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  • You know what I miss?

    1 day ago

    SailorTweek FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Head Guardian

    I miss the Rooster Teeth Comics.

  • Living in this world...

    1 day ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Diciendo esas mamadas...

    We're still familial, tribal animals that cannot psychologically handle a world of people at our fingertips.

    That's no excuse to act like animals, though.

    We must learn to live in this world. We can't go back to being xenophobic, territorial people like we were in pre-historic days. We have no room for it. Our physical brains have not evolved much at all since those days, but we're stuck with what we have and we must make do with it. There is no going backwards.

    Our Human nature is being stretched to its limits, but there's evidence everywhere (except in the news) that we're better than our nature. Don't lose hope, and never give in. We're not animals. Let's prove it.

  • News and Junk

    1 day ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

    I've been wanting to write an entry about Charlottesville and all these events folding out as they are... but, sadly, I believe some of my views are controversial, being independent as I am I mean, that, frankly, people, no matter what I write, something will get twisted the wrong way.

    And this is our society.

    On one side, we've got people being run over for what they believe in.

    On the other, we've got people being fired from jobs and death threats for what they believe in.

    I'm just waiting for the civil war to commence.

    That woman should not have died and that man is a terrorist. Period. 

    But fuck Nazis and fuck Antifa.

    No one wants to listen to what the other side says and no matter what we do it's not gonna get any better. That much is clear. What is a mediator supposed to do when one side keeps shouting "racist!" while the other shouts "cuck!" back? People throwing around insults to drown out the voice of another.

    So, honestly, I don't have much to say on this matter, because it's already stuff I've said before about these sort of issues. Both sides are absolutely retarded right now, I can't believe how split and severed we are.

    This entry is mainly just to jot down vague notes. Y'all can add a comment about whatever you're feeling.

    Right now I'm just like 


  • You are not special.

    1 day ago

    Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

    I've been thinking about this for some time.  There was a movement that started when I was in school that emphasized the importance of positive reinforcement and self-esteem building.  Simply put, it stated that it was important for an individual to feel valued.  This has changed the language that we have used over the past few decades to reduce negatives (like failure) and increases ambiguous double-speak (opportunities.) So, instead of saying, "This assignment was a failure," instead you say, "This assignment was completed amidst challenges and has presented us with several opportunities." Whether pass or fail, it is more important to be positive.


    It's because it doesn't feel good to fail. It isn't nice to learn that we don't line up.  It isn't fun.  I see where the idea comes from: You don't want failure to become a barrier to future success; but I feel like this is not the lesson that has been learned.  I feel like the lesson is, instead, I feel like people have learned that how they FEEL about things are other people's responsibility.  It doesn't matter if you pass or fail, but it is my responsibility to make you feel good about the end result.  This is at the heart of the issue by where people make the argument that "I just want you to support me in X" where X is what the other person disagrees with.  People don't want to hear your opinion...they want you to acknowledge their opinion in your mouth, and they want you to validate their position. They can't feel good if you don't make them feel good...and it doesn't actually matter what you think.

    So I'm here to tell you right now: You are not special.  You are not different.  You are not unique.  We are the same in our individuality. The story does not revolve around you, and the narrative is not centered on your life.  Everyone you meet, each individual person whether you acknowledge them or not is on the exact same linear path through life.  They have individual hopes and dreams, they work and create things, and most of this stuff never matters to your life...and yet it has just as much value as the things you do.

    Never allow yourself to think you are special. Never allow yourself to think you are gifted.  Never allow yourself to think that you deserve the approval of others, or that others have an obligation to validate you.  Your world isn't a PC vs. NPC world...everyone is a PC.

  • Tweet Tweet...

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    A while back I found a birds nest in one of the buildings at the museum I volunteer at, in it there were four newborn baby birds, Robins I believe, only just now found the picture, thought it may interest you all:


    While they aren't lookers they are still very sweet.

  • I Bought A New Toy: Part 2

    2 days ago

    Kikyobutt Keeper of Beards


    So my new guitar pedal came in today! Probably one of the coolest pedal packages I've gotten so far. I opened it up to start playing with it and look at the goodies it came with (EarthQuaker Devices product catalog, guitar pick, EQD trading cards).

    When I got to the pedal itself I decided to pop the back plate off and throw a battery in it, but when I opened it there wasn't a spot to put a battery. Apparently the pedal only takes power from a 9v power supply (aka it has to be plugged in) and I don't have any pedal power supplies yet, so I can't play with it just yet. I might as well bite the bullet and buy one for all my pedals, but there goes another $200.

  • FIRST Week.....

    5 hours ago

    Izayer Keeper of Stories

    This time around of FIRST Week (FW) is actually increasing (just a little) the traffic we get here in the forums. I hope it's a slow burn that'll get brighter over time but not anytime soon. Right now the site still need updates before the community side of things is able to handle the traffic or if there is a type of support system of any kind.

    But it does fill my heart with joy knowing that there are fans interested in joining the forums and taking the time to chatting with people around the world.  As this is happening this week, I hope that everyone can make friends and get to know each other. Knowing me, I'm always here to help if any of you are reading this.

    See y'all in the forums!

  • Day 226

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    I looked at the piece this morning and decided I didn't like the colors, so I took them off. 

    I had just finished my morning coffee when my sister called (again) and said, "Let's do the cherry trees today!"

    I have two wild cherry trees in front of my house that had gotten huge, 3 to 4 times the size they were when I moved here. 

    It took all day and two trips to the dump but both trees have been cut back to almost nothing-what a difference!  I'll post pictures tomorrow. 

    Needless to say removing the color this morning was it for creativity today. 

  • Let's not be hasty...

    15 hours ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Diciendo esas mamadas...

    Not too long ago, I mentioned how I was tired of IT work. Today, a sudden "we got a new person and need a computer" was dropped in my lap.

    I'm glad. That's strange for me for to be glad that something people knew for a month or longer was dropped upon me without any forward notice at the moment something was needed.

    I thought about my change in mood, and I believe that I sorely needed a break from "let's configure the system to punish bad people" and get back to some "someone needs help".

    IT isn't bad. It's the kind of IT that gets to me. This department's primary responsibility is enforcement, which is simply the punishment of people who break rules, which means we focus only on the worse parts of Human tendencies.

    It's nice to be needed for making something work better than making something hurt worse. It's like I can breathe again if even for just a moment.

  • Ghost in the Shell

    13 hours ago

    gi_goku Keeper of Tacos

    So I just finished watching the live action "American" Ghost in the Shell movie and to be honest I don't think it is the best movie ever made but I will admit that it is one of the best western live adaptation of an anime that I have seen to date. I had some concerns with Scarlet Johansson playing the Major at first, but I think that she did a pretty decent job. There was some differences that I was not expecting with some of the casting (I did not look at the whole list of actors/actresses prior to watching the film) but it did work.

    The story telling of the movie was actually not bad. The movie took a spin on the origin story of the Major, which actually was not bad. I don't think that the movie deserved the level of hate, scorn and disapproval that it has gotten. I mean it was no masterpiece (such as A Few Good Men, or other known masterpieces), but it was still far better than other adaptations that have come out of Hollywood (that shall not be named because they were just THAT BAD!!!). 

    Though... I was hoping to have the tachikomas in the movie as well (I am referring to Section 9's spider tanks). They are just so lovable.

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