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  • FU? Yes, FU.

    1 year ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    Hey, I'm Gus. Seven-time RTX Austin Guardian, user number 7340, long time site member, former/future community organizer, and massive Halo nerd. And apparently I'm the featured user (I thought those friend requests were unusual)!

    This is my 3rd time being featured user I believe. Maybe 2nd. Not sure. But it never gets old.

    So, how are you? Anything interesting going on with y'all? Anybody watching any anime? 

    Also, if you're thinking of seeing the new Ghost in the Shell movie, and want to know more about the anime, check out my previous journal entry.

  • Featured User and Extra Life

    1 year ago


    After years of being a fan and 3yrs on the site I was FU yesterday which feels so special and even more wonderful since it was during Extra Life where I was already on a love high (was that not the highlight of your year?!).

    This community has done so much for me and it was amazing to give back during Extra Life and that being made FU felt like a little thank you hug for the positivity I try to bring every day. Had I never discovered Rooster Teeth, I would have never met my husband and wouldn't be living happily in Austin with my incredible new friends and happy home.

    I'm so thankful for the laughter, tears, suspense, and joy that Rooster Teeth brings me, not only with their amazing content, but also with the wonderful community that has developed over the years. The employees at Rooster Teeth have the biggest hearts and the most admirable drive to keep creating amazing content for the fans they adore.

    My weekend was incredible. Not missing a moment of the 24hrs filled my heart with joy, donating really made me feel like I did my part for my city, and being made Featured User just completely won me over and made my heart sing.

    Thank you to everyone who wrote me nice comments, messages, and sent me a friend request. I love all of you <3 We did a wonderful thing this weekend!



    8 years ago


    In my daily journey here to Rooster Teeth, today I get the surprise of my online life to find out that I'm the Featured User today! Woot! On a Wednesday, nonetheless! Perfect! smiley0.gif

    So far, this has been four of the most fun and incredible months I've ever enjoyed on the Internet that is not World of Warcraft or Facebook. RT rocks! The people here rock!

    Time to do a /dance right now! smiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif