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  • 8 years 7 months 9 days

    14 hours ago

    BeardedTortuga BeardedTortuga

    Hey anybody who may still be around. 8 years 7 months 9 days ago I set up my RT account and shortly after in 2011, the first and my first RTX. Its been a busy 8 years, got married, 3 kids, multiple jobs, multiple homes, multiple dogs and a plethra of other major events. I've grown with and alongside Roosterteeth and RTX and I'm proud to say I get to go to yet again, another RTX. This particular one is intensely special to me as I will be going because of work. Roosterteeth brought me to this community and now I will bring everything full circle and bring my work to this years RTX. I know I'm not active on here anymore and mostly see all things RT on youtube but the community section of RT has always been a major part of me and my life on the internet and off the internet.

    Will I see any old friends there? Would LOVE to catch up. Have a beer..on me and see what everybody is up to. Twitter doesn't really help with keeping connections up but you are all always welcome to say hi!

  • Day 1900: 1,000?

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    It’s been 1,000 days since I started on my website. That’s crazy, nearly at 3 years, but I’m happy with where it’s at. I know there’s no real traffic, but that doesn’t really concern me, there’s a log of what’s been going on for a long time. I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with everything. I’d like to kind of collate everything, and maybe get some information. I wonder what topics I’ve written about the most, and which non-common word I’ve used the most.

    Kind of like right now in so many things I don’t know what I’m doing with my corner of the internet, I don’t know what else I’m doing and what’s going on, but I know that I have time coming up.

    I have a bunch of ideas, and I have a few I’ve been working on for a while, and while I do write a lot about video games and other things, I have some ideas that are far from that, that are tied into the work I do. That shouldn’t really be a surprise, but I know it’s an aspect that I don’t explore here with my writing at all.

    I’m not sure what the week ahead holds, but hopefully there will be some progress in a few things.

    Have an excellent week! You’re all my favourites!

    Peace -x-

  • My Nero & other Neros

    2 days ago


    I love playing as Nero, Glad I did some DMC4 runs before getting into this. And Im learning every character named Nero is obligated to be drawn with Fate Nero. 


    He can join this image bellow with the other Neros 


  • That Time I was Adapted Into An Anime

    2 days ago


    Anime adaptations of manga and light novels always seem to loose something in the transition, be it quality in the writing, details in the story, or a massive change to the plot. Yet I doubt there is an otaku out there who doesn't like seeing an animated version of something they enjoy reading being announced, they might be worried, but it is my personal belief that the excitement out weights the potential for failure. No one can predict the future after all. Well it goes without saying that I felt this excitement when Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, english title That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, was slated for an anime version in the 2018 to 2019 winter season. However no series is immune to the transition faults, and Slime Datta Ken suffered from a few.

    If you couldn't tell by the title, this is one of those Isekai anime, dude in our world is killed by a random knife wielding mugger when he pushes his friend out of the way. Be it thanks to his selfless act of heroism or some other factor, the man is reincarnated in another world as a blue slime. This begins his new life, where he explores his surroundings, consuming anything he can as a slime typically does, and learning more about this new world. His main unique power that he starts with is a voice in his head called Great Sage, a female personality that can solve problems for him in an almost desu ex machina kind of way. This doesn't make him overpowered, at least at first, but that's before he meets a dragon called Veldora.

    During this meeting our slime earns himself a name, Rimuru Tempest, and after some lengthy conversation where we learn about how Veldora got himself trapped in a cave, the two agree to help each other out. This entails Rimuru consuming Veldora, magical prison and all, in the hopes that he'll be able to slowly unlock and free Veldora from his confines. At this point Rimuru gets a pretty massive upgrade to his power level, but because he's still a fresh faced slime he doesn't have much in the way of skills, and thus he leaves the cave that held Veldora and enters a nearby forest where he meets the next big arc of this series; goblins.

    The goblins go through three phases with Rimuru, first requiring protection from wolves, secondly being named by Rimuru, and thirdly building a city that is pretty much a monster haven. The first bit, while exaggerated greatly in the scale of things, since Rimuru can just slice and dice the wolves up like sashimi, is over pretty quickly allowing the naming ritual to begin. See, names carry power, and by Rimuru naming the goblins they actually evolve into far more powerful versions of their smaller selves. This process is likely the only thing that ever comes close to damaging Rimuru, as he doesn't notice how much MP is required to do a single naming as ends up turning into a puddle or a shiny crystal ball after overextending himself. So he's not so OP that he can name creatures for days on end, but nothing else comes close to defeating him in battle or out. What the author uses to combat Rimuru's power level is his desire to protect those who serve under him, like the goblins, who can die from combat. Though even this fact is mostly hand waved away by Rimuru's healing ability, which is show to even bring those on the brink of death back to full health.

    The goblin city continues to expand its diversity after adding some dwarves to the mix, helping Rimuru expand the city and upgrade the infrastructure. It's during this time that we do see that Rimuru does still have a thing for girls with big tits, but for the most power he's almost sexless, showing no interest in romance or performing the things you usually see a slime do in a doujin. This is actually a problem I had with the series, as Rimuru obtains a humanoid form a girl named Shizu who, much like Rimuru, was transported to this world from her own, but unlike him her body was merged with a powerful spirit that Rimuru had to defeat leading to her death. This body he gets is without a gender, but looks very much feminine. He does test out seeing what the form looks like with genitalia, but forgoes picking a gender in the end and sticks to looking like a blue haired kid version of Shizu. A very drastic change from his human appearance in the other world.

    Afterwards some ogres show up and are named by Rimuru, leading to what is one of the biggest battles to face the goblin village and problems for Rimuru. The ogres own village was decimated by orcs, lead by a orc lord turned demon lord. The orcs forces have begun invading the neighboring swampland belonging to the lizard people, some of whom are pretty cute while others are really annoying. Rimuru ends up saving their tails after receiving a request from a dryad of the forest his blossoming city is located in, defeating the orc lord and becoming the official protector of the forest, much to his chagrin. The whole battle is kind of just a way to show off how powerful the ogres have become since being named by Rimuru, and Rimuru's own battle against the orc lord is needlessly stretched out to show us that the Grate Sage can actually take over Rimuru's body. In the end he does the same thing he did to Veldora to the orc lord, and just eats him. The remainder of the orc forces joining his growing city, once again adding to the diversity.

    It is here we see the next flaw of the adaptation show up, as the quality in the animation takes a pretty big drop. Another demon lord by the name of Milim, a real cutie who is known across the world as the strongest demon lord and often a leading cause of disaster. Thankfully Rimuru squirts some royal honey into her mouth, which seemingly placates her, and allows the two to become friends. One crisis avoided, as another one come flying in. A poorly CG'd creation, which even Rimuru has trouble dealing with, is very quickly ended by a single punch from Milim. I'm not sure if this was to show us that Milim is in fact stronger than Rimuru, but because the two are already friends by this point, it serves only to further combat Rimuru's OP status.

    And here is where the final big flaw of the adaptation comes into play, as the anime picks up the pace to wrap things up in time to catchup to where the manga is currently. This means details are cut and important events are glossed over, instead we get memes and unnecessary fan service. Rimuru heads off to another city to save some kids that Shizu had ties to, shoving some spirits into them to level out their powers and allow them to live relatively normal lives. During this rather fast part of the anime, Rimuru consumes Slifer the Sky Dragon, meets the Queen of Fairies who is also a demon lord, and introduces new characters that have zero introduction. It's a bit of a crapshoot honestly, and I wondered why they rushed the ending as such given the fact the anime isn't technically over. That's right, this season still has two episodes left, but they are not actually a continuation of the main story. Instead they delve into the backstory of Shizu and Veldora, something I think is honestly a waste.

    Genres: Fantasy, Isekai, Action, Adventure

    Animation: Studio 8-Bit were the ones who did the work here for the mostly positive animation, seeing that dip in quality after the orc lord fight that resolved itself after a couple episodes. These guys have also worked on other titles like Tokyo RavensAbsolute Duo, and Infinite Stratos. So they're not a bad studio, but that sudden drop was very obvious and rather odd.

    Voice Acting: Not much to say here honestly, it was good. Nothing really stood out though.

    Favorite Character: Were this the manga, I would have a very different answer for this category. But for the anime, I'm going to say Milim. I know, a rather odd choice for me, but her character was very straightforward. She is strong, she likes to fight other strong things, and she doesn't really care about much else. She's a bit of a cutie, and when she does go into killer mode she sparks something in me that only knife wielding yanderes have done.


    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken gets a 7.8 out of 10


  • Day 1901: Music Monday!

    13 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    I listened to a bit of Mastodon today, I haven't listened to them in a while. Every time I put them on I realise that I should listen to them more. Given that Metal Hammer had them in the top 10 albums of the year, every year they put an album out, I should have given them more attention. 

    The Motherload was the track that came up, but it's vastly different to the tracks from Leviathan that I know them for. They definitely invested in a more progressive sound after that album, and kind of toned down the heaviness. I say kind of because it's still heavy, and there are lots of crushing riffs. I hope to listen to more of them throughout the rest of the week. 

    I am going to try and enjoy Leviathan again, and I'll try and work through their subsequent albums. I remember seeing them soon after Leviathan came out, actually at the first gig I ever went to. Blood and Thunder off of Leviathan is probably my favourite track of theirs and I can vividly remember seeing them play it a few different times that I've seen them. 

    Anyway, that's it for today! Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • More stuff for sale

    10 hours ago


    As you guys know, I currently have my set of Zeta Toys Armageddon toys currently up for actions.  Plenty of watchers but no bids yet, because I imagine they're looking at that shipping and considering if it's really worth it.  Here's the link for that in case you missed it.

    For now, though, I have some other items, also up on auction, but not quite as expensive.  I'm currently selling almost my entire Vita Collection, except for one thing, which I need to decide on what to do with.  For now, here's what's on the market.

    The Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I and II - This one already has a bid and will sell if nobody else chimes in.

    Muramasa Rebith

    Ys: Memories of Celceta

    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

    All things listed here are their collectors editions, which means they come with extra goodies, and Danganronpa V3 comes with a lot.  If you're interested or know somebody who might be interested, give them the link and have them check it out.

    In the mean time, I got more stuff I need to figure out.

  • Day 76

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens


  • At The Screwvies: Episode 130

    19 hours ago



    Stickman: HeeEEYy everyone and welcome to another installment of At the Screviews, I'm Madhe-Hey, waaaait a minute...I'm not Madhero...that means...oh GOD. OH NOOOOOOOO...it's just the two of... *Turns to camera* US.

    Larry: WOW what a start. We're clearly in capable hands.

    Stickman: I aim to not completely ruin everything.

    Larry: Good starting point. Let's see if you stick to it.

    Stickman: Right? Let's hope this level of mild competence will see us through to the REVIEWS...I mean...NEWS...SHIT. Alright...might as well just...go on now....hurm.

    Larry: Ugh just go home Sticky. YOU'VE BLOWN IT.



    2018 was a great year for horror releases, and 2019 so far has been an even greater year for 2018 horror releases getting shafted at the Oscars. Ahem. AHEM. One such great, Academy shafted horror was Hereditary, the A24 produced feature debut of director Ari Aster that freaked the hell out of people last summer, and delighted myself, who has increasingly seen horror films receiving mainstream acclaim as less a good sign and more of a warning that they're either pretentious, or not that scary. Hereditary delivered the goods, though...and its place as a modern horror classic is assured. That said, the first question on most peoples minds after the post-viewing trauma had passed was...what does Ari Aster follow up Hereditary with, exactly? Well, now we know...it's Midsommar, and we got our first look at it recently...and oh dear, it's time for more nightmares, I believe. Visually its a world apart from his last work, moody lighting and an abundance of darkness replaced by an almost nauseating amount of vibrant colours, hell, even the widescreen bar on this teaser was white instead of black...it's like a literal inverted image of what Hereditary offered. Everything seems peaches and roses at first for a tourist couple staying in an idyllic Swedish community. Fresh air, nice people...a real sense of togetherness, y'know? But oh no, what's this...what's in the barn, why is everyone screaming...why am I paralysed. Oh dear. Yeah, as you'd expect, things are going to (perhaps literal) hell beneath the surface of this colourful village, and as with the best horror trailers, we only get brief, unsettling hints as to what true nightmares await us in the full film. It's unknown at this point whether Aster can catch lightening in a bottle twice or if Hereditary was just a case of good luck and good casting...but for now I'm very excited to be fucked up yet again by Midsommar....this...sommar? Summer? Yes.

    Larry: Oooooh boy this looks like quite the follow-up.

    Stickman: I'm ready to be fucked.

    Larry: Yeah it reminds me a lot of Annihilation in the sense that it afraid to have color and beauty despite its ominous tone. And the white bars? 'Tis a bold move.

    Stickman: I'd imagine the white bars won't be in the finished film, cuz if so...oh boy...headache town here we come.

    Larry: I mean...I think they might be.

    Stickman: What was your take on Hereditary last year?

    Larry: I really enjoyed Hereditary, even though I may never want to see it again in my life.

    Stickman: Hereditary was the rare horror film that actually chilled, so a follow-up naturally is coming with a lot of anticipation.

    Larry: Absolutely, and it looks to be diving even deeper into weird cults and pagan shit. I'm down.

    Stickman: Do you think he can pull of a second success?

    Larry: I mean, he certainly has the talent and the know-how. I've seen interviews with him, the man knows his shit. But you never know, the sophomore slump is a powerful thing...

    Stickman: We might be talking about second horror runs from acclaimed first directors LATER, in faaact...OoOOOh.

    Larry: Hoooooooo what a teeeeeeeease

    Stickman: But for now, we must be unfucked...and moooove on.



    Welp folks, it finally happened. Superhero fatigue has finally made its mark.........is what I would say if that were a thing. HAH. Nope, Marvel is still making ridiculous amounts of money on their movies, as "Captain Marvel," a film that was plagued with bullshit manbaby controversy and Rotten Tomatoes review bombing, exceeded expectations and delivered a $153 million domestic opening. That's the third highest March opening of all-time (right below "Beauty and the Beast (2019) and "BvS"), and the seventh highest MCU opening of all-time, (sandwiched between "Guardians 2" and "Iron Man 3"). Furthermore, it racked up an additional $302 million internationally making it the fifth highest international opening of all-time!! It was also the third highest opening in China specifically, right below the Infinity and Civil Wars. This is great news, not only for the 2019 box office as a whole, but also for diverse, new stories in the superhero genre. The film brought in audiences with one of the lowest gender divides for the MCU (55% male, 45% female), and 64% of that audience was 25 and older. 90's nostalgia does you some good, I imagine. So, while the film may be getting some mixed reactions across the internet, it definitely made a much needed splash with the munz, and sets Marvel a strong course come "Endgame."

    Stickman: Heeeey, I can't believe the boycott worked and Marvel are well and truly rui-Oh. Never mind.

    Larry: Damn, they got sO cLoSe ToO

    Stickman: Just a few hundred million short of their goal. It's funny because as obvious as it can be that these boycotts and hate campaigns are going to amount to nothing, they still get a lot of media attention all the same. That said I guess it's more interesting news than Marvel making money at the box office at this stage.

    Larry: Yeah, any major movement like this is gonna get attention for the clicks. Well, "mAjOr MoVeMeNt"

    Stickman: It's a major something, that's for sure.

    Larry: But, as we saw, Captain Marvel outdid the manbabies and was successful, which is ultimately what matters. And it's looking to have a solid second weekend spike, so all the bullshit "BUT PEOPLE ONLY SAW IT FOR ENDGAME" haters can back off.

    Stickman: People saw it because it's a MCU movie, and regardless of HOW good, those are basically always good these days. They have earned the trust of audiences, and the investment in the characters I feel plays a minimal role in an origin story prequel.

    Larry: Yeah people wanted to see a quality superhero movie. And many people got that, which is great!! I'm not over the moon about the film but I understand that it's an important film and I see lots of people enjoying it.

    Stickman: I'd give my thoughts on the film, but that'd spoil myyyyy MOTW later on. I mean...it MIGHT...spoil it? Ahem. So yes, Marvel made bank, female lead superhero movies are here to stay, and whiny manbabies remain fuckwads.

    Larry: OH SPOILERZ

    Stickman: I BLEW IT, MOVING ON.


    So, this is a weird one. We've unofficially known a new DOOM movie has been in production for almost a year now, April 2018. Universal never confirmed it, but several actors revealed their involvement and we'd even seen some set photos...yet, no announcement was made. This week, the direct to DVD film was unceremoniously unveiled via a 30 second teaser, titled DOOM Annihilation, it seems to have little in connection visually or tonally with the recent, fantastic 2016 soft reboot of the game series...whose developers have publicly stated they had literally no involvement in the project, with Universal Pictures presumably using their pre-existing film rights to the franchise to just make a new film by themselves, presumably targeted to capatilise on the (hopefully) upcoming release of DOOM Eternal. Oy. As you all doubt know, this isn't the first DOOM movie, the original 2005 movie was a theatrical release starring Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson in his early "We still need to say THE ROCK in his film credit" movie career. Predictably, the film weren't that great, and tanked at the box office, so that will be why this new film is a decidedly cheaper looking, direct to home release affair. That said, if the most recent DOOM game has taught us anything, it's that you can't half-measure this franchise...and with an underwhelming teaser and game studio dismissal under its belt already...things aren't looking so hot for DOOM Annihilation.

    Larry: Blegh.

    Stickman: Are you not excited for this direct to dvd DOOM movie made without the input of the franchises creators, Larry?

    Larry: I never had a deep investment in DOOM...really ever. So seeing what's about two steps away from a knock-off DOOM film certainly ain't swaying me.

    Stickman: Did you not like DOOM 2016? It is objectively the best game ever made I hear.

    Larry: I didn't really play much of it.

    Stickman: Woah...I...well....nnn...where's Mad when I NEED HIM. Well...you know that game?

    Larry: I do know if it, yeah. I hear it's quite good.

    Stickman: This is like that, but...with everything about it removed and made on a budget of £5.

    Larry: Great so I'll pass

    Stickman: Wow, Larry...so quick to assume the worst! This could be the best movie EVER MAAAADE. The Citizen Kane of direct to dvd video game movie sequels.

    Larry: Sigh. I genuinely don't have much to add about this, it seems stupid that with a resurgence in popularity, they decided to make some low-budget, barely similar-looking film and not capitalize on the brand at all really other than the four letters.

    Stickman: The first DOOM film was a box office bomb so I wouldn't expect a big budget cinema take on that franchise again.

    Larry: Right but with the 2016 game at least they'd have as good of a chance as any.

    Stickman: Apparently not! OH WELL, MOVING ON.



    Idris Elba, our favorite should-be-Bond-actor-but-won't-cuz-he's-too-good-for-that-and-fuck-me-he's-kinda-right, is apparently in talks to replace Will Smith as Deadshot in the new and improved reboot-sequel-thing of "Suicide Squad," called "THE Suicide Squad" (real big changes going on here). After Will Smith departed the project last month due to scheduling concerns, Elba became WB's only pick as a replacement, and Elba's meeting with Gunn went very well, so it's looking like a real possibility, and that's awesome!! Considering Deadshot had the most character work out of any of the squadders (besides maybe Harley but that was mostly cuz of the Joker), it's good that they got a solid dramatic actor to take up the mantle. Who knows, it could give this already far-better-sounding version of Suicide Squad even more cred. With James Gunn still in the picture, and a whole new cast of characters said to be implemented, AND with DC seeming to show signs of improvement with "Aquaman" being a crazy fun ride and the hype going strong on "Shazam," things could...I dunno, be turning around???? Hmmmmmmm...

    Stickman: Idris no why. Stop this.

    Larry: I'd take him over Smith any day.

    Stickman: Yeah but why he keep picking bad roooooles. He's already been generic space boy in Star Trek, next he's playing super soldier punchy man in Fast & Furious, now he's in the sequel to Suicide Squad.

    Larry: So what you're saying is he shOULD JUST PLAY BOND ALREADY

    Stickman: That'd be nice! Like...regardless of how Gunn's take on Suicide Squad turns out...why would anyone that good choose to take the reigns of any character who appeared in the last movie? It was...awwwful.

    Larry: Yeah but I assume Gunn is gonna H E A V I L Y elevate the material. And apparently their meeting was really chummy so they probably wanna work together.

    Stickman: I hope so, but also I don't waaaant another Suicide Squad movie.

    Larry: I don't either. I DO want another James Gunn movie tho. And so....if this is what it takes.

    Stickman: Well, we'll get to that line of query laaater, but yeah. Idris, I love you baby, but...how about another season of Luther instead of this? Yeaah? Pleaaaaase? Great.

    Larry: Hopefully the re-casting and new casting will continue to sport some heavy-hitters, if so then perhaps this casting choice won't seem so out of left field.

    Stickman: Maybe, mayyybe not. We'll find out sooner rather than later I'd imagine. For now, MOOVING ON.


    Anyone who knows me will know I love me some Alien...and love me some Aliens even more. The franchise hasn't caught a break in the cinematic department for about 30ish years now, ever since Alien 3 turned out a watchable but all the same total mess, 20th Century Fox have never quite managed to recapture the potential movie magic this franchise has inside it. Alien Covenant, the most recent release, was a fun and well made release, but one with a huge list of issues, most notable of which (For Fox at least) was it being a financial disappointment, following on from the polarising reception to its predecessor, Prometheus. Since Covenant we haven't heard a lick regarding the future of Alien as a film franchise, and with Disney's buyout of Fox mere days away, we might be waiting a loooong time. That said, Fox have still been quite happy to utilise Alien as a multimedia brand, this year having focused a lot on the Amanda Ripley character for a game, comic series and webseries adaptation of her video game outing. But 2019 is also the 40th anniversary of the original Alien's groundbreaking release, and to celebrate this, Fox put out an open call to up and coming filmmakers across the globe for short film concept suggestions last year, seeking to turn 6 of them into official, Fox bankrolled,canon entries to the Alien franchise. We now know what shape these shorts will take, and have had our first brief look at some of them in action...and...well....for what are essentially microbudget fan-films? They are looking pretty fun I must say. It's a really cool idea to bring in fresh blood with new ideas, especially for a franchise that seems to be crashing and burning due to its reliance on one man (Ridley 'needs more androids' Scott). The shorts will premiere at a couple upcoming comic cons in the next few weeks, but will start to release online weekly from the 29th March. Colour me intrigued.

    Larry: They looked at Pixar and were like "I mean this can work for xenomorphs too, right?"

    Stickman: I mean, this was in the works befoooorer Pixar's Sparkshorts were announced, but sure...anything to mention Kitbull on here again.

    Larry: Ah, fair enough. But either way, this is super rad. Great to see other filmmakers getting chances to mess around in this huge franchise.

    Stickman: It's great that a series so desperately in need of a new direction is doing something this experimental. Who knows where these various concept pieces and stories could lead...is what I would say if Disney weren't about to own the IP and shelve it forever.

    Larry: Yeah I have a feeling this is gonna shake things up for the franchise in fun, new, diverse ways. Add a lot of cool lore, expand upon other lore maybe. I don't know the future of the Alien franchise with the Disney/Fox merger but it's nice to squeeze these out nonetheless.

    Stickman: It's either gonna be a series of unique takes on the franchise, something completely derivative of previous films..or a bit of both. Either way, it looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to celebrate 40 years of the franchise.

    Larry: Yeah totally. Catch me peepin' em when they become available to view.

    Stickman: And that's the other cool thing, they'll all be free to view on Youtube...at least for now. Even the Sparkshorts can't promise that, since half of them have already been assigned to Disney+ later in the year.

    Larry: Ooooooh they got the up and up.

    Stickman: We'll always have Kitbull, if any of the Alien shorts can beat Kitbull? WE'LL BE IN FOR A TREAT. And also an adorable tale of a kitten's relationship with a mistreated xenomorph that just wants to be loved.

    Larry: Be careful what you wish for

    Stickman: Who even knows with FOX and the Alien franchise. MOVING ON.



    In a shocking mic drop of an exclusive this past weekend, Deadline reported and ~confirmed~ that James Gunn has been reinstated as director of "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" at Marvel Studios months after his years-old cancel-culture-controversy (hoowee) made headlines. Apparently, the choice to reinstate him was made months ago behind closed doors. After meeting with Gunn several more times, Alan Horn had a change of...well, whatever is currently in the place of where his heart would normally be. Many speculate that Marvel simply wanted to wait out the storm of The Discourse™ before they officially went in on the Fox merger.......BUT THAT'S A BUNCHA TECHNICAL HOO-HAH, JAMES GUNN IS BACK AND THE NERD WORLD HAS REJOICED WITH HEAPING PORTIONS OF JUSTICE! Several online personalities and film directors, ones who were actively on the #RehireJamesGunn train, expressed their joy and sentiment on Twitter, with Gunn himself returning to Twitter with a heartfelt thank you to his supporters. And as though this in and of itself wasn't great enough, with this and "The Suicide Squad," Gunn fans are going to get TWO Gunn written and directed films over the span of two years. Which is wild. And amazing. Congrats to James Gunn, and to the Guardians franchise cuz y'all just been saved.


    Larry: HAHAHAHA!!! REJOICE!!!

    Stickman: Disney unfucked themselves and, whilst they still made a huge mistake...at least they un...made it? I wonder how they'll handle that officially once the word goes out from their side.

    Larry: Yeah, at this point the most we can ask for is that Gunn is back on the project. I don't need Alan Horn's bullshit statement or whatever, just give the man his due and let us Guardians fans revel in the fruits of his laborrrrrr

    Stickman: I mean, I guess at some point the Marvel Twitter, or the GOTG Twitter will need to announce it, right? It's a weird situation where Disney fired someone, refused to bring them back despite so many people demanding otherwise...and now just...have?

    Larry: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, Gunn made a statement, it's confirmed from Disney according to Deadline. I agree there's a sorta gray area in the formality of it.

    Stickman: I guess they'd tend to announce these properly. Still...it's great news. Downside? Gonna be a long wait now, since Gunn is going to make his Suicide Squad movie first. Which...is weird now since DC and Marvel are about as DIRECT COMPETITORS as you can get.

    Larry: Yeah it's kinda great, It's sweet, sweet justice.

    Stickman: GotG3 I believe was supposed to come out this year at one point? Now it might be 2023.

    Larry: But thankfully GOTG3's pre-production shouldn't take too long seeing as it kinda happened already. They just halted it.

    Stickman: It was basically about to start filming when he was fired. It’s...a hefty punishment for Disney and their bad call. But upside is, GUNN'S BACK, BITCHES.

    Larry: Well the wait will be worth it. If it's add emotionally gut-wrenching as 2, then I'm here for it.

    Stickman: I mean...let's make it fun y'knoooow. Plenty of time to ponder the tone though, MOVING ON.


    Stickman: Oh boy oh boy, it's time...to not have to write semi-lengthy paragraphs about news...because it's time for the MOVIES that COME OUT THIS WEEK...no, not the Movie of the Week...that's next. This is different. Movies.

    Larry: Films. Kinos. Flicks.

    Stickman: The ol' talkies.

    Larry: Moving pictchas

    Stickman: Look at US, couple of cards. Uhhrm...see cuz that's the...let's just get on with it.

    Larry: Oy


    DIRECTOR: Jordan Peele (Get Out)

    STARRING: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Elizabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker

    SYNOPSIS: Gabe (Duke) and Adelaide Wilson (Nyong'o), take their children (Alex, Wright Jospeh) to their beach house, hoping to spend time with friends (Moss, Heidecker). Their serenity soon turns to tension and chaos when a group of strangers who look exactly like them arrive.


    Larry: Horror I'll be seeing too.

    Stickman: Gasp! Currently it sits at a not too shabby 100% positive on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of over 8/10...it won't last once the non-SXSW reviews come out, but heeeey...pretty cool.

    Larry: People are calling it a new horror masterpiece. Which seems fitting given the hype.

    Stickman: I mean, I'm always excited for acclaimed horror that is apparently actually horror? Get Out was a film I loved a lot more second time watching but it ain't a great horror film. This one? Ooh boy.

    Larry: Yeah this seems much more viscerally focused on the kinds of imagery and effects you find in traditional horror. Which makes sense, I like that Peele can make two very different kinds of horror movies that still tackle some similar subject matter.

    Stickman: We've seen a lot of cool imagery from this film but I'm still not 100% sure what it's actually about...which is a cool position to be in. Somethin about clones, bunnies...golden scissors.

    Larry: Yeah, I've heard some things about the themes but nothing...really substantial.
    Yo bunnies now give me mad Favourite vibes…

    Stickman: I've avoided the deets, cuz this is the first film in 2019 I'm genuinely hyped to go and see. Not the last, but the first. Not long to go now folks.

    Larry: Indeed. Time for Peele to shake things up yet again.

    Stickman: But what other delights await us this week? MOVING ON


    DIRECTOR: David Feiss, Clare Kilner and Robert Iscove (Open Season: Scared Silly, Whiskey Business)

    STARRING: Brianna Denski, Ken Hudson Campbell, Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, Mila Kunis, John Oliver

    SYNOPSIS: A magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June (Denski) comes alive.

    Stickman: OOhh...GAWWWD. NOOOO. A film so good it directed itself...the lawyers will have you believe.

    Larry: For those who are unaware, the director of Wonder Park was arrested on claims of sexual harassment.

    Stickman: Well, fired at the least.

    Larry: Right, fired because he was arrested.

    Stickman: Not even Alan Smithee turned up...this film just has no director listed.

    Larry: Yeah the producers opted to just...not even get someone else to direct, just no director. Not sure how you come to that decision but, there ya go.

    Stickman: A truly bizarre situation for a truly bland looking animation. The reviews have not been kind.

    Larry: Yeah apparently this mostly exists to stand as the prequel to a Nickelodeon television series, because of course it does.

    Stickman: It's not the first Nickelodeon cinema movie TV pilot, but it certainly sounds like the worst.

    Larry: It might just be. Everything about it looks bleh.

    Stickman: So bleh I have nothing more to add except...at least they fired the sexual abuser instead of putting him in charge of their animation department...SKYDANCE. YOU FUCKS.

    Larry: Yeah, I mean good on them for kicking him out instantly. That has a lot of merit, which is probably why we're not bashing this bland looking movie to no end.

    Stickman: The critics already did that for us, MOVING ON.


    DIRECTOR: Justin Baldoni (directorial debut)

    STARRING: Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse, Moises Arias, Kimberly Herbert Gregory

    SYNOPSIS: A pair of teenagers (Richardson, Sprouse) with life-threatening illnesses meet in a hospital and fall in love.

    Stickman: Oh goody....another one of these films.

    Larry: OOOoooooofffffff

    Stickman: I can't believe it's not a John Green adaptation.

    Larry: Coulda fooled me

    Stickman: To me, these films come across the same as those dog films. Exploitative and sentimental. I'm sure there is a good story to be told about a romantic relationship between people suffering from life threatening illnesses, but...yeah. Not this shit.

    Larry: Well, to be fair, John Green's books came from actual experience talking to people with illness and examining their lives as characters. I'm pretty sure nobody involved in the creative side of this film really has much experience with life-threatening illness, so it comes off as a conceit.

    Stickman: Medical professionals have dunked on this film for cashing in on real life struggles...and also apparently the very title of the film is inaccurate. So that's fun. The required distance is 6 feet, not 5. Oops.

    Larry: HAHAHA WOW, I guess FIVE FEET rolls off the tongue more to their investors.

    Stickman: Basically, this is an exploitative, inaccurate movie that's apparently not very well made either. So yeah...need we say anything more?

    Larry: Passity pass pass


    DIRECTOR: Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Gambler)

    STARRING: John Goodman, Ashton Sanders, Jonathan Majors, Vera Farmiga, KiKi Layne

    SYNOPSIS: An extraterrestrial force occupies the world, enslaving humanity under the guise of peaceful unity. Chicago Police Officer Mulligan (Goodman) is tasked with uniting the world against the extra-terrestrial enemy. He recruits Gabriel (Sanders), the young son of a fallen soldier who joined a rebel group called Phoenix

    Stickman: OOoooh...the potentiaaall...squandered. Always a shame when ambitious sci-fi films with great casts and promising directors fall apart.

    Larry: Oh, John Goodman. Lemme buy you a coffee or somethin' You seem...down.

    Stickman: John Goodman never recovered from his 10 Cloverfield Lane Oscar snub.

    Larry: Fair enough.

    Stickman: But yeah...this could've been a sleeper hit, but it turns out to be a sleeper SHIT. OOOHHH.

    Larry: Good one, boss.

    Stickman: Thanks babe. This is the sorta thing I'd of checked out if the reviews were a bit more solid, but now I'm not so sure.

    Larry: I certainly wouldn't pay for it.

    Stickman: I don't gotta, but I do have to like...turn up....and watch it. Y'know? Maybe this would've been better on the ol' Netflix.

    Larry: It certainly would've helped solidify it's growing reputation as a dumpster for failed films.

    Stickman: Oh damn, BURN. Dumper burn...from the fire? Sure. Anyway, this is a waste of movie.

    Larry: Blegh


    Stickman: Speaking of a waste...it's time for MOVIE OF THE WEEK ...where we talk about movies we saw...this week! Very exciting. It's a good thing we both watched movies this week, huh Larry? HUH?

    Larry: HEY! I did watch a movie this week.

    Stickman: Well, we allll watched THAT movie, Larry...but go ahead...go on...tell us all about it.

    Larry: SWEET.

    Alright, so let's dishy dish about the latest big blockbuster to be swarming The Discourse™, as we have JUST previously talked about, and it's called CAPTAIN MARVEL!! Now, I'll be frank, I'm definitely not over the moon on this film; I found some of its storytelling to be mediocre and I don't think everything about Captain Marvel as a character really clicks......bbbbbuttttttt it's still a Marvel joint, and so it's got a lot of good qualities that make for an overall fun time at the movies!! 

    It's cast is great, with Brie Larson doing the best with what she's given and bouncing off a stellar supporting cast, with excellent de-aging on Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg. Even Ben Mendelsohn, who originally looked like Boring McImAVillain managed to surprise me as a funny, subversive Marvel villain. There's plenty of fun comedy to go around, stuff involving Goose in particular that really got me, and the female empowerment on display is quite great to see on the silver screen. Plus, ya got a few fun 90's hits sprinkled in, which, though a bit tacked on, are still fun nonetheless. Overall, I enjoyed myself for sure, even if I can admit that it isn't one of Marvel's strongest origin films.

    Stickman: I had a great time with this film, it's not prime MCU, it certainly doesn't start this year off the same explosive way they started LAST year off...but damn if it wasn't an entertaining, funny and at times engaging romp.

    Larry: Yeah it was certainly entertaining. Like of course I was never bored. And by the third act, it really hits its stride.

    Stickman: I will say the opening 15 minutes or so got me a little nervous. They're very disjointed and exposition heavy....which, to be fair, was the same with Black Panther also.

    Larry: Yes, the opening really took my aback. Like...the movie spends maybe two minutes before sloshing us with plot. Which kinda ties into why I think this movie didn’t explore Carol Danvers, as a character, enough for me to really get on board with her. I’m hoping the Russo’s do a bit more in Endgame.

    Stickman: I got on board with her after the first act, was just a little slow getting to that point. This felt like a primer for her role in Endgame, frankly. Hopefully it takes that stride better than Justice League did with Wonder Woman. Oy. Justice League.

    Larry: Like, ya know, what happens to her when she sees one of her good friends is all dusted.

    Stickman: OOOHH WELL, I actually saw movies this week, including Captain Marvel...but I'm being half mainstream half hipster and doing some ANIMATED SHORTS...that are on Netflix, and had a big budget. So....half and half.

    Larry: Ooh boy, Stix in his ELEMENT this week.

    Stickman: I'm talkin 'bout LOVE, DEATH AND ROBOTS...an ambitious if not fully effective series of 18 animated shorts, which equate to roughly 3 hours of animated goodness. We got it all here, hardcore sex, extreme...EXTREEEEME violence, swearing up the ass, and all of them combined. And that's my main problem with this anthology...it does come across a bit tooooo try-hard with its edgy'ness. 

    The shorts that focus less on that and more on interesting concepts and visually stunning animation are the ones that really win you over...except The Witness, the most beautiful short of the bunch, which just happens to segue into a literal Gimptown for a couple minutes...for no reason? I mean it looked cool I guess? Despite my over-edgy gripes, this is an excellent collection of animation, with some real gems thrown in between a heap of entertaining ones, and only a couple real duds. It's on Netflix right now, so if you've seen me talking about animated shorts all the time and always wanted to partake in a screening yourself...host your own! On Netfilx! AMAZING.

    Larry: As soon as I saw the trailer for this anthology, I immediately messaged Sticky and asked if he had seen it, which of course he did.

    Stickman: I literally spent my entire evening on Friday watching them all back to back.

    Larry: And now I’m really interested in checking it out based on how varied the shorts are.

    Stickman: This certainly ain't a collection for those who don't enjoy lashings of gore and frequent boobs and willies. It is a shame that that's the only way adult animation is considered ADULT...but there you go. A lot of them are still great, and even the bad ones are a fun experience as part of the collection. I recommend, for the sane types...to watch this in two halves. Two bursts of 90 minutes.

    Larry: Sticky, in case they don’t even have THAT time, could ya recommend you’re own list of the best of the best for our dear lazy readers?

    Stickman: Why yes, yes I can. ahem AHEM My favourite shorts were....'Sonnie's Edge', 'The Witness', 'Beyond the Aquila Rift', 'Shape-Shifters' and 'Fish Night', the last of which was the only one of these to tell its story without excessive gore and sex.

    Larry: Mmmmm, thank ya Stix ol’ boy.

    Stickman: I aim to...make people watch animated shorts.

    Larry: So for those of you who wanna see the best of the best, there it is. I’ll keep my eye on those when I run through them all.


    Stickman: There it is...and there...this episode is. You see? What I did there?

    Larry: Nice effective segue to end there boi.

    Stickman: Thanks...well...we survived this episode without Mad, we gotta survive ooooone more, and it's a doozy.

    Larry: Let’s make sure we lay out all the flame retardant before we start…

    Stickman: The next episode will be here before you can say...Captain Marvel! No, the other one!

    Larry: Ooooooh now that’s a good tease. Until next time babyyyyyy


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