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  • Day 1355: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

    23 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    I can see it now. Work today really highlighted it and hammered some of the points through to me that I have a lot to do, both at home and at work, but I'm not ready. Not right now anyway. I hope I'm ready by the time I leave, but there's quite a bit to do. 

    I need to get myself in gear as I need to make sure that I'm speaking to all the people I want to before I leave and that while I'm away I at least have people to talk to. But all that is good. I've been setting things up, and things are going alright in that department. 

    I don't know what else to say at the moment, other than I listened to the new Leprous album today and it's stunning. It's spellbinding and thoroughly enjoyable, but I'd only check it out if you're a fan of heavy prog. 

    Anyway, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • It has been a while... // August 29th 2017

    2 days ago

    Evv KevinEverett

    Hey RTers

    I have not posted a journal since June. 

    I have been busy working full time again this summer and planning for the next chapter in my life... college. I have not felt like me for a long time now. The beginning of 2016 is when I felt really confident with myself. 

    I did not get accepted to Emerson College (via waitlist). It was not a shock but it kinda killed my mood in Film. My passion is dying the longer I go without working on it. I am scared for my future. I am currently enrolled with Bunker Hill Community College in Boston. I am getting vibes that I will not like the school. Purely because I am there for one reason... to transfer into Emerson College. 

    I ended up really liking work at We Got Soccer. I proved a lot to myself and I think a few people saw that I was trying to be a good worker and care about the things I was doing. 

    Tomorrow is the start date for Public Schools in my city. This makes me really miss my high school. But I have been slowly getting over the fact I won’t see a lot of people I liked seeing.

    I start school in Boston on the 5th of September. My life is about to be so much more different. Traveling via train every day and having split classes is going to be rough. I will post my schedule next week when I start school. (I have it right now but I am in a rush and do not want to type it all out haha).  

    College Bound...

    -Kevin Everett-

  • Twin Power! // April 6th 2017

    2 days ago

    Evv KevinEverett

    Hey RTers! 

      Today I have much needed and very exciting news to share with the community. But before I go into my news I would like to thank people in my personal life like my teachers and parents and I would also like to thank @burnie @Miles @monty @Lamkia @LadyOddDuck who were on the top of my head for people who have inspired me to keep moving forward and work on bettering myself. 

     Today the results came in for the New England Emmys... 

      This morning my Studio Teachers happy told me I have been awarded honors for Directing and Short Form. I also received the Emmy for Editing... my film and I received three awards and I can’t be happier. I worked so hard to make my film as best as I could afford it to be and it payed off. 

      Now time to make this journal relevant to the title! 

    So, not much of you know that I have a Twin brother (named Kyle)... but I do and man did we score big for our school this year. My twin brother also received the same awards as I did, but in different categories. 

      My twin brother had been awarded honors for his commercial and short film. Kyle also was awarded an Emmy for his Major (Long Form) Film. 

      Kyle and I received 6/8 awards that our school in total received and are the only students with Emmys. As Twins we very proud that we have been able to pull off a big achievement like this. We are hard working individuals just chasing our dreams of making it into the film/entertainment industry.

      Btw, this is my first year being in my schools film class and as a Rookie I personally pulled off something worth feeling good about. My brother has been in the film class for 3 years and he too is excited to finally receive an Emmy after just receiving honors the year before. Soon Kyle and I will be making a trip to Boston to receive our Emmys (May 24th 2017 at WGBH)

    Thank you to everyone who had left me positive comments

    on my journals in the past. It will forever mean the world to me!

    -Kevin Everett-

  • All the things

    2 days ago

    Tropes I Am What I Am

    ... Hi.

    So let's see, where do I start. You know how I keep saying "things ought to calm down next week, though?"

    Yeah they still aren't doing that. My life is constant and perpetual chaos. So I'm really just re-contextualizing stuff and trying to make sense of it all. So I'm going to try and catch everyone up since it's been a few weeks and this is also the place I go for vulnerable human shit. 

    First off, the fitness thing. Yes, it's still on-track. I've gained back up to 180 but my bodyfat is way lower than last time I was this heavy, so things are going exactly the way I wanted them to. It's just that since this is a slower burn than my two-month shred before RTX. I'll still check in with it at milestones, but I'll try to think of something else to post about on a weekly basis.

    Speaking of weekly, I'm still working six days a week. It's a bit rough, to be honest. I only get one day to decompress and recover each week and it's not always enough. Managing a small business is hard work, especially if management is very customer-facing and you're a super introvert. It's actually why I'm so behind on all the shows I like since not only do I work those six days but I leave my place at about 8AM and get home typically at 8 or 9PM still. 

    My sleep isn't great. I'm sleeping a decent amount but between stress and timing (like you saw above, I can't really decompress and do stuff if I want to get eight hours AND be at work on time) I'm not getting deep enough sleep to mentally restore myself so I'm running on fumes pretty much constantly. There's probably tricks about this, I just need to figure my shit out.

    Speaking of figuring shit out, I'm very torn right now. I have a few things keeping me in Boston right now, obligations I refuse to shirk because I refuse to be that person ever again, but what I want more than anything is to move back to Austin permanently. I'll have to think hard on that one, but I've had a few too many occasions where I just leave when shit gets hard so I want to make sure that this time I face my problems head-on and face my own destructive tendencies, hopefully coming out of it as a stronger, better person.

    Speaking of being stronger, it takes admitting you have a problem to fix it, and there's solid proof of that in my life now. As I've mentioned on other social media, while I don't think I have out-and-out Depression I do get very effected by the seasons and Boston is changing to Fall fast. This can and had led to severe depressive episodes that range in severity from general malaise to suicidal thoughts, and the state of the world hasn't helped. You know what has helped? Admitting that to friends so they can try to help me through it. And my friends have helped, immensely. I haven't managed to go through what we determined completely yet, but I'm trying.

    The main thing we figured out is I need to go "back to what makes me happy." And one of those big ones is writing. Between moving back to Boston, getting my current job, that job exploding and all that mayhem writing sort of fell off and it was a huge part of my identity and a highlight of my day. So the goal in the near future - as soon as possible, actually - is to write a page of something, ideally fiction but this works too, before going on Facebook or Twitter for the day. In theory, this is a good plan. In practice, I sometimes have downtime at work where I check the stuff. I'm trying to get used to writing on a phone but that's a bit difficult. Still working on it. 

    One piece of advice my friends gave me that kind of speaks to a fundamental break in my way of viewing the world and theirs was that they suggested I get on Tinder. For anyone else, their logic would be 100% sound - get out, meet more people who aren't part of my usual circle, maybe have some nice dates too. The thing is, my problem is A: I'm out too much and don't have enough time to decompress as-is, B: My usual circle is already big enough, maybe a little too big and C: I actively want NOT to date. It's just another social responsibility to me, to be honest, and honestly a relationship sounds horrifying to me - coming home to someone instead of silence? No thanks. So as much as I appreciated that advice, that's one I'm gonna have to pass. 

    This last one is the hardest to talk about if only because it's the one I understand the least, and that's the aspect of Spirituality in my life. I've had some peaks and valleys in terms of my religious worldview, from full-bore Catholic to recently clawing my way out of full Nihilism, but either way the world at large has definitely tainted religion for me. Between Christianity in America (albeit an abberant form of it) being a constant stream of hate and my... less than ideal leaving of Zen years ago, both west and east aren't for me. But there is a difference between religion and spirituality - whether you believe in a soul or a continuation after death or some kind of God, you can be a spiritual person. Hell, some of the least spiritual people in the world are the most vocally religious. That may be the trick for me, I think I conflated the two too much and, to my detriment, pushed both aspects away and let my spirit weaken and wane even when I was strengthening my body and mind. Today I read an article from the Harvard Medical Journal that said actual research has been done that suggests meditation has benefits not only for anxiety but for people with anxiety disorders, and that's why I'm thinking about this. I am going to get back into meditation, even if my relationship with Zen the religion ended in calamity meditation as a mental and spiritual practice does not HAVE to be conflated with it. Just like believing in Jesus doesn't HAVE to be conflated with a bible-thumping homophobe. Sure, it's related. And we have to face that it's related just like we have to face our flaws as individual humans. But it doesn't have to be what defines it. 

    I don't know what I believe. I don't know if there's a God or not, or if there is whether He/She/They are on our side - or whether we, ourselves are the gods after all. But I can strengthen my spirit to face the truth, whatever that may be. 

    Someday I want to do a dedicated post on spirituality and religion and my full, uncensored history with it (some of you have heard it in person but it doesn't exist in any public written space), but that'll have to do for now.

    Okay guys, I'm tuckered out. But it feels good to say all this, have it in the open and get my thoughts in order. Peace out. 

  • Avast ye!

    6 hours ago

    Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

    It be the scallywag's day!

    Use yer peg leg and wobble over to the tavern, geet some rum take a listen to some seaworthy tunes!


    Some truly piratical Pyrates(from here):




  • Future! // May 16th 2017

    2 days ago

    Evv KevinEverett

    Hey RTers! 

      I have been very busy for the past several months but in particular this month due to my Animation and self teaching, Marketing class, and college. So I am going to just update myself saying that I am for sure not going to Austin, TX, any longer. The school I got accepted to is not worth my time and money to a city that might not offer me anything. The risk is too high. This is unfortunate, but life is life and I have decided to grow in the Film/Animation industry through Massachusetts. I have been recently accepted to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) but the amount of money is again too much to handle. I am not going to be making a lot of money any time soon for film/animation so I have to stay sane with not picking a school thats going to gut my wallet. 

      Btw, my wallet got stolen on Monday but I have been so stressed about College that It did not really affect me. I am pretty much over it. 

    See you space cowboy,

    -Kevin Everett-

  • The Shadow Tengu doesn't have a long nose

    2 hours ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting Transformers review.  I have two figures to look at, one a Legends class figure and the other... well, it's a bit special, but it would be classified as a CHUG figure, but you'll see when we get to it.  Both items are third party Transformers, but from different companies.

    I decided to do the Legends figure today and plan to do the other item tomorrow.  And hopefully soon I can have my planned theme week happening.  With any luck, maybe.  For now, let's talk about this figure.

    Without further ado, may I present to you the Iron Factory IF-EX 19 Phase Sixer, Shadow Tengu!


    Shadow Tengu, as you probably guessed, is a legend class style Sixshot.  And you're probably wondering "A legends class Sixshot?  Is that even possible?"  Well, Irony Factory set out to do that.  Did they succeed?  Well, we'll get to that in a bit.

    But as you can see, Shadow Tengu comes in the typical windowed IF box, showing off the figure itself.


    And on the back of the box you have all six modes of Shadow Tengu.  Will this be a masterpiece of engineering?  Let's get him out of the box and see if that's the case.


    So here we have Shadow Tengu out of his packaging, and just like any other IF release, you have a lot of detail and paint, which is rather impressive for a legends scale figure.  Especially with something that's going to transform into a lot of different modes.


    Getting up close to the head sculpt you can see that it's a mostly white head with sharp, red eyes, typical of your standard Sixshot, needing to look all evil.


    For posing, like any other IF figure, you're really not lacking in that department.  Generations Cosmos wishes he could be as poseable as the IF releases.


    For accessories, we have a number of them, but two are really for the alt-modes, so we'll talk about them later.  First, we have your standard rifles done in a white plastic.  It appears hollow at firs,t but it's mostly detail.

    And look at that extreme pose I have going here.  That's how good the posing is.


    And then we have two swords.  The handles are painted black while the blades are done in chrome.  This is the typical Iron Factory swords that some of their other releases, like Overlord and Drift, have.  Why bother making different swords, right?

    Now for comparisons.


    First, here is Shadow Tengu with some other Iron Factory releases, their versions of Deathlock and Drift.  As you can see, he's quite a bit taller than the two mirror images.


    Now for a Phase Six comparison.  Here is Shadow Tengu with Evil Lord, and you can see that Evil Lord is about a head taller than the six changer.


    And here is Shadow Tengu with another IF Phase Sixer, this time Soul Reaper, their version of Sky Shadow, who is shorter than the six changer.


    For an official release, here is Shadow Tengu with Titan's Return Bumblebee, showing just how tall he is in comparison to the official line.


    And lastly, just for fun, here is Shadow Tengu with G1 Sixshot.  Yes, G1 Sixshot is quite tall.

    For the alt-mode comparisons I won't be using G1 Sixshot, mainly because of time and that you've already seen all of this once before, so we'll just skip it.  We'll also be doing the transformations in order of the instructions, so if you have this figure with you, you can play at home.

    Finally, two things for transformation.  Shadow Tengu has a base form that allows you to go into hte different modes, which is where you'll start things.  Mostly, it's about tucking in the head and then the hands.  For the different forms you have to position Shadow Tengu's shoulders a specific way.  the instructions show where the ball joint of the shoulders need to be.  There's only three real positions that cover all the modes, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Well, enough about that, let's start with the first form, the gun!


    So... yeah, he's a gun.  You can see two more accessories here that you'll see better in another mode, but basically you have two smaller guns that plug inside of the feet, copying the little guns that G1 Sixshot has.


    Here's how he looks in hand.  And as typical, the gun mode is the weakest of all of Sixshot's modes.


    Next, we transition into Winged Wolf mode, and I think it's my favorite alt-mode of the bunch.


    Getting up close to the head sculpt you can see that it's white with sharp, red eyes.  A decent sculpt for a wolf head, though I think it's emulated the G1 toy a bit much here.


    Oh, and the mouth does open, allowing Sixshot to howl at the moon.


    And even though the instructions don't mention it, you can store the guns on this alt-mode.  It just has this problem of shooting out his feet if he needs to shoot somebody.


    For a quick comparison, here is Shadow Tengu with Frenzy/Rumble, another Titan's Return Legend class figure.


    The next mode is the tank mode, and you can see the additional gun placements better here.


    And... yeah, it's an attempt at a tank.  In this case, certainly a rather weak alt-mode for the legends class figure.


    Though honestly, I might have mistransformed the feet.  The instructions weren't quite clear, but outside of G1 Sixshot and MMC's Terminus Hexatron, the tank modes have always been rather weak.


    And for this comparison, here is Frenzy/Rumble once again, because we can't get enough of him.


    Next is the APC mode, which works better than the tank mode.


    Though one issue I have with this mode is that I feel like the arms are sitting up too high.  The wheels can roll, but it's more difficult in the position that they're in.


    Still, this is one of Shadow Tengu's better alt-modes.


    For comparison, you guessed it, Frenzy/Rumble is back for another comparison.


    Lastly, we're going to finish this up with the space jet mode.  And... yeah, it's an attempt at one.


    it's certainly a better attempt at a space jet than the tank trying to be a tank, but this has always been a middle of the road alt-mode for any Sixshot figure.  I think the one that pulled this off the best is the MMC version.


    Oh, and as for the Gun placements, it's kind of weird, because trying to plug in the gun one way is too lose, so I had to flip it in order to get it locked in.  Very weird.


    And the instructions don't really say it, but you can plug in the other guns in this mode, too.  So you can have your flying space jet of murder death flying around bringing murder death to all!


    And, once again, here is Frenzy/Rumble to give us one more comparison.

    And that's it for Shadow Tengu.  Did Iron Factory pull it off?  Well, kind of.  I mean, let's be honest.  There's a reason that Sixshot has always been a larger figure compared to the rest.  You do have six modes to work with, so you have to get creative with how to get everything to fit.  And while Triple Changers are going to sacrifice a form to get it to work, that is the case with Shadow Tengu, here.

    That being said, it's still rather impressive what Iron Factory did with Six Shot.  He does have my major complaint about the Iron Factory releases lacking proper locking points, but otherwise, it's a solid little figure.  If you're looking to expand your Legends collection, I would recommend him.

    Lord knows I won't be giving up my Legends collection.  I like having a shelf of little guys.  More options for epic fights.  Plus they scale well with my two city bots.  If only I had the space for one huge city bot battle.

    Tomorrow we're looking at my second figure of the week, another third party CHUG figure, but one you may not expect to see.  Hopefully you'll like it just as much as I did.  Until then.

  • Destiny 2

    1 day ago


    Ok so after seeing people play it

    Reviewers reviewing it

    Geoff on the podcast telling people to try it if you didnt like Destiny, try 2. 

    Gameplay videos of people clearly ssying they dont like the game but keep plsying it (Seroiusly whats up with that?)

    My brother showing interest in playing it.

    I dont plan on getting Destiny 2 just like the first game.

  • Sorry another post but don't wanna spam the forums with this so

    3 hours ago

    zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

    AAAEEEGHHHH. My calendar's starting to look so full with courses and self-studying and extra stuff that I am starting to doubt I can handle this shit.  sob But a lot of it is stuff that's supposed to help me with getting out of this unemployment hole. Most of my doubts are coming from within... I'm more used to giving up than trying, see. But not this time. >___<

    Also shit's going down in SOA, some ugly truths gunn' be revealed.

  • ​Shameless self promotion! my ETSY!!

    11 hours ago

    JadeTiger what?


    It's getting that time of year again and so i've started the process of filling my ETSY shop for the shoppers!! A few things now but when i get back from Halcon there is going to be more! Cool shit too!

    See what else I got here!

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