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  • SpaceX, Tesla, Travel. I had a good week.

    11 months ago

    Qholtz VFX Artist Rooster Teeth

    Out of nowhere, last week ended up being full of new things for me.  I took a last minute flight out to Orlando to see the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch.  Growing up I was obsessed with space but, this was actually my first experience of a launch.  With some family we set up in Jetty Park which was about 13 miles South of the launch pad.  It's such an odd feeling to see the rocket with your eyes fly though the air and then hear the sound about 1.5 minutes later.  If that wasn't cool enough we were only 5 miles away from the landing pad that both the SpaceX boosters landed at simultaneously.  Seeing 16 story tall Rockets dive though the sky and then light up to land softly is mind blowing.  I can't recommend enough that if you have the opportunity to see a rocket launch you definitely should!  Elon Musk put his Tesla into Space?!?! How cool were those pictures? He really is getting America excited about space again and its awesome to see the amount of attention it is getting. 

    Flying back into to DFW I took the opportunity to check out a Model 3 in person.  If you haven't noticed SpaceX, Tesla, Elon Musk has been my jam lately.  Having the opportunity to get into a Model 3 instead of just seeing pictures was great.  I'm hoping to get one at some point this year!

    Anyone else feel like Elon Musk in a walking Tony Stark?  Did y'all see the Rocket launch coverage?  

  • Power On!

    11 months ago

    BoringGeoff Stuff and/or Things!

    Hey folks!

    I'm Geoff. 

    No, not that one.

    I'm the younger, fatter, balder Geoff. I guess you could call me the New Geoff on the Block. 

    I'm also the new Licensing Manager here at Rooster Teeth. I'm incredibly excited to join the team. My mission is simple: I'm here to put more cool RT stuff into your hands! 

    I'm a near-native Texan, having spent most of my life zipping back and forth between DFW and Austin with brief stints in Oklahoma and New Zealand. I also spent a fair amount of time in California working at Pixar on various consumer products lines, including managing the toys for the *most* beloved film of all time: Cars 2. Lucky me.

    I'll be using this feed to fill you in on the latest/greatest news with all of our super cool licensed products. I'll also be using it share the stuff that I geek about: toys, animation, video games, music, comics. The Works. And because I'm a parent to three incredible-but-completely-insane kiddos, I'll probably pepper in a pinch of dadstuff every now and then. Alls I'm saying is: I hope you gals and guys like hearing about baby poop. 

    So welcome to my little corner of Geoffdom! I can't wait to get to know everybody.


  • AHOY COMMUNITY! We're making a show!

    11 months ago

    elliemainey Survivalist

    Hello beautiful Rooster Toothers! I can't believe this is my first journal post?! 

    *slaps own hand*


    As you may have seen from social media and the end of the BurnieVLOG *sob*, myself and a small, incredible crew have been working our butts off making five episodes of "Skill Tree", where we take an unskilled British executive assistant (it me) and transform her into a battle-hardened femme-fatale, RPG style! 

    I'm super excited about this project and I hope you guys are too - its due to release in March but I can't give you anything more specific just yet. I'm going to be sending you updates, posting little teasers of the show and there might be a few opportunities for you guys to collaborate with us on this, if you're interested!  wink

    Much love!

  • Rooster Teeth + Full Sail University

    11 months ago

    gus Elite Staff

    Hey there! I’m here to update you all on a partnership we’re kicking off with Full Sail University. We have a lot planned for the next year, and I thought you all might be interested in hearing about some of the cool things we have planned.

    First off, Rooster Teeth has a pretty deep connection with Full Sail University. We have a large amount of their alumni working here, including Ryan Haywood, Brian Reilly, and Will Hyde. It’s always nice to work with institutions that have results we have seen first-hand and can vouch for. We know that a lot of you may have thought about careers in game development, animation, or production, and we see this as a cool way to give you information about programs that can help you get started in those fields.

    Now on to the nitty gritty. This partnership will have several different components. For the first part, Brian Reilly, Chad James, Alfredo Diaz, and I are attending Full Sail’s Hall of Fame event this week. We’ll be filming the whole thing, including my keynote to students and behind-the-scenes footage of the introduction to an exciting project we’re working on with Full Sail (more info on that in a bit). We’re also hosting a special livestream about that project on the Rooster Teeth Facebook page on February 14.

    So, what is this project? We’re calling it the “Super ‘80s Fighter Project,” and it’s as radical and totally tubular as it sounds. (I’m so sorry for that.) Basically, Rooster Teeth will be working with Full Sail students to develop an ‘80s fighter game, providing them with our annoying opinions and advice. After we introduce the project in the livestream on February 14, we will check in about once a month to focus on different parts of the game and the students’ progress. It’s a great way to learn more about what all goes into developing a video game.

    Full Sail will be at RTX Austin this year (FYI, it’s August 3-5), and attendees will have a chance to play the finished “Super ‘80s Fighter Project” game on the expo floor. Full Sail will also be the presenting sponsor of Indie Alley. They’ll bring the Full Sail Mobile Experience (a big rig truck loaded with gear) to the floor for RTX attendees to explore and learn more about the university and the project we worked on with them, so make sure you check it out.

    I’m looking forward to everything this partnership has in store for us. Stay tuned!

  • Respect privacy. Exercise empathy. Don't be that person.

    11 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    My two cents. 

  • What's this?! RWBY AMA Coming Up on Monday Feb 12!

    11 months ago


    UPDATE: The AMA is Live now! Come on over and ask us questions!

    Howdy RWBY Fans!

    Thanks to all of you who tuned in every week to watch the show and talk about it with your friends! We really hope you enjoyed the most recent entry in Team RWBY's adventure. But of course... now comes the dark times: the dreaded "hiatus" between volumes. It's a time when fan art reigns supreme and crack-ships are at an all-time high. It's a time when people ask questions like, "Who is manlier? Port? Hazel? Or Pilot Boi?" But before we get too deep into the off-season, we wanted to have one more chance to get to talk with you guys, and so we'll be doing an AMA Monday February 12th on the RWBY subreddit! It'll be in the afternoon from 3 to 4 p.m. CST and we (Kerry and @Miles) will also be joined by the incredible director of RWBY Chibi, Paula Decanini (@paulalala)!

    So come say hi and let's talk all things RWBY and Chibi! We'll drop in the AMA link here on this journal when it goes live so you all can come and ask as many questions as you want.

    Thanks again, and we hope to see you there!
    <3 K&M

  • We're troubleshooting RTAA

    11 months ago

    ebregman Programming & SVOD

    I was asked to post more about the fires we're fighting, so here you go:

    We've had numerous users report playback issues on RTAA, but we have never been able to recreate the issue ourselves...until this week. Good news is it's an easy fix going forward! Bad news is the solution as of today is to deliver RTAA in 1080 instead of 4K. More bad news: we still don't really know what the problem is.

    There seems to be an issue with the static footage we use to separate scenes in many episodes, but we've been unable to pinpoint anything specific that would cause it. The error was tough to recreate because it occurred only in specific resolutions, and our transcoder makes manifest files at multiple resolutions and serves you the best one for your device/connection/etc. When I watch one episode I might not be served the 1080 version, which has an error at 120s, so it might play OK for me but not for someone else. When we saw reports of last Monday's episode giving trouble, @mikequinn watched it at every resolution until he was able to recreate the issue.

    Keep letting us know when you see playback errors, I will not rest until they are all fixed.

  • Give me something to write on, man.

    11 months ago

    coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

    What better way to celebrate the recent release of our varsity jackets than with embarrassing high school photos of our models and their completely fabricated Senior Superlatives? Look at these sweet children! Oh the ravages of time! 

    Sophie Turcotte (@sophieturcotte): Most Likely to Get Bangs



    Alfredo Diaz (@AlfredoPlays): Most Likely to Secretly Still Be in High School



    Jessica Vasami (@jessicavasami): Most Likely to Beat the Shit Out of Me for Giving Her an Unflattering Superlative



    Max Kruemcke (@MaxCookie): Most Likely to Say He is Most Likely to Be the Hottest Bitch 



    And just to balance the scales, here's a photo of me from High School. Hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane. 


  • Death of a Table

    11 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger



  • On The Spot Valentine's Special

    11 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    You wanna write some sexy prompts?


    • Go to and find a word or phrase for guests to guess a definition for.
    • Pro tip: try and find words/phrases that are not just weird sex position descriptions.


    • Come up with a 2 person scenario where the characters interact with each other a lot.
    • Be as descriptive as you want, this is a scene the guests have to play out.
    • Scenes that work best for this game have a high potential for rapid dialogue and confrontation.


    • Questions kids might ask an adult
    • Don't get caught up on the standards, get creative


    • Submit the opening line to a short story that guests can complete as a team
    • Ex: One day, a small boy was walking in the woods and happened upon a magic talking rock...
    • Keep the prompt short but odd details will make it better

    xoxo The Risemonger

  • Help. I can't read British

    11 months ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    Recently @RTcastMichael and I have really gotten into the Great British Baking Show. He really likes it (won't actively admit it, so I'm outing him here) and I really like to get inspired and make my own bakes.

    But, I also found out that the recipes for what they're actually making ON the show also exist online - and in books (the books are what I want, but online will start). The books are way more comprehensive and have a CRAP TON of recipes broken out per season. 

    Oh man, what's this? Link to the recipe in question I'm wanting to try out, the Apricot Couronne from Season 2?

    BUT - the recipes are written in British measurements. I attempted to use an online converter and receive gibberish that looks like this:


    I was attempting to convert what 5 grams of salt is in American. Luckily, I can round with this one and be like, "Oh okay, roughly like 1 teaspoon of salt."

    Others, I'm not so lucky. 

    Surely there are bakers or Brits on here that have a little experience with translating recipes... Do you have any tips on this? Or should I seriously go out and buy a scale and learn how to measure things in grams?

  • 2 Years and then some..​

    11 months ago

    ChrisKO Might steal your tacos


    So, instead of taking the time to write something big and grandiose, I'm just going to fill this void with little things to say here and there to maybe get into the groove of writing things. :) 

    January 25th officially marked my 2-year Anniversary with the company! How time flies. Over the past 2 years, I've really come to appreciate a lot of things RT has to offer. One of the utmost importance, however, is the community! Without you all, I don't think I'd have a place here. So, thanks for watching (and enjoying? lol) our content! Additionally, I'm incredibly grateful to have made friends with so many of my colleagues. Something tells me this is all adding up to head towards a grand 2018 adventure!

    Question for you lovely peeplz:

    What's some of your favorite RT animated content from this past year? Is there anything sound related that really stuck with you from any of our shows? Let me know!

    Happy Friday!

    - ck. 

  • The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE: Knuckles Was A God?! - Editor Notes

    11 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi
    • These comics are insane! Hard to follow, dialog heavy and varying art styles from issue to issue. I don't even have a joke here it's just madness! Pass the bleach, Jocelyn!
    • With the thumbnail, intro music, intro and end slate, the conversion for Desk of assets is complete! 
    • Here's a real editor note for a change: There are a ton of nested sequences in this video. Might be a fun new game to pick them out! 
    • Two questions I thought of when using that Simpsons clip. What's your favorite season? And What's your favorite chalkboard gag?
    • How has there not been a Sonic Drive In/Sonic the Hedgehog cross promotion?! How!
    • Someone PLEASE succinctly explain to me the difference between hedgehogs, echidnas and porcupines. I don't understand.
    • "Chaos Knuckles" sounds like a fighting move in which you swing your brass knuckle-clad fists in rapid succession all over your opponent's face. 
    • On second thought "Chaos Knuckles" should be what we say right before we crack all of our knuckles and get down to business.  
    • Julie-Su, Jani-Ca, Lara-Su, Laney-Ca, Brainy-Su, Zaney-Ca, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah
    • You should have to pass a test before you're allowed to write about time travel. 

    Watch the video: RT | YT

  • Nice to meet you all!

    11 months ago

    LuxCommander Tech Artist - Animation

    Hi guys! My name is JD Arredondo, and I'm a Technical Artist/QA Technician with the Animation team. I've been working as part of the tech team since RWBY Volume 4 and recently got brought on full-time at the end of Volume 5. I've been a fan of the company like you all since the RvB days and previous to working at Animation had a brief internship over in the Live-Action department back in Spring 2015. 

    So what exactly am I doing on my journal here on the site? Good question! I'm still figuring all of that out myself, but I can guarantee that it will be dominated by sharing stories about my things I've been reading, watching and playing. I'm also totally up for answering any questions you might have about what it's like being on the Animation Tech team or being in the world of production in general. The goal is to make this space a very interactive blog where we can shoot the breeze about the things we love. Speaking of those things...

    It's a bit of a running gag in the Animation office that I'm a hard core Star Wars fan that has read one too many Expanded Universe novels, and I've been meaning to put a project together that chronicles that era of Star Wars. As it turns out, it lends itself very well to the journal format, so I'm planning on writing some posts that will go deep into the Star Wars Expanded Universe and look at the best and the worst it has to offer. That should start sometime in the coming week or two, so be on the lookout for that if you've ever had a passing interest of visiting or revisiting the Galaxy Far, Far Away before the Disney-era.

    See you guys soon!

    JD Arredondo
    AKA LuxCommander

  • Vlog Automation

    11 months ago


    A number of people have asked me about the automation in my house. I think a lot of people beliece I live in some kind of unobtainable future house but 95% of what you saw was installed by me and purchased off Amazon. In fact, the most expensive individual piece of tech (besides my car) is the Roomba, which isn’t an outlandish piece of tech.

    The whole purpose of that section of the Vlog was to show that really futuristic seeming tech is available right now. And some things that are really useful automated tools like programmable coffee makers and garage door openers have been around for decades.

    I’ll try to go shot by shot here and break it down.

    In bed

    Amazon Echo $39-115

    Spotify account $10/month


    Lutron Caseta light switch $55

    Cuisinart Coffee Maker w/ timer— $70

    Roomba 960 — $650

    Living Room

    9 Phillips Hue Bulbs — $540*

    Logitech Harmony Remote Hub — $300


    Phillips Hue Lamp bulb — $25

    Phillips Hue bulb (Joe The Cat Painting) — $40


    Caseta light switch — $55

    Nest Thermostat — $230


    My Smart Blind motors — $99 each

    Echo Dot — $39


    2015 Tesla P85D — a lot

    Using the Summon feature

    Controlled via third party app which communicates with Alexa

    Hamilton Garage Door Opener — est $250 (came with the house)

    *I really dislike Hue bulbs and wish I had never bought them. That room was the first I did and I quickly switched to the Caseta light switches after that. Could have done that room for 1/10 the cost and it’s a far more reliable solution.

    So besides the car (and the blinds which are cool to see but not really worth the time and money) you could replicate that whole set up for about the cost of a mid-level gaming PC and a weekend of work. It’s not cheap, but also not an impossible leap to have a “house of the future”

  • Director of Let's Play

    11 months ago

    Farid.h Director, Let's Play
  • Monster Hunter World Versus Destiny 2

    11 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    Up until recently, I was an avid Destiny fanboy that used to obsess about my weaponry, light levels, and the series lore in general. But Destiny 2 turned out to be something that I just didn't find that much enjoyment in, especially when it came to the series's end-game and grinding. Lately, I've been seeing a whole lot of discussion online about how Monster Hunter World is a pretty good destination for the burned Destiny guardian...

    Eurogamer: Monster Hunter World has so much to teach other big budget games

    Kotaku: Monster Hunter: World Shows How Destiny 2's Grind Could Improve

    GamesRadar: Why do so many Destiny players seem to love Monster Hunter World all of a sudden?

    I've actually never played a Monster Hunter game before, so all of this is definitely intriguing to me. I know a lot of people who are playing (and deeply love) the newest entry, so I've definitely been a little curious to try it out myself. It's particularly interesting to see how this Japanese game has come over and found a huge audience in the West by outdoing the very thing that Western games have been trying to achieve for the last couple of years now. 

    I imagine a lot of that has to do with Capcom having years to experiment with multiple titles, whereas many of these big AAA live service games are having to do all of their growing up while thousands of players rage at them. And it also probably has a good bit to do with the fact that Monster Hunter in general has never been designed around the grind in order to increase "player engagement" -- rather, it's all just there in the base game for you to enjoy and have fun, without worries about recurring spending and all the other metrics that Western publishers are typically trying to observe. 

    Anyway, all that to say -- do any of you Monster Hunters out there have some things to add for me? Would I enjoy this game if I loved Destiny? 

  • RIP, John Perry Barlow

    11 months ago

    ebregman Programming & SVOD

    Hearing JP Barlow speak almost a decade ago was a formative moment for me. I got to listen to him and Vint Cerf explain why the very foundation of the internet reflected a simple, unavoidable, and formative truth: information wants to be free. I think about that almost every day. It inspired me to pursue a career in independent digital media, and it led me to work here at RT.

    In his honor, posting a link here to A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace. I hope it energizes you.

    ...increasingly obsolete information industries would perpetuate themselves by proposing laws, in America and elsewhere, that claim to own speech itself throughout the world. These laws would declare ideas to be another industrial product, no more noble than pig iron. In our world, whatever the human mind may create can be reproduced and distributed infinitely at no cost. The global conveyance of thought no longer requires your factories to accomplish.


    11 months ago

    Mariel Broadcast Queen

    Hey friends!

    I'm going to Disneyland this weekend and want your suggestions. Best rides? Worst rides? Best eats? 
    I was 10 the last time I went so I don't remember much from that trip. 

    Let me know! 

  • Introductions

    11 months ago

    Austin.Harper PotatoHound

    Hey everyone! I know some of you may know me already, but I figure it's about time I officially introduce myself (plus I want to start using the site more.)

    My name is Austin and I'm a producer for ScrewAttack, working specifically on the shows DBX, DEATH BATTLE Cast, and DEATH BATTLE. I've been with SA for about 4 years now, previously coming from restaurant management, and I've got a passion for music, science, and cooking.

    To be honest, I'm not totally sure what kind of posts you can expect to see from me in the future, but if you have any questions or topics you'd like to hear from me on, let me know in thread!

  • Fly Eagles Fly!

    11 months ago

    nicolew Events Specialist

    My heart is content!! The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII! So proud of this team and what they accomplished this year. Shout out to Alshon Jeffery, my fellow Gamecock. I can't stop watching all of the replay videos and interviews.  This really doesn't feel real yet.  I wish I could be up there tomorrow for the parade and to celebrate with my family! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!

  • please pet

    11 months ago

    airismile andrea !!


                 />     フ
                |    _     _  l
           /` ミ_w ノ
         /                    |
       /          ヽ       ノ
      │           |   |  |
    / ̄ |    |   |  |
    |  ( ̄ヽ_ヽ_)__)

  • Monster Hunter: World

    11 months ago

    patrickmatthewz RTX Events Coordinator

    It is dope. I hated it at first. Now I am all in. It is so fun. I want to leave work and play it. Thank you.

  • Blue Apron Ad - Editor Notes

    11 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    Those of you who tuned in to the season premiere of DEATH BATTLE on YouTube today might have noticed a new kind of Blue Apron ad. That little gem was directed by Noel Wiggins of ScrewAttack. It was edited by me and shot by the two of us. It stars the incomparable Austin Harper of ScrewAttack, Rooster Teeth's Cockbite of the Year 2017. It was a labor of love and something we all have being working towards in our careers for years. We really appreciate this award and have a lot of people to thank; Chad James, Sean Hinz, Ben Singer and everyone else over at ScrewAttack who believed in this passion project. We also want to thank everyone here at Rooster Teeth and of course, everyone over at Blue Apron, a better way to cook. Oh, they're playing the dubstep and that's my time. Thank you all! You like it, you really like it! 

    Watch the Video: YT

  • "I'll see what I can do"

    11 months ago

    andrekrat Live Action VFX/Motion

    Hi there! I guess I should introduce myself properly, my name is André Ouellette and I'm the VFX and Motion Graphics Designer for the Live Action department.

    I've been with RT for almost two years now, and I have had the pleasure of working on, at least in some capacity, almost everything that the Live Action department releases. It's a lot of ridiculous, stupid, awesome fun and every week is totally different.

    One thing I wanted to talk about is a mantra that I've really learned to embrace while working on Blood Fest these past few months. (Also something I'm very excited to talk more about soon). That mantra is "I'll see what I can do."

    It can be tempting, particularly when you're thrown a curve-ball of a shot request, to say "I can't do that" or "We don't have the time". But more often than not I find that once you sit down and unpack what needs to be done you'll be surprised at the kinds of solutions you come up with. VFX and Design are about problem-solving more than anything else. Whatever cheats and shortcuts you can get away with to make a shot work are fair game, as long as it looks good nobody cares how you got there.

    When you say "I'll see what I can do" you're refusing to admit defeat from the onset, you're immediately opening your mind to weird solutions and quite often those weird solutions will get you damn close, if not all the way there. And the best part is that you can file away that knowledge and use it in the future. The more you say "I'll see what I can do", the more you build a library of dumb tricks and cheats that you can rely on for the next shot.

    It's important to be realistic and honest in what you think you can accomplish, but it never hurts to dive into things and see what you get. I can't count the number of times I initially told myself that something was too dumb to work, or would look too fake, and found that I was totally wrong. My favorite moments of the work day are when I laugh at how wrong I am about impossible shots.