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  • At the Screwvies: Episode 102

    8 hours ago



    Hey. So you know that feeling when you're witnessing history. That moment where something approaches and you just know that this is going to have a massive impact. The intensity of the hype? It can be quite overwhelming, but I can't wait for next week and all of us say: "yes, I saw the caveman claymation football movie." Truly a momentous occasion. And I guess there's some cat man walking around. Probably not a big deal.

    STICKMAN: Psschh, he's not made of plasticine.  Just money.

    LARRY: I mean, who else is gonna relate Brexit to football??

    MADHERO: Woah. Leave the politics out of this wholesome blog. They can maybe return to one of our reviews though. Maybe. ANYWAY, we missed the Super Bowl last episode, so we're gonna talk about those things now while everyone has moved on

    STICKMAN: It's all about those Winter Olympics now bruh. Did you SEEE that Grinch teaser. No. 



    Well, it took fucking forever, but we finally got our first look at Solo. After multiple unconfirmed rumors that Disney was preparing for this to die, we got our first look during the Super Bowl and a full trailer not too long after. It Star Wars. A lot more muted in color than I thought, which contrast the cool teaser posters they have. I'm sure it'll be fine, but the trailer didn't really take much of my scepticism away, but hey I'll probably still see it, so Disney won't care.

    The bigger news came not too long after, when LucasFilm announced that they would be producing a new series of films with David Benihoff and DB Weiss, best known for showrunning all of Game of Thrones, one of the biggest tv shows of all time.  Now after that, they could do pretty much anything they wanted, so to see them tackle Star Wars of all things is pretty exciting. There's been some backlash of some people who see GoT's quality has gone down in the recent seasons, and of course the feeling of Star Wars fatigue, which I'm starting to feel as well. But hey, we'll wait and see what they'll be about when Episode IX is over and done with

    STICKMAN: It sure is a trailer for a Star Wars movie. This time not as visually interesting. Outstanding.


    LARRY: Ehrenreich hasn’t sold me yet, but other than that, not a bad trailer. Admittedly got me hyped for a movie I’ve been skeptical about.

    STICKMAN: What's there to be hyped about!? Why are people won oooover?! Is all it takes just a bunch of Star Wars shapes and noises to get people bending over and taking a big ol ramming from Disney?

    MADHERO: I mean, Glover as Lando looks glorious. I wish the movie was about him

    STICKMAN: I think we all do. Would be an interesting story compared to Han Solo doing the kettle run or whatever.

    LARRY: Yeah, honestly. SHOCKS me that they didn’t even give him a line in the trailer. It’s also a proven talent. As opposed to Ehrenreich.

    MADHERO: But hey, how about that FUTURE STAR WARS?! Guess that announcement means their Confederate show is permanently on ice.

    LARRY: Thank god. What a fucking stupid idea.

    MADHERO: Dumb ideas aside, how do we feel about them working on it? Obviously these guys were in high demand, but Star Wars is extremely different from Game of Thrones.

    LARRY: I mean, I’m fine with it. As long as they don’t come up with any stupid ideas I’m sure they can bring the size and scope needed for a SW film.

    STICKMAN: I have never watched Game of Thrones so. I just expect a lot more porn in these films. Maybe Chewbacca mounting Han Solo.



    MADHERO: Not even a cheeky dvd box purchase? Dang. That's how I've seen....andpiracy. I'm curious what they come up with and kind of story they'll tell. Should also say this'll be a different thing from what Rian Johnson is cooking up

    LARRY: Yeah at least the trilogies are gonna have variety. They are reaching for outside the Skywalker saga,

    MADHERO: We can speculate forever, but we'll have to wait. MOVING ON


    As part of many reveals at this year's Super Bowl, we got our first look at the sixth installment in the surprisingly, consistently solid Mission Impossible franchise, following on from Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation with...Fallout. The stunt-heavy action franchise has been going from strength to strength since Mission Impossible 3, so it's fair to say expectations are high for the new one, and we finally got our first certainly looks like a Mission Impossible film!

    Following on from the events of Rogue Nation, we see Tom Cruise, along with his increasingly larger cast of regulars aside Jeremy Renner, who was too busy fighting Thanos I guess, with Henry Cavill sporting the now infamous moustache that had a hand  in ruining Justice League. We got crazy fucking stunts, Tom Cruise piloting his own helicopter, explosions, gun shots, the theme tune, and of course, Ethan Hunt seemingly going rogue/off the radar or something,. I'm a big fan of these films, and the last two were really fun, so I hope this continues the solid, creative and entertaining trend they started. And hell, even if it doesn't, you won't be able to say Tom Cruise didn't give it his all, he fuckin corkscrewed a chopper and kicked the side of a building so hard he broke his ankle. That guy...he's NUTS.

    MADHERO: Henry Cavill's stache took over his Instagram and its great. Totally worth destroying a cinematic universe for.

    STICKMAN: I agree, mainly because that cinematic universe already sucked to begin with. THAT SAID, surprised this one hasn't become a cinematic universe, eh?

    LARRY: Honestly, I like this trailer. Makes MI feel oddly fresh. Also I’m a SUCKER for anything with Simon Pegg.

    MADHERO: Its a really solid trailer, yeah. Quite punchy and reminds you why I like the series in the first place

    LARRY: I also like the addition of Rebecca Ferguson. She seems to fit this franchise somehow.

    STICKMAN: She was in the last one. That's why she fits so well.

    LARRY: Oh shit, I didn’t see that one.

    MADHERO: She was phenomenal in Rogue Nation, so hopefully she'll bring the same here.

    STICKMAN: Also Ethan's girlfriend from Mi3 is back. Thank god, I guess. Really wanted to know about her situation.

    MADHERO: This is also the first time a director returns on a MI film. McQuarrie did really well, so I’m ok with that. Lets hope this is more than ok, for Tom Cruise's ankle's sake

    STICKMAN: Tom Cruise is more Thetan than man these days.


    HOLY TRAILERS BATMAN. That's right, it's time to do a brief little round-up of the many, many trailers that have hit the interwebs since the last episode. Well, needless to say, we got plenty to chew on. Skyscraper showed us so more action-packed Rock-ness, along with a terribly designed jump in the poster. Red Sparrow also came to play, aka the Black Widow movie we all deserve, along with a spankin new look at Infinity War, featuring Captain America with a newwwew shieldddddd YAYYY. The most talked about drop was probably The Cloverfield Paradox, the newest Cloververse effort which dropped mere hours later on Netflix right after the game was over!! It was an incredibly impressive stunt. Finally, we also got a new look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, continuing to prove why this movie shouldn’t exist.

    Outside of the sports, two additional big hitters in this year’s release schedule got new trailers. The first was Deadpool 2, continuing it’s tongue-and-cheek style of self-awareness and odd nostalgic references. Plus Deadpool apparently likes Toy Story. Then, The Incredibles 2premieres an ACTUAL trailer his time, courtesy of the Olympics, and it was awesome, thank his. It showcases a new narrative direction, with Elastigirl taking on superhero duties while Mr. Incredible becomes a stay at home dad. Not gonna lie, I’m into that, and the math joke was so god damn relatable I almost physically reacted to that. Add that to a clearly skeevy Bob Odenkirk, and you have a much more satisfied customer regarding this movie.


    STICKMAN: Oh wait. It was tourism all along.

    LARRY: Oh, what a shame. Anyway: Hey look an Incredibles trailer finally yay!!!

    MADHERO: There's too many things to discuss. I like Incredibles' Stay At Home dad angle and my boi Bob Odenkirk, but we'll see when it comes out this summer.

    STICKMAN: Jurassic World 2 had....dinosuars?? Along with what seems like 4 different plot threads.

    MADHERO: I like the first Jurassic World as a dumb popcorn film, but that also means I'm not all that excited for the sequel. I'm excited for Deadpool 2 though. Surprise Terry Crews is always good.

    STICKMAN: Deadpool 2 looks like a Deadpool sequel. Can't say I'm jumping off the walls for that.

    LARRY: Gotta appreciate the Toy Story reference.

    MADHERO: It was a really fun segue. I guess the biggun is Cloverfield Paradox, which shocked basically everyone, but we'll talk about that more.....soon

    STICKMAN: Whatever you think about Cloverfield Paradox...that mic drop of a release was fucking amazing. I came back from watching something and saw it and was like OOOH FUUUCCKKK.

    LARRY: No, yeah, very well hidden. Surprised they managed to keep it a secret.

    MADHERO: That was a really fun surprise. I imagine Cloverfield 4 just appearing in my PS4 or something.

    STICKMAN: It's already here. It's inside all of us. It was friendship.



    At first, Jumanji seems like one of those films that will come and go without much thought. In our Screwvies preview, I called it a film that I would probably watch it if it comes on Netflix, but wouldn't pay much attention to it. Well shows what I know, cause since then Jumanji has become a collossal hit far beyond what everyone could've expected. The film has made more  than the likes of Spider-Man Homecoming and Spectre, and will surpass Spider-Man 3 to become  Sony's 2nd highest grossing film ever. Its unlikely to pass Skyfall, but the fact its become Dwayne Johnson's and Kevin Hart's biggest domestic hit is something no one could've predicted.

    Sony, a studio often portrayed as desperate for franchises, is obviously thrilled by this, and has now fast tracked a sequel which will see the return of Johnson, Hart, Karen Gillen and Jack Black. Writers Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg are in talks to write the script and Jake Kasdan will likely return to direct as well. Obviously the question is how they'll tackle the sequel, but that's for them to figure out. I still need to see what the big deal is, and I will.....on Netflix cause that's how stubborn I am.

    STICKMAN: Snoooore.

    MADHERO: Watching this movie's success is probably a wilder journey than the actual movie, but I've been baffled by how well it's doing. Really seems like people are connecting to it

    STICKMAN: Nostalgia sells all things. Clowns, board games, other.

    LARRY: Yeah but not normally this well and this quietly. Jumanji has literally been in the Top 5 since release.

    MADHERO: I honestly don't think it was nostalgia. Because otherwise Independence Day Resurgence would've made a billion dollars. Maybe it made all that money because its.....good?

    LARRY: Damn. What an idea. MOVIES BEING GOOD

    STICKMAN: Okay, nostalgia and being watchable.

    MADHERO: It boggles the mind. Most of the people I've talked about it said they've really enjoyed it and were surprised by it, and word of mouth has just really caught on. I imagine this would maybe make 350 million or something. Not make more money than any Spider-Man film.

    STICKMAN: I didn't even like the original Jumanji that much  honestly. You ain't gonna get my ass in a seat by doing a random sequel with Jack Black playing a high school girl.

    LARRY: Well, another one’s coming. So buckle up.

    MADHERO: Its funny. I've seen Jack Black's Bethany been called a better feminist character than Belle from the new Beauty and the Beast, which is pretty wild.

    STICKMAN: Question, if Jack Black as a girl and another guy as a girl talk together about something not relating to men, does Jumanji 2 pass the Bechdel test.

    MADHERO: Maybe we'll get that answer in the sequel. Moving on


    Uh-oh! Sony are at it again! Despite finally getting the Spider-Man franchise back on track with Homecoming last year, they've decided they still want to keep doing its own thing as well. We've got the oddly awesome looking Enter the Spider-Verse coming at the end of the year, but before that? We're getting VENOM. The solo outing for the symbiote and its host Eddie Brock that won't have Spider-Man in it. Y'know....just like nobody wanted. And we got our first look at it this week! OH BOY!

    Featured in this first brief look at VENOM is...not Venom, actually. Your only real hints at the titular gooey big boy come from said goo being in a jar for a brief shot, and then Tom Hardy's neck getting all icky gross for a brief shot. The rest of the teaser comprises of Tom Hardy putting on another wacky accent, moping around being all emo, going into a store...there's some bodies and a motercycle chase or something. And then he screams. Cue the logo which is just Venom's face...and that's it, folks. Uhhh...okaaaay? I want this to be good, the teaser wasn't awful, but it was definitely lacking in a crucial departme-WHERE THE FUCK WAS VENOM.

    MADHERO: I expected nothing and somehow I'm still disappointed by this....thing

    STICKMAN: I was hoping to be won over, instead I just feel like my zest for life has diminished a little. Not bad, just...expectedly mediocre.

    MADHERO: I don't know who said it, but they nailed it by saying it looks like a fan trailer using a bunch of other Tom Hardy movies and sci fi to look vaguely like a Venom trailer.

    STICKMAN: Oh my god, that's so accurate it hurts.

    LARRY: I honestly am not as disappointed in this trailer as other people. In fact there’s a lot of merit to not showing Venom. But...yeah it doesn’t do much to make up for it.

    STICKMAN: Nope. If your film is called VENOM. Show at least, like...a nipple. Jesus.

    LARRY: I mean we see the symbiote.

    MADHERO: I never ever thought we were going to see the Venom suit. The CG for that is probably not done, but you could've shown something. I think right now you have the problem that if the logo wasn't slapped on, you'd have no idea what it was.

    LARRY: Okay but like. The suit is one big figure. It’s hard to show portions of it without it looking stupid.

    STICKMAN: Show me his BUTT. I've seen Tom Hardy's butt, many times. I wanna see SOOOMETHING. Prove to me this is a Venom movie and not just Tom Hardy getting jiggy with some goop.

    LARRY: Eh, I am against this movie as a whole so I have barely any stake in it.

    STICKMAN: I just want a good live action Venom. Is it so much to assssk. For FUCK'S SAKE.



    It is unfortunately of those times where we here At The Screwvies must address the passing of another beloved figure in cinema. Johann Johannson, revered film composer, has passed away at 48 due to unknown causes. You may recognize his work from his acclaimed scores for The Theory of Everything, Sicario, and Arrival. He would often blend electronic sounds with orchestral arrangements, creating a unique and memorable sound. He will have one posthumous release, Mary Magdalene, directed by Garth Davis. An accomplished solo musician as well, Johannson’s few notable works had a sincere impact on cinema in a very short period of time. We thank him for all he did, and send condolences to his family and friends at this time. RIP.

    MADHERO: God, this is so unexpected and sad. 48 is way too young

    LARRY: I remember how shocking it was to see this on my feed. So sudden and unfortunate. He was a fantastic composer.

    STICKMAN: This is a real tragedy. A lot of movie composers somewhat go through the motions with what's expected for a film, but this guy always brought something new to the table.

    MADHERO: He hadn't been composing for Hollywood for very long. His first Hollywood film was Denis Villeneuve's Prisoners, with whom he worked with up until Arrival. His Sicario work especially is excellent

    LARRY: I think Arrival is probably his best work. Though Theory of Everything is beautiful, if more straightforward.

    STICKMAN: Sicario is one of those scores that's really influenced a lot of other films and TV shows since that point. A modern day Inception. Feel like this is a guy who was just getting started,  to lose him so suddenly and so young is heartbreaking.

    LARRY: He did so much outside of film. What a multi-faceted talent, man. Taken away too soon.

    MADHERO: He hasn't done a lot of scores, but his always stood out and you can't help but feel he was going to maybe win a Oscar someday, not that you need one for validation. Gone way too soon.

    LARRY: He definitely deserved one.

    STICKMAN: At least his work will live on in the films and other productions he put his mark on.


    MADHERO: Alright. I l joked about it earlier, but yeah, as it turns out, we are in fact dealing with a historical release. He may not be the first black superhero, but the sheer hype for Black Panther has been....something to behold. Even as someone like me,  a white guy, it can't help like you're witnessing something major. So y'know, no pressure and all. With all that hope and hype, can Black Panther actually live up to it? Or will we freeze, despite the claim he never freezes.

    STICKMAN: Oh, so ...we're not dedicating the rest of the blog to Early Man? I...I thought...okay.


    MADHERO: Sorry, Sticky.  But some things take priority over British clay cavemen. And hey, you say it, WE ALL DID. So lets cut to the chase. DOES BLACK PANTHER FREEZE OR NOT?!

    STICKMAN: Depends on the quality of the cinema projection I guess.

    MADHERO: YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! Do you like the angry cat man?



    DIRECTOR: Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station, Creed)

    STARRING: Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis, Forest Whittaker, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett

    SYNOPSIS: T'Challa (Boseman), after the death of his father, the King of Wakanda, returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king.

    STICKMAN: Mmmm....well, I do. Obviously, I already loved the big angry cat man before I went in. Was his film good? Well...yes! Whilst I don't think it's the best the MCU has to offer, it certainly has plenty of great aspects, some of which are possibly the best we've seen in this franchise.

    First and foremost, the acting talent on display is supreme. There's not a dud performance to be had in here, with the real highlights being Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright in their respective, contrasting but equally entertaining and badass roles...and of course, Michael B Jordon as possibly the best MCU movie villain to date? Providing an effortlessly cool persona, energy, humour and a shit-ton of emotional resonance from the moment he appears on screen. Boseman is great in the lead too, and the world of Wakanda, a true character of its own is brought to life spectacularly, a colourful and wacky setting that I've never really seen before in a blockbuster film. My main quarrel is twofold, once you get past the great cast and vibrant setting/visuals, it's somewhat...standard superhero fare. Not bad, but nothing remarkable in terms of the general beats. Also, the opening 20 minutes or so are kinda a bit hard to get into, there's a lot of loredumping and getting used to the setting and mythology of Wakanda and all its glorious techno-bullshit. Other than that? Really good fun.


    MADHERO: I agree with a lot of what you're saying. I think one of the biggest strengths of the movies lies in its characters. This is probably the best new ensemble since maybe the GOTG. From its badass female characters in Nakia, Okoye and Shuri, but also iWinston Duke as M'Baku and Andy Serkis having a grand ol time not wearing pingpong balls. The standout is  Michael B. Jordan though, who is not only a great villain for his charisma, but because he manages to become surprisingly sympathetic and you completely understand his anger and frustrations. His relationship with T'Challa gave a real Professor X/Magneto vibe, but one that feels rooted in reality (we'll probably talk more about it, but I did not expect this film to talk about race relations this head on). The world of Wakanda is the true highlight though. From Ruth E. Carter's amazing costumes, Hannah Beachler's production design and Ludwig Goransson's score all make Wakanda feel real and unique in a way Asgard  never did. It makes you believe in a super advanced hidden African nation allowed to flourish without colonialism, and there's something truly remarkable about it, like it was commisioned by a non-existent tourism boad.

    LARRY: To me, Black Panther is another solid Marvel effort. Admittedly, it suffers from a mixed bag of a first half, with some great scenes and some meh scenes. Also some minimal plot contrivances. Whatever it’s fine. But when the second half kicks in, hooooo boy do we start to get to top tier Marvel territory. Strong thematic work and excellent direction reach amazing levels, with already strong performances and gorgeous visuals. I had a blast with it and I’m happy to see an auteur filmmaker take a shot at a Marvel blockbuster without going too overboard. Two thumbs up from this guy.

    MADHERO: If you don't mind, Larry? What did you think was meh about the first half? Because I can understand finding the first part a bit odd (though it makes sense) and the stuff after maybe boring, but I loved seeing Wakanda come to live in that moment and it simply allows to world to be and breather, which you don't really get with other Marvel films. I honestly didn't mind the 2 minute lore dump since its really well animated.

    LARRY: Yeah it feels a tad disjointed, I don’t really love the first action fight sequence or the first tribal fight sequence.

    STICKMAN: The animation was lovely but I'm not a fan of world-building in the form of detached prequel sequences. My main issue was just it being like WOAH HEY HERE'S THE ENTIRE MYTHOLOGY and then setting up stuff for later, but that was 20 minutes out of the two hours  and 10 I think.


    MADHERO: See, I loved the tribal scene cause it was like nothing I had seen before. That's something that always comes back to me: wow, I really haven't seen it. You could argue that it ultimately becomes a straightforward narrative, but I loved to see the world just be, let Wakanda feel like a real place with a real culture

    LARRY: Nah, let me be clear: I LOVE WAKANDA. It is oozing with lore and character and color. It’s amazing. I just don’t like how the first tribal fight sequence is shot and edited.

    STICKMAN: I thought the action was fine, but not really the MCU at its peak in terms of choreography. The ritual scenes were cool because of the visuals and atmosphere. Also I got to see a lot of buff shirtless dudes.

    MADHERO: The Korea part of the movie is probably the most comic booky, though its really more like James Bond. Its not the best action, but the end battle is a lot of fun for.....reasons.

    STICKMAN: See I really liked that sequence, kinda wish the film had done a bit more of those.

     LARRY: I actually loved the casino scene.

    MADHERO: What I'm surprised by, and I hope this is something we'll see more of in the future, is how separate it feels from the MCU while still very much being a part of it. We often fear the MCU can feel like homework assignment and having to keep up with everything to make sense of it, but Black Panther, besides a couple nods and characters from other films, feels remarkably separate. You do not need to have seen the other films to make sense of it (though it adds a lot of value to certain moments). And there's parts where it feels like a Ryan Coogler film and not just a cog to the machine. With that and Thor Ragnarok, we're seeing an era of Marvel letting their directors do their thing, which I guess they can do now that they're guarenteed money makers

    LARRY: Oh yes, this is certainly very contained.

    STICKMAN: I feel like we've felt that with several MCU films so I don't really see why this is a big deal. There's cosmic space adventures, mind-bending magic, stripped back espionage's all connected by references and little tie-ins. Spider-Man and Civil War are really more outliers than anything.

    MADHERO: Well we did with Thor, but there's not much in the way of nods to other films or mentions of other Avengers. Its part of a trend that I hope continues.

    STICKMAN: I'm all for standalone films within the MCU that aren't required to go OH HEY IRON MAN'S OVER THERE, GUYS.

    MADHERO: Well, with Infinity War....who knows who's going to lead the pack after that. Were you guys surprised as well at how surprisingly political it got? Obviously that can happen with royalty and government, but it tackled some issues I never expected a blockbuster to tackle.

    LARRY: I mean, I found it impossible to not be political. Especially considering this film’s place in the pop culture zeitgeist.

    STICKMAN: I wasn't super surprised, if any Marvel film was going to get embroiled in politics, it was going to be this one. The latest run of the Black Panther comics is more  political drama than comic book action, really.

    LARRY: I think it tackled all of these themes very, very well. A very multi-sided argument portrayed in many different ways.

    STICKMAN: The climatic scene between Black Panther the villain was particularly stirring, not to mention having one of the most stirrrrring mid-credits scenes for the MCU. Minus that weird bit about Wales.


    MADHERO: Obviously I'm not going to experience this movie in a way the think pieces are going to make want to experience it. I hope we're going to get to a point in time where Black Panther is something special, but for now it really is in the best way. Representation in a empowering way that will inspire millions, an amazing batch of characters who'll surely grow in future sequels, and a world I can't wait to reexperience at some point. I don't know where this ranks among the MCU films (its becoming harder and harder) but its a stunning achievement in almost every way and worthy of the hype. Long may the king reign.

    LARRY: Overall I don’t think this is a masterpiece by any stretch, but I think it’s an important film that delivers on quality messages. And, obviously, a lot of people are enjoying and connecting to this film, so I’m happy about that, even with a stark contrast of quality between the first and second half. Also all hail Ryan Coogler. That man is a god.

    STICKMAN: I really liked this film. I was a little disappointed that it didn't have more memorable action sequences, and despite breaking new ground for the MCU in terms of thematics, failed to offer an original narrative once you get past all the presentational/character positives. But I mean...those are what make this such a good film. Not only do you have a layered and inspirational lead hero, but possibly the MCU's best ensemble supporting cast, and maybe its best villain. There's some surprisingly emotional scenes throughout, and although the action scenes are rarely that spectacular, they always have a weight to them because of your connection with the characters, both good and 'bad'.  Foremost it's a fantastic and fully realised achievement, bringing the world of Wakanda and the diverse and likeable citizens within it to life, with spectacular results. It's not cream of the crop  MCU, but it's well worth a watch.

    MADHERO: Well that's that. BUT WAIT, WE'RE NOT COMPLETELY DONE WITH REVIEWS! We talked about football playing claymation cavemen, and of course that refers to Early Man, Aardman's new claymation feature and their first original work since Pirates! Stickman, notorious Aardman hater but lover of football, is the only one that watched it. So hey, is it any good?(edited)


    DIRECTOR: Nick Park (Chicken Run, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit)

    STARRING: Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston, Maisie Williams, Timothy Spal, Richard Ayoade

    SYNOPSIS: A caveman named Dug (Redmayne), along with his pet sidekick Hognob, unites his tribe to save their valley home when it is claimed by Lord Nooth (Hiddleston) and his Bronze Age City

    STICKMAN: you all know, I really love my football, and despite  my dislike  of Aardm-Oh wait, that's not right. Yes. I somewhat like Aardman productions, they've been a huge inspiration on me my entire life, I love them to bits, and I was very excited for their latest feature, with Nick Park, creator of Wallace & Gromit and directing genius back at the helm for the first time since 2009. Early Man is a really fun and enjoyable film, but sadly it's not quite up to the standards we seek from this studio, particularly this director. Whilst it's frequently very funny, and full of charm, heart and the usual Aardman touches and details throughout, it's unfortunately a very by the numbers underdog narrative that lacks the same compelling characters and story that say, Chicken Run or Curse of the Wererabbit had. It's not bad by any means, but it's not their best by any stretch. I'd put it above Shaun the Sheep, but below the other stop motion features, which is a shame given how long you have to wait for these to come along, but...I'm not saying it was bad at all, just not an instant classic like Nick Park's previous works. That said? If your local screenings of Black Panther are all sold out? Can't go wrong, really. This is a really fun and charming romp.

    MADHERO: That's a bit of a bummer that you didn't like it as much as you could've. Is that partly because of the football? I like both Aardman and football, so will I get more out of it?

    STICKMAN: Honestly it's not so much to do with the football itself, although the use of football as a main plot mechanic means the film lacks the creative action sequences people have maybe come to expect. Toy train chases, pie machines, Queen Victoria and her mechanical battle dress...this film lacks something to that caliber. In fact it doesn't really have much action at all. It's just the football sequence that comprises the end of the film is just kinda...drab?

    MADHERO: Its probably still the best football film ever made, cause...well....that's not a list filled with classics.

    LARRY: Well I’m sorry to hear it’s disappointing

    STICKMAN: I just hold Aardman to a high standard is all. Maybe those going in with lower expectations may find themselves enjoying it a lot more.

    LARRY: I’m a fan of Aardman, so it sucks to see something not living up to potential.

    MADHERO: Tom Hiddleston looks like he at least has a lot of fun with his attempt at a Allo Allo French accent

    STICKMAN: Honestly I had my doubts about the performances from the trailer, but they all do a great job in the film.  You really can't tell it's Hiddleston which means you just focus on the character. Same with Eddie the Red Mane, who's actually pretty good.

    MADHERO: So that's Early Man. Stll pretty good, but doesn't live up to Aardman's high standards. Alright, now time for the usual: talking bullshit about movies we haven't seen yet.

    STICKMAN: I will has one scene with a messenger pigeon that's really funny and creative, and I wish the film  had more scenes like that. Also...there's an aspect of the film which I guess is technically spoilers relating to that which...was really underplayed. Oops! Still, good stuff.



    DIRECTOR: Alex Garland (Ex Machina)

    STARRING: Natalie Portman, Oscar Isaac, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny

    SYNOPSIS: A biologist (Portman) signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition where the laws of nature don't apply.

    STICKMAN: OOohhh. I'm so maaaad

    MADHERO: AHHHHHHHHHHH, MY MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIE OF 2018.....and I can't see it in theaters. Fuck

    LARRY: I would say I'm excited to see it theaters but I feel the wounds are still fresh.

    STICKMAN: Not only do I have to wait to see it, I have to wait to see it...on a TV. And some of the reviews are like THIS IS WHAT THE BIG SCREEN WAS MADE FOR.

    LARRY Yeesh...

    MADHERO: Hey now. Don't blame Netflix. Blame Paramount for selling it off. But anyway, I'm still very much ready for Alex Garland's new film. Loved Ex Machina, and people have already said this is on the same level

    STICKMAN: I'm so stoked. Which is what makes the situation so agonizing.

    LARRY: Yeah I'm super excited. I'm also excited to see Natalie Portman in another leading role.

    STICKMAN: I mean. Her being in it is inconsequential to me, personally.

    MADHERO: Heard she's good in this as well, like always, but I'm mostly there for Garland.

    STICKMAN: I'm here for Garland and I'm here for the source material which I hear is fucking nuts.

    LARRY: Bringing in some FRESH CROC

    STICKMAN: Crocs!?

    MADHERO: No spoilers here...I think? Moving on


    DIRECTOR: John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Vacation)

    STARRING: Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler, Billy Magnussen, Jeffrey Wright

    SYNOPSIS: A group of friends (Bateman, McAdams etc.) meet regularly for their game night, and one night they find themselves investigating an actual murder mystery.

    STICKMAN: More like LAME Night. Ahaaaah.

    LARRY: Hoooo boy, what even is this movie.

    MADHERO: This looks....surprisingly fun? I dunno I kinda enjoy the dark comedy aspect of it.

    STICKMAN: I love a good dark comedy. I love...a good one. Jason Bateman isn't really a selling point. I'll be honest.

    MADHERO: Watch Ozark mah dude. Bateman's a good acting man.

    LARRY: Yeah Bateman can handle some darker, dramatic stuff. This just looks...odd.

    STICKMAN: There's too much on Netflix, maybe they should shed a little weight and put Annihilation in cinemas.

    MADHERO: Well he's by nature a comedian. I dunno, I think this looks like fun. The directors of this are also working on Flashpoint and were 2(of the 6 credited) writers on Spider-Man Homecoming.

    STICKMAN: It's got a dog on the poster, so that's something. Not my kinda dog, but. I mean. A dog all the same.

    MADHERO: Its a cute lil doggy

    LARRY: It also has a Sorry piece in a burglar mask. So. Hard to gauge.


    DIRECTOR: Duncan Jones (Source Code, Warcraft)

    STARRING: Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, Seyneb Saleh

    SYNOPSIS: Leo Beiler (Skarsgard), a mute bartender, searches for his missing girlfriend, Naadirah (Saleh), in the rolling city of immigrants where two American surgeons (Rudd, Theroux) are the only recurring clues

    STICKMAN: Oohhhhhhhh boooy. This is really my week.


    MADHERO: This is the movie Duncan Jones has been wanting to make for literally ever. Warcraft was a misstep, but he's done excellent work with his 2 small scale sci fi stories, so I'm all for this

    STICKMAN: This week is a case of Good Netflix, Fuck Netflix. If it weren't for Netflix this film would never exist...

    LARRY Yeah if this is closer to Source Code than I'm fucking ready.

    STICKMAN: This could go either way, and Duncan's been pretty forward with his awareness that some people are gonna hate it, so it's going to be interesting to see how it turns out.

    MADHERO: I think it might be closer to Moon in all honesty, especially since its supposedly takes place in the same universe

    STICKMAN: Also watch MOON, Larry. MOON is a classic.

    LARRY: I know, I know.

    MADHERO: You still have a week. Speaking of which.....HOW ABOUT SOME MOVIE OF THE WEEK. NAILED THAT SEGUE!



    STICKMAN: AAHHH FUCK The Black Panther lives.

    MADHERO: Well.....we could all be lazy and just pick that as our MOTW, but we could also give some other movies their time in the sun. Including one that'll continue our love/hate relation with Netflix

    STICKMAN: How about that Early Man huh Y'all...go see Early Man?

    LARRY: I just might honestly...I dunno.

    MADHERO: So Sticky. What's your Non-Black Panther Movie of the Week?


    STICKMAN: Uhh...well...shit. Let’s talk about a massively divisive movie, HUH? As we said earlier, The Cloverfield Paradox just came outta nowhere literally hours after we finished writing the previous episode of Screwvies, and being a big Cloverfield fan I stayed up until the Super Bowl finished in the US to watch the movie.

    And what did I think?'s...okaaaay? A lot of fun, with a interesting premise, it doesn't really nail the landing and it never fully explores the potential of what it has to offer, but despite the massively negative critical reception, I'd say it was pretty good despite this. Hard to talk about it without spoiling the fun, part of what made this exciting was going in knowing basically nothing, but all I'll say is it's nothing like either Cloverfield movie before it, it's not as good as either of them, but offers a fun, visceral sci-fi adventure with some great performances, funny moments and memorable, shall we say. In my eyes, this film was decent, it didn't deserve the mauling it got, even if it weren't that great either.

    MADHERO: We talked about it with the trailers, but regardless of the quality of the actual film,  I'm amazed they actually went and released a movie like that.

    STICKMAN: It was pretty ballsy. In retrospect maybe something of a cover-up, but hey ho. JJ Abrams climaxed the moment the TV spot landed.

    MADHERO: I think Paramount probably knew this would bomb if they released it in theaters, so making Netflix pay 50 mllion (effectively making a small profit of it) proved to be a smart move

    LARRY: I guess, it's setting a troubling precedent though.

    STICKMAN: It was damage control, but enjoyably ballsy damage control, and I enjoyed the movie so it was win-win, really. Can't say I've ever watched a film knowing nothing about it, having only learned the NAME of the film hours prior. I mean, in this day and age? How often do you go into something completely blind?

    LARRY: Rarely. And it mostly correlates to a great viewing experience.

    MADHERO: Only in games and Beyonce dropping Lemonade, but never in film, so it was fun seeing that implemented. Anyway, Larry. Whats your non-Black Panther MOTW?

    LARRY: My MOTW is Coco, the latest entry in the Pixar library, and most certainly a worthy addition. I can't lie, I didn't think much of this film initially, but once I heard reviews claiming it to be top-tier Pixar fare, I knew I had to see it. And yeah, it's damn great.

    Gorgeous animation with vibrant colors, fun characters who feel genuine, powerful and heartwarming music, a story that throws some twists and turns without it being arbitrary, but most importantly, a world that feels wholly and completely its own. Oh, and it's funny. And imaginative. And it made my best friend cry. It's not perfect, for a few small nitpicks regarding story and world-building build up to some spottiness, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Coco is definitely another shining example of why Pixar is the best in the biz.

    MADHERO: Awww yeah, my nr. 5 movie of last year.

    LARRY: Yeah, made my Top 20 post-2017.

    STICKMAN: More like Nono. As in no, I didn’t see it. I wussed out

    MADHERO: Were the skellymen too scary?

    STICKMAN: Yes. Those eyes. What's going on there.

    MADHERO: I said before that the movie didn't really interest me beforehand, but by the end it really got me and it goes into some pretty dark and unexpected directions.

    LARRY: Oh, absolutely. The third act throws you for a LOOP. I won't say what it does, but MAN. It made many friends of mine cry like babies.

    MADHERO: The last minutes of the movie were pretty damn hard to sit through. It made me sad, but oddly good as well.

    STICKMAN: I don't know man, I feel like  it needs a 20 minute prologue with a singing snowman.

    LARRY: Ya see that's what was missing.

    STICKMAN: What did you do Mad. Was it Blade Runner 2049.

    MADHERO: NO..........yes. My MOTW is a film that's near and dear to me because...well, it was my favorite movie of 2017, which I've made no secret was Blade Runner 2049, the sequel I long said should not have been made, but boy if Denis Villeneuve made me shut my big fat mouth and show me how wrong I was.

    I've talked about the movie at length, and I'm only talking about it now cause the Blu Ray just came out here in a fancy pants steelbook made by Mondo, which also comes with those shorts they made to add to the world-building. If you love brainy science fiction that makes a shithole world look absolutely gorgeous  thanks to Deakins' camerawork and the amazing production design. It may not be for everyone, but it was exactly my shit.

    STICKMAN: I'm still maaaad that the sexy ass Blu Ray was only available in the UK at HMV and with the 4K release which means I'd have to pay £20 extra for it. And I mean, that's expensive for porn.

    MADHERO: Not sure if it was in the UK, but here there was a collector's edition with a replica of K's blaster, which was super tempting but also 120 euros which is kinda much

    STICKMAN: They had  a £40 special edition that came with Blade Runner whiskey glasses here. If I drank whiskey and had any money, I'd be thrilled.

    LARRY: Hey I liked this movie a lot. Wasn't in my Top 10 but damn is it inspired.

    MADHERO: Good for you.

    LARRY: ...well geez Mad okay.

    STICKMAN: I'm just kinda skirting around the fact that this is the 50th time we've spoken about the movie film. It was my film of the YEARRR. I rewatched it recently too and  rest assured, I still loved it. My fears about it  not standing up second time through were incorrect.

    LARRY: If anything I figured it would only get better.(edited)

    STICKMAN: Not quite as good as seeing it in IMAX...even if it broke. I was concerned without the twists being unknown it wouldn't be as engrossing, I was incorrect.


    MADHERO: Indeed. Well, that about wraps up this colossus of a show. We'll be back with another comic book movie with Black Widow. Weird they recast ScarJo with Jennifer Lawrence though, but I guess its a prequel or something

    STICKMAN: Is there an island of dogs, too?

    LARRY: Ooh boy. Islands

    MADHERO: Doggo Island is in sight too, as well as mopey Bruce Willis. And hey, maybe before all that, we have Oscar Predictions. Depends on production and all that.

    STICKMAN: Gee...well...I'd feel pretty fucking STUPID if I missed out on reading THE NEXT EPISODE OF CINEMAT-At the Screwives. That's the one we do.

  • So You're A Guardian. Here's Some Pre-RTX Tips (2018 Edition)

    1 week ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    I'm back again to give y'all some tips on how to prepare for Guardianship in 2018.  This will be my 8th year as a Guardian, and I can tell you, there's a lot you can do to prepare for RTX before the actual convention.  This is mostly a re-post of my 2017 guide, but there are some great tips for how you can prepare for RTX right now and in the lead-up.  If you're a new Guardian, I highly recommend giving it a read.

    1) So You're A Guardian.  Here's What You Should Do Right Now

    Confirm that you are aware of all official sources of information.  The RT site is the primary source for your information, and should be the hub for all official communication.  There may be instances sometimes when you get news updates from other sources, but they are not a substitute for the RT site.  Check the group often, and keep an eye out for news posts.  Be aware of dates, times, schedules, and information as it becomes available.  By the time RTX rolls around, you should already have memorized the start/end times for each con day, and the major events of the weekend.

    I would also recommend participating in the forum threads in the group.  Get to know your fellow Guardians in the fun threads.  Put the BAR on watch to socialize with your fellow Guardians.  You should also follow the FAQ thread, since it’s a good source of information and answers.

    Also, if you haven't by now, you should be working to establish your lodging situation (hotel, hostel, AirBnB, friend's place, etc).  RT will be releasing their hotel deals as some point, but you should be searching already.  If you a great deal, try to lock it down sooner than later.  Rooming in groups of 3 or 4 can cut costs significantly as well.

    2) When Team Assignments Are Announced

    This will be the next big development before RTX.  Research your role.  Get to know the people you will be working with.  There will likely be an official forum thread or group for your team, which your Team Lead will create and manage.  Just like with the group, check it often.  If your Team Lead introduces any new methods of communication, check those often as well.  Soak up all knowledge from your Team Lead and fellow Guardians on your team.  Be proactive.  If you have a question, ask your Team Lead, or ask in the Guardian FAQ thread.  Stay up to date on any meetings or information that your Team Leads put out.

    Some time after team assignments are announced, you will be given a more specific post within your team (exact place/job you’ll be working).  Stay up to date on any changes to your role, and research accordingly.

    3) Starting Around Two Months Before RTX

    Research the physical area of where you’ll be working, as best you know.  Find the floorplans of the place you’ll be assigned to.  Floorplans can be found on the websites for each venue.  If you don’t know the specifics of your post yet, make an educated guess and adjust your research as information becomes available.  Know the location of restrooms, exits, streets, and nearby restaurants/stores.  As soon as you know your place of lodging, map out your path to work.  Go to google maps, put in addresses, and have an educated idea of the time it takes to get there (and take into account traffic and the time it takes you to get ready).

    The whole idea is to minimize the amount of surprises in your work and travel area.  I find that this approach makes me more comfortable moving around my assigned area, and operating as an authority to attendees.  Spend a few minutes every week or two looking over this.  You won’t be quizzed on this, but you’ll want to have a working knowledge.  Not only for yourself, but for attendees and other Guardians.

    Also, if you plan on ordering anything online for RTX (athletic underclothes, shoes, etc), do it now.  You don't want to waiting on that crucial anti-odor undergarment when RTX approaches.  You'll also want to make sure your shoes are broken as well.

    4) When The Schedule Is Announced

    Get to know the schedule.  Try to memorize the big events, but especially memorize the events that will be taking place in your area.  Think about the specific needs of each event/activity you will be working, and what will be required of your role in it.  Ask your Team Leads and co-workers for any information that might be helpful in those specific cases.

    It is also a good idea to look at events in other locations that take place around the same time as your own events.  This comes in handy when anticipating sudden rushes and traffic of attendees.  Your area might be empty or slow, but when a big panel lets out, those crowds have to go somewhere.  Don’t be caught off guard.

    5) In The Three Weeks Before RTX

    Start eating a little better, if you don't do so already.  Don’t shock your body with new foods or diets though.  You don’t want to throw off your system.  Just pick the healthier option among what you already regularly eat.  Maybe avoid those god tier junk foods you love, and opt for the stuff you already like that might be better for you.  You know your own body, so you know what it doesn’t like processing.  If there are foods or meals that you love but you know make you worthless and lazy, maybe avoid those leading up to RTX.  This isn’t about dieting or losing weight.  You’ll need the energy, so don’t come to RTX starving.  It’s about being well fed, just not full of unhealthy food.  If you can put your body in a healthier and more responsive state pre-RTX, it will make the weekend a little easier.  Make sure to get on a good sleep schedule too, if possible.  One day of bad sleep can snowball over a week, and it’s easy to find yourself dragging by the weekend.  You don’t want to be operating on a sleep deficit during RTX, so try to get on an RTX schedule before the con.

    Hunger and sleepiness can strike hard, even right before RTX even starts.  Many times I find myself getting a little less rest and nutrition leading up to RTX.  It can due to work, travel, or pure excitement.  In each of those instances, it can be easy to lose hours of sleep or to just grab a quick greasy meal.  By the time the Thursday before RTX rolls around, it can be easy to find yourself tired and hungry at midday.  Such is the nature of cons and travel.  And you won’t always be able to eat super healthy at RTX.  Time, money, and distance can conspire to force you to eat greasy and unhealthy foods.  That’s just the reality of conventions, for attendees and volunteers alike.  And that’s okay.  But that’s why it’s important to stock up on healthy habits before RTX.  And remember, like I said, it’s not about dieting or losing weight.  It’s about being well fed on healthy foods already in your rotation.

    Here’s a cautionary tale for you.  At RTX 2015, I made a rookie mistake and went about 23 hours without eating and a whole day with only 4 hours of sleep—and that was by Thursday afternoon before RTX.  Bear in mind, this wasn’t due to the demands of the work, but my inability to manage my own time.  Any veteran Guardian will tell you that this one of the biggest things to NOT do.  Seriously, the first rule of Guardianship is “take care of your body”.

    It might not seem like something to be warned about, but it’s something that can sneak up on you when you’re so excited and dedicated about helping out.  It’s just a natural component of volunteering.  The best way to combat this, should you need to, is to make sure you’re in a good position beforehand by eating better and getting plenty of rest.  Think of it as stocking up on energy and recovery ability.  It gives you an extra boost, and provides you with a cushion of recuperation should you need it.

    6) One Week Before Leaving For RTX

    Make a list of what you’re taking.  Make a list of what you’ll be wearing on each day and night.  Do all your laundry days ahead of time and, if possible, have your bag packed by the day BEFORE you leave for RTX.  And that list of what you’ll be wearing? Pack that too.  No joke, waking up and having an outfit already planned out is a godsend.  The ability to wake up and seamlessly get ready during RTX gives you so much peace of mind.  Personally, I like to pack by the outfit.  I just pull an outfit out of my suitcase, rather than assembling it from packed sections.

    Also, if you plan to carry a bag during RTX, make sure to have that packed and planned out ahead of time too.  If possible, tailor your bag according to what department you will be working in.  Different departments have different needs.  PA’s might need sharpies and hand sanitizer, Panels might need pen/paper, and Tech might need a shitload of tech stuff.  Ask your Team Lead and fellow Guardians for specifics on what your assignment will call for.  Many supplies will be provided, but if you already have access to the appropriate materials, it helps to bring them yourself.  Don’t forget to pack snacks and water either.  DON’T FORGET TO PACK SNACKS AND WATER.  Don’t overpack your con bag though.  We all want to be walking Swiss army knives, but be realistic.  After 3-4 days, all those knick knacks will be hurting your shoulders.

    Take stock of your body as well.  Do your feet tend to hurt after being on them all day? Pack the comfy shoes or buy some inserts.  Do you chafe after walking around a long time? Pack a baby powder for your place of lodging, and pack a tiny one for your con bag.  Do industrial air conditioners dry out your eyes? Pack some eye drops.  Don’t just plan for situations, plan for your body.

    Also, by now, you will likely already know your schedule for that whole week.  Once you do, plan out your meal options as best you can.  Maybe do some research on the nearest restaurants, menus, and prices.  Knowing where you’re getting your meals from and how much they’ll cost can save you an unbelievable amount of time and stress.  When you’re in the thick of Guardian work, with the crowds and noise all around you, eliminating any unknowns can be great for your sanity.  Not just for the days of the convention, but the Thursday or even Wednesday before (if you’re in town then).

    7) One or Two Days Before Leaving For RTX

    Okay, this is where we get a little more…personal.  It isn’t a must-have, but I find that it helps psychologically when you get FRESH TO DEATH.

    I’m talking about haircuts, nail trims, and grooming (face OR body).  I’m talking eyebrows, small problem areas, moisturizing, exfoliating, and shaving.  You're not going to prom or about to get married though, so don't show up not ready to get sweaty (you will get sweaty).  You will be exerting yourself, and you won't be able to preen when you want.  But basically anything you might do when you have a hot date coming up or if you’re going to a nice party, do that.  Take your time, don’t rush.  I highly recommend finding some time to decompress and relax by yourself, and utilizing that time to take care of your body.

    Why, you ask? For yourself.  Have you ever been chilling at home, and had to make an unexpected trip to the grocery store? You’re there, in your comfiest of comfy clothes just watching TV.  All of a sudden, you remember you need olive oil for that kick ass dish you’re making later.  So you go to the store not looking your best, and try to incognito your way through the checkout.  The confidence level is noticeably lower than if you had taken an hour or two getting ready.  I realize that we all have different levels of self-esteem, and some of you would probably feel and look fabulous wearing a trash bag.  That’s fucking fantastic.  But for some of us, there is a measurable amount of confidence and extrovertism that can be gained when we look our best.  You carry yourself better, walk straighter, and make more eye contact.  It’s all about making yourself feel better.  When you look good, you feel good.

    Do the same thing for your clothes.  The priorities when it comes to Guardian clothes are typically comfort and presentability.  You want to be comfortable working all day, and you want to look nice enough for the public to approach you.  Feel free to make the best of that.  Wear special pants/shorts, shoes, socks, or accessories.  It can be nice and trendy, or it can be something that simply says “this is me”.  The idea is to wear something that gives you confidence, whether it’s something nice or something that screams your own personal style.  The same goes for clothes you can’t see.  Don’t trade comfort for style, but if possible, wear some good socks or good underwear.  Good underwear is a huge confidence booster.  It’s a weapon you should have in your arsenal.  Keep in mind, there is a minor dress code for Guardians (approachability, shirt mostly visible on front/back, emphasis on comfort).  But if you can do what I recommend within the Guardian dress code, I would highly suggest it.

    Here’s another personal example.  Right before RTX 2012, I forgot to get a haircut.  My hair was very overgrown.  I didn’t pack any nice clothes, so my wardrobe (as a Guardian AND a civilian), was subpar.  I could feel the lack of confidence I had that weekend.  I met a lot of people I knew for the first time, and I wished my appearance was a little better.  Like I said, for some of you that ain’t no thing.  But for me, sometimes, it can have a negative effect.  The people you meet, attendees and Guardians, will accept you even if you aren’t looking your best.  But looking your best can do a lot for you, psychologically.

    Keep in mind, you will also have to deal with helpless or angry attendees, industry professionals, and don’t forget, RT themselves.  Looking professional and put together can do wonders for your performance.  You’ll see many veteran Guardians emphasizing professionalism and hygiene.  Those two things are vital to being a Guardian.  What I’m recommending is just taking that next step in those two respects.  My only warning is to not go overboard.  After all, you will be working and quite possibly sweating.  So, don’t be too preoccupied with appearances.  But do yourself a favor and give yourself that boost of confidence.  In the days before RTX, make it a point to focus on your body and find serenity in the process.  Use it as a form of meditation, and arrive at RTX with confidence.

    8) Once You Arrive For Orientation

    Pay attention during orientation.  There will be a big orientation with important info, possibly some safety briefings, and then even smaller team-based orientation.  When you break off into teams, soak up your Team Lead’s advice.  During team meetings, if possible, visualize and act out your role.  I’m talking full on miming that shit.  Don’t just learn what you’ll be doing, imagine it.  Picture the crowds.  Physically and vocally act out your role.  This will be your only rehearsal.  It might look weird, but actually acting out the process will help you.

    Get to know your team.  Memorize their names, and tell them yours.  Maybe go to lunch or dinner together if people are available.  If any of you are free during the evenings Friday through Sunday, maybe make dinner plans with each other.  Things like this help your team become more cohesive, and close-knit.  We all have our own neuroses and anxieties.  Some more than others, and that’s okay.  But we all need to help create an environment of comfort within our co-volunteers.  You will be working alongside these people, you will grow fond of them, and sadly, you may never see them again.  Take the time to know each other just a little, even if it’s over a soda during a break.  It will help your work relationship, alleviate any potential awkwardness, and you will be happy you made the effort once you go back home.

    9) The Night Before RTX

    DON’T STAY UP ALL NIGHT.  I know there are evening events, and I know they’re fun.  I will be at them too.  But you know how much sleep you usually require, and you know what your body can and can’t handle.  Don’t cut it close.

    Eat a decent dinner.  It's okay to indulge, but don't go crazy.  Make sure your Guardian clothes for the weekend are planned out.  If you will be carrying a bag with you during RTX, make sure it is packed and ready before going to bed.  Doing these things will ensure you get a good night’s sleep, that you wake up refreshed, and that you won’t be stressed in the morning.  Also make sure that your toiletries and hygiene materials are ready to go in the morning.  Have a space set aside for all your bathroom products, and try to have them in a place that’s easily accessible in the morning.  Between deodorant, toothbrush/paste, soap/shampoo, and beauty products, you can easily lose 10-20 minutes fumbling around in the morning.

    Also be aware of your morning routines, and how your body acts.  Do you need extra waking up time? Get up earlier.  Does your hair require a special touch? Set aside that time.  Will you have morning bathroom business to take care of? Take that into account.  If you're rooming with other people, work out a morning schedule.  Don't rely on a bathroom time slot in the morning if it hasn't been confirmed.

    Also, and this is more of a personal suggestion, take a hot bath before bed.  Still take a shower in the morning, but take a hot bath before bed.  I know not everyone’s lodging situation will allow this (a shower is fine too), but if possible, do it.  Fill the tub up and take a quiet soak for a while.  Relax.  Breathe.  Listen to the sloshing of the water.  Use the good soap, and condition your hair.  Take your time, and maybe put some lotion on after.  Go to bed fresh and relaxed.  You’re here because you want to be.  You’re in your element.  You're with your people.  You’re calm and ready for tomorrow.  You know where you need to be in the morning, and what time you need to be there.  You got this.  Settle down, set an alarm, and go to sleep.

    10) Tips & Tricks

    That’s all I got.  If you want to know more about what to do during the actual convention, feel free to ask.  I will do my best to help.  There are also plenty of other experienced Guardians to ask as well.  I’ll go ahead and leave you with some tips and tricks that might help you during RTX.


    -Don’t be nervous.  The people around you are there to support you.  You’ll go through a lot of on-the-job training on the first day.  You’ll learn a lot, and apply it to rest of the weekend.  Don’t fret.  Any stress you have is a passing condition.

    -Don’t skip meals.  Hand-held and portable foods are your friend, but do take advantage of times when you can sit down and enjoy a meal.

    -Always have water on hand.  ALWAYS HAVE WATER ON HAND.  You don’t even need a space-age Olympian cross-fit artisan water delivery system.  Reuse an Ozarka bottle.  You’re not the Queen.

    -If you have the time and ability, try to take a hot bath at least once during the weekend.  You will be surprised how much it will help.

    -Be willing to relax.  You’ll want to cram as much fun into the weekend as you can.  That’s normal, and what we all want.  But if you feel you might not be up to it, that’s okay.  Chill nights with friends are just as good as wild nights with friends.  One year I even had a relaxing nice Italian dinner by myself.  No joke, it felt good.  Treat yo-self.

    -You will be seeing behind the curtain of RT a bit, but you will be doing so in order to help them.  Remember, you’re a Guardian first, a person second, and a fan third.

    -Food runs are life savers.  Going on break to get something to eat? Have some extra time? Are you working closely with other Guardians? Consider offering to go on a food run for the group.  Work out the money situation (through collection, smartphone apps, or trades), write down what they want, and grab it for them.  This isn’t expected of you, but it’s an option that can save a lot of time and stress.

    -Ask questions if you have them.  Redundant instructions are okay.  You don’t get points for memorizing things the first time you hear them.  But you do get Guardian points for thorough understanding.

    -Guardian Points don’t really exist, but just now I’ve decided to make them a thing.  Use GP for short.

    -If you want to get something from the RT store, try to work out ahead of time when you'll be going.  Ask your Team Lead or supervisor when the best time to go is, or else you risk missing your chance.

    -Avoid having too many chefs in the kitchen.  We all want to help.  We all have ideas.  There will be times when you’re in a discussion with other Guardians about what to do in a situation.  People will have suggestions, and everyone will want to help.  But once a decision has been made in a situation and a plan is implemented, give it a chance.  Don’t complain that your idea was way better the whole time, and don’t gloat if your idea is the one that is chosen.  Don’t let your eagerness to help become a battle over whose idea is best.  Trust your team, and trust your Team Leads.

    -Have fun.  All these people around you are your people.  They like what you like, and you have a lot in common with them.  Probably more than you know.  Feel how happy they are, and feel good about yourself.

    -Write down the screen names, twitter handles, etc. of your fellow Guardians.  Take pictures with them.  Upload those pictures like crazy after RTX.

    -If possible, STAY AFTER FOR THE GREAT GUARDIAN GATHERING IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CON ON SUNDAY.  People will dance.  People will take pictures.  People will cry, including you and RT staff.  You won’t want to leave.

    -Remember how you felt when you were there.

  • January Round-Up

    1 week ago


    Happy February!

    The first month of the year has been chaotic and crazy but I love it.  I'm terrified of the idea of juggling five classes at school, work, spending time with family, and a social life.  School and work consume most of my time but it's day like today where I can sit down and write a proper little something here.  

    A few updates:

    My best friend and I kind of made that 2018 Bucket List... we tried and then did homework. I feel like I never get to see her because our work and school schedules are like Yin and Yang. It is nice to visit her in between classes.

    I know I said this year was going to be all about clarity and accomplishment, but at the moment it just feels like I'm living from deadline to deadline. I'm on top of my work and it's really easy to maintain, but there's a lot of it.

    Random Thoughts:

    A sample ad just popped up for my friend and I's old YouTube channel...from high school. I remember trying to keep it going and alive for as long as I can remember and eventually I just stopped.  Life got in the way and I moved for school. (lol)

    I don't know if it's just me, but I get bored easily of monotony and doing the same thing everyday.  I always want to keep going or go somewhere else and start over and climb my way up.  Granted, I'm not on the top nor will I if I don't stick to my goal.  I'm a part-time night manager and I like the company I work for.  I want to go full-time after college and work my way up, especially to utilize my degree in the corporate offices.  We'll see how it goes, all I can do is try.

    I was worried this wouldn't be very long but wow, it's better than I expected!

    Have a wonderful rest of the month, everyone!

    With love,


  • At the Screwvies: Episode 101

    2 weeks ago



    MADHERO: guys. So in the ectasy of us releasing our 100th episode, I said that we'd be talking Black Panther next month. That, as it turns out, wasn;t the case, but don't worry. We've got movies just as exciting like....oh....oh no. Ummmmmmmmm...... yeah. So who's excited for Fifty Shades to be over?

    STICKMAN: I can't wait for my life to be over, does that count.

    LARRY: I can’t wait for this to be over, and I know that counts for something.

    STICKMAN: What horrors lurk in Episode 101.

    MADHERO: Oh....well good that I didn't also mention that we're talking Peter Rabbit as well......shit.






    Well, after all the buildup, its finally here: The Oscars finally announced their nominees  this past Tuesday, which took forever and is now mostly about Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis being unable to pronounce Missouri, but hey, we also have the actual nominees. With its 13 nominations, only one less than the record, Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water seems to be the current favorite, landing awards in Best Director, Best Actress in what has been a hard to call race. It joins expected nominees like Call Me By Your Name, The Post, Dunkirk and Darkest Hour, but also saw landmark nominees in the Director category, with Greta Gerwig and Jordan Peele being only the 5th woman and dark skinned director nominated in the category for Lady Bird and Get Out respectively.  Three Billboards was long considered a frontrunner, but isn't nominated for  Best Director, which could be considered a pretty big blow. Get Out managed to beat the horror bias and get a Best Picture nomination, which is pretty great to see. Phantom Thread also managed to overperform with a Best Picture and Director nod, something a tad unexpected after the Academy mostly ignored Paul Thomas Anderson's other films.

    Needless to say, the awards is also prime to discuss all the snubs. James Franco, long considered one of the frontrunners for Best Actor for his role in The Disaster Artist, is seemingly out thanks to recent sexual harassment allegations, in favor for Denzel Washington's role in the kinda forgotten Roman J. Isarel Esq. And of course the internet was pissed because Lego Batman got snubbed in favor of Boss Baby.  But hey, it also included landmarks like Rachel Morrison getting nominated for Best Cinematography for Mudbound, making her the first ever woman nominated for the category. Its been a wild ride so  far, but we won't know the eventual winners until another month. I'll just cry about Blade Runner 2049 getting snubbed even though I had accepted that faith. Sniff

    LARRY: Ah, Oscar season. Truly soothes the soul.

    MADHERO: In my experience, it generally leaves most people butthurt, Larry, though this one maybe less than previous years.

    LARRY: Ah, yes. Personally I think this is a great year of nominations. Best Picture in particular is an impeccable race.

    MADHERO: The Best Picture lineup is pretty good, lack of Blade Runner aside.

    STICKMAN: I mean...the Animated Features is a bit of a shitshow but. I don't know who Denis Villeneienvue killed at the Academy, but they ain't biting. He really is the new Christopher Nolan.

    LARRY: Ahem, lack of I TONYA aside. That movie got snubbed to high heaven.

    MADHERO: It, Tonya got its acting noms and that's about what it deserved in my opinion.  After seeing Shape of Water , I'm kinda shocked that's the frontrunner. I love it, but its really weird as well. And its great to see Get Out take a Best Picture nomination as well. Always good to see genre film there.

    STICKMAN: I'm all for a weird monster horror movie about fucking buff fish men getting Best Picture.

    MADHERO: Its not really a horror movie, but I love the love its getting. Same for a film like Lady Bird, which on the surface seems like a generic choice, but its a legitimately great film.

    STICKMAN: I look forward to watching the buff boy for myself in a couple weeks. Lady Bird I dunno even if showing here so NEVER MIND.

    LARRY: EXCUSE ME I TONYA DESERVED A BEST PICTURE NOM. Anyway, as far as Shape, yeah it’s nice to see an outlandish choice get some love, especially one from ol’ GDT.

    MADHERO: del Toro is a lovely man who I wish nothing but the best for. But its going to be an exciting way and we'll get more in depth with our annual Oscar Predictions, in which i'll incorrectly guess Best Picture but win anyway

    STICKMAN: It's gonna be fun to be wrong 99% of the time but get Best Picture right.


    We're on the precipice of a trailer-overload right now, with both a blockbuster Disney movie (Black Panther) weeks away, and the Super Bowl this weekend, it's fair to say we're going to be getting a first look, or another look at some of this year's biggest films in the coming days. We can only go on what we've got at the time of writing here's a biggun...or a littlen....depending on what siiize they aaare...ahhaaa...AHAh....nng...

    Ant-Man is one of the few recent MCU films to maybe not land with as big a thud as most do in this post-Avengers world, skirting a lot of controversy for its loss of Edgar Wright as director, and its wacky tone, which...given 2017s MCU offerings? Seems practically moribund these days. Despite this, it made a decent score of moneys, and is getting a sequel… and we got our first trailer for it. AWOOWW. Ant-Man and the Wasp sees Scott Lang pair up with Hope van Dyne as they both don their shrinking suits to both take on a new enemy, in the form of a gender-swapped Ghost, who has the ability to phase through objects, turn them invisible and remotely tamper with electronics....and also search for Hope's missing mother, who may still be alive somewhere in the Quantum Realm. The sequel seems to be playing with the growing/shrinking tools a lot more, which is going to be great, it also teases Giant-Man’s return, who we first saw in Civil War...which this film is a direct follow-up to, with Scott fresh out of that weird sea prison thing which I guess he’s not in any more? It’s set before Infinity War, but comes out that’s not confusing at all. Still, I’m a big fan of Ant-Man, and I’m hoping the sequel is even more wacky, and even more creative with its shrinky growy...ness. I think we’re all going to need a laugh after Infinity Wars kills everyone, y’know?

    MADHERO: It had cute size gags and really what more do you need from Ant-Man


    LARRY: This was a really fast-paced trailer. Like, it felt like a lot was conveyed in a very efficient amount of time.

    STICKMAN: Not the best Marvel teaser trailer we've had in the past 12 months, but pretty good. Sums up Ant-Man in a nutshell.

    MADHERO: Nothing will beat Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas slapping their knees shouting ANTS. Its very much a teaser trailer. Something which I'm ok with.  I don't think they established its before Infinity War. I mean it probably is, but Ant-Man is once again fulfilling its role as palette cleanser after something massive

    LARRY: Yeah and there’s also theories that Infinity War will feature time travel so this taking place before Infinity War makes sense. Also, happy to see Hope Van Dyne taking a lead role here. Evangeline Lily deserves some time in the spotlight, very talented actress.

    MADHERO: Well there is a Time Stone, but Ant Man might be a good way to just....chill after that whole apocalypse

    STICKMAN: It's always nice to chill after everyone's died horribly.

    MADHERO: Can't say I like the Wasp suit. Feels a bit too muted in color.

    LARRY: Anyway, yeah, good trailer. The shrinking effects look top notch as always. Hoping for more fun humor with that.

    MADHERO: Was the building built with the giant trolley handle or was it a trolley before and made into a building? FIND OUT IN JULY




    We all excited for Ready Player One? Well don’t expect the Spielberg train to stop any time soon. Not only does he have Indiana Jones 5 on the horizon, but right after that he’ll be tackling one of musical theatre’s most well-known works, Arthur Laurents’ West Side Story! Originally directed for the screen by Jerome Robbins, the story is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, but set in the 1950’s and driven by racial tensions between the American and Puerto Rican communities in the upper west side of New York City. Spielberg will take directing duties with Tony Kushner (Lincoln, and also many a stageplay) penning the script.

     Obviously remaking a classic musical, which has since been known as a classic movie, may have some purists anxious. But fret not, for a casting call has revealed that Spielberg looks to pull no punches surrounding diversity; the roles will be accurately cast with Latino actors as the Sharks (the name of the gang, no Jaws connection here sadly). This is surely a step in the right direction, but can Spielberg’s magic rekindle the spark of a long-performed musical classic? We’ll find out after he whips up Indy 5... which they say is happening before West Side Story and will come out in 2020, but you never quite know with Spielberg. The Post  happened really fast and another project of his (Kidnapping of Edgardo Montera) seems to be in the backburner.

    MADHERO: Spielberg's first ever musical and immediately remaking a classic? Should've remade Hamilton or something.

    STICKMAN: Should've done Indiana Jones 5 as a musical. Indiana Jones & the Lit Dancefloor.

    MADHERO: That certainly would make me more interested than I am now for Indy 5, and I say that as someone who didnt hate Crystal Skull and whose favorite film is Raiders

    LARRY: ...not sure how to feel about this honestly. I kinda like West Side Story and believe it can find a new emotional heft in today’s society. But why does Spielberg have to do it? I feel like someone with a more distinct style should take it on, someone who’s done musicals before or who’s done choreography and stuff.(edited)

    STICKMAN: I'll do it, if you want. I'll bring a unique perspective to musical cinema.

    MADHERO: Well I'm curious in that its Spielberg's first ever musical and he's a guy that dabbles in so many different genres. Not many directors can go from The Post to Ready Player One. West Side Story could be fascinating if done in modern day.

    LARRY: I would’ve been more interested to see someone of Spanish descent tackle it on, considering a good chunk of the story is surrounding the Puerto Rican struggle.

    STICKMAN: Ready Player One is already causing all the discourse, will be interesting to see how it actually is.

    LARRY: I’d like to see someone like Lin Manuel Miranda maybe do it. He even helped write Spanish translations of the lyrics back when it was revived on Broadway. This would’ve been an AMAZING directorial debut for him.

    MADHERO: I'm curious what he can do, and its a good sign he's looking for Spanish speaking unknown actors. It probably doesn't help that while I know its a classic, I don't really care about the 1981 original

    STICKMAN: I've already filled my musical quota for the next few years with Moana and La La Land. Sorry, Spielbergo.



    Sometimes, a news story comes up onlne, and it seems too stupid to be actually real. Sheer "what the hell were they thinking" territory. My friends, we've reached that with this. You have probably at some point heard of Duke Nukem, the video game franchise that prided itself mainly on being insanely interactive (at the time) as well as being a sendoff of Stallone/Schwarzenegger era action movies. He had his high with Duke Nukem 3D, and his low with Duke Nukem Forever, a game in development for...well...forever, and after it came out was a pile of shit that felt outdated both as a game and tonewise. But if it felt tone deaf in 2011, it sure as hell does in 2018, but Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is gonna try to make a movie out of it anyway, with the Doctor of Thugganomics himself, John Cena in talks to play the titular Duke.

    This Now it seems like its meant to be promoted as a sort of politically incorrect action movie, cause hey Deadpool made money. But political incorrectness wasn't really why Deadpool made as much bank as it did, and while no director and writer has been set yet, I can't think of any director besides maybe Lord and Miller who can turn this idea into something worthwhile. Relevancy isn't even important here (we're getting a Rampage movie), but releasing Duke Nukem in a post Weinstein world is ....hooo boy. Who knows if it'll even happen, but the fact its even considered is baffling to say the least.

    LARRY: Dumb news is dumb. Of course Platinum fucking Dunes is behind this bullshit. The most bottom of the barrel studio in the industry right now.

    STICKMAN: There was a time for a Duke Nukem movie and it is not now.

    MADHERO: I suppose if Rampage can get a movie, then Duke Nukem can as well Its pure speculation on my end, but I can't help but feel this is Dunes' attempt at their version of Deadpool, which makes this idea at least somewhat more sensible, but just barely

    STICKMAN: I mean, Deadpool worked because he was equal-opportunity foul.

    LARRY: LOL Deadpool isn’t misogynistic as fuck though. Unlike Duke Nukem, which is Tto high heaven. There’s a reason nobody gives a shit about Duke Nukem anymore.

    MADHERO: But Larry, didn't you want to spend 60 dollars on a rerelease of Bulletstorm cause they crammed in Duke Nukem?

    LARRY: Duke Nukem is a fucking RELIC. And should stay that way. The only good pitches I hear about this movie is like Duke being frozen and waking up 30 years later to a Post-Weinstein world, and even that sounds on the nose and stupid.

    STICKMAN: There was a time, a couple years ago where I felt video game movies were reaching a possible upward trend....Assassin's Creed, Warcraft...but...nope, they both sucked. Now we're getting Dukey Nukey. Please save us, mediocre looking Tomb Raider movie.

    MADHERO: He's got the body for it, but John Cena seems like too much of a teddy bear to play the Dukester, and again, if it goes meta (unlikely) there might be some redemption, but they want the politically incorrect action film, and I can't imagine a worse time where I want something like that than during the current presidency.

    LARRY: Cena is so above this role, and that’s saying A LOT.


    Now this one's been a long time coming, folks. Duncan Jones, director of MOON, Source Code and Warcraft has been trying to get this project off the ground since before MOON even existed, it's his passion project, it's been through development hell a bunch, almost ended up as a graphic novel...and now it's here, it's coming out, and we got our first trailer for it this week. Set in Berlin, 40 years into the future where everything is all Ghost in the Blade Runner'y, we follow a mute (Hence the name) bartender, played by Alexander Skarsgård, as he attempts to find his missing girlfriend, his quest taking him all over the city, and getting him involved with a host of quirky, probably dangerous characters, including a pair of surgeons, played by Paul Rudd and Justin Theorux.

    The trailer doesn't really give us much more than that, but shows how it's all going to look, and well...minus a couple dodgy CGI shots, it's looking pretty lovely. Duncan Jones himself has called this a 'Marmite' film, which to those not in the know about yeast spreads, means you're either going to love it or hate it, so it's safe to say this is going to be a weird and divisive one for sure. Which, given coming out of the door with a universally loved low-budget sci-fi in the form of MOON, Jones has made two further films, one divisive, the other panned? That seems safe to say would've been pretty likely anyway. I'm excited to see what this long-gestating project has to offer, and we can all see for ourselves on  the 23rd of February, as it's landing on Netflix worldwide.


    LARRY: And it’ I guess yeah.

    MADHERO: I like how we're discussing 2 trailers and both of them feature Paul Rudd. What are the odds

    STICKMAN: Paul Rudd is in all movies, he just uses his ant suit. Prove me wrong, kids.

    MADHERO: Oh damn. That's going to be a lot of spotting. ANYWAY, Duncan Jones has been talking about this project for years, and I'm curious he's going for something not everyone may  like, what with his last movie being Warcraft, which few liked.

    STICKMAN: I'm really looking forward to seeing it, even if I'm not sure what the end result will be like quality-wise. I think after Warcraft he just wanted to do something entirely for himself, maybe. Kinda like a post Ant-Man (starring Paul Rudd) Edgar Wright did his Baby Driver.

     LARRY: I love love LOVE Source Code and really disliked Warcraft, so I’m a little on the fence.

    STICKMAN: What about MOON.

    LARRY: Never saw MOON.

    STICKMAN: Watch MOON, dude. It's fuckin the bomb. Starring YA BOY SAM ROCKWELL...and kke..evkvin..spsapcpacehh

    MADHERO: And hey, its on Netflix, so when you're done with binging Altered Carbon and need more cyberpunky neon goodness, there's this to hold you down

    STICKMAN: It looks nice, been waiting a while, interesting premise....don't know if it'll end up being good, but we'll FIND OUT.



    When I was young, I would often tune into the beloved Mister Rogers Neighborhood, a fun children’s variety show that featured tons of fun characters and explorations of different life lessons and places and what not. Mr. Rogers was always a source of kindness and joy for my family and I, and who better to portray that than probably the last truly great man left on earth, Tom Hanks.

    Yes, a Fred Rogers biopic, entitled “You Are My Friend”, will be hitting us courtesy of TriStar Pictures, director Marielle Heller, and writers Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster. The film will focus on the real-life story of journalist Tom Junod who isn’t initially thrilled to be assigned to cover Mr. Rogers for a story, yet eventually comes around to Rogers’ optimistic outlook. It’s a unique story that will definitely be chock full of some good ol’ fashioned heart and soul, something I’m pretty sure the world needs right now. Color me excited to see some wholesome Tom Hanks back in action.


    MADHERO: A movie can't contain this much concentrated wholesomeness. It'll cause a black hole.

    LARRY: Would be doing the USA a favor. Given its current state and all.

    STICKMAN: My only awareness of Mr Rogers comes from The Simpsons parodies. Sorry Larry, do you know  any of my British childrens TV presenters. Bit of Dick and Dom, John Craven, Jimmy Savill-Uhh...

    LARRY: Well yeah just know that he was a saint and practically saved children’s television.

    MADHERO: Yeah, being someone who didn't really grow up with American television, my familiarity with Mr Rogers is mostly through parodies. You also see a ton of awesome stories about him about how he truly was one of the sweetest guys you could know

    LARRY: Watch an episode and you’ll get a feeling for the show within the first few minutes. It’s very, VERY wholesome.

    STICKMAN: I'll watch the movie and get a feeling of Tom Hanks.

    MADHERO: Maybe when Twitch does a 24/7 stream like they did with Bob Ross. That shit was soothing as fuck

    LARRY: Tom Hanks is a perfect choice. Take his Walt Disney performance and make it far more kind and sweet, and you have Fred Rogers.

    STICKMAN: Can't wait to hear about Mr Rogers' abusive childhood.


    MADHERO: Alright. That's it for the news this week. Again, as I said, we've got no Black Panther as initially promised, and the weekend is not all that busy cause the Super Bowl is happening, but hey, maybe you don't want to see Tom Brady win another one and just want a good time at the movies. Well I've got some bad news


    LARRY: sad trombone


    LARRY: Let’s get through this shitbag together.



    DIRECTOR: James Foley (Perfect Stranger, Fifty Shades Darker)

    STARRING: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Kim Basinger, Eric Johnson, Max Martini

    SYNOPSIS: Christian and Ana (Dornan, Johnson) are now married. However, Ana's life is threatened when her former boss (Johnson) swears revenge for being fired from SIP. Elena (Basinger) also returns to haunt Christian and makes the couple's lives a lot more troublesome.

    MADHERO: Well least its over?

    STICKMAN: Maybe now we can get some actually kinky movies. Y'knoow? Few more gimp suits in the mix.

    MADHERO: Stickman. Have you heard of this thing

    STICKMAN: No, do go on.

    LARRY: I love how the trailer got too bored of being some kinky sexual drama and decided to infuse some murder mystery.

    STICKMAN: I love how all the trailers end with like WUHH OOHH WUUHH OHH OH NO NO NO NO NOOOO. How fitting.

    LARRY: Yes, seeing as every time I watch the trailer t makes me scream in pain.

    STICKMAN: Are you into the pain though, Larry.


    MADHERO: The last movie had Grey crash his helicopter and then be fine the next scense, so I hope there's more of that

    STICKMAN: Maybe this is all some meta exercise in masochism. Personally I prefer the gentle touch, y'know? Fifty Shades of Hugs.

    MADHERO: Or maybe Universal just wants to make money off of some horny moms. Whatever works.

    STICKMAN: I mean. That's what Shape of Water is for, surely.

    LARRY: Fifty Shapes of Water

    STICKMAN: Oh no. Ohnonononoooo


    DIRECTOR: Will Gluck (Friends with Benefits, Annie)

    STARRING: James Corden, Domhnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne, Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Debicki, Daisy Ridley

    SYNOPSIS: Peter Rabbit's (Cordon) feud with Mr. McGregor (Gleeson) reaches new heights as both compete for the affections of a kind animal lover (Byrne) who lives next door.


    MADHERO: Oof. This sure is a week isn't it.

    LARRY: Can’t wait to see them slander a wholesome character.

    STICKMAN: What did we do to deserve this punishment. What did Beatrix Potter do to deserve this injustice.

    MADHERO: Well, OG Peter Rabbit was always mischievous. He stole veggies and all that, but I don't think he was ever hip and with it

    LARRY: Ugh. Hip.

    STICKMAN: And James Corden. Well known for his starring role in...The Emoji Movie?

    MADHERO: Its not quite Alvin and the Chipmunks level, but its close. The weird thing that at time of writing reviews have started to trickle in, and they're fairly mixed, but certainly not the shitshow we were expecting

    STICKMAN: This is such an American thing to do. Take something quaint and British, then turn it into bombastic slapstick shitertainment.

    LARRY: Except Paddington. He’s wholesome.

    STICKMAN: Paddington does too much panto/slapstick compared to the source material also, FRANKLY. But Studiocanal made it and they're European. Soooo.

    MADHERO: At least you don't want to strangle Paddington and side with Nicole Kidman. Wheras here I'm all for the rabbit to get baked in a pie.

    STICKMAN: I will say, the Peter Rabbit toys that are coming with Cadbury easter eggs here in the UK are pretty dang cute. Not quite enough to warrant this disaster, but..

    MADHERO: Think Sweeney Todd, but with rabbit. Its a British thing. Anyway....

    THE 15:17 TO PARIS

    DIRECTOR: Clint Eastwood (American Sniper, Sully)

    STARRING: Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, Judy Greer, Jenna Fischer

    SYNOPSIS: Three Americans (Stone, Sadler, Skarlatos) face a terrorist attack aboard a train bound for Paris

    STICKMAN: Oh shit, I'm late for the train.

    LARRY: How do we feel about casting the real guys? I’m personally skeptical.

    STICKMAN: I think it's a big stunt. And it'll probably blow up in Clint Eastwood's face.

    MADHERO: I mean, its interesting. Its obviously a stunt, but you could do worse I suppose. I find it weird that its kinda going under the radar. Even here, where part of the accident happened.

    LARRY: Eh, yeah. Give him props for taking a risk though.

    STICKMAN: I find it weird that it exists, this happened… like...just over a year ago? It was in development pretty soon after I feel.

    MADHERO: 2015, so about 3 years ago. It was initially rushed to make it to Oscar season, but eventually they decided to slow down and release it now.

    STICKMAN: Obviously I appreciate what these guys did to save lives, but I don't need a movie to feel that way. This just feels like a very cynical cashgrab.

    MADHERO: I mean, out of all the movies, this one is probably the most likely I'd see, and that includes our next one

    LARRY: Yeah but them getting involved, I feel, gives it a bit more legitimacy.

    STICKMAN: I won't see any of them.  I'm gonna sit at home and sulk. Maybe look up you speak of.


    DIRECTOR: Peter and Michael Spierig (Predestination, Jigsaw)

    STARRING: Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke, Sarak Snook, Angus Sampson

    SYNOPSIS: Eccentric firearm heiress (Mirren) believes she is haunted by the souls of people killed by the Winchester repeating rifle.

    STICKMAN: OooOooFFF, the disappointment. The pottenntiaall...wasssteedd.... Dame Helen Mirren in a ghost story. And we get...this shit.

    MADHERO: There's probably a reason why they released this on Super Bowl weekend.

    LARRY: Guys. This was a BAD idea from the start. Helen Mirren as a ghost??? No thanks.

    STICKMAN: Helen Mirren isn't the ghost YOU FOOL.

    MADHERO: But surely there's a good premise in there. The Winchester house is super weird and there's some potenitally good material there. Get good actors like Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke. And The Spierig brothers who made Daybreakers (lets ignore Jigsaw). This defnitely had potential, but seems like it fell on its face

    LARRY: Literally she’s probably the ghost.

    STICKMAN: IT'S NOT THE PREMMIISEE. It's based on a real person. You can't do the THEY WERE DEAD ALL ALONG twist. The idea of a house being built to ward off the spooks that haunt her because of the all the people who died at the hands of the guns that share her name is cool. The execution? Not so much. Apparently it's just a really dull and annoying generic BOO horror film.

    LARRY: I’m sorry but I remember first seeing the trailer and thinking it looked dull. But then again, I’m not a horror guy so.

    MADHERO: Yeah. Apparently a big urban legend. This movie was sent out to die, and it did, opening below Jumanji which came out on Christmas

    STICKMAN: Jack Black trampled on Helen Mirren. That's the true horror.


    MADHERO: Speaking of movies from the past, its now time for MOVIE OF THE WEEK! The part of the show where we discuss films we watched in theaters or on streaming/DVD. I don't know about you guys, but I saw quite a few films this week, which I guess happens when you go to a film festival

    LARRY: Ooh!! A festival!!

    STICKMAN: I went to a fleshtival. Does that count.

    MADHERO: I mean, its over. I could've gone to see Phantom Thread with a live orchestra if it weren't fucking expensive, but I did see plenty of cool things. How about you guys?

    STICKMAN: I don't really watch movies, Larry?

    LARRY: What is movies?

    MADHERO: Larry. You watched one not too long ago. Think we talked about it when we discussed Peter Rabbit. Try and remember it.



    LARRY: My MOTW is Paddington 2. Now you may be wondering, why am I recommending some dumb kids movie? Well, I was once in your camp, a nay-sayer who saw Paddington as nothing more than children’s fodder. I heard of the sequel’s surprising amount of quality and I refused to accept it. But after so many glowing reviews, I decided to watch the first film (which to be honest was only okay), and then go see the second. And boy oh BOY. Was I shocked.

    Paddington 2 far surpasses its predecessor. If the first was just a taste of this franchise’s wholesome magic, than the sequel is it full steam ahead (that’s a pun you’ll get if you see the movieeee). The dialogue is much funnier, it’s cast of characters is bigger and better, and its plot is more interesting, all while wrapped in the already superb production design, delightful performances, and seamless animation. It also helps that the first film’s only real problem, it’s lackluster villain, is most certainly fixed here with Hugh Grant giving one of the most fun and enjoyable performances of his career. Most of all though, Paddington 2 is just a fun jaunt with plenty of heart, something you sometimes need when it feels like your world is falling apart. And it’s all capped with an ending that made my friend cry. A lot. Do yourself a favor and go take your family to see Paddington 2. I whole-heartedly recommend it.

    MADHERO: O dang. I can't believe you beat Stickman to watching this first. I liked the first movie just fine. I'm surprised that the 2nd one is such a improvement to you.

    STICKMAN: Yeah, I'm surprised too. First one is pleasant enough but I wouldn't rate it that highly.

    LARRY: I feel as though the first was a testing ground. And now that they had the success, they gave more creative control for the sequel. It’s just wayyy funnier and the humor hits harder. Hugh Grant is also a much needed improvement over Nicole Kidman.

    STICKMAN: Is it more or less pantomime than the first? I hear Hugh Grant has a musical number and that's like...real alarm bells for me.

    MADHERO: Hugh Grant is getting a lot of praise for the movie. He has a BAFTA nomination and everything

    STICKMAN: Everyone's sucking this film's dick, there's obviously some redeeming quality. Unless it's just two hours of induced hypnosis  making everyone love Paddington forever.

    LARRY: Those bear eyes are quite hypnotic. But I’m telling you, it’s just such a fun, wholesome experience. Oh and it’s anti-Brexit which makes sense as to why people like it.


    MADHERO; Moving on from bear hypnosis. Sticky, what's your MOTW?

    STICKMAN: MmMMm, well I'm going for an odd one this week. I've seen a ton of stuff since we last did a normal Screwvies MOTW. Early Man...I'm not allowed to talk about until next episodeedeee...soooo...I've gone for mother!...that's...mother! with the the lower case M and exclamation point in the name because....ART.

    So, this one was pretty massively polarising upon its cinema release last year. Got a lot of attention and praise initially, and then famously received an F audience score, which basically never happens ever, and the reviews are now pretty damn split. I was pretty skeptical and wary of a pretentious mess , even the rental store person was like 'Gee I dunno man'. I watched it...and honestly? Was pretty good. Not everything lands, and it is pretty pretentious, but hot damn if it doesn't all come together nicely when it gets a stride going on. In terms of not making sense, I'm not really sure what film people watched, because this is as blatantly obvious an allegory....thing as anything I've ever seen. Doesn't take 5 seconds to smell what Arnrronronofkski is farting out, and it smells pretty good...sometimes. Absurd as it may be, I simply had a great time, it was a really fun, at times maddening roller-coaster ride of genuinely unique horror scenarios, paired with an interesting take on the well worn home invasion genre.

    MADHERO: Boy this is a mood whiplash going from Paddington 2 to mother!

    STICKMAN: We're all about variety here at At the Screwvies. Sometimes.

    MADHERO: I've seen it now as well and its fucking weird, but the actual allegories aren't what you'd call subltle. This isn't The Fountain where you have no idea what's happening

    LARRY: I’m trying to find some dumb connective joke between these two films and I just can’t.

    MADHERO: I don't see Paddington spreading babies on his marmalade sandwich anytime soon

    LARRY: For real?!?! I didn’t see why Aranofsky had to like say anything in interviews. It’s so blatantly biblical. And like if the dialogue and symbols don’t give it away, the credits will.

    MADHERO: Its a rollercoaster ride of a movie, and you just go along at some point because lord know they didn't give a fuck as some point

    STICKMAN: You get to the last 20 minutes and it's just. Woah nelly.

    LARRY: I enjoyed this film in certain ways, even though I felt the most uneasy I had felt in a long, long time.

    STICKMAN: That was kinda the point. I appreciate a horror film that can actually invoke discomfort from me.

    MADHERO: Guess that explains the F Cinemascore

    STICKMAN: More like F for...Frfffpretty good. What about you Mad, what'd you watch. You fuck.

    MADHERO: As mentioned, I went to the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, which is an annual festival with films all over the world. Anyway, I saw 2 Best Picture nominees in Shape of Water and Lady Bird, both of which I loved, but I wanna use this part to briefly talk The Florida Project, which was the first film I saw at the festival and one I probably kept thinking about the most, though it helps I went to 2 Q&A's featuring director Sean Baker, which was great to be a part of.

    Anyway, Florida Project as a movie is relatively plotless, following a bratty 6 year old girl and her friends as she goes on adventures in the motel she lives at with her young mother as part of "the hidden homeless", with some she has way more of a sister relationship with than a mother-daughter one. I'm normally not too big on movies that are more slice of life than an actual narrative, but something about the movie remained incredibly compelling. Part of that is the performances. Not just Willem Dafoe, who deserves all the praise he's getting, but young Brooklynn Prince who plays the young girl is phenomenal, and Bria Vinaite (who was found on Instagram) manages to do a good job of playing a pretty shitty person who reaaaaaaaaaaally shouldn't have had a kid. Its a really great slice of life film that goes into some unexpected directions, and shows that Sean Baker remains one to watch.

    STICKMAN: Why didn't you invite me to the flim flestival. I thought we were pallos.

    MADHERO: You were more than welcome to come. I just aint paying for a boat trip to come to Rotterdam.

    STICKMAN: I'll settle for a private jet. Anyway this film looks interesting, never showed at my cinema sooooo.

    LARRY: Man I’ve been wanting to see this one for a while. Can’t seem to find it except for a few theatres in the city. Which I’m not in too often.

    STICKMAN: If Larry can't find it in New York, what hope do I have living in the middle of nowhere.

    MADHERO: Its a movie that kinda went under the radar, hence why I picked it, and at least in the US, it'll be availible on digital soon

    LARRY: Ooh I’ll definitely catch it on digital.

    STICKMAN: Does Willem Dafoe kill anyone.

    MADHERO: Nope, but he does do something to a pedophile that'll see it when you see the film, but it would've been a hot contender for Scene of the Year(edited)

    STICKMAN: Willem Dafoe murdering a pedophile makes this a must watch.Does it make you want to visit the run-down hotel and region of the film? Lotta hipsters be touristing around it now.

    LARRY: That feels...wrong.

    MADHERO: Well its close to Disney and I'm cheap, so sure, but its definitely not the nicest looking place.

    LARRY: Ugh the movie’s cinematography looks amazing. The color paletttttttte


    MADHERO: That's it for this episode, and by god, I swear, this time we will actually talk Black Panther. Probably review it even.



    MADHERO: AND IF THAT ISN'T YOUR CUP OF TEA, we also got British cavemen and Sitcky and I's most anticipated film of the year. We had to go through Peter Rabbit, but there's light at the end of the shit tunnel

    STICKMAN: God damn what an episode to be had. Can't wait to STEP INTO THE SPOTLIGHTTTT.

    MADHERO: O and whatever comes out of the Super Bowl, so look forward to that!

    LARRY: Shitbags are behind us boys! We off to greener pastures!! GO EAGLES!!


  • RTX London 2018

    2 weeks ago

    Jin_D3vil FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold The Scotsman

    Just seen the post that RTX London has a date and I am already looking forward to it. The 2017 was both my first RTX and one of the best experiences as a RT fan I have had. It was an amazing 2 days. Not only did I meet a long time friend for the first time in RL, but I got to meet Geoff and Gus in person and see a lot more of the RT staff as well.

    I will be planning it out as much as possible from this point on. I even upgraded to double gold ahead of time to aim for VIP passes this year. I can't wait to go!!

  • 2018 - the year of Community

    2 weeks ago

    Treanomaly Absolute Travist

    You may have heard that RT has called this year, 2018, the year of community. Meaning this year, they are focusing on providing for the community and creating a better, easier experience for the community. 

    It's a two way process though and the community needs to make the effort and give ideas and opinions on what it wants. There have been a few Q&A's held by staff to get feedback from the community but I felt there needed to be a thread for people to voice their concerns, opinions or even appreciation for the work and effort put into new platforms like the, currently in Beta testing, video platform. 

    So as a new member of the community, how do you find things? As a regular user, what do you think needs attention? What advice can the veterans give those new to the RT Community? How awesome am I? These all need your help in answering, so have at it. 

  • At the Screwvies: Episode 100

    4 weeks ago



    MADHERO: Hey everyone. Hope you're all ready for another boring episode of At the Screwvies. Absolutely nothing special going on or everything. Just, y'know, our official 100th episode and junk. Wait.....HOLY SHIT A 100 EPISODES! HOLY FUCK WE DID IT?! And is that.....OLD SCREWVIES HOST FLASHPENNY?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!


    MADHERO: I dunno. He became a distant memory around the beginning of 2016 and then Larry just sorta appeared

    FLASHPENNY: I may or may not be here because MadHero has a gun pointed to the back of my head and may or may not have agreed just so I can shamelessly plug my own YouTube show reviewing movies.

    STICKMAN: Are we going to have Flash and Larry fight at the end to decide who was the better co-host.

    LARRY: We most certainly will. Not.

    MADHERO: Haha, no guns here...yet. But anyway, we might as well see what Hollywood has us to bring for this special occasion




    So, this story has really taken off with the public, huh? And, on the surface, it’s deserving!! Marvel has officially signed a writer onto the script for a standalone Black Widow film, specifically one Jac Schaeffer. She hasn’t penned any major releases as of now, but her scifi comedy The Shower was liked so much by Anne Hatheway that she's making that right now, as well as being attached to a female remake of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”, so that’s somethingggggggg. Anyway, she is officially signed on to write a screenplay for the Black Widow movie………… and that’s it.

     No, I’m not joking. That’s the story. The film hasn’t even been greenlit as of right now, and there could easily be a mishap that causes Schaeffer to leave the project, so all this talk of OMG BLACK WIDOW CONFIRMED is probably too soon. That said, I'm happy to see some movement to something that should've happened a long time ago, as any Marvel fan will probably say. As far as I’m concerned though, let me know when the film gets the go-ahead, because its too soon to really celebrate

    MADHERO: Hell.....It's about time

    STICKMAN: Marvel saw them Wonder Woman muns and wanted a slice of that obviously available and piping hot pie.

    LARRY: A pie they could've been the first to bake, but whatever.

    FLASHPENNY: I feel like we reported on this before I left. I've been gone for two years and this movie still hasn't happened.

    MADHERO: Well its interesting. We don't know if this means she'll survive Infinity War or not. For all we know this could be something that reveals whatever happened in Budapest.

    LARRY: People would probably be kinda pissed about that. That like they kill her off before her solo film?

    STICKMAN: I do feel they've intentionally kept a lot of Phase 4 secret because it'll reveal who lives and who...retires... probably.

    MADHERO: We know Guardians 3  and Homecoming 2 are happening but other than that its a pretty clean slate. Maybe we'll get another big reveal event soon. I do think we can all agree this should've happened way sooner

    FLASHPENNY: Still, more excuses to see Scarlett Johansson in that Black Widow suit. Meow

    STICKMAN: Oh Flash, it's like you neeever left.

    MADHERO: Flash you can't do that anymore. This is a post-Weinstein world. But yes, I agree.



    Hey guys. Who wants to talk about scheduling? No? No one?  Well we're talking about it anyway. While the X-Men may be on its way to be integrated with the MCU, that's not stopping Fox from making more movies and shoving them around a bit. The eternally cursed Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum may now have a June 2019 release date, it has now lost its 3rd director in Gore Verbinski, having previously lost Rupert Wyatt and Doug Liman. Meanwhile, Collider broke the news that Deadpool director Tim Miller is working on a X-Men spinoff centering on Kitty Pryde, previously played by Ellen Page in The Last Stand and Days of Future Past. This is said to be extremely early in development and might not happen, but Kitty Pryde has gone through a lot, from owning a pet dragon to being Star Lord at one point, so there's enough material there.

    In the category of movies actually made, Deadpool 2 has been pushed up a couple of weeks, now opening on May 18 instead of June 1st and going up against Slender Man. More interestingly is how it now opens before Solo: A Star Wars Story, and it speaks to how weird a position that film is and the power of Deadpool that it might be Solo who'll get in trouble for that. That slight push had a dramatic effect on The New Mutants, which was supposed to come out in April, but has now been pushed to February....of 2019. Yeah, nearly delayed by a whole year. Fox says officially is so that it doesn't have 2 X-men movies in theaters at the same time, but its easy to speculate that something more is going on. Its a weird move, but hey, Deadpool 2 early, which is pretty nice.

    STICKMAN: That Gambit movie ain't ever fuckin happening.

    MADHERO: Its the new Man Who Killed Don Quixote at this point

    FLASHPENNY: Is Kitty Pryde still even a thing in the X-Men verse? Last I remember her in was X-Men: The Last Stand which came out in 2006.

    MADHERO: She was in Days of Future Past but I imagine that if they do this, she'll get recast. She's big in the comics mostly thanks to Joss Whedon's run with the X-men.

    STICKMAN: I was kinda interested in New Mutants due to the horror angle but I guess that's a million years away now. OH WELL.

    MADHERO: The Deadpool 2 push I'm good with, but what's happening with New Mutants is really freaking werid. Not sure why that couldn't have pushed forward as well unless Fox really isn't confident in it

    STICKMAN: I dunno brah, it hasn't stopped them from releasing shitty X-Men films befooooore. Like...90% of them.

    LARRY: Yeah, I was looking forward to New Mutants. I get it's not as big as Deadpool, but still, a whole damn year?

    FLASHPENNY: There might be some kind of production/post-production mess that they're trying to keep under wraps.

    STICKMAN: We can all agree that it's not nearly as fucked as Gambit. RIP Gambit.

    MADHERO: Somehow Gambit will find a way. We don't know how yet, and Channing Tatum will be 60 years old at that pont, but it'll get there

    LARRY: Yeah, shame too because Tatum would probably kill as Gambit.



    We're right in the thick of Awards Season, with just over a month to go until the finish line that is the's some awards updates. Really picked a good time to bring Flashpenny back, y'know? The Golden Globes...HAPPENED. Three Billboards took Best Drama and Original Screenplay, along with Best Actress for Frances McDormand and Best Supporting Actor for Sam Rockwell, which is proving controversial due to the nature of his role in that film. Lady Bird took the always controversial award for Best Musical/Comedy along with Best Actress for Saoirse Ronan. Other winners included James Franco for The Disaster Artist, Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour, Coco for Animated Feature...and a couple  awards for The Shape of Water including Best Director and Original Score. Not too shabby, but everyone talked about Oprah afterwards so ehhh.

    We got the BAFTA nominations to boot. The all-important Best Film award nominees ended up being Dunkirk, Thee Billboards, Shape of Water, Call me by your Name and Darkest Hour, which is very much the outlier of those 5 candidates. Blade Runner 2049 got some love in the Best Director, Cinematography and Original Music categories. Perhaps the oddest frequent inclusion to the BAFTA nominees is Paddington 2 (which came out in 2017 here), which is up for several awards, including Best Supporting Actor Hugh Grant and Best British Film.

    Aaannd last, and probably least.  The DGA nominees were announced, with mostly predicable results, Jordan Peele up for Best Director alongside Greta Gerwig, Christopher Nolan, Guillermo Del Toro and Martin McDonagh, which was a nice surprise. So yeah. Awards. Awards everywhere.

    FLASHPENNY: opens up lawn chair and starts sunbathing



    STICKMAN: Flash 'I hate awards' Penny coming back in the thick of awards season. What a TREAT.

    MADHERO: And yet he's doing a Oscar series on his Youtube channel OSHITPLUG. Anyway, I've talked about the Globes not really mattering since they're no voters between them and the Oscars, but seeing Three Billboards sweep has been fun for THE DISCOURSE

    LARRY: Kinda surprised it was that and not Call Me to be honest. Call Me was supposed to be the big hitter.

    STICKMAN: More like big shitter. HUhuhuHuh. I haven't seen it.

    MADHERO: Well with it missing out on the DGA nod, it seems to be a movie people really like but not quite enough to give it the main award.

    FLASHPENNY: Either way, congratulations to Pappy McPoyle for his award for his sexy Creature from the Black Lagoon movie.

    MADHERO: Guillermo is the most wholesome man in the world and wish him nothing but the best

    STICKMAN: Can't wait until February to fuck that fish on the big screen here in the UK.

    MADHERO: Soooooooooon. Anyway next time we'll talk Oscar nods and FLASHPENNY can just talk about why Wings wasn't very good or something.

    FLASHPENNY: Wings was okay.



    Well, well, well, look what DC has dragged back from the dead. In a pretty unprecedented move, Warner Bros. are currently in negotiations to sign John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, two of the six (fuck wow) "Spider-Man: Homecoming" screenwriters, to direct the upcoming standalone Flash film, currently speculated to be an adaptation of the "Flashpoint" comic. That's pretty wild, I'd say, though their ability to write younger heroes certainly makes them a great pick. Warner Bros. has yet to comment, but apparently the script, at least partially written by gods among men Phil Lord and Chris Miller, has been rewritten since Rick Famuyiwa stepped down not too long ago, and the film has been angled to be a much more comedic endeavor...and seeing that it's The Flash...yeah, good call! Daley and Goldstein have the upcoming "Game Night" to see if their comedic chops can retain audiences, but as of now, I'm super down with this decision, and just happy to see this film back on the map, even with all of the DCEU bullshit we've dealt with as of late. Though I do find it funny that it is reported Affleck was asked to direct it and declined. Ha!

    STICKMAN: What's your take on the Flash, Flash?

    FLASHPENNY: This is the same Flash who has the worst villains gallery of any superhero, right?

    LARRY: I mean.........Gorilla Grodd is kinda cool.

    FLASHPENNY: I'll give you that one, Larry.

    MADHERO: Well its Flashpoint so the villains are going to be Reverse Flash and jerkass DC heroes

    STICKMAN: You mean the ones we already have then. AHAHAHAHA

    MADHERO: I haven't seen Vacation so I can't really judge them on that, but I've heard not great things. Game Night looks fun. Does suggest that they're going to make it more comedic, which fits the character, even though Flashpoint is a pretty dark story

    LARRY: Yeah, they're definitely gonna lighten it up. I wouldn't be surprised if gasp it doesn't much resemble Flashpoint at all.

    FLASHPENNY: Flashpoint is an interesting story but choosing that for the first movie is a bit of a strange choice, especially for a lighthearted hero. It'd be like doing another Spider reboot and immediately doing the Venom arc.

    STICKMAN: Gonna write Ben Affleck right outta existence..

    MADHERO: Well they introduced him in Justice League and its probably going to be done so that Batfleck can finally leave. Basically keep the stuff they like (Wonder Woman) and get rid of the bad (too much to name)

    STICKMAN: Oops, what's that? Oh, Superman's always had a moustache. Don't be silly.

    FLASHPENNY: Now that they're rebooting, can they do what they should've done three years ago and cast Mark Strong as Lex Luthor?

    STICKMAN: That'd be nice. What if Flashpoint is the prequel to Teen Titans GO and after it all that's left is fart jokes and shitty animation!? AAGGH

    MADHERO: Speaking of which....


    FUCK...ME. It's fair to say DC had a few ups and downs in 2017. Whilst LEGO Batman and Wonder Woman both delivered crowd-pleasing hits that both critics and audiences dug the hell out of, they also released a huge dud in the form of Justice League, that could well spell the end of Zack Snyder's role in shaping the DCEU and Ben Afflecks the whole thing completely. With only one DCEU flick coming out in 2018, the production troubled Aquaman that I'm not feeling very confident about at all, we have to look outside of the DCEU for our other DC movie.  A Teen Titans movie? Oh boy, that's Teen Titans Go. Never mind.

    We got our first teaser trailer for Teen Titans GO to the Movies...possibly the worst name for a film ever...and yep, it looks like a Teen Titans GO movie...or moreso an episode of Teen Titans GO, they..they haven't really done much to improve the look for the big screen, which probably explains the really fast turnover on its production! After making some meta jokes about DC movies and characters that's just...SO FUNNY...Y'KNOW? DC making fun of things that DC did...instead of making them better I guess? Never mind. Basically the teaser is two meta jokes referencing the mainline DC films...and then a 20 second fart joke with a giant..balloon...maaan??? Uhhh? It fucking sucked, basically. Get your shit together, DC. Happy 100 Episodes, everyone.

    MADHERO: Teen Titans Go to the polls

    LARRY: I love how people are calling this trailer brilliant because it pokes fun at Wonder Woman and has an extended fart joke.

    FLASHPENNY: Y'know, out of morbid curiosity, I watched a Teen Titans Go episode just to see why people hated it so much. I have never seen anything so clearly made under the influence of some illegal substance in my life.

    MADHERO: I mean, I kinda liked the Aquaman jab at the end, but other than that its pretty much Teen Titans Go the Show, in a 90 minute format, which sounds like hell

    STICKMAN: I wasn't even a fan of the original Teen Titans.

    FLASHPENNY: The Trigun arc in the original show was pretty amazing.

    MADHERO: Also Will Arnett will be playing Slade and it'll probably turn out he's Lego Batman or something cause LOLZ!

    STICKMAN: Judging from Cartoon Network's scheduling for the TV show, this will be the only movie available to watch in the cinema for the rest of time.

    MADHERO: I kinda wish they got Ron Perlman back and then have him do the whole thing completely straight.

    FLASHPENNY: 10 years ago, the highest-grossing superhero movie of the year was The Dark Knight. A decade later, this will probably be one of the big box office draws of the year. My, how far we have come.

    STICKMAN: Nobody's gonna watch this shiet. It was made for like £5 so it'll make bank regardless. But it's the same ballpark as The LEGO Ninjago Movie, it may be big on TV, but when you make a mass audience movie, it's not  going to do well unless it's like...Spongebob.

    LARRY: Okay but LEGO Ninjago was good though. This looks like shite.

    MADHERO: I think it'll do fine but not amazing business. We'll see this summer I suppose. Would be funny in a apocalyptic kinda way if it outgrossed Infinity War

    LARRY: If this shit outgrosses Infinity War I will flip 50 fucking tables.

    STICKMAN: Teen Titans NinjaGO



    Give it a few years, and Stranger Things will probably be seen as the launching pad for plenty of good actors. Obviously we saw Finn Wolfhard  swearing up a storm in IT, and David Harbour will be playing Hellboy come 2019. But of course, we wonder what the show's arguably most iconic star will do. No not Steve's hair, but Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the psychic Eleven on the show. If you've seen that coughcoughLARRYcough you know that's she's pretty good at the whole acting thing, and will play her first film role in Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019, but she's already looking at her very own franchise, as she'll be starring and producing in an adaptation of the Enola Holmes book series.

    Now for those that don't know (pretty much everyone), Enola Holmes follows the 14 year old sister of Sherlock (who is 20 years her senior) as she goes and tries to solve her own mysteries that Sherlock and Mycroft see as beneath them or something like that, but along the way shows to be their equal. I dunno, I'm only going off Wikipedia. If this happens, Brown producing would make her the youngest film producer in Hollywood history, which would be pretty wild. I can't say the premise is something I'm excited for (we've got plenty of Sherlock stories coming our way), but I hope it works out for her cause I'm a big fan and wish her all the best.

    STICKMAN: Finn Wolfhard really did swear a lot in IT.

    MADHERO: Beep beep and all that

    FLASHPENNY: I have questions on how a 14-year-old handles herself at production meetings. It's like an Arrested Development plot come to life.

    LARRY: I mean, talk about starting young.

    MADHERO: I imagine she won't be too head on, but its still neat I suppose

    LARRY: Yeah she probably won't be making too many creative decisions I'd imagine.

    STICKMAN: Having watched an episode (Just the one) of that Stranger Things after-show, they'll handle it like....most 14 year olds. Try to come across as adult and professional but then the facade will crumble. Also how many different takes on Sherlock Holmes do we need before we finally get the 3rd installment of the Downey Jr/Law series.

    FLASHPENNY: Whatever happened to those movies? I would love to have another one of those but they've never talked about it since the 2nd film. Not even a formal cancellation.

    MADHERO: I'm kinda Sherlocked out to be honest. Any interest has died since I saw the Sherlock Gnomes trailer and realized it has officially peaked, But hey maybe this can give it a new spin or something

    STICKMAN: I'm fed up of Sherlock the TV show that's for sure. This weird young adult spin-off thing sounds stupid, but she's a great actress so who knows.

    MADHERO: Its a young adult series, so I imagine its mostly meant for a younger audience. Not sure if that means PG or PG-13, but we'll see whenever this gets made


    MADHERO: Alright, that's it in terms of news on this special occasion, but that's not all. What amazing pieces of cinema has Hollywood brought to us on this special occasion? Will we get to talk Black Panther or something? Darkest Hour is coming out here, so maybe that. O wait, we follow the US schedule and its January....hmmmm.

    STICKMAN: How about that Early Man, huh? No? Never mind then.

    FLASHPENNY: You guys dragged me back FOR FUCKING JANUARY?!


    FLASHPENNY: Name one.

    STICKMAN: Uh. Fuck.



    DIRECTOR: Wes Ball (Maze Runner, Scorch Trials)

    STARRING: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Walton Goggins, Giancarlo Esposito, Aidan Gillen,

    SYNOPSIS: Young hero Thomas (O’Brien) embarks on a mission to find a cure for a deadly disease known as the "Flare"

    LARRY: Eh, I don’t see this film curing my death... OF BOREDOM

    MADHERO: A film delayed by a whole year because it nearly killed its star.

    STICKMAN: It happens. Gotta put your life on the line for...mediocre conclusions to not that popular young adult franchises?

    MADHERO: Obviously health is important, but I imagine Fox must've been pretty pissed considering that in that period, the YA adaptation WELL has really dried up.

    FLASHPENNY: So the first Maze Runner was actually better than it had any right to be and followed up with a surprisingly decent sequel. Dunno what the reviews are for this one yet but I expect it to continue the trend of "nothing special but better than you might think" young adult trilogy. Though, yeah, the delay definitely killed any hype that this movie may have had at one point.

    LARRY: I found the first Maze Runner to be pretty mediocre.

    STICKMAN: Reviews are a big EH. Nothing awful but nothing amazing.

    MADHERO: The reviews have said its ok. Bad script but everyone seems to praise director Wes Ball.

    FLASHPENNY: Movie does have Aiden Gillen who's a pretty great actor in most things he's in (even if the movie sucks) so, eh, I expect his scenery-chewing to be the highlight of the movie.


    DIRECTOR: Scott Cooper (Out of the Furnace, Black Mass)

    STARRING: Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Wes Studl, Ben Foster, Stephen Lang, Timothee Chalamet, Jesse Plemons

    SYNOPSIS: In 1892, a legendary Army captain (Bale) reluctantly agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief (Studl) and his family through dangerous territory.

    STICKMAN: Oh no. Hostiles.

    MADHERO: Cowboy Christian Bale vs Native Americans

    FLASHPENNY: I thought this came out in late December? Was that just a New York-only thing?

    LARRY: Yes, but it’s releasing wide this month.

    MADHERO: Seems to initially have been presented as a awards contender but has been completely buried

    STICKMAN: It seems to be...okay?  You have to do something quite interesting to stand out in the western genre these days, and like...yeah. Guess not.

    FLASHPENNY: It's a shame too because I was getting ready to support Christian Bale's Mustache for the Best Acting Oscar.

    LARRY: The Stache is quite good

    STICKMAN: If we're voting mustaches for Oscars clearly Branagh's wins.

    MADHERO: Its apparently really slow and boring, which makes sense since its a western. Looks pretty tho

    LARRY: HEY. Westerns are awesome.

    STICKMAN: Oh god, I think I've only seen about 3 westerns I did like and even they were slow. Someone make a punchy and exciting western.

    12 STRONG

    DIRECTOR: Nicolai Fuglsig (directorial debut)

    STARRING: Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Pena, Trevante Rhodes, William Fichtner, Rob Riggle

    SYNOPSIS: Following the September 11 attacks, Task Force Dagger, including CIA paramilitary officers and a US Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 595 12 member team, are sent to Afghanistan.

    STICKMAN: 12 Strong Boys. If only the film they were in was as strong.

    MADHERO: 'Muricah. Starring an Australian but we'll just ignore that

    LARRY: Ah, its Chris Hemsworth choosing another kinda mediocre non-Marvel project

    FLASHPENNY: I'm getting World Trade Center flashbacks. Right down to Michael Shannon playing a soldier. Oh, Michael Shannon. You are such a great actor but so many projects you pick are so terrible.

    LARRY: Yeah but the big ones make up for it. He was awesome in Shape of Water

    MADHERO: Michael Shannon was in that? huhhh. Its a Jerry Bruckheimer production, though seemingly a lot smaller one than he usually does.

    FLASHPENNY: Looking at the cast, it's like an all-star B-list of actors that keep on almost having careers.

    MADHERO: There's some great actors in the film, but I bounce off pretty hard on American military film that seems to glamorize. That's at least the vibe I'm getting

    STICKMAN: American military films that glamorise the military can kiss my ass.

    LARRY: I agree. Not interested.

    FLASHPENNY: Film looks more cheesy than offensive to me but, yeah, it's probably a January release for a reason.


    DIRECTOR: Christian Gudegast (directorial debut)

    STARRING: Gerard Butler, 50 Cent, Pablo Schreiber, O’Shea Jackson Jr.

    SYNOPSIS: The lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff's Dept. and the state's most successful bank robbery crew as the outlaws plan a seemingly impossible heist on the Federal Reserve Bank.

    LARRY: God this really IS a slog.

    STICKMAN: Isn't this the same film as the last one.

    MADHERO: When you want to make Heat but you only have 50 Cent so you can only afford Gerard Butler and Pornstache from Orange is the New Black

    FLASHPENNY: I think this looks cool which, if my memories of Screwvies serve me right, means that everyone else here is going to shout me down.

    STICKMAN: That's right, Flash. WE SHOUT.

    FLASHPENNY: I'm going to dub this film as GTAV: The Movie until it catches on.

    MADHERO: The reviews that have come out for this film (which is apparently 2.5 hours), have been prety funny. If Heat is a steamy romance, this is a sleazy one night stand according to BMD. And Flixist calls it the most January movie ever

    STICKMAN: GTA V is probably better written than this.

    LARRY: I’m just done with Gerard Butler trying to be bankable. I just don’t like him.

    STICKMAN: Y'all lay off January ALREADY, GOD DAMNIT.

    MADHERO: I like Gerard Butler a lot as a guy. He seems really fun, but his film choices......maybe not

    FLASHPENNY: For the record, I don't think this film looks exactly amazing, it just looks like the most entertaining of the bunch.

    STICKMAN: Gerald Butler would make a great bodyguard, not sure about an actor though. Keep reaching for that rainbow, kid.


    DIRECTOR: Brian Taylor (Gamer, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance)

    STARRING: Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair, Anne Winters, Zackary Ryan

    SYNOPSIS: A teenage girl (Winters) and her little brother (Ryan) must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents (Cage, Blair) to turn violently on their own kids.

    FLASHPENNY: I don't know about the movie itself but, man, that trailer is doing it no favors.

    MADHERO: Nicolas Cage sings the hokey pokey while trying to kill his kids, so that's you're getting yourself into.

    STICKMAN: Nicolas Cage in a horror 2018. What the fuck is going on. Last time I saw Nicolas Cage he was dressed in some...weird outfit and looking depressed as fuck.

    LARRY: I think the concept is funny, but that’s about the farthest my interest goes.

    MADHERO: What if I told you if this is from one of the directors of the Crank series?

    STICKMAN: Oh fuck, I'm out.

    LARRY: Christ I’m not ready for a Crank-styled horror comedy with Nic Cage

    MADHERO: My favorite quote from a review ever comes from their movie Gamer. "Its like someone put a camera in a toilet and flushed it"

    STICKMAN: Christ on a bike

    LARRY: I’m out too. Sticky and I are tandem-biking it out of here.

    FLASHPENNY: It's a shame too because I was looking forward to Nicolas Cage going fucking apeshit in a movie that tries way too hard to take itself seriously.

    MADHERO: This does actually have solid reviews. It could be solid B-movie material, and this 2010s Cage, so that's as good as you can get


    MADHERO: Well....that's it. Its January so not much we can do. Call Me By Your Name  and I, Tonya open wide though, so maybe go and watch that.



    MADHERO: Well....maybe we can talk about that on MOVIE OF THE WEEK! Or.....not?

    FLASHPENNY: Oh God, what shit am I being forced to watch against my will this time?

    MADHERO: Well, its usuall the section where we talk about recent VOD/DVD releases or films we watched in theaters, but honestly, I just wanted to take a moment to toot our horn a bit. Cause holy shit you guys, 100 episodes. I can't imagine getting that far when I started this blog in early 2014. We've been doing  this for almost 4 years now. Well, Flash and Larry 2 respectively, but that's still more than I ever expected


    LARRY: I’ve been doing this for two years? Holy fuck

    STICKMAN: I'm still pretty sure I've been in a coma since Episode 1 and that's why we keep making them.

    FLASHPENNY: Remember when we speculated about who the villain in Amazing Spider-Man 3 was going to be in the 1st episode? My how time flies. Also, I don't remember having grey hairs. WHAT HAVE YOU PEOPLE DONE TO ME?!

    MADHERO: We've seen reboots come and go during our time here. Spider especially has been through quite a journey. But have been some of your favorite moments from Screwvies history before we all turn into dust?


    STICKMAN: I liked making Shaun the Sheep into a thing. I bet that wasn't annoying at all. We're all pretty stoked for Shaun the Sheep 2 in 2019, right.

    MADHERO: It was a fun saga while it lasted

    LARRY: I mean, all of the arguments I’ve had with Sticky. Those are always a joy.

    FLASHPENNY: When I got the Best Picture winner right two years in a row over the other two guys despite actively not caring about the awards was pretty funny.

    MADHERO: Fun fact: I've never guessed the Best Picture right during the Oscar predictions, but end up winning overall

    STICKMAN: I remember when Flash had a terrible taste in movies that one or two times.

    LARRY: All I remember is my edgy opinions on La La Land. That was a fun time.

    FLASHPENNY: I must've missed that, what happened?

    STICKMAN: We all expected Larry to love La La Land and then he was so iffy about it he spent most of the Oscar season shitting onnnnn it.

    LARRY: I didn’t love La La Land, I expressed that. To be quite honest, I liked it more the second time.


    FLASHPENNY: I'm kinda bummed I missed that a bit since I have never seen a film I wanted to love so much and just ended up being 'meh' towards than La La Land.

    STICKMAN: I....quiiite liiikeddd La La Laaannd but okaaaay...

    FLASHPENNY: ........Stickman liked a musical? Holy fucking shit.


    MADHERO: There's always those unexpected moments. Stickman already talked about it, but in a week where we could've selected films like Birdman and similar caliber movies, Flashpenny infamously picked Dumb and Dumber To, and the sheer surprise at that decision still haunts me to this very day. More so than the film itself

    STICKMAN: I lay in bed at night wondering why. Why he'd hurt us this way.

    FLASHPENNY: Opinions are opinions, man. Like what you want. Movie wanted to be a stupid, dumb comedy and accomplished what it set out to do.

    STICKMAN: Nobody gives me a medal for being an idiot. I'm pretty sure I said that 2 years ago.

    MADHERO: It was.....something. But hey, I'd like to take this moment to just  say thanks for these wacky 4 years. While it started as a way to replace CinemAttack who went on to do their own thing (and we've now outlasted and taken one of their hosts, so HA!), it became a weekly ritual to just shoot the shit about a subject we're passionate about and care for. We've survived 3 site transitions and that's pretty crazy to think about. Its something I still genuinely enjoy doing a lot, and hope to continue shoot the shit about whether DC will finally get its act together or something. Its been a fun ride.

    LARRY: To be fair, if we just did a blog, we probably would've gone on longer haha. But yes, I foundly recall those days.

    FLASHPENNY: I fondly recall that terrible website that I no longer go on and ended up being so bad that its founder left it but that's a story for another day.

    STICKMAN: You think blogs are more straight forward, you should try editing this episode, sooooon.

    LARRY: Ahem, I've edited blogs before, Sticky. And I've also edited videos. DON'T SASS ME BOI

    MADHERO: I would say here's to 100 more episodes, but I'll be literally dead by that point. Or who knows what'll happen in 2022. I've certainly enjoyed my time. How about you guys?

    STICKMAN : I fucking hate it. Why am I still here.


    FLASHPENNY: 'Twas fun. Though my busy-ass life eventually forced me to quit, 'twas fun to come back for one episode to relive old times. It probably was ultimately for the best that I quit when I did though. Looking back at my life the past 2 years, there's no way in Hell I would've had time for this.

    STICKMAN: You don't have time for me, I see. I understand. Sniff

    LARRY: Personally, I didn't know what to expect when you asked me to join in, Mad. All I knew was that I still wanted to talk movies and have an outlet for my opinions. Needless to say, having this as a fun side project as I continue exploring my love for film has always been a fun respite from life and all that comes with that. I've grown to call Mad and Sticky friends throughout this process, and it's been a blast getting to know them and shoot the shit. Thanks for inviting me initially, and yeah, here's to 100 more!

    STICKMAN: Mmm...well....4 yeaaarss...ish, 100 episodes, techincally more than 100 since we don't count our Oscar specials, end of year awards, or the several spoiler-talks we've done across the year. I've been in every episode I believe, and done a new banner for all but one of them? I think? That's a lot of tiiiiime, and often a lot of effort too. But it's been a pretty amazing time, I've never worked on anything that's run as consistently and as long as At the Screwvies on my entire time internet blogging. You tend to find collaboration blogs with a bunch of people you know who live in 500 different countries tend to fall apart pretty quickly, my attempts at a series of this nature certainly did.  But here we are, 2018 and still going. Had ups and downs, gotten cross, had some laughs, gotten cross...some more. It's been a real ride. Have to thank MadHero a lot for providing me with a regular blog project to work on, something to feel creatively fulfilled about on a regular basis, and also an outlet to talk about film, which really, is my biggest nerdy passion. I don't know how much longer we'll go on for, but I'll keep being here for as long as everyone else is, I hope. Providing I don't get fired for being really annoying like I always am, y'know? Heeeere's to...some more episodes. Yes. And thanks to Flashpenny and Larry for being good sports about my arguing with them, and for being cool duuuudes and such.

    LARRY: It's okay Sticky, we all know I end up being right every time anyway.

    FLASHPENNY: This is getting too schmaltzy and nice. I command you to fight to the death for my amusement!


    MADHERO: Awwwww shucks. I feel all warm inside. That feels like a good point to wrap up. 101 is still a cool number and we get to talk Black Panther then, so that's cool.  Before all that, I wanna quickly thank Flashpenny for coming back for this episode. Its been fun.

    STICKMAN: Nice pissing on you again, Flash.

    LARRY: Damn, what a movie for our 101st. Black fucking Panther.

    MADHERO: Better than Maze Runner the Death Cure for sure

    FLASHPENNY: Thanks for letting me shamelessly plug my YouTube channel. Again, release an Oscar review every 3 weeks and the success or snub after that. Also, thinking about doing let's plays soon. Maybe. I dunno. Either way, subscribe and it was fun coming back to visit. You all haven't seen the last of me. Now, goodbye FOREVER!




  • Podcon and Happy 2018!

    1 month ago

    FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X4

    I definitely wrote 2017 in the title... Oops.

    Happy New Year, RT friends! I've had a great start to the year with PAX South, school starting up again (I'm so close to being done!!), and working on some projects I'm really excited about! (and you'll definitely hear about at least one of them SOON tm)

    That's not what this post is for, though. Several weeks ago I said I'd write a post about Podcon and WHOOPS I never did. So let's tackle that!


    I heard about Podcon from John and Hank Green and the McElroys, who are also the creators/runners of Podcon (along with the Welcome to Nightvale guys, who I don't really follow but I admire their hard-work and creativity!) In 2017 I fell head-over-heels for the McElroy podcasts (The Adventure Zone is one of the most incredible stories I have ever heard, and I'm beyond excited for what they do next!) and the idea of a podcast convention struck every interest I have. Initially I didn't plan to attend, just back it at the level where I would get recordings of the panels, and then went Hey. I could also like... go to Seattle and attend it! Sure, why not travel even more this year, the week after moving across the country. GREAT idea! And while we're at it, why not apply to volunteer! Even better!

    So I was a *bit* stressed about going. I had a lot going on, and I knew absolutely no one who was going. I was staying by myself, so I didn't have anyone to force my company on.

    The communities Hank and John Green and the McElroys have built and fostered are absolutely incredible. I've never seen a community that is so friendly and open and welcoming. I don't know if it is the positivity that these creators put out into the world, or something else, but I have never felt as welcome and appreciated and valid as I did that weekend in a convention center full of strangers.

    Everyone I talked to, or even smiled at, smiled back, and was excited to talk about their interests. Everyone was excited to learn about new podcasts, new creators, and new ideas.

    Everyone was excited to make new friends, talk to everyone they saw, and delight in this community.

    At volunteer orientation I almost immediately made friends, and spent the rest of the weekend with them. Everyone was very friendly and creative and easy to talk to. We've stayed in contact, and I'm confident we'll be friends for a very long time, thanks to a chance meeting because of a backwards shirt and almost falling off an escalator. (Nothing brings you together like the threat of death!)

    I went to The Adventure Zone Live Show the night before Podcon, and made friends there as well, even though I had gone alone. We spent the hour long bus ride back downtown chatting.

    I worked the signature area (Team Sigs for LIFE) and every single attendee and volunteer I talked to was friendly and chatty. People in cosplay were excited to talk about their characters, people with pins were excited to share their interests, people in line for signings were SO hyped to be there surrounded by other passionate fans, and there were SO many people who had brought art and pins and other knick-knacks to give out. For free. Just because they wanted to (I got an adorable little duck pin and a TAZ print and some other little things that are lovely!)

    I didn't have a single negative experience for the entire weekend. I left re-invigorated, full of creative energy and positive feelings and a sense of accomplishment and community.

    I guess because this IS the RT site, I'm obligated to at least do a little bit of a comparison to RTX, specifically RTXAustin for this.

    I think Podcon, a first-year less-than-3000 attendee convention, felt a lot like the first 1 or 2 RTXs must have felt like - a long-awaited meeting of a community of enthusiasts and the creators they admire. I don't know if the sense of community the first Podcon created will scale as they grow, but I hope it does.

    RTX certainly has, to a point. I will always love RTX, it was my first convention, and I've made some of my best friends among the guardians. But the tight-knit community I saw at Podcon, a community that has never had a platform to connect on (nothing along the lines of the RT site, or even the old forums) gave me so much hope, and a wonderful sense of belonging. 

    I'm not entirely sure if Podcon is my favorite convention - I'm very deeply connected to RTX, and I've built incredible friendships from it. But I think if I could only attend (not work) one convention, it would be Podcon. Even just hanging out in panel rooms before shows started we made friends and chatted and had a great time - and I wish the real world was more like that.

  • A Look In 2017, A Look Out 2018

    1 month ago

    daniel_nye FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Burnie Coin Club Member

    10 days into the year and I'm already thinking back about the past year.

    Whilst so much awful things went down that year between "leaderships", terrorist attacks, the Vegas shooting, world disasters like hurricanes and other horrible things (Doki Doki Literature Club being another thing thats horrific but at least that had its moments) happening around us whether it effects you or not, we really should consider ourselves lucky when we have amazing or at least good things happen to us.

    The start of this year was not looking good. Me and my (now ex) girlfriend split, LAGC being my last Anime League convention after the news of my good friend Alex B. forced out by the lead of Anime League and Alex telling me what Michael has been up to, and Alex H. told me that she had feelings for me but was stuck in a relationship that she had suffered for being in in the first place. This was a month I refered to at the time as Fucked Febuary. But as with every dark tunnel, there was light at the end of it. Especially since RTXLondon was announced. That was what I needed most. And after some time, Alex H. gained the courage she needed to get out of her other relationship.

    Before you say anything, it was made very aparent to everyone that the other guy she was with really made her depressed and he was just really naive and could not see that the relationship was not working. Im not happy by how this happened but there's no need denying that it just did. In hindsight I do feel like I was pushing her into leaving him but I knew once she was free of him Alex would be much happier, whether she was wanting to be with me afterwards or not. Going by the fact that we are still together is a good indication that what we have works. Alex has easily been not just the best part of last year but the best part of my life. Looking forward to moving in with her once I get a job nearer to her.

    2017 was a year I wanted to go do more things like I got to see Sean Lock AND Game Grumps and Jacksepticeye at the Hammersmith Appollo, I got to see Hans Zimmer at Wembley Arena and I'll never forget that after his first song he said portions of tonights concerts earnings will go to victims of Grenfell tower which happened the day before the concert. So amazing of him to do that. I've always held a strong belief that music could bring world peace if the world would notice it. Or something like that but it was amazing. Oh and last month I finally got to see Gorillaz perform live at the O2. So glad I got to see them after so long being a big fan. The energy in there could power the world.

    Also managed to see The Russel Howard Hour that was good but I really wish I was there for the John Oliver taping, mind would have blown at that taping. I got to meet Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero at my all time favourite cinema too, go see The Room at home then see it witj an audience. Its amazing.

    One thing that was interesting was that being with Alex I got to share my home county and its surrounding areas like London and Brighton with her and she got to do the same with her home county.Its moments like those where you really see what your other half is like. Moreso in London when Alex is taking everything in and Im behind her saying "Mind your step" as she's in front.

    RTXL has been the best event for me. After the MCMLondon in May being just... ok, meeting the people behind my favourite web company, the panels were amazing and were one thing, but the VIP Party made that weekend what it was for me. Getting to meet Miles, Kerry and Gray after the Fan Service stuff Ive sent them since pilot 4 was such a thrill, talking with Burnie about some stuff that is just hearsay at the moment, hearing Joels story about... I think it was getting to bathe a cat that refused to go in the tub, wishing good luck to Chad since after his flight back to US he has to stream RWBYREWIND, and just random talks with Barbara (who is even more angelic in person) Lindsay (who is infectiously happy, though same might be said about many RT people but more noticeable with Lindsay IMO) and Michael (who is just a treat) OH and there was a horror VR game at the back so we got to hear Miles and Ellie do a lets play. Was amazing. And then I see Burnie and Matt for the signing who are amazing. So much so that after the photos, Burnie stopped me and said "You look amazing as Merc Felix, have I given you one of my coins yet?" He did not. He gave me said challenge coin and also told me that "This is for your costume, should also point out that this is one of a few coins for this year that I have left." I left that signing trying not to burst out crying with happiness. Last year I said that I celebrated my 10th year as an ongoing supporter and community member by seing Jon, Jack, Geoff and team RWBY. But that moment meeting Burnie at the session will forever be ingrained in my mind because whilst I was late to RvB by 3 or so years I've always been watching there stuff regularly where as other friends have seen their stuff now and then. The people behind these shows have influenced me, be it the humour, determination, thoughts on certain topics, and being given that coin from Burnie, and think whatever you want about this, but to me it really does feel like OUR love for these people and their work is not left unappreciated.

    That was a majority of the past year roughly summerised but it got me thinking about what I want out of this year.

    Much like some people said in Burnies VLog about resolutions, I dont do them simply because I lose track of the goals I set myself for. That said I do have some that I think can be managable.

    My main goal is to move in with Alex this year but thats dependnt on alot of things culminating in to one but its not impossible by any means. I hope.

    My other goals are to stop snacking and just stick with 3 or 4 meals and drink less cokes and other sugary drinks.

    Another is to try and write more. Ever since I left High Wycombe I feel I've been less creative and that i've lost my passion for making stories and doing properly crafted artwork. Whilst I have noticed that I love editing video more I want to get back into writing. Maybe even try do a stand up routine.

    One other goal I want to work on, but I dont think will go as it should is taking breaks from technology more. Too often do I walk by myself to places with music in my ears. Theres a river not far from me. Why do I not take in the sounds of nature more often?

    So theres my retrospective perspective.


    Go away.







    Just Monika

  • New Years Resolutions

    1 month ago

    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

    I watched Burnie's vlog on resolutions, and got me to reflect on what my goals are for this year and my resolution from last year.  A year and a half ago, I made a decision to take a gap year to focus on my health, after I had an episode and my doctor informed me that it was a miracle I was only Prediabetic at my weight at the time of 495 pounds.  And so at the dawn of 2017 I took it upon myself last year to take my health seriously; I fought and won against a sugar addiction, I lost 180 lbs and trimmed my waist from 60 inches to 46 inches.  I still have a ways to go on that front, but I feel comfortable to say I accomplished my 2017 New Years Resolution.  However, at the beginning of 2018, I now need to set new goals for myself.

    So I have two 2018 New Years Resolutions:

    Number One:  Participate in Game Jams and Complete Them

    Number Two:  Get a Career Oriented Job/Find Steady Work.

    The first one I have already started, as I will be making a short game using Twine and Marmoset Hexels for the Game Made Quick Game Jam hosted on that coincides with Games Done Quick.  Furthermore, I will definitely participate in the next Ludum Dare Game Jam, which will be in April.

    The other goal is going to be a bit murkier in the way I complete it.  I need to find a way to break into my career.  My programming and art skills give me a fair bit of options, I have been looking into UI/UX design oriented field.  However, my real passions are Game Design, Game Art/Animation, and Video Production which somewhat ties into goal number one.  However, breaking into those fields is a lot harder than it seems, and they do not guarantee financial and career stability. I have been going to interviews with companies and I seem to hit a brick wall at certain points in the process. To help with this I have been taking to using social media more often to promote my art work, as well as learning new skills and tools, like learning storyboarding and relearning how to use Vegas to edit videos. 

    So I turn to the collective RT Community for advice:  how would you suggest I go about this?  And specifically asking, going to the origin of this post, for your upcoming Vlog AMA @burnie, do you have any advice on trying to break into the online ecosystem, specifically on how to get noticed in the cavalcade of content being pumped out every second?

  • Hey Cool Cats and Diamond Dogs

    1 month ago


    Hi everyone, my name is Myles and I'm new to the community. This is my first journal, so bear with me.

    Zo The Dude is a character I created in my 3rd year of high school and Jax Denic is my YouTube handle. I'm a fan of Achievement Hunter, The Know, and Rooster Teeth. But I'm not too into Funhaus, Cow Chop, Sugar Pine 7, ScrewAttack, or Game Attack (I'd like a good introduction video for them). 

    About me: I graduated high school in 2013 and I'm a reservist for the military. I watched RWBY season one on Netflix in 2015, loved it, wondered how one can be propelled by shooting the ground, and that is my intro to Rooster Teeth. I knew about being a first member, but didn't act on it until last year. I started a podcast on YouTube called "Subliminates Podcast" and it's mainly rants and movie talk. I love movies and music. If someone asks me to watch/review a movie, then I'll give an honest review that has helped people who are on the fence to see a new movie or not. 

    ALTHOUGH, Dragon Ball: Evolution is the worst movie and if anyone can tell me a movie worse than that, then you are welcome to top it.

    For me to shorten this, I'm basically a 22 year old video game playing, Rooster Teeth loving, YouTubing, Movie criticising dude who is slowly becoming part of the community. Thanks for bearing through this.

  • At the Screwvies: Episode 99

    1 month ago



    MADHERO: HAPPY 2018 EVERYONE! We somehow survived 2017, just like we somehow survived 2016. Sure we're dealing with an idiot vlogger and a nuclear button measuring contest. All of that was enough for Larry to go and take a hike to the Polish mountains or something. I don't tihnk Poland even has mountains. What I'm trying to say is that he's not here this episode. The first one of the year

    STICKMAN: We all survived 2017 except Larry. He was one day away from retirement...then that damn piano fell on him. Such a shame.

    MADHERO: We'll find a way to get him back for the big 100th Episode Specularmathon, but for now its just us two.

    STICKMAN: Lazarus Pits always do wonders for dead movie bloggers.

    MADHERO: Might as well see what kind of horrors 2018 has brought us, nuclear button measuring aside




    Well hey, 2017 is over and we're into the new year, which means that we start the counter all over again on box office. There were a ton of big movies throughout the year, meaning the concept of the summer movie season is all but dead. Hell, out of the Top 5 movies worldwide, only 2 (Spider-Man, Despicable Me 3) released in the summer, and 3 domestically. Overall, movies grossed over 40 BILLION DOLLARY DOOS, which is a 3% uptick from last year. However, what's interesting is how that counters movie attendance has dropped to a 27 year low in the US. Granted, that's still 11.4 billion, but that's largely due to expanded ticket prices and 3D. The summer especially proved largely disappointing, with many expected hits like Transformers surprisingly doing poorly.

    Now there have been a whole bunch of hot takes surrounding it, including from Jodie Foster, who compared the current big budget Hollywood landscape to fracking, leaving a desolate wasteland where movies are more like themepark rides and smaller films can't compete. There's certainly some truth in that, though we saw smaller scale movies like IT and Get Out succeed quite well even if they didn't have the biggest budgets. Either way, maybe 2018 might be better, what with Infinity War and Jurassic World in the summer.  Maybe not for the smaller movie though (sorry, Jodie). Guess we'll find out then. Numbers and stuff

    STICKMAN: There's always a lot of doomsaying whenever you look  at the box office. I think the main issue is the tickets cost so damn much, and people want to fork out for the big event releases, and often they're all shitty rushjobs. Maybe make better movies for less money and charge people less to see them...and...WOAH...suddenly....things will be better!?

    MADHERO: Yeah. I think its easy to call doom and gloom, but it doesn't really help when going to the movies is such an expensive endeavour, not just in the US but in Western society in general. But hey, worldwide is up, so they must be doing something right

    STICKMAN: When you consider the success stories have been smaller budget films with a bigger focus on quality and's we need to paint a picture? Maybe don't spend $350 Million salvaging a train wreck when you could have made a better film for less than half the cost. Not saying all films can be done for low budgets, but certainly you can make them more cost effective than needing to replace a fucking moustache in every frame...poorly, I may add.

    MADHERO: IT and Get Out were 2 major success stories as mentioned, though with IT you're basing on a known property, but there were smaller victories like Baby Driver as well. I think one of the weirder box office stories is Wolf Warrior 2, the 6th highest grossing film of the year because it grossed 850 MILLION DOLLARS in just China. Which I think is the highest record for a movie in one market.

    STICKMAN: Also diversity is a big winner, like...people want to see different stories being told. Wonder Woman, Get, it's all well and good saying the movies are doomed to Netflix and Youtube or whatever...but...just make better shit! AAHHHH. Some good things will fail, Blade Runner 2049 was a huge let down financially, but you can't win them all, but you can certainly win a lot more without a huge deal more effort.

    MADHERO: Blade Runner's box office was a big let down, but maybe it was always doomed to fail. Certainly a great movie, favorite film of 2017 and all that.

    STICKMAN: But the money was up....attendance was down. That's because the tickets costed more, and that's what puts people off taking risks or going to see things that aren't worth watching. I'd of been a lot more likely to see Justice League if it didn't cost me more than the DVD would to buy just to see it once.

    MADHERO: Justice League is pretty much the only loser in superhero movie land. Its been interesting to see films like that, Transformers and The Mummy fail as hard as they did. Does it represent a turning point in audiences demanding better quality films? Probably not, but  hey, its worth a look

    STICKMAN: The Mummy was always gonna tank. Transformers was a big surprise though, but in a good way. Maybe Hollywood needs to start taking its audiences with a degree more respect instead of blaming Netflix all the time.

    MADHERO: Well we'll talk about Netflix's blockbuster affairs soon, but how about we move on.


    Hey...remember internet creepypastas? They've been TV gold for stuff like Channel Zero, but the big daddy's always been Slender Man, star of several overrated 'horror' games and a host of other assorted garbage...the white guy in a suit is now getting his own horror film in the form of...well....Slender Man, and if you weren't aware of it before, now it's got a poster, a trailer, a May release date...and a heap helping of controversy already, oh boy!

    The trailer itself plays out as most modern horrors do. There's some spooky imagery, some jumpscares...'s a horror trailer, y'know? Visually it seems to be taking a cue from The Ring, but obviously not to the same level of quality. I can't help but feel this movie will either be mediocre, or terrible, and the world will promptly forget about it. The interesting part comes in the form of the controversy regarding the film, with the father of a girl who ended up committed to a mental institution after she stabbed another girl four years ago, apparently to appease Slender Man, calling the creation and release of the film "extremely distasteful", and ...of course, the internet now has a petition going to have its release scrapped entirely. Sony have kept quiet on the whole situation, as they no doubt will continue to do up to its release. Horror films tend to benefit from grim controversies more than suffer, so...I don't think they're going to pull it. But the film itself doesn't seem worth the bother, frankly. Still, this was a long time coming, and here it is.

    MADHERO: Boy they sure took their sweet time finally taking a crack at Slenderman

    STICKMAN: To make things this good takes time, dear.

    MADHERO: I can't wait for the Fidget Spinner movie in 2023. Ol' Slendy had his time in the sun with that free Slender game that is now nearly 6 years old, and of course Marble Hornets, but besides the lore, I really don't find Slenderman all that scary as a figure. I mean, look at that suit.

    STICKMAN: Slenderman is just a white guy standing around in the woods. We've all seen that before. Sometimes dogging, too.

    MADHERO: And of course there was that weird stabbing in 2014, but I feel Slenderman as a concept loses its power when you realize he was created by an internet forum.

    STICKMAN: There's no mystique to it, we even know who came up with it. It was for a contest. It's...nothing, when it comes to being an urban legend or a myth. It's not an interesting design or concept. I really don't see this film being anything more than a cash-grab. One that's now got Sony bad press they probably didn't expect.

    MADHERO: Well I can understand there being backlash. Maybe that caused them to back off it for a while? I dunno. The trailer was about what I expected. Some creepy imagery, that violin, and Slendy going OOGA BOOGA! right at the end

    STICKMAN: Ooga booga indeed. If it does more with the sorta...distortion...surreal side of things, maybe will be interesting. I'd love to see a horror film that breaks the fourth wall and fucks with the audience in the same way that, say...Eternal Darkness did for gaming.

    MADHERO: I honestly don't expect the Slender Man movie to do something that bold. If you want your Man of Slenderness fix, go watch Marble Hornets again, or its far superior parody Concrete Giraffes.

    STICKMAN: Just watch Channel Zero for creepypasta brought to life. It's a genuinely eerie TV show. Deserves more love. Ignore Max Landis' name on it. That's just there to scare you, I'm sure.



    So by now you've probably at least heard of Bright, Netflix's big original gamble with not just filmmaking, but blockbuster filmmaking. Costing over 90 million dollars (which granted isn't that much these days, but still massive for a film not coming to theaters) and with an heavy marketing campaign, it seems it has all worked out for the cop drama/high fantasy.....thing. While Netflix doesn't publicly release numbers,  Nielsen estimates that close to 11 million people watched Bright in the first 3 days. So while critically it may have received a beating, audiences and subscribers liked it way more, and so Netflix has done the obvious and ordered a sequel.

    Right now that's about all we know about the return of Orc Cop and Friend. Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and director David Ayer are all expected to return. One person who isn't returning: Max Landis, who came up with the concept and has sole writing credit, but has distanced himself from the finished product and with recent allegations of harassment, his return seemed unlikely even if he liked the end result. I personally didn't really hate Bright as many critics did, but rarely have I seen a film squander its potential like this. There's a very interesting world and ideas, but consistently goes for the most boring options (guess what: Orcs are black people in this. Shocker). Hopefully a sequel can build on those ideas, but we'll see come 2020/2021 or whenever its done.

    STICKMAN: Oy vey.

    MADHERO: Larry isn't around so we drag Max Landis as much as we want now. I can't judge his actual script to be fair, which Larry vouches for.

    STICKMAN: Max Landis is a tool, but now it turns out he's also a sexual assaulter of women. So he's both a tool and a scumbag.

    MADHERO: But hey, this isn't about him. Its about Bright, which I watched, but after it got the sequel announcement. I can appreciate Netflix for going with something this unique as its blockbuster. Now I hope they make a good version of it, cause no movie made me ask questions more than Bright did, and not necessarily in a good way

    STICKMAN; Everything about it looked awful, David Ayer is a jerk and also made Suicide Squad, which was offensively shit...I'm not going anywhere near magic orc gritty cop paper-thin racism allegory.

    MADHERO: Its just.... such an odd movie. I also like how the movie makes a big deal out of Orc Cop but then throws in a centaur cop as a visual gag and its like WAIT HOLD ON! HOW DO CENTAURS FIT IN THIS WORLD?! WHAT DO THEY REPRESENT?! ALSO DID A DRAGON FLY BY?

    STICKMAN: There's a centaur cop?! Are they handsome?

    MADHERO: He's covered in police armor, but the horse part was nice enough I guess. Its just, I love the concept of a world where Lord of the Rings is more of a historical drama and now its modern times, but to then have LA just be largely the same doesn't really feel right. Shit would be different no matter how you slice it.

    STICKMAN: I guess this is a franchise now. Netflix were quick to confirm a sequel, which they weren't so keen to do with Death Note, despite its apparent high viewing levels

    MADHERO: Well they clearly put a lot of money behind it. Not just in production, but marketing. I saw a Bright trailer at the cinema and it keeps popping up as a ad on Youtube. No studio would've probably made it, so I guess that's commendable to take a gamble and make it work, even if I wish the endproduct was way better

    STICKMAN: Give me a Dragon Cop, and I'll maybe buy into this garbage, but only if they're handsome enough.

    MADHERO: But I mean its unique different looking shit than the generic Hollywood blockbuster, and that's where I give them credit. And maybe Dragon Cop will be a thing in the sequel

    STICKMAN: He better be. I'm horny for this concept now.



    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple years, you'll know Warner Bros' ongoing grand plan  to turn their DC Comics stable of properties into a shared universe to rival the likes of the currently untouchably successful MCU has....not gone great? Wonder Woman is the big outlier, provided a hopeful and high grossing smash hit, only for Justice League to really sink those hopes with another muddled, messy release that this time, people didn't turn up to much, anyhow. With prospects starting to look grim, and literal billions of potential revenue at stake, the ship is changing course, and as part of that, they've turned to a more successful cinematic universe for help.

    Walter Hamada, a producer from New Line best known for his work on horror more than anything, has now been recruited as President of DC Film Productions. You may not know the name, but you'll know his work. He, alongside James Wan created The Conjuring franchise, which is one of the highest grossing horror series' of all time, and is now in the throws of creating its own cinematic universe of spin-offs and prequels. He also produced a little film called IT....which is actually a more successful film financially than Justice League, despite the R rating. Clearly Warner Bros/DC are hoping his profit-providing, high quality output, and less shaky cinematic universe experience will rub off on the DCEU, which despite a lot of flat tires, is still driving forwards with further projects. What this means for the future of horror over at New Line remains to be seen, but I'm sure Warner Bros would rather have a stable, money-making comic book franchise than they would a surprisingly profitable R rated horror series or two.

    MADHERO: You'd think we'd retire DC's fuckups in 2018, BUT GUESS AGAIN! Though this might actually be a good move since he's created the other functioning cinematic universe

    STICKMAN: I mean...'The Conjuring Universe' is just two main films, a bad spin-off and a decent prequel so far. But they've all made bank and the core films are some of the better received horrors of the past 10 years.

    MADHERO: Still better than the Dark Universe

    STICKMAN: I mean. That's not hard. The Conjuring films are great, I'm not as keen on them spinning off a franchise for everything that goes BOO in those films, but hey ho. Here we are.

    MADHERO: Now he gets to do it with the things that go boo in the DCEU. Honestly, we still kinda don't know what direction they're going to take the universe. Last we heard it was going to be more individual stories after the success of Wonder Woman. There's something comedic about it not working out despite having everything in one basket.

    STICKMAN: It is kinda amusing to think they had a much easier job than Marvel to make a bankable cinematic universe and yet fucked it up trying to rush into the big guns. Now the Marvel films have done so well they basically have all the toys they didn't before. Oops.

    MADHERO: Hamada has obviously done a great job with Conjuring and IT, but these are way bigger fish in the ocean. And before I forget, I wanna quickly say something to the people planning to protest at the WB offices for the Snyder cut of Justice Leauge: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    STICKMAN: Now THAT'S scaaaary.

    MADHERO: WB will very politely not give a shit, while I groan/laugh

    STICKMAN: I hope they brought enough spare manbaby nappies, y'know how they like to shit themselves so.



    Provided this goes up on a Sunday, we're about to go into major awards territory with the Golden Globes kicking off on NBC and giving our first look at what this awards race will turn into, cause boy howdy its been a weird awards race. No film has really come out as a major frontrunner, and that may change once we see which movies wins, but its been a pretty big guessing game. We've previously talked about the Screen Actor's Guild nominations, which is for actors, but now we have both the Writer's and Producer's Guild announce their nominees. Now those awards, especially the latter, are major indicators of what we'll see at the Oscars, and there have been a few surprises.

    Probably the biggest ones are that Logan managed to squeak in the WGA for Best Adapted Screenplay and Wonder Woman in the all important Producer's Guild Award. The Patty Jenkins film, who's Oscar chances were thought to be dead when it kept failing to make the cut, is now somewhat back, though its important to note that Deadpool was in that list last year, and obviously didn't get nominated for Oscars. We do see a lot of love for the expected names, like Call Me By Your Name,  Lady Bird and The Shape of Water, but Get Out and The Big Sick are now genuine contenders as well, and The Post may not be coasting as expected. Its been an interesting race, and we'll get to the big Oscar noms in January 24th. For now we'll just see what the Globes are up to.

    STICKMAN: Congrats to LOGAN...but not sure why Wonder Woman is was fine? far are we willing to let  'fine' succeed in the pursuit of proving the validity of female led cinema...which, frankly has already been proven time and time again.

    MADHERO: I'll just say its neat its there. It personally wasn't my favorite superhero movie, but I'm glad it got some recognition. Its probably not going to get nominated for any main Oscars. Like, I remember when Deadpool got in there and we all freaked out and nothing came off it.

    STICKMAN: I get why people want it there, but I'm not so sure it deserves its place. Things are taking shape though, in terms of what we can expect to see nominated for the Oscars. With the BAFTA nominations coming on the 8th, we're getting to the point where we'll know the contenders from the snubs.

    MADHERO: Yeah. I think what's funny is how there's no real frontrunner. We've had movies that have more of a chance than others, but to have it still be such a open race is quite impressive. I proclaimed The Post would probably take it, but momentum seems to slow down for that now. Maybe Trump can help though, since he asked for a screening.

    STICKMAN: At one stage it seemed to be between Dunkirk and The Post...then Ladybird came out of nowhere and is a strong contender too.  You could've argued things were a done deal for La La Land last year..and they...sorta were for 5 minutes...but yeah. Things are getting interesting. I think it's safe to say that Blade Runner 2049 is dead in the water, I don't think Get Out has enough momentum at this stage either.

    MADHERO: Big Sick is gathering momentum again. At least with La La Land we had a clear frontrunner. Here we don't have that, and that's kinda exciting. I've seen only Dunkirk out of the frontrunners, but I'll use January to catch up.

    STICKMAN: Most of these films are coming out in the UK over the next month. Three Billboards next week, The Post the week after, Shape of Water the week after that. Ladybird isn't out until like....2025 so oops. Big Sick is weirdly looking like a strong contender now, which goes to show how open it's becoming.

    MADHERO: Yeah. Was considered an outsider and now seems like it'll probably get nominated. Same for Get Out, which has really picked up momentum as well. Its a very unpredictable race, and the Globes could shed some light, but probably not, cause they're the Globes.

    STICKMAN: Honestly, overrated as I feel Get Out is, I'd love...LOOOOVE a horror film, an indisputable horror film to win Best Picture.  Silence of the Lambs already did, but people always proclaim it to be a thriller instead.

    MADHERO: We'll find out about the nominees at the end of the month! WHO LIVES! WHO DIES! WILL BLADE RUNNER ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE. MORE AT 11



    You can always rely on the folks at Bad Robot to confuse and bamboozle, but often that's generally for the right reasons, not so much this time. God Particle, a reasonably long in development sci-fi project between Bad Robot  and Paramount, was revealed in 2016 to be the 3rd in what was now becoming the Cloverfield franchise. This came after the surprise reveal of 10 Cloverfield Lane, a repurposed low-budget thriller that had its ending amended, and the Cloverfield name attached, before dropping out of nowhere early in that year. That film ended up terrific and made a decent profit, but we've known very little about God Particle, which is also known as the somewhat less enticing Untitled Cloverfield Project 3. It was originally supposed to release at the start of 2017, much as 10 Cloverfield had done the year before, only to be pushed to October of that year. Paramount then removed it from the schedule and placed it in February of 2018...that's this year, for those still getting used to that.

    With January having rolled on, and the release less than a month away...people were starting to wonder if the silence and lack of  information was intentional, or something had gone awry on its production. we kinda know it's the latter, as God Particle has been pushed back to April 2018, not a huge shift...but the fourth such pushback for the project. As previously mentioned, we know very little about this film, even its name. Relatively unknown director Julius Onah is at the helm, a cast of actors like Daniel Brühl, Chris O'Dowd and Elizabeth Debicki are involved...and we know its about astronauts in space running into trouble regarding said God Particle. But that's it. We haven't seen a picture, a poster....anything. Is this all another case of smoke and mirrors, as the Cloverfield 'franchise' is now infamous for? Or is it a case of having a future stinker on our hands?


    STICKMAN: That Abrams and his shenanigans. It's a good cover to have, where you can be fucking up a movie but  everyone will believe it to be  some GENIUS stealth marketing ploy with an ARG TOTALLLLYY happening right now. Just look at the juice bottles people...THE JUICE BOTTLES.

    MADHERO: I feel like the movie is done and probably fine. They shot it in 2016 if I recall. Its just Abrams being all wacky and mysterious. Might also be that Paramount also had Annihilation in February and didn't want to cannibalize each other


    MADHERO: With Cloverfield, you never know. They may just keep delaying the movie, not give it a release date, and then after months be all SURPRISE BITCH ITS OUT NEXT WEEK

    STICKMAN: My main question is why Bad Robot movies don't use the little kids voice in their logo like they do with their TV shows. Maybe that's where the key to God Particle's mystery lays. Maybe if you play BADD WOBOOT backwards, it's the audio encryption to unlock the god particle that gives us the ability to travel through time or something.

    MADHERO: And then it turns out to be a Voltron movie all along

    STICKMAN: Fuk. Anyway I love both Cloverfield movies, and JJ Abrams knows how to tingle my dongle, so I'm still hoping this'll be a good one.

    MADHERO: I'm hoping its good as well. I'm not excited because there's nothing to go on, but if they have a trailer like they did with 10 Cloverfield Lane, I think we'll probably be fine. For now we'll just bother the actors about it

    STICKMAN: Sounds like a plan, I'm sure it's not annoying at all to be attached to a mysterious Cloverfield movie that people keep bugging you about, despite JJ Abrams probably having a gun pointed to your head at all times.


    MADHERO: Alright, that does it for news this start of the year. Wonder what crazy movies await us now. As has been firmly established, January is usually the dumping ground of Hollywood (ENDLESS TRASH). You'll be bound to find a cheapo horror film at some point. Not here though, since we get all the Oscar movies now, so take that, suckers

    STICKMAN: January in Europe and January in the USA are very different when it comes to the cinema. We all got Blackhat though, RIP.

    MADHERO: To be fair, I think you're the only one who still remembers that film. Not even Chris Hemsworth remembers it. But we might as well see what fresh horrors await us in 2018

    STICKMAN: Or stale horrors, more accurately.



    DIRECTOR: Paul King (Bunny and the Bull, Paddington)

    STARRING: Ben Whishaw, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Brendan Gleeson, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant

    SYNOPSIS: Paddington (Whishaw), now happily settled with the Brown family (Bonneville, Hawkins) and a popular member of the local community, picks up a series of odd jobs to buy the perfect present for his Aunt Lucy's 100th birthday, only for the gift to be stolen.

    MADHERO: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAoohhhhh...hang on. That's not too bad. Though it was going to be released by Harvey Weinstein at some point. I guess that's pretty terrifying. Luckily Warner Bros gave him a comfy home

    STICKMAN: The Paddington  franchise is a fucking spacetime anomaly I swear. The first one looked awful, downright creepy...people loved it, was rather sweet. Sequel came out...Paddington 2 was even MORE acclaimed. It's like, the Aliens of inoffensive slapstick family bear movies.

    MADHERO: It is funny to see just how acclaimed both these movies are. I like the first one. Its a very hard film to hate, and I'm glad they managed to do it again with the sequel

    STICKMAN: It's fine enough, not a fan of the pantomimmimiimey aspects but hey ho. This one currently has 100% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, based on over 60 reviews, with an average score of nearly 9/10. It's like. It's PADDINGTON 2.  Probably gonna be nominated for an Oscar at this point.

    MADHERO: Suck on that, Lady Bird. Paddington 2 has actually kept its 100%.....for now.

    STICKMAN: It won't last but fuck me I'm surprised it even happened to begin with. When those first pictures of Paddington 1 came was scary. And it turned out rather nice. HOW!?

    MADHERO: Movie magic, Sticky. Movie magic.

    STICKMAN: More people in the UK are talking about how good Paddington 2 was than Star Wars. Like...uummm...UMMMMM. Marmalade sales are THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF. IT'S CRAZY.

    MADHERO: Ok, now its enough. Marmalade is objectively gross and only a bear could like it.

    STICKMAN: It's just sweet orange goo and it's about as inoffensive but lacking in substance as these movies. Paddington's a good boy though.

    MADHERO: O daaaaaaaaaaang. Better move on after that nuclear take


    DIRECTOR: Asam Robitel (The Taking of Deborah Logan)

    STARRING: Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, Josh Stewart

    SYNOPSIS: Parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier (Shaye) faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet - in her own family home.

    MADHERO: Thereeeeeeeeee it is, my cheapo horror film to start the year with

    STICKMAN: Insidious is a rather popular franchise, I've only seen the first and found it to be very dull.

    MADHERO: Funny. I also have only seen the first one. I know they went the prequel route following Lin Shaye's character, but other than that I can't say anything about these movies

    STICKMAN: So it started out as her being a side-character, but people really took to her...I guess? So it's her franchise now. Insidious is like The Conjuring where they wheel out  one or two creative spoopy guys or gals to show up for 5 seconds, but appear in all the marketing.

    MADHERO: All I know about this one is Keys for Fingers demon, which sounds like something Justin Roiland would come up with for a Rick and Morty sketch.

    STICKMAN: Oh god, it does. Interdimensional Cable or something.


    STICKMAN: It's probably in one scene but will make a corker of a POP Vinyl, y'know? Like Red Fingers Mc Smiley from the first. If it were in The Conjuring we'd already have 5 spin-offs from it. ANYWAY HERE'S  YOUR PROBABLY FINE BUT UNINSPIRED JANUARY HORROR FILM FOLKS, AT LEAST IT AIN'T 'RINGS'.

    MADHERO: This was originally supposed to come out on Halloween 2017, but Blumhouse swapped it with Happy Death Day after that one was way better. Make of that what you will

    STICKMAN: I'm always down for original horror films getting the Halloween slot over Insidious 54: Fuck, more Keys.


    DIRECTOR: Jaume Collet-Serra (Run All Night, The Shallows)

    STARRING: Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Jonathan Banks, Sam Neill

    SYNOPSIS: A businessman (Neeson) is caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute home.

    MADHERO: After a brief break, Jaume Collet-Serra and Liam Neeson are back on their bullshit

    STICKMAN: Oh hey, it's Norman's be more fitting to this episode....the lady from The Conjuurriinng? Mmmm?

    MADHERO: Its been a while since Neeson has been in one of these action thriller things? Or maybe they're so forgettable that I forgot the last one that came out

    STICKMAN: This brand of Liam Neeson wears a jacket and looks angry thriller films are so like...fine? But bland as all god damn hell.

    MADHERO: Well here he's wearing a casual suit so....progress?

    STICKMAN: I guess? Some shit goes down on a train. Unlike last time where it went down on a plane.

    MADHERO: This is a movie we're probably all going to forget we ever talked about in like a week. Just let Neeson enjoy his paycheck I guess

    STICKMAN: I want more from Liam Neeson, remember when he was in The LEGO Movie? Good times. He voiced his own mum.


    DIRECTOR: Babak Najafi (London Has Fallen)

    STARRING: Taraji P. Henson, Billy Brown, Danny Glover, Neal McDonough

    SYNOPSIS: Mary (Henson) is a successful hitwoman working for an organized crime family in Boston. However, her life is completely shifted when she meets a young boy whose path she crosses when a professional hit goes wrong and she leaves the boy orphaned.

    STICKMAN: Hrmmm.

    MADHERO: I feel I'd be way more interested in this movie if A. It didn't come out in January and B. It wasn't directed by the London has Fallen guy

    STICKMAN: Oh god. Well I'm out.

    MADHERO: Yeaaaah. I'm all for more work inspired by blaxploitation and giving Taraji P. Henson more work, but that release date makes me feel it probably isn't very good. Great trailer tho

    STICKMAN: Yeah it looks better than it is...and should've been better than we got I feel.

    MADHERO: Well we don't know how good/bad it is. Right now we can only speculate, but I feel its probably going to be more generic than it initially lets on

    STICKMAN: Well the explosions look pretty naff, but the combat looks fun. Who knows. I hope it's good I'll watch it if so. Considering I've heard nothing about it prior to this point? I'm not holding out much hope.


    MADHERO: And yeah, that's about it in terms of movies coming out this week and next. Pretty naff, cute bears aside. Luckily though, we can help with MOVIE OF THE WEEK! Which mostly features films decidedly not naff



    MADHERO: Yeah. Only 4 movies and 1 actual good one. BUT HEY! MOVIE OF THE WEEK! Movies like Blade Runner 2049, both our favorite movies of the year and IT are coming to DVD, and you know shit's good when we AREN'T talking about those films.

    STICKMAN: I meeaan...I can talk about those when they come out here, aah? AAHH? AHAHAHHAAHA.

    MADHERO: O dang. Well then, what do you have in mind now?


    STICKMAN: Mmmm...WELLL...I'm gonna be a hipster shit once again and pick an animated movie...and an animated...SHORT AT THAT. FUCK. Don Hertzfeld is a reasonably prominent short filmmaker, best known perhaps for REJECTED, that animation with the anus that bleeds and whatnot. Endlessly quotable and often thought-provoking/anxiety inducing, his filmography is rather great, and his most recent work 'World of Tomorrow' is one of his funniest and most touching in a strange way. The sequel came out recently, and is so good it's already been rejected by the Oscars, huzzah! World of Tomorrow Episode 2: The Burden of Other People's Thoughts treads that find line between provoking and pretentious that many of this guy's films often do.

    As with the first, it involves an encounter with a adult clone of a little girl from the distant future, and the little girl in question. We learn about the future of both the world and the little girl (And her many clones), with the innocent childs reactions bringing the humour, and the insight of the clone bringing the feels. I won't spoil the specifics for this one, but there's a lot of talk about, and exploration of memories and what makes someone who they are,  along with the usual exploration of life and death, and the meaning of it all. Also a baby dinosaur, and triangles. It's...weird...but really good. Watch this and the first one back to back for a great time.

    MADHERO: O hey, Don Hertzfeldt. The MY ANUS IS BLEEDING!  guy. And I guess he threw in some real interesting sci fi in the mix as well

    STICKMAN: This is less anus bleeding more....what is life...why is it worth living, and...I drew a duck.

    MADHERO: Its been interesting to see him go back and do a sequel to this. Not sure he's ever done that. Does he once again just record his niece saying random things, or is this very different?

    STICKMAN: He has done this before, he made several shorts about the same character and then merged them into a feature length film afterwards.  This one has a lot more of a narrative this time around, it's less a series of humorous observations of a possible future and more an exploration of certain aspects of existence . Also the little girl says the darndest things.

    MADHERO: As kids do. I'm very curious about it, and quite shocked it got booted from the Oscar race as quickly as it did. Guess the whole anus bleeding thing was a bit too much

    STICKMAN: The Academy aren't fans of his I feel, you could make the argument his animation isn't strong enough...but it's part of the charm so I dunno. Go see these both together, costs like £8 together on Vimeo, well worth the time.

    MADHERO: Liked the first one, and am definitely curious about the second.

    STICKMAN: Give it a watch, brah. Then we can quote it obnoxiously Alright, what did YOOOU watch.

    MADHERO: Well, while you watched a 20 minute short, I watched a nearly 2 and a half hour samurai epic! Takashi Miike is arguable Japan's most prolific living director, which I guess happens when this gets touted as the 100th movie he's made. Yes, a HUNDRED movies. In his most famous works (Ichi the Killer, 13 Assassins, Audition) he has shown a penchant for violence that would even make Tarantino blush, and its shown here in Blade of the Immortal, a manga adaptation about an immortal samurai through some magic leeches (don't think about it too much) avenging a young girl who's family has been murdered by some bandits.

    What follows is a blood soaked ultraviolent romp as said samurai completely tears everyone apart while losing some limbs along the way (he gets better). I can't overstate how absolutely fucking violent this movie is, and with Miike's sense of flair for action, its always incredibly fun to watch and even hilarious at some of the many crazy deaths. Its not the most original story, and its way too long, but its good fun and on Netflix so I can highly recommend giving it a look

    STICKMAN: We went to very different regions this week.

    MADHERO: No kidding. An American animated short film vs a 2 and a half hour Japanese live action film

    STICKMAN: I'm all for a bit of samurai ultraviolence though, the running time is a bit steep, mind.

    MADHERO: Yeah. Its quite steep, which initially turned me off but I don't regret having seen it. There's some real crazy shit and it does use that length for some quiet moments.

    STICKMAN: Really long ultraviolent action films seem to be a popular thing lately. The Villainess was also around that running time. How does this stack up narratively.

    MADHERO: Narrative wise its fairly standard. Lone warrior avenges girl's family by killing some evil folks. Ultimately its about the violence, action and the characters of Manji (the samurai) and Rin (the girl).

    STICKMAN: Does the violence and action make up for the long running time and standard plot? That's the impooortant question.

    MADHERO: I'd say yes. I had a really good time with it, and there's some really insane and fun shit in there. And its on Netflix, so if you don't like it, you can turn it off and move on to watch Black Mirror or something

    STICKMAN: That Metalhead episode was pretty fucking rad. Anyway,  those are your options. An animated short on Vimeo, or a samurai movie on Netflix. Blade Runner 2049? PSSCHAWW.


    MADHERO: That's it for today's episode. Kind of a short one this one, but that happens with only 2 people, 4 movies, and when the news is so dry you have to talk about the Slenderman. But next one is going to be great regardless. Why? 100 EPISODES, BABY!

    STICKMAN: OH FUCK. THAT'S TOO MANY. Let's cancel the show.


    STICKMAN: What if we cancel it, and not tell him,  and Larry comes back  and we've blocked him on Twitter. That'd be pretty funny huh.

    MADHERO: ......I'll get back to that one. For now though, see you in 2 weeks! 100 episode! Be there


  • New Year, New Everything?

    1 month ago


    Well, hey there 2018. Within a few weeks it really feels like everything has changed, and in some ways I am entering 2018 a completely different person that I was in 2017. 

    In December I finished and graduated from college and as I enter this new year there's a lot I don't know. I don't have a job or even really a solid plan for moving forward. I know I want to go to Mardi Gras in February but that's all I really have planned so far, which to me is a pretty solid start. 

    I'm not going to lie and say I'm not scared, of course I am, everything I have know for the last 20 years of my life is changing, I'm not a kid anymore and this is where it gets real. From that fear though I'm finding this awesome motivation and determination that I haven't felt in a few months. I'm writing more, taking more pictures, trying to expand my social media presence, and generally improve myself. The changes I'm making in 2018 are more than just resolutions, they're things I need to do to grow up and make my place in this world. 

    Am I prepared? Absolutely not. Am I going to fight like hell anyways? Absolutely. Here's the kicking 2018's butt. 

  • New Year, New..... nahh still Quentin

    1 month ago

    Qholtz VFX Artist Rooster Teeth

    I hope everyone had an awesome New Years Eve!  My wife and I headed down to Houston and brought in 2018 with close friends.  We are pretty blessed to have a solid group formed in College and its always a blast to spend some time with them.

    One new thing Jess and I are tying out is Whole 30. It is basically 30 days of no Dairy, Bread/Pasta, Butter, or sugar in anything.  I get how typical it is to start something like this right at the new year but, we were not about to try it in the month of December!

    What did y'all do to ring in the new year?  Hope 2018 treats you all exceptionally well. 

    - Q

  • 2018 in the shortest list possible.

    1 month ago

    SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

    2018 is going to be a busy year for me. I sat down this evening to write down my resolutions, and kept writing and writing; I just had too many, and having too many makes them all unachievable.

    So I whittled away until I got to the 3 I think are what I need or want most from 2018.

    1. Write more, and often
    2. Prioritise having experiences

    3. Don't stress on your wedding day

    Care to hold me to them?

    Laughter and Sunshine!

  • 2017 in review

    1 month ago

    ToriJCaboose FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    This year has been amazing. I finally decided to join the online community, I got to participate (and watch live) the ExtraLife stream for the first time, and I expanded my RT world a little bit. I gave new shows a try, caught up on some of my favorites, and ALMOST saw LazerTeam 2 in theatres (those technical difficulties are killer).

    I can’t believe how much RT has gotten me through this year. Highs and lows, laughs and tears, it doesn’t matter. Off Topic, On the Spot, Lets Play, all of the shows I love, they were there. All of Barb’s new puns, the shenanigans from the AH crew, the tears on Extra Life, and everything between. RT has made my life far more enjoyable and filled my heart heart with friendship and love.

    2017 was amazing. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.

  • ...And a Happy New Year!

    1 month ago


    Last day of vacation, then it's back to work tomorrow.

    I've throughly enjoyed my week off, but any longer and I fear the rust would start showing. I mean, the job isn't fast paced like a restaurant, but it still requires you to be on point throughout the day.

    In other news, I got my hands on the new elemental hero for Fire Emblem; Gunnthrá. She's not bad, and I love her older sister, mature, and cool demeanor.

    Since there are two more elements coming our way, I bet the fire element is a spunky red head and the earth element is an expressionless brunette. (That, or she's the "smart" one.)

    Now, who's ready for their tax returns?


  • 2017 Adultings and Travels

    1 month ago



    I always forget this little gem of a site exists. 

    I always watch everything from twitch or youtube that I forget I can come here. 

    But I love the profiles and idea of being able to update here, it's a nice little corner of internet surrounded by all the dumb shit i love to watch.

    So hey, sup, howdy. 2017 is nearly over and I still remember it being like February. 

    This year was manic and full of changes. 

    I finished University, travelled to the US twice, one of which for my 2nd RTX which was incredible. I had it much more organised and stayed longer and got so much more done and met even more people. It was amazing and I already have next years also planned and nearly all booked

    Eager beaver I know. 

    I started full time work and got made a manager within working at the place 2/3 months which was incredible but also a lot of pressure, I've missed lots of streams and such because of it and it's made me feel out of touch with online friends. but It's what needs to be done, and I still try keep up with streams and such.

    i also have so much more income because of it. I'm so much more independent, even more so than I was at uni, because i'm working and doing my own thing and sorting my hard earned finances.

    It was an odd year,

    Lets hope 2018 Is a little less hectic but just as progressive, if not more so.

    How'd y'alls year go? 

  • RTX 2018???

    3 months ago


    Wow, we are already gearing for RTX 2018? JEEESH!

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go last year. I had already bought my plane ticket and booked my hotel room.... and then life happened. Without going into details, had a family emergency and had to cancel some plans, and RTX 2017 included. I was really disappointed, but you have to take care of things. 

    ANYWAY, lets take a look at Summer 2018!!!!!!!!!

    I applied for a guardianship this year, we'll see what happens, either way I will be excited as a guardian or attendant. I applied for Tech team and Response team so that will be cool to see what happens!

    Who all is planning to go to RTX 2018? Who else applied to be a Guardian, and what jobs would you really love to do? I'd be curious to hear!

  • RTX Sydney 2018, here I come!

    6 months ago

    TaleInferno Words, words, words

    After some issues with my Internet connection, I have just purchased my tickets to RTX Sydney 2018. I am super pumped for it and can't wait to see everyone again. Since this year's RTX Sydney was my first experience with the convention, I feel like I know what I'm in for this time around, so it'll be super exciting to experience it all again and be a little more prepared.

    If there are other people who are going, I'd love to say hi and meet some more community members.

    Eee, I'm so excited. Might start planning what I'll dress up as now since it'll probably take me all the time from now until then to actually get something done (I did not inherit my grandmothers sewing or crafting abilities!).

     smile smile smile