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    5 days ago



    Didn't really have time to post this earlier, but right after maintenance on FGO finished last night I went right into the game to try rolling some quartz for my white whale - the one that got away last year. I had spent over 1800 quartz last summer in an attempt to get Tamamo Shark, only to get not one, not two, but three off-banner 5* servants instead, in addition to a plethora of the event 4*s and more CEs than I could possibly need. Gave up in disgust and sadness, and a crying wallet.

    No tears this time. After several rolls I was getting tired of letting the animation play for every card so I started skipping them, and in the midst of it appeared a silver Lancer card. I thought the game was lagging a bit and missed my skip input, so I tapped it again and bam - there she was. I accidentally skipped the animation of the silver card sparking to turn gold. So with an unfortunately missed bit of fanfare, I managed to get bikini Tamamo on my sixth ten-roll. 180 quartz, not bad. And no unwelcome 5* spooks, just a stray Marie along the way. Naturally, I was thrilled and struggled to keep my voice down since it was the middle of the night. But yay, I got her! My #1 most-wanted servant! In total between last year and this year it took the astronomical amount of roughly 2000 quartz, but now the hole in my FGO account is filled at last. A big thanks to Red for providing me with the perfect summoning catalyst to use!

    It's tempting to try for NP2 with what I have remaining (about 250 SQ), but I'll save what's left to try for Summer Nero when she comes out a bit later on.

    Here are my rolls. I forgot to screenshot the first one, but it was just a bare minimum roll with one 4* CE anyway.







    Now I have even more event CEs I didn't need. I might actually burn a bunch of them after the event is over. I just don't have the room.

  • BIG Day!!!

    1 week ago


    Challenge #1

    Today is the day that I decided I was going to go through all the Funhaus Videos on Rooster Teeth's website, I honestly don't know why I'm doing this, but ever since I got back from RTX I've found myself wanting to watch more and more videos despite religiously watching every video they upload at 9 AM and 5 PM EST. I plan on going through the videos by category (i.e. Demo Disk, Dude Soup, Filmhaus, etc.) I'm honestly so excited to do this in cohesion with challenge #2.

    Challenge #2

    This challenge's purpose does require a bit of background so I'll make it quick. I was going to the Rooster Teeth Gym Class panel with a friend (mostly because I was hoping to get a picture with James from Funhaus since I missed a picture with him since he had to leave for the Arizona Circle Panel. But I found myself listening very closely to what these fit men had to say about working-out and dieting. I did get that picture with James and honestly couldn't help but notice our ten-fold arm size difference so as of now I'm planning to go to RTX next year and work out to become a little bigger and year-by-year get pictures with him to see if I can grow. It's an interesting goal that I do believe I can accomplish, but first I'll need a gym membership and about five weeks to make it a habit!

  • Who will be the better driver?

    1 month ago


    So because PS4 gets early access to Dangerous Driving's online multiplayer, I have to wait another week because of M$ and their garbage update policies. 

    But I decided to see if anyone was playing it and I came up on a guy who was racing with someone who claimed to be #1 at Burnout 3 on the PS2 version. No trash talking which was good but I started thinking...a race between the best on seperate consoles should be a good challenge.

    But I understand the game is being worked on by a team of 7 devs but why cant they keep track of important stats? Wins for example would be great. It is a cool thought to do mileage tracking but I want to have a stat where it tells me how many races I did and how many of those races were wins. I guess this time I will do it myself.

    Oh I cant wait to race again. 

  • Diary of an Autistic Adult (#1-#4, copy pasted from new site)

    3 months ago

    borisof007 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold HR Manager, Engineering

    Diary of an Autistic Adult #4

    I'm staring at my garbo mug. It stares back at me. Forever saddened, unmoving. Or is it in deep thought? One cannot tell what the garbo does or thinks, it just is. 

    I came into work today and had two meetings back to back. Nice way to start 9 am - with having to talk to a lot of people. I set 9 am as "get settled" for a reason people - stop putting shit there. 

    I miss my brothers. Staring at all the shit on my desk reminds me so greatly of the joys in my life. All the things that I like, but I miss my family. God it's weird to write that. Not necessarily to me specifically but it's weird to see those words on a page. 

    I haven't taken my meds yet this morning. I should do that.


    Diary of an Autistic Adult #3

    Anxiety. Every day it just keeps hitting me over and over. Am I doing good enough at work? Do people like me? This constant insecurity and anxiety is really tough to deal with. I'm already on anti-depressants, do I need to increase the dosage? I am on the minimum amount, so it's not like I'm endangering myself. 

    I need this...constant reassurance that everything will be OK. I can't seem to get myself beyond it. Is it because I lack confidence? Self esteem? What is 'it' that's preventing me? It's pointless to say it's all in my head because, well, that's where it is XD. The problem is that I need it 'out' of my head. Maybe one day, but that day is not today. Not on Tuesdays where I have my 1-1's. I ALWAYS get nervous, like I'm in trouble or something (even though it's literally a weekly meeting).

    Do other people do that? Do others constantly put their inner thoughts into parentheses? I don't really read a lot of other peoples' stuff, let alone books. I wonder if my life would make an interesting book. 

    I bet it would. I always told myself that I feel like I've lived 3 lives worth of nonsense already. Hearing Geoff talk about his life feels a bit like how I view mine - through multiple eras. Geoff had his punk shit kid phase, his army phase, his first wife, second wife and kid, and now sobriety. Although the punk shit kid part never really stopped - and now we have Achievement Hunter.

    I wonder if my attachment to Rooster Teeth is partly grounded in that I never really mentally matured past my younger years. Well, it's a thought really, because how can one accurately assess the maturity of ones self irrespective of others? Can't compare if you have nothing to compare to. 

    I think I better get moving on some projects today. This shit isn't gonna sort itself out.


    Diary of an Autistic adult #2

    I'm starting to slowly realize how often I ask for clarification on statements because they don't make sense to me. At first I thought that's because I just needed specificity but now I realize it's because I am TERRIBLE with following context - especially if there's any length of time in between sentences let alone full conversations. 

    So my wife will usually tell me something but unless it's a complete sentence, in and of itself, that contains all the necessary information needed to convey a specific thought or feeling, it leaves room for interpretation and misunderstanding. 

    I'm struggling to come up with a good example in the moment, but I'll try and update this or something when I think of it/come across it.

    So if you're ever working with or talking with someone who has what I have, be patient and try to give as much information up front. Helps move the dialogue along.


    Diary of an autistic adult #1

    My wife talked to me last night about her friends. Apparently one of them thought she was mad at her because they hadn't spoken in a while. This friend just had a kid, so their life is their child (which is totally OK). Alex (my wife) doesn't really care for kids and never has, so she's kind of stayed away from all that. Not to mention they live like 1.5-2 hrs drive away depending on traffic.

    I had to console my wife and make sure she knew that she shouldn't feel guilty, but she still feels bad either way. I told her we need hobby friends vs personal friends vs work/school friends. She was a little confused as to why you would have different buckets and I had to explain my childhood growing up. Moving 20 times does something to your perception of others - you start seeing people less as individuals and more for their personality traits and quirks (in the beginning at least, you learn to appreciate them for them later). Thus I categorized all my friends based on the types of relationships I knew I could have with them. 

    My colleagues at work don't share my interests in games, but they do share a little bit in sports and politics. My video game friends are great for gaming and internet culture talks, but maybe not for theoretical physics or politics. I try to split my conversational topics around because trying to put that all on a few people never ends well. You'll either drive people away with your ramblings or you'll never have friends to begin with because no one is exactly like you. 

    Besides, being friends with people who share different interests than you is a great way to grow and learn. Even if you don't join them, learning about it secondhand is still neat and contributes to conversation and a back and forth natural dialogue.

  • Avilton -- The Future is Now -- Chapter 1 Day 1

    4 months ago

    KnightWa1ker Somebody Like you...
    A little context. My name is Emyr Husidic. I'm a film student and I want to write more and more often. I've been apart of the RT community for a number of years but hadn't been super active in it until Funhaus (then known as Inside Gaming) joined. Funhaus sparked my interest of the broader RT family. So I thought as some people are currently using the site as a way to show the progress of their work I figured I would do the same with writing.

    As a side note I won't be writng much of the story each day. Think of this as a newspapper comic style release and it may take a while for chapters and plots to conclude. Also, none of this story is pre-planned. As I am writing this (19/02/2019) I have so far figured out the title and that's it. Hope you enjoy it regardless!

    Link to Day 2: (Will be edited in tommorow)

    Chapter 1

    The billowing cityscape of Avilton embers amongst the twilight ridden husk of Australasia. 2031.

    Oak lines the floor of 好 運 酒 館 (Good Fortune Tavern). Spotibox calmly harmonises with the murmur of the intoxicated Bioed individuals. Open carry everywhere. Whiskey trails tell stories onto themselves. The distinct earthy pungent smell of marijuana fills the room, ceiling to basement. Polished Basalt stone lines the head height walls and the eroding bar. A calm tungsten glow fills the room as the tender rifles off pints of whiskey at a time. From outside flood lights of neon pink and purple flash like a bolts of lightning.

                   A man who’d been passed out awakes. Clicks his fingers. A slot appears from the wooden counter top of the bar. A small needle prick attached to a spotless aluminum base plate rises. The man pricks his finger allowing a drop of blood to escape. A blue haze fades into view of the man as ¥1000 (yuan) trickles to ¥-12. The man, wearing a tattered brown leather fighter jacket and porcelain white faded denims slumps his head to his chest. His broad brimmed Stetson slides onto the counter top. He turns on a dime and stands with remorse.


        “Yeah I fucking know. Just arrest me,” the man interrupts.

        “Shall I inform your family?”, the officer replies, while handcuffing the man.

        “Just let me die,” he spills in reply.

        “My pleasure.”

    The elongated electronic ring of a plasma pistol deafens the room. No one is startled by the sound. Spotibox changes tracks. Nevermind by Leonard Cohen plays.

    Thanks for reading Day 1 of this story. If you have the time go ahead and listen to Nevermind. I hope this was a captivating introduction into the world of Avilton. Check back tommorrow for Day 2. Posts will occur around 9pm AEST for most of the week unless otherwise specificed.
  • At the Screwvies: Episode 127

    5 months ago



    MADHERO: Hello everyone. Hope y'all are ready for some good ol fashioned FOOTBALL TALK! THAT'S RIGHT, ITS TIME FOR THE SUPER BOWL! So who cares about movies and such. If we talk about them, we'll talk about those 30 second trailers that play in between the match, because that's how we roll, baby. So guys, are you going to be rooting for the Los Angeles Rams or the New England Patriots?

    STICKMAN: I wish someone would ram my patriot. By which I mean hellllooo.

    LARRY: I'm going for the Los England Patrams.

    MADHERO: What a bunch of cowards. All you had to say was "fuck Tom Brady" and there'd be cheers everywhere. Aw well.

    STICKMAN: Who's Tom Brady. Is he of The Brady Bunch?

    MADHERO: This is what we're dealing with, people. Lets just move on to news.




    Its that time of the year again: the time where we all bitch about the 91st Academy Awards' nominees. They may be hostless, they may not sing all the songs (or at least now they do) but they're still filled with spicy takes. While most people were expecting films like A Star is Born or The Favourite, the Best Picture nominees surprised with Bohemian Rhapsody and Vice, two not particularly well reviewed films that still managed their way to the main prize, along with the first ever superhero film ever nominated with Black Panther, the first Netflix film with Roma, along with Blackkklansman and Green Book.

    Perhaps the most interesting thing this year is there isn't much in the way of a front runner. Green Book has picked up important awards, but failed to get a Best Director nod and both the director and writer are mired in controversy and would feel like a bland pick when compared to previous winners Moonlight and Shape of Water. A Star is Born has felt like it lost momentum and Roma might have the Netflix and foreign language bias . All the categories besides Best Actress (Glenn Close seems to have it in the bag) are still up for grabs, which does make things more fun for the Prediction blog. And hey, Spider-Verse scored a well deserved Best Animated Feature, so the snubbing of Lord and Miller content has at least ended. In any case, I'll await your take on how BP is just your average MCU film that doesn't deserve this honor for whatever reason.


    MADHERO: Blame Annapurna putting all its eggs into Vice's basket, and that seems to have worked out

    LARRY: Blegh. That movie is such PANTS.

    STICKMAN: Vice was poopy. If Beale Street Could RELEASE IN THE UK I'd go watch it.

    MADHERO: I haven't seen it so I can't provide a scalding hot take. Bohemian Rhapsody though..... the fucking hell, guys? I know it did insanely well but so did Mission Impossible Fallout and that has 0 nominations

    STICKMAN: This year's Best Picture nominations are especially poor I must say. Some great films in there but also a lot of shit. Last few years it's been hard to deny the quality of the nominations even if you liked others more, but this year it's like...the fuuuuck?

    LARRY: Yeah it's a weak year. And almost all of them have people spewing hot takes everywhere. Or controversy or like. Something bad. See if we had BEALE STREET THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY PROBLEMS.

    MADHERO: The amount of divisiveness seems to make it hard to pick an outright villain this year. Most have pointed to Green Book since that has the best chance of winning out the bunch. I gotta say, out of all these, I'd personally go with The Favourite or Blackkklansman. That or Roma, which does need to overcome a lot of barriers

    STICKMAN: I feel like I don't know the frontrunner any more, either. Star is Born seems to have lost its momentum and Green Book has proved controversial and that usually spells doom.

    LARRY: I have a feeling it's gonna be Rooooomaaaaaaa pls let it be Roma, fuck all the Netflix haters.

    STICKMAN: I want Black Panther to win, not because I think it's the best film of the year, but because of the simultaneous celebrations and also fanboy rage it would cause. The internet would break.

    LARRY: White boys would be so pissy. It'd be a sight.

    MADHERO: Oh the amount of white boy rage it would create would power the earth for years. And yeah I wouldn't mind it. It ain't gonna, but that's part of the fun.

    LARRY: You can we talk about Cold War coming in with a director AND cinematography nod? Impressive stuff.

    MADHERO: Not bad. The Foreign Language category is really strong this year

    STICKMAN: What about Weekends for Best Animated Shorts, guys. LET'S DO IT. LET'S MAKE THE MAGIC.

    MADHERO: I've only seen the dumpling one cause I'm super casual. But yeah, we'll be sure to provide predictions closer to the show. But I'll at least be willing to predict the show being a shitshow from what has been revealed

    LARRY: How's that host search coming along?

    STICKMAN: I'm hosting the Oscars. That's why I know Weekends is going to winnnn. HUHUHAUHAUAUUAHHHH



    DC has given us several updates this past week regarding many different projects currently being developed at the DCEU: we got our first look at the characters in the upcoming Birds of Prey film, the announcement of a Super Pets film (which is surely going to sell like hot cakes), and, most importantly, a word on the upcoming solo venture for Batfleck...or so we thought.

    After speculation and rumors abound, Deadline has reported that Ben Affleck plans on ditching the ol' cape and cowl, though not necessarily because he's being replaced. Instead, Matt Reeves, who is still signed on as writer and director, will be focusing on a young Bruce Wayne, with his film now slated for a June 2021 release date. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, the director talked about exploring the more detective part of Batman, as well as featuring a rogues gallery rather than just one villain. This...could be good? I'm interested in exploring the life of a young Bruce Wayne, and with the right actor in the part, it could be an interesting way to continue ol' Batty's story without conflicting with the canon. Why fret, Flashpoint will solve all of our problems, surely. hehe

    MADHERO: RIP Batfleck. May darkness welcome you once again

    STICKMAN: The sound of silence has consumed him forever.

    LARRY: Ain't much of a loss tbh

    MADHERO: I think the overall consensus of his time is good Batman in not particuarly good films. That's certainly where I stand. He did the best with what he had to work with

    STICKMAN: I thought he was great in BvS but the film was bad, and he had nothing to do in Justice League at all. He was completely wasted , and a Matt Reeves Batman trilogy would've been a real redemption for his tenure. Oh well.

    LARRY: Eh, he was good but nothing compared to other great Batmen. We still got Reeves tho, and that man knows how to make a god damn MOVIE.

    MADHERO: The search is now on for a new Batman, and it seems to be moving at least now that it has a solid release date. I like Reeves doing this as well as the promise of diving more into Batty's detective skills and a rogues gallery. So, any cast suggestions?

    LARRY: Well it's gotta be someone a bit younger. I guess an obvious choice is someone like Armie Hammer.

    MADHERO: Honestly yeah Armie Hammer seems like a good pick, and he was gonna be Batman in George Miller's Justice League, so it'd be a nice twist of fate, but I guess we'll see.

    STICKMAN: I think we should just have LEGO Batman in the role.

    LARRY: Will Arnett isn't an awful choice...

    MADHERO: That's the  only truly right choice, which is why they wont do it

    STICKMAN: Dye Dan Stevens hair black and there we go. I'd watch that.



    Remember The Mummy? No, not that one...OR that one...the Tom Cruise one? No? Well, it was meant to launch the DARK UNIVERSE, a shared universe of action adventure movies based around the iconic Universal Horror staple of films. It was so in motion we got an official logo and twitter account (Now gone) which previewed the upcoming roster of actors/actresses of them was Johnny Depp, who was to be, as many wish he would be these days, THE INVISIBLE MAN. Well, The Mummy tanked, the Dark Universe is dead, but you can't kill the Universal Monsters themselves for very long. 

    Blumhouse, a long time partner with Universal Studios, have been entrusted with bringing the Invisible Man reboot to the big screen again, sans Johnny Depp and now with 'Upgrade' director and SAW co-creator Leigh Whannell attached to bring it to life. The focus is now on smaller, horror-based projects with a roster of directors bringing their unique touch to individual characters/monsters, rather than joining them together in a big mushy action sludge-pile. Needless to say, this is the best case scenario turnaround for the Universal Monsters, and I'm very excited to see how this turns out. Fuck Johnny Depp!

    MADHERO: Maybe Johnny Depp is still in it and he'll just be invisible

    STICKMAN: I hope Johnny Depp's role in the film is like his role in Orient Express, where he's dead.

    LARRY: That would be ideal.

    MADHERO: Honestly they should've gone to Blumhouse from the very beginning. That made more sense than spending all this money of a non-existent universe that even had its own logo.

    STICKMAN: Blumhouse is Universal's horror money machine.

    LARRY: Maybe they'll give one to Peele.

    STICKMAN: Jordan Peele's Creature from the Black Lagoon.

    MADHERO: I think Peele is gonna be busy with his own original work plus Twilight Zone, but hey who knows. Leigh Whannell is gonna be a busy boy with this and him now writing the Escape from New York remake

    STICKMAN: We'll never get Upgrade 2: Upgrade Harder now.

    MADHERO: Does make you wonder what they're going to do with the other Universal movie monsters, but lets see them do this first before going DARK UNIVERSE 2 BABY!


    LARRY: Let's just release one and then see if the franchise tank can hold any more.


    Who's ready to follow some beefy men fight cybernetic Idris Elba with cars and elevators!?! Well, you're in luck sirs and madams!! The debut trailer for the latest installment in the Fast & Furious franchise, fully titled "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw" (christ), has Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs and Jason Staaafammm's Deckard Shaw, a hero and villain of the films, teaming up to defeat Idris Elba's Brixton, a supervillain that has been cyber-genetically's basically superpowers, which I guess are a thing now in this universe.

    The trailer is pretty bad in how its edited, or shall I say COBBLED, together, but some of the action looks like classic F&F dumb fun. Cars flying around, some stupid comedy, maybe a contrived moral about friendship and not judging books by their cover. Sure. But will it be the same without Vin Diesel and familyyyyyyy?? Nope. But we'll take what we can get.

    MADHERO: How is this both a pretty bad trailer and also a trailer that makes me want to buy 10 


    STICKMAN: I would watch this garbage. Dwayne the John Rockson and Jason Statham are the double act we never knew we needed.

    LARRY: It's essentially two trailers in one. There's the funny "Why Can't We Be Friends?" parody song version, and then the action-packed version. They conveniently smushed them together.

    MADHERO: I like how they continue to ignore the fact Jason Statham's character literally killed one of the main gang but its all good now.

    STICKMAN: He scored high with test audiences so now he's ONE OF THE GANG. Vin Diesel is actually in every scene in the movie but he refused to be on screen with Dwayne so he's out of frame in each one.

    MADHERO: The existence of this film must piss Vin so much since he and the Rock can't stand each other. Its kinda funnnnnny. Also, I guess superpowers are a thing now in the F&F verse

    STICKMAN: Sure why not. Makes going into space seem more plausible if anything.

    MADHERO: We had zombie cars in Fate of the Furious and now superpowers here. WE'RE THIS CLOSE TO SPACE! I CAN TASTE THE OZONE

    STICKMAN: In Space nobody can hear you say FeamiAEIAily.

    LARRY: Watch Idris get brought back after HE'S an audience favorite. Cuz ya know he will be

    MADHERO: Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw Presents: Hobbs and Shaw and Brixton

    STICKMAN: I've had a brain hemorrhage from reading that.



    We've talked about DC a bunch, so maybe let's talk about the guy who originally got the universe started. Needless to say, Zack Snyder has had it rough, both in the production of massive movies that were either reviewed mixed or outright panned, to eventually letting go of Justice League (and some would suggest fired) and dealing with personal tragedy. Even with all that, he's still a capable director with a clear sense of style, so it was always interesting to see what he does next. For a long time that looked to be a adaptation of Ayn Rand's Fountainhead (oh no) but that seems to have been scrapped (phew) for a return to his roots.

    Before 300 and Watchmen, Snyder first broke through from his commercial gigs after directing 2004's Dawn of the Dead, a remake that's better than it has any right to be. He's now, in partnership with Netflix, going to make Army of the Dead, a 90 million action heist thriller about a group of mercenaries doing some heisting in Las Vegas....which just happens to be quarentined due to a zombie outbreak. It'll be nice to see Snyder work outside the realm of comics, and the promise of a "fully loose" Snyder should be at least interesting (especially if you count Sucker Punch as still being restrained).

    STICKMAN: I can't believe the director of the Owls of Ga'Hoole is BACK.

    MADHERO: I keep forgetting that movie exists and that he directed it. I'm just really glad Fountainhead isn't happening. That would've set the internet on fire.

    LARRY: Maybe not the best time to make a post-apocalyptic movie about Las Vegas given the mass shooting that happened there in 2017. Not exactly sure I’m looking for that kinda content. Especially not from Zack Snyder.

    MADHERO: I can sorta see where you're coming from, Larry, but the sad part is people move on from that really quickly. Plus its more escapist in the sense that its about a zombie apocalypse

    STICKMAN: I'm not seeing the connection between zombie apocalypse and a mass shooting.

    LARRY: Yeah, but violence isn’t exactly escapism when that’s exactly what happened. I’m just not interested in seeing corpses lie the ground of Las Vegas.

    STICKMAN: If you couldn't set a film in a part of America that had seen gun violence in the past year, you wouldn't have any movies set in in America.

    MADHERO: But we're talking about an extremely unrealistic scenario here. I dunno, I think this could be fun but I'm worried that Snyder going hogwild is like all those Shaggy memes talking about how he's only so much % of his power. Like, we're getting Ultra Instinct Snyder soon

    STICKMAN: Snyder unleashed with all his Owl ga'hooling chaos.

    MADHERO: Sucker Punch was only 1% of his true power. Be afraid.

    LARRY: Look, I’m just saying the timing isn’t the best. But also, Snyder doesn’t make movies I’m interested in seeing, so why should I be even remotely excited for this?

    STICKMAN: I feel like that's more your issue here.

    LARRY: Yeah, it’s a me thing. But I also find Snyder to be a mediocre filmmaker at best who’s films revel in this sort of machismo that I’m not interested in. So, I dunno, just doesn’t seem like him going back to his “roots” really warrants all this hype.

    MADHERO: Netflix is making a little bit of everything, and even though Snyder's work hasn't been.... great over the years, I'm still interested with what he does next. Except the Fountainhead. Please don't do that



    Two of nerdoms most popular British directors, Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright, have been a little radio silent since their respective, tremendous 2017 films (Dunkirk and Baby Driver), with the question on everyone's lips having been WHAT'S NEXT, GUYS!? we know....soooorta? First, Warner Bros have given Nolan's next movie a release slot of July 17th 2020...that's slap-bang in SUMMER MOVIES SEASON, and it's billed as an 'Event Movie' releasing in IMAX and that's...well that's literally all we know. Not a name, not a premise, not nothing. Cool. 

    Over at the Wright camp, we have a bit more information, even if it is a little vague...but oh so enticing. After dipping his toes in comedy-drama with Baby Driver, Wright is seemingly stepping into full serious territory...with a Soho (London) set psychological horror, filming this summer and with Anya Taylor Joy set to star, presumably for a 2020 release date as well. FUCK. YES. He also confirmed Baby Driver 2's script was more or less finished, with that likely coming after his horror project. So yeah, lots to look forward to, and in Nolan's case, many reasons for IMDB staff to be panicking already.

    MADHERO: I can't believe the 2020 Nolan movie is already the top rated film on IMDB

    LARRY: Damn, Nolan AND Wright in 2020? We are truly blessed.

    MADHERO: You just know it will at some point because it happens to all his movies. TDKR has no business in the IMDB Top 250. Anywaaaaaay

    STICKMAN: With Nolan, Wright and Villenienienvue all having films out in 2020, it's gonna be a real modern master  directors paradise.

    MADHERO: God, Dune is gonna be awesome, but we're not talking Villeneuve. I'm definitely interested in Wright doing something a bit more horror themed. Baby Driver was already a pretty big departure for him and I'd like to see develop as a filmmaker

    STICKMAN: I'm fucking ready for a Edgar Wright horror movie. I hope they call it DON'T and it's a feature length version of his fake trailer.

    LARRY: I don’t know what else to say other than these all sound amazing.


    MADHERO: Indeed. But hey, why talk about movies that are actually out right now. Now it being the Super Bowl weekend, its kinda quieter than normal, but there's still plenty of room for something.... awesome.

    STICKMAN: Is it Batman.

    MADHERO: I mean, Batman's in it.

    LARRY: ooh la laaaaaaa

    MADHERO: How much Batman? Well I dunno really, but he's there. He's in....



    DIRECTOR: Mike Mitchell (The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water, Trolls)

    STARRING: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Tiffany Haddish, Will Arnett, Stephanie Beatriz, Charlie Day, Alison Brie, Nick Offerman

    SYNOPSIS: Five years since everything was awesome, the Duplo invaders have turned Bricksburg into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. When an intergalactic invader (Beatriz) from the Systar System kidnaps Emmet’s friends (Banks, Arnett etc.) under the orders of shape-shifter Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi (Haddish), Emmet's (Pratt) Master Builder skills are put to the ultimate test.


    LARRY: I hear there's yet ANOTHER earworm song in this, And it's gonna get me cuz I'm a sucker for it.

    MADHERO: I can't believe its been 5 years since the original Lego Movie what the fuck even is time.

    STICKMAN: I'm ready for it. LEGO Movie was great, so was LEGO Batman Movie to be honest. LEGO Ninjago movie even was fun. Ready for moooore.

    MADHERO: And as is Lego movie tradition, the song will be the only thing getting nominated for awards

    STICKMAN: Dang yo. That's cold.

    LARRY: Yeah I'm a fan of all the LEGO movies thus far, even if they've slightly declined with each installment. I've heard this is a worthy follow-up, so bring it on!!

    MADHERO: The whole DCEU is there having a party except Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill because.... well you know

    LARRY: But we do have Sillyman!! I mean, Superman. It's definitely Superman.

    MADHERO: So yeah, should be a fun time. Good to see Friends and Duplo represented. Just one more step till FUCKING BIONICLE



    DIRECTOR: Adam Shankman (Bedtime Stories, Rock of Ages)

    STARRING: Taraji P. Henson, Aldis Hodge, Tracy Morgan, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Richard Roundtree, Pete Davidson

    SYNOPSIS: A woman (Henson) is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession, but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear their thoughts.

    MADHERO: Well this just took a slight turn.

    STICKMAN: A turn right off the cliff.

    LARRY: This is apparently a genuine remake of the Mel Gibson movie and I can't help but laugh. Nobody fucking wanted this lol

    MADHERO: Well now it has a lady reading the minds of men, and obviously its all about how they want to bang Taraji P. Henson, which y'know fair enough.

    LARRY: I mean...hey, that's not too far off.

    STICKMAN: Men, huh? Hooo. Bastards.

    LARRY: Ugh, disgusting men.

    MADHERO: Fuck em. And fuck this movie while we're at it. Or not, maybe its ok. I dunno, I dont really care honestly

    LARRY: It...probably won't be.

    STICKMAN: It looks pretty bad. What's that toast joke about, is this The Simpsons.

    MADHERO: It does, but hey so was the original so they got that going for it.


    DIRECTOR: Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact, At the Devil’s Door)

    STARRING: Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, Colm Feore, Brittany Allen

    SYNOPSIS: A mother (Schilling) concerned about her young son's (Scott) disturbing behavior thinks something supernatural may be affecting him.

    MADHERO: Creepy Kid Horror movie #1 of 2019, followed up soonish by Brightburn.

    STICKMAN: I'd like this to be a good one,'s an early 2019 horror movie and despite early buzz seems to be lacking any buzz a week before release soooo...doooooomed?

    LARRY: Eh, I don't think it looks to be subverting any expectations i.e. doooooomed

    MADHERO: There's stories in the press of this movie that is was actually edited in certain parts because it was too scary.

    LARRY: lol. So it's a lose/lose.

    STICKMAN: Oh god, seriously. If that's real, that's bullshit, if it's some stupid PR stunt then that's stupid as fuck.

    MADHERO: Its probably just dumb PR. I've heard some good stories at festivals but its hard to say. At least nice to see Taylor Schilling in something other than Orange is the new Black

    STICKMAN: As is stands, the review embargo is up like two days before release...which means it's probably not awful, but not that great either. But HEY...if you go see it, you'll get to see the trailer for the Child's Play remake...they did...without the creators screw over his ongoing Chucky film series they don't have the rights to...oh.

    LARRY: I (don't) love horror.


    DIRECTOR: Hans Petter Moland (A Somewhat Gentle Man, In Order of Disappearance)

    STARRING: Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum, Tom Bateman, William Forsythe

    SYNOPSIS: Snowplower Nelson Coxman (Neeson) seeks revenge against a drug cartel in his Rocky Mountains hometown after his son is murdered by the gang.

    STICKMAN: Mr Plow, that's my name, that name again is Mr Plow. I will find you, and I will plow you.

    MADHERO: Finally, the gritty Mr. Plow movie we've all been waiting for

    LARRY: Mr. Plow and The Snowman should team up. Would cause quite a stir.

    STICKMAN: God yes. Please.

    MADHERO: Apparently this movie is actually a really fun dark comedy that almost works as a parody of the Neeson action movie and that kinda makes me really interested.

    STICKMAN: Why have they marketed it as some generic bullshit then.

    MADHERO: The trailer I saw had at least some comedic moments, but probably because the action bits sell better

    STICKMAN: Maybe this really is a Mr Plow movie.

    LARRY: I feel like Liam Neeson has a lot to prove if he's gonna make fun of his own persona he has so ruthlessly ingrained into film.

    STICKMAN: He does that in the LEGO Movie though...and LEGO Movie 2...I guess? Out now.

    MADHERO: I mean, he can do comedy. That's been established for a while now. Its just fun to see him do it in a film like this, which is apparently a remake of a Norwegian film, and the same director is making it

    STICKMAN: What a ride. What a SNOW PLOW RIDE.

    LARRY: Eh, I can't say I consider Liam Neeson a comedic talent. And if so, just barely.

    MADHERO: I can't wait for the Mr. Sparkle movie after this.


    DIRECTOR: Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Miss You Already)

    STARRING: Gina Rodriguez, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Anthony Mackie, Aislinn Derbez,

    SYNOPSIS: Gloria (Rodriguez) finds a power she never knew she had when she is drawn into a dangerous world of cross-border crime.

    LARRY: So apparently this isn't very good.

    MADHERO: O hey, another remake of an foreign language film that I didn't know existed

    STICKMAN: I didn't even know this film existed, let alone the original.

    MADHERO: Same, honestly. Probably a reason why they're dumping this in the Super Bowl weekend.

    STICKMAN: Hide it behind the leather eggs.

    LARRY: I'd just rather watch Gina Rodriguez as Carmen Sandiego tbh.

    MADHERO: Well you can at least hear her do that in the animated series and the live action film will happen soon-ish. So yeah, that's probably gonna be a better attempt than this

    STICKMAN: Dang.


    MADHERO: Alright, instead of something overly generic, let's go talk about films we liked on MOVIE OF THE WEEK!


    MADHERO: Very new and exciting, yes. I think we've all got something a little bit different, so that'll be fun

    STICKMAN: We're all doing Venom.

    LARRY: Ummmm. No?

    STICKMAN: Wait...I'm not doing it either.

    MADHERO: Well, I'll guess I'll start with mine then.


    So as per tradition, I went to the IFFR for the third time this year, or the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Now for the longest time, it seemed like I wasn't able to go on account on some major IRL stuff going down, but eventually I did, though I was only really able to see 2 films. One of which was High Life, which didn't really click for me honestly but that's more on me than the film probably. What did click with me a lot more is Zhang Yimou's Shadow, which is a hell of a lot better than The Great Wall was, so you could say that its a return to form.

    The film mainly follows a commander named  Jing, who's actually the "shadow" of the real commander who's been ravaged by a wound that seems to age and weaken him. He must train to defeat a different commander from a warring city so that an invasion can take place, but is everything as it seems? What mostly stands out is how the movie uses the color grey. This is an extremely grey movie but I've never seen it used so beautifully. While the film starts slow, it really gets going once its gets to the action and the color red is introduced, and hoo boy there's lots of it. There's some really great action there and I'll never look at an umbrella the same way. I don't know how you might be able to watch this, but do so if you can

    STICKMAN: Is there any edgy hedgehogs in this.

    MADHERO: God I wish, but no sadly

    STICKMAN: Fuck. You go to this fancy pants film festival but you don't find any hedgehogs. What was the point.

    LARRY: Psh, not High Life? Unsubscribed.

    MADHERO: High Life just didn't do it for me eventually. Sorry. This however was really cool, and I can't undersell just how gorgeous it is

    STICKMAN: I do like me some stylishly muted colour pallets. This sounds like my kinda jam, shame I'll never ever get to see it ever.

    MADHERO: Grey has never been more stylish. And boy does it get bloody in the 2nd half.

    LARRY: ...wait so is the blood gray too? Nothing gets me hornier than well color-corrected violence.

    MADHERO: No, the film is in color. It just uses a lot of grey, black and white.

    STICKMAN: That's hot dude.

    MADHERO: What about your film, Sticky? Is that one hot?

    STICKMAN: No, unless you're into dirty fingers and eating all your meals straight out of the pan with a spatula.

    LARRY: ...who says I'm not? Don't kink shame me.

    Mad may be being a hipster with his international film festival BULLSHIT, but I can't let him steal my bitch, I'm gonna do a documentary. Okay, okay, it's an Oscar nominated documentary...and okay, I saw it in IMAX...but...documentaries are hipster...right? RIGHT!? Anyway it's Free Solo, a film I hadn't really heard of prior to the nominations being announced for the BAFTAs and Oscars, where it got a nom in both awards' Best Documentary Feature category, but suddenly found out was playing at my local IMAX so...of I went.

    And what can I say, it was really fascinating, jaw-dropping, a little depressing, and a big heap helping of terrifying It's about a guy who climbs up the sides of mountains without any gear or any rope to stop him from plummeting to his death...and it showed in IMAX so...yeah. Butt clench city. Beyond the jaw dropping feats displayed, it's also a melancholic look at the kind of mindset it takes to do these kinda things, and how that 'it's okay if I die tomorrow' mentality plays with his friends and loved ones. A bittersweet but all the same awe-inspiring real life story. Real good stuff.

    LARRY: Sticky, it's not just some mountain. It's EL CAPITAN. THE TALLEST MOUNTAIN IN AMERICA.

    MADHERO: I've heard some really good things about this, including that yes, it is quite the butt clencher

    STICKMAN: I've never heard so many PPHHHHSSSS in an audience before.

    MADHERO: I almost want a bts of the making of this film, because man, that could not have been easy. Distract him and boom, he ded.

    LARRY: Oh, yeah, I saw this too, btw!! And I loved it, made my Top 10 of the year. There are plenty of videos. As a filmmaker, I was more nervous for the cameras. Those things are worth ass-loads of money in insurance.

    MADHERO: Im pretty sure human life is worth a bit more than some expensive cameras

    STICKMAN: It's pretty BTS in the film honestly. Part of the story is the filming, it's pretty unique and interesting.

    LARRY: Yeah I loved how they sorta spotlighted the relationship between Alex, the climber, and the filmmakers. Fascinating stuff.

    MADHERO: Its definitely one I still wanna see in a movie theater. That seems like the best experience.

    STICKMAN: Hell yeah. Nat Geo in IMAX, son.

    LARRY: Ugh, YES. Seeing it in IMAX was such an incredible experience. You see every damn grain on those rock formations.

    MADHERO: What about you, Larry. What's your Movie of the Week? Does it involve climbing dangerous mountains as well?

    I'm gonna keep this short and sweet since I not only reviewed this movie not-too-many episodes ago but also named it #5 on my Top 5 films of 2018, which it remains to this day. "Widows," Steve McQueen's latest masterwork, was completely shunned from the golden naked men ceremony this year, which is a real shame because the level of filmmaking here is just exquisite.

    From the countless long shots to the compelling character framing to the intense final act, McQueen truly is a versatile filmmaker and he's made something truly wonderful. If you slept on "Widows" last year, please do yourself a favor and get on this.

    MADHERO: I still haven't seen this sadly so you can blame me for its snubbing


    STICKMAN: I had mixed feelings on this as we've previously established, but the performances especially feel like a big oversight on the Academy's behalf, given worse films are up for Best Picture.

    MADHERO: I'm sorry that I didn't have a lot of time in the period that it came out, ok. I'll try and catch it now that its easily avaliable

    LARRY: Well DO IT.

    STICKMAN: It's got a dog in it, A DOG.

    MADHERO: The dog from Game Night in fact. And ok, Shia. I'll try now that I have more time on my hands. Its a shame the Academy didn't care for it as much. Better luck next time, McQueen

    LARRY: Wait, really? It's the same dog? He must have a damn good agent.

    STICKMAN: Yeah boi. It does feel weird to follow up winning Best Picture with something that didn't  get a single Oscar nomination. But there you go.


    MADHERO: I think that about wraps everything up. Hope you're all able to recover from that Rams/Pats loss and all those boneless chicken wings or whatever, because next episode we once again dive headfirst into the world of anime adaptations, and boy that's always a treat. Also dragons.

    STICKMAN: I want chicken wings. And HTTYD 3 came out like two days ago here so that's weird. Oh well.

    LARRY: Moral of this episode? Go watch Widows and 12 Years a Slave. That's all I got out of it anyway.

    MADHERO: That and chicken wings are good. We just established this. On that moral lesson, we bid you adieu

    STICKMAN: I wonder what dragon wings taste like. Okay bye.

    LARRY: Adios muchachos.

  • Little gun

    5 months ago


    Today I stopped by a gun store to look at a North America Arma pistol damn it's small! You know I have had to of pick one up before but I can't remember if I had but I was shocked by how little it was and by the cost $400.00+.

    They had a Smith and Wesson number#1 in the case...and I got to hold it... first revolver pistol to use ccartridges. 1850's