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  • Happy New Year of the Earth Dog

    2 days ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Be thoughtful and silly.

    For the Chinese Astrology, Earth means dirt and stone, not the planet.

    The Chinese Zodiac is a cycle of 5 "Elements" of 五行 (Wu Xing - sometimes referred to as chi) and 12 Animals. When someone turns 60 on or after the Chinese New Year, it's the year of their birth again.

    The elements are Wood (associated with Jupiter), Earth (associated with Saturn), Water (associated with Mercury, the planet), Fire (associated with Mars), and Metal (associated with Venus).

    Wu Xing, as defined during the Han dynasty (not Han Solo - stop it), is part of Taoism and works in a way that the each element benefits another element and opposes another one. Wood creates Fire but breaks Earth. Fire becomes Earth but melts Metal. Earth gives Metal but blocks Water. Metal makes no sense to me, but Metal becomes Water but cuts Wood. Water gives life to Wood but douses Fire.

    What's funny to me is that I learned of Wu Xing through an old video game called Prince of Qin (pronounced "Chin" which became the reason behind the Western name for China). Irony is that Wu Xing wasn't well-established until the Han Dynasty, but it was a core element of the game mechanics.

    As for the 12 animals, Their compatibility is based on the aspects of trine, square, and opposition. Trine, 4 years apart, are most compatible. Square, 3 years apart, are far less compatible with opposition, 6 years apart, being very incompatible.

    Combine the two and you have this strange mathematical formula for determining what and who work better with what and who. (Feng shui is heavily based on Wu Xing such as you never put the sink opposite of the stove in the kitchen with the Water opposing the Fire.)


    (cross posted for great justice)

  • @Flwrs4Algernon

    3 days ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Be thoughtful and silly.

    A review.

    The original story of Flowers for Algernon is in the form of a journal.

    This retelling is in the form of social media.

    (The tweets, blog, and vlog are out there on their respective platforms. That link pulls them all together in one place.)

    I'm not one for the modernization of classic stories, but this multimedia project does it well.

    It's not a new take on the original story but exactly what I typed. It's a retelling of the story in a different way.

    If you have the time, check it out whether or not you know the original story. Be prepared for a long read/watch (tweets and videos). It's not abbreviated for modern attention spans. The story spans a few months real-time.

    Spoiler for either form of the story: Bring tissues.

  • Spielberg to Remake West Side Story

    1 week ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Be thoughtful and silly.



  • A Theory on Google's YETI

    1 week ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Be thoughtful and silly.

    Streaming a gaming experience over a LAN isn't that great. Imagine it over the Internet even with Google Fiber.

    Yet, there is a way to stream the game itself and not the gaming experience.

    EA's Origin, Ubisoft's UPlay and Blizzard's Blizzard or Battle.NET or whatever they're calling it can let players begin playing before the game finished downloading.

    I reckon that this method can be expanded upon, but the end console would still do the heaving lifting but only for the part of the game that it received. Games would need to be designed for playing in parts with players able to get going with a very short download.

    If this is the route that Google took with YETI, developing compartmentalized games is going to be the lynchpin. Open world games would be hard-pressed to compartmentalize. A game like Dragon Age: Origins might be able to do it. A game like Dragon Age: Inquisition would have a more difficult time with it. A game like Red Dead Redemption would likely be impossible by this method.

    Most developers don't intend their games to be compartmentalized in gameplay, but the game engine tends to be the smallest part of a game (unless you're Star Citizen) and the content can be split into chunks unless it's open world.

    It's just a thought on how this mythical YETI could be a possibility in today's technology. Google could actually be trying to design a full streaming experience with all the processing in the cloud. If so, the YETI will likely continue to remain a myth - for now.

  • Extra Life 2017 Final Countdown

    3 months ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    The day has finally come. *Extra Life 2017!!*

    A lot of work from a group of very talented people will finally be shown to the World. But the event is so much more than just a production. I can't thank everyone enough for helping fund this cause I have grown to care so much for. 

    While I want to show and tell you everything, some things are worth waiting for and this is one of them. Here is what I can fill you in for now. 

    Streaming - YouTube/Site/App/Twitch/Facebook (YouTube Rooster Teeth and TheKnow) Youtube on RT and site will also have a mutlicam feature to switch between main feed and BTS feed (BTS will include PiP of main feed as well so you dont miss anything)

    Archiving/Recording -

    YouTube won't post 24 hour stream and twitch will only keep for a few days after. We are recording a low res version good for the web. We will check file size and where to post. Details most likely after stream event. I hear everyone wanting the recording to watch again - we will do what we can. 


    Best way to contact is #rtextralife. Working to make YT and Twitch chat accessible to all as well as a quick way to information. If you need to reach Broadcast - we will do our best to read #RTbroadcast 

    We are working with new software so names and donations will be worked on midstream hoping to find our solution. So do your worst to try and break our system (please play nice

  • Sneak Peek into Extra Life 2017

    3 months ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    Would you believe Extra Life 2017 still has some kinks to work on. We are wanting to make this the best extra life streaming experience you have had and share it with more people. Here is just a sneak at some items we are working toward for this Extra Life.

    • Viewing it in more places with more people. We are looking to stream to Youtube, Twitch, RT site/app, Facebook* (720p HD feed only)*
    •  BTS Feed for Multi-cams on YouTube. This feed will most likely include program audio and a PiP of the program feed with a BTS camera of our choice. Option for the RT site may be available after further testing (Multi-cam will be available on RT web site as we are looking to embed YouTube on the Extra Life page)
    •  LOUD NOISES! This still needs testing for compatibility, but we are looking to make LEET donations more present with on screen graphics that pop up and our favorite siren is making a return. Depending on Technical Director the quick cutting camera will return as well.
    • On Screen updates/counters. Items like wheel counts, URL updates, Upcoming events, Current Stretch goals. These will be updated when they are available or when needed. With all this information on screen, we hope to not pull attention away from the stream, but rather make sure everyone is informed. If this for any reason gets too crowded or too much, we may start limiting what appears on screen at a given time.
    • GAMEZ - Like....SO MANY GAMES. We are looking to have so many games playing during the event with 9 gaming stations. While a lot of the attention from the event will be main stage, we are looking to keep with Extra Life motto and play games for 24 hours.

    That's all I have to share with you at the moment, but I still have some tricks up my sleeves. I hope you are excited with the upcoming Extra Life as much as I am. Let me know what you are looking forward to the most or what you hope to see.

  • Prepping for #RTExtraLife 2017

    4 months ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    IT'S HAPPENING! Talks of Extra Life 2017 are growing around the office and we are a few short weeks away. Here is the current schedule (All times in CT):
    Extra Life & Rooster Teeth Recruitment Stream
    Date: October 3rd, 2017
    Time: 5pm - 9pm
    Extra Life & Rooster Teeth Community Stream*
    Date: November 4th-5th, 2017
    Time: 8am - 8am
    Extra Life & Rooster Teeth Game Day Stream
    Date: November 11th-12th, 2017
    Time: 8am - 8am

    *=This runs into Daylight Savings so adjust your clocks accordingly

    Now is your time to get involved and let me know what you would like to see from this year's stream. Everything from stretch goal suggestions, games to be played, where you plan on watching and other technical details like graphics and layouts you would like to see.
    #RTExtraLife brings out the best in the community and this is just another chance to get involved. Of course - register with Extra Life and join us for the chaos that we hope will be a record breaking year.
    Thank you all and I'll see you in the prestream!