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  • Bill Nye retweeted me, I became fanart, my life is complete.

    6 days ago


    This weekend I tweeted at Bill Nye about my research using the #BillMeetScienceTwitter hashtag:

    Then Bill RETWEETED MY TWEET along with the comment "Half the humans are girls & women, let's have half the scientists studying light sensitive ion channels be women, too. Keep up the good work" (HE TOLD ME TO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK):

    And finally, today, an artist on Twitter with the handle @social_butts drew fanart of me!!

    My life. Is. COMPLETE.

  • god help me i'm in design hell

    1 week ago

    calafueg0 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold woeful student

    Hoooooooo boy, things are getting weird.  

    What originally started as a project to keep myself entertained between new years and school starting has quickly spiraled out of control.  And to think, it all started with watching an RT video at 2AM, hearing Jon Risinger mention graphic design, and then deciding to tag him in an impromptu, sleep-deprived tumblr post.  A tumblr post he just happened to see and reblog (frankly, I'm still kind of in shock about that!)

    To think, a psycho cupcake might just be how I'm remembered.


    Now, 700+ notes and a few days later, I'm finally listening through the Heroes & Halfwits episodes and I realize that, goddamnit, Ryan's "Do they speak Deep?" is catchy enough I definitely want it on a shirt.

    A quick search, and I realize it hasn't been made yet.  So I decide... fuck it.  It's almost 6AM, the time of poor decisions, let's do this shit.  And lo, a few hours later, I have a sleep deprived design made and a journal written up.  Might as well hit post and send this off into the world.



    (AKA please, Rooster Teeth, make a shirt for this so I can throw my money at it)

  • Got this sitting around

    1 week ago

    Kareichi What


    Genderswap isn't rly my cup of tea anymore but I sure loved this moment still.

    Edit: Ah shit, didn't mean to post on the news section sorry

  • Oh look, fanart

    1 week ago

    Kareichi What


    So like, I didn't mean to upload my other thingie in the news section, sorry about that;;; Also, I've been so confused on this site on how to upload my rt fanart for people on here to see but now I think I got it.

    pls don't repost.

  • VOL 4 chibis !!

    2 weeks ago

    scheree Artist

    Long post is long but HAVE SOME VOL 4 RWBY CHIBIS that I totally do not keep forgetting to post okay lies, I did repeatedly 

    (also some wallpapers at the end)



    I have so many theories about Oscar. AHH!


    ! Please do not repost these anywhere !


    So are you team RWBY?


    Or team RNJR?

  • RWBY CHIBI season 2 Artwork

    2 weeks ago


    Just new in here aand i made a artwork xD 

    click it here: RWBY CHIBI: TEAM RWBY

    i hope you guys like it

  • #team cinder

    1 month ago


    My love for Cinder borders on obsession at this point but... her aesthetic is right down my alley so I can't help it :')


    also @ RT thanks for making me practice drawing fire (doesn't look quite right yet but I'm getting there)

  • Want to see something made from Aluminum Foil?

    1 month ago


    Leave your requests. I will happily make anything you'd like as long as it's relevant to and appropriate for this site.

  • Made it onto the front page with Fan Art Friday #60

    1 month ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    I'm committing this to my journal so I'll never forget.

    I'm ecstatic that people liked my project!


  • streaming WHOA

    2 months ago

    scheree Artist

    I'm streaming some art making



    Come hang out. Doodling some Vol4 RWBY bbs <3

    Done for the day here are some sketches



    It's hard to get back into the groove after not drawing them for months. I miss my rwby bbs

  • Doing Art Lately

    2 months ago

    Shade1602 Perpetually Tired

    So I've been doing a bunch of art lately, both story related and RT/AH related. Maybe I'll throw those on here at some point

  • Streaming a drawing of Yang From RWBY On twitch

    3 months ago


    Please Come tell me what you all think

  • Adventure in Brazilian Anime events searching for RWBY cosplayers

    3 months ago


    SALUTATIONS DUDES...And ladys, my pleasure ( jauneSexy ladys man voice tone).

    Today im here to bring you some pics i took back during 2016 in some events, of RWBY cosplayers.
    I know that maybe this will sound very random, but, i guess i should post this here, because Brazil have fans of RWBY and a lot of these fans make an incredibly good work.
    Since i first watched RWBY, i started to search for RWBY cosplayers, but until 2016, i've never had the luck to find one. BUT NOW I've FOUND THEMSIJDHSJDHSD

    Well, lets start with the main characters ones.

    7Vyjj4v.jpgduring July 2016, i went to Anime Friends 2016 (Brazilian anime event), and well, the event was pretty lame since the day i went didnt had cool things to see unless the basic of events, like stores, video game stands, expositions, and of course Cosplayers to take pics.
    Unfortunately, i dont know the names of these two, but both of them had incredible costumes.
    What called my attention mostly was their weapons, and Weiss's hair too, because it was convincing from close looking. OH, btw, that strange guy in between whiterose is me....notahandsomeguyiknow.

    As i continued walking the event, i was already accepting that i would only find these two, since they were two of the protagonists.


    I need to say that her entire costume, was actually made of velvet, and i cant forget how much of a nice person she was. I forgot to ask her name though...but we talked for a while and dudes, she told me another character was walking through the crowds.

    no...not you bro....

    OK, let me take the line of thought back...

    His name is!


    His real name is Amir, and he is a very cool guy by the way. Back at that time, VOL 3 last episode was still a thing and everyone was like "OMG NOOOOOO" about Pyrrha's death and then we disscussed about it for a while.

    After the event ended, i came back home wondering if i would find other cosplayers of RWBY to add to my photo collection. In october, i met a Girl named Chibi (nicknamed btw) who was cosplaying Ruby, during the BGS Brasil Game Show and unfortunately, i was out of battery with my phone to take pictures with/of her, but, i asked for her FB page, and there i started to talk with her about a lot of stuff. In december 16, she posted in her page that she was going to another event in december 18, named "Ressaca friends" which was organized by the same staff that made Anime Friends (ressaca, in a litteral translation means Hangover. The name of the event is trying to say something like "if youre with a hangover of anime but still want to keep...drinking...anime...come to the event :D...i guess).

    I went to the event alone, and there, i started to search for her because she was not alone...she was with the diva, the man's lady, the over powered...YANG XIAO WAIFU LONG.


    Chibi is Ruby and Lolly is Yang.

    Once i saw them there, i was Like...."QAIDHOIADO HEEEEEYYYYY I WANT A PICTURE OF YOU" And they came close and we started to talk about RWBY and other stuff, and well, since i already knew Chibi, i saw that Lolly was a very nice girl! 


    Forget this text up here...or you can un-backward it...

    Thing is, they were not alone, with them, i still got...FfS9lGp.jpg

    Daniel (Sun) and Renan ( Neptune)
    They are very cool too, not to mention that they have a very alike friendship of Neptune and Sun. They are dorks too lmao.

    Since they were one of the greatest group of "same anime" cosplayers in the event, they were like running wild throught the whole place.


    Oh! I forgot to mention that i have met an Adam too, his name is Marcos, and he is a cosplay  prop maker, he makes weapons and other pieces of things that are used in cosplay. He is very talented by the way! Unfortunately, his cosplay was not finished and he was forced to improvise his Adam Attire.
    In this pic, we can see, Ruby, Yang, Sun, Neptune, Adam and...a Deadpool(?) Owning the Wrestling ring after beating up the guys that were making a show there. Yang here is tottally like "YO DUDES, WHOS NEXT TO GET THE ASS KICKED?"

    As the event went, through, i kept walking with them, and we kept talking and discussing things about RWBY, and surprisingly, we ended up being friends. The ones i have more contact with is Chibi (Ruby) and Lolly (Yang). Later we added to our Group a girl thats going to do Volume 4 Weiss, and coincidentially, her name is Barbara...yea, pretty confusing i know.

    So, from now on, i'll just keep posting more pics i took in the event.


    Yang's like "i can not be blamed for being awesome"

    Me and Sun trying to look least i am trying lol.



    They are going to kill me....but is worth it.

    Oh wait, Yang wants to say something.




    interrupting Yang's Pokemon Go hunt. She punched me for it

    Yang being the waifu material that she is.


    Another Awkward picture with the smexy participation of mine person...and Wait, Sun you damn punk!

    So, this post is just a tribute to them. They are very tresured pepole for me and i like them a lot.

    All of them are incredible people and im lucky to have them as friends.

  • If I'm an employee is it still considered fanart?

    3 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    Wanted to try my hand at some double exposure designs and decided that all these ELR photos I have lying around would be good fodder for such a thing. Enjoy.



  • Let's try this again

    4 months ago

    Lixxieb Art person

    I've gone away and calmed down a bit so I'm back and I'm back with a whole heap of art! Head on over to my albums to see my new folder of faux merch designs! Or click this! I'm going to try and keep it up to date from now on! 

  • Caught up/returning at last

    4 months ago


    Just posted this in the RWBY Fan Art Forum, but figured I'd post it here, too:

    Just finished catching up in RWBY a day or so ago.
    Anyway, Neptune brings me joy. I started drawing him and then wondered if his water phobia is so extreme that he doesn't even like drinking water. So here is a quick sketch of Neptune annoyed/peeved with a cup of water.C2_Jox0_W8_AQXx3_A.jpg

  • Happy New Year (for yesterday...)

    4 months ago


    Starting off 2017 with something cool before I slowly get submerged in studies and revision...

    Rogue One was pretty good, I went to see it twice - before and after Christmas. I may have cried during the film...both times. I really like the cast and characters, K2SO is definitely my favourite droid. Ever. 

    I started a sketch of Cassian after seeing the film for the first time and didn't really want to turn it into a painting so somehow it evolved into this:


    I think it looks pretty cool even though it kinda hurts my eyes sometimes. Anyway, I hope you like it and I wish everyone a wonderful and successful 2017! 

    (And I hope I make it into university...)

  • 008 Update #20- The Implications of Pvt. Jimmy’s Reveal (A “Theory” Journal for Posterity)

    5 months ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    As a part of the Why I’m Here Promise, here’s a whole brew of crackpot for you guys today!


    So, we learned the shocking truth behind Private Jimmy’s origin, end, and relation to the Break In and Church in general this season.  In 90 seconds so much was revealed that I’m still realizing things.  The following is a list of all of the things, some of which are quite obvious and some of which are a lot bigger than they seem to be.  There’s also some questions I’ll try to answer at the end.


    -This is How it is Possible to be Killed With Your Own “Skull”

    So, I’m no stranger to the camp of theorists on the site who work with the varying degrees of AI imprintation with the host (I live there you could say).  While I’ll address a few more details on this concept later, this is one of the most visceral version of the process, and it actually makes the old joke physically possible because “physically” it never happened at all.  We heard the drill and Jimmy shouting “my skull.”  Jimmy’s skull was actually damaged during the forceful implantation of Church AI unit.  Very obviously they did not mean to kill Jimmy during this process in the sense of his body failing so I reckon there was an aweful lot of science behind how breaking his skull wouldn’t end the host body’s life.  However, between the broken and aggressive state of the Alpha during the process and the obvious brain damage done to Jimmy, he is more or less dead by the time Church wakes up.  Some residual memories and possibly some quirks remain but as Flowers himself says, Church more or less took over.  Jimmy essentially was killed inside of his own skull.


    -This is Why “Church’s Body” Decayed and “Smelled Bad”

    So, this is pretty obvious and it’s a question we’d had pretty much since season 6 revealed Church was an AI.  I always thought it was just something added to Church’s android for the sake of the simulation, but this is much darker and cooler.


    -The Skull Throughout All of the BGC Was Supposed to be Jimmy’s

    At this point I’ve watched the commentaries on my RvBX set (and 11-14) to the point where they’re more a stream of fun facts in my head then they are tied to any particular season if they aren’t one single instant.  So please forgive me for not remembering when in the BGC commentaries they started referring to the skull as Jimmy’s.  But they did.  It was funny at the time.  How did it get there? It’s absurdist humor, it doesn’t have to make sense But now it still is kinda funny and it makes sense.  Jimmy’s body was in the canyon, it only makes sense that his skull was there too.  Except…  Who took it out?  Originally this was going to be in the questions section but there’s no concrete answer and no way I particularly lean.  Gut reaction, I’m calling Flowers.  I am of the mind that he was in recovery mode when he needed to be during the simulation, and at all other times (because he’s so nefarious) he was doing the things the Director needed him to do and sometimes screwing up.  Jimmy’s skull is probably worth something to PF, he just excavated it and left it behind because someone almost found him out.  It’s very possible.  But there’s just as much reasoning to Tex (who knew everything from the beginning) taking Jimmy’s skull for similar reasons.  Or any of the other Recovery forces.  It could also have been Gamma and Wyoming.  Or Sarge desecrating the grave of a blue.  Even Doc/O’mally (who you all know I think was working for Hargrove) could have gone after Jimmy’s skull in search of the Alpha’s hardware.  The point is, there’s a whole lot of options and this is loose ended, but you should go back and watch the whole series (or BGC) with this in mind.


    -This is Why Church Remembers Jimmy’s Death in a Vague Version of the Break In (And Why It’s At Sidewinder)

    We saw this play out, the last thing the Alpha remembers before waking up merged with the last thing Jimmy’s broken brain remembers as everything was sorted into something the Alpha would accept as reality (even if it didn’t seem physically possible).  But to just line up the facts, Church remembered Tex fighting in the snow and Jimmy remembered dying at the hands of a freelancer in the snow.  The relationship of Sidewinder and the downed MoI is still nebulous but we can at least assume they merged some in Church’s mind.


    -This is Why Church Seems Younger than the Director

    Okay, this one is a little more detail work than what’s come before.  Think about it, the Director is a man with a grown daughter at the time he created the Alpha.  It makes sense that he’s obsessed with his deceased wife and often people don’t think of them self as quite as old as they are, but to still be in the mindset of the young man he was when his wife died (roughly two decades prior) is odd.  The revenant of his wife being that old, perfectly logical.  Now though, it works because odds are Jimmy actually was that old, if not younger.  He was still a private, but in a secret military project so he’d probably gone through all of the training he could.  He’d be an accomplished young man in his field, like the director was, so the blanks were filled in and Church was set around Tex’s age in his mind.


    -This is How Church has “Living” Memories Outside of the Director’s Residual Ones

    Like some of the previous points, its clear some of Church’s mental state was from Jimmy’s memories slightly contaminating the pure mind of the Alpha.  This is further information to be stored with my imprintation theories.  It’s a very interesting take on how it happens to an AI.  The Alpha took almost complete control but little bits of Jimmy came in and were not only assimilated as quirks (ala O’mally or Delta) but actually effected the memories of the Alpha (kind of like how Epsilon’s initial reaction to Washington is to remember pain and throw up defenses). 


    -Who Was Private Jimmy?

    One of the ultimate ironies of a series where memory is such a key element is Flowers’s line about how people will remember Private Jimmy’s integral contribution to Project Freelancer.  From what we can tell, he was a private within the Project with knowledge of its true nature (or at least the real title) so he clearly wasn’t a Sim trooper.  My guess is he was a security agent or construction crew* who was a part of how things were set up for the later half of PF and  was recently promoted out of his white ODST’s and into a cool blue suit.  He may have been a fairly competent soldier too.  In the end though, we’ll never really know.


    -What is the Line Between Church and Jimmy?

    From what we’ve seen and deduced so far the personality difference between Church and Jimmy in what we see of him is probably 97:3 Church vs Jimmy.  Just enough Jimmy came through to make Church unique.  Remember, Jimmy was essentially killed by the insertion process.


    -What is the Line Between Tex and Jimmy’s Girlfriend?

    This is more murky.  A whole lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon that the more… Promiscuous Bitchpants McCrabby instances of Church’s memory are of Jimmy’s girl back home.  I’m less inclined to think that because of how much Church obsesses over Tex and how little I think Jimmy’s influence is on Church.  However, there could be some credence to it, and also consider how hyperbolic Church can be at times.


    -Does AI Imprintation Have Physical Effects on the Host?

    I think so.  This situation does make those claims have more weight though because of one long running joke that I’m going to throw into my crackpot and see what brews.  Jimmy is a trained soldier who’s an actual part of the experimental program and probably is skilled.  We know simulation troopers have had physical “failings” that wouldn’t meet military standards.  But a real soldier should meet those standards.  One standard is eyesight.  You can have glasses and be a soldier, but Director Leonard Church has said for official record that he “did not have the opportunity” to fight for humanity.  It’s not just his brain that made him the city scientist who wished he could be a cowboy.  I think the director’s eyesight was so impaired that he simply did not make the cut as a field operative sometime in basic.  This would mean he’d be a horrible marksman.  The Director would be.  Would Jimmy?  Well, it seems like Church is when he’s in Jimmy’s body.  How and why?  Well, stick with me.  When the identity of Church was being finalized in that quick moment when Church remembered Tex and Jimmy, I think one of the loops his mind made was the following: I am Church.  I am human.  My origins as a human mind has bad eyesight.  I have bad eyesight.  From that, the new Church mind did an extreme psychosomatic overhaul and made his eyesight worse.  This was now a part of Church’s mindset now so the Alpha now belived this as a “ghost” as well.  It is what he knew to be true.  It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s something that occurred to me one afternoon while playing around with my imprintation ideas.


    -How Did “Pvt. Jimmy Was Here” Get Written Inside the Wall Dividing Vallhallacagigit and Its Command/Observation Structure?

    This is another easter egg/joke that brings us to a crossroads.  The easy answer was he was there.  He was present while Val Halla and/or Freelancer City were being built and placed his mark while the wall was still being built.  It’s easy enough to accept, though it does mean that that wall was built before the prequels from this latest season.  If not, it is just another joke to write off as just that.  Who knows?  (Miles?  Burnie?)


    -Is Jimmy Still Alive?

    No.  This is easier than claiming that Maine/Meta/The Meta (all separate characters) are dead before we got the conformation in the third act of season 13.  We have no idea about Flowers being in/out of recovery mode for quite a while, but he has some things working for him that are working against Jimmy.  Jimmy’s body suffered severe physical damage from the tank shot and the stone wall no more than a yard behind him.  Then, even if his suit functions still worked to put him into recovery mode, I highly doubt those life-support systems would function for the length of time Jimmy’s body was confirmed to still be up on the cliffs in the un-setting Blood Gulch sun.  We also have the evidence of the body beginning to smell to consider.  I also don’t think it’s physically possible to survive the removal of the skull and we’ve covered that the skull was supposed to be Pvt. Jimmy’s.


    And there they are folks.  Three pages of implications from 90 seconds of the show.  What do you think?  Is there anything else that Church being in Jimmy’s body for that time period that you realized changes how you look at the series thus far?  Tell me in the comments.


    Now, this post was originally meant as just its own post and a forum post, but it got to update length so I’m going to go ahead and roll with some segments.



    Bleepbloopopolous Progrous


    This isn’t anything super major in terms of the Travel Log series.  I’m still waiting for images to be re-implemented for Edge or something I discover after the point of this segment.


    I’m getting a PS4!  This means I’m going to be pushing Bleepbloopopolous onto the cloud soon to be pulled onto my new system.  Then we’ll get a bigger map.  And I’ll try to squeeze in some further building.  I’ll give you all a preview though.  Cake walk is bullshit and will be reflected in the playstation one-man-crew version of the location.



    008 Question Day Plug


    There has been a change in the usual plan.  Question Days are now monthly instead of weekly and I’m taking question submissions from the 1st to 25th of each month and I will post the answers and ask you your return questions sometime between the 26th and the first of the next month.  If you want a more detailed version, check it out here.  We've only got one so far. 



    I Have Less Words about RWBY


    I am loving this season so far.  Neat twists and character introductions but the progression is just fun.  In case you’re worried, no I haven’t given up on theorizing on the show.  I just don’t feel like I have anything new to really work with now.  Ruby is a natural leader but naïve.  Weiss is dealing with her new and old morals.  Blake is being Blakey.  Yang is going through a process after such a major event in her life. Jaune has some interesting spiritual thing about him.  Nora and Ren have a past.  Cinder’s suffering.  Ozpin isn’t quite dead yet.  The White Fang is tricky.  The Vilians are up to something.  This is not to say that there is anything wrong with what’s going on, but it’s like theorizing in season 11.  Wash was up to something on the ship and boy were those grey dudes/ladies mysterious.  Can’t wait to find out.



    Thanks for stopping by and induldging my crackpottery.  It was nice.



























  • Recap of Break

    6 months ago


    Hey, so I found the time to draw over my break which is good, but at the same time, I didn't do my homework so I am reaping the seeds I have sown. Let me be anathema for I have created a cesspool around me. Just kidding. I have a thing for archaic english, but moving on. Here's some illusts I made during the time I had off---- you could say I was "drawn" to rvb this week. Sorry, that was weak, I could do better, but not enough knowledge to be witty atm.




    I didn't do this over break, but just to add to the rvb joy---


  • CT, good for you, good for me.

    6 months ago

    dangerst @Danger_Street


    ArtStation Link with more stuff

    My software crashed a lot making this, but it's finally done. Thanks to my wife for putting up with my constant cursing at my computer, horrible sleep schedule, and crankiness.

    Modeled in Zbrush, textured in Substance Painter with 127 output maps, rendered in V-ray at UHD with the GGX shading model and particles done in Phoenix with 50+ Million particles of fire, smoke, and sand.

    I would also like to thank 3ds Max for crashing while it was crashing, leaving v-ray to render by some miracle and not force closing itself this time, Xzibit would be proud.

    I learned creating this that when you intend to sculpt a hardsurface model in Zbrush, meaning stuff like armor, you have to plan and execute all of your borders and edges before you get into making the high poly smooth mesh. I did that for details I thought that mattered, and didn't for things I thought I could fix when I was making the newer mesh. That was a mistake because the amount of time I spent fixing the geometry was far longer than it would have taken me just to plan better while I was sculpting.

    When you want to texture a model you have to unwrap it, meaning flatten out all of the geometry so when a texture sits on it, it is not warped and looks natural. Zbrush has tools to do this automatically, and I had too much faith in them. I had to do several fixes in 3dsmax that just seemed idiotic, where Zbrush decided to cut some places that made absolutely no sense, even when I told it not to touch certain areas. However, the idiot was me, for not checking the mesh better, for depending on an automatic tool, and then blaming the tool when it did most of the work for me.

    I like physically accurate lighting, shaders, and cameras in 3D, it's my shit. I spent too long trying to make Substance Painter textures work like they were supposed to in V-ray, and again it was me who was the idiot. If the texture you are trying to use is based on a physical property, the gamma has to be 1. The default in a lot of programs like 3dsmax is 2.2, which is fine for non-physically based shaders, but fucking retarded when you're trying to follow certain rules that fall in a threshold between 0-1. This should have been obvious to me but I had to delve deep into the internet to find an answer that slapped me in the face and pride.

    A lot of what I learned seems obvious now in hindsight, and I am glad I learned it. The hardest part about this project was starting it, the fear of failure is a strong force behind procrastination for me. I am glad it's over, I feel like Frodo at the end of LOTR, but happier and less fucked up about it.

    TLDR: You gotta git smart to git gud son, don't let your dreams be dreams, yesterday you said tomorrow.