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  • does problems happen when you try to edit what you wrote?

    1 day ago


    okay a few minutes ago, after well writing something that well with some feelings

    and after noticing a small mistake I went to fix it and all to add a PS to explaining but after fixing well a few more things on it

    well there was a Error that says something that you don't have permission but that doesn't make sense but maybe they are fixing something that is wrong and I picked a bad time to fix and edit it.

    what do you guys think?

    I'm just going to well go back to eating what I'm eating right now and later watch some episodes of red vs blue.

  • No more flip-flopping!

    23 hours ago

    DBXpert Pro Crass Tin 8 R

    I apologize to everyone who's been reading my entries and gotten sick of the flip-flopping in my mind made evident in them.It's just my nature.However,I think this time I've figured out what I want to binge-watch first in my spare time:One Piece!There are multiple reasons why I'm binging One Piece,but they're far too numerous for me to list in one entry.To prove I'm serious,I won't post any more different plans of what I'm thinking of binge-watching here.Also,I won't post another entry here until after I've watched the Ace VS Natsu Death Battle and even purchased the new One Piece Film Gold DVD.Until next time!

  • Let's Play Live

    1 day ago


    When I say Monday night was the best night of my life, there is no exaggeration. Being at let's play live in Newark was the best experience. From the intro to the finale, I've never cried and laughed so much in one night. To be in the same room as 6 of the people I love the most in this world was such an incredible feeling. I know a lot of you on this website will understand how important these guys are to me and will understand when I say that achievement hunter has been the one thing that's kept me laughing on even my darkest days so to be there, looking at them in person and not through my phone or tv.. it truly can't be put into words. I can not thank rooster teeth and achievement hunter enough for everything they do. I love you guys more than you'll ever know.  <3

  • Wow!

    8 hours ago


    You guys were top. Let's Play Live was amazing y'all. Thank you sooooooo much. You guys showed an amazing amount of spirit and energy. There were many laughs and games played. Let's hope that we out did Newark, Orlando, and Tampa. 

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