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  • PSA On the State of the RT Community Site and Forums

    2 hours ago

    Xuelder Spam's Bane

    Community Members of the Rooster Teeth and Let's Play Family;

    If you are a frequent user of the website like me, you may have noticed that since the new website design, there have been an influx of bots on the website. Previously, I wrote a thread on this issue on the main RT subreddit, where Site Admin Count3D responded to and stated that I should either report them or message the admins and wait for the admin team to do their work. So I did; I would report them(which refreshes the page every time, annoyingly) and just wait about two to three hours for them finally get deleted. Usually they would post about 30-50 threads/posts a day, and then I or other users on the forums would report them (handywork can usually be marked by a -1 Flamebait).

    However, this morning I woke up to this: the RWBY forum had in 12+ hours had 23 pages worth of spam bot posts in the thread. This is reprehensible, disgusting and downright infuriating. To break it down math wise, each page has 30 posts, and about 22 pages worth of these are the spam bots. 22 pages with 30 posts each means a conservative estimate of 660 spam posts were made in about 12 hours. And that was just in the RWBY subforum; posts were made in other subforums such as the Lazer Team and Red Vs. Blue subforums as well. Moreover, I could not even begin to think about any solution aside from either messaging the mods or writing an automated script that would trawl the Everyone Feed and use Regular Expressions to find the spam (luckily, the majority is in Korean, which nobody in the forum uses) and report it. However, I believe this would break the Terms of Service on the Website. Furthermore, messaging the admins today basically gave me the response of that they were aware of the issue, but the tools necessary to fight them are not there and this is not a priority of the engineering staff (Reddit mods are probably feeling some slight déjà vu here). The only solution they gave was that I should contact the founders on social media if I want anything to be done about it.

    On other websites, when I go to see if a forum/community is active or working, I check to see who is posting. Judging by the current state of the forum, if I did not know any better, I would say that the Rooster Teeth forum and community was dead or was running at amateur hour. This is not how a 14 year old company runs their website. Furthermore, its obvious that the majority of the spokesmen and women of Rooster Teeth are either ignorant to the issues on the website, know and do not care, or are so desensitized to the issue that they, and by extension the community, tend to ignore it. Which is a problem when they, especially Burnie , preach about how every creative team should have a well made website for content and community.

    Unfortunately, its clear this is not a major concern for their engineering team. In their most recent update, all they spoke of was their commitment to working on their apps as well as their video services. The only reason why I know that they are aware of the issue, is that one of the engineers responded to my previous thread saying that "[it]will get fixed this year mark my words[.]” For a company clearly proud and bragging of its community, these are not the actions of a company that cares.

    So why am I writing this scathing critique? Its because I love this community. I want the RT Community to thrive, I've made many friends here, and wish to continue to see it grow and make more friends. However, when there are such blatant issues such as these, it brings down the quality of our community. Especially seeing how fractured the community is between different social media sites such as the various subreddits, Tumblr, Facebook groups, and chat rooms, against the wishes of those we consume content from. The idea of a central website where we congregate is an ideal solution, and we used to have one. However, when issues such as this plague the main Rooster Teeth website, it incentivizes users to congregate elsewhere, and be ignorant of the website's perks such as FIRST memberships. If we make our voices heard on issues like this, maybe Rooster Teeth's Engineering Team will put the Forums and Community aspects of the site at the front of the Queue, instead of on the backburner like they are clearly doing at the moment. Though, this is just an idea, we could continue to be apathetic, and changes like these will never get the proper care that they deserve. The ball is in the community's court right now.

  • And then there were none.

    13 hours ago


    I cannot tell you how weird it is not seeing a yellow star next to my name...

    I've actually just switched my membership over to a different site. Not long after I canceled my subscription here, I started one up an Penny Arcade and joined Club PA. One thing I found interesting is how active their forums are and how they haven't changed in over a decade. 

    Change =/= functionality.

  • I've got a bone to pick with Australia

    9 hours ago


    Couldn't you have at least tried to make a less stereotypical gundam?


    G-Gundam is a series where every country builds their own Gundam and competes in a high stakes tournament. Australia's gundam is literally a fucking kangaroo.

    Unfortunately for Australians my opinions of other countries are purely based on G-Gundam.

  • Fellow RT Fans

    2 days ago


    So in my theater class we all had to give presentations in front of the class. One girl I noticed was wearing this wonderful shirt


    So then after class we talked about Rooster Teeth for 30 minutes and it was wonderful. I love Rooster Teeth fans.

  • Fact of The Day:

    21 hours ago

    IronBridge Flibbity Jibbit

    The Disney World franchise is the second-largest purchaser of explosives in the United States of America, the first of course being the U.S. Department of Defense.

    It is however the number one purchaser of fireworks.

    Mickey Mouse knows something is coming and is arming up, all hail our mouse overlords!

    Further Info: http://uk.businessinsider.com/crazy-facts-disney-2016-10?r=US&IR=T

  • Days like today I'm glad I have a dog

    20 hours ago


    Even though he derps alot, eats all my stuff, and digs holes incessantly in the backyard... I still love him and he's always there when I need him. 

  • Song Of The Day - 24rd March 17

    1 day ago


    Gorillaz will be dropping a new album on 04.28.17! #SOTD #Humanz #Gorillaz

  • Adventures In Buying A New Phone

    17 hours ago

    Kikyobutt Keeper of Beards

    So today I got an upgrade for my phone, moving on from my Nokia Lumia 909 to an HP Elite x3. Before anyone asks, the former is a Windows Phone (running 8.1) and the latter is a Windows 10 Phone. And yes, I realize I am one of the twelve people on the planet with a Windows Phone, don't judge me.

    Anywho, the new phone is nice, especially since it WORKS- excuse me, my old phone has been slowly dying on me for the past few months. I'll miss the old one though, since it's a bit smaller and has a 41 megapixel camera (I shit you not, the camera is bitchin'!), but a phone that receives texts all the time is better than one that sometimes doesn't.

    I also wanted to document a bit of the unboxing for the new phone because it has an interesting box.


    This looks like a pretty normal box.

    Wait a second...


    Jesus Christ this box is huge! This is meant for a PHONE?!?!


    The box is bigger than my Xbox!


    IT'S ABOUT THE HEIGHT OF MY TV (32") (Whoa shaky cam! What is this The Bourne Identity?)


    It's about the same scale length of my Strat, which is 25.5" (Fun Fact: Scale length is the distance between the bridge on the body and the nut on the end of the neck. Guitars have different scale lengths depending on maker and model; The standard set by Fender is 25.5", Gibson typically uses 24.75", and Baritone as well as other extended range models are usually 27"-28")

    Ok, box size aside, there's gotta be some cool stuff in this box, right? I mean it isn't lightweight.


    Ok, Phone on the left and docking station in the middle. Wonder what else there is.


    Are you fucking kidding me? I understand cables and headphones on the left, and I understand docking accessories in the middle, but that compartment on the right is empty? REALLY?! WHY!?! WHY MAKE THE BOX THIS BIG THEN?!!!?!!

    Anywhore, I like my new phone. It's big, which I'll have to get used to, but all in all it's nice. Plus, all of my settings synced over from the old phone (one reason I like WP, super easy to upgrade to a new phone).

  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Flibbity Jibbit

    Freddie Mercury spent his last months alive recording as many vocals as he could, so that the remaining members of Queen would be able to finish a number of their songs after his death.

    Say what you want, he was a class act...

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Made_in_Heaven#history


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