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  • RT Box July 2017 Impressions

    21 hours ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    Well well well, fancy seeing you here! I've since turned 22 between last month's RT Box, and I'm even lazier and tired. So forgive me for the slight delay if you saw I promised to post this afternoon, who would've thought I slept till 16:00. It's 22:30 now so take that as you will, and then forget about it because right below are some DG goods!

    This month's RT Box is school themed once again; particularly University, from our favourite cheese-master Gus Sorolagus He tells the riveting tale of how he had no clue what his future held for him as a boy. He went to college hoping to "make out with someone, and get really good grades". Alas, one year later, he gave up and departed. Ending up in Austin, he met Burnie and Geoff!  burniegeoff The rest is history.

    What's in the curriculum this month? Check it:

    - one Rooster Teeth Media Club shirt (white)

    - one Double Gold patch (gold stars for you!)

    - one RWBY Beacon Academy pin

    - one Achievement Hunter pennant (black and green of course)

    - one bottle opener, shaped like Michael Jones mid-rage-quit michael

    - one reusable 'solo cup' (red)

    - #6 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Funhaus (20% were signed by the residents of the haus of fun)

    Have at this shirt! This design reminds me of way back when I got my first DG shirt. The designs are similar to me. I'm talking about the black DG cinema shirt, if you're wondering.


    This one particularly is college-y to me. Clubs just scream "teenagers trying to make friends". FYI, I joined clubs at university in my first year. One was the Psychology society, and the other was the anime club. I paid 5 bucks for nothing to join that one, and I think I paid 50 for the psych one. Let's just say they and my degree were probably a waste of money :')

    ANYWAY, another white shirt, I don't own many white shirts because I always ruin them. I got hot chocolate on the Camp Camp one but luckily it came out, so I'll be more careful with this one. My favourite part of this is the rooster and the chattering teeth.

    The Double Gold patch is cute. One day I'll have to get something I can put patches on. Apparently you put patches on letterman jackets? Gus told me I'm peaking now I have it, but ya know, I have to be peaking in some way or form to be able to get it in the first place.

    The next two items invoke school spirit, according to the note.

    The RWBY pin (and June's stage 5 pin) are a bit bigger than the last few. This one is gold and displays the Beacon Academy logo in all its axe-glory.


    As a fan of the show, I think this one is really neat. I would advocate for each training academy to have a pin, or maybe the combined logos that were used for the Vytal festival would be awesome. I'd also totally like the emblems of characters as pins. As usual, the pin quality is great.

    There's a pennant flag that tells me to Achieve. I already did (I consider graduating my greatest achievement), but thanks, Rooster Teeth! Encouraging as always. Unfortunately the fabric slip that allows you to attach it to a stick or whatever is not sewn on properly on mine, and it took about 4 seconds for it to unravel. I stopped it going too far down and it's probably an easy fix, but still annoying (not that I will be using it like that). Otherwise, it's good quality. It looks like felt with a hard foam front that gives a great clarity of print. The design will endure decades of scrutiny. Good wall hanger.

    Here's the second weirdest item to have appeared in the boxes:


    This is much more useful than the sunglasses with some eyes on them, but still, kind of "WTF". I can see how it works, obviously, as Rage Quit Michael is something to be feared. Gus describes the bottle opener as Michael's "gaping maw" and that's about as accurate as it gets. Personally I'm not quite sure what the red and blue dots that are attached to his palms are, but whatever. It's a novelty item for sure. To be honest with you, I much prefer responsible dad Michael that he's turned into (adorable).

    It's been a little while since we got a cup, but here we go again, it's a cup! This one is akin to the Theater mode travel mug (but that one was insulated). A red solo cup design with a nice little graphic on the front that is "so legit". I'll trust you on that one, Gus. I tested the lid on, and with the mouth/drinkhole covered, almost no water comes out. At angles the leak is more apparent. The lid just pops on and off, but it is well sealed around the edges. The leak stems from the open/close of the drinkhole design (you can take a look in the image album if you're curious).

    Then lastly, the Double Gold card. Funhaus trails as the fourth card behind AH, but retains its glory. I did not get a signature. The art is all of them fighting in a ring. Forgive my knowledge of who's who, but I can guess (kinda). There's James in his Angel costume punching out someone(?), Elyse is ready to kick some ass, looks like Bruce is behind her(?), Adam down on the right. Now I'm just wondering if it's Lawrence on the bottom left, since I don't recall or know who the other one is. Feel free to correct me on any of that. I'm assuming these are their costumes they made on the WWE game? Their ratings on the back are, Strength: 9; Facial hair: 8; Peakes: 1. If there's one Peake then one of the people on the card is him?


    Well, we've come to the end of the road and are graduating on to something else. That being me saying toodleoo for now. Here's the class photo:


    As always, you can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. 


  • Writing Thoughts #39, 2017/08/17: Memoirs

    2 days ago


    So what is a memoir?  A memoir is much like an autobiography, but is often aimed more toward a more specific series/timeline of events in a the life of the subject, often the writer, rather than the whole life of the subject.

    What inspired this entry was that years ago, I saw the film October Sky, based on the Memoir Rocket Boys, by Homer Hickam Jr.  My mother had gotten the film, and I watched it several times.  Then a few years ago, after seeing the VHS tape laying around my parents' house, I got memoir itself, and watched the film as a comparison after rereading the memoir.  Hickam did take some liberties in writing his memoir, as well as there being the same in the film; as much as I might not like that thought, if it helps the story, its not necessarily wrong.

     Now, what might prompt the writing of a memoir?  Basically, to help recount one's personal experiences and histories.  It would be a way for a person to tell the family lore in a way to help preserve the family story.  It could also be a way to publish material that might be ultimately bound into an autobiography in the future.  Knowing what needs to be told should be a key point of any memoir, and having the audience relate to it.

    Gotta decide what next month's topic is

  • Day 1324: blurry...

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    It's been a long week, but a lot has happened, a lot of things are going to happen, but I am only 6 weeks away from a long amount of time off. It's going to be a busy few weeks, and I know I've said that a lot over the last few weeks, but it's really weighing on my mind. 

    I know I need to do a whole load in work, and when I'm working on my assignment I keep thinking of things that need doing, so I note it down. I'd like some separation, but I don't know how to do that right now. 

    Anyway, I don't have much else to say, I've not got much going on at the moment.

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Because I can't be bothered

    4 hours ago


    Here's a copy pasta of the last time a new guy was in charge of changing the site. So here it goes @kickme444. This was originally posted over a year ago. Feel free to take any of these into consideration or not. Have fun.

    Ok, here we go:

    First off I'm going to say that a lot of my suggestions are things that I believe should be coming back from the old site.

    • Mod history - the ability to see who has modded you and for what is something that was cherished by sponsors as a perk of giving you guys our money. Not only does it show you who reads and views your pictures, journals, and forum posts but it also gives the readers a way to mark their presence without writing something out.
    • Ability to share TO THIS SITE - Sure, it's awesome to be able to share content from here over to places like Facebook and Twitter. My problem is the inability to share to the one place we call home and that's the RT website. It was something in the last version of the website and could be perfected with the share button.
    • Improved Tabs - Currently if you wanted to browse through my 11.5 years worth of images, you would tear your hair out before reaching the last page. Every time you switch pages in a secondary tab either on profiles or in groups, you are taken back to the default tab. This needed to be fixed months ago.
    • Comments Sorting - I know that it maybe does make sense to show the newest comments first under journals and images, but it has always been a part of the culture of the community to try to be one of the first to comment. Currently, it makes the comment section a mess because it's like browsing Reddit by new posts... who does that? I would like to see comments either be changed back to the "oldest to newest" ordering or give the user the option to change the ordering.
    • Sponsor Chat - It's something that should be accessible to everyone, but you have to either stumble upon it or know the direct URL to find it as of now. Why not make the Sponsors tab at the top a drop down that contains the Sponsor Chat link? Easy Peasy. 
    • Smilies - There's no reason for these to have gone away. They were previously Sponsor only and now they don't exist. Just another perk taken away from Sponsors before the price was raised on Sponsorships.
    • Profile and Dashboard - These should be the same thing. Or, rather, the Dashboard should be part of your profile area. There's a lot of negative space under "Shows I Follow" on our profiles that can include the links to Popular Content and the rest. The "Dashboard" should be the Hub of the user experience with everything easily accessible from there. This includes my next point:
    • Notifications - Good lord these are a mess right now. When I click on the drop down at the top I'm only displayed the 5 newest notifications. Since this is the only place they appear besides the "Show All Notifications" area, it makes it very cumbersome finding the things some of us find important such as journal comments, mentions, and forum posts. Along with this Notifications currently only disappear when clicked on directly from the notification area. Something needs to happen to make these disappear when they are accessed in any way. Currently I receive two notifications if I follow something and I'm mentioned in the comment. I have to click on both links to clear them.
    • Suggestion for Notifications - Put them on our profiles. Not like the Dashboard, but just a list of what notifications we currently have right there either on the right side or in its own tab. What would be even greater is if you could breakdown the Users I Follow notifications with the username and everything I haven't read under that. Separate from this would be Journal comments, mentions, and forum posts. 
    • Forum improvement - I had different stuff posted before, so this isn't copied and pasted. I haven't been in the forums much over the last year or so, so someone else would need to give feedback on this. I know that when I hit "reply" it doesn't automatically put the cursor below the "in reply to" text and if I'm replying to multiple people, it puts the canned text above the previous one I replied to. I honestly think the whole comment box could be reworked.
    • Searching - Before we could search directly on any page of the site and it would perform a "live search" to find what we're looking for now. Currently, the search system is clunky and very slow. Worst of all, it takes you to a separate page to perform your search.
    • Mod Bank - C'mon... C'MON! You know you wanna. Just do it. It'll be fun.
    • Staff - Force the people who work for Rooster Teeth to act like they LIKE it here and to not constantly use it as advertisements to videos and everything else. It has to start there. If the staff would start posting here and linking things here from Twitter and Facebook and the others, we would probably have more activity. Instead all the new fans see interactions on the other sites and say "Why the hell should I go over there where none of the cool people are" and they miss out on the community. I no longer feel so harsh about this. Yeah, I still do think that the people who run this place should use this place, but it seems like Barbara is trying to make this better.

    Anyway, I think that's it for now. I really, really hope to see some of these implemented as I've talked myself out of canceling my sponsorship about 10 times since the new site design (I already cancelled because of the site design). I gotta see some of these improvements to keep giving you guys money. Before this site came up I was one of the people interviewed as to what I would like to see on this version of the website and I feel like my interview was shredded immediately. Now that I get another go at this, I really hope I'm heard.


    A very, very concerned community member.

  • Okay, hold on.

    8 hours ago

    Caszie Fishy Queen

    That last journal was true, and very exciting. But also sort of bullshit.

    Don't let me lie to you or myself.

    Dear you who would check up on the site just to see if I wrote about our situation, 

    here it is. 


    I don't hate you. I hate the person you were in the moment that I needed you the most. 

    I almost wish I did hate you. At least then I'd feel something for you. Because right now, there is nothing. Just a complete and total disconnect from who you are, who you were, who you will be as a person. I have friends who live across the entire planet who feel closer than you do. 

    In all honesty, we had been growing apart for a very long time. I don't know if we were ever as close as we thought we were. I don't know how much of it was an act or how much of it was just us trying to cope with ourselves. Maybe it was proximity. Maybe it was as genuine as we made it seem. Maybe it was just whatever the hell it was. 

    I don't feel so small now. I don't feel like I'm not good enough. I don't feel like I need you around. I've found new friends without you. I've made a new home. I'm growing as a person. Changing. 

    I may not like all of the changes I'm making, I may not be as put together as I'm trying to be right now. But I'm okay without you. You were a safety net I didn't need anymore. 

    Maybe that's as easy as it is. 

    I didn't need you anymore. 

    I don't know if you'll even read this. I don't want you to. I want you to move on with your life. With your new friends and your new life and your new you. I want you to be happy. To heal. To be more of what you are and less of whatever the hell you're trying so hard to be. I don't want you to spiral downwards. But I also can't care enough about that anymore. You gave me an escape from my problems because you always had a plethora for me to choose from. 

    I need to focus on me right now. And there can only ever be one of us.

    The end. 

    That's enough of that. Just a quick vent before I head to bed. 

    Thanks for being here, everyone. 

    Lots of love 

    <3 <3 <3 

  • Coming Up

    1 day ago


    Its friday again and that means that we have another show to do. Hopefully the site doesnt die on us this time! We're live in an hour, @Geislor and @Antharwn will be our hosts for tonight! roosterteeth.com/group/rt-radio/chat


  • RT Radio Friday: Week 179

    1 day ago


    That's a wrap! Thank you for joining everyone and big thanks to @Geislor and @Antharwn for hosting tonight. We'll be back tomorrow at 5PM CDT/11PM BST with more music! If you missed anything from tonight or if you simply want to listen to the tracklist again, you can catch up on tonight's show (and every other show) on Spotify and YouTube. We're out!

    Tonight's show:




  • Let's Play Recs

    12 hours ago


    Hey all!

    So not only do I need some Let's Play inspiration, I also would like to add to my list of Let's Players to watch!

    I am currently watching ChuggaaConroy and MasaeAnela (and of course our Achievement Hunters). Tell me some of your favorite LPers, and if you want, recommend me one of your favorite videos or series to go along with them!

    Also, if you are a Let's Player... TELL ME YOUR CHANNEL NAME. I WANT TO WATCH YOU.

    Sending love and good vibes from Texas,


  • Uuuurgh. Ranting. Excuse the language.

    1 day ago

    zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

    Okay, first. A confession. I'm one of those people who didn't want to 'take sides' in politics, I'd want to crawl into my hobbit hole and put my head in the sand and pretend eeeverything's fine. I don't normally post about these things or anything, in the concern of losing the few remaining friends I still have, and blah-blah-blah. Especially on here since that I'm new and all but uuuuurgh.

    But right now I'm so... grrrhhhkjsddslkdhkfh.

    The Turku video. I've listened to it over and over, and I am pretty confident someone's shouting in the fear for their life, possibly starting with "Äkkiä pois", followed by "Varo, varokaa." I won't link the video, you can find it on YouTube, and if you do look it up, I recorded this little bit so people can attempt to compare if those words sound like "Allahu Akbar" or however it's written.

    I'm not shouting in fear for my life, so it sounds a little different. However, personally I can't for the life of me hear the similarity between the words / phrases. Yet, I often mishear foreign words - English, too - as well. So there's that.

    What's really pissing me off is people's reactions. 2 have died, few more injured by stab wounds. That's about all that's known for now. The attacker was detained, and is said to 'look foreign' and that the immigration authorities have been contacted to ask about the attacker.

    And the Finnish side of the social media is pretty much exploding with hatred. Comments like "Let's kill all Muslims", or at least "Let's kick out all the Muslims." Yet we don't even hecking know yet if the attacker is foreign-origin or not, whether they're a Muslim or not. 

    "Interior Minister Paula Risikko said at the press conference that authorities were contacting immigration authorities and others to find out more about the suspect, but his identity was not known as of Friday evening--although he is 'foreign-looking'.

    Investigators are trying to ascertain whether the attacker acted alone or whether he
    had any accomplices, and are analysing surveillance camera footage of the incident." It's also stated in the beginning the investigators do NOT know if this is terror-attack related or not. This is from >http://yle.fi/.../two_dead_several_injured_in.../9784909

    Now. I know a few people who are native Finns but who happen to have that 'foreign look' simply because they're not hecking milk white and light-haired. So this is why wordings like that are scary, and how people are reacting in the social media to it. Anyone with a 'foreign look' could become a target over that. =___=

    Now, some might jump at that the immigration authorities have been contacted. Sure, that could mean a number of things, but we don't frigging know yet. Yetttt people are ready to jump the gun and say it's a terrorist attack, that the attacker's a jihadist.

    We don't know. To spread such 'news' and fuel the flames of hatred is, in this country, the same as to put a target on the backs of those who don't ook like they're from the Aryan model manual. =___=

    Also, now that I'm on a roll - about religion. I'm registered as a member of the EvLut church, but I don't give a flying duck about the church or its teachings; I haven't bothered unregistering

    because the church and its teachings have zero impact in my life. Do I believe in Jesus? I believe someone by that name or similar has existed. I also believe in the whole "Treat others like you would like to be treated." Whether Jesus said that or someone else, doesn't matter, it's a good rule to live by. The church, be it Christian or Islamic, and their fundamentals, have made sure to screw things up and twist everything to fit their own agenda. I loathe them. I do understand that some people need religion to feel... safer, in the world, that their faith gives them power = strength to keep on going in this shitty world. But as long as their religion isn't being shoved down my throat, that they let me believe whatever I want, and as long as they don't kill people in the name of their beliefs, I don't give Godzilla's shit about what they believe in.

    And so, I think those assholes who say they want to slay someone because of another person's religion, or ASSUMED religion, should be thrown into jail. In separate cells, because as the old good Finnish saying says - Joukossa tyhmyys tiivistyy. ("In a group stupidity condenses")

    *takes a few deep breaths* OK I'm done. >___<;;; I'm sorry. @__@ I'm just... well, honestly I'm really concerned for my cousin, who's like a lil' sister to me and one of my best friends. She is one of those people who are of Finnish origin, but not looking like she is with her darker features. :/ And considering how narrow-minded Finns have always been towards foreigners... it's a goddamn ticking timebomb here. 

    Also, someone asked me why would other Finns spread the rumour about that video, of what's being shouted, as a sick joke or whatever. I wanted to laugh and smack him. >___> Skinhead movement, of the racist kind, was still a big thing in some parts of the country when I was still a kid, in the 90's.........  There STILL are known skinhead groups in our biggest cities!! >__> And I happen to know, sadly, people who woul be happy to spread that rumour around to fuel the flames of hatred and divide people. And in general, people like that are eager to spread around their own, sick, twisted ideology - so of course they're spreading it!!! >__<

    ...ok now I'm done, for real. I'm sorry for the rant. Might remove this post... <___<

  • Screaming with glee! XD

    1 day ago

    JadeTiger what?

    So its that time of year again, 


    OMG!! I go into a store and there is the halloween isle and I'm nothing but smiles and my face hurts and I shouldn't be giddy but FUCK!! 


    AHHH!! I'm so HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!

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