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  • RT Radio: Week 171

    2 days ago

    dizzyblinker Loud person

    Thank you everyone for joining this evening!




    1 day ago

    AndrewPatroclus Butt Pirate

    i leave for austin in 5 days, gonna be there for the better part of two weeks, im going to fucking die

  • Friday the 13th LIVE STREAM

    9 hours ago

    IAmVeryMoist Rebel Scum

    Tonight at 9pm CT I’ll be live streaming on Mixer. Gonna play some #FridayThe13thGame! Be sure to join in on the spooky antics.


  • Organic is Bull Shit

    1 day ago

    CoffeeNut78 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold PUC the Lunatic

    If you are one of the many people who think Organic food helps small agricultural mom and pop or Father and Son  businesses thrive I only have one thing to say to you.

    You are a dumb ass uneducated indoctrinated SHITBAG!

    Stop listening to other people and do your own investigating!  

    The organic movement is killing American Agriculture with misinformation and lies.  

    1. Most beef and milk production in the USA have not used growth hormones or steroids since the mid 1970's or earlier.  (this goes for sheep goats and all other meat and milk producers too!)

    2.  The FDA requires that all animals to be consumed as meat and all animal products such as milk have NO ANTIBIOTICS!!!  in their systems at the time of slaughter and or milk production.  It is regularly tested and those producers that violate this law usually ... are so heavily fined that they end up losing their cattle, land and HOUSE in legal penalties.  Do you really think a cattleman is so stupid as to give up his land home and business just to slip you a growth hormone Micky?


    3.  Organic crops are unsustainable in the current world market.

    Genetically Engineered food does NOT mean you are going to grow a third arm or second cock  or get cancer from eating GE Corn or Beans.  

    Genetically Engineered  food is resistant to Bugs that want to eat the leaves before the fruit or grain comes to maturity.  Resistant to disease that will kill the crop on the plant... ie fungus or bacteria that makes the food taste bad or causes a chemical reaction in the food that can or will kill you if you eat veggies that have bacterial growths.  

    Bacterial Growths that can be ELIMINATED by genetically modified crops!  No eating a GMCrop will not turn you into Wolverine from x-men or a 3 eyed toad, but it will give you the energy to face your day with NO SIDE EFFECTS or Health risks if the food is properly prepared.

    In closing............

    I am willing to debate anything you have to ask me.  Warning I use Logic and REAL Science.  Not hippy bullshit science and progressive rhetoric.  Food is the thing that keeps us alive and telling a man that makes food for others that he can't  do his job is like telling GOD to give up and let the devil win.


    I will keep  breeding cattle to sell for Beef.  The other ranchers and farmers  will keep doing their  jobs. Making corn, wheat, beans, goats, milk, ect.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    YOU ARE WELCOME FOR  YOUR GRANDMA GRANDPA AND EVERY OTHER HUMAN IN YOUR HISTORY RELATED TO THEM!  Me my DAD my Grandpa my GREAT Grandpa all make made and will continue to produce BEEF!!!!

    So seriously Don't listen to the media just READ the facts for your self.    

    Are you so into Organic that you want the human race to die?  Or do you have a scientific brain in your head... 

    Oh here is a controversial idea.....   REAL science and Christians  in the USA both think organic farming is Bull Shit... Sci and bible thumpers agree.. yeah your argument for organic just lost all meaning.

    How often can you say ....  FUCK YOU world!  GOD And SCIENCE WIN! church1


    1 hour ago

    DaCuban Rooster Speak

    Today's update is brought to you by Skeletor, you overgrown alleycats! 


    Hey! You! Yeah, you! Buy a ticket to our party at RTX if you're coming! MYAAAAAAH! Buy your drink tickets now, because we won't be selling them at the event!


    It's a short stack of stuff this week, because we've got Movie Night AND THAT'S IT. 


    Everyone keeps askin' if we're back... and yeah, yeah we're thinking we're back! Tuesday, June 27th, at 8 PM CT, we're watching John Wick


    And now, a special announcement from our long-suffering Movie Night Host, @Warpek: "Yo dawgs, I won't be hosting Movie Night on the 4th and 11th. If any of you wanna host, feel free, otherwise that shiz is cancelled, yo."


    Finally, our July Birthday Shoutout! Happy birthday to all our July babies! This includes America and Canada, as they were both born during this month. 


    Canada - July 1st

    @josburn184 - July 2nd
    @DevilMayCrye - July 3rd
    @Pageman - July 3rd

    The United States - July 4th
    @Juju458 - July 6th

    @JonMan94 - July 7th
    @Cuxim - July 10th
    @EchoDynamite - July 11th
    @RubyFINGRose - July 17th
    @Nat - July 18th
    @Glembo - July 21st
    @FancyHatGuy - July 21st
    @Quirky - July 21st

    @NotRayNarvaezJr - July 21st
    @PlzCallMeGus - July 21st
    @BazingaAce93 - July 23rd
    @Caiti - July 28th

    @bacoose - July 28th

    @iKurstee - July 30th

    That's it for us this week! Seeing as this is my last update before RTX, I'll see you fine folks at RTX! MYAAAAAAAAAH


  • Oh Hey

    1 day ago


    I've been watching Red vs Blue since 2010 and I never thought to make an account on the Rooster Teeth website. Huh.

    I've recently branched out into other RT content as well lol

  • Anime summer season 2017

    1 day ago

    mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

    So the summer anime season is almost is almost here. Its looking like some cool shows are coming with it. So I thought lets highlight some shows I will give a shot this upcoming season.

    (I will still be watching these ongoing shows: Dragon Ball Super , Boku no Hero Academia 2 , Re:Creators and Sakura Quest but won't really go into it here since they've been going for a while)

    So lets get to it the first show that caught my eye is.

    Katsugeki Touken Ranbu

    This show honestly looks like a pretty basic edo period action story. But Studio Ufotable is doing it and ever since Garden of Sinners and Fate/Zero I watch pretty much every show they do. Cause damn man that animation looks so good. I don't know what to tell you this is just my Ufotable love speaking here.

    While we are on the subject of Ufotable and Fate lets talk about the second show I will be watching.


    Yes Yes Yes!! I read the first couple of pages of the novel of this and was like.... I gotta wait for a anime adaptation of this. And now its finally gonna be here .  Instead of a battle royal between our servants summoned from history its a 7 vs 7 team battle. I am so about this. Do I wish Ufotable was doing this instead of Katsugeki Touken Ranbu? Yes. Do I wish it wasn't one of those Netflix licensed anime. Absolutely. But god dammit I'm still so hyped for this. Hopefully it leans more to Zero then Stay Night plot/character wise cause I cant stand most of the stay night masters.

    So the next one on my list is a bit different form the 2 earlier in this journal.


    So Kakegurui has an awesome sounding setting. Its set in this school called Hyakkaou Private Academy where neither how good you are at sports or how book smart you are will get you ahead. But what will get you ahead is your ability to read people. See the hole school is based around gambling with the people who win standing a top the social food chain and the losers pretty much being reduced to slaves who tend to the winners needs. Now since this is a anime you can expect the winners to be quite the "characters" if you catch my drift.

    The last one on my list here is a romance anime that caught my attention with its interesting sounding premise.

    Koi to Uso

    Koi to Uso takes place in a future where when your 16 you are assigned a marriage partner by the government. Now from what I can tell by the pv our protagonist is in love with one girl and good for him she seems to be into him too. But hes gonna get is government chosen marriage partner so what will he do now? Its being made by studio LIDENFILMS who don't really have the best track record. I've really only liked Sekkou Boys out of what they've done. But they also made the censor heavy Terra Formars, the recent and not so fondly looked upon Berserk and I think they're most populair show being Arslan Senki. But hey I'm willing to give em a chance plus this is a slice of life show no gory action show. So it will probably be fine.

    I got some other shows that I wanna give a 3 episode rule chance to mainly Stan Lee and Studio Deens The Reflection Wave One ,  PINE JAM's Gamers!,  Production I.G's Ballroom e Youkoso and  SILVER LINK.'s Isekai Shokudou. But the 4 shows I highlighted are the must watch for me right now. But who knows that can all change after the first 3 episodes haha.

    Anyway if you wanna see what else is coming out this summer here's a handy link to Anichart who always have a nice list so you can see.

    What are you guys watching next season? What are you watching now? lets talk some anime down below.

  • Here's a Small Teaser...

    1 day ago

    ragusa33 Goose Master

    I've been working on a script for an American anime show for almost a year now. Progress is good, though it will likely be at least another year before I'm ready to showcase it. In the meantime, I do have a small piece of concept art of the main protagonist. Hope you guys like it!  stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


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