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  • Revisiting Rwby

    2 days ago


    I am making this clear now. I am a fan of Rwby. I love the show, the characters, world, and etc. Every time a new volume comes out I will always go to this site and revisit the seasons and watch them all. (And buy the DVDs. Btw roosterteeth can you make preorders for vol 4 please) It’s one of the reasons why I’m a first member. But revisiting the series again I have greatly notice stuff that I just can’t unsee. This is just me talking about the differences between volumes one to now which is volume four at this time. Some of this might sound harsh but it’s only out of love of the show and how it’s greatly improved since

    Volume 1 of Rwby was a big game changer for Roosterteeth it brought a new crowd to the site and also something really different other than Red vs Blue which was more of a “guy” show. I was hooked on Rwby since the “Red” trailer showing Ruby Rose fighting a pack of wolves and being a badass. Watching the first season for the first time was amazing it was funny, has likable characters in it, and the action scenes where top notch. Most of the action scenes where made by the late Monty Oum. Which made watching every episode a joy. The man was a perfectionist and you can defiantly see it through the animation. It had a school yard feel to it which I’m always a big fan of. Defiantly added something new to the roosterteeth plate.

    Watching Volume 1 again 4 years later you defiantly notice the flaws in animation. A lot of the animation is blocky at best or walking/running looks like they are skating on ice. Monty’s stuff is still top notch but you can tell the other animators were suffering you can feel it in the other scenes. I understand why it was the first time they did a real animated series with walking talking characters. No more using a controller to animate now they have computers, programs, and a whole team to work on it. Now characters actually have color in their skin, the lips actually match the words, and the walking looks legit now. They are improving and you can tell by every season.  The writing defiantly saves it, I even noticed some things now that flew over my head the first time viewing volume one. The anime jokes have defiantly dropped since Volume 1. I can only think of two in Volume 4 alone. Which Now I don’t think they really need it anymore because the way the show is going and now they have rwby chibi. So it’s all good. Blake I felt was lacking as a character through Volume 1 until the last few episodes even then it still didn’t make her as likability as the other girls had. Now on Volume 4 she’s one of my favorite characters now, whoever animated the Blake Scenes on Volume 4 did an amazing job.

    This is just my personal gripe of the show in general, but I wish they had one more season at Beacon. One more Season of school yard fun. Of the whole will they, won’t they, could they, and should they, type stuff. I been a fan of that for a long time and its only because the first season’s episodes were so good that I want more of that.

    Rwby defiantly revolutionized web series today. Hell there is still nothing like it today. I am happy that this show exists. I’m happy that the people working on the show has improved greatly since Volume One. I’m Happy that volume one exists, without it there wouldn’t even be an essay of me talking about it. I just needed to get this out of my chest as a fellow rwby fan. Can’t wait for what come next!!

  • Freddy Fazbear vs. Chuck E. Cheese DEATH BATTLE

    19 hours ago


    I want this to be a 77th episode of Death Battle!

  • 에이스안마추천 【010.4373.1910】 에이스안마 남궁실장

    36 minutes ago


    에이스안마추천 【010.4373.1910】 에이스안마 남궁실장 에이스안마위치 에이스안마방 에이스안마추천 에이스안마실장

    에이스안마추천 【010.4373.1910】 에이스안마 남궁실장 에이스안마위치 에이스안마방 에이스안마추천 에이스안마실장

    에이스안마추천 【010.4373.1910】 에이스안마 남궁실장 에이스안마위치 에이스안마방 에이스안마추천 에이스안마실장

    에이스안마추천 【010.4373.1910】 에이스안마 남궁실장 에이스안마위치 에이스안마방 에이스안마추천 에이스안마실장

  • Cameron Hoarfrost

    1 day ago


    Team: CRGM (Cryogen)

    Gender: Male Faunus – Large white fox tail

    Skin Colour: Light

    Eyes: Green-Brown

    Hair: dark brown, eye length

    Colour: Green and White

    Injuries: right arm is robotic from the mid upper arm

    Clothing: trench coat with fur collar, straps and thick leather boots. Weapons are hidden on his belt under the trench coat among utility pouches. The tails of the coat can be unbuckled at the front to allow improved manoeuvrability. The belt also includes medium length retractable high tension cables that can be attached to the hilt of the axes while climbing or to create a hammock in which he sleeps while travelling.

    Weapon: Abysso Molares - two climbing axes -> sniper/dual SMG’s

    Semblance: Materialisation – pretty much like double team in the Pokémon series but he can transfer his physical form from ghost to ghost while each individual ghost can do its own thing. He doesn’t show off this power but leads everyone to believe that he can phase out to avoid attacks and can somehow summon his weapons if he happens to lose them. Downside is that with prolonged use or making tons of copies without a break he’ll just collapse for maybe an hour.

    Personality: Quiet, attempts to make new friends, will hover near groups hoping to join in but eventually disappear. He prefers to be sneaky but if violence erupts he will do equally well. Mechanically minded, he will constantly be tampering with his weapon, trying to find something to improve. Warning! Will crack the occasional pun.

    Story: Grew up being put down because his village was against faunas and the family couldn’t move away. He and his mum have fox tails. After leaving school, he left to go on a snowboarding trip alone to avoid everyone and have a good time (dumb right but it’s something he’d do). While boarding, the ice below him collapsed and he was only saved by a shard of rock that also took his arm. Using the cold and his jacket as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, he climbed out of the ditch one handed using a climbing axe he had with him to find the ditch was surrounded by Grimm. Due to massive loss of blood and exhausted from climbing he swung the axe weakly at the advancing Grimm until a Stagmare (Stag Grimm) impaled him with its antlers. The Grimm became confused as its antlers seemed to be striking Cameron but bot doing damage. The Grimm only retreated when a huntsman came to his aid. The huntsmen named Artimus, took him to a hospital where doctors patched him up and equipped him with an Atlas prosthesis; after becoming acquainted with the arm, he built a few upgrades into the arm such as an arc welder and Taser. Artimus went on to say that his endurance would make him a good huntsman. So he became an apprentice to Artimus until applying for beacon the year following team RWBY. Though due to events he travels with a group of friends without an official team name and helps protect villages and travellers across the main continent. Artimus has a winter lodge that they use as a base of operations

  • Intro Post.

    22 hours ago

    xsw2zaq1 KP3228

    I'm just a recovering 3D Artist. 

    Feel free to check out my works. ^_^



  • 에이스안마방 010.4373.1910 에이스안마 남궁실장

    1 hour ago


    에이스안마방 010.4373.1910 에이스안마 남궁실장 에이스안마위치 에이스안마방 에이스안마추천 에이스안마실장

    에이스안마방 010.4373.1910 에이스안마 남궁실장 에이스안마위치 에이스안마방 에이스안마추천 에이스안마실장

    에이스안마방 010.4373.1910 에이스안마 남궁실장 에이스안마위치 에이스안마방 에이스안마추천 에이스안마실장

    에이스안마방 010.4373.1910 에이스안마 남궁실장 에이스안마위치 에이스안마방 에이스안마추천 에이스안마실장

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