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  • Mass Effect Andromeda

    1 day ago


    Is fun.

    Also Deadpool is really good at playing Ryan Reynolds.

  • Fun pregnancy symptoms no one ever tells you about

    2 days ago


    It's been a year since I was pregnant and we have been thinking a lot about that time lately. So here are a few symptoms and things that happened while I was pregnant to entertain you and maybe educate a little on why pregnancy is a sacrifice as much as it is a blessing.

    - My teeth moved around. I couldn't bite down properly on anything for about the last 4 months of my pregnancy.

    - gingivitis

    - your teeth can just decay and break more easily. I had to get a tooth pulled in my 38th week.

    - first trimester bloating.

    - I turned our toilet seat Blue. No joke. 

    - More than just swelling, the arches of my feet just gave up completely after I gained enough weight. I still can't wear flats.

    - I was the 1/3 of patients whose asthma got worse.. and it never improved again. I now take medication every day

    - Back acne

    - New moles just start popping up everywhere and then go away after you deliver

    - I got a fun rash on belly from the fast expansion and it itched pretty much 24/7

    - pregnancy carpal tunnel

    - about 4 months after you deliver, your hair falls out. Not all of it but a significant amount.

    - decrease memory function - I can now forget what I'm saying as I am saying it. 

    - Loss of shame.  after delivering a baby in front of your mother in law and 8-10 hospital personnel. You pretty much stop caring who sees you naked for a while. 

  • RTFL Weekly Update #55

    2 days ago

    ArnettV FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Gif Addict

    Hi everyone!

    We hope you've all recovered well from your St. Patty's Day and weekend drinking because this Wednesday we're having another 7 Days to Die on PC. This time with a more permanent server that we can continue on and not get random people popping in. So be sure to take a break from your Mass Effect Play through and come join us at 8 pm EST in Discord!


    As we've been saying for the past couple weeks, RTICD (Rooster Teeth International Community Day) is almost upon us and we finally have a meet up for our Central Florida folks. Meet us at Dave & Buster's off I-Drive in Orlando for food, games, and fun!


    We even have a meet up for the fans on the West Coast too! You can join us at Livingston's Amusement Center in Sarasota. Go karts, arcades, food, games, fun. Come hang out with other cool fans!


    We even have an event in South Florida for all you down there. Join the RWBY Cosplayers of SE Florida for a meet up and mini gold tourney in Boca Raton. We have events all across Florida, so hopefully people can make it out to at least one! The best score overall will even receive a prize.


    If you want an all day experience, join them at the Hatsume Fair at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Cosplay is encouraged!


    We have events all across Florida, so hopefully people can make it out to at least one!

    Find us in other places on the web:






    The RT Florida Crew

  • Mistakes were made?

    1 day ago


    So I just finished recording the 3rd test episode of the DeviantRED podcast because for some reason I'd rather be crazy at 3am than sleep. I'll be uploading it on my SoundCloud later today, but I thought I'd go over a couple of the talking points here and on my blog before hand. 

    - Hit 5,000 views on YouTube

    - Started Twitch Streaming

    - Why I won't be streaming Halo, and the origin of my dog Mako

    - Finishing off the last Abita beer and why it sucks living in a dry county

    - O' Reilly's Auto Parts website has an amazing easter egg

    - Chuck Barry's death

    - Funny but absolutely horrible internet stories including the one mentioned by @extremeblarg in my last journal. 

    I'm sure that last bit is going to come back to bite me someday... Probably someday soon.

  • Mannerisms

    2 days ago

    Mikey FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold tiddlywinks

    Consider making someone self-conscious for things they do or say frequently. You know, maybe they say "I love it" or "that's hi-lar-i -ous "... or maybe the give a super skeptical look whenever others talk (this one is me).

    Yep. It will totally mess up their day as they become self-conscious of what they say ALL THE TIME. 

    Warning - they will probably return fire.

  • First Post!

    1 day ago


    I can't believe that I've been a member of this site for so long and yet I haven't ever gotten around to posting a journal. I don't even know exactly what I'm supposed to be saying, but I'll try my best to try and do one of these things at least once a week, even if no one ends up reading them. 

    I think it's so amazing that this community has a place where we can talk about our love for RT and we can make friends with people all around the world, and I really hope that I can make more friends on here, because none of my friends are fans of RT, which really sucks, but oh well, there's always time to make more friends!

  • RT-UK Communuty

    2 days ago

    RobHenryMusic FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    This is going to be random for sure, but I kinda wanted to talk about my excitement for the upcoming event RTX-LONDON...

    As a Rooster Teeth fan, I've had a very small experience with any form of "Community" in the UK. I've always been aware of meet-ups at different conventions, but there's only ever been two events that prompt interaction with like-minded fans.

    The first was Lazer Team. I was on a date with my girlfriend, sat in a fancy restaurant. The idea came up about watching a movie at our cinema. I scrolled through and we picked out of a weak selection of cheesy rom-coms, until I saw it. A one-time showing of Lazer Team. I immediately called my brother, who had literally JUST finished work, and we dragged my unaware girlfriend into a room full of nerds (ourselves definitely included!) and had this surreal moment, sitting in a cinema room FULL of different RT T-shirts. 

    The only other times I've been aware of an RT presence in the UK happens about once a month, when I see someone in my shop wearing a People Like Grapes tee, and I throw them a "sweet rooster teeth top". This is normally greeted with a dismissive 'thanks' and a panicked look that says my friends don't know I'm this nerdy! 

    Anyway, the point is it's finally happening. I've wanted for SO long to be able to attend an RTX. To be in a room full of people that understand. And with RTX London fast approaching it has shown me the activity in the RTUK community.  

    I can't wait to meet everyone, wear T-shirts that thousands of other people are wearing that day and have a weekend where we go FULL-NERD! I'll see you there!

  • Help!

    4 hours ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    Anyone else having issues with the video player not working? I get to the video, hit play and then nothing happens no matter how long I wait. I can get them to play on mobile but not my PC. It's not my internet either. Seriously, let me know if you are experiencing this because it's been happening to me since yesterday.

    I was really hoping to catch up on some content today, but I guess I'll just go play with my cats.


    Edit: I restarted my PC and allowed some Windows updates to install. The video player seems to be working fine now. I'm leaving the post up for the sweet cat gif.

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