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  • Day 1381: Pumpkins and granola, not together, I'm no Hipster

    2 days ago

    topham DHYB

    Today we went on an adventure, shopping for general stuff so that we could make some things! 

    But first, upon returning from the shop we took a trip to a neighbours house and obtained a pumpkin! It's not the biggest pumpkin, but it's a good one.


    Then, once we headed back, I needed to make some breakfast for me, not for the day, but for the week ahead, so I learnt how to make granola, and I added some almonds and raisins and pecans to it, so I'm interested to see how it turns out at the next time I find myself hankering for some breakfast. All in all, it looks like it came out well. 


    Then I was hasty and made some cookies with some help from Rachyrock. We made more than the recipe stated we would and ended up with 37 cookies. Yes, the picture below shows only 19, just trust me that the other 16 exist, we've only had one each so far as the rest of our day was spent on other adventures, the tales of which will unfurl tomorrow.


    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • And the next Blazblue RWBY fighter is...

    13 hours ago


    If only the thumbnail didn't spoil it. But yeah, Weiss will be joining her BFF Ruby in this fighting game.

    I find it interesting that, so far, it looks like RWBY will be the only English speakers in the game.  That's an interesting decision.

  • RTX London

    1 day ago


    For this, the inaugural RTX London, 

    For Sunday closing has been and gone, 

    And although I only attended Reg and Saturday

    I'm left with so much to say

    To the Guardians, you did an amazing job, 

    And if you don't mind shout out to Tudor, Isaac and Rob, 

    But it was lovely to meet you all even when you were busy,

    For because of all of you Guardians RTX ran so smoothly, 

    To the staff, you were so kind and happy to see us all, 

    Even when you were rushed, you always answered the call, 

    You made some cry from joy and gave us your time and leisure, 

    For these memories we will always treasure, 

    And lastly, the finale is for you, the community

    For this was two days of the greatest company,

    From friends I met for the first time, to those I was meeting once again,

    I hope to see you more in Austin 2018


    From yours, Masshalogear

  • I Miss Rooster Teeth.....

    4 hours ago

    Izayer Keeper of Stories

    Wow. Life has a way of keeping me busy. Firstly I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment where water and electricity is included with my $500 rent. The landlord also has me working for him and doing jobs all over town. Don't worry, I'm still chasing my dream and doing anything in my power to  achieve it. But I don't want to reveal what it is yet.

    I wasn't online when RWBY 5 came out but, how long was the site down due to traffic? I need an XB1 and a tv. I'm working my ass off and I need something to help me decompress and relax. I never thought to feel like I couldn't relax ever but my roommates came to the rescue on that one. I entered into a conversation by offering apple pie, and from there we talked about music and sang oldies rock and 90's hits. Every job I've been going to has really good acoustic settings, lots of hard floor and wall surfaces, so that I can better my skill. Guitar is going great. I've been watching this guy and following his instructions. He's down to earth and patient in how he teaches.

    So I thought of a way to try and keep in touch with or to see how I'm doing. If you follow me and want to share or ask me questions, just go to my questions and comments tab and hit me up.

    Even though this is an update post, I'm just going to watch the Burnie vlog that came out and get. But here is a video that me and my cousin are making fun of everyday:

  • RTX London

    18 hours ago


    I've been sat here for quite a while wanting to write about this weekend, but I'm finding it difficult.

    It was my first convention but also my first proper Rooster Teeth event, I did go to a screening of Lazer Team but that felt like a normal cinema visit rather than an RT event.

    The weekend itself was incredible, yeah, there were some teething issues with regards to queuing, I feel like that was dealt with quickly and worked so much better after. Huge props to Jeremy for his impromptu signings over both days. He must have stood on the same spot for almost 3 hours on Saturday.

    The community are amazing. My wife isn't familiar with RT content, she doesn't really watch anything online, but that didn't put people off, everyone made her feel welcome and explained things to her, so much so that she wants to go back next year. She sent me a screenshot this morning to show me she was listening to the RWBY Vol.1 soundtrack. 

    Whilst we were in line to meet Jeremy my Wife and I got talking to a lad from Sheffield who was on his own so he hung with us for the rest of the day. He was the nicest guy and turned out to be Torchwood Boy. In all honesty, I hadn't heard of him before but he's got a decent following on YouTube and had people coming to speak to him all day.

    The Staff at RT are all amazing and were happy to stop and chat and take pictures, we stopped Bethany and Ashley twice (sorry) and they were so nice both times.

    The problem with having such an incredible weekend is that now, I'm sat at home alone because my wife is at work and my daughter is at school. I don't like this sudden silence and not being around people I can connect with so easily. 

    This is the problem I had with writing this journal. 

    I had a huge high this weekend and now I've hit a massive low. I can't get motivated to do anything. 

    I figured that writing this would get me moving, I'm going to see if it worked and try to do some adulting now.

  • RTX London!

    1 day ago


    Well I'm on the train home now, thank you to everyone who I've seen, made friends with and briefly met, you're all incredible.

    A huge shout out to the RWBY community for making this weekend amazing and full of such awesome memories! For the first RTX in London it was an amazing time.

    It had its kinks and wasn't the greatest in terms of queues, but for a first time, that was fucking expected!

  • I'm Back :)

    1 day ago


    Bloody hell. It's been a fair while since I was last on here. 

    What's happened since I last wrote? Great question. 

    I've begun a Media & Communications course at Loughborough University, which is a dream course at a dream place for me. That's largely the big news, everything else seems insignificant in comparison. 

    This evening, I've been researching the small matter of what I want to do with the rest of my life. I like the idea of being a producer for film and/or television. I'd like to think RT had an influence on this, because it was the first real production company that I identified as being close to my heart. 

    My course is amazing. It's so far been going through and catching up on things I've already covered at A-Level, but it's getting everyone up to the same level and it's what I've always dreamed of. 

    It's a sandwich course too, which means that in my third year, instead of doing my dissertation, I get to jet off to somewhere exciting to do a paid internship for the entire year to get industry experience, supported by the university. How dope is that?

    I can't even begin to think about where I'll apply to; there's so many possibilities around these days, but a piece of me wants to get in touch with RT to grovel for the placement. Now that would be a dream job. 
    For now though, it feels good to be back. I hope everyone's well! 

  • Life Update 2017

    1 day ago

    SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

    In an attempt to stay positive (as I am home sick today mask), here's a summary as to stuff going on in my world and things I am excited for.

    What I have been doing:
    - Settlement for our house has gone though, and we get the keys from the tenants (who had extra time to move out) on the 27th. We put a deposit down for our new couch, and bought the floorboards we are going to install/
    - Fiance surprised me with 3-day passes to PAXAus this year. I won't be able to buy every badge that I want, but I will be able to get a few and trade some of the ones I don't want for those that I do want.

    - Finished my post-grad studies (for now). I now have a Graduate Diploma of Museum Studies. This will make any study under that level super expensive, but it is hopefully going to help me get into a career I want to be in, and not one that just pays the bills.
    - Been doing a lot of gaming. Currently obsessed with Overwatch (Halloween event), PUBG, Fallout Shelter (almost got everything/one), Cook Serve Delicious! and Disney Tsum Tsum (phone app). Caved a bought Dream Daddy the other day when it was on sale - apparently these simulation games are having a huge trendy rise at the moment.

    - Going to Hong Kong in November for a family wedding. 80% of the Chan family living here in Australia are going as well, so it is going to be a hell of a party.

    - 5 words: I went wedding dress shopping.

    What I am amused/excited to hear about:

    - Movie & TV trailers that have been released in the last month including The Runaways, Man in the High Castle Season 3, The New X-Men, Justice League, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Lazer Team 2.
    - Amused to hear there is a Settlers of Catan movie being thrown around for green-lighting. Like...  seriously... wt...

    - Happy to see nice snaps and cool panels running at RTX London. Sounded like it was a bit like the first RTX Sydney, but I am sure it will grow to be as awesome as all the RTX's are.
    - RWBY Volume 5: RWBY got me into Rooster Teeth. I now watch so much content that I totally have issued about trying to cram it in around movies, TV shows and anime. First episode was great, and the new CRWBY mini-show is a worthy nod to such a hard-working team. Gunning to get some more Yang cosplay's done now!  yang

    Hmm yes, that has lifted my spirits. Never underestimate the power of writing!
    Laughter and Sunshine!

  • POS RTX LONDON - 4 year build-up

    9 hours ago


    A very small post to say that this weekend was the best weekend I've had in years. I dont remember being that happy for so long in the last 4 years and its all because of rooster teeth. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  • Forgot to mention I turned 21 last month

    9 hours ago

    demonseaweed Guardian Princess Hannah

    Means I've been drinking a lot more. I still gave myself a limit to prevent myself from getting drunk. But, I'm no longer a kid, I'm a 21-year-old woman.

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