Thanks to the awesome folks who have pledged to my Patreon I’ve had enough money this past year to put together enough printing equipment to be able to fully make my own comics and books. It’s a lot of work, and boy does our apartment get really warm when that printer is cranking, but to have some books to offer at conventions makes it all worth it.


In fact I have a very special RTX exclusive to offer at my booth this year. Thanks to Rooster Teeth, and especially Matt Hullum for giving me permission, I have a VERY LIMITED run of the Rooster Teeth Comics books available at this RTX! This will be an RTX exclusive, only available to buy at my booth during RTX 2017!


First comic off the bindery (working on more now:


Extra special thanks to Brandon Farmahini who took a lot of time to dig the original files out of the RT archives. I owe him a big one.


Because I’ve done all the printing and assembly myself I’ve been able to keep the costs pretty low for books like this. And I’m not trying to get rich off these books, so I’m charging as little as I can. But I only have a few to offer.  If you are at RTX you can get a set of all 5 for $200.


But here’s the thing I need help with: due to time I will only be able to have 3 full sets of comics at RTX to sell. So I need a way to offer them in the most fair way possible. Do I have a raffle and then pull a name from a hat at the end of each day and the winner can buy them? Maybe there are only three people who want a full set, and I should just sell them first come first serve? Do I offer one set each day of the con? Let me know if you have a suggestion!


Of course I’ll have plenty of other things to sell, including hardcover collections of Balls 2 That and the new collected Cheer Up Emo Kid books, and even a small Lazer Team fan comic. So even if you are not interested in the original Rooster Teeth comics come by Booth #1217 and say hi!