of the monitor is, well, a person. I don't want to focus on the negative, but rather, I want to thank community members for remembering that we are real human beings and we are more than an avatar or a few sentences we say in front of a camera. Thank you <3 

  • It's Almost genLOCK Time

    1 day ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    The official trailer drops tomorrow.  The first two episodes of the show drop in 10 days. There's still work to be done to get to the end of the season, but it's so close.

    And I can't wait for you all to see what we've been doing.

    Originally I had written "I can't wait for you to see what I've been seeing these last few months", but I got rid of it because...you can't. You will never see what I've seen the last few months, because what I've seen is a team of people make magic happen.

    I work with some truly talented and amazing people. Animators are killing it with everything from fights to facial expressions to small details that you won't even notice but would make a scene feel incomplete if they were missing. The camera work is taking good moments to great with perfect framing and subtle shakes to make you feel the physical impact of character actions. Lighting and Comp are breathing a beautiful life into each and every frame with effects I was not prepared for before seeing their final renders. Art has created beautiful environments and intricate character rigs that make all of that possible. And none of it would matter without the masterful mixing of the entire editorial team who bring all of these pieces together with audio.

    Seeing how each episode has evolved from its first pass to the final form has been unbelievable. I am fortunate and honored to have been able to work with these incredible people.

    Enjoy the fruits of our labor, friends. We're really proud of it.

  • My music is in a game now!

    2 days ago


    I've been a bad senpai, but a busy one at that (cross post on beta):

    I moved again, so still unpacking and figure things out.
    I'm 95,000 words on my novel, hoping to be done with it soon.

    But a fun new thing that's happened, my music is in an indie game!


    It's called "When the Darkness comes", here's the trailer if ya wanna sneak a peek.

    (The song in the trailer isn't mine, only the one in game is)

    I am SUPER excited that Sirhaian found my music and wanted to use a song for his game. 

    The game is fantastic, makes you feel all sorts of feelings, and a few jump scares too. 

    So please have a look if you like and play! 

    Anywho, how are my RT lovers?

  • The official genLOCK trailer is here!!!

    1 day ago

    kriss Community Manager

    The official trailer for genLOCK finally dropped this morning. I couldn't be prouder or more in awe of our animation department. HOT. DAMN. 


  • RSWU 359: Assembling Assemblies Required

    1 day ago

    Newbs PM

    Hello there folks!

    This week, we've got excellent news!!! The Rooster Speak Meet Up Party 2019 will be once again hosted by The Star Bar on July 7th, 2019! More to come on everything regarding that, but we'd like to give you the heads up that the tickets will be on sale by the end of the month!


    On Tuesday starting at 7pm CT, we will be hosting another Marvel Movie Madness Movie Night! This time, it features The Avengers! So assemble and get ready to kick some Loki booty! 


    That's it for this week, everyone! Have a great one! b

  • So hey here's a big change

    1 day ago


    After five and a half years, the girlfriend and I have split up. We had a very mature, adult conversation about it yesterday, and we're honestly better friends than a couple. There isn't much romance anymore and this is probably several months overdue. I'm kind of excited and kind of relieved, and I think she is too.

    so, hey ladies, whats up

  • RSWU 355: Marvelous Beginnings!

    1 day ago

    Newbs PM

    Howdy howdy howdy!

    On Tuesday, December 11th, we kick off our new Movie Night series at 7pm CT with Iron Man! Every week we will be watching a MCU movie leading up to the release of Avengers: End Game at the end of April! It's Marvel Movie Madness!!!


    Here's the schedule for the rest of the madness!


    On Sunday, December 16th starting at 6pm CT, we tune into another Watch-A-Mania as WWE takes a seat next to a ladder and a...yeah this is terrible WWE TLC (Tables, Ladders, Chairs) kicks off at 6pm!


    That's it for this week everyone, have a great one!

  • Games for sale

    1 day ago


    I've put up the last of the PS3 titles I have (that I think I can sell) and a couple of Xbox original titles you folks might be interested in.

    First, the Xbox titles:

    Ninja Gaiden - The Classic series reborn on the Xbox.

    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - I'm kind of surprise I still have it, personally.

    Now the PS3 titles:

    God of War 3 - Another title I'm surprised to still have.

    Artelier Rorona - The first of the PS3 trilogy.

    Artelier Totori - The second of the PS3 trilogy

    Artelier Meruru - The third of the PS3 trilogy

    All three Artelier titles are in premium box sets with extra goodies, so if you're interested or know anybody who's interested, click on the link.

    My next step is to deal with my Vita titles.  Since Sony has stopped offering free games for the Vita, I think that's a sign that it's time to go.  Besides, I haven't played it in so long so there's no point in keeping it.  I'll post up the links of those games when that happens.  So keep an eye out until then.

  • Day 1840: Wrestling Wednesday!

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    I was far too late to realising there was a NXT UK Takeover event on at the weekend, only discovering that it was due to be on on Friday. I’m glad I heard the rumblings about it and decided to tune in. I’ve tried keeping up with it, but there’s not really much drawing me in to it. Or there wasn’t.

    What looked on paper like it could be a decent show really stepped up and knocked it out of the part for the first show of its scale. The show followed the same structure as the Takeover shows of NXT, and steered away from the typical mess that is a classic PPV of the main roster. There were 5 matches across 2 hours and 40 minutes, which all managed to tell a convincing story. I highly recommend checking it out. There were a lot of crazy chants, as we’ve come to expect from the UK audience, and that just helped the atmosphere come across while watching.

    The opener was a tag team match for the NXT UK tag titles, and it set the bar high for the rest of the show. We had two strong teams battling it out after a few weeks of build up, and the match was fantastic. There were some crazy moves pulled out, Tyler Bate, the big strong boy, even put both opponents on his shoulders and spun them around in a crazy feat of strength. The match was well worked and had a very solid ending to it.

    Then there was a singles match, it was supposed to be Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks, but Devlin, and his dastardly heelish ways eliminated Banks before anything really got going. We were then greeted by Sid Scalla and Johnny Saint saying they thought this was going to happen. In my most Marking Out Moment of the show, the music hit as the lights went dark and Finn Balor came out to the eruption of cheers, and I was excited, everyone seemed excited, and it was a great way to shut the Irish Ace down after his first few months. He’s a good wrestler, but Finn Balor showed that he is one of the best in the world. He didn’t have his ‘happy to be here’ smile on, he looked more serious, more sinister, reminiscent of his NJPW run, and given that I’ve seen only a limited amount of him in WWE, looked fantastic. I think the only performance of his I really remember was his utter squashing of Baron Corbin when he came out as the demon, and that match only lasted about 2 minutes. An absolutely solid match from both guys here, and it ended the only sensible way, hopefully they’re doing something a bit longer term with them, but it could likely just be a one off. There’s a video on the WWE youtube channel of Finn Balors reveal and entrance and it’s electrifying. It has about 4 stages, and it’s worth watching. It starts by everything going dark, and people cheer a bit, it sounds like a lot, but it only intensifies when his name then shows up on the screens. It the gets louder again as he walks out, and then the final part to seeing it all come together is the crowd following his entrance. It’s all rather incredible.

    The next match was alright, a no disqualification match, with some cool spots. I think it was the weakest match on the show, but Eddie Dennis was painted as really strong, and Bomber Dave Mastiff continued to look as impressive as he has done already. There were tables, and chairs and it delivered on being a decent match, but on a show like this, there had to be a match that wasn’t up to anything else.

    For the Womens Championship, Mae Young Classic winner Toni Storm took on NXT UK Womens Champion Rhea Ripley. It was a hard fought match, with spots reminding us of what happened last time, and playing on Toni Storms work after winning the MYC and losing the match after the UK title tournament. It was a well crafted match, but I believe that the winner was wrong. We had Rhea Ripley being a cocky heel, talking the talk, but not being able to beat a 100% Toni Storm kind of weakened my opinion of her. She’s clearly the bigger one of the two, but I didn’t believe it while watching. Toni is a great wrestler, but didn’t need the elevation immediately of the title, I hope the feud continues, but we’ll see what happens.

    The WWE UK Title was on the line in the last match of the night, Gallus’ Joe Coffey vs the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne, whose title reign has just crossed 600 days. The match really showed that Joe Coffey was able to handle the expectations that were placed on him, and Pete Dunne just proved why he’s held the title for so long. The match was very back and forth, very well contested, and hard to tell who would win. Towards the end of the match they went for the final moves, but ended up having to abandon the move as they fell off the turnbuckle to the outside trying the same thing twice. The ending had to change, and it made sense, it kind of was a move that more people should tap out to, so I am glad that they changed it and kept it sensible.

    What happened after though was remarkable. Pete Dunne had his title, was celebrating, then WALTER turned up. He walked out, made his way into the ring, started to stare down, but Joe Coffey climbed up to the edge of the rink, and WALTER booted him straight off, then resumed his stare down. It was intense, and it hopefully will give levity and weight to NXT UK as WALTER is such a great wrestler that we can hope that the feud between them elevates the brand.

    All in all, it was a fantastic show, incredibly well worked, and there were some incredible moments that have to be seen.

    Have an excellent day! Thanks for reading! You’re all my favourites!

    Peace -x-

  • How has everyone been?

    2 days ago


    Or: I'm finally back version... erm... 4.0?? 5?? 
    I really hope it's going to stick this time... I kept having the worst trouble with my password, where even resetting it didn't help. However I tried again on a whim today (after having rather given up on it ages ago) and suddenly here I am again :)

    So... How's everyone been? I've missed you guys!
    The past few years have been crazy stressful, both at work and at home, with me spending a big chunk of it being in therapy and on antidepressants due to PTSD, but I've gotten myself back together again and off medication for roughly 1,5 years now. It took a lot for me to accept that certain things happened to me, and especially my role in them (long story short, years ago I was in an abusive relationship and I never really dealt with that), but I'm okay now, mostly.

    I'm looking forward to reconnecting to the community here :) 

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