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  • Apparently I'm the FU

    1 year ago


    Well, that happened.

    Hello there. Get to know me:

    - I've probably talked your ear off about AI theory at some point.

    - This year will be my fifth RTX, all consecutive.

    - I usually hang out in the Oxford Comma Cafe, the best forum ever. Of all time.

    If you're coming to RTX, and want to know everything useful about Austin, I made a guide. If you're looking to become more involved in the site, read this instead. Actually, read both.

    And, yeah... that's it. Have I mentioned how great you look today?

    - Toskr

  • FU again!

    1 year ago


    Today marks the second time I've been the Featured User this year!

    I'm sure we can all agree that there is no one more deserving than I but still i remain both humble and grateful and you should all know that you are the FU's in my heart.

  • FU Day? For me?? You shouldn't have.

    1 year ago

    ytrahne Guardian x6

    Hello!  As it's my day of being a Featured User and suddenly I had a good chunk of notifications from the site I figured I could do a short introductory or re-introductory post here.  So yeah.  Where to start.

    Couple weeks ago I turned 33 and have slowly been working through Horizon: Zero Dawn and can't help thinking that Aloy is me... albeit her world is not the one we live in but the sort of one I visit all the time through gaming.  I do live action role playing and go between heavy RP/lightest touch games like Doomsday and Alliance (which I will be going to for the first time soon) to heavier combat games like Amtgard.  Because of that I've gotten into back into creating and crafting and am all over the place with what I do between costumes and artwork.  I work in IT setting up computers and pushing software to them for a large payroll company.  I'm playing with the idea of getting into something else or pushing myself to craft more it's just hard when you go home and just end up watching episodes of Clone Wars.  I've been fortunate enough to be a Guardian for the past five years and will be this year as well.  RTX is one of the best things the Rooster Teeth creates.

    If you want to friend me feel free to say hello prior.  I'm typically on here catching up with Funhaus stuff and RT productions. ...surprise?


  • FU? Yes, FU.

    1 year ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    Hey, I'm Gus. Seven-time RTX Austin Guardian, user number 7340, long time site member, former/future community organizer, and massive Halo nerd. And apparently I'm the featured user (I thought those friend requests were unusual)!

    This is my 3rd time being featured user I believe. Maybe 2nd. Not sure. But it never gets old.

    So, how are you? Anything interesting going on with y'all? Anybody watching any anime? 

    Also, if you're thinking of seeing the new Ghost in the Shell movie, and want to know more about the anime, check out my previous journal entry.

  • Remember that one time the spotlight went to my head and I had to learn to humble myself... Good times...

    1 year ago

    GeorgeFromGeorgia RT Georgia Admin


    ...cough cough... 

    Sorry, I mean oh my god I'm featured user. I'm so surprised; I've got nothing prepared...


    I've always wondered what it took to be a FU. Why others got it and I didn't. Was I not well known enough? Was I not active enough? Did I not matter? It bothered me for a while, but after being a member here for 5 1/2 years and a fan for many more I came to a realization. As cool as it is to be the FU, it's way cooler to be a part of this family. 

    The community of people who love and support each other even while (in some cases) never meeting face to face and being spread across the globe is incredible. Every last person on this site is important. A commmunity can only exist with the presence of multitudes and you can't have a featured users without other users.

    Although I am the site featured user today, all the friends I've made are my FUs of the past and all the ones I will make are my FUs of the future.

    Thanks again; peace and much love to you!

  • Today, I am a Featured User

    1 year ago

    16BitsOfAwesome Keeper of Moving Forward



    First, I would like to thank the Rooster Teeth Academy for selecting me as their champion. It's moments like these when you appreciate life, you know?

    Wow, this thing is heavier than it looks!

    Anyways, I would like to thank those who have suffered from my puns. Also, my parents for being horrible and giving me pain to make comedy skits about. And omg, you... yes, YOU the community for being amazing and supporting me every step of the way.

    Shit, I'm crying. I told myself not to cry!

    This award is not just mine. It's all of ours! however, I will be keeping it at my place for safe keeping.

    [Men walk up to James, whisper something in his ear. James looks sad.]

    Ladies and gentle ladies, I have just been told that I did not win the Golden Gus™. In fact, this award goes to Moonlight! FU, Moonlight; come on up and get your award!

    [James sinks into the darkness, as someone truly deserving accepts the award... as James is not deserving of being a featured user. He hasn't even made any slash fiction. But he still appreciates his time in the spotlight, albeit brief. He says thank you and that he will stop speaking in the third person now.]

  • Missed FU

    1 year ago

    Boomer RTX London Head Guardian

    So my previous journal (6 days ago) was the first journal entry in 4 months, quickly followed by me becoming the Featured User for the day (4 days ago).

    I totally missed this, so I'll have to try using the website more and the app less! 

    Thanks @HybridSquirrels for the heads up!

  • FU, huh? Well fuck me that's neat!

    1 year ago

    Tropes Einn Saman

    So winds up I'm the Featured User today! That is a cool and unexpected thing to happen. At the moment I'm also sifting through messages and friend requests relating to RTX, so I think this is a bit like flood management.

    Anyone who sees me on the FU thing feel free to stick around a few days, I promise a big RTX recap journal is coming soon when I can piece it all together (literally and figuratively).

    So I'll just stop this off saying I hope all of you have an awesome day and post-RTX week, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat a lot of good food if you got con flu!

  • Obligatory Featured User Journal.

    2 years ago


    Today I am the Featured User. Here goes a small journal!

    Except, I don't really have much to say. Regularly these will have a small bit about RT and the community, but I recently posted my whole story on how I got here. URL plug plug plug. Lengthy I know, but I will give a small TLDR.

    Everything started with a DVD with the first few episodes of RvB season 1. Started watching. And then I stopped watching. Needless to say I found RT again eventually and here I am today! Done.

    So, I guess I will just say a little bit more about myself here. Other than being a fan of Rooster Teeth, I play a number of PC games either on Steam (Fallen Wind), or games like Smite (FallenWind) League of Legends (TheFallenWind), Hearthstone (FallenWind #1142). Don't hesitate to add me anywhere you please, always looking for more people to game with. Other than that, I am a computer science major currently attending Eastern Michigan University.

    I guess that just about wraps this whole thing up!


    P.S. Bonus points to anyone who can decode the riddle hidden in this journal and the one I linked to. First 5 people to message me the answer to the riddle will win a DVD from the Rooster Teeth catalog of my choice.****

    **** US residents only, I can't afford to ship overseas......

  • Time zones

    4 years ago


    I wish we didn't have time zones they get in the way of communications.

  • 66 and River City...

    6 years ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes on my Featured User day! It's always fun to get random love from the community, and I greatly appreciate it.

    Now back to root beer!!

    River City:


    Had a really nice taste initially but the ginger aftertaste was too strong. It’s amazing how I really love root beer but don’t like ginger very much. And that lasting aftertaste ruined this for me.

    Route Beer 66:


    The play on root/route is cute, but not stupid enough to deter me from this amazing beer! Smooth, sweet, not full of bubbles, and refreshing! A win!


  • Webcomics Part 3: The Webbing

    6 years ago

    calmcalamity (If you like Kung Fu/Chinese culture type stuff)
    The next two are for those that like a good ol' post apocalyptic comedy series. (Contemplating Reiko) (Spinnerette is kinda like Empowered) (Babycat)

  • Perks

    7 years ago


    Being home has them.


  • i want a FU day ! .. lol

    7 years ago


    just saying ..
    not begging ..
    just seen it and wanted it .. ha

  • D.O.A me next

    7 years ago


    Wow I just found the most awesome movie on tv just now. And by awesome I mean hot girls drinking pbr on a yacht and doing Kung Fu.


    7 years ago


    Who's got two thumbs and is the Featured User today?



    And this was my reaction...


    Thank you so much RT Staff! For all you do.

    For those of you who are dropping by just because I got FU'd today - you might find this journal interesting:

    SpitFireJay vs Seattle

  • Haha Snow :D

    7 years ago


    Fuck You.

  • Woohoo FU!

    7 years ago


    Awesome just got home from a great party to find that I'm the featured user today. I think I'll reward myself by buying the roosterteeth shorts vol 2 dvd. Was listening to the last podcast on the way home and want see that interview with nathan. Thanks random FU generator for picking me 8).

    If I'm to stay on my current trend I should really by one rt shorts vol 1&2 combo pack and another vol 2 dvd.

    and 2nd Vol purchased. along with an "Ask Me About My Zombie Plan" Hoodie.

  • 3x FU'd and in six years :) That's a rec

    7 years ago


    ord.... damn it... lol

    Well between the move and the fact that my 360 is giving me a Open Tray error, things are slowly coming back together.

    TGT has been accepted to C2E2 2011 so we'll be interviewing more comic creators, artists, webcomic people... hopefully a few celebrities as well.

    But, 3rd times a charm in the land of being FU :) It's an honour and a previlage.

    Check out TGT Media for the not-for-profit comic cookbook. All proceeds go to Feeding America & Food Banks Canada national food banks. -

    TGT Webcomics (soon to be TGT Media) a weekly podcast by readers, for readers and check out the video section for great video interviews -

  • Awesome! I've been FU'd x2 :)

    8 years ago


    Well it took a comment from my great friend OboeCrazy to tell me that I am FU'd today :) that makes it number 2 for me.

    For those that are visiting me for the first time. Welcome :)
    For those that are visiting friends, thanks for stopping by again, beer and Cake / Pie is in the fridge :)

    I run a business called: Two Guys Talking LLC and run a weekly podcast called TGT Webcomics where we interview webcomic authors and artists as readers.

    You can listen to the episodes with Episode 100 being this week with Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza from Looking for Group and Least I Could Do. We're also on iTunes - , please subscribe as well.

    I've been doing the podcast for almost two years and we just did the wonderful C2E2 in Chicago, where I'm in the process of posting 80 HD high-res interviews in all their 1080p glory.


    8 years ago

    BattleFrag91 MasterCommander


    I'm not a fan of making two journals in one day but I would really love to see these guys make a real film. Please donate.

    Michael "Dorkman" Scott is an independent filmmaker living in Los Angeles. His most popular short film, "RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2" has been viewed over five million times and gotten the attention of IGN, Dark Horse Entertainment, and Lucasfilm, among many others. Michael currently makes his living as a visual effects artist, having worked on such high-profile projects as Night at the Museum 2, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and the HBO miniseries The Pacific, and is able to bring his expertise -- and that of his many talented colleagues and friends -- to his own projects

    8 years ago


    In my daily journey here to Rooster Teeth, today I get the surprise of my online life to find out that I'm the Featured User today! Woot! On a Wednesday, nonetheless! Perfect! smiley0.gif

    So far, this has been four of the most fun and incredible months I've ever enjoyed on the Internet that is not World of Warcraft or Facebook. RT rocks! The people here rock!

    Time to do a /dance right now! smiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif

  • After a Strong Five Day Campaign

    8 years ago



    If you are reading this please go alert rape him
    It's no fun being FU if people don't leave tons of spamtastic comments on old images.

    Thank you to everyone who put up ads, posted comments, and special thanks to someone who sucked Burnie's dick for the cause. This is the great thing about our community; we see someone deserving of something, and we get it done in the most ridiculous way possible. Also, I owe all of you. smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

  • TRUE LIFE: Making Knives_Kill FU

    9 years ago



    I am not giving up until Knives_Kill is made Featured User.
    You can get me to stfu by joining our cause.

    smiley12.gif Find a list of reasons why Knives_Kill should be made FU here.

    smiley12.gif Put up one of the sponsor ads previously posted. Or the new MSPaint fiasco at the top of this entry.

    smiley12.gif You can also help the cause by entering Knives_Kill's B33R contest. It doesn't help him get FU, but it might console him while I'm out on the streets campaigning.

    smiley12.gif Also; POST A JOURNAL! Link back to me, or just link to one of the ads. I know many of you have staff members reading your blaggity-blogs.


  • Knives_Kill Campaign

    9 years ago


    Well it's been two days.

    So far we have about seven people running the adds found here. However, if we're going to get this campaign off the ground we need more involvement. I've come up with several lists to inspire you into action.


    smiley9.gif He totally has a 3.8 GPA or something crazy. So you know he's a super smart guy. Intelligent!

    smiley9.gif Not only has he been a member of RT for four years, he introduced me to the website and I've been FU before him. Loyal!

    smiley9.gif If there was a hurt animal in the road, like a turtle or something, he'd stomp on it to put it out of its misery. Caring!

    smiley9.gif One time I saw him cut through a school bus with a katana. Legit!

    smiley9.gif He won the coloring and the dance competition at last year's RVBTO. Skillz!

    As you can see, Knives_Kill should practically be Featured User everyday, but all I'm trying to get is ONE day. Seems like an easy task, but I need everyone's help.

    I'll like... Post tits or something crazy if it happens in the next week.