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    1 year ago


    Hey guys, it looks like a few of the non-RT projects I worked on in the last 12 months are coming out at the same time at the end of the year. I don't really talk much about these projects while I working on them but I wanted to let you know about them in case you can't get enough of me. And really, who could possibly get enough of me? Besides Ashley. And everyone in my family. And Gus. Besides them.

    Slash: The Movie
    I was asked to be in this film which is a coming of age story set against the culture of slash fan fiction. It's getting great reviews and is the only thing I have ever been in that the Village Voice reviewed positively. That's progress. It opens in theaters this week. I am going to be at the Alamo Drafthouse screenings of the film this Saturday night. Come out and see me if you are in Austin!


    12 Deadly Days
    I am in a Blumhouse (Purge, Paranormal Activity) horror anthology that airs for 12 days leading up to Christmas. Each episode is a standalone horror short with a running theme. This was fun to do since I had never done horror before and Blumhouse has made some of the modern horror classics. I am one of the leads in the second episode.

    So there's a movie I worked on earlier this year, which I described on the podcast as one of the craziest experiences that I have ever had. Unfortunately, it's a big studio movie and it's not entirely clear what I can or can't say about my involvement even though it's about to come out. But once it's all clear for me to talk about, then I will discuss it. I have a sneaking suspicion that I haven't been told how to promote because I didn't make the final cut of the movie, but the experience and the people I worked alongside made it more than worth it. I am going to the cast & crew screening next week, so at the very least you will know what it is then. No, it's not Rogue One.

    I have some other stuff I have done that is still not out. These things take a while. Everything listed here was something I shot 6-12 months ago at this point. I do want to say that a big reason I get cast in these productions (besides my stunning looks and talent) is because of all the support you all give me in my RT work. I am very grateful for that.

  • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse in Europe?!

    1 year ago

    MichaelHadwin Michael P. Hadwin

    Howdy RT friends. How’s your December coming along? Played any good games lately?  Ready for all the big game launches coming out this month?

    We had an “interesting” day at RT Games yesterday.  Sony Europe launched RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on the PS4.  Wait, what?!  Yeah, that was our reaction too.

    It appears there was an error in the system causing our game to launch early. To make matters worse, it’s an older version of the game and set at the wrong price.  A double whammy of misery and pain.  stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

    The good news is, Sony Europe has taken the game down and we’re trying to figure out how this bomb exploded. For those of you that purchased the game, Sony plans to refund the price difference. We’re unclear on all the exact details, but we’ll be sure to update everyone once we know more.

    Now that the cat is officially out of the bag... When is RWBY:GE coming to PS4 and Xbox One you ask?  Well, we’re not quite ready to make an official announcement, but I can say “early next year!”  We are within weeks of unleashing our baby to the gaming world. We’re literally counting down the days, hours, minutes, seconds.  We’re just as excited as you are!

    So there’s the console update on RWBY:GE.  Sorry for the false alarm Europe, but at least the world knows the REAL version is coming very soon.  Hold on to your butts!

    High fives!

    Michael P. Hadwin

  • Dooley's Notes: Watch Dogs 2

    1 year ago


    Hey guys!

    Another game review coming at you!  This time I'm looking at Watch Dogs 2.  This game is a follow up to possibly one of the biggest flops Ubisoft has ever had.  I personally played very little of the first game before I got bored and just didn't move on.  There was anything there to really hold my attention.  Luckily, Watch Dogs 2 is an entirely different story.

    Watch Dogs 2 is set in an extremely lively and faithful reconstruction of San Francisco.  That's the first point I want to hit.  A lot of games talk about being in a city that feels alive, but this is one of the first games that actually made me feel that way.  I saw a drunk person walking down the street, bump into another drunk person, causing the two of them to wildly swing at each other before falling down and shuffling away.  Other interactions like that happen constantly and more often than not, you'll never even see them.  The setting is beautiful, and the parkour usually feels pretty smooth, so getting around the city isn't too hard.  There's also a handy app that allows you to call in cars you've purchased whenever you want so you can get on your way.  A negative of this, however, is the game doesn't really handle spawning the car very well, and will sometimes drop it very far away, or even in the middle of a hostile area. There's also a fast travel system, which really helps.

    Onto the gameplay.  The story is linear, but has a ton of side missions to do along the way that you can constantly find while out in the city.  There's also a ton of extra things to do that I think gives the game a lot of end game content, if you're someone who likes to collect everything.  Hidden vehicles, upgrades, cash drops, and stuff like that.  The story itself is pretty decent.  The main flaw is the gameplay does feel repetitive after a little while.  Almost every mission is "sneak into this place, hack some stuff, most likely get caught, and then shoot your way out."  There is some variation every now and again, but it mostly boils down to that.  The hacking is very fun, especially hacking cars, and it actually makes you feel pretty powerful.  The drone races, bike races, and gokart races are okay, but also get repetitive, and the sailboat races... well just aren't for me.

    Then there's the mutliplayer.  It's a little wonky, and didn't work quite right. But I believe recent updates have improved it.  It's a drop-in, drop-out system that you can turn off at any time (which I appreciate).  People can jump in and play missions with you, or can jump in and try to hack you.  The hacking game is the least successful part of the multiplayer, unfortunately.  You're supposed to invade another game, find the player, hack their phone, and then hide somewhere nearby until the hack is complete.  However, it's a pretty small area, and you stick out like a sore thumb if the target happens to stay in an unpopulated zone.  If they identify you, you're screwed.  It's very difficult for the hacker to get away with it.  The most successful multiplayer is the Bounty Hunter mode.  Essentially, if someone is being chased by the cops, your game will ping you asking if you want to join the officers to take them out.  You can then try to hunt down the other player.  At the same time, if a hunter is called on you, you can try to take them out and escape the cops, or just escape everyone all together.  It can be pretty fun.  And again, it's all completely optional.  (Unless you want all the achievements of course).

    So the negatives here.  Slightly repetitive gameplay.  Not the best connection multiplayer-wise.  Some achievements are glitched.  And most of all, the cops are very very irritating.  Losing the cops in GTA V is a bit of a hassle, right?  Well in this game, it's downright annoying.  Unless you have a lot of hacking upgrades, it's almost always worth getting out of the car, getting gunned down, and just ending the chase before it begins.  There's also some puzzles that can be far too time consuming, like driving a scissor-lift down three blocks just to get to some rooftop.  However, those are all pretty minor things when looking at the overall experience.  I highly recommend Watch Dogs 2 to anyone who is a fan of games where you can just drive around doing little side missions and wasting time.  There's even a version of Uber you can do, in which you drive around some people with very odd requests.  Or a selfie app where you need to take photos in front of famous SF landmarks, earning XP along the way.  There's just simply a lot to do if you feel like doing it.  In my opinion, it's a great game to just sit and play for a couple hours if you're bored, and could last you a very long time.  I think it's a game that earns a 60 dollar price point.

    I give Watch Dogs 2 an 8 out of 10!

     jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy

  • Dooley's Notes: Titanfall 2

    1 year ago


    Hey guys, (sorry about any typos. I'm sure I missed something)

    Think it's time to do a round of game reviews, as I enjoy giving my 2 cents on the games I buy, so people who don't purchase games as often know what they're paying for. I'm starting this batch off with Titanfall 2.  

    Titanfall was one of the flagship games for the Xbox One, and a lot of people were pretty pissed about its exclusivity.  But no worries, Titanfall 2 is now available for all new gen systems. So that's pretty awesome.  More people can play, which I'm pretty happy about, because Titanfall 2 is an amazingly fun ride.

    Let's start off with the single-player.  The Titanfall 2 single-player campaign is something I waited way too long to dabble with, after hearing nothing but good things. For people who don't know, the original Titanfall shipped as a multiplayer only experience.  Which was a relatively new thing for console players and therefore, left a few people feeling like the entire game wasn't worth 60 dollars.  Well their first attempt at a campaign is, pretty close to, perfection.  It doesn't feel overly difficult or frustrating at any point.  There are a few collectibles scattered throughout.  (Not insanely difficult to find).  And most importantly, it's fun.  It's just plain fun.  Shooting, using all types of weapons, utilizing the awesome movement system.  It's a linear campaign that is plan a simply a good time.  The thing I enjoy the most about it, and that I often don't try out all the weapons in multiplayer, because I find assault rifles to be most effective 90% of the time.  But in campaign against AI, you're free to try out all the weaponry and see everything the game has to offer.

    Now on to the multiplayer.  Titanfall 2's multiplayer is very much like the first, which a few more gadgets scattered in there.  Like the grappling hook, which is the most fun in my personal opinion.  Titanfall does something brilliant, which is adding NPCs into the fight.  That way, even if the other team is destroying you, you feel like you're helping by taking out their armies.  That's the thing about Titanfall multiplayer as well.  You will get destroyed if you're new to it.  People play Titanfall religiously.  So try not to get discouraged if you have to endure a few rounds with little to no kills.  You'll get the hang of it.  The best part of Titanfall is definitely the movement system.  Wall running, double-jumping, and even the grappling hook all work so smooth and seamlessly.  Something I think even Call of Duty hasn't nailed down. You want to get somewhere on the map and you can pretty much just do it.

    Now, the negatives I personally find with the game are the titans themselves.  There used to be a level of danger associated with walking around in a tItan, as enemy pilots could pose a massive threat if you didn't have backup. Instead of ripping off a panel and damaging a titan you've mounted like in the first game, you now grab a shield core out of it, which you can then implant into a friendly Titan.  You can then jump back on after dismounting to cause damage.  I personally wish you had the option of doing one or the other, as the Titan now knows you're there and will go on the offensive before your second attack.  The shield core is also useless if no friendly titans are currently up.  Also bad for pilots, is the titan smoke, which received a buff from the first game.  Titans can deploy an electrified smoke to damage pilots that are mounting them.  In the first game, this killed the pilot after quite a while, so they could get a hit or two in, but then had to run.  In Titanfall 2, it is extremely deadly.  If you're not out immediately, it's all over.  I just like the rodeo mechanic so much, I guess I personally feel that weakens its effectiveness and makes standing far away with a titan weapon much more viable.  Not something I think you should advocate in such a high-paced thrilling game.  I also personally feel like there are so many titan variations and weapons, that it seems overwhelming to try and learn them all, but variety is what keeps games interesting, so I mark that one off as a "just me" thing.

    All-in-all, Titanfall 2 is a very fun experience.  They know how to make a multiplayer game fun and action-packed.  The campaign is extremely fun, although not a very long experience. If you're into mutliplayer, I definitely recommend picking this up.  If you're not, I still recommend it, but maybe wait for the price to drop a little.

    I give Titanfall 2 an 8 out of 10!

     jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy

  • On The Spot Submission Thread #78

    1 year ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    Be honest with me. Does anyone actually like the song "Santa Baby"? Never mind, let's get to business.



    • Ever had trouble coming up with a dating site profile description? You're in luck then! All we need is your profile picture and name and our trained On The Spot guests will do it for you. And don't worry about giving us any information or details about yourself, we'll figure that all out for you. It's our job.
    • Those who are chosen will receive a message here on the Rooster Teeth website by tomorrow at the latest so keep an eye on your inbox.


    • Come up with a category for the guests to list off possible answers for (i.e. Things not to say after someone says "I love you" for the first time.)
    • Category with a lot of possibilities for answers are the best.


    • Give me a person, a place and a genre.
    • Pro tip: don't use Rooster Teeth staff as your person (including me). Nowadays I prefer to just have my friends on the show and say stupid things about them there instead of in a game prompt.


    • Finish the sentence: How to...?
    • Feel free to submit more than one idea.

    I'm moving in a week so I still don't have a Christmas tree up. Can I come over to your house and look at yours? xoxo The Risemonger

  • Out This Week - 12-05-2016

    1 year ago


    Ark: Survival Evolved - PS4 - Dec 6th

    The open world dinosaur world building game finally makes its way to Playstation 4 on December 6th.  This PS4 version will also be including the recently released Scorched Earth DLC for free along side the base game.  Additionally, PS4 owners will be treated to the special Bionic Giganotosaurus skin and a set of male and female Manticore armor to sweeten the deal!

    Dead Rising 4 - Xbox One, PC - Dec 6th

    Ditching lots of series staples, Dead Rising 4 is aiming to be a much more silly and relaxed take on the zombie survival franchise.  DR4 sees the return of Frank West who goes back to Willamette, Colorado during the holiday season only to find it once again completely overrun with zombies.  

    Featuring a larger open world than Dead Rising 3, loads more combo weapons, reintroducing the camera feature, tossing out the timer system and co-op, Dead Rising 4 is a loaded mixed bag of new and old.

    The Last Guardian - PS4 - Dec 6th

    Finally releasing after ten years, The Last Guardian will be hitting PS4 tomorrow!  To get more info on it, check out our Know Before You Go on the game!

  • Ask the Editor - Uno Edition

    1 year ago

    larrym Shifty Larry

    Seems you guys liked our last "Ask the Editor" segement that Kent did with the Battlefield Master Cut, so we thought it might be fun to do another one for our longest Let's Play ever - Uno: The Movie

    I asked you guys on Twitter for questions, and now here's some answers.

    @yesterdaydances - Honest question, how long did that monster take you?

    Probably about three work days total. At least half that time was just getting the multi-cam done. I'm certainly not going to say that part was difficult by any means, but it sure took a long time, especially when some of the turns took 2-3 seconds. It's a ton of cuts, and really more tedious than anything. 

    Once that was done, I did a pass on the audio to help bring up the low mumbles of hopelessness and bring down the ear-shattering cheers at the end. Once we recorded the Uno Credits Song, also had to "mix" that too (at least as best as that jumble of sound could be). 

    And finally, the credits. Took about six hours and a lot of the Moana soundtrack of repeat to build those, and honestly, I would have liked to do more. I ended up just not having enough time. Fun fact: I built the credits in Photoshop, so it outputs as a single png file. The final resolution on the credits was 1920 x 27000. 

    Here's what the finished project looked like on my end. If you look really closely, you can spot the text layer where I tell Gavin to go fuck himself. 


    @ThePortmanpreau - How did you feel when hearing the boys say you didn't need to do any editing?

    Ha ha. That's a good one.

    @shannahconnell - Did you have to turn down Geoff's audio while he shrieked in delight?

    Tons. If I'm doing the calculations correctly, Geoff's screaming in the untouched audio was about 8 times louder than what you all heard. Luckily, I was at the office when they finished filming the Let's Play and could clearly hear the screaming through the walls. Kept me from being surprised by it later, and I fortunately never had to hear it quite that loud.

    @Tizzi_Q - How much alcohol was consumed so you could get through this nightmare?
    Not enough.

    @bisexualtreco - How much do you hate UNO now?
    Not enough.

    @superjoebro - Were the credits random for Uno: The Movie or did you get names from somewhere? 

    We tweeted out this right before Thanksgiving.


    Anyone who submitted to the form got thrown into a giant list. I looked through everyone's names and jobs, took my favorite 10 jobs, and gave them a special spot in the credits. Everyone else was added to the credits based on when they submitted. I think over 600 or so of you made it in out of nearly 2,000 submissions.

    @sammmyd_ - Whose idea was it for the long ass credits?
    Mixture of Geoff and me. Geoff wanted to do credits for the video and wanted there to be a credits song. Getting the community to submit names and doing the actual movie credit titles was mine. In order to get all the technical credit names right, I used the 2014 Paddington Bear movie as a hard guide for structuring the Uno movie credits. You can go see for yourself the exact moment I gave up!

    @mason2498 - Would you rather edit Uno: The Movie or Monopoly: The Motion Picture?
    Well, I did edit both parts of Dark Monopoly 2 (and the eventual part 3+), so I guess both. What I'm really looking forward to is the Band of Brothers style 10-part mini series for Risk.

    @APilch31 - How quickly did you say 'Fuck that!' when they were talking about how many cards they went through?

    I considered it for half a second, saw I was already an hour into the video, said "Fuck that," and refused.

    @shaputapu - So what's that card count, Larry!?

    @blondiegibbs - How many times did you sigh/laugh out loud?

    Sigh - Realizing the run time.
    Laugh - Early in the game when there were 5 or 6 reverses in a row.
    Laugh/Sigh - Gavin getting over 400 points while the video still had two hours to go.
    Laugh - Geoff picking up 14 cards in a row so late into the video.

    @DeaconDX7 - Did it give you any ideas for fanfics?


    @Killa_chris00 - Another fanfic?

    No no no no no.

    @Lysa_Bell - When will we get "Uno the Movie"- the Fanfic?

    Do I really have to? Fine. Maybe? There's always Extra Life 2017.

    @livhaus - Do you need a hug Larry?

    And that's it for this round. Stay tuned for the next Ask the Editor where you can ask Neal how therapy's going after editing the 10 hour Uno Part 3. 

    That's not true. We wouldn't do a 10 hour Part 3.

    I'll probably be 20.


  • My Name, My Clothes, and HRT

    1 year ago


    Just want to throw this out there!

    Thank you all so much for your support and well-wishing lately, I really do appreciate every bit of it!  You can imagine how scary it is to come out as a transwoman, especially when there’s thousands of eyes on you on a regular basis.

    But I just wanted to say that what clothes I wear shouldn’t matter to my identity, and I know quite a few people get confused by that (and that’s totally ok!), but I’m a big proponent of “clothes shouldn’t be locked by gender” and you should wear whatever you like no matter what gender you are.

    Do I want to grow my hair out?  Wear dresses or leggings?  Sure, why not!  But that doesn’t “make me a woman”!

    I’m a woman because that’s what -I am-.  It’s how I feel, how I’ve always felt, it’s who I am and who I’ve always been.

    I’m so happy to be out now, it’s extremely freeing and the support you’ve all given me has been so incredible that I feel very comfortable about being more and more myself outwardly how I’ve always felt inside.

    So will you see me wearing dresses, skirts, leggings, etc?  I mean, probably because I like that stuff.  But gender isn’t defined by clothes, and it’s that’s really something important I want everyone to understand.

    For my name, Kdin, it’s pretty gender neutral, and despite my problems I’ve had with it.  I’m keeping it.  It’s me, it’s part of who I am, and I do love it.  So I will stay Kdin, it was the name I was given at birth and I plan to keep it.  Some don’t keep their names, but I’ll be keeping mine cause I feel it fits me very well!

    Now, onto HRT.  That’s a big one, and an extremely personal one.  If I decide to do HRT, it will be something for me, not for anyone else, because it’s something I feel I’d need to do.  When or if that will start is entirely up to me, and when I share that info is also up to me.  I’m a fairly open person, so if it happens, I’m sure you’ll all get your chance to know too and I feel very comfortably that I’d have your support in it!

    So!  I hope that answers some questions, please still feel free to ask me questions, I love answering them!  I just wanted to put these major questions I’ve been getting asked to rest.


    1 year ago




    I know some of you have been waiting well over a year for some concrete news on The Eleven Little Roosters, and today I finally get to share some details -- including ACTUAL RELEASE DATES (more on that in a sec).

    The spiritual successor to Ten Little Roosters, Eleven follows the exploits of the Rooster Corps, an alliance of spy agencies that’s been infiltrated by a mole. And as our saboteur pits the assassins against each other, it’ll be up to you to decipher the clues... And uncover who will be taken out next.

    Now, I said “dates” because The Eleven Little Roosters actually comes in two parts -- in two different mediums, to be exact -- that intertwine for one sprawling, interactive tale of intrigue, espionage… and murder! 

    First up, starting December 20th:


    In the grand tradition of The Beatles and One Direction -- if they’d been hitmen -- get ready to meet The Sex von Shaukel Boyz, Europe’s hottest boyband/assassin squad! What started as a Sex Swing cover band soon became a global music-murdering phenomenon -- who now stands as Germany’s representatives to the Rooster Corps.

    Follow the Boyz on their World Assassination Tour, as they travel to four exotic locations and eliminate their enemies live on stage! Be right in the audience -- and stereoscopic 3D -- as lead singer Wilhelm (James Willems), beat master Brüce (Bruce Greene), lead dancer Lars (Lawrence Sonntag), and bad boy Koko (Adam Kovic) tear up the stage -- and take out their targets. Plus, search for clues and puzzles designed specifically for a 360 environment!

    Then, rejoin the Sex von Shaukel Boyz on January 16th for:


    International espionage has become a peaceful, regulated market, thanks to the alliance of the Rooster Corps -- eleven intelligence agencies bonded under the leadership of The Big Cock (“Cock” as in for “Rooster,” GAH). But after one of the “Little Roosters” is duped into assassinating another, an emergency investigation is called to smoke out the saboteur in their midst.

    But this traitor has a plan... A plan to turn the Roosters’ fears and tensions into action...

    To pit the agencies against each other, and let them destroy themselves...

    And fill the vacuum of global power as the last assassin standing.

    And now, it’s up to you to uncover who will be taken out next, in a sprawling metagame filled with coded imagery, dialogue riddles, and secret audio cues -- all baked right into the show.


    For those who played along with Ten Little Roosters, things function a bit differently this time around. Last time, you were guessing Murder Weapon and Victim. This time, as the agencies turn on each other, you’ll be selecting WHO will take out WHO each week. 

    Or, more specifically, you'll be choosing each week's Assassin and Target.

    We’ll get into further detail a bit closer to release (including some pretty awesome weekly and grand prizes), but a few nuggets for now:

    • You’ll be looking for very specific things each episode, hidden in very different ways.

    • Finding all the clues in a week will give you the exact answer this time.

    • The 360 videos are all part of the same game

    • Oh, and prepared to think outside the box when watching. We’ve got some Kojima-level puzzles to boggle your brain.


    As you may have gleaned, the titular Little Roosters are not people, but SPY AGENCIES... Which can have more than one representative (like the 4-man Sex von Schaukel Boyz). This means our cast of players is a bit bigger than last time.

    Now, I know the question on everyone’s mind is: Will Geoff actually be in this? 

    And my answer is… I’m not telling yet, cause we’ll be announcing new additions to our roster every week. We have lots of cool surprises and additions, but for now, I’d like you to meet our resident Canadian assassin… AGENT MOOSE.


    That’s all for the moment, but I’ll be shooting out lots of new info leading up to release.

    Blaine and I have been working tirelessly to give you a great spy comedy AND a fun interactive experience, and I think you’re in for something really cool (and far superior to Ten Little Roosters, in my humble opinion). 

    Oh, and one last thing:

    The Eleven Little Roosters is a standalone series -- you don’t need to have seen Ten Little Roosters or know anything about Rooster Teeth lore to enjoy the story OR play the game.

    You mission begins December 20th.

  • On The Spot Submission Thread #77

    1 year ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    It's Christmas time and I think now more than ever at the end of this year of total shit we need as much Christmas stuff as possible in our lives. So feel free to make any and everything Christmasy for On The Spot. You have my Christmas blessing.


    • Go to and find a word or phrase for guests to guess a definition for.
    • Pro tip: try and find words/phrases that are not just weird sex position descriptions.
    • No racial slurs, please.


    • Come up with a 2 person scenario where the characters interact with each other a lot.
    • Be as descriptive as you want, this is a scene the guests have to play out.
    • Scenes that work best for this game have a high potential for rapid dialogue and confrontation.


    • Finish the sentence: How to...?
    • Feel free to submit more than one idea.


    This game requires stories and ideas from you. This week I wanna hear about either:

    • Your worst travel story for the holidays.


    • What you think really happens at the North Pole.

    I've already watched 2 Christmas movies so far, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Love Actually which means I only have like 30 more to go. xoxo The Risemonger

  • Out This Week - 11-28-2016

    1 year ago


    Steep - Dec 2nd - Xbox One, PS4, PC

    Starting you out with four extreme sports, skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, and wingsuit flying and dropping you on the Alps, Steep is a new kind of sports game.  With tons of drop zones, hidden races, challenges, and secret areas there will be a ton to explore and discover!  Ubisoft has mentioned that there are four distinct playstyles, Explorers whom are tasked with finding all the challenges and locations, Freestylers who are judged on their ability to do tricks, Bone Collectors who are rewarded for doing stunts and crashing, and finally Freerider is a mix of all the other styles.  They also stated there will be more activities in future DLC.

    Super Mario Maker - Dec 2nd - 3DS

    The much loved WiiU game makes its way to the 3DS on the 2nd with some changes.  First, almost every course made on the WiiU will be playable, except for courses that make use of the “Mystery Mushroom/Costume Mushroom”.  You also will not be able to search for new levels with the Course ID and sharing levels made on the 3DS will involve local wireless and Street Pass.  Additionally, the only way to play WiiU levels is in the 100-Mario Challenge.  So consider this version of the game a “Super Mario Maker Lite”.

    Final Fantasy XV - Nov 29th - Xbox One, PS4

    10 years in development and it’s finally here!  If you’d like to educate yourself on all the ins and outs of Final Fantasy XV before buying it check out our Know Before You Go!

    Watch Dogs 2 - Nov 29th - PC

    The long wait for the PC port of Watch Dogs 2 is over!  If you’re looking for a refresher on what you can expect, check out our Know Before You Go on it!

  • "It's Thanksgiving, Ruby Rose!"

    1 year ago


    ...And now I have the picture stuck in my head of Ruby trying to use Crescent Rose to carve a turkey, while ace fighter pilot Zwei pretends he's flying his doghouse. All right then!

    Hiya everybody! Here in the U.S. we are going into our Thanksgiving weekend, and we wanted to let you know how the RWBY schedule is going to go the next few weeks. 



    We'll be running a World of Remnant this holiday weekend while the RWBY crew gets some much-deserved rest and family time, and you will definitely want to check out the new lesson from Qrow. When you think of RWBY, the battles between Hunters and the Grimm come to mind – but what about the struggles of the Faunus? And what's really going on with the White Fang? RWBY's story is about to journey down under to Menagerie, the land of the Faunus! To prepare for this trek, the next World of Remnant will finally cover everything known about the species. 


    Chapter 5 will air for FIRST members on December 3, and you won’t want to miss your chance to meet Blake's family! What will they think of Sun? After that, Chapter 6 will run for FIRST members on December 10, and then we'll be halfway through the volume!


    Be sure to stick with us for future episodes as Ruby and Team RNJR find they are not alone on the road to Mistral, Weiss continues to be caught up in her family's machinations in Atlas, and Yang begins to look for a path to recovery. All this and more await you as the adventure continues throughout RWBY Volume 4!

  • Out This Week - 11-21-2016

    1 year ago


    Amnesia: Collection - Nov 22nd - PS4

    Bundling together The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs, and Justine, the Amnesia series finally makes its way to consoles!  Or “console” to be more exact, as The Amnesia: Collection will only be arriving on PS4.  

    Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 4 - Nov 22nd - PS4, Xbox One, PC

    In Episode 4, The Guardian of Gotham, Bruce aka Batman is forced to reface old rivals and make new friends in order to protect the city from descending further into chaos!  This is the penultimate episode for Telltale’s Batman series, so expect a heavy cliffhanger in preparation for the conclusion!

    Darksiders: Warmastered Edition - Nov 22nd - PS4, Xbox One

    The gritty adventure game Darksiders comes back in the Warmastered Edition!  The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will run at 1080p at 60FPS, double texture resolutions, improvements in rendering, post processing effects!  The 60FPS happens in “moment to moment” gameplay meaning actual gameplay will run at 60FPS but cutscenes will run at lower framerates.

    Dragon Ball Fusions - Nov 22nd - 3DS

    Build a team of the greatest warriors in the Dragon Ball universe in this tactical RPG!  Create a unique character from one of the five races: Earthlings, Saiyans, Aliens, Offworlders, and Namekians.  With tons to collect, new fusions to discover, and the ability to fly around the entire Dragon Ball world, fans of the series will have a lot to do!

  • Extra Life Raffle Winners!!!

    1 year ago

    jack I Like Lego



    Holy crap.

    I am still in awe of what happened last weekend.  We asked you guys to come out strong, and you punched a freaking hole through the moon.  It was insanity.  I've got two things to show you guys, first up is an awesome graphic to see exactly how far we made it this year.  After that is the winners of our various prizes for Extra Life this year.

    If you see your name on that list, congratulations.  You had a TON of folks going for the same prizes.

    Someone will be emailing you from RT soon to reach out about how to get you your gear or to set up a time for you to visit the studios very soon. (Probably Monday)

    Also, Josh, please don't murder Jeremy when you stay at his house.  Thanks.  ENJOY!!



    Wheel of Destiny - $13.37 - John Symons
    Halo Wars 2 Book - $20.01 - Kat Barber
    Mike Hawk Shirt $20.02 - Jacob Wood
    RWBY: GE (Miles Luna) - $20.03 - Max Buffkin
    RWBY: GE (Jen Brown) - $20.03 - Jamie Blair
    Signed RWBY: GE Poster - $20.04 - Christopher Holmgren
    Mutemath Tickets (Pair 1) - $20.05 - Sarah Aubin
    Mutemath Tickets (Pair 2) - $20.05 - Sarah Dietz
    Burnie's Lab Coat - $50.01 - Mark Stratton
    Space Invader 1 - $50.01 - Maddie Brooks
    Space Invader 2 - $50.01 - Elli Cooper
    Space Invader 3 - $50.01 - Kevin Mendez
    Space Invader 4 - $50.01 - Kevin Anderson
    RTX VIP (Pair 1) - $50.02 - Megan Lindquist
    RTX VIP (Pair 2) - $50.02 - Courtney Null
    Xbox One S - $50.03 - Ross Cheetham
    MDB Proof - $50.04 - Christopher Mear
    Slow Mo Guys Painting - $50.05 - Kevin Levron
    Bob Ross (Miles) - $50.06 - Becca Kinsey
    Bob Ross (Chris) - $50.06 - John Swift
    Bob Ross (Aaron) - $50.06 - Mariah Lloyd
    Bob Ross (Jon) - $50.06 - Sarah Cornell
    Bob Ross (Josh) - $50.06 - Kelli Maikell
    Bob Ross (Brandon) - $50.06 - Paul Safford
    Bob Ross (Barbara) - $50.06 - Aaron Cates
    Bob Ross (Blaine) - $50.06 - Roland Strähle
    Lazer Team 2 Extra - $100.01 - Nick Votrobeck
    RT Podcast LiVE - $100.02 - Steven Westra
    Off Topic LIVE - $100.03 - Josh Brighton
    Heroes and Halfwits LIVE - $100.04 - Sherwin Sanchez
    RvB Dialogue - $100.05 - Ethan Ruby
    RT Animation Visit - $100.06 - Giovanni Gong

  • Fan Service Episode #5 & #6

    1 year ago



    Episode #5:

    We've got a big episode planned for this week's Fan Service. 

    I'm excited to announce that on this week's Fan Service we will be bringing on a couple special guests.

    Michael andLindsay will be joining us in our discussion about 90s anime. 

    For the Fan Service Shot of the Week, Austin will be the judge. So send in your clips to  Gray, KerryMiles, Yssa, or myself.

    We'll also be getting back to Drifters, with episodes 5&6.

    So tune in this Friday, November 18 at 5pm cst.

    Episode #6

    Due to American Thanksgiving, we will be pre-taping Fan Service #6, immediately following episode #5.

    So send in your Fan Service Shot of the Week for me while you're sending in the ones for Austin.

    One of the advantages of us pre-taping is that we are now going to be able to bring on Shannon to talk about anime that's not "anime" (i.e. Thunderbolt Fantasy, Shelter, Voltron, etc.)

    We'll also be slowing down the Yuri!!! on Ice discussion, covering only episode 7.

    The episode #6 recording will still be broadcast November 25 at 5pm cst.

  • Best of the Best of the Best

    1 year ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    Hello. The Broadcast Department and myself are working on a project we need your help with. The task I am giving you is plain and simple. I wanna know what have been your favorite moments so far from this season of On The Spot (Episodes 69-74). If you could, please include the episode # with your submission and feel free to call out as many of your favorite moments as you like.


  • Battlefield Master Edit - How was it done?

    1 year ago


    Hello everybody!

    First off, thanks for all the positive feedback on the Battlefield World War video. This community is absolutely amazing. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can see the cut Here ...

    I reached out on twitter to ask for questions from the community about how this process was all done, and I thought I would go ahead and answer some of those questions. So here we go!

    Mariana Ceja - "How many hours of footage did you pull for this? How many coffee gallons? Whose footage was most complicated?

    First off, it was roughly 3-4 hours of footage - which may not sound that bad - but what made me need extra coffee is the fact you have to go through all the videos and make specific notes about who reacted to who. That's the only way I knew this would work was to have those reactions play out perfectly, which is what I believe I was able to achieve. Also, the most complicated footage clearly belonged to Funhaus.

    Cole Anderson - "I'd ask why it wasn't longer, but then I would be stabbed repeatedly." Hey Cole, I wouldn't have stabbed you...or would I have? Anyway, the reason it was the length it was is because there was so much variety of duration between all the Let's Plays that I wanted the master edit to feel like it was one cohesive piece. If you pay attention to the game timer in the video, all the cuts are pretty close to each other going from everyone's different perspective. In order for me to tell the story of the battle without jumping too far back and forward in time of the game, it just needed to be a bit shorter to make sense.

    Jack Reneau - "How did you decide which viewpoints to focus on during the non-action/non-humor?"

    Hello Jack, good question. A lot of this comes with experience. I have 6 years of professional editing experience under my belt, and when you do this every day for that long, sometimes it just comes naturally on what to include and what not to include. I guess as I was cutting this, what I cut and didn't cut made sense to me. This was a tough question, and hopefully this answered it.

    FPSDAD - " How long did this edit take and did you run into into any technical limitation or issues?" The edit took close to 3 solid days. There were some technical audio issues dealing with so many channels, but I was able to make it work :) 

    Mike Hayward - "How much cocaine was required to trawl through that lot?"  No cocaine needed...also what is a trawl...?

    NemoTheSurvivor - "Did the various groups recommend moments and timestamps?" Nope. I went through the videos and made my own notes of reactions and moments that I felt worked. Trevor also watched a few of the different perspectives and made me some notes which helped a lot with the turn around on this.

    UltimateZanburr - "I sent in my Mega cut of the War to the let's play community a while ago, I'm assuming it won't be put up now?"


    Nicholas Erebia - "Was this the longest and/or hardest project you've worked on? If not, then what was?

    Good question! This isn't the longest project. I've worked on trailers in LA for weeks at a time, but I can say this is probably the most cut heavy video I've done. It was a real blast to work on and looking forward to more in the future. Below is my Premiere timeline so you can see what I mean by "cut heavy".2s7b4si.jpg

    If you want to see more posts like this, let us know and who knows? We might turn these into videos... 

    Again, thanks for all the positive feedback and hopefully this was able to give you a bit of a more in-depth look at my process with this edit.



  • RTAA Two Hundred Fifty

    1 year ago

    Jordan Campe Diem

    Two hundred fifty is a big number; I can't really believe it's already here. I've been making RTAA for over six years, but it feels like just yesterday this all started. Not gonna get too sentimental, but I would like to thank Jordan Battle for animating this bad boy, David Levy for mixing it all together with expert style, and Cole Gallian for editing it together (and of course Blaine, Barbara, Burnie, Miles, Gus, and Chris for lending their voices for it as well).

    It's absolutely nuts to think this show could make it this far, and I don't labor under the delusion it's all thanks to me; the credit goes to you guys 100%. Without you watching, sharing, quoting, re-watching, and laughing, RTAA would not have made it this far, and I would probably be unemployed. So thank you, very, very, very, very much!

    P.S. For those wanting the lyrics to Miles' song, here ya go:

    Dishin' out garlicky bread sticks now

    Cheddar Bay biscuits are out of style

    Girl I'll dirty talk you every night and day

    Providing you don't smother me in tit-tays!

  • On The Spot Submission Thread #75

    1 year ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    Woah. 75 episodes. That's a big number. I didn't know if we'd get past 10. Can you imagine if we got to 100? That would be stupid, right? Anyways, here are the games this week. You guys know what I need.


    • I need stories about that one time you had a run in with the law.


    • I need stories about something strange that happened at a restaurant.


    • Finish the sentence: How to...?
    • Feel free to submit more than one idea.


    • Ever had trouble coming up with a dating site profile description? You're in luck then! All we need is your profile picture and name and our trained On The Spot guests will do it for you. And don't worry about giving us any information or details about yourself, we'll figure that all out for you. It's our job.
    • Those who are chosen will receive a message here on the Rooster Teeth website by tomorrow at the latest so keep an eye on your inbox.


    • Come up with a category for the guests to list off possible answers for (i.e. Things not to say after someone says "I love you" for the first time.)
    • Category with a lot of possibilities for answers are the best.

    I'm going to go see Arrival tonight by myself. I'll let you guys know what I think later. Hoping its good. xoxo The Risemonger

  • It's time for a RACE WAR!

    1 year ago


    We're planning a special live stream today (11/15) staring YOU. Yes you! Sitting there, with the smell and the weird thing on your face.

    James and I will RACE in Super Mario 64, only you will be able to fuck with us the whole time. As we race, LIVE, you will get to vote on additional challenges and punishments for us to undergo. At the end, the player with the most stars wins!

    We're starting at 3PM PST (around 2 hours from the time of this post) so make sure to tune in to YouTube Primetime!

  • Hideo Kojima at RTX Sydney

    1 year ago

    gus Elite Staff

    Hey, guys, if you’ve been thinking about attending RTX Sydney in February but don’t have tickets yet, this little bit of news should push you over the edge: legendary game developer Hideo Kojima will be attending RTX Sydney!

    It’s been some time since Hideo’s been to Australia (about ten years), and we’re honored that he chose RTX to make his return to the country. While we have him, Kojima-san will take part in a discussion moderated by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, where he’ll talk about game development and his storied history as one of the medium’s greatest innovators. As huge fans of the Metal Gear franchise, and eager consumers of any news about his future projects, we can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

    For those of you who can make it to RTX Sydney, we hope to see you there to share this incredible moment with us. Get your tickets today at so you don’t miss out!

  • Diary of a (sorta) new RT employee

    1 year ago

    MicheleFeghali Graphic Design

    It's officially been a month! At the start of October, I applied, interviewed, resigned from my previous employer Funimation, moved to Austin, and started working as a Graphic Designer for RT... all within a 2-week span. I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. BUT I'M HERE and it's been quite a first month.  A little awkward even, but I'm queen of that so what else is new really.

    My first day, I was assigned two postcards, "at least one due by EOD, but both done would be better". That would normally be easy-peasy except for the fact that I had no fonts, no psd brushes, no clue, and not even a mouse. Literally.. like the guy before me at this desk used a trackpad. So that was cool. But I persevered! Remember those postcards in the October RT Box? Yeah, designed with a trackpad. Boom. 

    But it definitely got easier, and I adapted in a weirdly short amount of time. It's always hard starting a new life in a new city. I knew very little about Rooster Teeth, but I did know I wanted to be here. The community, the creative environment, the cool things you get to work on, (the free snacks), the fact that I've literally walked into a conference room with dicks drawn on the white board, (the free snacks). Everyone is SO damn welcoming, like for real. The design office is a little room in the back – It's dark and we don't get out much – but everyone is so so talented. I can't post the things I've worked on for you yet, since you know, most things I do are SECRETS.. but I can say I've designed some show logos, t-shirts, and some packaging projects within my short time here (so make a girl happy and look for them coming soon!)

    That's all for now. Oh, also today I learned that if you take a vape smoke break and don't wedge the back door, you WILL get locked out. So that's a tip from me – onward to month no. 2!

    What about you guys? What are your newbie employee stories? Share and make me feel less awkward about myself.


    Michele (@MicheleFeghali)

  • "Sailor Moon R The Movie" Returns to Theaters

    1 year ago


    '90s kids and anime fans everywhere will be happy to hear that Viz Media will be releasing Sailor Moon R The Movie in American theaters in January 2017! Along with the remastered HD feature film, an uncut version of the short Make Up! Sailor Guardians will be shown during the screenings.

    Sailor Moon The R Movie is directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara (Revolutionary Girl Utena), will be released in English and Japanese, and will feature animation by the popular studio Toei Animation. The main cast of the new Viz English dub of the original Sailor Moon as well as Sailor Moon Crystal will be reprising their roles for this movie. Joining them will be Ben Diskin (Naruto Shippuden), who is expected to voice the new character, Fiore. 

    Unfortunately, no official date of release has been announced yet, but the North American Sailor Moon Twitter account has confirmed January 2017 to be the approximate timeframe.

  • Hideo Kojima at RTX Sydney

    1 year ago

    Ashley The Know

    RTX Sydney is happening in Australia on February 4 & 5, and we've announced a new special guest: Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima!

    Kojima will speak on a panel moderated by Kinda Funny's Greg Miller about the future of game development and Kojima's history as an innovator in the medium.


    Co-Director of RTX Sydney, Cameron Rooney, issued a statement, saying:

    "We’re thrilled to host Hideo Kojima at RTX Sydney. You can’t go far in games culture before you learn Kojima-san’s name, and I know this is going to be an incredible experience for the fans coming to RTX."

    You can get tickets for the event here.

  • First Trailer for Ghost in the Shell

    1 year ago

    Ashley The Know

    While we've had teasers (very, very brief teasers that fans managed to re-cut and improve upon) floating around for the last few months with initial footage of the live action Ghost in the Shell movie, we haven't had an actual trailer... until now.

    The movie is based on the manga and anime franchise of the same name, following the adventures of Major Motoko Kusanagi and her colleagues in the fictional counter-cyberterrorist group Public Security Section 9 in 21st century Japan.

    The new film stars Scarlett Johansson as The Major, which has drawn some criticism for whitewashing, a phrase referring to the casting of white actors in traditionally non-white character roles. Recently, Doctor Strange came under similar criticism over the casting of Tilda Swinton in the role of the Ancient One.

    The film is being written by Jonathan Herman (Straight Outta Compton) and Jamie Moss (Spectral) and directed by Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman). It will hit theaters March 31, 2017.