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  • Monthly Patch Notes - What do you want to see?

    4 months ago

    ebregman Programming

    I saw the request in Ezra's post for a monthly update on what we saw in the past month, and what my team learned from it. I'm in!

    What would you find interesting in these posts, and what are you hoping to get out of them? I talk a lot about data, and happy to keep doing that, but not sure that's exactly what you're looking for...

  • Ask Me Question!

    5 months ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    Hey everyone! Want to know a great feature of the RT site? QUESTIONS!

    I am making it a goal to be more active on here and maybe that will be post, photos around broadcast, behind the scene videos, who knows! Most of all - I want to be more active with you all (you know what I mean). So ask questions - send messages - I will be checking here as much as I can and will respond here (especially since I usually forget to message back on Twitter and Reddit)

    So - How are you  smiley

  • New to RT's website!

    8 months ago


    hey guys I'm new here, so can anyone give me a basic rundown? also I am looking for the vlog on how to get a job at RT and the video by the guy who voiced Mercury in RWBY (i forgot his name i feel dumb) about how to make a voice demo reel. Lindsay Jones mentioned it on RWBYRW. If anyone could help me find those, I'd be very grateful. :)

  • RTX 2018 Got me thinking....

    9 months ago


    As you can imagine, I started thinking about what RTX 2018 will be like, what it would offer, stuff like that. It also got me thinking about if my best friend or boyfriend can't go with me, would I still go alone or wait? And the price of all this of course. So here's my questions to the community.

    1) Traveling to RTX out of the state did you go alone? And if so how easy was it to make friends?

    2) What are some good ways to make friends on this site? I've never been too active on here besides for watching videos, so what're some good ways to get more involved in the community.

    3) For my New Yorkers, what was your price for getting to RTX in the past just so I can have an amount to think about.

    And if there's anything else you guys feel like I need to know about for RTX, go ahead and let me know in the comments, I'm sure there's plenty of other people it would help too! Thanks! <3

  • How active is the community?

    10 months ago


    Some days things seem dead on the forums except for a few posts. Is this just me looking in the wrong places or are some forums just dead in a way?

  • RTX Austin Questions

    1 year ago


    So I know that RTX Austin is just around the block (Finally!!) and I was hoping to get some advice for it. I have never been to a convention this big in my life. What are some rules/guidelines I should follow? Is there anything I should bring with me just in case? (Ex. water, snacks, etc) Any other tips you guys and gals could give would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Conversation at the bar,

    1 year ago


    I was sitting at the bar alone, sipping on some woodford on the rocks and simply enjoying my peace. A stranger pulled up to the stool next to me, a very chatty old man who smelled strong of cedar. 

    "I'll take the house draft" The old man says to the bar keep, bartender hands him the cool amber beverage and slams half before setting it down. With an audible belch he turns to me, "Howya doin? Watchin the game?"

    Not wanting to make conversation I nodded, "yeah, just watching the game" I hold the glass to my lips, not drinking but giving me an excuse to not speak.

    "Who's up, what stadium they playin at? Kc, and are those guys the tigers? Never heard of tigers in Detroit, be more appropriate if they were the Detroit Cougars or spotted Turtle. You know female spotted turtles can live to be 110, by the males can only live to about 60. Just like humans am I right?" he nudges me with his elbow and let's out a slight chuckle. I Ignore him and continue to blindly stare at the T.V. screen, "Not much of a talker are ya, Must have been a rough day at the hospital." He got my attention, how does he know I work at the hospital is he an old patient, am I being a dick?

    "Yeah, sure. Have we met before" I ask him

    "Naa, this is the first time we've met. I think." He then proceeded to chug the rest of his beer and order another. 

    "How do you know I work at a hospital?" I asked being direct, he now ignored me while drinking his newly ordered beer. 

    "All surgeons have that look on their face, it's a cold face of a nice butcher." he spoke following a loud belch. 

    "What do you mean by that? Are you trying to insult me?" it was hard not to sound upset, "I've worked very hard to get to where I am, don't equate me to some simple butcher!"

    "What's the difference between a surgeon, a butcher, and a killer?" The old man asked. I didn't feel like humoring him and turned my head to ignore him. 

    "Do ya not know or did I hit a soft spot?" he put his elbow on the counter leaning his body towards me, "Let's start with an easy one, a serial killer. A serial killer takes life for pleasure, the tools and methods may very from kill to kill but the end goal is the same, death. A butcher separates a carcass to be sold piece by piece for the most money. A surgeon slices at anomalies using, education and wit, to destroy an aliment." He leaned back and began sipping on his beer.

    Dumb founded I replied to him, "Was that supposed to be a joke? An insult? A threat?" 

    He set down his empty mug, "No no no no. It was just a prerequisite, am I a surgeon, butcher, or killer?" 

  • Too Late To Start Gaming?

    1 year ago


    As someone who has never really played video games in any capacity past the N64 I've been watching lets plays (from various channels and players) for the better part of 8 years now. And it comes to the serious question:

    Is it too late to start to get into Gaming?

    I have always enjoyed the stories in games and the community behind it but planly i was never any good, though probably due to the lack of time put into learning.

    So I guess i am just asking for the advice from the community, and if you could answer any of my questions it would be much apperciated.


    Should I worry about starting so late in the game?

    Best console to start on?

    Good intro games to get used to mechanics?

    How much money should I expect to spend to get started?

    Steam is a thing, would I need it and how do I use it?

    Trust me I realize these are a lot of stupid questions but im genuinely curious and dont know what im doing. Any help is appreciated

  • Insidious Questions

    1 year ago


    A little introspection for the first journal. Because I'm sure that's going to go down well.

    I've had the opportunity, recently and in the past, to consider a very simple question:

    "Are you worth the effort that people have put in you?"

    It was a small thing at first, brought on by a moment of doubt that I'd had when reading through some book, until it began to snowball. I kept asking myself the same question and couldn't find a suitable answer. Each way I tried to justify I found myself confronted with evidence tha my answer was, if not completely wrong, then lacking something essential. 

    I call it an Insidious Question because of this rapid progression. Within days it had sent me into a spiral of confusion and dark thoughts.

    The thing is, had I not had that split second of doubt in the first place, I wouldn't even have needed to think to answer the question. If I was happy or even just certain with where I was in life when I thought about it then it wouldn't have cost me a single moment to answer.

    A single moment of doubt and that insidious question stays in my head.

    I'm curious if anyone else has had something similiar. What would you say, imaginary reader, is your "insidious question?"

  • Fan Service Episode 13 Questions

    1 year ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    The new season of Fan Service is introducing a Q&A segment.  I thought it might be neat to give my own answers to the questions.

    Did you take classical drawing courses?

    I wish.  I can't draw worth a shit.  And not in a bad, but still okay way.  Really, I draw like a five year old...who's bad at drawing.  It's terrible.  I'm truly jealous of a lot of my friends who have artistic talent.  I was a pretty creative person, who ended up having a very non-creative college education.  So, I've never had any formal (or informal) training in drawing, painting, film, photography, or animating.  I'd like to learn to draw, since I'm a huge fan of animation.  I have so many thoughts and images in my head, and it's very frustrating to not be able to give them shape.

    Is there any anime you have tried to watch but couldn't get through it?  If so, why?

    If a series is truly terrible, most of the time I never start it.  I look up ratings and reviews, and decide not to watch it.  And if I do start it, most of the time I get invested and punish myself to see how it ends.  However, I used to have a very bad habit of watching a whole anime series, and stopping at the last episode or two.  I wanted to finish it, but I didn't want it to be over.  I would have to psych myself up for the last episode.  Sometimes too much time would pass and I wouldn't finish it.  Some examples include Corpse Princess, Code Geass, Blassreiter, and Monster.

    First, what anime could you rewatch over and over?

    Spice and Wolf.  It's probably my favorite anime series.  It's calming, charming, and easy to digest.  I own the soundtrack, the whole series, and it's even the wallpaper on my phone.  Other series include Gate, Samurai Champloo, and Elfen Lied.

    What are your favorite weapons/items from your favorite anime?

    Lastly, this question is what made me want to do this journal.  Because I am in love with a certain weapon from a certain anime. It's the coolest weapon I've ever seen in media.  I am talking about, of course, the Caster Gun from Outlaw Star.


    It's a gun that fires fucking magic spells, in the future.  From the wiki:

    During the Fixed Star Era, Caster shells were created by wizards who used mana as their primary source of power. When mana began grow scarce, the wizards attempt to harness its power within specialized cartriges. However, caster shells only proved to be a temporary solution to a persisting problem. Caster shells and their weapons eventually fell to wayside and became antiques in the Towards Star Era.
    Caster shells are numbered by the wizards who create them. Their numbers appear to define the varied effects of each shell. Shells that are numbered #4, #9, and #13 are the rarest kinds, as they were only created by wizards of Tenrei, Ark Manaf, Hadul and Urt. 
    The magical power of these particular shells drew upon the life force of the user in the absence of extra mana to create a devastating effect more powerful than the typical caster shells. Beyond that, caster shells in general are benign and use only the mana in which they were imbued with.

    The idea of these guns is so fucking cool.  In the series, they're a rare weapon that uses even rarer (and expensive) ammunition.  Each shell number has different effects too.  It's such a novel concept, especially when you consider that it exists in an era of science and space travel.

    Also, my second favorite item from an anime are the mini light shields from Outlaw Star that Gene has in his gloves.  Those are pretty neat too.

  • Oh hi.

    1 year ago


    I am new to this. 
    I love RT so much. Such a great family. I just needed to join.
    If you have any suggestions on how to get started, let me know!

  • I used CowChop refferal!

    1 year ago


    is that ok or did it need to be COWCHOP 

  • Catching Up :)

    1 year ago


    Hey everyone it's been a while since I've joined and never got the time to actually chat with some people in this community so if you would like to ask me questions go on ahead.But not very private questions because you must keep it professional. benson

  • 008 Update #20- The Implications of Pvt. Jimmy’s Reveal (A “Theory” Journal for Posterity)

    1 year ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    As a part of the Why I’m Here Promise, here’s a whole brew of crackpot for you guys today!


    So, we learned the shocking truth behind Private Jimmy’s origin, end, and relation to the Break In and Church in general this season.  In 90 seconds so much was revealed that I’m still realizing things.  The following is a list of all of the things, some of which are quite obvious and some of which are a lot bigger than they seem to be.  There’s also some questions I’ll try to answer at the end.


    -This is How it is Possible to be Killed With Your Own “Skull”

    So, I’m no stranger to the camp of theorists on the site who work with the varying degrees of AI imprintation with the host (I live there you could say).  While I’ll address a few more details on this concept later, this is one of the most visceral version of the process, and it actually makes the old joke physically possible because “physically” it never happened at all.  We heard the drill and Jimmy shouting “my skull.”  Jimmy’s skull was actually damaged during the forceful implantation of Church AI unit.  Very obviously they did not mean to kill Jimmy during this process in the sense of his body failing so I reckon there was an aweful lot of science behind how breaking his skull wouldn’t end the host body’s life.  However, between the broken and aggressive state of the Alpha during the process and the obvious brain damage done to Jimmy, he is more or less dead by the time Church wakes up.  Some residual memories and possibly some quirks remain but as Flowers himself says, Church more or less took over.  Jimmy essentially was killed inside of his own skull.


    -This is Why “Church’s Body” Decayed and “Smelled Bad”

    So, this is pretty obvious and it’s a question we’d had pretty much since season 6 revealed Church was an AI.  I always thought it was just something added to Church’s android for the sake of the simulation, but this is much darker and cooler.


    -The Skull Throughout All of the BGC Was Supposed to be Jimmy’s

    At this point I’ve watched the commentaries on my RvBX set (and 11-14) to the point where they’re more a stream of fun facts in my head then they are tied to any particular season if they aren’t one single instant.  So please forgive me for not remembering when in the BGC commentaries they started referring to the skull as Jimmy’s.  But they did.  It was funny at the time.  How did it get there? It’s absurdist humor, it doesn’t have to make sense But now it still is kinda funny and it makes sense.  Jimmy’s body was in the canyon, it only makes sense that his skull was there too.  Except…  Who took it out?  Originally this was going to be in the questions section but there’s no concrete answer and no way I particularly lean.  Gut reaction, I’m calling Flowers.  I am of the mind that he was in recovery mode when he needed to be during the simulation, and at all other times (because he’s so nefarious) he was doing the things the Director needed him to do and sometimes screwing up.  Jimmy’s skull is probably worth something to PF, he just excavated it and left it behind because someone almost found him out.  It’s very possible.  But there’s just as much reasoning to Tex (who knew everything from the beginning) taking Jimmy’s skull for similar reasons.  Or any of the other Recovery forces.  It could also have been Gamma and Wyoming.  Or Sarge desecrating the grave of a blue.  Even Doc/O’mally (who you all know I think was working for Hargrove) could have gone after Jimmy’s skull in search of the Alpha’s hardware.  The point is, there’s a whole lot of options and this is loose ended, but you should go back and watch the whole series (or BGC) with this in mind.


    -This is Why Church Remembers Jimmy’s Death in a Vague Version of the Break In (And Why It’s At Sidewinder)

    We saw this play out, the last thing the Alpha remembers before waking up merged with the last thing Jimmy’s broken brain remembers as everything was sorted into something the Alpha would accept as reality (even if it didn’t seem physically possible).  But to just line up the facts, Church remembered Tex fighting in the snow and Jimmy remembered dying at the hands of a freelancer in the snow.  The relationship of Sidewinder and the downed MoI is still nebulous but we can at least assume they merged some in Church’s mind.


    -This is Why Church Seems Younger than the Director

    Okay, this one is a little more detail work than what’s come before.  Think about it, the Director is a man with a grown daughter at the time he created the Alpha.  It makes sense that he’s obsessed with his deceased wife and often people don’t think of them self as quite as old as they are, but to still be in the mindset of the young man he was when his wife died (roughly two decades prior) is odd.  The revenant of his wife being that old, perfectly logical.  Now though, it works because odds are Jimmy actually was that old, if not younger.  He was still a private, but in a secret military project so he’d probably gone through all of the training he could.  He’d be an accomplished young man in his field, like the director was, so the blanks were filled in and Church was set around Tex’s age in his mind.


    -This is How Church has “Living” Memories Outside of the Director’s Residual Ones

    Like some of the previous points, its clear some of Church’s mental state was from Jimmy’s memories slightly contaminating the pure mind of the Alpha.  This is further information to be stored with my imprintation theories.  It’s a very interesting take on how it happens to an AI.  The Alpha took almost complete control but little bits of Jimmy came in and were not only assimilated as quirks (ala O’mally or Delta) but actually effected the memories of the Alpha (kind of like how Epsilon’s initial reaction to Washington is to remember pain and throw up defenses). 


    -Who Was Private Jimmy?

    One of the ultimate ironies of a series where memory is such a key element is Flowers’s line about how people will remember Private Jimmy’s integral contribution to Project Freelancer.  From what we can tell, he was a private within the Project with knowledge of its true nature (or at least the real title) so he clearly wasn’t a Sim trooper.  My guess is he was a security agent or construction crew* who was a part of how things were set up for the later half of PF and  was recently promoted out of his white ODST’s and into a cool blue suit.  He may have been a fairly competent soldier too.  In the end though, we’ll never really know.


    -What is the Line Between Church and Jimmy?

    From what we’ve seen and deduced so far the personality difference between Church and Jimmy in what we see of him is probably 97:3 Church vs Jimmy.  Just enough Jimmy came through to make Church unique.  Remember, Jimmy was essentially killed by the insertion process.


    -What is the Line Between Tex and Jimmy’s Girlfriend?

    This is more murky.  A whole lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon that the more… Promiscuous Bitchpants McCrabby instances of Church’s memory are of Jimmy’s girl back home.  I’m less inclined to think that because of how much Church obsesses over Tex and how little I think Jimmy’s influence is on Church.  However, there could be some credence to it, and also consider how hyperbolic Church can be at times.


    -Does AI Imprintation Have Physical Effects on the Host?

    I think so.  This situation does make those claims have more weight though because of one long running joke that I’m going to throw into my crackpot and see what brews.  Jimmy is a trained soldier who’s an actual part of the experimental program and probably is skilled.  We know simulation troopers have had physical “failings” that wouldn’t meet military standards.  But a real soldier should meet those standards.  One standard is eyesight.  You can have glasses and be a soldier, but Director Leonard Church has said for official record that he “did not have the opportunity” to fight for humanity.  It’s not just his brain that made him the city scientist who wished he could be a cowboy.  I think the director’s eyesight was so impaired that he simply did not make the cut as a field operative sometime in basic.  This would mean he’d be a horrible marksman.  The Director would be.  Would Jimmy?  Well, it seems like Church is when he’s in Jimmy’s body.  How and why?  Well, stick with me.  When the identity of Church was being finalized in that quick moment when Church remembered Tex and Jimmy, I think one of the loops his mind made was the following: I am Church.  I am human.  My origins as a human mind has bad eyesight.  I have bad eyesight.  From that, the new Church mind did an extreme psychosomatic overhaul and made his eyesight worse.  This was now a part of Church’s mindset now so the Alpha now belived this as a “ghost” as well.  It is what he knew to be true.  It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s something that occurred to me one afternoon while playing around with my imprintation ideas.


    -How Did “Pvt. Jimmy Was Here” Get Written Inside the Wall Dividing Vallhallacagigit and Its Command/Observation Structure?

    This is another easter egg/joke that brings us to a crossroads.  The easy answer was he was there.  He was present while Val Halla and/or Freelancer City were being built and placed his mark while the wall was still being built.  It’s easy enough to accept, though it does mean that that wall was built before the prequels from this latest season.  If not, it is just another joke to write off as just that.  Who knows?  (Miles?  Burnie?)


    -Is Jimmy Still Alive?

    No.  This is easier than claiming that Maine/Meta/The Meta (all separate characters) are dead before we got the conformation in the third act of season 13.  We have no idea about Flowers being in/out of recovery mode for quite a while, but he has some things working for him that are working against Jimmy.  Jimmy’s body suffered severe physical damage from the tank shot and the stone wall no more than a yard behind him.  Then, even if his suit functions still worked to put him into recovery mode, I highly doubt those life-support systems would function for the length of time Jimmy’s body was confirmed to still be up on the cliffs in the un-setting Blood Gulch sun.  We also have the evidence of the body beginning to smell to consider.  I also don’t think it’s physically possible to survive the removal of the skull and we’ve covered that the skull was supposed to be Pvt. Jimmy’s.


    And there they are folks.  Three pages of implications from 90 seconds of the show.  What do you think?  Is there anything else that Church being in Jimmy’s body for that time period that you realized changes how you look at the series thus far?  Tell me in the comments.


    Now, this post was originally meant as just its own post and a forum post, but it got to update length so I’m going to go ahead and roll with some segments.



    Bleepbloopopolous Progrous


    This isn’t anything super major in terms of the Travel Log series.  I’m still waiting for images to be re-implemented for Edge or something I discover after the point of this segment.


    I’m getting a PS4!  This means I’m going to be pushing Bleepbloopopolous onto the cloud soon to be pulled onto my new system.  Then we’ll get a bigger map.  And I’ll try to squeeze in some further building.  I’ll give you all a preview though.  Cake walk is bullshit and will be reflected in the playstation one-man-crew version of the location.



    008 Question Day Plug


    There has been a change in the usual plan.  Question Days are now monthly instead of weekly and I’m taking question submissions from the 1st to 25th of each month and I will post the answers and ask you your return questions sometime between the 26th and the first of the next month.  If you want a more detailed version, check it out here.  We've only got one so far. 



    I Have Less Words about RWBY


    I am loving this season so far.  Neat twists and character introductions but the progression is just fun.  In case you’re worried, no I haven’t given up on theorizing on the show.  I just don’t feel like I have anything new to really work with now.  Ruby is a natural leader but naïve.  Weiss is dealing with her new and old morals.  Blake is being Blakey.  Yang is going through a process after such a major event in her life. Jaune has some interesting spiritual thing about him.  Nora and Ren have a past.  Cinder’s suffering.  Ozpin isn’t quite dead yet.  The White Fang is tricky.  The Vilians are up to something.  This is not to say that there is anything wrong with what’s going on, but it’s like theorizing in season 11.  Wash was up to something on the ship and boy were those grey dudes/ladies mysterious.  Can’t wait to find out.



    Thanks for stopping by and induldging my crackpottery.  It was nice.



























  • I had a mental breakdown

    1 year ago


    So this last Friday I sorta had a mental break down. I didn't feel good for like three days and every day I sorta became more and more out of it and eventually my eyes started to blur and I had issues with sight and facial recognition. On Friday I couldn't take it anymore and was taken to the hospital. After a long wait and a CT scan, apparently I was just showing signs of fatigue and anxiety and nothing organic was wrong with me. I spent the weekend back at my parents place and am currently back at college but I am dealing with constant headaches and I am worried I will become incoherent again at some point. I don't want this to get in the way of school or any opportunities I could be given so how should I best go about life without anything like this episode happening again? I didn't think it was anxiety but that is what all the signs point to which is strange because I am not a nervous person and I have never had any problems before.  


    1 year ago

    IAmVeryMoist Rebel Scum

    Throw some questions my way using the groovy Questions tab! I promise to answer with complete candor. It'll be loads of fun. For me for sure... I don't know what you'll get outta this.


  • I am exhausted, in a good way

    1 year ago

    Occuli Spooks

    Wow I have had a whirlwind of the last couple months!

    I have been talking to other community group admins pretty much constantly thanks to the wonders of GroupMe, and I am glad to consider them friends. All over the world, yet we talk at ungodly hours over the weirdest stuff.

    This admin chat also led to me being brought in to the BIGBITE staff as a layout designer, and after one issue of me working, BIGBITE closed down the magazine and started up as a website,

    That us when my role started changing at BIGBITE, instead of a designer I was using my talents as an artist more. And somehow, after a couple months my role changed again, now I somehow became BIGBITE's art director? I am loving it, I get to oversee ofher artists, helping out and giving advice. Even though I am younger and most probably have less experience than everyone else, my coworkers haven't staged a revolt yet! This experience has made me think that I would like to be an art director when I graduate university...

    Speaking if university, i am in summer semester, where I have class Monday to Thursday, and I work Saturday and Sunday! I only have Fridays free, if you can call it that, since I do homework and try to stream my art on fridays. And yes, I am starting to stream! I like to draw while playing music on fridays, nice and relaxing like at

    It doesnt always happen, but I try!

    And so we come to the end of this journal... I am exhausted from all my work, but it's ok because I am really happy right now, happiest I have been in a while!

    I love answering questions! Feel free to ask away, I answe pretty much as soon as I see them.

  • Should probably do something with this

    1 year ago


    Had this account for bout 3 1/2 years so i figured it's time to post something. How the hell do i use this sight, what are the benefits of having an RT account? Any help is greatly appreciated. I'll just wing it for now

  • Day 5!

    2 years ago


    Whoa! Just watched the very first episode of Day 5 with my mum and we aaaabsolutely loved it! (She's even thinking of getting a sponsorship for us now!) I cannot express how much I immensely enjoyed every second. I started watching RT in 2012 and to have seen it grow into what it is today is amazing.

    I was just wondering whether there is an option to view it with subtitles? I have Auditory Processing Disorder and so to watch things like these is a bit difficult without subtitles. If it's not possible I think it would be seriously worth looking into as it would be super beneficial to the non-native speakers and hearing impaired RT community.

    Once again, love love love the show!

    I'm so proud of everyone who worked on it and all the hard effort they have made.

    (I feel like a proud momma-bear)


  • Post a Journal, Become A Character in D&D&D!

    2 years ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks, the popular D&D podcast run by the Glib Shark crew for almost a year now, will be having our second live game at RTX this summer! If you're going to RTX you can have a blast in our audience where there will be plenty of chances to participate! Or go to the Sidequest Charity Auction and bid on a one of a kind prize pack that will include a very special way to participate in the game!

    But what if you can't go to RTX? Or maybe you're going but don't have the money to bid on the auction? Would you like the chance to have a small part in the game, and become part of the D&D&D lore?

    This is your chance to become a named character in the upcoming live game at RTX!!


    Here's how it works:

    • Post a RT Journal before Tuesday June 7th at 7pm Pacific. This journal must include a story about a fun role playing experience you have had or seen. Tell a tale of your personal D&D adventures! Talk about your favorite video game RPG moment! Share an awesome cosplay you've created! Gush about one of the many D&D shows out there that you've enjoyed! I'm not gonna nitpick, just tell a fun story that even vaguely relates to role playing and it will count!
    • Reply to this journal with a link to your journal entry. Only one entry per user.
    • Listen to Glib Shark live on Tuesday June 7th at 7pm Pacific where I will randomly pick one of the users who entered to be the winner!
    • I'll contact the winner on RT, where they will NAME A CHARACTER that will appear in the live D&D&D game at RTX!

    That's it! Simple! Just share a fun story with everyone and win a chance to become a character in someone else's story!

    If you have any questions you can also ask them in the comments. Or any questions about D&D&D or Glib Shark! And thanks for participating!

  • Drinks With The DM

    2 years ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Tomorrow's Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks episode is going to be a little different. I'm going to make a few fun announcements, answer a few questions, and play a few clips cut from previous episodes. If you have any questions you've always wanted to ask a DM, or about the show, or just ask me, then you can either comment below or tweet @DungeonDrunks!

    I promise to answer all questions, either here or on the podcast! So get those questions in! And thanks for listening!!

  • Questions from A Concerned Fan

    2 years ago


    As some may be aware an Open Letter to All Who treasured Monty Oum was realised earlier today at this url:

    This as the title of my post suggest makes me considerably concerned, as I'm sure it makes other fans.

    I don't have much to say I'm not person of many words, but I have a few questions. Ones I hope don't go unanswered.

    1: Is there anybody at Rooster Teeth that has anything to say about the contents of said letter?

    2: If what the letter said is true, Why was Monty's wife and other people so close to him, pushed away from his vision? 2.5: Shouldn't the first people you should have brought on as advisory for the future of RWBY have been them? I certainly hope the answer isn't greed.

    3: I've noticed a number of people, I will leave them unnamed, have been leaving Rooster Teeth over the last couple of years, with little public indication leading up to it. Is it possible they left for similar reasons?

    4: Why have I been made to feel like these questions are something that need to be asked?

    I also ask any other fans to add their concerns and questions in the comments below.

    Sincerely A Concerned Fan.

  • Question Day Reminder

    2 years ago

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    That is all.



  • 008 Update #8- BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE: A Gutter-Mouth Review (A Non-Spoiler Start With Marked But Open Spoilers And Suggested for Mature Readers)

    2 years ago

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    I need to shout.


    That’s better!

    So, I am starting to write this after I just got back from BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Before I go into spoilers here is a short (comparatively) and non-spoilery review:

    I am conflicted about this movie.It is a visual marvel. Under Nolan’s lingering gray aura is a work of awesome action and some stunning images that pleasantly are reminiscent of the iconography of the source material. Largely the casting is wonderful. This goes beyond what was expected with Batfleck and Cavil’s Supes. Some of the smallest parts were on par with those two. There are things in this movie that were insanely clever and I applaud them. Again, this is something I can’t go into too deeply without spoiling the movie, but there is genuine talent and care that went into some portions of the film .And also there were jokes .Actual funny jokes that the majority or the audience laughed at in a gritty DC movie! The Hans Zimmer soundtrack had variety and memorable songs. I guess you could say parts of it struck a chord with me. HOWEVER there are issues with the plot. As an adaptation, as a narrative (clearly a part of a much larger intended whole), and as a production for general consumption. The best metaphor I have cannot be used here. I will say this is a movie made with one intent that I view as misguided. At its best it is cookie-pancakes, at its worst it is cheeseburger-milkshakes. There were times in the movie I legitimately squirmed, scratched my head, and nearly broke my coffee cup (By the by, popcorn and coffee is PHENOMINAL.I’ve had it before, but drip Starbucks and Movie Theater popcorn is something I highly recommend.#MugLife) Back to the point. There are decisions made in this movie that while they make a base logical sense and the plot fits together like a Matrix movie (at best) I have no idea why they were even thought up in the first place.I cannot say I enjoyed this movie, though I have said there clearly there are things that, if taken apart from each other, I did. I will not speak for everyone though.This was well done in most technical levels (effects, choreography, music, &c.) some of which are simply not at all to my tastes. With everything going on in the film (and yes, it’s somehow only 2 1/3 hours of movie (and long credits)) I thought it was too much.This is clearly a Zack Snyder film.Make of that what you will.At the end of the spoiler-free look, I don’t know what my exact verdict is.I won’t say it was horrible, but it is an aweful mess.

    Okay, I went on for a while for a few reasons. First is I have a lot to say. Second is I was using those first 500 words as a spoiler-free buffer if people started reading, I realize that my seeing it on early general premier night means I’m very ahead of the public. Third I want to make clear that while I will be honestly presenting facts about this film, it is opinion and there are things that will appeal differently to others. You should see this movie if you want to. I welcome further discussion.

    Now, the Spoiler Review begins.

    You have been warned.

    You have three lines left.





    Here’s that metaphor (to be followed by others) that describes my feelings on the movie and presents my problems with the plot on so many levels.

    I want you to imagine that in front of you on a table lies a pile of DC comics. Most of which are Post-Crisis, some are tangential/AU graphic novels like (The Dark Knight Returns or Superman Earth One for example), there are some New 52 comics, and the remainder are comic adaptations of all the previous Batman and Superman movies (yes, I mean all of them). You are (for the sake of this argument) at least slightly familiar with all of these comics and some of their external context. Now, all of these comics have been “to scale” copied but re-drawn by one artist in their style and then printed on a printer that had a limited supply/output of color ink. On the other end of the table sits someone else. This entity is several people including the artist in question. This other person has next to them several pages of brand new character designs and some original panels, pages, and dialogue. For now this stack of paper will remain untouched but it bears mentioning now. The other person says to you “what are some of your favorite moments in these comics? What really stands out as super cool?” Together you leaf through and mark all of the cool moments. You take note of some of the most interesting plots. You pick the best panels and cover images you can. Your companion smiles at you when you are done and thanks you.

    “Now,” the person says, “look at this.” The other person proceeds to cut apart everything you presented them with. This includes specifically several parts of The Dark Knight Returns, Superman Earth One, The New 52 and Post Crisis origin of the Justice League, Under The Red Hood, Scenes from the comic of Batman Begins, the Post Crisis Origin of Wonder Woman, The General Origin of Cyborg, Batman Year One, the Post Crisis Origin of Superboy, parts of Superman IV’s comic adaptation, and The Death of Superman (among others). You also had in the pile all of the best and most interesting Joker Plots, Some Lex Luthor plots, Bizzaro Superman, The Flash, Darkside, vague instances of Braniac, General Zod, The most believeable Lois Lane and Clark Kent romances, and every Green Kryptonite plot ever. You also picked out some zippy one-liners and rapports. The person at the other end of the table is done cutting those comics up and is now assembling them back together all mixed up. There are now some panels of the Dark Knight Returns with the Superman of the Earth One AU (young, grittier, and inexperienced) put over the superman there and all the emotionally weighted dialogue has been removed. Every appearance of Lex Luthor has been pasted over with the Joker and then the face of a Millenial Buisness Executive (from the stack of new designs) is put over that. In the same line, this new Lex Luthor is given Joker dialogue and put in some of the machinations of that character as well (but Superman has been swapped with Batman). Smack in the middle of the everything is Jason Todd’s suit in the Batcave! There it is! Some of the political plot of Superman American Alien and Superman IV have been mixed together. And Doomsday has been given the Frankenstiened origins of Superboy and Bizzaro Superman with some elements of Braniac involved and a mixed powerset with the nuclear enemy from Superman IV. A mere handful of the panels of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg panels you chose are used. Some of the original concepts are thrown in and they range from a very clever exploitation of Superman’s connection to the radiation of the yellow sun, to a literal mason jar of urine. The use of time is not logical (but plenty “dramatic”). The rest of the plot is either so contrived and convoluted it hurts and some twists seem like they’re just in there because they aren’t expected and not to actually make the plot better. For good measure some trippy dream sequences have been thrown into the first half of the movie. (Only the first half.) You can also see every un-even cut and the glue spreads out from under the images and is still a little sticky.

    You are presented with this new comic and fascimiallied story and asks, “Don’t you like it? I took everything that you loved and wanted to see and put it together for you. Therefore it is great.”

    Except, it really isn’t. It’s so many good things seperately, but it is a mess above all else.

    I told you the metaphor was spoilery.

    The logical response to “This movie is a convoluted mess” is “Fuck’n duh, we saw that in the trailers!” Or it is like the headline Perry White said in one of the best funny lines in the movie (Not an exact quote because I only saw the movie once and it’s late that I’m writing this) “Gotham Dealing With Criminal Problems; Also, Water Wet!” To that sentiment I say, “Yes, but the trailers are almost as bad a scrambling of the film as the film is a scrambling of everything it is trying to adapt. The only real thing you can gleam from the trailers about the plot is it’s a lot of cool Snyder action of angry superheroes with explosions, some very serious plot dialog, and Doomsday shows up.

    That’s also a great short summary of the movie.

    I think it’s timely that I’m picking this back up and editing it for a split review and my own things because the Post Show this week was about BvS and had all their analogies. I’m going to “cut myself off here” and just throw in my thoughts from my review on Lex and a few related things. Afterwards I will explicitly say the things I liked (because there are things).

    Speaking of Lex let’s see what he’s up to? Playing basketball in the lobby of his multi-million-dollar corporation in a funky suit while waiting to show the government his developments and plans surrounding Kryptonite. Naturally. Wait, what the hell? This is not Lex Luthor, this isn’t even taking liberties with aging down a character Lex Luthor. Okay, technically it’s Alexander Luthor, a different character, but as was the case with Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character in The Dark Knight Rises I don’t want your damn vague character who’s not really the iconic character he’s supposed to be emulating. In this sequel to Man of Steel I want a goddamned Lex Luthor who’s stoic, intimidating, and has a great public face (preferably bald or bald because of Superman). But okay, new idea for an altered character. But almost as quickly as he’s feeding a senator a cherry Jolly Rancher by hand (and my biggest problem with that is the missed goddamned opportunity to use an apple one because GREEN KRYPTONITE; THE TELEGRAPHED MCGUFFIN OF THE FILM FROM THE END OF THE PROLOGUE) after he does that, he is threatening Senator Mrs Incredible while spouting Biblical hot air.

    This film has also traded in the “subtle” recurring savior symbolism for ham-fisted dialogue every five minutes about gods and devils, mostly coming from blathering plot point, not Joker Lex.

    The most important take away from all these discussions. The challenge from Senator Mrs. Incredible for Lex to piss in a jar and call it “Granny’s Sweet Tea.”

    Remember your plot points ladies and gentlemen. Unlike dark and gritty themes and visuals, coherent ones are few and far between and very loosely connected.

    Speaking of memory, I feel like I’m forgetting something very important to this movie…

    Something about it being a direct sequel. Oh right! Superman.

    This is a movie about Superman. Where’s he in all of this? Oh just off in a forgettable B-storyline that definitely could have been a movie of its own. Honestly is should be a movie of its own. But it’s not. The whole reason Superman is embroiled in this political discourse and machinations (the fragments of a real Lex Luthor plot) is that over the past year and a half, he’s been out SAVING THE WORLD and Lois Lane. Most recently he rescued Lois from a terrorist organization after there was a “CIA” plant in her reporting group. Superman bursts down to save her, and just then the mercenaries in the terrorist organization start killing the other terrorists to make a gunfight happen and everyone in the area die “because of Superman.” I’m going to spoil this plot in full here because while it does “go somewhere” it goes the same place as the other several subplots and deserves some props. It turns out Lex hired those mercs and I’m willing to bet he also was responsible for the “CIA” too. All of this was to confirm Superman had a thing for Lois, because why else would he be in the desert in the middle of nowhere. So, this was all an attempt to manipulate Superman by Lex, like a tier 4 backup if he can’t legally get the go-ahead to make a Kryptonite weapon to kill Superman. This back-up b-plot involves a special metal alloy only developed into bullets by LexCorp that Lois has to track down to find out that Lex Luthor was trying his damnedest to get people to hate Superman so he can kill him. Just like every other plot in the movie. Also, at no time in this movie do they give a legitimate reason for Lex to hate Superman other than, “Powerful Alien Bad” until the last bit. And the explaination they have which can only be inferred does not account for any of Lex’s actions until the half-way point. And Jimmy Olsen is also introduced and killed in about a minute. Remember that awesome fan theory that the only other Daily Planet employee in Man of Steel who was also in this movie and credited as Jenny was Jenny Olsen, a neat reimagining of a character who is not at all defined by the physical and is Lois’s photographer and Clark’s best bud? Remember that? Nope, the credits for this movie say Jimmy Olsen in the “CIA” photographer from the desert. Don’t you worry though, he won’t be the only classic Superman character joining Pa Kent in the Why-The-Hell-Are-We-Dead roster.

    So, what did I like that I can spoil?

    -Alfred: This is a fantastic version of the character, and for what they’re giving him it might just be my favorite version of the character on screen.

    -Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot played her role wonderfully. I really enjoyed her, and her dynamic with Bruce was great. I wish they would have gone further into how she’s magic-based, but that would have made things a bit more complicated (shown off all of the plot holes) because (bit of a rant about “meta-humans” being dodged here for space) Kryptonians are completely susceptible to magic. And so it would have made much more sense for the magic demi-goddess to take the Kryponite spear and throw it into the science/natural based Kryptonian. Still, everything else was fine by me (though there wasn’t much of her in the movie).

    -The Action and Effects: Ignoring the dark filter and kind of claustrophobic shots, I really liked the technical aspects of this film. Falling in line with my thoughts on the Dark Knight Trilogy, if a few more aesthetic changes and some names were altered I could have seen this, had no idea it was a DC movie and would have just enjoyed it as a fine but confusing and gritty superhero movie.

    -There are a lot of very deeply hidden gems in here: My favorite has to be the fact that Superman was able to survive and then heal from the nuke in the unfiltered radiation of the yellow sun. It makes sense, it works no matter what versions of Superman you know and it has genuine stakes for Superman (unlike almost anything else) and it shows his limits on earth. If he was in the atmosphere I would have bet he wouldn’t have survived. Also great is the almost tease of “Braniac” using the archive Superman was sent to earth with. I was even excited that this Braniac could be female. That would have been a great tweak on the character that would be new, but not really change a thing. I also want to point out the sort of Elephant in the room that shouldn’t be as big as it was, but if handled any differently it could have worked. “Martha” If you’ve seen the movie you know what I mean. Thing is, it does mean something and can create empathy between the characters but the flip way to fast and extreme. Again, it is horrible but I think it could have worked if done a lot different.

    -The Bat-Tech: No, I don’t like Batman killing as indiscriminately as he does, but I felt the same way watching this as I did playing the Batman: Arkham games. It’s clever and technical. I like it.

    So, my final thoughts. It is a horrible mess of 3/5 good and 2/5 bad separate parts that have no reason to be together in the first place, even the good parts don’t mix well. They wasted and abused a lot of plot elements. I could have done without the time-travel dreams completely. Also, I can accept Kitty Pryde combining her abilities with other things to push herself (or Wolverine) through time in her own body, but it just doesn’t make sense that the Flash is traveling through time sending both dreams and then projections of himself. That should have gone to Dr. Fate, or Zatana, or Wonder Woman and Aqua Man (two Magical meta-humans actually in the film). I hated this Luthor character. A lot of the other actors were good and the visuals were well done usually. I think the best thing that could be done with this movie would have been to use it as proof of concept for eight separate movies and made each of those instead.

    Final Grade: D What this movie has in passable content is drastically taken away from with its lack of sense, cohesion, and several poor choices.

    But what do you all think? Want to talk more about it? I’m more than willing to hear your opinions and talk things out with you. Also I’ll be revisiting this review again later with a scene for scene analysis if you all would like.

    Now, after all of that, let’s roll with some segments!



    I’ve been thinking for a while about how to best handle the Questions tab that was recently added. I love it, but I have found it being a little hard to use it in a consistant manner. Mostly because I don’t know if any of you want to use it as much as I do. So, I’m going to add to the continual 008 content a specific day for Questions. Starting next Tuesday (1/5/16) I will be doing two things. First, that will be the day when I will check my asked questions and answering all that I’ve either accumulated through the week, or the ones asked that day. Second, I will be here and later be taking down a list of other Question Day participants. In an effort for us on the site to get to know eachother even better, I will ask everyone on my list a unique question (for that day and person) each Question Day. If you would like to participate in Question Day please say so in the comments so I can get your usernames. You can opt in or out of this end of Question Day at any time, but just know that it will be only announced occasionally once I get things going. I think Question Day could be a lot of fun. If you want in, next Tuesday, the fifth of April, and you want in early, let me know.



    Just recently I finished making the area under the Altar of Pimps all gold. I also made a door for Jack. This weekend should see the next Entry.



    I recently got lavender coffee from a lavender retailer. The only problem is it was fully ground already and I use a French Press. I thought I would just try it anyway.

    You should not do that.


    The small grindings will clog your mesh, but you won’t be met with as much resistance as you thought. Instead you will begin pressing the boiling water and coffee together but the water can’t get though and eventually it will be pressured to go elsewhere. Up the sides. Very fast.

    If you don’t want burnt hands, grind your beans properly.

    This has been a public service announcement.


    And because it’s such a long main entry, I’m gonna end it here.

    I can’t wait to hear from you all about BvS, Question Day, or anything else. How are you?

    Talk to you later.


    PS And if you thought these were long and angry rants, one of these days I will tackle the Dark Knight Trilogy and the New 52. One of these days…















  • Play by Play, Brick by Brick

    2 years ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    So, nearly a week later and still no review for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I have hit a bit of a crossroads on that project. I have nearly everything written out, but I wonder if you want all of what will probably be a 10 page review. As it stands now, I have my non-spoler review, my spoiler summation, and a play-by-play of the movie and what's good and what's bad. The play-by-play is probably the longest portion (duh, probably) and while I would love to talk about it if y'all want to, I am not sure you will. Also, at ten-ish pages I'm wondering if I'll even be able to upload it. I'm in the final stages and the editing. So we'll see how it all works soon. Let me know in the comments bellow.

    Whatever the case is, I can safely say it will go up by Friday. Internet questionability is the issue for it not going up sooner, but I'm going to have plenty of time to finish it tomorrow.

    I also, in preparation for the influx of time, have downloaded the latest patch (several months worth of updates for me) of Lego Digital Designer, which may aid in the return of an old project, and perhaps a few new ones. I'll be looking at all of what was added or fixed (or broken) in this update this stretch of days.

    Any questions? My question section is still plenty open if you want to ask me things there and the comments are fine too. I also have ideas for the question section which will be included in the coming update as well as a post of its own for safety.

    Gonna mess around a bit and then sleep.

    Talk to you all later.