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  • Day 206 and Day 207

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Ooops, I completely forgot to post yesterday! 

    Here's the last of my Anonymous Human Figure paintings for a while: 


    Today I met with my artist friend. We had planned to paint outside but the weather was very iffy so we adjourned to Dunkin and had some coffee drinks. 

    I keep cheap scenic calendars in my backpack of art supplies to use as emergency references so that's what we did. 

    Here's my rendition of a typical scenic calendar mountain with lake scene: 


  • Follow Up on Tuesday Night Game Night

    1 day ago

    Joe FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Eighty7/RT Radio

    What a difference a week makes.

    Format improved. Technical issues? Pfff. A distant memory.

    I thought last week that this was a show perfectly suited for Jack and Tyler. All you had to do was watch the Day of Doom stream to see a) how well they work together b) how well the do on commentary and c) how they can vamp and it not to be utter nonsense. So I think it was a really good decision to make that happen this week.

    The new camera setup for gaming works so much better. You can clearly identify the teams footage and the players which is exactly what you want from an entertainment/e-sports show.

    Huge props to Patrick and the Broadcast team for identifying issues and improving from week 1 to 2. It shows what a talented group work it that department.

  • Oooooooooooo-k! Time to Jump on the RTX 2017 recap journal bandwagon! 3/4

    2 days ago

    Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

    Aaaaaaand yeah, that was the first day of RTX.  Later that evening the OCC had its second annual Austin RTX meetup, this time at Salvation Pizza, hosted once again by @Ratatoskr .  We had @LanceMowilos @AgentWashingtub008 @topham @rachyrock @Giries @andytheciderman  @Radius a few more and the ones from the small meetup the night before. but we also missed a few from last time like @Priest, @Desayjin, and @SailorGirl81.  I probably forgot a few names or just misremembered the event entirely, due to heatstroke or something.


  • 008 Update #27- RTXcited Part 5: Quite Literal FUNpacking.

    2 days ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    This blog is the fifth and final of the series for #RTXcited in 2017.  Since it’s from me you can mostly expect it to be ridiculous with kernels of things that are nice to know. 

    If you’re like me, you probably brought more home with you than you left with from RTX.  Other people have shown their loot, so why not me? 


    Let’s FUNpack what I got at RTX.




    First thing I got was the RTX exclusive #RTBOX and we’ll start with that here.



    We’ll also do a special cut that makes it seem as if I brought the entire box with me (because I certainly wasn’t going to check it on the plane).




    First thing was these cute little RT Site Emoji stickers.  I’m not quite sure where these’ll go yet, but they certainly are fun and I need a Tower of Pimps somewhere.




    I still REALLY want that RTX Buff from last year, but this year seemed to be the year of the bandanna at RTX and I personally really love map bandannas (I get one at all the national and state parks I visit) so this RTX Austin bandanna is downright perfect for me.  I actually have it in my pocket right now.





    This Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter door hanger is pretty cool.  It doesn’t exactly work on my door at home (it kept getting shut in the frame) but I love it anyway and I’ll hold on to it.




    The 2nd clothing item in this box is the RT Site Emoji snap-back which is a nice hat.  There’s a definite theme to the RTX box, and that’s RT’s core site and community which I do appreciate.  I do wish the RvB Emoji’s (at least Caboose, Donut, and Church (2)) made the cut for this and the stickers, but it’s still good.




    I really liked this little thing even though I had no idea what it was at first.  Fan Service Deodorant?  Fan Service Earbuds?


    No, it’s a Fan Service FAN!


    …and flashlight.

    I enjoy the pun and functionality, especially in the Texas heat where I received it.  I’m also super happy to have a piece of Fan Service merch,  (Tsundere shirt is probably next.)




    Not con related but another FANTASTIC piece of Double Gold Clothing, these Double Gold Socks are FUNctional and pretty comfy.  I wore them all of my day as the Mad King because they look a bit like a Tower of Pimps too.  I’ve gotta say, the Double Gold Clothing might be my favorite consistent thing in the boxes.  (They aren’t Strideline, but they are very high quality in structure and stiching.)




    Maybe the best thing for the Con was the DoubleGold Lanyard which gave me an actual RT lanyard for RTX and not just some sponsor (I’d like to thank Adult Swim, but I don’t watch it often). 




    Also, when I bought the box (only $25 with a verified Double Gold profile) I was given one of the two FIRST exclusive buttons.  I liked the armadillo better though I honestly can’t remember what the other one was…  Did anyone get that one?




    Overall, and with the location exclusivity and price in consideration, this was a very good box.  I love a lot of it and will/do use everything inside it so that’s a big positive.

    (Yes, that’s the same shot.) 




    Now, in the Metaphorical FUNpacking I mentioned that I was #DroppingTafts all over the expo hall.  I didn’t go wild or anything, but I got some nice things.  Some I’d wanted, some just struck me, and there were even a few surprises for me.  I’m not sure if anyone really cares about all that I got, but here are some highlights of all the really fun things.





    @Erkan makes and gives wood to other community members at every RTX and I was actually able to pick one up this year from my good friend.  I also plan to use this in place of a nametag at future RTX’s and other community events.




    I may have mentioned the Kinda Funny hat a few times in the past, but I was kinda happy to get it so it bears repeating.  While talking about it in an item-review way, these high quality baseball hats are all very sturdy and look awesome.  I’m that weird utilitarian who likes to loop a hat through his belt and I can’t do that with the solid back with the logo, but that’s not really a “complaint.”  The RvB one would be cool too, but I needed something more than my Team Fat shirt to represent the Best Friends.  (And to host the autographs.)




    Not everything at RTX is diretctly RT related.  I played that not-nerf shooting gallery almost exclusively to get that ODST patch and I have almost nothing to represent myself to my fellow Guardians so I grabbed the Destiny Necklace.  The minifigures are to add to my collection with my favorite characters in the Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom and Cable and Classic Wolverine are a must for any set-ups I do with Deadpool. 





    My next steps to full nerdom have been taken.  I had a really hard time picking between these and the ruby pink set over in the table top booth that sold the Yugioh type game with mutated goats.  I decided this was cooler with a gradient of black-to-white and a bit more classic.  Maybe I’ll pick up a pink D8 for reasons down the road.

    And while I didn’t purchase it at RTX, I had a perfect Skull Candy microfiber bag from a set of Sport Earbuds I bought way back for my dice.




    Located in front of the TV where I play Kingdom Hearts (I recently acquired the whole PS4 collection) I put the POP KH Chip and Dale figures.  I didn’t even think you COULD find these two, so I had to get them when I found them.  It was only after RTX that I realized I should have looked for Darkwing Duck too.




    Don’t mind this cryptic image.  You can never get this mug in the digital store.




    Next stop, Twitch Strammer of the Year!  Well, no, I can barely get watching Twitch on my laptop to work.  But, a cheesey late 80’s (almost Kinda Funny) Filthy Casual shirt is pretty nice AND it was the last men’s medium they had.  It was a no brainer.




    So, that whole “Year of the Bandanna” comment I made earlier is about this.  One in the swag bag is cool, a second in the RTBox is lucky, but getting stopped by the RT SideQuest dude saying I need more crowns in my life (which happen to be bandannas too) is clearly something.

    The design is pretty kick-ass and it all went to charity, this and the RWBY totebag (not pictured).




    The last batch of things I bought is the [coughs loudly] amount of Tafts I happily dropped for signed comics from Luke McKay.  I love Balls 2 That as I did the RT Comics.  The Steamfunk “test issue” was really cool and the Lazer Team Comic was pretty funny.  All were completely worth it to support a fantastic artist who moved to my neck of the woods (where Sasquach lives).




    AND LOOK AT THIS!  @lukemckay drew me with my Mad King crown.  I have to say, it’s a great likeness and I love it.  I’ve scanned it too, but having a physical piece of art is much better.  When I doodle, I owe a lot to a lot of artists, but Luke is definitely in there. 

    I also have to ask, if you’re reading this Luke, how difficult was it to find the blue-line mechanical pencils and where in the Seattle area do you find them?




    BUT THAT’S NOT ALL THE ART OF ME.  I told the story last update of how I finally got @SailorGirl81’s picture of me that I’ve used as my profile picture for quite a while now.  Having it in my hands is amazing and I really can’t thank her enough for taking a few days to make me look good and just so cool.  I love the style and the details I can pick up now.


    My family and I are getting both of these framed.




    And for dramatic purposes I guess I almost forgot to mention my JAUNE’S PUMPKIN PETE’S SWEATSHIRT I was very excited to get and was totally wearing this whole time in my sweltering second floor room for authenticity.




    And just as soon as I finished uploading these pictures a few days back it was time to grab a random knife and a peppermint mocha in July for yet another more traditional 008 FUNboxing of the JUNE #RTBOX!





    This month’s theme is travel and not only is it very consistent, it would have been great to have some of these things on the trip to RTX if not for the delays in delivery and manufacturing some items.




    The note this month was from the RT Podcast’s Travel Expert Burnie Burns, himself.  That’s a win.




    First thing to come out was the FUNHAUS California shirt from the Funhaus Tourism Bureau which is probably my favorite Funhaus running joke (other than Elyse being Elyse).




    Burnie has continued the travel advice from his blog and has gotten packing cubes with his glasses emblazoned on the front.  I’m not at all the organized packer he is, but maybe that will be remedied by these.


    It’s a good thing I was playing with the zipper or I never would have found the second one inside.




    This three-sealed, folded, and velcro’ed Immersion phone protector is probably really useful if you swim with your phone or think you may.  I’ll put it with my camping stuff.




    Here’s why I didn’t get the box until a few days after RTX, (and by extention why this didn’t come out for a while (and I had to geek out about some dragon movie)).  I think it’ll be worth the wait though, a Stage 5 pin is the kind of accessible but notable reference for Double Gold fans to have.




    This month’s #GoldCard is CampCamp.  It’s really neat art and the description was pretty good.  My luck didn’t hold for a signed one, but that was bound to happen.  I’m happy to just have them.




    I got a card for Party Hard on Steam…  I’ll add that to the pile of Steam codes.




    I may have to fight my mom for this “People Like Grapes” air freshener.  I haven’t opened it for that reason so I don’t know how it smells.




    And finally in this box were RT post cards with an airport theme.  Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and something called Cow Chop…  I just haven’t had a chance to really sit down and try their stuff.  Does anyone reading watch them?




    And that, my friends, is the very good and on-theme RTBox for June.  It’s got some good things with very specific uses and some great things with more open uses.  I can’t wait to get my pin even though I already have for a bit.



    That’s the end of this #RTXcited series for 2017.  I was very excited about the whole thing and it didn’t really let me down.  There was some waiting and confusion, but the show itself was great. 

    I’ve read some recaps, but feel free to tell my some of your experiences as well.  I’d love to hear about them.

    I’ve just been doing some work since, but I’ve also got some relaxing in…




    P.S. Kick Edit, no change to actual content.


















  • RTX 2018

    2 days ago

    gi_goku Keeper of Tacos

    I hope I can make it to next year's RTX

  • Eric Weighs In On...

    8 hours ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold -... ..- - - --.. .-.-.-

    Transgender people serving in the military...

    While it is true that certain medical conditions are deemed too much of a risk for military needs, I've seen nothing to prove that being transgendered poses such a risk.

    While it is true that transgendered people have medical expenses, there are other medical conditions with higher maintained costs that are still allowed in the military. Also, there are many in the military who are still responsible for their own maintained medical care for various conditions that are allowed in the military. There is no proof that being transgendered is more of a strain on the military than some other allowed medical conditions.

    I see no reason to prevent transgendered people from serving if they so desire.

  • The Snake

    2 days ago

    Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

    So, we recently had this guy show up on our deck:



    He was easily about 5 feet long:


    He slithered around harmlessly for a bit and then disappeared into the grass. Fun Fact: Our house, for the first few years we had it, was not well insulated/sealed up everywhere so every now and then we'd find one of these guys slithering up the stairs or behind the couch. We never killed them or anything--my dad would put them in a pillowcase and then relocate them a few miles away.

    And, of course, I had to take this opportunity and make some low-tier videos:

    On our property, we see black snakes, water snakes, and garter snakes fairly often, in addition to all sorts of wildlife, due to all of the tall grass and woods we have.

  • Hey community, it's been awhile

    21 hours ago


    So I came on today to clean up a bunch of my silly old posts and I was instantly flooded with great memories from the good old days on this site so I felt obliged to write a new journal entry. It's strange coming back because I barely even recognize the site anymore and I barely know how to navigate it now. It's kinda funny because I used to pride myself in being able to help new people find their way around and become accustomed to the site but now I'm the one bumbling around clicking random buttons.

    I figured I'd just let you know what's been going on in my life since my last post two years ago. Basically almost all of my time the past 2-3 years had just been spent on school since my curriculum got much harder in my last years of college and I didn't have the time to be on here 24/7 like I wanted to. I also played lacrosse which took up a lot of my time, and of course there's also mandatory video game sessions to keep me sane. Most of my good friends on the site had also left and I couldn't keep up with all the new faces so I just kinda left and focused on other things. I just recently graduated and I'm looking for a job now so I can start paying off my student loans and I've also started designing a video game while I wait. Everyone has to grow up sooner or later.

    Anyways, I just wanted to write something short and to let you guys know I was thinking about you all today. Thanks again to all the amazing people I met on this site over the years and all the awesome times we had screwing around in the forums and various community events. You really are some incredible people and I'd love to catch up some time!


  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    Swafflen is a Dutch term that means to bang your penis aggressively against something, often repeatedly.

    The most notable case of this occurring being against the Taj Mahal.

    The word was also voted the 2008 Dutch word of the year.

    I just learnt I have a new goal in life...

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swaffelen


  • You know what time it is?

    1 day ago


    It's me putting up new images that you should comment on because I'm starved for attention.

    Also, have some more Fate/Grand Order screen shots.  There's a lot this time, so don't be afraid to make your own comments on individual images.  But only if they're funny.  Or not funny, because then we can make them funny.

    1) tZXFT4Q.png

    Mash's look says it all.

    2) ztafYRy.png

    Seems like everybody wants to make Mash their little sister.  Can't imagine why.

    3) DqE5PV5.png


    Well, you girls are wearing almost nothing at all.

    4) tJMt0Br.png

    But we didn't even start one yet.

    5) 2sL6anE.png


    And this is a Greek Goddess saying it.  Why do I think bad things will happen?

    6) HzE0SBI.png

    Unless they have gold on them.

    7) kbJikTb.png

    When did Lady Saber show up?





    I get the feeling Mash doesn't like Elisabeth all that much.

    9) ht2TYz8.png



    You know, the jokes kind of write themselves, don't they?

    10) mwS12rR.png

    At least she isn't Spartacus.

    11) iwL9mmM.png

    The Jury is still out on that.

    12) 35OkCl3.png

    It must be the dragon horns.

    13) iQmTQVc.png

    Well, red is a very striking color.

    14) Rom2rDT.png

    Accept no substitutes.

    15) 3J82dko.png

    So we have you to blame for this nonsense.

    16) 2vzjd1e.png

    Only if you're holding the concert for Batman.

    17) bAw8Knc.png



    It's amazing our main character hasn't been driven insane yet.

    18) vUUqkar.png

    All valid reasons.  Except for the drunk part.

    19) YBvIoFY.png




    She makes more sense than Spartacus.

    20) 5dk7SE3.png

    And so many dirty jokes were born.

    21) UrUpMvz.png

    Empress Saber hates it when people are talking without including her in it.

    22) t6RstcG.png


    Yeah, there was suppose to be a big prank here but it failed miserably because of these two.  The best subordinates.

    Have fun.

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