{16:01 PST 7/6/2017}

This #RTXcited blog is the third of the series for #RTX2017.  Since it’s from me you can mostly expect it to be ridiculous with kernels of things that are nice to know.



I’ll be posting this at the last chance I have before leaving for #rtx (well, before my pre-flight nap, anyway).  It’s not going to be as late as my red eye flight (“40 Minutes to Midnight” was my alternate title) but it’s certainly close to the wire.


This RTXcited entry is more for fun, as I doubt it’ll alter much of your own experience.  It is all of the small things I’m remembering to mention last minute.  Still some of this is fun to know and worth blogging.  You could also see it as a preview of the final RTXcited 2017 Entry because some of this will show up there.



In one of the #RTBOX s before I started actually recording the FUNboxings here, one nice prize was the FAKE AH CREW coin bank.  I automatically knew what to do with this one.  Put in my non-state coin change in.  Well, over the course of… [goes to check RTbox Letters] five months I managed to scrounge $20.85 together to get myself something at RTX.  What one or two things will I get for $20.85?  Who knows, but I thought this was a fun little thing to do in RTX 2017 planning.  Next year I may even have a Taft to drop especially for RTX.


2) BATTLE!!!

The two decks I chose to bring this year for other people to play Pokemon with are the “Mystic Beasts” Fire/Ghost/Poison deck and the “Team Rocket Hero” Dark/Fighting/Psychic deck.  I’ll have my “Trickster” Dark/Ghost/Other deck to play myself.


3) Taking Pictures

Last year I took pictures for a two-part photo-journal of the event.  This year I plan to take even more and make an even more elaborate journal of it.  Of course I’m very excited for it, but it will probably take some work.  It won’t be quick after the event, but I will have one.  I’ll also be taking pictures with people.  If I take pictures with you I’ll try to remember to ask for your site name to tag you later.  If I don’t remember and you take a picture with me, remind me.


4) Coffee Counter

I’m taking your bets now and will be counting how much coffee an unsupervised Max in the wild will have both Per Day and Over All.  I didn’t choose the #MugLife the #MugLife chose me.


5) Quick Social Plug

You’ll be able to follow along or get into contact with me via twitter and Instagram (at)pinkgeek008 all weekend. 


6) SPOILERS (But please do read this.  That’s a catchy title and not a warning.)

Hey gang, it's about that time of year again when I've got a little PSA for you all.


Please be respectful of both those who did and didn't go to RTX and let it be an event.  What does this mean?  There will be some exclusive premieres and some very advanced knowledge disclosed as a part of the celebration meant for the RTX audience.  That means anything learned at RTX about the future of narrative content (such as RvB) is a spoiler.  So, to both let the people at RTX enjoy their show and not ruin the plot for those not attending, please keep any discussion you might have to the spoiler tagged variety.  We'll all get to see the episodes as they air.  I am aware some of the panels are streamed, treat a streamed panel like a side podcast: Some people may not have seen it yet and some may be actively avoiding it.  Along with being responsible, please enjoy RTX however you do or don't experience it.


7) One More Thing…

I’ve made some Progrous.