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  • All y'all currently waiting on DMs and whatnot...

    11 months ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    I've got nearly 100 messages so far in regards (to what I assume) are for RTX codes and other related questions. I'm making my way through them, but fear not, I will be responding to you!

    Please don't send in another separate message if you can, and if you have more information to give me, just respond to your initial message so it's all grouped together. :D

    Much love!


  • March - Girls

    11 months ago


    March - Girls

    It's already that time again! This month's playlist is called "Girls" and will hopefully be the only playlist in this experiment that breaks the (admittedly self imposed) 12-song rule. Unfortunately, the Girls just wouldn't play along, and despite weeks of attempts, I could only get this thing down to 15 songs. It started at 41, ballooned to over 60, and worked it's way back down slowly achingly.

    These aren't the 15 best girl songs ever made, or even tied to a genre really. These are just 15 songs from female bands, artists, or bands fronted by women, that I've been listening to a lot lately, and who I think are maybe not super known, but deserve to be heard. It's also been a tremendous source of inspiration, if I keep these playlists going past the this year. 2019 will be full of playlists like "about girls" and "lo-fi girls" etc etc. 

    So here it is. Hope you like it. I'll be back next month with a playlist a little more specific.

    March - Girls.

  • Sugar Pine 7 Content on FIRST

    11 months ago


    Hello friends! 

    For those of you with an eye on the Rooster Teeth website, you'll notice that today, an Alternative Lifestyle video went up for FIRST members only. If you’re wondering why that is, then you’ve come to the right post!

    Obviously there's been a lack of our content appearing on the Rooster Teeth website, whether that's our regular YouTube content or shows that were meant to be FIRST exclusives. This isn't fair to our viewers that watch on the Rooster Teeth site, and it's not fair to those of you who purchased a FIRST membership for us. This issue is on the forefront of our minds, as we appreciate you guys and we want all of you to feel like we care about your viewing experience. We especially are so thankful for those of you that spent money on directly supporting us with a FIRST membership. We're working hard on nailing down more resources and a schedule to help us create more content in a consistent manner.

    In the meantime, we're going to do something a little different with our regular YouTube content. The Alternative Lifestyle videos and podcasts (and any other random shit we decide to do, like music videos) will now go up a day early for Rooster Teeth FIRST members only. This gives you guys some of the promised exclusivity until we can get the ball consistently rolling on our other FIRST shows, like Bloopers and Let's Pine. The videos will be live to the public the next day, both on Rooster Teeth and YouTube, at the exact same time - so those of you who watch on Rooster Teeth will no longer be lagging behind on episodes.

    We want to express again how sincerely we appreciate all of you. You guys sticking with us through our growing pains is humbling, to say the least. Our goal is to give back to you tenfold, and we are actively working on making that a reality.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! I'm most likely to respond on the Rooster Teeth site, but you can also try to reach me through Reddit or Twitter.

    love u bois and girls


    Psssst.... also....... if you check out our new YouTube banner, you may see mention of a new show we're starting next week that I'm super excited about. I think you guys will like it!

  • Information about Double Gold and the NEW RT BOX PLAN!

    11 months ago

    Eric_Duncan VP, Marketing

    Hello, friends. I’m back with another update on the RT Box and Double Gold. Buckle up, because we have some big changes to cover. My last update covered a lot on why we’re making changes. If you missed it check it out here. Ok, let’s get started.

    The Double Gold name is going away. Welcome RT Box membership.

    Double Gold has been fun, but we haven’t truly loved the name. It’s all about the box anyway, so why not just call it what it is? So we’re retiring the Double Gold name and membership tier forever, starting March 1, 2018, and launching RT Box as a standalone subscription service starting April 1, 2018. You’ll get the following with a RT Box membership:

    • An RT Box every quarter packed with about $140 worth of high-quality, exclusive merch

    • A 10% discount on all purchases in the Rooster Teeth Store

    • Access to purchase live event tickets, including VIP passes when available, before anyone else

    • And you get to keep that dope double star on your community profile because I think it’s cool

    All of this will cost you a mere $64.99 per quarter (billed upon sign-up and then once at the start of each new quarter – every three months). This price includes U.S. shipping. There will be an additional charge for international shipping; we are currently in negotiations, so I don’t have that number just yet.

    Notice I didn’t mention FIRST up there? The biggest change we’re making is that a FIRST membership is no longer part of the RT Box subscription. This means you will need to sign up for a FIRST membership separately. I know managing two different subscriptions is not as fun as managing just one, but ultimately this simplifies processes with billing and customer service that allows us to reduce costs and bring you a less expensive product. And now you can manage just one FIRST plan and not have to worry about upgrading/downgrading based on whether you want the RT Box and its perks.


    Now that you know what the new plan is, let’s talk about what’s happening over the next month or so as we get to the end of Double Gold.

    • February 28 at 11:59 p.m. GMT (EDIT: Sorry now closed) is the last chance to sign up for the March RT Box – the VERY LAST monthly RT Box ever. It’s a good one.

    • March 1-3 will be the last time anyone is billed for a Double Gold membership. You will officially be the last Double Gold members, and you will get the March RT Box that ships later that month.

    • March 31 is the last day of your Double Gold FIRST membership if you are a Double Gold member in March. On April 1, you will no longer have FIRST member access, so sign up for a new FIRST plan before April 1 so you don’t miss out on any shows or benefits.

    We are targeting April 1, 2018 as the first day of sign-ups for the new RT Box membership.

    While I’m here, I have some quick updates on the February and March boxes for current Double Gold members. I’m sure many of you have questions about the whereabouts of your February RT Box. As of yesterday, February 27, boxes have officially started shipping! We’re sorry that it’s running late (again). This is one of the many reasons why we’re moving to quarterly boxes. On the upside, the February box is definitely worth the wait.

    As I mentioned above, the last monthly Double Gold box will ship out at the end of March. So many of us have been working on it to make it fun, exciting, and maybe just a little bit hilarious. No images right now to show off… but if you feel like deducing what might be included in the box, why not watch an old RT Short and put the pieces together...

    That’s it for now. Keep an eye on your emails, our social media, and this site for news. We’ll let you know when sign-up for RT Box membership opens up if it’s before April 1, and roll out details on the box itself, including the mystery theme for the first box. Can you guess what it is? Oh, and definitely make sure you get our emails, because there will probably be some sweet deals coming your way. Drop your questions below and @Chelsea and I will do our best to get you some answers.

    Thanks, we love you.  

  • Are lootboxes gambling? We ask a developer's group

    11 months ago


    Lootboxes in video games are definitely a hot topic these days. If you need proof, just look at the controversy around Battlefront 2.

    While some governments are calling for them to be regulated similar to gambling devices, groups that represent game developers have pushed back hard on that idea. 

    Recently, the International Game Developers Association referred to regulating lootboxes as "censorship," in advance of a panel discussion that it's holding at the Game Developer's Conference next month. 

    To dig into the issue a big more, we chatted with the IGDA's executive director Jen MacLean. Here’s what she said, regarding the whole gambling/censorship issue.

    Does the IGDA feel like regulating lootboxes in games (ie - not selling them to people
    under 18/21) is censorship? And if so, why? It doesn't seem like anyone's proposed
    regulating what kind of content can be in games.

    The IGDA is concerned about the potential unintended consequences of regulations, made
    by people who don’t understand game development or game design, and done in hundreds
    of different political systems around the world. Poorly-written regulations, or laws that are
    inconsistent, do pose a risk of restricting content in games.

    For example, if a law banned all random in-game prizes, the restriction could apply to a
    large number of RPGs that have random loot drops but do not use lootboxes.
    We believe that it’s important to discuss the issue openly – including the steps game
    developers and game players can and should take – to make sure game content isn’t
    inappropriately restricted or limited.

    A lot has been said about lootboxes being necessary these days to make up for the low
    sticker price of games (considering they've been $50-60 for years). Do you guys think that
    lootboxes can be predatory in some cases?

    Yes, lootboxes can be predatory in some cases, and can be relatively innocuous in others.
    We think the best approach to lootboxes involves reasonable, responsible implementations
    by game developers, including agreeing not to target children with lootboxes, clearly
    disclosing drop rates, and making it easy for players to track how much money they’ve spent
    on lootboxes.

    We strongly favor an open, constructive dialogue between game players and game
    developers about lootboxes, especially as an alternative to regulation. By choosing not to
    purchase lootboxes, or not to play games that use lootboxes in ways players feel are
    unethical, gamers wield tremendous influence and can push change in the interactive

    entertainment industry far more effectively and more quickly than regulation possibly
    It’s also important to note that in addition to the censorship roundtable, the IGDA’s Game
    Design Special Interest Group is holding a roundtable on professional ethics in game design.

    You guys represent indie devs, are they looking more into implementing lootboxes lately,
    as we've seen with bigger publishers like EA?

    As more games have moved to service models, requiring additional ongoing investment in
    content and operations, developers of all sizes are exploring ways to maintain and grow

    What role do parents have to play in this?

    Parents have final responsibility to monitor the content that their children consume.
    However, game developers and publishers also have a responsibility – to parents and
    consumers of all kinds – to clearly disclose the type of content (including microtransactions
    and random purchases) in their games so that parents can make well-informed decisions
    about the games their children play.

  • A message to those who support/have supported me on Twitch and Patreon

    11 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Something that I've noticed since I started posting highlight videos of my streams on Patreon, and obtaining Affiliate status on Twitch. A lot of friends message me when they are unable to continue supporting my content due to XYZ and they tell me they feel absolutely horrible about it.

    My fam. It's okay! Really!

    I know life happens, and I would honestly be upset if you chose to help me instead of focusing on your needs first. The supplemental income I receive from these platforms does help me a lot, but the support you give me shouldn't be a burden or a hindrance on your own finances. 

    Take care of you. Please. And don't feel bad that you have to. 

    If you want to continue to help but can't monetarily, then I will ask that you follow my channels, share/RT my content. That's a HUGE help in this oversaturated corner of the gaming industry. So any time I can get extra eyes on my streams and vids, that's also appreciated.

    I will never ever shame you or make you feel bad because you all of a sudden dropped a sub or deleted a pledge on Patreon. We are still friends, and I am forever grateful that you supported me for the time that you did. Truly. <3

  • RTAA Error

    11 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    I don't appreciate the RTAA team leaving out the most important part to the ending of the story told in the RTAA Twitch Chicken episode. Yes, Miles did send a photo of his junk covered by a hat. But... did Lynn and I.


  • Star Wars Apocrypha - An Introduction

    11 months ago

    LuxCommander Tech Artist - Animation


    Noun. Writings not forming part of the accepted canon, usually in reference to

    Biblical canon. Taken from the latin phrase ‘Aprocrypha Scripta’, or ‘Hidden Writings’

    Star Wars. It’s literally everywhere. It’s not simply a movie, it’s a cultural phenomenon. Four decades later and the franchise has spawned Nine live-action feature films with five more announced to be in production, two more rumored to be in production, an animated movie, six animated series, 378 novels, of which only 64 are within the modern Star Wars Canon, thousands of comics and an unspeakable amount of action figures, plastic model kits, coffee makers, toasters, tea pots, french press sets and other various home decorations that range from basic posters to custom art prints like this one we bought for my dad during Star Wars Weekends from the Acme archives.

    The point here is that Star Wars is a massive universe with over 40 years of legacy. And with 40 years of legacy from a multitude of creators comes the issue of contradiction.

    When Lucasfilm Ltd. was purchased by The Walt Disney Company that fateful day of December 21st, 2012 and announced that they would be making new Star Wars movies to take place after Episode VI, the question of the day was what would become of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. For over 35 years, anyone whose name was not George Lucas created their work in this sandbox that existed as a lower level of canonicity. A sort of Apocrypha to borrow a biblical term. With novels that stretched well into a century after the events of Episode VI, interpretations of cultures that directly contradicted the movies and Clone Wars television series, and no real way to give authors authority over others not named George Lucas, the Expanded Universe was rebranded as Star Wars Legends and can now be treated as another world away from the mainline Star Wars saga, forever lost to time… Sort of.

    See the problem with nuking an entire line of best-selling novels, comic books, TV shows and video games that have perpetuated for 35 years is that a lot of people read, played and watched those stories. And for some of them, they may have even liked those stories more than the ones told on the big screen. For some Star Wars fans, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Mara Jade, Darth Revan and Kyle Katarn are just as synonymous with Star Wars as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, and Princess Leia.

    While a small group of the fandom has been vocal about their disapproval of this decision, fans have by and large embraced this decision, understanding the need to clean the slate to ensure that creators can tell the best stories they can without years of contradicting continuity to trip over, as well as the added benefit of providing new fans a more approachable universe to immerse themselves in.

    It’s not like this is the first time it’s been done; Lucasfilm did their own house cleaning back in the early 90’s in preparation for the Prequel trilogy. More importantly, the Lucasfilm story team is acutely aware of the popularity of these characters and their creators, as seen with the incorporation of Grand Admiral Thrawn into the Canon timeline with his debut in Star Wars Rebels and the Thrawn novel written by his creator Timothy Zahn.

    This leads us to the purpose and scope of this project I’m calling ‘Star Wars Apocrypha’. As you can tell, I’ve become very attached to this term far more than the official Legends designation because I feel that it’s a more accurate label due to the fact that these works were at one time canon and were only struck from it upon reexamination. And also because of the borderline religious nature of the continuity obsession that the removal of these texts has caused in the greater community. But much like the name suggests, these stories are in the process of becoming hidden writings, soon to be lost to time as they are overshadowed by the new stories that are slowly filling up the new canon. While I enjoy a good deal of them, there are many stories that are as strong if not stronger in the Legends continuity that I feel ought to be remembered as such. At the same time, I also want it to serve as a reminder that not everything in the Legends universe is as great as we remember it, because as high as the highs were, the lows were even lower.

    With that in mind, my goal is to try to cover the books, games, television shows, and whatever other kind of Star Wars story content that existed prior to the reboot of the franchise. In addition to focusing on the narrative part of these stories, I will try to also go over things such as behind-the-scenes insights and things like the old continuity structure, as I feel that these elements are just as much a part of the Legends narrative as the stories themselves.

    Because I’m doing this project here in my RT Journal section, I want to also add an interactive element to this, so if there is a particular part of the Star Wars universe you want me to cover, please feel free to pop a suggestion in the comment section and I will place it in the queue of things to cover. While there will be times that I will be intentionally focusing on certain characters at certain times of year (Eg. covering Han Solo in the lead-up towards Solo: A Star Wars Story), for the most part I will try to keep the content varied to prevent any burnout on my part or yours. The Star Wars galaxy is a rather large place with many corners all its own after all!

    With that in mind, I have four ideas on where to start, so I want to give you all the power to decide immediately! Our first true chapter in the Star Wars Apocrypha will be, based on your feedback, A) Heir to the Empire and the birth of the modern Star Wars Expanded Universe, B) Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and Life before the EU, C) West End Games Star Wars – The RPG that Defined a Universe, or D) Canon Levels – Understanding Legends Continuity. I should hopefully have something done by either the end of the week or start of next, depending on how things work out scheduling-wise. I’m intentionally holding off a bit on the video games due to how long it’ll take to mow through some of them, particularly those attached to multi-media projects (Shadows of the Empire, I’m looking at you buddy) or would require multiple playthroughs for a proper write-up (KotOR), but rest assured I have many plans on how to best tackle them. Until next time guys!

  • Meet Byf

    11 months ago

    Qholtz VFX Artist Rooster Teeth


    Byf is my new fish. He got his name from being a Blue Yellow Fish and a suggestion from Brian. Technically he is a Yellow Belly Damsel fish and he is the first little dude in my salt water fish tank. My Wife's family has had a salt tank in their house their whole life. After getting some first hand experience, I wanted to get my own. The switch really flipped when I started to understand that it's not just a tank with fish in it but, an entire ecosystem that is contained inside this little cube, Fish, clean up crews, corals, invertebrates . I saw a used tank for sell and it was time to strike.  Hopefully I can keep you guys up to date with the set up and taking care of the tank.


    Here is the tank set up before any rock or water was put in.  It's the Aquatop 24 gallon cube tank with a 7 gallon sump underneath. Carrying 30 gallons of salt water up stairs was not the most exciting part of the process haha. 


    Here I am pouring in "live sand" after setting up the rock in a placement I liked. The "live sand" contains bacteria that help break down the waste product of the tank.  This process is necessary to begin the natural "filtering" of the tank and is called cycling.


    The tank got super cloudy once we poured in all the water and started the pump up for the first time.


    Final shot of the tank before we picked up Byf.

    Let me know if any of y'all have your own tanks at home or if you have any questions about mine! Can't wait to share this little adventure with everyone.

  • A Tale of Two Ads - Editor & PA Notes

    11 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    I looked up from the cold hard studio floor and my eyes were met with a pedestal, a floating pair of underwear, and one man's quest to produce the greatest MeUndies ad spot you have ever met in your entire life. That man's name is Noël Wiggins. Our director, our leader, our visionary. We've made it our goal at ScrewAttack to provide y'all with the best, most entertaining ads, we can produce. And no one better embodies that than Noël. 

    At one point during the nine hour shoot we found ourselves in need of a shoelace. Without hesitation, Noel took his shoe off, undid his laces and continued on with the rest of the shoot with one single shoe on his right foot. It was in that moment that I realized...I would follow this man to the end of the earth and protect his vision with my life. It's amazing what one can accomplish with a shoe string budget.

    I also edited together that War Robots ad. So there's that too. 

    Watch the Video: YT

  • How To

    11 months ago


    I was watching a how to video on YouTube that helped me figure out how to pull my wiper blades off my old truck. At the end of the video the guy says “be sure to watch the rest of my videos” I get that that is part of the vocabulary of YouTube but does this person really think that I’m going to watch a bunch of random how to videos for projects I am not currently performing?

  • Sipping a Joel Kinnaman wine

    11 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    Guys. I am more than halfway through Altered Carbon. I'm not ok with this. I am literally watching like half an episode at a time to try and make it last as long as possible. This is a real problem.

  • Control Room Update - Feb 2018

    11 months ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    With LIVE WEEK taking most of our team and equipment out of the office for the week - We found some time and some plans to make slight changes in how the control room is structured and organized. With the last redesign being right before Tuesday Night Game Fight (May 2017) it is frustrating that it only lasted a few months, but it is also exciting to see our growth continue and our room expand to handle more intense shows and make productions more efficient to all in the room.

    The majority of the updates are hidden and more to help keep the room looking clean and organized, but it goes without saying some help our productions and make the room more modular and customize-able depending on the production. This includes under-desk racks/shelves, New streaming PC, Power and Internet management, 4 Production Position Front Row (Engineer, TD, Director/Producer, Graphics) and flexible back row (Tech Flex [Bryan workstation] Associate Producer, Production Manager [Gavin C.] ) and more.

    We plan for these adjustments to help us bring better shows to you and improve our working environment allowing for more options to become available to us. 

    As a heads up - there are still more changes coming to the room and possibly switching the location and angle of the prestream camera (again). 

    This has been a fun and crazy project to be working on and planning for the past few weeks, but I am happy to see phase 1 almost to completion - can't wait for the room to be finalized (and probably changed a few months later.

    Enjoy The Show! #RTbroadcast

  • Adventure Time

    11 months ago

    Austin.Harper PotatoHound

    So it has been decided (honestly, on a whim) that me and a handful of my new friends from Rooster Teeth are going to be taking a vacation to Japan! Aaaand it just so happens that it's going to line up with my 30th birthday!!

    If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited; I've never had the chance to leave North America and this will be my first ever "real" vacation with friends.

    Anyway, all that to say: give me your suggestions! What should I do, what should I eat, where should I go? I won't have all the time in the world and we're staying in Osaka and Tokyo, but any and all suggestions are welcome.

    Also, would anyone be interested in me posting up a travel blog of our adventures?

  • Portfolio Update - Geoff Collection

    11 months ago

    JonBenson Sr. Graphic Designer

    I started working on the Geoff Collection soon after joining Rooster Teeth in September 2017. Geoff has always gravitated toward a dark and mysterious aesthetic, but for the most part the designs were abstract or only slightly occult in nature. I picked up right when Geoff decided to double down and push the collection in a specifically occult, at times satanic direction. I researched old runes and symbols of power and ritual as well as drew inspiration from the clean and clever styles of iamdooom and Jamie Browne. The following designs are from November 2017-January 2018. I'm very excited for you all to see what's coming soon. :D










    This is my first journal entry so go easy on me! I plan on using my journal as a place to display artwork so expect more posts soon. You can follow me on Instagram to see my lettering projects or head straight to my website to see my portfolio.

  • My Macaron Recipe

    11 months ago


    My #1 pet peeve are food blogs that make you scroll through their entire thesis paper just to get to the recipe, so you know what? Here’s my list of ingredients - 


    125 g caster sugar

    125 g almond four/almond meal

    125 g icing sugar

    90 g egg whites (~3 large eggs)

    Yields about 26 cookies, or 52 individual patties



    If you’ve been following my twitter since the beginning of 2018, you’ll notice I’ve been baking a shit ton of macarons. My family gifted me a stand mixer for Christmas, and considering how much it costs, I feel like I’ve been given the responsibility to bake more now. What else do you use a stand mixer for? Can anyone tell me? I could probably just google i

    I don’t have any specific list of how to make macarons because I’d like to encourage you, if you’re interested in making your own, to watch as many YouTube videos and read recipe instructions as I have HAHA. I spent a gooooood amount of time (both in work and out of work, sorry Maggie lol) watching a lot of macaron recipe videos just to understand the technique and figure out what I’m supposed to do. 

    Hell, I still didn’t get it right until the end of January. That’s like. At least *10* batches of macarons. At least my coworkers was more than eager to eat my self-perceived failures. 

    All the set instructions are roughly the same, depending on whether you’re using the Italian meringue method vs Swiss vs French meringue method. I myself prefer the French one because it’s easier. 

    My personal preferences (and ingredients list I tend to trust more) are the ones that have an equal amount of sugars and almond flour. If there’s a recipe I see that has more icing sugar than almond flour, I tend to just watch the video for their technique and not follow the recipe. As someone who recently got into baking desserts, fun fact, I don’t actually like it. I treat myself to an occasional doughnut, never say no to Boba or frozen yogurt or ice cream or gelato, will always say yes to some of the delicious cookies a coworker’s wife brings in to work (this is a long list of desserts), but I could never handle chocolate or cakes or cupcakes. A lot of American desserts make them reeeeeeally sweet. I actually have a specified sweet tooth that physically aches if I eat something too sweet, so for my own health, I have to stay away from them haha.

    AND YET. I probably have gained, like, 5 pounds the last few months with all the macarons I test-ate and have been consistently average irt my weight because I can’t stop putting sugar!! In!!! Every dish!!! The woes of loving Filipino adobo....

    Going back to macarons, I do have some tips that kind of helped me out, in list form!!!!! 


    1. To bake macarons perfectly, you must first perfect your oven.

    (Lol tho but for real, it took 10 tries because I was still trying to figure out my jenky ass oven. I got mine down to 13-15min at ~275 degrees F. I use “~” because my apartment oven isn’t digital, it’s just a dial that has I put the arrow to some where between “300” and an unmarked line that’s supposed to represent “250”.)


    (Three times, I have ruined batches because I was too quick after I piped them. It wasn’t enough that my macarons weren’t tacky to the touch. I had to wait at least 30min just for them to develop a “skin”, as the videos describe it, so they could bake up instead of out.)

    3. Some instructions will give you a countdown on how many times you should fold your batter. You don’t have to count to 75 all the time but....honestly, it helps when you start out.

    (That way, when you get better, you get more accustomed to how the batter is supposed to look and feel instead of counting it out. I don’t have to count anymore when I fold my batter, but it helped me a ton when I was trying to figure out what my it was supposed to look like before I put them in piping bags.)

    4. Cream of tartar isn’t necessary, but I hear it helps?

    (I never used cream of tartar. Never bothered to buy it. My macarons at least turn out ok.)


    That’s all I can really think of, off the top of my head! 

    There are a toooon of different macaron fillings you can use. You can use flavored jam, buttercream, or ganache as fillings! Jam is jam, buttercream is creamed sugar butter, and ganache is basically a chocolate paired with a flavor. Do a google search and look up some! Macarons are mostly known for using flowery flavors like rose and lavender, tea flavors like earl gray and matcha, but my personal favorites are nutty flavors like pistachio and fruity flavors like mango. 

    I personally prefer buttercreams, since ganache tends to be too sweet for me, but they all taste pretty ding-dang-darn good to me.

    Anyway, that’s my basic blurb on macarons. Everytime I make a journal, I feel like I could ramble on for another few paragraphs, but I feel so sheepish about writing so much about A Thing. 

    Happy Monday! Try a macaron!

  • Nomad Update: You only get to make a FIRST impression once

    11 months ago


    If you've caught us on convention panels or anim livestreams, talking about how development of Camp Camp went down, then you know that behind the scenes we pumped the brakes on CC's premiere by a couple months in order to get everything just right. And that turned out pretty well, yeah? (And if you haven't heard that story, please consider picking up a certain complete season 1 & 2 bluray set coming soon, and listening to the commentary track as well as watching the original unaired pilot! Sorry, my contract mandates I get in at least one major tease per post. It's like Barb and her puns. Just... not as funny! Eyyyy, wooooo! )

    Welp, I'm here to announce that the next brand-spankin'-new 2D show from Rooster Teeth Animation, Nomad of Nowhere is NOT, I repeat, NOT going to slide a couple months! Eyyyy, wooooo! is gonna slide a couple weeks, though, making its debut for FIRST members March 16th. We think the 2D team has something special coming together, and RT agrees. So the company has graciously agreed to give the team two more weeks to further enhance a couple parts of the first few eps to get its debut just right.  

    Meantime, please enjoy our fine RTAA and RvB PSA offerings, to quench your thirst for animation! What's that? You hadn't caught RvB PSAs return this Thursday on FIRST?! Because they do! Eyyyy, wooooo!

    On behalf of the team, sorry for the hurry-up-and-wait with Nomad. A sincere thanks for your patience. The team can't wait to get it out in the world either. 

    Yours in antici...


    11 months ago

    elliemainey Survivalist

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that submitted examples of their work to be a part of Skill Tree - I was overwhelmed by how many of you did. Check your inbox for my response <3

    Your excitement and support for this show means the world to me.

    AAAND announcing Simrell as our winner! We're really excited to be working with her - check out all her stuff! Follow her! Support her! Send her love! 

    Much love to you all!

  • The Grind is Real

    11 months ago

    Ashley The Know

    It's been years since I played Final Fantasy X. I bought the HD Remaster when it hit PC but decided to save it for another day and never got around to it. But I recently got a Vita to binge Persona 4 Golden and picked up FFX/FFX-2 while I was doing a pre-flight shopping binge wherein I buy several books and games to stave off the utter terror that I MIGHT. GET.BORED. 

    So I started playing again. And I decided, since I played the shit out of it before PSN Trophies were around to give me the credit I so richly deserve, that I would platinum it. I promised myself.

    I hate myself, and I hate my promises.

    I thought I knew what FFX completion looked like. In my PS2-era mind it was getting all the celestial weapons and beating the Omega dungeon. Then I see these fuckers on the trophy list.


    I didn't even realize what that meant. Surely it couldn't mean activating every node on the entire sphere grid (the game's leveling/skill tree system), could it? That's like a human rights violation. For reference, this is the sphere grid.


    In the normal course of the game, each of the 7 playable characters starts at a different point on this grid and follows a track. When you fight monsters you earn points (AP) that let you advance around the grid and you spend different types of spheres to activate nodes that raise your HP, MP, Strength, etc. or unlock abilities like Heal or Fire or Quick Hit.

    Mostly, the tracks and some special abilities are locked off from each other, unless you get special spheres to unlock them, but theoretically this means you can teach your tanks to heal and get your mages some defense.

    Pretty cool, right?

    In the FUCKING SADISTIC version of the game, just taking ALL 7 characters around the ENTIRE GRID isn't even enough. You have to consign yourself to spending hours hitting special monsters in a monster arena to collect special spheres to turn empty nodes into attribute nodes, then activating them so there are no empty nodes left.

    You need to earn a LOT of AP to be able to move around to activate everything. There's one particular trick that's supposed to make this easier. You customize some weapons to add certain abilities, then repeatedly fight a specific monster to get a TON of AP.

    But before that you have to, (SURPRISE!) beat up other monsters for hours on end, torturing them into dropping items you need so you can customize OTHER weapons and sell them to make money so you can bribe totally different monsters for the materials you actually need to make the weapons to hit the AP guy so you can move around the sphere grid.

    I hate everything about it, but I'm still putting myself through it.

    Yesterday I got my first character through this gauntlet (bless you, Wakka). He had the hard work of forging the path through, transforming every empty node. Now all the other characters follow behind. Hopefully that means only a few hours to go? Hopefully?

    I checked my play time pre-grind and where I'm at now. 80 hours. 80. HOURS. That's half my total play time. As much time as I've spent playing the game, getting all the celestial weapons, and beating the secret dungeon that I would have defined as "complete" before.

    Almost done, though! Right? I hope? Then I can move on to getting the Platinum for Final Fantasy X-2 because I NEED the perfect ending.

    What am I doing with my life?

  • Annihilation

    11 months ago


    I love bottomless, open ended sci fi. Stuff like Arrival and Martian are great, where everything gets wrapped up in a nice pretty bow. That stuff is hard to pull off. But it’s always cool to see something risky like 2001 or BR 2049 or Annihilation. Classic sci fi was always a little mind bending and I’m glad we haven’t abandoned that. 

     I can’t say that I would recommend the movie to anyone, but I enjoy the hell out of it 

  • BLOOD FEST - Super secret sneak peak!

    11 months ago

    dan_dan Editor | BLOOD FEST

    Hey y'all!

    We've been hard at work getting BLOOD FEST ready for a world premiere at the SXSW film festival. Some lucky folks got to check out a trailer at RTX Sydney, but I'm sure lots of others are wondering when they are going to have a chance to get a peek.

    Well, here you go.

    Here's a look under the hood. Pretty cool, right?! Ok. More soon. Promise. 

    - Dan 

  • Christmas finally ended... T_T

    11 months ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    It's not March yet... But I finally have packed up all the Christmas decorations. 

    Now I'll be spending the next 9 months finding ways to be decorative-in-most-definitely-not-a-holiday-way. 

  • I'm sure you can relate

    11 months ago

    ezracooperst President

    When your pile of RT shirts is about to pass your non RT shirts. 


  • That idea

    11 months ago

    ezracooperst President

    You ever had that experience when you are instantly hit with what you believe is a stroke of genius. Like a bolt of lightning, you have came up with a brilliant new idea. It’s an idea so good, so novel that you can’t help but feel excitement. An idea becomes an immediate’s a gamechanger and you start scribbling notes and the outlines of a business plan. By the time you get home you have already played out the execution in your mind and are counting the money the idea made you. Mogul status!! 

    And then you decide  to google the idea just to make sure it’s truly as special as you think it is. 

    Oh, shit. It was already done. Some other person got rich on it...back in the 90s according to their website. 

    So, do you feel bummed or a pride in humanity for thinking of that idea way before you did? I guess a bit of both. 

    Anyways...on to the next one...

  • LP: Minecraft #300 and SPOTIFY: Programming Patch Notes 02.18

    11 months ago

    ebregman Programming & SVOD

    Welcome to the first monthly update from your friendly neighborhood programming and distribution team. Here’s what we’re working on right now.

    First off congrats to the AH team for posting the 300th episode of Let’s Play: Minecraft, which officially puts them at a higher episode count than almost any TV show ever made. Someone manually did the math on this, but I checked myself and yes it’s almost 9.5 days of content back-to-back. In celebration of this milestone, we’re (finally?) going to break out Let’s Play Minecraft on its own series page on! We’ll keep you posted when that happens.

    In other exciting news today, as of this weekend podcasts from Rooster Teeth and the Let’s Play family will be available on Spotify! This has been a long time coming, something we get asked about all the time, and I’m so happy we finally got it done. All the libraries are there, and new episodes will be added at the same time they appear on all other podcast listening platforms. Note - post shows are NOT available on Spotify and are still only available for FIRST members on Here’s the list of shows you can hear now on Spotify:

    • Always Open

    • Beyond The Pine

    • CCTV

    • Class Of 198X


    • Dude Soup

    • Filmhaus Podcast

    • Glitch Please

    • Heroes & Halfwits

    • Kinda Funny Games Daily

    • Kinda Funny Gamescast

    • Kinda Funny Morning Show

    • Kinda Funny Reviews

    • Off Topic

    • On The Spot

    • Rooster Teeth Podcast (Yes, including the Drunk Tank episodes!)

    • The GameOverGreggy Show

    • Try Hard Podcast

    • Twits and Crits

    • Twits and Crits: The League of Extraordinary Jiremen

    Most of what we’re focused on now involves getting running smoothly and looking good. This week we finished testing image safe areas for featured episodes on desktop and mobile/tablet, and now that we know the specs we can dive into re-safe-area-ing everything. Those images will roll out over the next month or so. As that finishes, we’ll dive into a reorganization and metadata cleanup project to hopefully catch any out-of-order episodes and also make better use of series pages for shows that have grown unwieldy ( Let’s Play…). We’ll likely also be able to upgrade resolution on some videos at that point, with more on the way afterwards.

    We greenlit a few pilots this month too! You heard about these from RTX Sydney: Achievement Haunters will be AH’s wild journey to discover ghosts in the scariest places in Texas. We locked our location this week and I am ridiculously excited. The Murder Chamber (working title) is modern take on a classic murder mystery game. Go into the future where you are judge, jury and guided by Jessica, a super crime solving network. We’re talking through the right way to release these so you can tell us if we should make more.

    Last but not least we’ve been staring for hours at the full data wrap up from 2017, which like I’ve mentioned before is the most accurate viewership data we’ve ever had about That’s already led us to some interesting new insights. It has reaffirmed to us how important a free-to-watch window is for our content, especially on a 7-day FIRST Exclusive window. And it’s told us a lot about how the new can be a better place for our community to gather around content.

    Oh and here’s something weird: ScrewAttack’s video Top 10 Sex Scenes in Video Games had a pretty big burst in traffic from organic Google searches over the past month. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    This is the first one I’ve done, so tell me what I missed! What else do you want to see in these updates?