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  • #CommunityDayFreePlay 4.15.17!!!

    1 year ago

    jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

    This month's #CommunityDayFreePlay is getting taken over by BIGBITE Media!

    This month, we're going to be playing some GTA V on PC! Here's the important details:

    Date: Saturday, 4/15

    Time: 4-6pm Central Daylight Time

    How to get in the game:click here to add Sean on Steam! (If you are having troubles getting in the game, you can get in this discord for some help!)

    How to watch: This month, we'll be streaming on BIGBITE's twitch!

    We'll see you in Los Santos!


    1 year ago

    DuoAchievement This Fucking Weeb

    Ready to start 2017 off with a yang?  So is RT World!

    This month, they're holding a #CommunityDayFreePlay in a brand new PC Minecraft server!!!! This is a great chance to meet up with new community members on January 15th, from 6-9pm CST as we explore their new world! 

    With the recent cancellation of the zoo meet-up, I wanted to give you guys another chance to meet other community members and this seems like a perfect chance.

    Want to join in on the action? There server's IP address is So mark your calendars and dust off your old Minecraft outfits, it's time to jump into the virtual world once again.

    As always, comment in the journal down below with your thoughts or concerns and I'll get back to you ASAP

     - Duo

  • #CommunityDayFreePlay 11.15.16

    1 year ago

    jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

    Now that we're coming off our Extra Life high, it's time to announce this month's #CommunityDayFreePlay, hosted by our friends at RT California!

    This month, we're playing Overwatch on the XBox One on 11.15.16 at 10pmEST/9CST/7PST! 

    Want to play with us? Drop HAXATRON1C a message on XBox Live ahead of time, and he'll send you an invite into the game.

    Don't have the game? No worries, you can still hang out! Head over to the RT World Community Twitch channel, and hang out with us in the chat!

    We'll see you then!

  • #CommunityDayFreePlay 10.15.16

    1 year ago

    jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

    We're taking a break from planning something special for our Extra Life RT Community Stream to bring you this month's #CommunityDayFreePlay!

    Come join RT World Game night for some fun in the Jackbox Party Pack 2! Once the stream starts at 6pm CDT, head over to the RT World Community Twitch channel and use your phone/laptop/tablet/digital thing, to play along either in the game or in the audience. We will have an audio chat set up, and will be inviting audience members to join throughout the stream!

    This month's #CommunityDayFreePlay is brought to you by RT Newfoundland!