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  • Grif Is A Acronym And Grif's Daddy!! (Don't Read if You Didn't See Season 15 Episode 12 First)

    1 day ago


    okay I might be wrong, but this theory is just too good not to see as possible

    that Grif's last name is really a acronym that his mom came up with when she had it legally changed to Grif that was in memory of Sister and Grif's Father 

    and after watching episode 12, that gave me the idea that it could be possible cause the idea and thought didn't hit me until I seen the episode and heard the names of Biff and Georgina.

    Georgina and Biff's names are what makes the last name Grif, 

    Grif's name is a acronym, and it stands for part of Biff's name and Georgina's name

    which means that Grif is Biff's son, well possibly 

    so far season 15 episode 12 was excellent and awesome and can't help but love Biff

    I was planing to use the name Biff before for a future fan fic idea that has those gender swapped characters from the episode Get Bent 

    and I was going to call the Female Grif by the name Biff, but looks like I might have to figure out something else, I did not see them going with the name Biff coming  satisfied

    kind of freaky that we kind of both thought of a 'Grif' with the name Biff 

    and so far I didn't tell anyone about those plans.

    well at least I can still call Female Sarge by Serge 

    Male Tex by Allson 

    and Female Simmons by Dix.

    that is all I thought of so far.

    anyway that talk aside; can't wait until I and everyone else who doesn't have FIRST, will be able to watch episode 13

    it will be a while like a few days or so before we who don't have FIRST can see it but it will be a good wait

    and if Biff is Grif's Dad, another thought came to mind..........what if Biff isn't Sister's dad, but what if it turned out Grif and Sister are half-siblings but still share the same mom.......it could be possible.

    and Sister is only a Grif by her mother's side, not her brother's father because his last name is possibly Biff

    at first I was thinking that Biff was Sister's father too, but if what I think about what took place was years before Sister was born and he went maybe missing and never came back, Grif's Mom could of moved on and at some point had Sister which makes me believe that Grif and Sister are half brother and sister.

    I know my theory is a little strange and a little out there and it might be true or might not be 

    plus the blues and reds could of had themselves cryogenically frozen to stay younger until some years later around like season 1, cause the blues and reds should sound way older by the timeline of the season 15 if what happen in episode 12 takes place years ago

    like even though they would appear to be around the reds and blues age, they really are way older 

    then again could be wrong about that part, but still it could be possible that Biff is Grif's father 

    and Sister and Grif are half-siblings.

    it's okay if I'm wrong, but what do you all think? 

    it's okay if you don't agree with well me thinking that Biff is Grif's father and him and his sister being from two different fathers

    I'm seriously fan girling over the possibility of Biff being Grif's Daddy!  heart_eyes

    but once again it's okay if I'm wrong. 

  • Cincinnati "Community IRL" Meetup-- UPDATE!

    1 day ago

    MeganC121 RTOH Admin

    Hello Rooster Buckeyes!

    Here is an update on the Cincinnati edition of the Community IRL event this Saturday, July 1

    Community IRL Event: Cincinnati Area Edition

    Where: Foodstore Food Bank

    1250 Tenessee Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229

    Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    You MUST register through their volunteer forum to participate in this event. You can follow the link here to register for this event. 

    There is more information on this event on our Facebook page here

    We hope you will help us make the world a better place this Saturday! 

  • Ticket fiasco numero dos

    1 day ago

    notyourlopes Barely adulting

    What the fuck?

    Yes, I must start this entry with the ever present questions in my head.

    It wasn't like things weren't already pretty sketchy with the RTX autograph code debacle, we needed one more thing, we needed the broom which had already been shoved deep up my asshole, even deeper. And we have accomplished it with today's newest fucking fiasco: Always Open Tickets which were added to shopping cart and then poof, weren't there anymore. How fitting -- one more thing to add to the clusterfuck list. 

    Oh, you also shall find this entry amongst the 29875234875387583754 spambot posts.


  • Human pincushion

    6 hours ago


    Do not ever under any circumstances let a student try and draw blood from the top of your foot. Like never ever. That shit fucking hurts. Bad. Especially when they start trying to fish for the vein. Death. Pain. Never again. The extra credit points...totes not worth it. In total I was poked 7 times. Both arms (one blown), 1 hand, 2 fingers, and both feet. 

    On a cool note since I was the first in my class to volunteer to be poked by the class learning blood draws it prompted everyone in my class to try it out. We all agree on the no feet thing. It actually isn't a requirement to learn blood draws on a persons foot which is good because feet are gross.

    In other news, I lost feeling in my index finger on my right hand a few months back from smashing it so getting poked on my finger means I don't feel a thing.

    Anyways, I'm only writing this because Wartburg begged me to not to go bed and watch the last of the group stream so I'm totally not paying attention and writing a journal instead. Cause that's how I roll. 

    I've been up since 5:30 am. It is now midnight. I'm going to crawl onto my bed and die now. Night!!

    Lots of love,

    Les <3

    And yes, love is always the answer. And you're wrong. 

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