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  • Super Bowl Trailer - Mission: Impossible - Fallout!

    2 weeks ago


    As far as I'm concerned Tom Cruise can keep doing these Mission: Impossible movies until he's 90. As long as Christopher McQuarrie sticks around as director and Cruise keeps putting life and limb on the line with those crazy stunts, that is. 

    This franchise has become the US's answer to the James Bond series and I'm totally okay with that. 

    Dug this trailer and will be there day one. What about you? 

  • The Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom Super Bowl Spot Puts Horror At The Forefront!

    2 weeks ago


    Director JA Bayona cut his teeth with horror. He directed a great little Spanish language horror flick (produced by Guillermo del Toro) called The Orphanage way back when and since then he's gone legit. The Impossible was pretty solid (and introduced the world to the boy who would be Spider-Man) and now he's directing the Jurassic World sequel.

    You couldn't tell by the first trailer, but his horror origins are at the forefront of the new trailer, which debuted at the Super Bowl. Right now it seems like a mishmash of tones a bit (high adventure as Chris Pratt rescues dinosaurs on Isla Nublar and scary being hunted in a fancy house), but Spielberg was able to wield similar tonal shifts well in the original. If the majority of the movie is more scary than swashbuckling I'm all for it. We'll see soon enough!

  • Here's Your First Look at Solo: A Star Wars Story!

    2 weeks ago


    We all know that Solo: A Star Wars Story has had a troubled production. The only way to tell if that shows up in the final feature is to actually see the whole thing cut together. You won't be able to spot tonal inconsistencies or story bandaids until you're sitting in the theater.

    The Super Bowl teaser for Solo is pretty sharp, actually. I can feel a little bit of the lighthearted Lord and Miller touch in there with the Imperial recruitment officer, but the overall tone seems to be a bit more serious than most expected. At least that's what this tiny teaser is putting forward.

    The full trailer debuts tomorrow morning. In the meantime here's the 45 second Super Bowl Teaser to scrutinize! 

  • Home Tour

    2 weeks ago

    ezracooperst President

    Here is my home screen. What’s yours look like? 



    • Yes, I have 33k unread emails
    • Yes, my phone is on 10% battery's an iPhone 6...don't even get me started 
    • RT app is in a folder with all my media apps. The folder includes YouTube, HBO, Netflix, DIRECTV Now, VRV, Crunchy Roll and Amazon Prime Video.

  • A Quick Hello from Rooster Teeth Game Publishing

    2 weeks ago

    DeddMan Head of Game Publishing

    Howdy folks –

    Like most of you, I’ve been playing games all my life.  For me it started with PONG and pumping quarter after quarter into early arcade games like Night Driver, Breakout, and Space Wars.  I went broke almost as quickly as I was hooked.  Then came the first home systems in the 80’s – Atari, Intellivision, ColecoVision – but the arcade was still an almost daily destination with Pac-Man, Defender, Gauntlet, Donkey Kong, and my personal favorite, Robotron, continually taking my daily lunch money.  Then in 1985, Nintendo broke the arcades with the debut of the NES.  Finally, arcade quality games in the home – totally rad!  Plus, we were introduced to new types of games that were story driven like The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.  It was a great time to be a gamer and I remember sitting on the floor after finally defeating Ganon and thinking that it couldn’t get any better.  Of course, I could’ve never predicted what the 90’s had in store – the beginning of the console wars between Nintendo, SEGA, and Sony – it was the best of times!  Surely, *this* was the Golden Age of video games.

    But then in 1996 my life was forever changed after I installed Quake on my Pentium 133 personal computer.  Quake was the first “fantasy fulfillment” game I’d ever played.  And I’ll always remember that first adrenaline rush of being a Space Marine running around a true 3D world and killing aliens.  It was like nothing I’d ever experienced…and I wanted more.

    Soon after I was pulled into the gaming industry when Gathering of Developers formed in the late 90’s where we launched games like Serious Sam and Max Payne.  And just prior to Rooster Teeth, I spent about a dozen years at Gearbox Software as the biz guy helping build franchises and adding my voice to games whenever needed.  In fact, it’s likely that most of you know me as the voice of Claptrap, the annoying little robot sidekick in Borderlands.  Please accept my most sincere apology.

    So it’s a great privilege to introduce myself to you as the Head of Publishing at Rooster Teeth Games.  And it’s an even bigger honor to be welcomed into the Rooster Teeth family and to have a platform to present to you some of the freshest, most fun, kick-ass indie games around.  Between you and me, it feels like the last 20 years has been leading up to this very moment and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

    Just one dude honkin’...

    David Eddings

    Head of Publishing

    Rooster Teeth Games

  • Theater Mode Update

    2 weeks ago

    Stab RT Broadcast

    Today we announced Theater Mode's new release date of February 16th. With everything going on, this date worked better for the release pattern of films as well as how the show interacts with everything that our Programming Department is planning for Q1 of this year.

    Twitter Post by Achievement Hunter

    We've been working a lot the past three weeks with Funhaus on their episodes: I watched the rough cut of the first episode. If you enjoy Funhuas, you'll love their episodes. Justin Young has been building the Funhaus intro, which looks absolutely fantastic. Peyton McLeod has been editing the 3rd and 4th episode of the AH season.

    I've begun looking at new films now that our supply is beginning to run low. We've had some really good Gravitas films used in Funhaus and Achievement Hunter Theater Mode lately as well as some good old Troma films in the mix. I'm also working on a few pitches for the show that I'd like to test soon. More on that later...

    I'd like to end the update with a thank you to the audience. I know for some of you this is the show that made you sign up for FIRST and for some this is even your favorite show. So thank you for the wait. I look at the comments for Theater Mode very frequently, both on here and on social media sites. I understand that you as an audience want more AH, not to have big breaks, and more diverse movies- to name a few. We got a lot in the works for the future, so sit tight. 


  • 2018 Goals

    2 weeks ago


    Hello all! Hope everyone's 2018 is going well.

    Every year I like to set some general goals for myself. Nothing too extravagant or unrealistic so I don't set myself up for disappointment at the end of the year. Just some general things for me to keep in mind for the year. 

    In 2017 my goals were:

    1. Be aware of my mental health, and make an effort to take care of myself, limit stress, and generally be happier. Figuring out the causes of stress and unhappiness is great awareness and helps you fix those issues going forward.
    2. Give more to charity (time and money). I've volunteered at an animal shelter weekly for several years, but last year I expanded that to giving more when I could, both to that shelter and to other causes that were important to me. Any amount of time and effort or money helps someone/something, whether it's a $5 donation to a food bank, or buying a t-shirt where the proceeds go to disaster relief.
    3. Improve my archery skills. I shoot Olympic recurve indoor target archery. It's a really fun sport that can be incredibly frustrating sometimes (like when you're making a small adjustment to your form and it throws your previously good scores off)!

    Here are a few of my 2018 goals:

    1. Make a cosplay of Rey's newest outfit from The Last Jedi. Rey is definitely one of my favorite characters in all of fiction, and I've made 2 of her outfits already (Jakku Scavenger and gray vest Resistance). I have to add to my collection and make that Jedi look! 
    2. Learn new skills. Udemy has some interesting courses, and they seem to have sales frequently (I bought some classes when they were at $10 marked down from $150+). If you want to start a new hobby or pick up some skills that might help your career, sites like that can be a good place to start. If you can't afford to pay for a class, there are always tutorials on blogs and YouTube.
    3. D&D. I've played tabletop RPGs for years (ranging from one shots to games that lasted years), love boardgames (shout out to TableTop!), and for the past few months I've been in my first D&D 5E campaign. Since I've played RPGs before, in this campaign I'm trying to make an effort to develop my roleplaying/acting side more. I'm excited to see where my half-elf rogue takes me this year!

    Anyone else have goals for this year? Goals you accomplished last year? 

  • Jelly

    2 weeks ago

    ezracooperst President

    I knew I was going to feel this way when I finally decided not to go. We just moved to Austin and I had to pass and put my real family over my work family...or as my wife puts it the NO BRAINER CALL. Yes I have 10 month old twins and we just moved. Yes I would miss them. But, now as I see the social posts starting to flow from Sydney the jealousy is setting in. I'll want to look many times this weekend. I'll want to read the updates on Reddit. I'll hope that it's going well and everyone is having fun, but It will also sting a bit. 

    With that said, I hope everyone has the best time and stays safe. 

    I'm sure you can all feel me on this...

  • I Need to Post More On The RT Site

    2 weeks ago

    Schwartzanicker Broadcast Nick I'll start with this! I found some old stuff laying around my old PC that I'm hoping to post soon. I think you'll like some of the surprises!

    In the meantime, give me a follow on the Twits:

    Check out my Twitch channel:

    The Broadcast Boys channel:

    And our goofy little YouTube channel:

  • Happy Birthday Farrah Fawcett and Gemma Arterton! You Should Watch...

    2 weeks ago


    Today is February 2nd and we have two birthday girls to celebrate: Gemma Arterton and Farrah Fawcett. This is the first all-female HB...YSW and hopefully not the last. I have two pretty interesting movies to suggest you take a look at. One's a sci-fi classic very much of its time and the other is a super dark indie comedy that slipped through the cracks.

    Farrah Fawcett


    Logan's Run (1976) – Logan's Run can only really be watched today knowing the context of its release. This is what big budget sci-fi was immediately before Star Wars. If George Lucas hadn't come along sci-fi adventure would have looked like this. Cheesy, heady, a little stuffy, cool sets.

    The premise is great. Society has evolved to the point where anybody over 30 has to die. It's a young society kept young by murder. Those that try to escape their over the hill fate are hunted down. One such hunter, Logan, starts changing his mind about this whole thing as he approaches 30.

    There's been talk of a remake for a long time and I honestly don't think the original is untouchable. Taking the concept and modernizing it is actually pretty intriguing to me, especially in this day and age where it's true that the old people are outdated in terms of their way of thinking and the young people are proving to be making the same kinds of mistakes, but from a different angle. (I don't think there are too many geriatrics swatting YouTube personalities).

    Farrah Fawcett will never be mistaken for a brilliant actress, but she was definitely an icon, especially around this time and her feathered hair bubbly personality is on full display in this supporting role in Logan's Run. It's a weird one, but definitely worth a watch if you're a sci-fi/fantasy fan. Available for rental on all the major streaming services.

    Gemma Arterton


    The Voices (2014) – Just before Ryan Reynolds somehow made Deadpool an international sensation he starred in this jet black comedy directed by the Oscar Nominated Marjane Satrapi about a dude whose cat tells him to kill people.

    Reynolds is a happy go lucky super nice dude that happens to be psychotic. We see 95% of the world through his POV and it's nothing but bright colors and sunshine and happy songs and smiles. Sure, his cat tells him to kill people and his dog tries to talk him out of it, but it's all happy! Then there's a tiny portion of the movie where he stops taking his meds and we actually see the real world he's living in, which is more of a David Fincher/Se7en grimy awful setting.

    Gemma Arterton has been in a few underseen movies, the latest of which was the great take on a zombie story called The Girl With All The Gifts. That movie is great, seek it out, but I had to go with The Voices for pick to celebrate this Bond girl's birthday because she gets to show a whole lot of range... From flirty office girl to spunky head in a refrigerator.

    The Voices is very smart, fun, funny and about eleven shades of fucked up. It was on Netflix a little while ago, but a quick check showed it's off the streaming service now because why have more than 6 or 7 good movies available at any given time, right? You can still rent it through most streaming giants, including iTunes, YouTube, Amazon and GooglePlay.

    That's it for this Happy Birthday... You Should Watch! As always, let me know what you think of these films if you have had the pleasure of seeing them already or if you end up tracking them down.

    -Eric Vespe

    @ericvespe on Twitter

  • Inspiration Behind Cow Chop January Photo Shoot

    2 weeks ago

    wesellis Staff Photographer


    Another week, another hilarious shoot with members of the Let's Play family. I love how ridiculous and funny each group is in their own way. Recently we had Cow Chop in town and I was excited to shoot with them and get them in their newest merch.

    If you haven't seen already, their new merch has a very Jackass vibe to it.  Very fitting for the kind of content they put out.


    Jackass logo:


    I totally dig this design approach for them. I especially love the design of the cow skull and how realistic it looks. Shout out to our design team who has been working long hours to bring some super solid merch to all of the Let's Play family.

    As for the actual shoot, this is one of those rare occasions where I was given a block of time with total creative control. If you follow my recent work then you might have noticed that I'm currently inspired by the quirkiness of Tyler, the Creator's 2017 'Flower Boy' style. In fact, the way this interview shoot is stylized really inspired the way I colored my shoot with Cow Chop.



    I had a vision of how I wanted to decorate the set and I enlisted the help of the RT Art Department to help me achieve it.  I asked them to "imagine you're at your grandma's house, but your grandma is a huge Rooster Teeth fan." Along with @AshlynF and @travise77, we listed out and picked some of the pieces for the set, including a cow print loveseat from RTX, a quilted blanket and some creepy porcelain figurines. The backdrop is one of the wood paneled walls in Stage 2 where Master & Apprentice was shot.


    Rooster Teeth's Consumer Products Marketing Manager Nathan Isherwood (@coolnathan) aka the best boi

    Getting cleared artwork to put on the wall was an issue we encountered while decorating the set.  We have some awesome paintings on hand, but unfortunately they aren't our work so we can't include them in merch photos. I quickly (and roughly) printed off some photos I've taken that I thought were appropriate, like the portrait of Burnie on his bus, a random cow from my trip to Hawaii in 2016, and this ridiculous photo of Elyse from Funhaus.


    Finally we got everything set up and ready to go.  Now we just had to wait for the Cow Chop boys to land in Texas and show up at the studio.  Once they arrived, and after I assured the Art Department that they wouldn't burn down Stage 2, we got to work.  Here are a handful of my favorites from the shoot. Be sure to shop their new merch here!






  • Three Years

    2 weeks ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    I've spent all day in a post-surgery drug haze trying to grasp that it's been three years since I had to guess whether or not I was going to wake Monty up by loudly unloading the dishes in Stage 5. 

    We never got to know each other personally - but I had a lucky position where I was the front office coordinator and for some reason that involved a lot of Monty requests, ha.

    Coffee, office supplies, sleeping at odd hours od the day, and more. There's one that I especially like to remember, and to this day it still makes me smile and giggle. 

    I worked in the Bungalow, separate from Stage 5 and at the time we had this super fancy coffee maker called a Nespresso. I thought the coffee tasted like warm tar but for some reason Monty was absolutely enamored with it. One day he came up to me and asked if he could have special access into the Bungalow after hours. When I asked why (you needed a really good reason to have after hour access) he muttered something.

    I asked again, and got another smattering of syllables. Finally, I told him if he didn't have a good reason I couldn't give him access. He just sighed supper big at me and finally said, "I like the coffee here more than Stage 5."

    Still makes me smile remembering that. Monty was a treasure to so many of us and I feel absolutely gifted that I was able to have a few memories with him to call my own. 

    It hasn't gotten easier, and every February 1st I hope I wake up and it's been the most realistic dream I've ever experienced. But that hasn't happened yet. So, each February 1st I make myself a cup of coffee and hope he's drinking that godawful Nespresso somewhere beautiful. ❤️

  • An Unnerving Dream

    2 weeks ago

    emilyweeks RT Office Coordinator

    This journal is going to be darker than my normal posts, so to be on the safe side, I'm going to state that there are some possible triggers below. Much anxiety. (For me, at least.)

    So uh.. yeah. Basically I had this weird dream last week that I just can't forget about, so I'm going to write about it while I continue to try and figure it out...

    Last week, I had a dream that I was dying.

    I don't remember why exactly, but I was living my last 24 hours on this Earth. I was at my parents' home, and my family knew about this, because I had told them. However, for whatever reason, they all had to continue with their normal routines that day. So I was at their home.. alone. Waiting and anxious. The whole dream I was frightened and dreading my death, but I finally summoned some courage, laid down in bed, closed my eyes, and was bracing myself for the inevitable.

    So.. you know that feeling when you let out one last sigh before falling asleep? I was right at that point. I was ready to get this scary thing over with. I inhaled, then let out a last cleansing breath, expecting to drift into darkness. But after that exhale, there was another inhale. And an inhale. My breathing continued.

    With each breath after that, I grew frustrated that this wouldn't just end. Don't get me wrong, I was still scared shitless, but I also just wanted to get this thing over with. If this was going to happen, i didn't want to drag it out any longer.

    I finally opened my eyes, feeling defeated. I got up and decided to continue on with the rest of that day (this was all happening in the middle of the afternoon for some reason). I ran into some of my family who were very surprised to see me up and.. well.. alive. It was exhausting having to explain to everyone what happened and how I wasn't sure why it happened. That was supposed to be the end. I knew for sure my time was supposed to be up right then, at the moment that I would have normally drifted to sleep.

    But now I was awake again. I wasn't supposed to be awake again. I was so anxious and upset because now I had to wait for the real moment to come. I was as prepared as I could have been when I laid in that bed, but now I had to continue on without knowing when or where the end would surprise me...

    ...and then I was abruptly woken up IRL by my foster puppy. She was jumping in my face because she needed to go potty.

    Seriously... wtf was that dream?

  • 3 Years

    2 weeks ago


    Hey, Monty.

    I can't believe it's been 3 years. It feels so much longer, yet so much shorter at the same time. I've spent every day of these last 3 years wishing you could come back to us, and how unfair this all is. I've spent so much time being angry, confused, unwilling to believe this is reality - and I don't think that will ever fully go away; but I've also spent so much time being thankful for ever having you in my life at all, and what you've given me and so many people around the world by just being who you are.

    I told you this a year after you left us, but one of the things that upsets me the most is not being able to show you how much has happened, and not being able to share our experiences with you. All I hope is that you're watching, and thinking "I could've done that in half the time", with that smirk you'd always get. 

    I just want you to know how much we miss you, and how our lives are better because you were part of it. I wish I told you that more. 

    I love you. I will always love you. And I'll continue to move forward with you in my heart every single day. 

  • Collections

    2 weeks ago

    ezracooperst President

    What’s the most cherished / collectible thing you own? At one point in my life it would have been my M.U.S.C.L.E. collection, at another a set of vintage I can’t reallj point much beside my kids that I’d grab if my house was on fire. Maybe a pic if you dare...

  • When Half of Your Shows Are Away...

    2 weeks ago

    BroadcastBryan Resident Beard

    Overwatch League will be played. #burnblue

  • Here Comes The Men In Black Remake (Clap Clap)

    2 weeks ago



    No more Men In Black sequels are in the works, but Hollywood will never let a franchise go until they squeeze every last drop of blood from it.

    They're calling this new Men In Black film in development a "relaunch," which sounds more remake-y than calling it a reboot. It's a re-something that we know. We also know that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are not involved, that Fate of the Furious' F. Gary Gray is attached to direct and a release date of June 14th, 2019 has been set.

    Sadly this isn't that weird-ass merger movie that would combine MiB with the Jump Street team and cast. Remember that? Apparently that's still a possibility, but this is not that film.

    This relaunch will be a more traditional in tone to the original series. Deadline compares it to the same tact exec producer Steven Spielberg took with Jurassic World. Same universe, new cast. 

    They say Smith isn't returning, but wouldn't that be the ideal sequel/relaunch/whatever? Shift him into the grizzled agent mentor role now and have a spunky new partner? Role reverse that shit! I'd say throw in someone like Dafne Keen or Tessa Thompson as the young new partner, but then they'd have to change the title and things really start getting complicated.

    What do you folks think?

  • Happy Birthday John Ford, Clark Gable and Garrett Morris! You should watch...

    2 weeks ago


    'Happy Birthday... You Should Watch' has returned! I won't always be doing these daily, but I do promise to keep them as regular as possible. If you missed the last one this regular column is my excuse to recommend some of my favorite movies via the birthdays of actors, directors or other filmmakers.

    Today is February 1st and there are a few birthday boys I want to celebrate: Clark Gable, John Ford and Garrett Morris (I promise we get to some ladies very soon).

    John Ford


    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) – This was arguably John Ford's last great film. Ford was one of the best directors to ever get behind a camera and he put out classics like Stagecoach, The Searchers, Rio Grande, The Grapes of Wrath and, another one of my all-time favorites, The Quiet Man. I picked this one because it actually changed how I watched movies.

    I loved all sorts of movies growing up, but one genre I was slow to get into was the western. Sure, I liked the Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone Man With No Name films, but they were different from those stodgy black and white clear cut good guy/bad guy tales. It was this film, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, that turned me around on them. I was a freshman in high school and my journalism 101 class actually showed this movie to us, which is all kinds of crazy since the whole moral of the movie is to print the legend, not the facts, the exact opposite of journalism.

    The story is about a meek bookwormy lawyer, played perfectly by James Stewart, who ended up in the crosshairs of one of the west's most notorious outlaws, a tough sumbitch named Liberty Valance, an early turn by the great, gruff Lee Marvin. John Wayne turns in one of his most likable performances as Tom Doniphon, a good guy who watches Stewart's back.

    This isn't one of those homework titles. You'll see very few of those kinds of movies in these recommends. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is fun! And great. Great fun. Available for rent on all the usual streaming services (iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, GooglePlay, Vudu).

    Clark Gable

    It Happened One Night (1934) – Truth be told I'm not the world's biggest Clark Gable fan. In fact I'll go a step further and say Gone With The Wind is probably my least favorite “classic.” I've given it a watch a few times over the years and every time it seems to get longer. I swear that movie is up to about 7 and a half hours now.

    So, no I'm not recommending Gone With The Wind. Instead I'm recommending a great screwball comedy called It Happened One Night. Screwball comedies is a particular favorite subgenre of mine. They typically feature a romance at the center and are loaded with rapid-fire witty smart-ass dialogue. This early example of the genre is no exception and is expertly directed by the great Frank Capra.

    Gable plays an eager out of work newspaperman who stumbles across a big story in the form of Claudette Colbert's runaway heiress. She's newly married and not too excited about it and hit the road. She runs into Gable and off course the odd couple sparks fly and a romance blossoms as he escorts her back to her new husband. Great flick and Gable's at his most charming here and significantly less rapey than his Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind.

    Available to rent on all major streaming services and Criterion did put out a beautiful transfer on Blu-Ray as well.

    Garrett Morris


    The Stuff (1985) – Perhaps most famous for his Saturday Night Live work (I still quote his Hearing Impaired Translation bit... “OUR TOP STORY TONIGHT...”), Mr. Morris had a pretty substantial role in one of my favorite crazy '80s horror movies; Larry Cohen's The Stuff.

    The Stuff is a Blob-ish movie about killer yoghurt. No shit. It's a health food craze that just happens to be sentient, probably alien and definitely wants to take over the human race. The movie is more than just B-movie trash. There's a biting satire of the advertising industry in there as well as commentary on consumerism. In short, it's a silly movie actually about something.

    Morris plays a character named Chocolate Chip Charlie and yes he lives up to that name.

    Even before finding out that The Stuff is killing people Chocolate Chip Charlie hates this health craze because it's putting his cookie business on some hard times. He knows karate, too. Morris just owns in this role. He also happens to be at the center of one of the all-time great over the top effects scenes of the '80. It's a bit of a spoiler, but you see a glimpse of it in the below trailer.

    The Stuff isn't on as many streaming services as the other two movies featured today, but you can get it on iTunes, Amazon and Vudu. There's also a great Blu-Ray put out by Arrow.

    Happy Birthday John Ford, Clark Gable and Garrett Morris! Let me know what you folks think of those films. If you happen to watch any of them for the first time let me know what you think.

    -Eric Vespe

    @ericvespe on Twitter

  • Beta Release and user tests

    2 weeks ago

    revelsrouser Product / Design

    Hi all! I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who have submitted feedback and reported bugs with the beta release. It really does help to get direct feedback from our community so that we can build something that you love. I've been spending my weekends conducting user tests with members of the RT Austin community group, which has been incredibly valuable. I've been in UX/UI for years now, and finding people who are willing to give up their time to make a product successful is normally a huge challenge. It's so rad to work for a company that has such a passionate fanbase. We've got a lot in store for 2018. It's going to be an exciting year for our product & engineering team and hopefully for you all as well! We will be opening beta access to everyone very soon, so stay tuned for updates!

  • Top 10 Craziest Fictional Presidents - Writer Notes

    3 weeks ago

    JoshuaKazemi ScrewAttack Editor

    This episode of Top 10 was written by me and edited by Nick Cramer! 

    10 - Deathstroke - Are there any real people with eye patches that lead respectable lives in positions of power without any doubt or concern from people? There easily could be, I just don't know. 
    9 - My Date With The President's Daughter - OH YEAH, MY DATE WITH HER, SO SPECIAL 
    8 - Hall of Presidents - Honestly, this was the third example I thought when brainstorming this list lol 
    7 - Lex Luthor - This is the Lex I wanted in BvS. Instead we got Jesse Landis in prison.
    6 - Independence Day - What a speech, man. What a speech. This speech > Pacific Rim speech.
    5 - Andrew Jackson - I've got a fresh Andrew Jackson for the first person to find that comic* 
    4 - Palpatine - "Hideous Sidious" is one of my favorite bits in this script. The following is a series of other Palpatine puns/word play: Pay Palpatine, Ask Sheeves, Darth Garth (Wayne's World) 
    3 - Black Mirror - I just watched Season 4 Episode 1 the other night. The Star Trek episode. Really good. Anyone else have thoughts. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!
    2 - Conduit - It would be really cool if Lincoln came back to be President. Penny for your thoughts. 
    1 - Naruto - I don't know anything about Naruto. Nick wrote this entry haha 
    11 - Pedro - Vote for Pedro! So glad Pedro made it. You go Pedro. 

    Watch the Video: RT | YT 

    *Just kidding.

    P.S. Josiah Bartlett is the greatest fictional president ever. He wouldn't be crazy just the best president you have ever met in your entire life.

  • February - DRONE

    3 weeks ago



    So it's barely February, but I have to get past this fucking playlist so I can move on with my life. My big reservation with doing this, was that I would overthink it and spend way too much time obsessing over it. WHICH I HAVE DONE. I have listened to, edited, added to, subtracted from, changed the order of, changed it back, then changed it again, about 50 times in the last two weeks. 

    Hopefully the theme of the playlist comes through. Actually, there's two: a main (hopefully obvious) theme, and a smaller, kind of silly and gratuitous theme (also obvious).

    Or, maybe it's just a pile of songs I like. Either way, here it is.

    February - DRONE

  • Close calls are fun. New Pants are less fun.

    3 weeks ago

    plumpo Technofixer

    Playing with @adam and @DWNLDBLCNTNT and exciting things happened. 

  • Updates on new

    3 weeks ago

    mikequinn VP Engineering

    Hey, everyone. It’s been two weeks since we officially unlocked the closed beta of the new Rooster Teeth website. All of the invites are out, and right now we have thousands of eager community members watching shows, chatting, and providing really great feedback on our new video platform. I want to offer a sincere thank you to all of our beta testers for helping us create the best place for Rooster Teeth fans to watch our shows.

    For those of you eager to jump in and check out the new site, don’t worry, we’ll be announcing an open beta soon. In the meantime, I’d like to talk about a few great things we’ve learned from watching everyone use the site these past few weeks:

    • Testers love the live chat feature we have running during live broadcasts. We had almost 400 beta testers in the chat for the RT Podcast on Monday night, and everyone had a lot of fun. Let me know which Rooster Teeth cast members you want to see join in the chat and I’ll go smack them on the head (figuratively, of course).

    • Content discovery - We’ve seen that a lot of you are checking out content beginning to end, and using the watchlists (because you get notifications for shows in there)

    • Comments work!  After a wee bit of a rough start the first day - comments are working, threading, and notifying

    • Search actually delivers what you expect it to

    • The video player saves your spot

    There are also a few things that the testers pointed out that needed some more work:

    • Newest content showing up on time

      • You all have been so great about pointing out discrepancies between old and new sites; thank you!

    • Series page layout

      • Right now only 20 episodes are being displayed, so we’ve created a new layout for Series page. We’ll roll that update out next week. You can see a screenshot of this new layout below. It was your feedback that drove this change, so thank you!


    There’s more news to come, so stay tuned. We’re really excited to be making the very best home for the Rooster Teeth community and can’t wait to launch it so you can all try it out.

    And finally, let’s talk a little bit about what we’re working on for the new community site. We know this is as, if not more, important to many of you as the video portion of our site. Look forward to Dan (@kickme444) making more frequent and substantive updates in the coming weeks as we move closer to rolling out the new platform.

    For the past few months we have been focusing our design and development efforts around the structure of what a community site is for Rooster Teeth.  We are lucky in that there are already hundreds (or thousands) of Rooster Teeth communities, so we need to make sure we account for them, and plan for the future with new and inventive ways for people to interact with others on our platform.  To that end, we have been really excited to see the interaction happening on the new live videos/chat page in the video site beta, and have been adjusting our development cycle in hopes of rolling out key community features as soon as possible that allow communities and individuals/groups to better connect with each other in real time.  

    We’re really excited to begin rolling stuff out to you and improving over the next year.  It’s going to be a ton of fun!

  • My perfect cocktail right now - The Old Maid

    3 weeks ago

    kickme444 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Community

    For my current tastes, this cocktail hits all the notes I want.  Cucumber, lime and mint.  Substitute out Gin, Bourbon, or Tequila (or Vodka I guess, gross).

    Check it out

  • What are you watching?

    3 weeks ago

    ezracooperst President

    **Thanks to all those who participated in my thread on Transparency. It was very insightful. I am going to send out a summary of takeaways and next steps. 

    Besides RT brands/shows, what are you watching right now? I'm interested in specific shows and channels. 

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