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  • See you later, space cowboy

    7 months ago


    Man, the last time I posted before answering the Extra Life question was the end of 2016??? That's nuts, someone remind me I gotta make more journals every so often.

    Hey, everyone! As you may have heard, Fan Service's biggest announcement is that we weren't getting renewed for another season. I wanted to take this time to reflect personally on this show, talk about some of the things I loved and will miss, and think about the future ahead! 

    There, that's my thesis statement, strap in, folks.

    To be honest, going in to Fan Service, I wouldn't have labeled myself as a ~*super*~ anime fan. All through college and a little after, I'd been watching more western cartoons. I've only really watched a new anime or two every year, though my enthusiasm for a series is enough to fill the void of other content I wasn't participating in. But in the end, that enthusiasm became my saving grace and main role in Fan Service. 

    We had to watch an anime every season. If we wanted to be on we had to talk specifically about an anime that we felt very strongly about. Every "what are you excited about for next season?" meant doing research about what was coming up and learning about the new trends of anime and being oddly excited about the future to come. It felt like a slow and insidious process. The first season I was just watching, what, two shows? Three? Then the next season, I had four on my queue. Then it went on in that pattern until, one day, I realized I was actively going through Crunchyroll and putting things in my queue to just try out. Now I'm watching anime YouTubers dissect serious and studios and taking into account their recommendations. 

    Who KNEW! ThaT! If you were involved in an anime show, you'd WATCH MORE ANIME?!?!?!?  /sarcasm

    (By the way, I actually a good chunk of what Cole recommends. He has good taste and can discern what show you'd like!)

    If there's something I like to be, it's informed. Fan Service helped me be up to date (on my better days haha) and be more aware of what goes on in the anime community. It also meant knowing who does what and what goes on behind the scenes in our industry. I'm so happy that our anime podcast facilitated discussion and enabled us to bring new people to our glass table and call them our friends after the episode was done. Elizabeth Maxwell, Reina Sculley, Victoria Holden, Jessica Nigri, Caitlin Glass, Cliff Chapin, Monica Rial, and Sungwon Cho were all soooooo nice and great to have, and their insights into voice acting, dubbing, and the culture and community in general were so informative! I felt so happy and honored that they'd take their time out of their lives to just chill and hang with us, and I'm going to miss that so much.

    Speaking of taking time out of their lives, HOLY COW there were a lot of other people who spent time with us too right inside our company! ROLL CALL! Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones, Shannon McCormick (putting you here because you're a family member at this point, Shannon, haha), Mica Burton, Elyse Willems, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, Tim Gettys, Nick Scarpino, James Willems, Kdin Jenzen, and Lawrence Sonntag! /anime theme song meme

    These guys are HECKIN BUSY. It was so fun to just be around them and hear their own personal insights and favorites about anime, and I know we work in the same company but I already miss them :'))

    This particular interaction sums up my overall feelings about having these guys on--Tim and Nick from Kinda Funny had told us they were a little intimidated about being on the show because they felt like we were experts. Consequently, I feel like they schooled us a little by mentioning an anime I never heard about before, and their passion for the shows they loved was just as justified as ours. At the end of it, we had a great time being together and talking with each other about anime, and that's all that matters.

    Of course, where would we be without our own Animation guests. Stan Lewis, Kim Newman, Andrea Caprotti, Tony Salvaggio, Tanya Fetzer, Patrick Rodriguez, Dustin Matthews, and Rachel Doda, they work hard and know how to have fun. Some of the most interesting viewpoints and lessons came from these guys who I see almost every day! It's wonderful to know I inhabit a space with amazing people, all with different experiences and different viewpoints for me to learn from. 

    Also special paragraph for Erin Winn for being our thumbnail artist, a great friend, and being around for the final few episodes of Fan Service. I love seeing your face (smoochy face)

    (I sincerely hope I didn't miss a guest let me know if I did SWEATS)

    If it were anyone else in the cast, I would've been worried going into it as the only girl. It's hard being a minority HAHA. But with Cole, Kerry, Miles, Gray, and Austin backing me up, it felt seamless. I'm honored that I developed a working relationship with these guys to be included as main cast, and I've gleaned so much from every one of them. They all work hard at their jobs, and Fan Service was one of the few times I got to spend time with them outside of our work space. Adding Erin in was great too! I was finally not the only girl!!! Even though technically we were "still working", it was always the most fun two hours of my week to be with them while Broadcast works to make the magic happen. 

    Big ups to the Broadcast team as well! Hearing and participating in conversations on how the show should go was always a learning experience, and I always get to see firsthand the labor that goes with making a show. Broadcast is the best.

    I'm at a point where I'm just screaming now because AHH!! The community! You guys are so awesome! Thank you so much for watching our dinky anime show. Your outpour of support for it after our announcement makes me smile, and I'm glad that people were watching. One of my favorite memories was how packed RTX 2017 was for our panel. It was a huuuuge room, and almost every seat was filled. Then, every time one of us came out, there was always a huge cheer before we inevitably went behind the curtain. 

    One of my biggest insecurities is that I'm always Too Much. I'm Too Loud, Too Emotional, Too Taxing, Too Annoying. And it's something that I don't know how to turn off, and I lie awake at night groaning about how dumb I am. But at least, I dunno, this Fan Service collective let me be that person and was completely ok with it. I guess what I'm saying is--thanks, guys, for being ok with me HAHAHAHA.

    Although Fan Service is out for the count, anime isn't! I highly encourage everyone to keep an eye on Gray, Austin, Kerry, Miles, Cole, and my accounts on the RT site, Twitter, where ever, because we might end up talking about some new anime thing that is relevant to our interests. I am definitely screaming about an anime at some point or another on twitter. 

    When I think about Fan Service, I get sad because I wish I could have spent more time with everyone in our recordings. I know I wanted to do more, wanted to understand more, and try to be a better version of myself with every new season. But I will always feel grateful that we were able to come this far together. Thank you, everyone, for making this all possible. I'm honored to have been part of your RT life for the past two years.

  • Fan Art Friday #84: AeroJett

    10 months ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Jett Furr, AKA @AeroJett, for this Fan Service poster.


    Jett lives in North Carolina, where he’s a freelance artist and a part-timer at a fitness center. To create this piece, he used Sketchbook Pro to paint the background, draw lines, and color the Fan Service crew, then he remade the My Hero Academia logo in Illustrator CC, and put it all together in Photoshop CC. It took roughly 20-24 hours, partially due to a change in the layout after the rough stage.


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • Thoughts on the Ghost in the Shell Movie (It's a Long Read)

    1 year ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    Three things up front.  One, I'm easy to please.  Two, I watch a lot of anime and I've seen all of the GitS anime except half of the Arise timeline (so around 85% of the franchise).  Three, I like to think that I am aware of and understand the racial/cultural complexity of the issues surrounding this movie, but I acknowledge and recognize that I may have experiential and cultural blindspots.  So, with that out of the way...

    tl;dr - I liked it

    And honestly, it took me a little while to figure out if I did.  I had to view this movie from many angles.  I was so in my own head while watching it, that the whole experience was too meta.  In real time I was measuring this movie as a GitS fan, a movie-goer, an arbiter of public opinion, and someone just trying to have a good time.  Seriously, I had a hard time just watching it and taking it in.

    I thought a lot about how to talk about this movie.  In the end, I think it's best to talk about it from multiple angles.  Some of these angles come from eager-to-be-entertained places.  Others come from "prove me wrong" places.  Combined, they form my overall opinion, which I detail at the end.

    The Sci-Fi Movie Angle - 8/10

    It was serviceable, and even fun at times.  It looked real good, and had good action.  It was a little noisy, visually.  The story wasn't that remarkable, but easy fodder for science fiction (cyborgs, futuristic society, very shiny).  It felt kind of Matrix-ish at times (which is funny, since GitS was an inspiration for The Matrix).  It got passing scores on all my sci-fi criteria.  I'd love to watch it on FX or TNT once a year.

    ScarJo was...okay.  Which is par for the course.  I'm not a ScarJo hater either. I first heard of her in The Perfect Score, and only really took notice after The Island.  Since then, I've thought she was okay.  Not great, but not bad.  I'm not one to hate on actors.  Her performance was between "meh" and decent.  She didn't steal the show, but was satisfactory.  Her action scenes were believable enough.  When it comes to action, I've accepted that 65% of performances are "meh" and must be approached with appropriate suspension of disbelief (whereas 25% are pretty good, and 10% are phenomenal).  The end of the thermoptic camo footchase was her action highlight, I thought.  The way she grabbed that guy and punched him out seemed very Major-like.  That was the most she felt like a cyborg for me.  That and the tank scene at the end.

    This is the rosiest of my angles.  And if that seems too complimentary, it helps to know the context of how I how determine what is a good and bad movie.  Let me say something about the concept of a bad movie.  Most people don't know what a bad movie is.  Yeah, I said that.  I wrote a journal about this three years ago, and I encourage you to read my thoughts. It may explain why I have more patience with movies than some other people do.

    The Casual Ghost in the Shell Fan Angle - 7/10

    I must admit, this movie has the look and feel of the GitS franchise.  They did a good job of creating the atmosphere of some of the most iconic shots from the movies and anime (at least, the best you can with live action).  Most of the main cast from the movies and series was in it, or at least, all the memorable ones.  They added a female team member who wasn't in the franchise, but she fit in well and it was no big deal.

    The thermoptic camo footchase was recreated pretty well.  It lacked the eerie feeling from the movie, but it would have been jarring to fully recreate that just after the previous scene.  The tank fight was okay for the most part.  For being perhaps the most iconic of any GitS scene, it was a little disappointing but still really rewarding to finally see it in live action.  But it was neat that they changed it up a little and had Kuze be the one who got grabbed by the tank.  I thought that was a smart way to keep in that little ragdoll tidbit.

    There were so many little things here and there throughout the whole movie.  The cyborg hands on Aramaki's assistant, the thermoptic hand wave at the endTogusa's gun (I think), Batou's dog, etc.  This movie was filled with Easter eggs from the franchise.  There was enough in it to satiate the casual GitS fan.  And even the bodysuit, in my opinion, was a great effort.  There was no better way to faithfully recreate some of the things from the anime.

    And honestly, it we really look at it, this movie is the best Hollywood movie to ever be based on an anime franchise.  Because we all know that Dragonball: Evolution should not have seen the light of day.

    The Hardcore Ghost in the Shell Fan Angle - 4/10

    For fuck's sake, this movie was a Frankenstein's monster of shit from all over the franchise.  Literally every timeline was referenced in this movie (check out my breakdown of the timelines if you're curious).  They took decades of complicated storylines, and tried to make a casserole out of everything they could find.  They then mixed it all up and made a shitload of references like it was a contest.  It was very annoying, to see them chop up the franchise to create a mish mash.  By doing so, they failed in doing the franchise justice.  This thing was less than the sum of its parts.  Here are some titles from the franchise, and some things they took from them:

    Ghost in the Shell movie (1995)

    -opening shelling scene

    -opening building jump

    -thermoptic camo chase scene

    -tank fight

    -thermoptic hand wave at the end

    Innocence (2004 sequel)

    -Batou's dog

    -the geisha's face design

    Stand Alone Complex (2002-2006)

    -the geisha scene

    -Hideo Kuze

    Arise (2013-2015)

    -the Major's hallucinations

    -Major's outfit in the club scene (in my opinion)

    They also got some things very wrong, or at least, different.  The character that ScarJo chases during the thermoptic chase scene is actually a combination of two different characters from the original movie.  The person who was driving the garbage truck and the person who was being chased were two different people in the 1995 movie.

    Also, the tank fight scene originally takes place in a building, not in an open area.  Not to mention that they changed what happens to who, took someone out of it, added someone, and even altered the ending.

    A nitpick would also be the Major's avatar during the deep dive scene.  In Stand Alone Complex, she used a different physical appearance when employing the use of an avatar while diving in the internet and various systems.

    Another nitpick would be the boat scene.  In both the 1995 movie and the live action movie, the Major went diving underwater.  In both, she felt fear while being underwater.  But in the 1995 version they suggest that the main reason she felt afraid was because she had to use "floaters" to avoid sinking, and that a cyborg being underwater would be a thrill-seeking activity (see the first 20 seconds of this video).

    And let's not even get started on the wholly fabricated storyline of the entire movie in which she was an experiment and weapon made by a corporation.  In Stand Alone Complex she was cyberized after a plane crash at the age of 6.  And in Arise, I read, she was cyberized as a fetus.  But perhaps the greatest offense was the combination of two different franchise villains to make the villain in the live action movie.  They took the concept and motivation of the Puppet Master from the 1995 movie, along with the name and part of the character design of Hideo Kuze from SAC, and mushed them together.

    So, from the standpoint of Ghost in the Shell connoisseurs and hardcore fans, this movie takes what it needed from the whole franchise in order to produce a product for the masses.  They selected elements from separate continuities and chronologies, fabricated their own, and sewed them all together.  It was at once novel, and frustrating.  But most of all, disappointing.

    In Light of the Whitewashing Controversy Angle - D+/C-

    This angle is a bit long-winded.

    To clarify, this rating is not based on whitewashing and casting alone.  If it was, it'd be much lower.  I tried to come up with a quantifiable number (based on a complex and pervasive issue in Hollywood) that I could measure and deduct from my baseline enjoyment on a 10-point scale.  But how do you measure personal outrage and the reality of media?  It seemed both impossible, as well as an undercut of a nuanced issue.  So, I changed it to a letter grade.  I basically take the score and experience of my sci-fi angle, and factor in the movie's ability to assuage the concerns of whitewashing.  The result?

    It didn't do it.

    This angle can be best explained in three ways:

    Source Material on the Main Cast (Public Security Section 9)

    It's arguable that the Major is Caucasian in appearance.  However, it must be acknowledged that - as far as I can tell - her race has never been definitive.  They never explicitly say she's Caucasian.  And in my opinion, when it comes to anime, you can not go by appearances when determining race (those hair colors don't occur in nature).  Not to mention that she is in an artificial body, and race becomes mutable or even irrelevant.  We never see her face before cyberization.  In fact, I am unaware of any mention of even her parents' races.  And it should also be noted that she served in the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force.  In my opinion, there was nothing in the source material that said she should be Caucasian.  In fact, a case could more easily be made that she was supposed to be Japanese, considering her home country is Japan.

    Regarding the rest of the main cast, they got 4/7 right by the source material.  Chief AramakiTogusa, and Saito (by most accounts) are Asian in the anime.  In the live action movie, each character is played by an Asian actor.  Batou, by my research, was recruited from the US Army Rangers.  It would not be incongruent for him to be played by a Caucasian actor (which he was).  Ishikawa and Borma on the other hand, both served in (or with) the Japanese military.  If I had to bet, these two characters were Japanese.  In the movie, they were played by Australian and Zimbabwean born actors.  The last main character from the anime franchise, Paz, was not even in the movie.  Paz was most certainly Japanese, since he was in multiple yakuza groups before joining Section 9.  This character was wholly replaced by a completely new female team member named Ladriya (whose actress is of Kurdish and Polish origin).  This character was not in the anime or manga.

    So, the movie accurately portrays the race of four main characters, changes the race of two, and drops one for a new character of a different ethnicity.  That's all in addition to the lead character.  I'd say they got the main cast's races right by 50-62%, depending on your tolerance for the Major's race.  I'll let you decide how much that matters.

    Portrayal of Asians in the Movie

    Yeah, not good.  The majority of Asians in the movie were bad guys, who were killed or defeated by white characters.  The only non-villainous Asian characters (outside of the main characters) were a couple female characters that had a collective 30 seconds of screen time.  And even the prominent Asian characters were tertiary to the story.

    Also, what's up with Aramaki being the only one who spoke Japanese?  Throw some more Japanese in there man.  It was almost like the writers wanted to emphasize his unwillingness to speak English, more than the other characters' understanding of Japanese.

    A friend recently tweeted a link to a Hollywood Reporter article in which four Japanese actresses discuss the Ghost in the Shell movie and whitewashing in general.  I would HIGHLY recommend reading it.  It's a very good read, and touches on some things you may not realize.

    For one, there was a prominent Asian actress in the movie that no one could remember.  It turns out, her contribution was her face.  They only used her likeness for the geishas' face design.  That's it.  On its face (wink), that was a big cop out.

    One thing they talked about was the twist at the end, in which it was revealed that the Major and Kuze were previously Japanese, and that they were cyberized as Caucasian as part of an experiment.  My reaction was one of "ah, way to go".  I perceived that as a sort of racism Trojan horse, in which the writers made it a meta-statement on whitewashing itself.  I was ready to give the movie credit for that.  However, I was wondering how that would go over for Asian audiences.  It was not a surprise that the four Japanese actresses in the article did not like it.  I can totally see how they would perceive that as comedic, or even pathetic.  It would also be an eyebrow raiser if the writers, as Ai Yoshihara suggested, wrote that plot point as a deliberate counter to whitewashing concerns.  One would hope that that would be an independent decision.

    The article is also very intriguing in its breakdown of the differences between western and Asian cultures, and how that affects the believability of Asians in American media.  I won't get into it too much, but let me just say, the scene where the Major's mother invites her in without knowing her was also very weird to me (as a Hispanic American).  I thought maybe she operated a business out of her apartment, and was treating the Major as a potential customer.  Because otherwise, it was just plain weird, even for western culture.  Also, regarding the touchy feely scene at the end, I doubt American audiences would have liked it as much if it went down the way the four actresses said it should have.  Which sucks, because I wish that scene was more genuine and true to form like the actresses outlined, and that Hollywood didn't always go for such a formulaic resolution.

    On the Topic of Hollywood and Whitewashing (but wait, keep reading!  It's almost over)

    Real talk, it's a pervasive problem in the culture of American media.  The focus is increasingly on Asian actors as of late - which is undeniable - but the problem has been around forever.  Whether it's Tilda Swinton in Doctor Strange in 2016, Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia in 2010, or even Ben Kingsley in Gandhi in 1982 - it's a problem that has persisted (though Kingsley does have Indian heritage, his performance was phenomenal, and the film was well-received in India).  So, any analysis that doesn't acknowledge this reality is incomplete.

    It is also very arguable, as is the common refrain, that many of these types of movies would not be successful (or even greenlit) if a less popular Asian actor was cast as the lead.  At least, in America.  In my opinion, these decisions are not as important for international success. But, as in most Hollywood productions, the target demographic is Americans.  Therefore, the motivations behind this culture of casting are not beyond comprehension.

    However, this is only an explanation, and not an excuse.  Understandable, yes.  But not a validation of the practice.  Because regardless of the reasons behind it, this is not right.  And the damage it is doing is real.  At a minimum, it contributes to a racial hierarchy among characters in American media, resulting in bias that negatively affects Asian actors in the industry.  At worst, it leads to Asians being seen as sub-relevant in their contributions - or even caricatured - within greater society.  In both instances, the result is the marginalization of Asian people and Asian culture.

    The past three paragraphs were my attempt to lay out the reality of issue, as objectively as I could.  If you're very concerned about whitewashing, those paragraphs might seem too lenient on Hollywood (or even unnecessarily impartial).  If you disregard whitewashing concerns, those paragraphs probably came off as pandering.  So let me use the next paragraph to voice my personal opinion on the issue.

    Of course whitewashing fucking exists (let's just establish that).  I understand why people may want to deny it, or downplay its prevalence.  I can acknowledge the reality of "outrage culture", and how it has changed our perception and trust on many issues.  But those that dismiss whitewashing concerns are being disingenuous at best, and willfully ignorant at worst.  Because not all of whitewashing is a byproduct.  Indeed, part of it is born of willful and deliberate disregard for Asian perspectives. Hollywood needs to get off its ass and take a long hard look at itself.  Someone just take a fucking chance.  In the age of streaming, surely someone will find a risk-free way to start changing the culture.  I suggest we start with the hair streak trope.

    To Sum Up This One Angle

    The movie did not, in my opinion, assuage the whitewashing concerns.  The adherence to characters' races from the source material was lacking, the relevance of Asian characters to the overall story was minimal, and it's portrayal of Asian culture was very off the mark.  So, that's why I give it a low grade in this angle.


    So many angles!  What do they mean?!

    Well for one, they mean this movie came with so much baggage.  I can't remember the last movie that had so much.  Maybe The Interview?  I'm not sure.  But in the end, I think it's hard to give an objective review of the movie.  It's a sci-fi movie with a good size budget, a lead actress that some people deride, it's based on source material from another country loved by fans of varying intensity, and it has a controversy surrounding its casting.  As a lover of sci-fi, it was baseline entertaining.  As a huge fan of both GitS and anime, it was unfulfilling but very rewarding.  Unfulfilling in the sense that it didn't do full justice to the original, but rewarding that it was a full-throated attempt by Hollywood to make a movie based on an anime (which I appreciated).  The movie also satisfied much of my GitS fan service itches.  But within a greater consideration of society and Hollywood culture, it was unsurprisingly unfulfilling, as well as a perpetuation of the status quo.

    In trying to make sense of all these, I came to the conclusion that it was indeed worth it to see this movie.  It was worth the money and effort, and I had a good time.  It fell short of my hopes, but not my expectations.  Admittedly, I really wanted this movie to be good.  I imagine that this might be a determining factor in how I perceive it.  When you want to like something, a lot of the time you end up liking it.  Nonetheless, I found the movie to be satisfactory.

    If you want to see this movie yourself, I suggest determining why you want to see it and what you want from it beforehand.  I think that will be the best way to not only measure it against your expectations/hopes, but also to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

  • Ghost in the Shell Anime Timeline & Watch Order

    1 year ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    The latest episode of Fan Service was dedicated to Ghost in the Shell.  It's one of the best anime franchises out there, and I highly recommend watching it.  Unfortunately, the series is quite convoluted since it has multiple timelines and redundant releases.  They did a good job of laying out the timelines in Fan Service, but I thought I would post a run-down of each release and where it falls in the timeline, followed by my recommended watch order.

    Ghost in the Shell Anime Timeline

    First Timeline – Original Movies

    1. Ghost in the Shell (1995)

    2. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004)

    3. Ghost in the Shell 2.0 [remaster of original '95 movie, 3D visuals added] (2008)

    Second Timeline – Stand Alone Complex (the tv series)

    1. GitS: SAC Season 1 [26 episodes] (2002-2003)

    2. GitS: SAC Season 2, AKA "2nd Gig", [26 episodes] (2004-2005)

    3. GitS: SAC – The Laughing Man [compilation movie of main Season 1 arc] (2005)

    4. GitS: SAC – Individual Eleven [compilation movie of main Season 2 arc] (2006)

    5. GitS: SAC – Solid State Society [movie finale of SAC timeline] (2006)

    Extra: Tachikoma Days (funny non-canon post-credit shorts from SAC, 1-2 mins each) [52 eps]

    Third Timeline – Arise (the prequels)

    1. Border 1 – Ghost Pain [OVA] (2013)

    2. Border 2 – Ghost Whispers [OVA] (2013)

    3. Border 3 – Ghost Tears [OVA] (2014)

    4. Border 4 – Ghost Stands Alone [OVA] (2014)

    5. Alternative Architecture [10 eps, compilation of OVAs plus new material] (2015)

    6. GitS: The New Movie [movie finale(?) of Arise timeline] (2015)

    My Recommended Watch Order

    My watch order follows the timelines, and is basically release order as well.

    1. Ghost in the Shell (1995)

    2. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004)

    3. GitS: SAC Season 1 (2002-2003)*

    4. GitS: SAC Season 2, AKA "2nd Gig" (2004-2005)*

    5. GitS: SAC – Solid State Society (2006)

    6. Alternative Architecture (2015) OR Borders 1-4 (2013-2014) & then last two eps of AA**

    7. GitS: The New Movie (2015)

    *If you're pressed for time, and don't mind condensed storylines, you can substitute The Laughing Man (2005) for number 3 and Individual Eleven (2006) for number 4.  Those movies re-edit the main storyline from the first two SAC seasons.  I don't recommend it though, since the original series is how it was initially released.  The pacing is better in SAC, and the compilation movies don't contain 100% of the series.  But if you just want a refresher, the compilation movies are fine.  But keep in mind, the english voice actors are different for the compilation movies.  Also, Tachikoma Days are found after each SAC episode's credits.  So, you won't get those.

    **For number 6, the only difference is the order of the story.  Episodes 1-8 of Alternative Architecture are just re-cuts of Borders 1-4, but in a different order.  Episodes 9-10 of Alternative Architecture are new though, and can't be found in the Borders.  Hence the two options.  Not much difference between these two options (other than a new OP in AA).

    I put the movies first, because that's how it all started.  You should not dive into the GitS franchise without seeing the original movie first (don't bother with 2.0, it's widely considered a step down from the original, with changes generally regarded as unnecessary or even terrible).  The second movie is a good segue from the first as well, so that's why I put it next.  I then suggest the SAC timeline so you can really get to know the characters, and see what kinds of relationships they have with each other.  The series was what really gave the franchise legs, and it is far more geo- and sociopolitical than the movies.  There are wider story arcs, and more development/exposition on the character level.  I saved the Arise timeline for last for a couple reasons.  First, it's much newer than the other titles.  As a result, it looks much shinier and crisp than the other releases in the franchise.  It's much easier to go from older stuff to new, than the other way around.  The other reason I saved the Arise timeline for last, is because it is far more satisfying to see how the band got together if you're already invested in them.  By watching SAC before Arise, you can better appreciate the reveals in Arise.

    Keep in mind, these are different timelines.  The continuity is not 100%.  But they complement each other very well, and each comprise a fantastic take on independent and overlapping storylines.

  • Community Service! Catching Up!

    1 year ago

    HisuiCotton Jade

    For those behind on what would be the season one of FanService here come a few updates of last season! This post in particular will cover the Sponsor cast episodes and one of the Pilot episodes of FanService (#0.1) and will mainly be a summary of the episodes and we'll also list out a few of the news stories, and those that became running segments in the show! (*All links opens new tabs and will either lead to a news article, legal streaming service, or wiki and make sure to check link dumps in the episodes for even more in depth information*)

    Anime Sponsor Cast: 1, 2, 3, 4


    Our first three hosts for FanService introduce themselves, and here are their twitters: Miles, Kerry, and Gray ! The first episode is made at the end of RWBY Vol. 3!

    Cole joins in on the second episode for GATE talk. Kerry shot is invented. There is some talk about Digimon, Fate series, Dimension W, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, etc., culture (gundam snowboarding, Erza armor, Spike Ice Skating, etc.), and Anime Stageplays. Meg insert.

    Episode three comes in with gifts, the talking hat, Funimation licenses ending, One Punch Man, Baccano!!, Sub vs. Dub -mainly about Ghost Stories- and more. Cole Explains is also invented. Yssa comes in and talks about Haikyuu (here is her twitter)!

    Forth episode of Anime Sponsor Cast starts after the RWBY Vol.3 marathon and Michael Jones joins in for talks on Digimon vs Pokemon, live action movies and more! Miyazaki comes out of retirement, Pocky gifts are thrown around, Baccano!! is lost forever, and Seven Deadly Sins is mentioned with rotating members of RT Animation

    Highlight News: 

    Gen Urobuchi, creator of Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass, Fate and more, had things at Wonder Fest 2016 to show Thunderbolt Fantasy! (Article ; Crunchyroll) Garm Wars news was also released.

    Attack on Titan Game; wiki because i couldn't find a good article for some reason

    Le Sean Thomas's show Canon Busters!

    Announcements: Live Action Your Lie in April, Endride, Boy and The Beast, Terror in Resonance screen play, GITS: Arise screenplay, Schwarzesmarken, Noblesse, Berserk, NitroPlus Blasterz, Kiznaiver, Luluco, Mob Psycho 100 (SimulDub), Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Sekko Boys, Digimon Adventure Tri

    Yandere Simulator

    Episode #0.1!

    Highlight News:

    Live-Action Erased things:

    1. Trailer Preview with Theme Song

    2. Otaku USA review

    3. Erased IMDB

    Baby Metal was on Colbert!


    Cole Explains: Konosuba Episode 6, Miles continues to be in pain and spoiler tag is up for most of the rest of the episode *Cole Gallian is the producer for FanService, Editor for RoosterTeeth Animation and co-host for Sportsball. Here is his twitter!

    Stan's Shower Thoughts is created and is based on Sword Art Online alternate titles this episode! Everyone almost dies of laughter. *Stan Lewis is an Editor at RoosterTeeth for RWBY, Red vs. Blue, and RWBY Chibi. Here is his Twitter! And the Movie for Sword Art Online came out recently!

    BBK/BRNK was a show that a lot of people in animation had started checking out that has recently gotten its second season and it is available on Crunchyroll.

    Guest for this ERASED, GATE and Not-Shojo-Shojo talk about Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun was Andrea Caprotti! *Andrea is a 3D animator at RoosterTeeth and Lead for RWBY Chibi. She also lived in Japan for a time and did all the title card reads for FanService. Here is her twitter!

    Next post will have be the last three Pilots and after that the Forums for those Anime Book Clubs will be made for open discussions! (ie: One Punch Man, Gate, ERASED)

  • Fan Service Episode 13 Questions

    1 year ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    The new season of Fan Service is introducing a Q&A segment.  I thought it might be neat to give my own answers to the questions.

    Did you take classical drawing courses?

    I wish.  I can't draw worth a shit.  And not in a bad, but still okay way.  Really, I draw like a five year old...who's bad at drawing.  It's terrible.  I'm truly jealous of a lot of my friends who have artistic talent.  I was a pretty creative person, who ended up having a very non-creative college education.  So, I've never had any formal (or informal) training in drawing, painting, film, photography, or animating.  I'd like to learn to draw, since I'm a huge fan of animation.  I have so many thoughts and images in my head, and it's very frustrating to not be able to give them shape.

    Is there any anime you have tried to watch but couldn't get through it?  If so, why?

    If a series is truly terrible, most of the time I never start it.  I look up ratings and reviews, and decide not to watch it.  And if I do start it, most of the time I get invested and punish myself to see how it ends.  However, I used to have a very bad habit of watching a whole anime series, and stopping at the last episode or two.  I wanted to finish it, but I didn't want it to be over.  I would have to psych myself up for the last episode.  Sometimes too much time would pass and I wouldn't finish it.  Some examples include Corpse Princess, Code Geass, Blassreiter, and Monster.

    First, what anime could you rewatch over and over?

    Spice and Wolf.  It's probably my favorite anime series.  It's calming, charming, and easy to digest.  I own the soundtrack, the whole series, and it's even the wallpaper on my phone.  Other series include Gate, Samurai Champloo, and Elfen Lied.

    What are your favorite weapons/items from your favorite anime?

    Lastly, this question is what made me want to do this journal.  Because I am in love with a certain weapon from a certain anime. It's the coolest weapon I've ever seen in media.  I am talking about, of course, the Caster Gun from Outlaw Star.


    It's a gun that fires fucking magic spells, in the future.  From the wiki:

    During the Fixed Star Era, Caster shells were created by wizards who used mana as their primary source of power. When mana began grow scarce, the wizards attempt to harness its power within specialized cartriges. However, caster shells only proved to be a temporary solution to a persisting problem. Caster shells and their weapons eventually fell to wayside and became antiques in the Towards Star Era.
    Caster shells are numbered by the wizards who create them. Their numbers appear to define the varied effects of each shell. Shells that are numbered #4, #9, and #13 are the rarest kinds, as they were only created by wizards of Tenrei, Ark Manaf, Hadul and Urt. 
    The magical power of these particular shells drew upon the life force of the user in the absence of extra mana to create a devastating effect more powerful than the typical caster shells. Beyond that, caster shells in general are benign and use only the mana in which they were imbued with.

    The idea of these guns is so fucking cool.  In the series, they're a rare weapon that uses even rarer (and expensive) ammunition.  Each shell number has different effects too.  It's such a novel concept, especially when you consider that it exists in an era of science and space travel.

    Also, my second favorite item from an anime are the mini light shields from Outlaw Star that Gene has in his gloves.  Those are pretty neat too.

  • Currently watching:

    1 year ago


    Seeing as Fanservice is BACK (and praise for that i need my weekly anime trash show) I wanted to do a quick currently watching/ reccomendation post!

    SHIMONETA: a boring world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn't exists

    Taking place in a japan where all things deemed immoral or indecent have been banned to raise public morality there comes organizations of 'dirty joke terrorists' to free the sexual prowes of the public people.

    Basically its just a funny show about some kids trying to educate the public on sex, through porn, dirty jokes, and innuendos. I cant get through an episode without laughing my ass off at some of the situations and lovable characters.

    The main hunnie (Ayame Kajou/ Blue Snow) also happens to be voiced (in the dub) by the same voice actor of Panty from panty and stocking ( Jamie Marchi) who does an amazing job bringing the character to life

    Currently watching Episode 10: Masturbation Quest on Funimation (dubbed version)


    Kensuke Hanasaki meets a mysterious boy named Yoshio Kobayashi who, due to an unexplained fog, cannot die though he wishes for death. Intrigued by this boy, Kensuke invites him to join the Boys’ Detective Team and help with their work around the city. But danger awaits, and their fate will lead them down a dark path.

    Basically an adrenalin junkie meets an immortal and uses him to help solve mysteries and stop crime in exchange for figuring out how to eventually kill the immortal. The plot line can be a little slow but I love the animation and character design. Plus it helps that Yoshio is a big emo baby who has a cynical sense of humor and really just wants to die. he must be protected at all costs.

    Currently watching Episode 10: Innocent Scale on funnimation (dubbed version)

    Fairy Tale

    This one isnt so much a reccomendation because its not really an important show in my line up. I started watching simply because of Michael Jones being a voice actor in it. (knowing full well his charater wouldnt actually be implimented until over 100 episodes in) I now continue to watch as a good background show for when working on cosplays or just for interesting background noise.

    I have however gotten attatched to a couple charaters Jellal must be protected and he is a pure baby who was possessed and i refuse to believe otherwise. Juvia is a good laugh (in a cringy way) and i genuinely enjoy her and grey's dynamic. Zaraf is again a pure baby who needs to be protected.

    The best way i can describe this show is that it is meant for children, in that its not a really in depth and well done show as much as its a good teaching show that shows death and healthy (as well as unhealthy yet very possible) relationships, friendhip and valuable life lessons that as a kid should be exposed to. 

    Currently watching Episode 127: The Terror of Invisible Lucy

    Watch List:

    Let me know if you have watched any of these and what you think of them! Is it worth it for me to start it or will I be let down? Also let me know if there are any I should add to this list ASAP always open to reccomendations!

    Akiba's Trip

    Tokyo Ghoul

    The Disaterous Life of Saiki K

    Interviews With Monster Girls
    Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
    Space Patrol Luluco

  • Fan Service Season 2

    1 year ago


    Whooo!! We did it! We coming back with another season of anime talk show goodness!

    So with this season's return, we have a few changes coming down the pipe.

    For starters, we thought that one of the best things for Fan Service was to switch to a pre-taped format. This allows us to still air on Saturday mornings, while still respecting the busy production schedule of our animation and broadcast departments. 

    Another change coming down the line is the addition of a Q&A segment. For the first week, we'll be looking a questions from this post. But going forward we will be taking questions from various forms of social media. So be on the look out and ask away.

    For this weeks show we will be discussing what we've been watching in the off season, as well as what some of the front runners are for the Fan Service anime club.

    There will also be some changes this season to one of our favorite segments, Fan Service Shot of the Week. Tune in this Saturday, February 11th at 9am CST for some more information.

  • Fan Service: Season Finale

    1 year ago



    This Friday, January 6, at 5pm CST will be the finale of Fan Service Season 1. Thank you all so much for tuning in for the past 12 weeks. This show has been so much fun for us and it is all thanks to you!

    Since this is the finale, we are gonna do stuff a little differently this week. Stan will be in for some of his shower thoughts. For our discussion will be reminiscing about our favorite anime year of 2016. Instead of our normal Fan Service Anime Club, we will be previewing some of the shows we are highly anticipating.

    We will still be having Austin judge the Fan Service Shot of the Week.

    Again; thank you all so much for such a kick-ass first season.

  • Introductory Anime

    1 year ago

    HisuiCotton Jade

    Its been a while since the Fanservice with the top 5 intro anime came out, and the first season is over, so while I was bored I came up with my own list. All of them also have a manga form if you're trying to get someone into Manga.This list is formatted with the title, its genre, maybe a funfact, and a summary. They're chosen to give you some different choices of genres, or stories.

    BakumanSlice of Life (funfact: Made by the creators of Death Note)

    Bakuman a starts with Moritaka Mashiro, a hobby artist and nephew of a deceased mangaka, and one day gets noticed by Akito Takagi drawing one of thier classmates, Miho Azuki, one day. After asking Moritaka about it, Akito then makes a proposal to make a Manga together. Moritaka is slow to take him on the offer until Akito finds out Miho's dream to become a voice actress. After getting the two to speak Miho and Mashiro promise to marry after Miho voice acts the main herione in the Anime Akito and Mashiro will have one day. The story then moves to Akito and Mashiro's journey in the manga industry towards that promise.

    NoragamiSupernatural, Action (funfact: the first season of the anime splits from the manga's story toward the end but comes back to it in the second season)

    Noragami is the story of a minor god named Yato who is hardly called upon for prayers. On day he is pushed out of the way of a truck by a girl named Iki Hiyori. Although it was Hiyori's intention to save him, Yato would have been unharmed by the truck, and Hiyori herself is lucky to survive the crash. Due to these events Hiyori's spirit becomes split from her body (in a very on and off fashion where her body falls asleep and her spirit can wonder) and she requests Yato help her return to normal however Yato needs help as well in finding a weapon. Hiyori decides to assist him in exchange and the journey with gods begins!

    Magi: Labyrinth of Magic - Adventure, Fantasy (funfact: 4th best selling manga series for 2013, and 5th place the first half of 2014. and its second season is titled Magi: Kingdom of Magic)

    In the world of Magi, Labyrinths (known as Dungeons) hiding great powers and treasures are around the world and those who venture into them usually die. Magi themselves are rare magicians that are said to lead kings to claim these powers. Aladdin is a young boy(13 year old i believe) who shows up in the life of Alibaba accompanied by a powerful Djinn (who are beings that hold power in the dungeons) , sparking a fire in Alibaba to change his postion of working as a merchant cart driver by entering the nearest Dungeon, Amon. The story then plays to the greater world they live in of magic, political powers, and the grand adventures that move through it. This is a starter anime if you wanna read the manga, get ready for a deep dive into new territory because the story is moving to its end at this point, so some drastic changes happen.

    Gangsta - Action, Drama, Seinen (funfact about Seinen: typically means its for a more mature audience,17+ not because of just sexual content, can be pretty violent with a sci-fi or political undertone (in definition is aimed to men in thier 50s but im an 19 year old girl who is all about it so, grain of salt))

    -straight from My Anime List-

    Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo, known in the city of Ergastalum as the "Handymen," are mercenaries for hire who take on jobs no one else can handle. Contracted by powerful mob syndicates and police alike, the Handymen have to be ready and willing for anything. After completing the order of killing a local pimp, the Handymen add Alex Benedetto—a prostitute also designated for elimination—to their ranks to protect her from forces that want her gone from the decrepit hellhole of a city she has come to call home. However, this criminal’s paradise is undergoing a profound period of change that threatens to corrode the delicate balance of power. Ergastalum was once a safe haven for "Twilights," super-human beings born as the result of a special drug but are now being hunted down by a
    fierce underground organization. This new threat is rising up to challenge everything the city stands for, and the Handymen will not be able to avoid this coming war.


    (funfact that is really great an large: -straight from My Anime List-

    Before Koe no Katachi was serialized, Kodansha's Legal Department had an extensive consultation with the Japanese Federation of the Deaf.The series won first place in the Male Readers category of the 2015 Kono Manga ga Sugoi! and the New Creator Prize in the 19th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. It was also nominated for the 8th Manga Taishou Award, where it ranked third place, and the 38th Kodansha Manga Award for best shounen category.  )

    Ishida is a elemetary school boy who is bored and finds a way to beat that boredom by bullying a new transfer student Nishimiya, who is deaf. Upon her transfer though he becomes the bullied after being shunned by his classmates that "encouraged" his bullying of Nishimiya. Now five years later in high school after knowing his wrongs, he hopes to get some form of redemption in in meeting Nishimiya again.

    WOOP WOOP all done. super late.

  • Fan Service: December 30

    1 year ago


    Hey everyone! Hope ya'll are having some happy holidays!

    We are back at it again with a live show this week.

    Since all of our Fan Service Anime Club shows are wrapping up, this week we will be discussing the season finales of BOTH Yuri!!! on Ice and Drifters, as well as the thrilling conclusion the Cole Explains: Keijo!!!!!!!!

    Gray is the target of this week's Fan Service Shot of the Week. So send all the help you can to KerryMiles,YssaAustin,  and/ or myself.

    Be sure to catch the live stream Friday, December 30 @ 5pm CST.

  • Anime opening/ending Talk:1

    1 year ago


    So I've been watching Phantom Requiem for the Phantom over the last week. And I really love its first opening Karma by KOKIA. It got me thinking there's a lot of anime openings/endings to anime that I like for various reasons so why not highlight one of them every week.

    So lets start with the one that's fresh in my mind Phantom Requiem for the Phantom its opening Karma. The thing I really love about this opening is that it doesn't give you a lot of info about the show it self. It really only gives you the tone for the show . I wish all shows did this , so many shonen shows especially are guilty of spoiling the show it self in the opening which I hate so much .

    Now it might not give away much about the story but if you read the lyrics to the song you can however get a first person perspective of whats going trough one of the main characters mind .

    Which to some might still be a spoiler (hence the spoiler bar I put over it) but in my case I found being vague enough to not make me realize it till I was on like episode 6.

    The visuals of the opening look great to and also do a good job of not showing you too much but still giving you an idea about the story with the image of the phantom mask covering the characters giving off the image that people might not be who they seem in this story.

    All and all I really love Phantom Requiem for the Phantom's opening. It gives you just enough to get you interested in the show its got a good song playing over it and there are some things you can find out about characters if you look deeper in to the opening. I'm currently  on episode 20 out of 26 and I'm really loving it so far I'm excited to see how it ends.

    Thanks for reading my ramblings about this anime opening. I might do this more often if I feel like it and got some spare time  tower. Anyways time for me to go back to watching the extra life stream #forthekids.

  • Roszen: The Hero’s revenge- Chapter 1-part 1-Which world is real?

    1 year ago

    JackJammerRoy The One Who Write's

    So personally I was going to save this til i finished the chapter... but damn this is long so I'll post part 1 and try and get part 2 by next week sometime. Hope you enjoy please tell me what you think of it.

    How can you tell the difference between this world and a dream? Some say that pain works; just pinch yourself, if you don’t feel pain you’re dreaming, but what if you do feel pain? What if you feel both pain in your dream and this world…Does that mean both worlds exist? Then, if that’s true, just like me they must not dream, they simply just wake up…. in a different world.

                                                                                         blake yang weiss

    Quickly the boy advanced in silence through the thick forest.  He was about 17, his hair was a beautiful light chocolate color with a bit of an under tone of white while his eyes were the color of morganite. He wore a simple white outfit with black steel armor over top; a few rips could be seen in random places, this was most likely due to his five days of hunting his prey. 

    The boy watched his prey, the Tigarian lion, closely. It was a beast with the strength of 100 men; its body was easily the size of two bears but in the shape of a lion. Its stripes shined and began to blend in with the green scenery around it, the Tigarian was cautious, it new the boy was following him, but where was the boy? That was the question the Tigarian lion felt as he looked around wondering if it would find the boy.

    Speaking of said boy, he perched carefully in a tree a few feet away from the Tigarian lion. Slowly he steadied himself, excitement boiled through his body, it had taken him five days to get close to the Tigarian lion and with it in his grasp he couldn’t wait to attack it. Slowly he timed himself and counted to three.

    “One…. Two…. Three!” He whispered as he jumped off, the Tigarian lion was in his sight but just as he was inches away from the beast, the boy felt himself be pushed by some invisible force that slammed him into one of the trees.

    The Tigarian lion was in shock for a moment wondering how that happened. He wasn’t too sure but smirked a little bit at the boy then ran off; the boy grumbled in annoyance at this as he stood up and began brushing off the dust on his armor.

    “Chico! Why the hell did you do that!? I almost had him!” The boy yelled as he turned towards the one who had pushed him, his best friend Chico. Chico was a hybrid of an Elf and vampire, he was very slim with beautiful tourmaline colored eyes, he looked about 20 years old and hair that was blonde with black streaks. His clothing style was simple, just a long sleeved black silk shirt, dark brown coloured pants and black boots.

    “Well sorry, Rozen but that wasn’t a Tigarian lion, it was a Tigarian tiger and Tigarian tigers are quite poisonous, there was no way I was going to let you attack a creature that dangerous.” A smile treadled on Chico’s face happy he had stopped his friend from getting hurt.

    Roszen, the boy, was however clearly not happy, he was confused and frustrated. He had spent five whole days hunting that beast, with each day being harder than the last and every time the Tigarian lion or now technically tiger had outsmarted him.

    Wait, then what's the difference between the Tigarian lion and the Tigarian tiger? Roszen decided to voice this to Chico who would most likely know the answer.

    “Wait what’s the difference between them? Is it the poison thing?”

    “Well there is that but it’s mainly the face, A Tigarian lion doesn’t have stripes on its face, while the Tigarian tiger does.”

    “Wait really?…..Fuck! I can’t believe I spent five days in this forest for nothing…..Wait a minute, did you know about this before I started hunting it?” Roszen asked cautiously towards his best friend.

    “Yep, I tried to tell you but you rushed off before I could say anything.” Chico didn’t try to hide his enjoyment and smiled brightly at Roszen.

    “…..You’re kidding me right?”


    “Argh!!!!! You should have told me sooner!” He complained, “I went through hell trying to track that beast! Ughhhh.” Running his hands through his hair in frustration Roszen began to complain about the past five days.

    Day 1- Had to chase the Tigarian Tiger in the rain and fell into a snake pit.

    Day 2-Fell off a cliff then had to climb up said cliff.

    Day 3-Fell asleep in a tree after creating a trap then fell into said trap set up for the Tigarian Tiger. 

    Day 4-Was turned into a tether ball by the Tigarian Tiger due to Day 3.

    Day 5- Finally escaped from the trap pursued the beast then got magically pushed away from it by his best friend.

    He crouched beside a tree mumbling to himself, these past five days had definitely not been good for Roszen, and today was the worst one out of them all.

    “Now, now, let’s go meet up with Fiona and the others, they also said they would find a Tigarian lion since you most likely wouldn’t find one.” Chico patted his friends back; quickly Roszen turned to him trying to glare but failed since he was crying a little bit.

    “How the hell is that supposed to help! If you guys knew I was wrong why didn’t you find me till know!?” He yelled.

    “Well, we were going to but… It was too funny seeing you fail, ha-ha.” As Chico laughed Roszen stared at his friend with blank eyes processing what he just heard.


                                                                                          jaune ren jaune

    A few hours had passed since Roszen’s mistake with the Tigarian tiger. Both Chico and Rozen soon meet up with Fiona, Azu and Uza who as Chico predicted where able to catch a Tigarian lion. After a bit of teasing Roszen, they went to drop off the lion to the blacksmith. As they finished that they decided to go to the Layla’s Tavern, which was the best tavern in the entire Rubarian Kingdom. Layla’s Tavern always had a cheerful but loud atmosphere, even before the arrival of Roszen and his party this tavern was a second home to most of the kingdom’s people.

    As Roszen and his party walked in they sat at their usual table in the middle of the tavern; Layla the owner of the tavern came up to them with a huge smile, asking if they wanted their usual. Layla was in her mid-forties, about 7ft tall, nutmeg colored eyes and huge blond braided hair that almost reached the floor. She had a few wrinkles on her forehead which helped show her age and she wore her usual tavern dress but instead of it going to her ankles this was much shorter and stopped about two inches above the knee.

    “So the usual or shall we experiment today?”

    Everyone thought for a few seconds on this but they all decided they would get their usual dishes.  “Man you guys are no fun…. Alright, OI! Milliea middle table wants their usual dishes!” Layla yelled across the room, most waitresses tend to write down orders but Layla thought it would be more practical to just directly tell her new chef. Who honestly since he had only been working here for a week he hadn’t remembered the menu yet.

    “Eh? But Miss Layla I haven’t remembered the menu yet! Just tell me the dishes!” Milliea whined from the kitchen. He was a young boy of only 15 who had the hands of a grand chef; he had shoulder length light blue hair, and beautiful bronzite color eyes. In accordance to his hands, he was naturally a very beautiful person which most people tended to think he would be a girl at first sight. Due to this, he was envied by most girls, natural beauty plus natural cooking skills was something most girls dreamed of accomplishing in their adulthood.

    “Huh!? You’ve been working here for a week you should have memorized the menu by know!!” Layla began to walk towards the kitchen door as she yelled


    “I can’t memorize 45 dishes in one week you’re asking for too much!” Milliea complained back, he was a bit of a shy type and wasn’t all that brave but when needed to he would voice his complaints.

    “WHAT!!? TOO MUCH! YOU’RE A GENIUS CHEF YOU SHOULD REMEMBER 45 DISHES BY KNOW!” Layla countered back at him, she had seen this boy’s talent if he put his mind to it he could do the things she expected of him.

    “I’M A GENIUS WITH MY HANDS NOT MY MIND! Just tell me their dishes please so I can look it up in the recipe book!”

    “Ughhhh… Fine, 5 Mystic Flagon’s, the Dragon tail kabobs, Big bad pork chips and gravy with cheese, Fried rice with pixie spice, deep fried striped bear heart soup with stir-fried griffin organs, spaghetti  with cheese sauce, and finally deep fried chicken with sour grape sauce.” Layla sighed in annoyance as she made her rounds to the other tables; Milliea also sighed as well and opened the recipe book.

    “….So should I ask why Layla’s dress is so short?” Rozen raised his brow as he asked his friends.

    “Ah Layla was called a brute and un-lady like last week by a few drunkards, so she decided to spice things up with her outfit, said she was going for a more feminine modern type look.” Fiona chuckled as she remembered that night, Layla definitely had not gone easy on them; Fiona was 24 years old, she had thick blond hair that was separated into two pigtails and a ponytail, her eyes were the color of a red beryl, she was a bit on the chubby side but that didn’t stop her from being fashionable; she wore a knee length sleeveless gold and blue dress. Fiona was an Avian, who were a race of people with dark brown to black skin, they also had wings which varied in length per each Avian.

    “So did you guys meet with Alexander?” Chico looked over to the twins Azu and Uza, before catching the Tigarian lion Azu and Uza were supposed to see the sixth member of their party, the king of the Rubarian kingdom, Alexander Rubie.

    “No, he was too busy doing his kingly duties….” Azu and Uza sighed in unison; they were upset they couldn’t see their friend. They were only 15 years old and despite being identical twins each had characteristics to differentiate from each other.  Azu had a very neutral/monotone personality, he had short dark blue hair and bright lapis colored eyes, he wore a tight fitting yellow corset shirt with blue shorts; Uza was obviously the opposite, he was a very cheerful person who never stopped smiling, well unless he had a reason to not smile but those days were really rare. He had long spikey blonde hair and dark Malachite eyes, Uza wore looser type clothes that were stripped in many dark colors.

    These twins were half pixie’s, Pixie’s are a race of beings that are not related to fairies, though most argue they are somewhat related; they can only use their magical powers to create and enchant weapons, that and they create new and unique spices. Pixies also tend to be small in size and may look like children well into their 80’s.

    “I don’t like it…. We hardly see him know that he’s king….” Uza sighed as he leaned against his brother.

    “I wanna go on an adventure with him…. It’s not the same when were not all together…” Azu spoke in a monotone voice as he also leaned against his brother.

    “Well it can’t be helped, with the damage that Priest Peter did he has a lot of work to do, in fact, has the northern district been fixed yet?” Roszen stretched a little as he asked this.

    “Ah, it’s almost done I think it will be finished in about six months,” Chico replied.

    “Six months? Hope it gets done before the snow fall….Man, it’s hard to believe that just last year half of this place was in ruins.” As Fiona said this everyone began to remember the events of last year and the horror they went through to help liberate the kingdom. It had been chaotic, so much destruction, it had almost been a close call they could have lost, especially if Alexander and Roszen hadn’t shown up. If that had happened this kingdom would have been destroyed.

    A very serious and worrying atmosphere suddenly surrounded the table; Layla saw this and quickly grabbed their finished food and walked over to their table. Layla then slammed their food on the table purposely trying to distract them from their thoughts. This scared all of them a little and very quickly they put their attention on Layla.

     “It’s not hard to believe! It’s because we had you, heroes, that this kingdom isn’t in ruins, especially you Roszen... You gave us hope when we were on the last of our ropes, Know don’t think too hard on the past and eat this meal for the future got it?” Layla kindly smiled at all of them hoping she got through to them.

    “You’re right, I’m sorry Miss Layla.” As Roszen apologized everyone else at the table did as well.

    “Good, know eat up, this will be the best meal you’ve ever tasted! Milliea worked hard to get it right, know dig in my heroes!” Layla gave them all a wink as she twirled away going back to work.

    “Layla’s right Know lets dig in into this glorious meal!” Fiona yelled excitedly as she drooled over her meal.

    Soon everyone was laughing and drinking away without a care in the world. Everything was fine now; they knew that the evil had been defeated, even though it had only been a year since peace had returned to the kingdom. Everything was simply just great, at least that’s how Roszen felt; he hoped that these days with his friends would last forever.

                                                                                    whiskey whiskey whiskey

    “Rozen I told you not to have two more Mystic flagons, you can hardly walk.” Chico tried to talk sternly with Roszen who was completely drunk, but it failed as Roszen hugged him tightly. The drunken hero was just too cute.

    “Then~ let may told your tarm….” Chico could feel that Roszen felt very warm, which was obviously due to the alcohol. Roszen couldn’t stop smiling since he felt happy to be hugging his friend, plus it also helped that Chico was naturally cold.

    “….Guys I’m taking our heroic leader to bed okay?” Chico sighed as he patted his friend's head. Roszen soon moved from hugging Chico’s waist to hugging his arm.

    “Bwut….I don’t wanna…. So touch fun….” Roszen slurred a little as he spoke; everyone chuckled a little at this as Chico corrected him.

    “You mean so much fun….” He sighed with a smile knowing that he would have to watch Roszen all night. Roszen was a cuddly type of drunk who when he found someone he liked he wouldn’t let go of them; Most of the time that happened to be Chico.  Luckily with him being half vampire he didn’t need to sleep most nights, plus even if he hadn’t gotten drunk he would have watched him anyways. Roszen for some reason was very fascinating to look at, he wasn’t exactly sure why, he just was.

    “Anyways it’s time for bed.”

    “Bwut no….”

    “But yes.” Suddenly Chico picked up Roszen from the front; this was done so Roszen could lie on Chico’s chest, instantly he cuddled into it. He wasn’t asleep yet but know seemed to be more relaxed.  As this happened Fiona couldn’t help but blush at the sight, those two were just too cute in her eyes, but in order not to let it show she yelled cheerfully at them, “alright good night guys!” as she waved her arms in the air.

    “Hey, Chico!” Uza called out to him, he seemed to be hanging upside down from the chandelier. When did he get up their!? Chico wondered in shock. “Just make sure you don’t confess to him tonight, he’ll break your heart in the morning by forgetting your confession.” Uza Chuckled as he saw a small blush on Chico’s face, of course despite the blush Chico held his cool and glared a little at him denying that he had such feelings for their leader.

    “You idiot it’s not like that!”

    “Uh-huh, Sure~.” Uza purred a little as he said this.

    “Ugh… anyways we’ll see you in the morning okay?” As Chico tried to ignore Uza he had already begun to walk up the stairs to their room.

    “KAY!!!!” Fiona and Uza yelled in unison while Azu just decided to nod in silence. Unlike his brother and Fiona, he wasn’t drunk at all; he was only a little bit buzzed.

    Once Chico got to the second floor he walked to the end of the hall to their room and pushed the door open with his foot. He then set Roszen on the bed so he could get him some water, as this happened Roszen looked intensely at Chico, noticing that he was paler than usual. That idiot Roszen thought and instantly became sober.

    As Chico came back with some water he noticed his leader staring at him intently. “Rozen are you okay?” he asked and handed Roszen his water.

    Roszen took the water from him and drank it in seconds, once done he set the glass down on the floor and looked Chico straight in his eyes.

    “When was the last time you drank?”

    “Eh, you just saw me drink toni-“

    “Chico....You know that’s not what I mean, know tell me when was the last time you drank?” Roszen looked at Chico with dark commanding eyes; Chico new these eyes very well, he had only seen them in two people Roszen and his father. These were the eyes of a true leader, one who always watches you when you least expect it, the eyes of one who values the life of his teammates above anything else.

    “….Last month.” Chico looked away from his leader.

    “…..You went a whole month without a single drop of blood?” Roszen raised his head a little making his dark look become just a little dark.


    Suddenly Roszen began taking his armor off, once he was finished he pulled the neck of his shirt down. “Drink now,” he commanded. Though Chico didn’t want to drink his friend’s blood he moved in closer with a small sigh. Roszen was cheerful most of the time but he had his serious moments, this was one of them, Roszen was a person who cared about his teammates and always watched over their well-being.

    He especially had to watch over Chico the most, even though Chico was only a half vampire he always worried if he would take too much blood from someone. He felt like it was a silly fear since he always had control, even when his vampiric powers first manifested, but deep down Chico feared he would one day lose himself to the blood.

     If he should do that he would become a Wendigo,  a malevolent cannibalistic spirit, know it was very unlikely he would become one; Most vampires never became Wendigo’s, it was a very rare occurrence, usually only happening to a vampire that continuously takes blood for days on end even after they are full.  Even still, there was something about those creatures that made Chico worry he would become one. He couldn’t really pinpoint why he felt this way, he just did.

    It was almost like it was engraved in him, do not become a Wendigo, do not take more than you need for blood, or else you will become a monster with no sense of remorse, no sympathy, no empathy….no love.

     Chico tried to get off of Roszen, thinking he would be okay with the little blood he has drank but Roszen held onto Chico tightly making sure he could get his fill.

    “D-Don’t think you’ll be okay with such a little amount of blood, take as much as you need. I’ll stop you if you take too much, but we both know I m-most likely won’t need to.” Roszen spoke a little out of breath; this was parsley from the alcohol that was in his system that with Chico drinking his blood it weekend his body a little.

    “You need to start telling me when you haven’t drunken any blood, I never know exactly when you need to feed unless you g-get overly pale like today. Promise me from now o-on okay?” As Roszen finished this Chico had stopped taking blood from him.

    As both of them stared at one another Roszen smiled and cupped the left side of Chico’s face gently. “Seriously, you’re so secretive when you need to drink; you have to start telling me, it’s not good to starve yourself to the last minute alright?”

    “…. I’m not sure if I can do that….”


    “It’s just…. I don’t really know, to be honest; I’m just scared of losing control, even though I never have before. Even though I here most vampires never lose control I-I for some reason can’t shake the feeling that I will.” Chico looked away from Roszen; this was the first time he had told anyone how he felt about blood. Chico had always told people that because he was part elf that he didn’t like the taste of blood and that was why he would only drink when needed to. Obviously, that was a lie.

    With a sigh and a smile of confidence, Roszen hugged Chico tightly as he fell backward onto the bed pulling Chico down with him. “Though you won’t believe it you do have control, you will never lose control, I will always make sure of it.” Roszen then moved a bit so he was lying down face to face with Chico.

    “Always, I can’t stop you from having your fear, though to be honest, I wish I could. So can you do your part and tell me when you can’t get blood, I want to help you in any way I can. You’re my best friend and I’m not going to let you do something like this ever again got it?” Quickly the sober yet still a little-drunk hero cuddled up to his best friend instantly falling asleep. Chico then grabbed the blanket and covered both of them, he smiled happily he had such a friend like Roszen


    “Yeah I got it thanks Rozen.”

                                                                                           matt matt matt

    And so here is part 1, have to admit this was way longer than I thought it would be, plus this is only the first half. On a technicality it will be even more longer due to part two once I get it done lolz.

    Next half will deal with earth and more normal like problems. So tell me what you think there is so much of this story to come I can't wait to write it!

  • Fan Service Episode #5 & #6

    1 year ago



    Episode #5:

    We've got a big episode planned for this week's Fan Service. 

    I'm excited to announce that on this week's Fan Service we will be bringing on a couple special guests.

    Michael andLindsay will be joining us in our discussion about 90s anime. 

    For the Fan Service Shot of the Week, Austin will be the judge. So send in your clips to  Gray, KerryMiles, Yssa, or myself.

    We'll also be getting back to Drifters, with episodes 5&6.

    So tune in this Friday, November 18 at 5pm cst.

    Episode #6

    Due to American Thanksgiving, we will be pre-taping Fan Service #6, immediately following episode #5.

    So send in your Fan Service Shot of the Week for me while you're sending in the ones for Austin.

    One of the advantages of us pre-taping is that we are now going to be able to bring on Shannon to talk about anime that's not "anime" (i.e. Thunderbolt Fantasy, Shelter, Voltron, etc.)

    We'll also be slowing down the Yuri!!! on Ice discussion, covering only episode 7.

    The episode #6 recording will still be broadcast November 25 at 5pm cst.

  • Roszen: The Hero’s revenge- Chapter 1 Which world is real?

    1 year ago

    JackJammerRoy The One Who Write's

    Here is a sneak peak at the first chapter of Roszen. Also all the tags I have that aren't relevant to my story are just so people can get to know me/to get people to notice my story. I will also use Emoji's as breaks in the story why? because tbh i thought it would be kind of cool. Hope you enjoy!

                                                                     Chapter 1 Which world is real?

    How can you tell the difference between this world and a dream? Some say that pain works; just pinch yourself if you don’t feel pain you’re dreaming, but what if you do feel pain? What if you feel both pain in your dream and this world…Does that mean both worlds exist? Then, if that’s true, just like me they must not dream, they simply just wake up…. in a different world.

                                                                                  jaune jaune jaune

    Quickly the boy advanced in silence through the thick forest, watching his prey, the Tigarian Lion. It was a beast with the strength of 100 men; its body was easily the size of two bears but in the shape of a lion. Its stripes shined and began to blend in with the green scenery around it, the Tigarian was cautious, it new the boy was following him, but where was the boy? That was the question the Tigarian Lion felt as he looked around wondering if it would find the boy.

    Speaking of the boy, he was perched carefully in a tree a few feet away from the Tigarian Lion. Slowly he steadied himself, excitement boiled through his body, it took him five days to get close to the Tigarian lion and with it in his grasp he couldn’t wait to attack it. Slowly he timed himself and counted to three.

    “One…. Two…. Three!” He whispered as he jumped off, the Tigarian lion was in his sight but just as he was inches away from the beast, the boy felt himself be pushed by some invisible force that slammed him into one of the trees.

    As this happened the Tigarian Lion smirked a little bit at the boy then ran off; the boy grumbled in annoyance at that, he then stood up and began brushing off the dust on his Armour.

    “Chico!…. Why the hell did you do that!? I almost had him!” The boy yelled as he turned towards the one who had pushed him, his best friend Chico. Chico was a hybrid of an Elf and vampire, he was very slim with beautiful tourmaline colored eyes, and hair that was blonde with black streaks, his clothing style was simply just a long sleeved black silk shirt, dark brown colored pants and black boots.

    “Well sorry Rozen but that wasn’t a Tigarian lion, it was a Tigarian tiger and Tigarian tigers are quite poisonous, there was no way I was going to let you attack a creature that dangerous.” A smile treadled on Chico’s face happy he had stopped his friend from getting hurt.

    Roszen, the boy, was however clearly not happy, he was confused and frustrated. He had spent five whole days hunting that beast, with each day being a challenge and every time the Tigarian lion or now technically tiger had outsmarted him.

    Wait, then what's the difference between the Tigarian lion and the Tigarian tiger? Roszen decided to voice this to Chico who would most likely know the answer.

    “Wait what’s the difference between them? Is it the poison thing?”

    “Well there is that but it’s mainly the face, A Tigarian lion doesn’t have stripes on its face, while the Tigarian tiger does.”

    “Wait really?…..Fuck! I can’t believe I spent five days in this forest for nothing…..Wait a minute, did you know about this before I started hunting it?” Roszen asked cautiously towards his best friend.

    “Yep, I tried to tell you but you rushed off before I could say anything.” Chico didn’t try to hide his enjoyment and smiled brightly at Roszen.

    “…..You’re kidding me right?”


    “Uragh!!!!! You should have told me sooner!” He complained, “I went through hell trying to track that beast! Ughhhh.” Running his hands through his hair in frustration Roszen began to complain about the past five days.

    Day 1- Had to chase the Tigarian Tiger in the rain and fell into a snake pit.

    Day 2-Fell off a cliff then had to climb up said cliff.

    Day 3-Fell asleep in a tree after creating a trap then fell into the trap set up for the Tigarian Tiger.

    Day 4-Was turned into a tether ball by the Tigarian Tiger due to Day 3.

    Day 5- Finally escaped from the trap pursued the beast then got magically pushed away from it by his best friend.

    He crouched beside a tree mumbling to himself, these past five days had definitely not been good for Roszen, and today was the worst one out of them all.

    “Now, now, let’s go meet up with Fiona and the others, they also said they would find a Tigarian Lion since you most likely wouldn’t find one.” Chico patted his friends back, quickly Roszen turned to him trying to glare but failed since he was crying a little bit.

    “How the hell is that supposed to help! If you guys knew I was wrong why didn’t you find me till know!?” He yelled.

    “Well we were going to but… It was too funny seeing you fail, haha.” As Chico laughed Roszen stared at his friend with blank eyes processing what he just heard.


                                                                                             ruby pyrrha yang

    So there we have it the first bit of Roszen please tell me what you all think. I realize looking back I forgot to describe Roszen... Don't worry I'll do it once I've started on the other half, pictures probably wont be done for awhile unfortunately but I'll get to them.

    So hopefully I'll have the rest of the chapter up within the next few days, I already have it planned in my head how the gist of it is going to go, know I just need to write it down.

  • Fan Service Episode #4

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    Hey all!

    Soooo, due to preparations for the Extra Life stream, we have decided to do a pre-taped Fan Service this week. We want to give broadcast that on Friday time to make sure everything is working smoothly for this weekend. The episode will still be airing at 5 pm cst.

    During last week's discussion, we mentioned that we were going to be diving a bit more into Shinichiro Watanabe's works. Upon review of our discussion, we realized we had already said a lot of what we had wanted to say, so we are going to be pulling an audible. 

    Instead this week we will be discussing some of the other shows we've watched this season, as well as delving a little bit into the rise in popularity of sports anime (i.e. Haikyuu!!, Yuri!!! on Ice, Free!.) 

    We are still on for the Gray Shot of the Week, so help out KerryMiles, YssaAustin, or myself in our search for the most Mecha shots around.

    As for the book club this one will be a doosie, we will be plunging into Yuri!!! on Ice through episode 06. So catch up now!

    We are looking forward to returning to airing live next week and thank you for your understanding =D

  • Sick...

    1 year ago


    Being sick on my free weekend fucking sucks. Can't go meet up with any of my friends now.


    At least I got an excuse to just watch anime all day. Been watching Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom I'm on ep 13 now Its pretty great. And I've been watching along with Drifters cause of the Fanservice Podcast, so far I like it the comedy bits just don't fit in with the rest of the show for me.


    just watched v4 episode 3 of RWBY. And its so awesome can't wait for the next one tower.

  • Top 5 Introductory Anime

    1 year ago


    As mentioned on Fan Service #03 here were my five choices for introductory anime

    FMA Brotherhood

    Wolf Children

    My Hero Academia

    Spirited Away

    G Gundam

    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood appeared on almost everyone's lists during our selection process. Along with everything mentioned on Fan Service, FMA Brotherhood does an amazing job of world building. On paper, alchemy is not what I'd call simple. But FMA Brotherhood is able to introduce the concept in such a way that the audience doesn't feel the need to question it. It builds a very steady foundation early on without patronizing the viewer, allowing the viewer to feel part of the world, as well as getting out of the way of the character development.

    Wolf Children is MY favorite anime feature. I own six copies of the Blu Ray that I have strategically stashed in the homes of different family members, as to always have a copy within 50 miles. Wolf Children is the beautiful story of a single mother raising two children. However they are not "normal" children... they are wolf children as the title would imply. And that last sentence is why this movie is so amazing. There is no such thing as normal children. There is no such thing as normal parents. Wolf Children shows that in actuality, parents have no idea what they are doing, and in most cases are just trying their best to make a good life for their children. Wolf Children has actually been a gateway for both my mother and sister into the world of anime. 

    As I mentioned in Fan Service, My Hero Academia should be considered when trying to get someone into anime. It hits on the current super hero craze. It has some of the best pacing I've seen in a while. It has the same level of world building as FMA Brotherhood. An extremely diverse cast of characters. And it just makes you feel good. My Hero Academia is about  a regular middle school student in a world where people with superpowers known as "Quirks" are the norm. However, he dreams of one day becoming a Hero, despite being bullied by his classmates for not having a Quirk. After being the only one to try and save his childhood bully from a Villain, All Might, the world's greatest Hero, bestows upon him his own quirk, "One For All". The story follows Izuku's entrance into U.A. High School, a school that cultivates the next generation of Heroes.

    Spirited Away may have some strange things going on, but it has the advantage of pedigree. It is probably easier to convince someone to watch something if its an Academy Award winner. While not my favorite Miyazaki film ( that goes to Princess Mononoke), it is still a very good story.

    Gundam is DENSE... There is SOOOOOO much Gundam. Yet it is ARGUABLY, the most influential series in anime. A good place to start in Gundam is G Gundam, which takes place outside of the main cannon. Its a condensed series (only 49 episodes). It has a diverse cast of characters. Really cool action scenes. It's a revenge story that takes place in reality where all major world countries have been forced to migrate to orbiting space stations. On earth Gundam pilots compete in tournaments to gain advantage for their respective countries. It can be a good gateway into the world of Gundam.

    So there it is. A little more scatter-brained that I had intended but I wanted to at least get the names out there.

    Thank you for tuning into Fan Service.

  • Fan Service Episode #03

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    Here's the scoop on this weeks Fan Service!

    Help out Gray, Kerry, Miles, Austin, and myself find the most salaciously, hunky clips ever, for the Yssa shot of the Week.

    For the Fan Service Anime Club we will be catching up on Drifters, up through episode four. Since episode 5 is airing hours before Fan Service, we thought it was best to give everyone time to watch it and cover it in a couple weeks.

    Then strap in for next week cause we will by flying through episodes two through six of Yuri!!! on Ice. 

    For the discussion topic for this week, we will be trying out something we think you'll like. We all have come across a friend who has asked what a good anime to start with is, if not wondered that ourselves. So join in the discussion, as we try to discern what some of the top introductory anime are.

    Fan Service Episode 03 will be broadcast live for First members on November 4 at 5pm cst, and uploaded November 5 at 9am cst for First members, so you can watch it again as a warm up for a BRAND NEW RWBY Volume 4 Episode.

    If you're not a FIRST member, remember you can try a 30-day FREE trial and cancel anytime!

     heart You All!

  • U-Turn

    1 year ago


    Brinley started her day by sleeping in a little longer. It was her day off after all, and after multiple late nights including trying to activate her prepaid debit card for the purpose of a Rooster Teeth FIRST membership the night before, she really needed it. Eventually she awoke and turned on her Wii U to play some Xenoblade Chronicles X. As she finished up "The Repair Job," her dad told her breakfast was upstairs. She wanted to wear a girly top, but because of an agreement between her and her father, she found her Kirby (as in the pink puffball) T-shirt and wore that instead. Her youngest brother, Chato, showed her his house in Minecraft while she ate, then her dad returned.

    "What are your plans for this afternoon?" he asked.

    "Work on my halloween costume and assist my sister around 4," answered Brinley.

    "Your aunt is supposed to watch Grandpa but will be about an hour late and wants to know if we can cover her for that time."

    "Sure, Ok."

    Brinley quickly gathered her laptop, wacom tablet, and backpack and got to the car. After a short ride they, arrived and Brinley began to watch her grandfather. It was more uneventful than usual and even when she thought he might have gone outside for a walk, he had actually gone to take a nap. She passed the time catching up on Pokemon Sun and Moon news and since she now had Rooster Teeth FIRST, Fanservice. Eventually her aunt arrived and her parents returned to take her home. That was when the delightful, although slightly sidetracked day, began to turn.

    Her stepmother mentioned that January would be a good time to return to school and asked Brinley what she thought of that. Brinley replied she wasn't sure about it, then her stepmother, Madrastre, urged her to continue studying because there were many more places to study than were available to her when she went to college and explained the sacrifices she and one of her students had made to continue their schooling. As they approached home, Madrastre got out to pull in the trash can from the curb. Then it was Dad's turn.

    "Son, you need to find what you want to do and do it," he said. "Don't focus on transitioning because you still need a life, and staying in your room watching videos and playing video games isn't living."

    She exited the vehicle and went straight to her room. She set down the laptop and tears began welling in her eyes. Didn't he understand that she was doing what she could? Wasn't he the one who showed the family that video about getting up, not losing hope, and being yourself despite what others think?He certainly knew she didn't have a car at the moment. She calmed down a little, finished her video, caught up on a couple shows, then discovered the new episode of Fanservice was livestreaming. She jumped in for as long as she could, but her sister, Nora, showed up before long.

    Soon to be free of her clothing restrictions, Brinley grabbed a blouse and got in the smaller car to deliver to her other brother at his football game. Nora and Brinley were soon at the grocery store preparing to take the last load of Nora's things to her boyfriend's house as she officially moved in. One of Brinley's newer co-workers commented on the Kirby shirt, and she explained that it was a shirt meant to reject the limits on her attire, although not mentioning what those limits were.

    Brinley and Nora talked their way along the two hour drive to Sol's house, where a cop had blocked the parking lot, so they had to circle around before entering. After unloading the truck, the girls went to see Sol at work and pick up his sedan. It was getting late, so Brinley couldn't stay long. Nora also had some romantic plans for when Sol got off work so soon the three parted ways.

    As Brinley started for home, the conversation with her father and the pain of her day's experience returned. He doesn't even realize that our agreement for me not to wear certain clothing is one of the things holding me back most, she thought. He doesn't see how I'm spending more time with Nora and my friends, or that this halloween costume isn't a costume at all. It's like "It's my turn" he's telling me I need to move forward, while simultaneously holding me back.

    Just as painful was that Nora, the person she trusted most and her best friend, would still refer to her in masculine terms on all but the very best of days. So rare was it for anyone to use feminine pronouns and titles for her that it caught her off guard when someone did. It was eating at her pretty badly, and the radio wasn't much help. She did get one idea on how to vent, however, and that's what she did.

    She came home and wrote this journal entry.

  • Fan Service IMPORTANT INFO!!!!

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    Hey Everyone,

    Thank you so much for checking out the season premiere of Fan Service!!! We are all extremely happy to be back, and its all thanks to your dedication!!!

    Coming up this week we will be seeing the return of one of my favorite segments, "Stan's Shower Thoughts". Can you guess what show Stan was thinking about when he is all slippery and wet?

    As noted on the last episode, we have been deciding on what two shows to discuss as part of the "Fan Service Anime Club". I am happy to announce that we will be following "Drifters" and "Yuri!!! on Ice". Be sure to watch the first episode of each and join in on the conversation this Friday at 5pm CST.

    Also, be sure to assist Gray, Kerry, Yssa, Austin, or myself in trying to find a shot that will most tickle Miles' jimmies (hint: think sick action shots) for "Fan Service Shot of the Week".

    Now we've been getting a lot of questions about whether or not Fan Service videos will be released to the public, so we wanted to take a moment to clarify!

    Fan Service is a FIRST-Exclusive show on, and really that's because FIRST members are the reason we were able to green light the show in the first place (no pun intended). The support we've received from FIRST memberships is why RT has been able to dish out badass content like Day 5 and Crunch Time, and even though it's not identical in scope to those series, Fan Service falls into that category of premium content. We're an incredibly niche program, in that not everyone in the world wants to tune in for an anime show (in the same way not everyone wants to tune in to hear folks talk about sports or finances or artisan pottery making).

    We will be releasing the audio from Fan Service episodes on iTunes and GooglePlay for people to download, though with the visual nature of the show, I'd still highly recommend viewing it as a FIRST member if you're able.

    The best comparison I can make would be to Funhaus' Twits & Crits series. The reason that show exists is because of FIRST Members, so FIRST members get the full, hour-long-plus episodes and folks on YouTube get a more condensed, "highlight reel" version of the show for free.

    We hope this all makes sense to you guys and we hope that the FIRST members out there who have been supporting us are enjoying the show! If you're not a FIRST member, remember you can try a 30-day FREE trial and cancel anytime (but for real, it's only like 3 bucks a month)!

    Thanks so much (we literally couldn't do this without you)! See you Friday at 5pm CST!


  • The Anime I've Been Watching

    2 years ago

    Misskrose Kaitlin

    With Fan Service coming back (sadly no date has been announced for it) I thought it would be a good time to talk abbot what I've been watching and what I think about each show.n I’ll be doing these two shows at a time so these are not super long. First up (which will come as no surprise if you watched Fan Service) I fished Erased.


    Without giving too much away it's about Satoru who has this ability he calls "Revival" which will send him back in time to fix things. It's sends him back a few minutes until one day when he is sent back to when he was 10.

    My thoughts

    I loved this show so much and if you have yet to see it you should. If you can watch an episode or two and then do something else because I think a lot of the shows power comes in taking the time to theorizing and yelling at the screen because you have no clue what’s going to happen next.

    Favorite Character

    ALL OF THEM! But mostly Hinazuki she is so cute and I loved watching her part of the story develop.

    Next I finished Pumpkin Scissors.


    A war relief effort team called Army State Section III or Pumpkin Scissors travels around the Empire helping people but when their new Corporal joins the group they get into a lot more trouble than they are use to.

    My thoughts

    I really enjoyed this show, now I understand that some might really care for the story or the characters but I really did enjoy this one. Every episode felt interesting and not worth my time. I love how well developed the main cast of characters are even the ones we don’t see as often.

    Favorite Character

    Oreldo in my opinion is what Torchwick would be like if he become a good guy. This is due in part because Gray voices both characters. Oreldo is witty, funny and I really like like despite the fact that he’s kind of a womanizer.

    So there you have it I’m hoping to have the next one out in about a week. Hope you guys like this.

  • RTX 2016!!!

    2 years ago

    Bubbarenzo SSBTS

    Wow has it really already been a week since the last day of RTX? Time has seem to flown by but I won't forget how amazing it was! Every guide I looked at going into my first RTX was right, I didn't get to see everything I wanted to see, seeing as how I watch so many shows that it was actually impossible as some of the ones I wanted to see overlapped! but I decided to focus on RT Animation stuff since things are exploding with awesome now! Camp Camp is glorious and RWBY Chibi is so adorable I have to watch it! The RWBY panel was amazing and the Ladies of Roosterteeth Animation was way more informative and amazing than I could've ever thought it would be but my favorite of the whole convention was actually the Fan Service Podcast! I have been eagerly awaiting news of it's return and it finally came! I am so excited to hear about more anime and watch along with more shows together with Miles, Kerry, and Gray and of course the many guests that jump on! Oh also got my RvB Chorus Trilogy Steelbook signed by Kerry and Gray, so that's something amazing I now own. Looking forward to the next RTX!

  • My first RTX!

    2 years ago


    I was lucky enough to experience RTX 2016, and I have to say that hands down this was my favorite con. Everyone there was amazing from the booths, to the amazing guardians, and the wonderful panels. I was able to see so much, laugh a lot, and even learn more about anime. I cannot wait for RTX 2017. I definitely learned from my first RTX, and I know that next year will be even better!

  • Post RTX thoughts/ 1st Journal

    2 years ago

    animefan220 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Hey guys, my name is Jonathan Hall and I just want to say my 1st RTX was AWESOME. I manage to take part in some of the big panels, including RWBY, RT Podcast as well as some of the SGC panels. Everyone here was awsome, even got to meet Craig Skistimas, Shaun Bolen, Chad James, Arryn Zech, and Barbara Dunkelman (hopefully my photos with them wasn't awkward). Other highlights includes FanService being confirmed as a regular podcast, playing MDB game with the other members of the community while waiting for panels, just to name a few things off the top of my head at the moment. Best time of my life so far and im ready for next year's SGC and RTX