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  • Seven Years Later...

    12 hours ago

    Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

    It's hard to believe, but seven years ago today, the first ever RTAA (then called "Drunk Tank Animated Adventures") was posted on my YouTube channel. At the time, I was just hoping I could learn animation and maybe gather a following for my own projects down the road. I had no idea that video was going to catapult me into a career at Rooster Teeth, and the years that have followed have been the best, busiest, craziest years of my life.

    But now, seven years and 287 episodes later, it's time for the next generation of up-and-coming animators here at RT to take over. We announced this at the RTAA panel at RTX, but in case you missed it, I'm handing directorial duties on RTAA over to two of our 2D animators, Jordan Battle and Andrew Lhotsky. These guys are some of our best animators, and you've seen their work in Camp Camp, Sex Swing, and previous RTAAs (Battle even worked on X-Ray & Vav). Now the job falls to them to identify stories, edit audio, and come up with and animate the jokes and goofs you see every week in RTAA. Trust me when I say there are no two people at Rooster Teeth better equipped to handle this.

    I'm writing this now because this week's episode, Mugged Miles, is the last episode of RTAA directed by me. I didn't want to make a fuss about it, but when I saw it was coming out on RTAA's anniversary, I couldn't help but take a minute to acknowledge the neat and tidy circle we'd managed to make there.

    Rest assured this move is for the best. As other duties have taken priority (writing, directing Camp Camp and future projects we haven't even mentioned yet), RTAA was forced to play second fiddle for me. So don't get it confused: this will make the show better. RTAA was not always getting the attention and focus it deserved, but now it definitely will. And honestly, it will probably be even better, because Andrew and Jordan are a lot funnier than me and a lot better at animating.

    Ever since the 2D animation department was just me messing around in Flash every day, I dreamed of working on big projects and having a badass team working on badass projects all around me, and this is just the next phase of that vision. I'm very excited to see what new things Jordan and Andrew bring to the show, and I'm very happy with how they accepted the opportunity to take RTAA to the next level.

    Not much else to say other than thank you for all the years of support. Without anyone watching it, RTAA never would have been a success, and I would probably not have ever gotten a job. It's been a wild ride, but to be honest, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned.

  • The Traditional Post RTX Journal

    6 hours ago

    Desayjin RTX Guardian Emeritus

    Hi Everyone!

    I know RTX has been over for 2 weeks now, but I've only been able to upload photos (sorta to the RT site) and share about my experience.

    This year was my 6th RTX, 5th as a guardian. Every year, as a guardian, RTX offers new challenges and new highs and this year was no exception! My highlights, every year, have been seeing the community, my friends, and working to the point of exhaustion with them. It seems that every RTX gets bigger and has cooler stuff, but it's seeing the people that excites me most. 

    Speaking of people, my PA team has been awesome this year, as per usual. Jackie and Jenn have been amazing team leaders and did a lot behind the scenes to insulate us from the crazy stuff that would pop up during the weekend. I was proud to work along side them as well the entire team. Not only working with these fine people, but having a good time as well; after all, we put the PA in party. :)


    I was happy this year to have an idea come to fruition: getting a "Barbara Guardian Family" photo. Over the years, Barb has had different PAs, starting off with Blaine. This year we finally were able to make it work!


    We also stole a ficus. I hope someone burned that stupid thing.


    All in all, I couldn't ask for a finer group of people to work with:


    Overall, this was my favorite RTX I've been to and worked. I'm glad that it was, because this will also be my last RTX. As much as I love seeing my friends all in one place every year, it's becoming increasingly difficult to take vacation time to make RTX work. I was able to make it down this year mostly because my sweet baby girl is only 5 months and not big into traveling. Next year, she'll be older and better able to travel and take family trips. After 6 RTXs and 5 guardianships, I think it's time to hang up my guardian shirt and devote my time to my growing family. I'm certainly going to miss RTX and seeing my friends and the community in one place, but know that I'm only a text, tweet, RT message, or mini-road trip to Nashville away!

    It's been great guys! Thank you all for the wonderful friendships and memories!



  • That Nintendo itch

    14 hours ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    I've been having the itch to play some Nintendo games, especially the ones on the virtual console, but I don't think the Nintendo Switch is quite there yet. I do plan on buying one when it does get there but until then I decided to say fuck it and bought a New 3DS XL.


    I have always wanted a 3DS but every time I considered it Nintendo would release a new model. Hopefully that doesn't happen for a while. This was $25 off on Amazon ($175) and I dig the Galaxy design. I have been working tons of overtime lately so I definitely wanted to treat myself to something nice. I think I will be pleased with this thing.

    Any of you nerds have one of these? What would you suggest that I pick up? I don't mind if it's a 3DS game or on the virtual console? First on my list is Super Castlevania (SNES). 

  • Day 205

    6 hours ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    It rained on and off all day today so I am glad I did the garden stuff yesterday. 

    I did a random painting that I'm not sure is finished yet, so here are more Anonymous Human Shapes




  • Tuesday Night Game Fight - We've Heard You

    5 hours ago


    I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for their comments, critiques and suggestions for Tuesday Night Game Fight.  A live production and a new show is always a risk but it is a risk my team and I love. This year my goal has been to bring our awesome community into more of our productions.  The live audience for On The Spot was the beginning of that goal.  And Tuesday Night Game Fight would go one step further by giving you the chance to actually participate in some of the fun we create every day.  

    The challenge was how to build a show that would give you that shot and still be a commitment that our talented groups could handle.  We thought we had found a formula that worked but obviously we had some work to do.  

    The broadcast team got back to work the minute the first episode wrapped.  We have made some adjustments to the show and have tightened up our tech.  We’re ready to roll live again on Tuesday and I hope you give us another shot.  Thanks for every minute you watch and each laugh you share with us.

  • Day 204

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Practiced some more anonymous people shapes. And did a bunch of stuff in the garden finally. 

  • How I Do What I Do 2; The Sequel

    1 day ago

    peter_h The Gif Guy

    Many months ago, I wrote a post similar to what this one is about my set up an workflow for image and screen capture turnaround. It's pretty much what I'll say in this post, but with many revisions and out of date info, but you can read it here should the feeling take you.

    So, what do I actually do. I record live broadcasts, and create on-the-fly gifs of moments during those broadcasts. That could be a podcast, Formula 1 race, TV show, anything. If I'm watching it, I'm giffing it.

    So, how do I do it. 

    To start, 2 monitors. Right screen is whatever I'm watching, left screen is for everything else. And I mean everything else. The way I make sure I miss nothing is by never having my right screen interrupted. So I make sure that all my programs are either open on my left screen, or will open on my left screen before I start recording. 

    Second, software. For capture, I use Mirillis Action!. It's a robust screen and game capture, record and streaming program, which can record in either MP4, for small file sizes, or in AVI for uncompressed capture. Both formats support up to 1080/60p, or can be set to match the resolution of your screen or game. I use AVI because I have the storage capacity to handle the large files; 15 minutes of 720/30p comes to around 4GB, which for broadcasts that can run up to 3 hours can become quite the issue if you don't have the storage. 

    What Action! also offers is single button hit screen shots. Getting the perfect frame to post can be tricky, especially if you have to try and preempt a moment for print screen. But, by mashing an assigned key(F10 in my case), Action! takes a screenshot with each press. That makes it quite easy to quickly react to whatever's happening, or just guess what's going to happen, and have a swathe of screenshots to choose from. And if I miss it, I can always export an image sequence from the recording to get the perfect frame.

    Third piece of the puzzle, editing. For all my videographer work, I use Adobe Premier. Fantastic software, but the file load in process is too clunky and time consuming for the short turnaround time I need for livestreams. So for that I use Vegas Pro 14, by Magix(older versions were built by Sony before they sold it to Magix). I can drag and drop the capture files onto a timeline and instantly get to editing the moment I want. No sequence to set, no bins to fill, just video on a timeline. 

    And that typically looks like this: wQo8FWU.png

    In Vegas Pro, I'll find the moment I want, cut around it, do whatever other editing I need to do to it; pan and zoom, adding text or time remapping, and export it out. 

    So how does that video become a gif. There are multiple ways of doing it, but I'll explain the 2 I use.

    1. Adobe Media Encoder: This is a file conversion program that comes bundled with Adobe Premier, and will convert almost any video file type to almost any other video or motion image file type. It has some very low quality Animated gif presets, but I made my own which balances image quality with file size. 

    2. A freeware video to gif converter: this is a very lightweight program that converts any video file to an animated gif. Rather than using presets, you can select the resolution of the gif, and the frame rate up to a max of 20fps. It converts that into an image sequence, which you can then click through and delete frames as necessary. There are 2 output options, based on matching the colour of the gif to the input video. Normal will give a lot of compression artifacts in the gif output and a small file size, and Excellent will give an accurate colour match but a larger file size. Luckily, Twitter supports gifs of up to 15mb, so there's a lot of scope for high quality gif output. 

    Because of its ease of use, and fast output, I use Option 2 the most. Once you're used to how the program UI works, going though the settings becomes almost like muscle memory.  You can download that piece of software from cnet here

    That's basically all of the how covered. So here's how to make the how work fast and efficiently.

    - Know where everything is coming from and where everything is going. 

    I know my capture is set to desktop one, I know what folder on what hard drive I'm recording to, and have a file explorer window to it open. I know what screen my editor open on, I know what output preset I'm using,  what semi descriptive file name I've given the clip, and I know what folder it's exporting to. I know the gif converter will open within that output folder, and I know what resolution I want the gif to output at(550x309 is the best balance of image quality and file size, primarily down to there being no large gif viewing support on Twitter, and the sites which specialise in large gifs take the files in as the video file, which is 1280x720). I use the same file name for the gif as I do the video, and it goes to the same output folder. 

    - Know your presets

    This is specifically for reducing the time it takes to make the clip or gif. I've made an output preset in Vegas which is the same resolution and frame rate as my capture, so that there are no compression or resampling issues that will need me to reexport a clip. I know what gif size output I want, as explained above. This adds to the streamlining of the production pipeline between recording and tweeting a gif. 

    - Always be listening to the broadcast, even if you're not watching it

    If you're focussed on editing a clip, always be paying attention to the audio of the broadcast, because you might miss seeing a moment, but you'll hear it happen, and hear the aftermath of it, so you know you need to break capture and find that moment. 

    I've omitted some of the more boring tech parts, primarily because they're different for pretty much everyone, and they're covered in the old post too. But that, in a nutshell, is how I do what I do. It's all about paying attention, spotting the moment, and having an optimised and streamlined way of getting that moment from a broadcast to a postable piece of media. 

    Ask any and all question either below in the comments, or directly to me on twitter @peterhayesf1.

  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    Rats laugh and we discovered this by tickling them.

    Rats are very social creatures and thus often wish to play, though it was noticed that when playing they will make a sound distinct from their normal vocalisations.

    It was queried if this sound was comparable to laughter in humans. So to test this a group of scientists performed the one sure fire method to make something laugh, in order to compare, they tickled them.

    The rats emitted the exact same sound as when they play, thus proving that they were indeed laughing. What only solidified this result further was when it was noted that if the same rat was tickled every day, the rat will start making that sound when they see you. Anticipating playing with you.

    This may be the most adorable thing ever.

    Further Info: https://www.thenakedscientists.com/podcasts/naked-neuroscience/tickling-your-brain-why-do-we-laugh?tx_nakscishow_pi1


  • Brandon Farmahini

    2 days ago


    J-Just never open your mouth man. Oh god and he'll have a kid. I both want to hear what he will teach his kid and at the same time i dont want that. 

  • I Partied Out the Party

    2 days ago

    MassacreMan101 That Guy with the Hat

    Finally got my last achievements in Party Hard. The one that was giving me the most grief was the fucking achievement to beat a level in 3 minutes or less. There is a level called Party Bus where you can literally finish it in less than a minute, yet it doesn't give you the achievement. The requirements should have read "Beat a level in 3 minutes or less except on Party Bus, the easiest fucking level in the game". I hate it when achievements do that shit.  michael  michael  michael

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