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  • Finally made an account after 10 years

    2 days ago

    DavidD034 David

    Hi every one! I'm David. I have been watching RT content since I was 10 and I turn 20 in just a few months. Although I am just creating an account now, I wanted to thank every one at RT for a decade of free, quality entertainment. Growing up, Rooster Teeth was something I could look forward to watching after school every day or to wind down to after a day of work/training. Now that I have been only working 2 jobs and training full time the last 1 1/2 years since graduating high shool, some times it is the only thing keeping me sane. It has been so amazing to watch this company grow the last decade into what it is now and I am just glad that I have been along for the ride. Keep kicking ass, guys. Love you all.

  • The Old Squad

    16 hours ago


    Another one of my countless Halo renders. Seriously. I need a life. This is gettin' a bit on the old side, to be honest.


    This one features Spartan Fireteam Flare, a group of characters from my old machinima idea that got literally no where thanks to my inability to do things well. 

    The characters are (by color):
    Red and White: Adrian Wilkshire
    Gray and Yellow: Lucas "Tank" Portman
    Purple and Light Blue: Emily Rose
    Blue and White: Phillip Walker

    Truth is, it was really nice to work on something like this - these characters mean a lot to me, even if no one else in the world knows who they are or what they've been through. I once commented about possibly making a webcomic/graphic novel thing with these renders - and I think I might do that with these guys. Heck of a lot easier than a machinima.

    I don't think anyone really reads these anymore, but still sometimes it's nice to just put something out there.

  • RT Radio Friday: Week 179

    1 hour ago


    That's a wrap! Thank you for joining everyone and big thanks to @Geislor and @Antharwn for hosting tonight. We'll be back tomorrow at 5PM CDT/11PM BST with more music! If you missed anything from tonight or if you simply want to listen to the tracklist again, you can catch up on tonight's show (and every other show) on Spotify and YouTube. We're out!

    Tonight's show:




  • Creator vs Consumer

    10 hours ago

    Nelson Lord Snow

    I think this is one of the things that people struggle with when they try to create things. They consume as if they weren't creating. It's one of the reasons I've stopped playing as much and kept my TV watching to Game of Thrones. I am making that transition now, and even though I wouldn't be surprised if anyone read this, it doesn't matter. Go out. Create. Do what makes you happy. 


  • It's been a good night for me to gacha

    13 hours ago

    ConnieEdogawa All of 'em Anubis

    earlier, I pulled a Marie Antoinette and a 5* Saber Arturia for a friend, and just now I pulled my own Marie and the new 5* craft essence Moon Goddess' Bath. I've updated my support setup for those of you who have me.

    edit: so I did even better with the first 10 pull I made after posting this.


  • It's my birthday!!!

    1 day ago


    Can't believe I made it to 19. Also can't believe that I made it to college and I can't believe that I made all these amazing friends. Here's to another year and hopefully many more to come.

  • Still a newbie at guitar, but

    2 hours ago


    I managed to figure out how to play the intro and chorus to Agent Tex. Simple I know, but it was one of those moments where everything just goes *click* and it felt so good. However I can't seem to find tabs or anything else on how to play the rest of the song :/ 

    Anybody know a good source? 

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