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  • Rooster Teeth's Murder Room is Back!

    2 months ago


    This week we begin releasing more episodes of Murder Room!  We produced four new episodes from mysteries written earlier this year in testing. These four new episodes will give us a chance to get even more feedback and tweak this killer show (haha) before going into our official first season. (fingers crossed) Murder Room will also be moving to a different windowing session. Episodes will launch for FIRST members and be exclusive for 7 days, then it will open to be available to anyone on and all mobile apps for 7 more days, and finally after that it will be available on YouTube for the public. Since this is the first show of its kind, we are basically learning how to best turn each mystery into a game.  I think you'll see how each episode gets stronger and stronger as we solve this crazy-ass puzzle we call Murder Room.  Now, set your timer and prepare to convict a killer.

  • #27: Gun-Damn It! - Death Battle's Road to 100

    2 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 37 Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon

    Apologies in advance. I’m working real late tonight, so this blog will be a little bite-sized.

    Remember how in the last Road to 100 blog I talked about finding something new through Death Battle that you’re a fan of? While Nick was busy working on his first episode, Batman VS Captain America, I decided to try digging into a new series I wasn’t as familiar with; Gundam!

    Most Death Battle match-ups up to this point had included characters which I was at least somewhat familiar with. This was essentially to ease the research process so I wouldn’t spend so much time digging through information just to learn which sources I’d need to find before I even begin the research itself. But now that Nick’s work on Death Battle gave me some extra time, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to explore some franchises that Death Battle hadn’t covered yet!

    I had wanted to do a giant robot fight for a long time. Even though we were working with Torrian at the time, there wasn’t any guarantee yet that 3D animation would become a Death Battle mainstay. So I spent some time digging through possible sprite battles involving mecha series. Lo and behold, two very popular requested mechs had some wonderful sets of sprites; the White Tigerzord and the Gundam Epyon!


    This match-up might seem a little out of left field for some people, but it’s actually really important to me that every couple episodes we should cover a match-up and/or characters most people wouldn’t expect to see in Death Battle. That way, the series keeps from getting stale from expected, theoretical “obvious” character match-ups. I don’t want the audience asking which Marvel VS Dc fight we’re gonna do next, I want people wondering what random-ass character you forgot even existed we’re gonna pull out of the nether!

    While Gundam Wing fascinated me, it didn’t really pull me in like the Godzilla and Gamera movies did. A lot of people had told me it was the best Gundam series… absolutely the one to watch! But while it was really cool when it focused on the Gundam pilots, the rest of the series got a little muddled and bogged down by dozens of meandering characters and events that just weren’t interesting. Since then, I’ve dived into the original Gundam story, and that’s waaaaay more my jam!

    This battle animation was incredibly fun to write. I wanted to incorporate elements of the Power Rangers cheese and Gundam’s dark fantasy to create kind of a silly dark comedy atmosphere that showcases both tones at different times. We also had some awesome voice talent, including Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi, the creator of TOME, and Marissa Lenti, who would eventually help cast future Death Battle animations. Watching it again after all these years, this may be one of my favorite battles we've ever done!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Are there any giant robot match-ups you’d like to see in a future Death Battle?


    2 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    US and Canadian friends! Today is the day if you want to see Blood Fest in theaters! See our very own Barbara on the big screen TONIGHT! How do you get tickets? 

    If you live in the US, click here!

    If you live in Canada, click here!

    If you live in the UK, Blood Fest will be showing on the 17th, but you can find tickets to The Prince Charles Cinemas or to Showcase Cinemas!

    And for our Australian friends, Blood Fest will premiere on the 15th in Sydney and on the 16th in Melbourne. Get your tickets here!

    Enjoy the show and pleases let us know what you think! 


  • RTX Austin 2018 Feedback Requested

    2 months ago

    Bethany Head of RT Events

    Hi my lovelies! 

    It's been a week since RTX Austin ended and as usual, I feel a mix of emotions. So much time and work (and champagne!) goes into planning the massive experience that is RTX, that when it ends after a jam-packed, whirlwind of one weekend, it's hard not to feel a sense of sadness inside. Yes, it's a phenomenal feeling to come full-circle and see the results of the previous year of work come to life, however it also comes with a heavy amount of anxiety and longing for what's next to come.

    I truly hope you had a wonderful time this year at RTX, however we know there are always ways we can improve year over year. My team and I would love to hear from you on your experience this year at RTX Austin 2018: Registration, Security, Panels/Programming, Hotels, Evening Events, Communications, and anything else you want to ask/discuss. 

    A brief survey was emailed to all attendees last week, so please make sure you complete it. Not only will you be entered to potentially win 2 Weekend badges to RTX Austin 2019, but the feedback is invaluable to us. We read every word and consider every suggestion in our planning for the following year. 

    Lastly, I cannot thank you, the community, enough for continuing to show your support for Rooster Teeth by attending RTX and our other live events. It's you that makes Rooster Teeth special. It's you that allows us to have RTX each year. It's you that makes this the fucking best community in the entire world. It's you that deserves all the love and appreciation I can give. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


    B (and the Events Team) 

  • #26: Finding Fandom - Death Battle's Road to 100

    2 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 34 Fulgore VS Sektor, 35 Godzilla VS Gamera

    I’ll be covering two episodes today! Let’s do this!

    In hindsight, it seems a little odd to do another cyborg/robot fight so soon after Terminator VS RoboCop, but there was a very good reason for doing Fulgore VS Sektor at this point. Not only was it a match-up I really wanted to do, but it was sort of a test drive for someone who would start helping make Death Battle episodes very soon. That person was Nick Cramer.

    If you’ve been reading my blogs up until now, you’ll recall that I had been begging for additional manpower behind this show since about halfway through Season 1. Well, it looked like I was finally going to get my wish. To improve our production rate, it was decided we would set up a system where two episodes were produced simultaneously. I would direct one, and someone else would direct the other under my supervision. I immediately nominated Nick.

    Nick had joined ScrewAttack less than a year after I had. In fact, I had also recommended him to the company in the first place. We went to the same high school back then and teamed up to make student films every so often, so when Craig asked me if I knew anybody who would make a good editor and videographer, he’s the first who came to mind.

    Anyway, back in mid-2014, Nick was a gigantic fan of the new Killer Instinct game. Fulgore VS Sektor essentially became a sort of training seminar for him. He didn’t get his hands dirty on the computer until his first Death Battle a couple episodes later, but he still participated in checking my research and writing on Fulgore to see how I put everything together.


    One of the most common things I hear about Death Battle is how it often introduces people to characters and series they’d never seen or heard of before, and since then they’ve become fans of their newly discovered franchise. It’s always really cool to hear this, but sometimes it can even happen to the folks behind the show! That was the case with Godzilla VS Gamera.

    Before this episodes, I had watched maybe 2 or 3 Godzilla movies, and that was it. Still, Godzilla VS Gamera was a massively popular request, one that I figured we absolutely had to do, and Torrian was really on board with making the battle animation. So I set to work digging through the complex histories of these two giant reptilian beasts.

    And holy hell I loved every second of it.


    There was so much to love about these Kaiju series, both the campy oldie classics and modern horror blockbusters. I was fascinated by the evolution of Godzilla from a terrifying force of symbolism, to corny serialized superhero, to brutal but meaningless force of nature, and then all the way back to an icon with purpose. The story of of how Toei hated the Roland Emmerich adoption so much they bought the rights and murdered his “Zilla” on screen had me cracking up at my desk with all the other ScrewAttack members staring at me awkwardly. The older Gamera films were so cringy they became hilarious to watch. (Except Gamera: Super Monster. Fuck Gamera: Super Monster.) Also, if you have the chance to see them, the Heisei Gamera trilogy movies are actually really good. Not just good monster movies, I mean legitimately good movies in general!

    Needless to say, I came out of this episode as a fan of both characters, and I’ve been keeping up with both franchises ever since!


    It was a lot of fun writing the battle script for this one. Adding as many of their silly moves as possible without breaking the epicness of the fight was a bit of a challenge. Also, I really wanted to create a bombastic scenario which I hadn’t seen in any Godzilla or Gamera material, but I still knew they could accomplish. So I wound up adding a scene where Gamera attempted to crush Godzilla with what I called an “Orbital Piledriver” . . . a bodyslam from outer space!

    It was pretty kickass.

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Has any Death Battle introduced you to a character or franchise you now consider yourself a fan of?

  • Old Game Hunting

    2 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    I've been on a kick lately to track down some games from my childhood/early gaming years. While I did grow up with an NES as my first console, I have a lot of love for the SNES and the PS1. We did have other consoles/handhelds (that my other family members had) available, but there are a few games that really stuck with me, and I wouldn't mind having them again. 







    These are just a handful of what I'm looking for, but I think this is a decent list to show off my early gaming years. Also something to note, I am very much a physical copy type of gamer, so I'm all for tracking down discs and cartridges. What are some games that have stuck with you through your childhood?

  • I Survived RTX As An Attendee And All I Got Was 68385 Hugs

    2 months ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    I've been trying to write this post for a week now but man time has become a scarce commodity. I'll tell about that in another post though. For now I'm on a treadmill and frankly I don't know when else I'll be able to do this. 

    This RTX was a weird one for me. It took me until Saturday afternoon to be okayish with not having anything I had to do. Until then i constantly felt like i was forgetting something; being on the floor without having a mission is something I haven't done in several years. This time I could just...exist. Which is something I have a hard time with in my regular life anyways. At some point the anxiety subsided and lemme tell you how much I love all your faces.

    This year I was actually able to talk to people. No more saying hi for 8 seconds as I'm running past them. I had actual conversations. With a lot of you. Some of you for the first time in person! How crazy is that?! And hugs! We had so many hugs! Being able to reconnect with the community and friends was amazing, and I'm so happy that we were able to have those moments. 

    I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who went to the animation mega panel and promptly lost their shit at the gen:LOCK things we showed. I had already seen them, but I went to the panel to see you see them. To witness a couple thousand people have that kind of reaction to a thing I get to help make is a feeling I don't think I will ever have words to describe. I cannot wait til you get to see the finished's shaping up to be a thing y'all.

    A second huge thank you to those who came to the Layout panel and got to see what my team does and what goes into making shows like RWBY and gen:LOCK happen. Bonus points for going to the demos they did on the floor where they showed how these shots happen in real time. I am fortunate to work with these people every day and learn from them.

    And finally a third massive thanks to everyone who put community events together during the con. I didn't get to all of them (note to self: next year invest in a time turner) but I hit as many as I could. That includes panels! RTX is for the community, and you guys doing what you do is why it gets to exist. I know how much work goes into creating and maintaining the sub-communities, and I appreciate the hell out of everyone who takes on those roles. 

    It'll be a year until I see most of you again, but until then I'll see ya around the internets

  • #25: Pokemon is Math! - Death Battle's Road to 100

    2 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 32 Luigi VS Tails, 33 Pokemon Battle Royale

    By this point in Season 2, Death Battle was starting to shed its reputation as a video-game-centric show. Goku VS Superman and Spider-Man VS Batman were probably the biggest factors for that. Still, ScrewAttack would remain a video game website first and foremost for many years to come, and Death Battle was obligated to return to the scene of its origin every so often.

    So these two battles seemed like pretty natural fits for the show!

    Both of these episodes presented some challenges in terms of the “scenarios” of the fights. For Luigi VS Tails, there was some concern around the office that it would simply feel like a repeat of Mario VS Sonic. I mean, Luigi and Tails’ abilities aren’t too different from Mario and Sonic’s, right? Well, Luigi most of all. So it was an understandable concern. But knowing that they did possess some differences, including in their used arsenals, I concocted a scenario where they would most rely on their weaponry which is unique to them.

    Like many fights of Season 1 and 2, this is another one which somewhat relied on the janky compositing rule. Because all non-canon material was allowed so long as both characters received equal treatment, Tails got access to his abilities and feats from the Archie comics. Including a certain transformation called “Titan Tails.”


    Yeah… the Archie comics got weird sometimes. Most times, actually.

    Next up was something we hadn’t done in awhile… a Battle Royale! This one in particular was a match I’d wanted to do for a very long time; a battle between the 3 starter Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue. It’s Venusaur VS Blastoise VS Charizard!

    Figuring this one out got MAD complicated. While I took examples from the anime to showcase how certain attacks and feats worked for each Pokemon, the victor ultimately came down to two things; their perceived personality, and their statistics. I don’t think I’ve ever done so much math for a Death Battle before or since.

    If you don’t know how Pokemon works, every Pokemon has a set number of statistics measured by numbers. Every Charizard’s health, just for one example, will be at least 266 when it reaches level 100. Additional statistics would be up to player interaction, but similar to Link VS Cloud, I wanted to remove player input as much as possible. Anyway, each of a Pokemon’s moves also has very specifically measured accuracy and damage numbers. My theory was that if I could make a list of literally every scenario where every move is used in as many possibilities that could ever present themselves, I could figure out exactly which Pokemon could win the most number of times. This was mostly inspired by the way Deadliest Warrior “calculated” its victors, but Death Battle couldn’t due to the necessary interpretive factors of a fight based purely on fiction. However, since literally everything involved in this match-up had a specific number value, it could actually work!

    Given over a hundred hours, at least.


    I remember spending ages writing up an Excel algorithm that could organize the number statistics together by damage, accuracy, and effectiveness. Even then, I had to go through most of the individual calculations to ensure everything was correct. To make things a little easier, given my available time frame, I discluded a few attacks which could be substituted for greater ones. For example, I removed Charizard’s Scratch attack because Slash would effectively accomplish the same effect and more. This is why the episode’s analysis doesn’t present an exact number of possible scenarios at the end, just an estimated “over 7,000.”

    These episodes also have a couple of crazy kill moves! While I didn’t want the deaths to get quite as unnaturally intense as they were in the Ninja Turtles Battle Royale, I think Death Battle shines when its kills are extremely over-the-top. That’s why the final blow in Pokemon Battle Royale in particular is still one of my all-time favorites!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What has been your favorite killing blow in Death Battle so far?

  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 8/10/18

    2 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - Mario FLASHES Peach?!  -  Editor Notes 

    • And people freaked out about seeing Mario's nipples...
    • Why didn't they make this issue of the manga about seeing Mario's butt crack or something? He's a plumber! That at least plays into a stereotype. This is just strange. 
    • I had to key frame that mushroom over Mario's...swimsuit...area. That's my job! 
    • There's a part of this script that talks about how Mario doesn't really say anything in his games. But we do get "It'sa me, Mario" obviously. So does that make Mario a Pokemon - he only ever says his own name? 
    • For those of you actually interested in editing notes, I used a lot of nested sequences and a lot of directional blur. Like a lot.
    • Anyways, thanks for doing that research, Jocelyn. I'm really glad it was YOU who had to bite the bullet bill and key frame/blur out Mario's penis and not ME. 
    • JK IT WAS ME. 
    • Also while I have you, what's your favorite Mario game?

    Watch the episode!

  • August - Accousticesque

    2 months ago


    Sorry this is so late. It's actually supposed to be next month's playlist, but it was done and August wasn't, so here you go. It started as an accoustic playlist, expanded to an accousticesque one. I'll try and get back on schedule in September with "Feelin' It."

    August - Accousticesque

  • It's Been A While...

    2 months ago

    emilyweeks RT Office Coordinator

    How's everyone feeling post-RTX Austin? I'm still pretty dead.

  • #24: Enter Torrian - Death Battle's Road to 100

    2 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 31 Terminator VS RoboCop

    On yesterday’s blog, I noticed that a couple people were wondering why Fox VS Bucky wasn’t animated by Lange, the same guy who did Ivy VS Orchid and several of the episodes before that. I’ve been saving that conversation for this very blog, because we’re about to cover one of the most important episodes we’ve ever done.

    So here’s the deal; around the time of Ivy VS Orchid’s production, we got ourselves into a bit of an “animator crisis.” No, that sounds like something disastrous happened. How about I call it an “animator mixer?” Wait, that sounds like we started setting up our animators on dates or something…

    Never mind! The point is, we started looking into other potential animators. Sprite animation seemed to be coming back as a popular form of internet video, (whether or not Death Battle had anything to do with that I’ll leave up to you) and I was eager to show off some new talent across the show! I figured if I could get multiple animators on board, we could start churning out episodes at a much more frequent pace. You’ll notice that a lot of episodes around this point in Season 2 have several different credited animators varied between them.

    Speaking of frequency, our very recently instituted in-house animator was beginning to lose his own frequent pace. Ivy VS Orchid actually had to be delayed due to animation setbacks. For his own privacy, I won’t go into any details on what happened, but at some point it was decided that Lange wasn't working out, and he was unfortunately let go. To be fair, if you recall from some of my earlier blogs, ScrewAttack’s working conditions weren’t exactly very forgiving back then, though our production timelines were far more lenient at this point.

    And so, we were sadly down an animator and co-worker. However, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, for I had already secured three new freelance animators… 2 of whom worked with sprites, and 1 of which worked with 3D animation.

    Yup. I’m talkin’ about the one and only Torrian Crawford.


    Getting Torrian on board was a huge moment for the series. While this technically wasn’t Death Battle’s first 3D animation, you may recall that I had no idea Link VS Cloud would be 3D until mere days before the episode aired! Terminator VS RoboCop would be my first time working hand-in-hand with an animator to create a fully realized 3D battle. And once again, I was battling ScrewAttack’s manager at the time to make this happen. Fortunately, I had pulled off enough risky moves at this point to earn a little more trust, and was able to actually purchase a few very cheap assets for the battle. Such as the city Termy and Roby fight in! (Though only under the condition that if we were to do multiple 3D Death Battle episodes, this city would be used for the next one in order to cut costs.)

    Needless to say, Torrian very quickly proved he was the animator we were looking for… but that story will continue on another day.

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What’s your favorite Death Battle animated by Torrian?

  • Did you or someone you know handle a bat during RTX/while in downtown Austin?

    2 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    I am simply going to be copying and pasting for convenience. This rabies warning article was recently posted by Statesman. 

    RABIES ALERT: Health officials seeking women who handled infected bat downtown

    Health officials are looking for several women who handled a bat last week near the Austin Convention Center downtown that has since tested positive for rabies.

    The bat was initially found by a passerby near Fourth and Red River streets on Aug. 2 around 4:30 p.m.

    “Multiple females were seen picking up a bat from the sidewalk and handling it while trying to give it water,” a statement from Austin Public Health said Wednesday.

    “They then placed the bat in a tree and the bat fell out again on the ground,” officials said. “The bat was then covered with a cone until it was collected by Animal Protection.”

    Health officials are urging anyone who handled or touched the bat to call the city’s Disease Surveillance Program at 512-972-5555.

    “Rabies exposure occurs only when a person is bitten or scratched by a potentially rabid animal, or when abrasions, open wounds, or mucous membranes are contaminated with the saliva, brain, or nervous system tissue of a potentially rabid animal,” health officials said.

    They said infected people may not show symptoms for several weeks or longer.

    “The early signs of rabies can be fever or headache, but this changes quickly to nervous system signs such as confusion, sleepiness, or agitation,” health officials said. “Once someone with a rabies infection starts having these symptoms, that person usually does not survive.”

    They said it is critical that you talk to a doctor or health care provider immediately if a wild animal bites you.

    If you or someone you know has handled this bat, please take the necessary steps to ensure that you/they get the medical assistance that is needed. 

  • #23: The Biggest Bust - Death Battle's Road to 100

    2 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 29 Ivy VS Orchid, 30 Fox VS Bucky

    Time to chat about Ivy VS Orchid! I’m a big SoulCalibur fan, and Chad’s a big fan of Killer Instinct, so this one seemed like a perfect fit for us. It was really interesting diving into the stories of these two characters. It’s amazing how complex some of the lore behind behind fighting games can get despite, you know, being fighting games.

    Though I have to admit… I am a little uncomfortable with how Wiz and Boomstick dedicate so much time in this episode toward discussing and analyzing Ivy and Orchid’s breasts. Don’t get me wrong, given the characters’ reputations it would have been weird not to bring it up. Looking back, I’m more so disgruntled by how it was clearly played for laughs but the jokes simply didn’t land very well. I think it could have been written a lot better, for sure.


    In fact, I distinctly remember thinking these very thoughts shortly after airing this episode, and comparing it to the awkward attitude Boomstick displayed in Chun-Li VS Mai Shiranui about 2 years prior. Since this episode, I’ve been more subtle about how the character of Boomstick in particular discusses sexually designed female characters, while not completely removing his uncouth approach. An excellent example would be the differences between the two episodes Wonder Woman has appeared in.

    On the other hand, the rundowns from Fox VS Bucky are easily some of my favorite from Season 2!

    At this point in the show’s history, we’d already begun prioritizing fan requested matchups. However, every so often we’d come up with something we really wanted to do, and this was absolutely one of those kinds of episodes! Chad had grown up watching the Bucky O’Hare TV show, and the Bucky O'Hare arcade was one of my childhood favorites, so we knew we had to bring the funky fresh rabbit into a Death Battle… and this was one match-up which just seemed so freakin’ perfect.

    I distinctly remember struggling a bit with Bucky’s part of the script, because I was worried our viewers might not care enough about this green alien rabbit to bother watching through the episode. That’s when I realized that not only is the cartoon intro insanely catchy, it also describes the character pretty well in a very short time! It’s one of those 90’s cartoon intros that you can watch once and instantly know exactly what kind of show you’re jumping into. So I figured I would just cut it down to half the length and literally show it to our audience to introduce them to our furry hopping fuzzball from outer space.


    Here’s two interesting facts about the battle animation; for whatever reason, we could not find a sprite of Bucky’s ship, the Righteous Indignation, with its complete top. I guess the sprite from the arcade game never showed the top of the ship, or something. That’s why we do our best to hide the RI’s top throughout the fight!

    Also, I believe this was our first animation to feature sprites from the Mcleod Gaming’s Super Smash Flash game series. Greg McLeod and his team have been awesome enough to continue to provide sprites for specific characters through Death Battle’s history, so looking back, this was a pretty important moment for the show! And yes, you pronounce Greg’s last name the same as Fox McCloud’s. Pretty fitting considering Fox was the first of the shared sprites.

    The fight was really fun to write, especially that opening with the whole Star Fox team once I realized that there’s a toad on Fox’s team whom everyone wants to die… and Bucky’s team specifically hunts toads! How perfect was that? Mind blown, right? Incorporating all of Fox and Bucky’s gadgets into the fight was a blast… and that final blow! Still one of my all-time favorites. Just the whole sequence of Fox losing his robot legs, using the jetpack to launch himself, and then… well… not gonna spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it!

    I'm extremely fond of this episode. I still remember measuring a particularly high jump Bucky made in one episode to be over 100 feet, and calculating his jetpack's speed when he outraced an explosion. I felt I was getting a lot better at taking these calculations seriously and finding some truly fascinating facts which could change the way you look at your favorite characters.

    If you’ve got 13 minutes to spare, I’d definitely recommend checking out Fox VS Bucky again!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What was your favorite cartoon intro and how does it compare to the glory of Bucky O’Hare’s?

  • #22: The Research Team - Death Battle's Road to 100

    2 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 27 Shao Kahn VS M. Bison, 28 Ryu Hayabusa VS Strider Hiryu

    Now here’s a couple of cool episodes that really solidified just how much Season 2’s quality differed from Season 1! While I look back on most of the season 1 episodes and always have some reason to cringe, these two are just an absolute joy to revisit.

    There were a lot of reasons for this. One of which was that in lieu of hiring additional team members to produce each episode, the show was put into a loose monthly release schedule. While this meant we aired fewer episodes each year compared to the previous season, we had a lot more time to work on each one. Keep in mind I was still in college and producing other shows, so the extra time was a huge help!

    The second reason was due to having an in-house animator for the first time ever! Once we began hiring Lange to animate near the end of Season 1, all of his work was done on a remote freelance basis in a completely different state. Communication with him wasn’t always easy, which caused some occasional confusion and even the Goku VS Superman delay. So he decided to move to Texas and work out of the ScrewAttack office.

    Third, and possibly the biggest boon of all, was the introduction of the research team!


    I cannot express my gratitude to these gentlemen enough, and many of them still work with us to this day. In fact, some of you may have met LousyTactician at RTX last weekend!

    The origin of the research team is actually pretty fascinating. As Death Battle’s popularity grew, so did its viewership and the ScrewAttack community members AKA g1s. Since we would announce most matchups well in advance of their premiere, many viewers would try to predict the victors well before the episode aired. The most prominent and widely respected of these predictions came from the Unofficial Death Battle Fan Blog, a collaboration by 6 of the 7 g1s listed above. They had previously contacted me because they were concerned that ScrewAttack may have disapproved of their prediction blogs, as some of their results differed from the show’s. Instead, I was really excited and humbled by their work!

    If you’ll recall, I was still handling the majority of the Death Battle production (sans animation, thank god) and the research was by far the most tedious part of the process. I already knew it’d be a huge benefit to hire these guys as researchers. But any time I pitched raising Death Battle's budget, I would hit a wall. I could barely pay the animator, so how the hell was I going to hire 6 researchers? Instead, I came up with new plan. The fan blog had consistently researched and posted predictions for every single Death Battle episode recently, and showed no signs of stopping any time soon… so I figured, why not have them share their research?

    I proposed that they essentially become consultants who I would reach out to and discuss research topics on characters. They would be volunteer and non-contracted, so they wouldn’t actually be privy to any insider information regarding the production. Also, since they were volunteer, I never actually required them to do anything for Death Battle. In many ways, it was an evolution of the assistance I had acquired for the Goku VS Superman episode. In fact, the Research Team may have never been put together if not for the kind folks of Kanzenshuu, Dao of Dragon Ball, Superman Super Site, and Superman Homepage helping me with that one and inspiring me.

    And so it was that MaxOfFewTrades, LousyTactician, AkumaTh, ultraguy, Samuraispartan7000, and psb123 became the first members of the Research Team! I also invited a g1 who went by darkhyrulelord, after I found his amazing blog covering a theoretical Death Battle between Ganondorf and Dracula. He was graciously accepted into the the fan blog’s team, and their positive effects on Death Battle became apparent very quickly!

    Nowadays, a few research team members have left or joined, and I’m actually able to pay them for their work. Since they’re extremely involved in the Death Battle production process from start to finish now, their blog did conclude… but the torch was passed on to a new group of bloggers! I hope the Research Team is all very proud of what their work has inspired. I’m proud of them beyond words.

    Oh hey, I haven’t even talked about these episodes, yet!


    Honestly, despite these episodes being extremely satisfying to watch, there’s not much to say. What you see is basically what you get.

    In the case of Shao Kahn VS M. Bison, this was an episode I’d planned on doing for a long time. It was pretty interesting discovering just how well Shao Kahn countered Bison. Also, there’s a pretty wonderful “alternate ending” we did as a joke!

    For Ryu VS Strider, I was really worried about a 2D sprite battle capturing the essence of a ninja fight, but I think it turned out excellent!

    Also, when you’re watching Shao Kahn VS M. Bison, make sure to watch until the very, very end of the video. All I’m gonna say is… we started seriously considering releasing a Boomstick musical album after this.

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Have you ever made a Death Battle prediction blog or researched versus matches?

  • The Post RTX Blues Are Real

    2 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    RTX Austin 2018 has come and gone, and I miss everyone so much. The entire week went by like a blur, but I have awesome memories to keep with me. I was ecstatic that I was able to attend as many community events as I did. I met so many people! I started off my week with the RT World/BUS cookout on Wednesday. That was a HOT day, but I was a happy lady because so many people attended the event, and there was a ton of food including pancakes on the menu!


    On Thursday, we held our first community summit with about 65 of our community group leaders/admins. It was absolutely amazing to see the huge turnout and also to be able to have an open dialogue with various representatives from our community. As it was the first of its kind, there were a lot of logistics to keep in mind to make this a success and a success it was! I could not have done this without Chelsea. She is, without a doubt, the most amazing co-pilot ever. Of all time. 


    And of course, afterward, I hit up the charity gala hosted by Sidequest. Ya gurl can clean up! 


    Now comes RTX Austin proper! HOLY SWISS CHEESE! I had so much fun meeting you all and having a ton of conversation on your feelings about the community and RTX as a whole. Fun fact, I was a Guardian from 2013 - 2017. This was going to be my 6th year being a Guardian, but I got to experience RTX as a CM this year! It was exciting and weird and bittersweet for me, but I'll get into that later. I got to attend a lot of community panels including the RT Reviews, BIGBITE Media, RT World, and OCC panels! (If you missed any of the community panels, you can see them here on Mixer!) 





    The weekend practically meshed into one day for me: our community creatives were kicking butt at the community corner all weekend long, 


    I got to ride on a wooden dragon, 


    and I got reconnect with even MORE community members during the evening events. 


    My heart is so full right now. RTX is such a great opportunity for members of this community to meet for the first time, reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and share their love of everything Rooster Teeth. Of course, RTX would not be possible without our Guardians. The heroes that you saw throughout the weekend with the red shirts (with the cute Ruby design) are all community members who volunteered their time and energy to make RTX run as smoothly as possible. I mentioned before that I was Guardian for 5 years. All weekend long, I wanted to throw on a Guardian shirt and help out wherever I could. Once a Guardian, always a Guardian for me. But this year, I passed the torch on to Joey and George, and I couldn't be more proud of them. Working with them over the years, seeing them grow into the people they are now, and watching them kick ass this weekend was a huge highlight for me. 


    Along with saying my farewells to the PA team, I also came to the realization that I would no longer be working with Chris, Mary, and Dan as I normally would as a Guardian. Of course, I'm still here as a CM and working with them in that fashion, but it's always difficult to immediately adapt when your course has been changed. I love these three with all my heart, and I am always so impressed with their work ethic, their strength, and all the passion they pour into RTX. Managing 500+ Guardians is not an easy task, but they handle it beautifully every year, regardless of how many obstacles and hurdles come their way. I learned so much from them as friends and as peers, and I reiterate again that RTX Austin could not happen without them. 


    Did you know that in 2013, Guardians had red shirts? It's oddly fitting and bittersweet that it is in 2018 that they have red shirts again. It's come full circle for me. 

    D3NBqYi.jpg 2013 Guardian Jackie! 

    I was and still am proud to have been a Guardian, and I will use that same energy to be a kick ass CM for this community. You all have provided very helpful guidance and feedback for me over the weekend, and I look forward to working together and making this the best damn community the internet has ever known. 

    Now that my wall of tex has wrapped, HOW WAS YOUR RTX? GIVE ME ALL THE DEETS. 


  • #21: Season 2 Begins! - Death Battle's Road to 100

    2 months ago

    BenBSinger Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 26 He-Man VS Lion-O

    Hey everybody! I’m back from RTX, finally finding some time to write another one of these. Thank you so much for your patience, and to everyone who came to Austin to hang out with us! We made some really cool announcements and met some awesome people. 

    This time I’m chatting about one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever done, which also happens to be the premiere episode of Season 2; He-Man VS Lion-O!

    A little backstory on that last part… until ScrewAttack joined Rooster Teeth, Death Battle did not have a true seasonal structure. As I mentioned waaaaay back, while the show was originally intended to be comprised of two 13 episode long seasons, that was quickly abandoned in favor of a sort of ‘release-it-when-it’s-done’ approach. The original Goku VS Superman was deemed the Season 1 finale after its initial airing to give the Death Battle team some time after such a huge endeavour. Remember, all of us were also working on other shows. Other than Death Battle, of which I still did the majority of the work apart from animation, I was also working on Clip of the Week, the Best Ever, and I believe a video game review every now and then.

    But then June 2013 came around, along with the second season of Death Battle!

    Now Chad wasn’t usually too involved in the research work for Death Battle, but he jumped into this one head-over-heels. In fact, this episode would inadvertently become a sort of trial run for some of the research processes we’d rely on in this future. Namely, assigning a team of 2 to research and each person is expected to look into each character. Today, with our two teams of two, we typically adhere to this sort of formula, but it was a new thing for this episode! Chad took He-Man, while I looked into Thundercats.

    This was pretty awesome, as I hadn’t spent a lot of time with Thundercats media before this, and I was really digging it. Every day, Chad and I would come into the office after spending the previous night digging through our characters’ material and try to one up each other. I specifically remember an instance where I watched a Thundercats episode where Lion-O was transported to the center of the Earth, and survived without issue, and Chad didn’t have an answer to it. Until literally the very next day when he walked in and excitedly told me he’d seen a He-Man episode where the man himself drilled to the center of the Earth with a stone stalagmite and swam in the molten core of the planet!

    Yeah, this one’s victor wasn’t too hard of a decision to make, but hot damn it was fun to make. The battle itself was written as if we were creating our own 80’s cartoon fight scene! I wound up editing a lot of music to capture that feel.


    This episode also marks the first time we hired voice actor Chris Guerrero as the battle announcer, specifically calling out the ‘Fight!’ and ‘K.O.’ sound bits at the beginning and end of each battle animation. Chris is still our announcer to this day!

    Like I said, this was a blast to make, and really set the stage for an extremely entertaining season… though it would end up having its fair share of ups and downs.

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Now that we’re onto the second season, what was your favorite episode from Season 1?

  • Goodbye RTX 2018, and thank you for all the memories T^T

    2 months ago

    Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

    Catching major feels today after my first RTX.

    First, I want to give a big shout out to RT Community Managers and mama duck Jackie Izawa, Chelsea Atkinson and Barbara Dunkelman for introducing me to a room filled with community leaders at the RT Leadership Summit. What an amazing event. The leadership ambassadors from all over the country and beyond were incredibly warm and welcoming. I learned so much about the various subcultures within the RT Community, the incredible work being done all over at local meetups, and how the unifying love for Rooster Teeth has created a platform for awe-inspiring charity, outreach, and humanitarian work (above and beyond being an awesome excuse to come together over gaming, animation, and internet-culture.) I want everyone who attended to know I took detailed notes of your thoughts and ideas how to take our communities to the next level, and I am so pumped to follow up and take action on our conversations.

    Another big shout out to the Sidequest team. It was such an honor to meet all of you, and thank you for taking me in with open arms at, bar-none, the best community thrown events I have ever attended. (It's almost as if you guys have done this sort of thing before? :P) Your passion for the RT Community gives me life, and your commitment to making RTX weekend special for people of all walks of life keeps my head in the game.

    Next- I got to see the Rooster Teeth community in full force on the show floor and at panels- and y'all are a legit force to be reckoned with. I felt so at home and comfortable at this event in a way I haven't at other live events. Thank you for the warmest hugs, the highest of fives, and for being so damn good to one another. Thank you for being so courteous to the staff and talent. The world would be a better place if it was made up of all RT fans. Your patience with other attendees and respect for one another's safety was impeccable. Consent was king at this con, and the cosplay was one of my favorite take-aways. For those of you who brought your art, props, and cosplays from near and far- thank you for toughing out the heat and logistics of bringing your work to life. Thank you for taking photos with me and sharing your passion for your respective fandoms.

    NEXT, I want to give a huge shout out to the staff and talent who worked their bun-buns off early in the morning and well into the wee hours. The team-player mentality was real, and the commitment to community safety, comfort and enjoyment was always top of mind. I feel very fortunate to work with a team who values their community and fans as much as Rooster Teeth and the RT extended family.

    Finally, what can I say that hasn't been said about this group before? The RTX Guardian crew is beyond words amazing. My heart is so full right now, and tbh tears are welling up thinking about how much care the Guardians I worked with showed me. What a capable and kind bunch. I made connections and friendships with so many Guardians that I hope to carry with me for years. Live events can be tough work, but when you share the burden with such a beautiful group of people who are as passionate and fun loving as you, it makes for a bonding experience like none other.

    Thank you for an amazing first RTX and for raising the bar on my expectations of what a con should and can be. I can't wait for my next RTX. After I'm done catching up on sleep, I can't wait to start planning for the next!!!

    Much love my babes and potatoes,


  • Theater Mode AUX

    2 months ago

    Stab RT Broadcast Producer

    Hey Gang,

    I hope y'all had a great RTX Austin 2018, I sure did. We had Theater Mode Live on Friday with a big crowd and lots of laughs. I'll say we did record the episode and do plan to release Squeeze Play as an episode in the next installment of AHTM. For anyone that attended our TML in April 2018 that episodes releases this Friday (7/10/18) and will be our finale for this volume. 

    So, AUX. We released our test episode this last Friday to test a few concepts to see where we can go with the project. The main concepts we wanted to test were...

    1. (The most important) Will you enjoy it? 

    2. Can this exist as a pure Audio-Only Format?

    3. Will targeting films that are easily accessible matter? 

    1. (The most important) Will you enjoy it? 
    Overall, everyone that watched AUX enjoyed it. That's a good start. People enjoy the concept and like something a little different. AUX is not here to replace the series at all, but it is here to change the landscape of how we can do the show. 

    2. Can this exist as a pure Audio-Only Format?
    We've been looking at audio-only format shows for some time now, and have seen in polls that nearly 50% of the community will sometimes prefer an audio podcast rather than a video podcast. Does this work for AUX? Although audio-only commentary has been the way to go for similar shows, the audience at large still want to see AH's goofy faces. So we'll work out the best way for this to happen. 

    3. Should we target films that are easily accessible? 

    This is probably the hardest concept we were testing. There's the issue of region-locked films, the cost of renting films, and what's available on common streaming services. These are all reasons as to why AUX will only be around (maybe) once a season. However, it's still something that the community will run into. I'd love to hear more from everyone on this subject. 

    Other Questions & Comments 

    I'll just go over some of the other questions and comments I saw in the comments. Fell free to ask additional questions. 

    1. Will we get a camera of them on the couches?

    I want to work with my team to make that happen. We use the RTP microphones for TM: AUX, so we have to work that into a set area that looks decent on camera. They're kinda strapped to the set. 

    2. Do more of this!

    We do want to do more of this. So thank you for watching and letting us know. 

    3. Runtime/Timecode on screen?

    This is possibly the trickiest question/request. It makes sense, we'll work on making a running timecode and maybe a visual countdown for the movie to start. Having it means you can take breaks and grab snacks. There's a few issues we may have with frame-rate of the film and our commentary. It's why all of the movies we license are exported to be 29.97- we need everything to match up. 

    That's all I have right now. I'll probably update this post with any additional questions I see. TM:AUX will return at a later time. For now you can enjoy Funahus Theater Mode on September 14th. Also, let me know if you would like to see some films in Theater Mode: AUX.


  • It's not (only) what you do...

    2 months ago

    dan_dan Editor | BLOOD FEST's how you do it.

    There are a probably a million+ mantras that can help guide you over the course of your life or career, but they don't mean much if you don't live those truths. 

    When I was first starting my career, I worked with my father who had quite a few mantras. My favorite: Do good work and have fun doing it. It's pretty simple, and it's helped guide me at many points in my career and in my life.

    I'm hard pressed to find examples in my work or my life where I'm not collaborating or interacting with other people. And while I'm always focused on an optimal outcome in these situations, I've got to consider how I go about arriving at those outcomes. I don't want to compromise the quality of the outcome, and I don't want to compromise what I did to get there. How do I go about that?

    It takes practice, patience, and realizing that journey is often times more important than the destination. There are certainly stressful situations that come up in our work and in our lives, and how you react to those situations is key. In the face of difficult situations it's challenging to be our true zen selves, but that is the ultimate goal. 

    The funny thing is that it's not only about keeping your cool when things get difficult. 

    One of the first freelance jobs I took when I arrived in San Francisco was at a very small ad agency. The job was editing hundreds of videos for a campaign, and I really wanted to impress my client and keep getting work from them. My thought was that I'd achieve this by going in, putting my head down, and working very hard to accomplish the task at hand. At the end of the project my client would be so impressed with my work ethic and the quality of my work that they'd hire me back. It seemed like a foolproof plan: do good work. 

    But what about how I worked? I completely forgot to share my personality or let them get to know me. I naively thought I'd only be judged on the end product. It was good work, and I took a lot of pride in the work. But I failed to realize that there were lots of people who were qualified to do that work, and that an even more important factor in keeping that client would be how I worked with them. Thankfully, I loosened up and started to become more sociable and they got to know me much better. They trusted that I could do good work AND now they were realizing that I was someone that they wanted to work alongside. I credit that realization and mantra to a very healthy working relationship that lasted many, many years after.

    As you grow in your career or in life, it is important to do great work and improve over time, but do not forget about how you are going about your work. People are going to remember you for the work that you do, and they will remember you for how you did do good work and have fun doing it. 

    What's a philosophy or mantra that helps guide you?

  • Klippel Feil Syndrome Awareness Day

    2 months ago


    Today is Klippel Feil Syndrome Awareness day. This is important to me because my 2 year old son has this.

    KFS is defined as having multiple fusions of bones in your neck or spine. It's also very common to have other issues with KFS like heart, kidney, hearing loss, or a number of other things. We're fortunate that Thomas' heart is great, but he has Hydronephrosis in his right kidney, which someday might lead to surgery, and he also has Sprengels Deformality in his right shoulder, which will also be fixed eventually with surgery. He has numerous fusions, most of which are in his neck, meaning he can't look to his left or right without moving his whole body. But you know what, he's so smart he's adapted to just turning his whole body. (Sorry for all this medical lingo, google is your friend :P)

    This is a disease that is extremely rare. There is no cure, there is no foundation, there's no way to donate money. All you can do is know it exists. KFS Exists in about 1 in 42,000 live births and most diagnosed are girls. My son has this disease, meaning his diagnoses was more rare.

    Please please please spread the word. There is a special video coming out later on all of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter social, and the more awareness we can get the better. 

    Thank's everyone for your time!



  • RT Broadcast Audio Only Test: Behind The Spot

    2 months ago

    Schwartzanicker Broadcast Nick

    Hey all!

    Hope you're ready to have a good time at RTX! Today we recorded the season finale of our behind the scenes show of On The Spot, we call it Behind The Spot. We've attached an episode of this test show to the audio version of each episode throughout the season (which you can find on the individual episode page, iTunes, Google Podcasts/Play, and Spotify).

    We're dying to know what you think of it! Since the landing pages don't really leave an opportunity to comment on an individual episode, we would love to hear your feedback. Did you like the show? What can we do to make it better?

    Any thoughts you provide can give us better ideas of how to handle something like this going forward, so please let us know!

    Have a safe and fun weekend, and thanks for checking out all of our content!


  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 8/2/18

    2 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    This week, instead of editor notes, I'm going to write about RTX! This is my first! Which is kind of crazy. I've been in the community for years, long before I started working here, but for whatever reason I've never made it to an RTX. My first time will be as Staff. That fact blows me away a little bit. I'm so grateful for getting to do this and doing work that I'm passionate about. That's probably what I'm most excited about for my first RTX. We all get to meet up because of a shared passion. That's pretty cool. I'll be at all things ScrewAttack and in between I'll be around checking out what this amazing company has to offer! I hope to meet y'all and chat! I'll be the wide-eyed video editor/writer. 

    P.S. I worked on this week's DBX. Check it out tomorrow at noon and/or be at RTX! 

  • RTX Experience with Augmented Reality

    2 months ago

    gus Elite Staff

    RTX Attendees!

    Our first AR experience is on its way to RTX Austin!

    The RTX Experience app is available for Android and in the iOS App Store. Download the app today, so you can enjoy the full RWBY AR experience during RTX.

    You'll be looking for 5"x5" decals that are located throughout the ACC, The Coop, JW Marriott, and the Hilton.


    Simply scan them with your phone (there are 10 different decals in total), and you'll be joined by your favorite RWBY characters!


    If you manage to find all the decals, there will be a special surprise in the app waiting for you!

    While you're out and about enjoying panels and walking around the expo floor, be sure to stop by Meeting Room 7 in the ACC as it is dedicated RTX Experience room where you can enjoy the RWBY AR immersion at its finest.

    Last but certainly not least, if you happen to be going to the rave on Saturday night, you will want to have the RTX Experience App at the ready. Just sayin.

    Happy hunting!

    Android version:

    iOS version:

  • Oh, The Places I'll Go (at RTX)

    2 months ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    I mentioned in the last post I'll be floating around the RTX all weekend, but there are a few places I know I'll be that you should also totally be at! Not just because I'm there, though. I mean, that's a good reason, but the things are awesome and you should want to experience them anyways!

    *There are lots of other awesome things happening that you should go to; this is just a list of things I'm planning on being at.


    The Booze Cruise - I have often heard tales of this event but have never been able to attend, BUT NO MORE! This year LoLink and I are both partaking in these shenanigans and I am super excited to kick off RTX with a dedicated 3 hours of hanging with community. The event is already sold out, so if you're reading this going "whaaaa I wanna go!" I'm sorry to say you'll just have to wait until next year.

    SideQuest Charity Gala (7pm-11pm, The Line) - If you have never been to SideQuest I want you to stop what you're doing right now and go get a ticket. Seriously, I'll wait. SideQuest is a series of community events that run outside of RTX, put together by an awesome crew that originated from the community all the way back in 2011. The night before RTX they host a fancy pants charity gala where you get all dressed up, mingle with community pre-convention-exhaustion, and check out a ton of cool items that are up for silent auction to benefit charities like Able Gamers, Operation Supply Drop, and Child's Play. You can still grab tickets here.


    RT Broadcast Panel (12:30pm, ACC Room 6) - I may no longer be working with them, but I did spend a year as a part of the broadcast crew so of course I have to go to the panel. Mostly just to heckle Michael but shhhh don't tell him I said that. For anyone who's ever wondered how the tech side of all your favorite broadcast shows work (and wanted to hear about all the things that have gone wrong) you're going to want to catch this.

    Storyboards, Layouts, and Crowds (3pm, JW 1/2) - Part of the animation festival, this is all about my new job! We're going to show how we craft a scene from start to finish, with all the steps that happen in between to take something from storyboard concept to what you see in the episode release. We've got a couple of RWBY volume 5 scenes on deck and are excited to answer you guys' questions on how we operate. Spoilers: it involves a lot of caffeine. 


    OCC Dinner (7pm-9pm, Frank) - ALSO GO TO THIS. Yeah I know it's at the same time as the mega panel, so really half of you should go to the panel and the other half should go to the dinner. Because it's going to be awesome. The Oxford Comma Cafe (more on that below) is gathering the community at Frank, which is honestly one of my favorite restaurants in downtown. Mingle with community and some of the most active current site users while chowing down on tasty foods. We have the upstairs area reserved for us, so just pop in and say you're with the OCC party! You'll be responsible for buying your own food and drinks (when you order say you're with us please so we can hit our minimum for having reserved an area), but it's a dedicated spot to get some chill community time.


    Oxford Comma Cafe (12pm, ACC Room 8) - If you are at all active on the site and are not in the OCC forum, you are missing out. And no I'm not just saying that as one of the founders who gets the first post of almost every new page sacrificed in her name. It is the largest and most active forum here, and has achieved that status thanks to the way the core members manage the interactions there. This panel will be about fostering healthy discussion and how to maintain open conversation for the longevity of an online community. I highly recommend attending this, especially if you're the admin of a regional group. Bonus points: you can meet the panelists for this at that dinner on Friday!

    Level Up Your Cosplay (1pm, ACC Room 8) - I am super excited for this as someone who loves cosplay and is constantly looking at details going "I have zero idea how to make that happen". Some fantastical cosplayers are going to share some tips and tricks on how to bring your cosplay and props up a notch.