I made another video and this time it was for the community specifically Rooster Teeth World! If you don't what that is, it's a community group focused on bringing the RT community closer together and helping people find a community group near them whether it's in a city, state, or country. I highly recommend checking them out and getting more involved in your local community group(s) near you (just click Rooster Teeth World to take you to the page).

On January 28th with the help of @Chelsea , a bunch of community groups hosted a Million Dollars But... Day where we got together and played the card game to see who crazy we'd be for a large stack of cash. Some of the lovely communities filmed their events and I put them together into a highlight video to showcase some of the awesomeness that these communities do! 

Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to leave a comment whether you like or not (which hopefully it's the first one). I hope to do more videos like this for a community to help others get involved in the fun. Enjoy!

P.S: #ButtStuff