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  • 15 years for RT

    2 days ago


    RT is 15 years old and Ive been here for 14 of those years

  • My First Journal, Why I Am Here.

    3 days ago


    I joined on February 20th, 2013. And on November 21st, 2013 i became a First Member. Today is May 21, 2018 four and a half years later and the only reason why i remembered is because i finally use PayPal and so i got the transaction notification today of a delightful $10. 

    But that join date could have been a lot earlier but back in 2010 it was just easier for me to use YouTube. But the first time I found out about Rooster Teeth was in 2006. I found Red vs. Blue season 5 right at the end of the season. So I binge watched all of it to catch the finale, and I loved every second of it. Then thought to my self "Man i'm sad this series is over."  And i was only 13 and i was brand new to the internet. 

    So skip 2 years later I finally get a laptop and find on YouTube the delightful Jack and Geoff from Achievement Hunter with Fails of the Weak. I started watching on episode 9 or 10, i remember being sad that i was caught up way too soon. So then it spread with me clicking on this other video to another and i was hooked. I found Rooster Teeth in a video finally and remembered Red vs. Blue. Shortly thereafter I found Red Vs. Blue Season 8 and ever sense then Rooster Teeth has been my TV.

    I don't know why i never comment on much on videos or topic or whatever i just never know the right thing to say or someone already said the joke i thought. But I've kept up with nearly every (Its hard there is a lot) video, every up, every down, every joke and every story with Rooster Teeth and its just been an absolute blast.

    I did have a cool moment though where my tweet got on Sports Ball. It was when they were asking for one of Tyler or Jack or Joel to get on ESPN Gameday and i spotted them on a sign while watching and paused TV so fast to try to get a good image. I think i got like 200 or so total tweets after the three of them retweeted my photo. And then the guy who had the sign saw the tweets and replied with a nice photo too. Totally ruined my phone, notifications were in fact off. 

    But overall I've just been a part of the silent majority. Just watching and loving everything. 

    (i messed up i got all caught up in writing this i missed the Live RT Podcast 493.)

    You can really tell this past year especially how big Rooster Teeth is getting. But it still feels the same to me as it did back then when it was "small". I've always felt welcome. 

    I know there are posts like these that have a sad story to it. Or how their content got them through a difficult time. And its always true. There is a sad story that goes along with me. But that is life you never know what tomorrow might bring. There was always a place that i could go to forget the world at times. A place to regroup myself. Forget. Heal. And i got through it all with a smile on my face because of Rooster Teeth. I feel I'm at the best point in my life now.

    I don't know if anyone will read this. But if someone does. HI! How are You? Snape killed Dumbledore.


    Thank you to the countless names of everyone at Rooster Teeth and The Community. 

    I'll be here and ill be watching.


  • New Friend to Rooster Teeth

    4 days ago

    Chicas_Jonathan FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    I'm bringing my friend that knows nothing about Rooster Teeth to #RTXAustin2018 this year does anyone in the @RTCommunityNews have any suggestions on what I should prep them on beforehand? @RoosterTeeth @AchievementHunt @FunhausTeam

  • GORQ'S QUEST is here...but what is it??

    1 week ago

    toddwo32 Creative Producer

    Hey hey! 

    If you're following all this PILOT MONTH stuff, you might be wondering, "What the fudge is GORQ'S QUEST?" 

    The short answer is that it's a comedy game show featuring a crew of riffing RT'ers co-hosted by a rotating Rooster Teeth personality and an imprisoned supercomputer robot from 1983 who can only become free once he learns more. His name is GORQ, which is short for GENERATOR OF RANDOM QUESTIONS, and he's kind of hard to work with. That was probably more like the medium-long answer. 

    This show is something I started to put together a few months back. I wanted to make a show that was more comedy-based where there was lots of riffing. So we did some test shoots with some of the folks around here for a show called UNEDUCATED GUEST. Those test episodes were pretty good, but everyone on the crew really liked this one weird segment I wrote where we took a break from answering funny questions and had the cast chat with GORQ (who at the time was simply the word "GORQ" on a screen), who spoke to us from inside a computer. I thought everyone was going to hate that part, frankly, because it was more than a little weird.   

    Brian Behm, who is like a do-it-all creative at RT, was sort of watching from the sidelines and told me that if I wanted, he could build a robot body for GORQ and allow him to be a real thing that could interact with the others. He basically asked me, "Do you want a robot?" And if you know anything about me, you would know that I would never say no to that question. Who doesn't want a robot? So he made version one of GORQ the robot, and I came up with a backstory for GORQ, and GORQ'S QUEST was born. 

    I really hope you like the show. My goal was to create something new and maybe a little weird that's really fun to watch, and there's a freakin' robot in it! I can already see a million ways to make it more fun and funny, and I'm super excited to see what people in the RT community have to say about it. Please watch it with an open mind, and don't judge GORQ too harshly – he's had a hard life thus far. 

    Join GORQ'S QUEST on Tuesday May 15th at 11am CT, only on FIRST!   

  • Broadcast, Pilot Month, Theater Mode and more!

    1 week ago

    Stab RT Broadcast Producer

    Hey Everyone,

    Just wanted to write a little update regarding things happening in here at Rooster Teeth regarding Broadcast, Pilot Month, Theater Mode and more!

    First things first, Pilot Month. Pilots are interesting here at RT. A television pilot is usually kept behind closed doors, analyzed, and shown to a testing group before making it anywhere to an audience. Here at RT, the community is our testing group. And the pilot is put out ahead of any official season to get your opinion. We want to hear your thoughts, because at the end of the day it's a show for you and the rest of the Rooster Teeth community. For Pilot month Broadcast has two new shows, very different from any other shows we have done in the past. They are Gorq's Quest and Murder Room (link). Both have been in the works here for a bit and they have grown progressively during their testing phase. I can't say much right now, but you can see Gorq's Quest on May 15th and Murder Room on May 31st. I think both will be a favorite among community members who enjoy the game-based shows. 

    Alright, now for some Theater Mode. I hope you've enjoyed the first season of Funhaus Theater Mode. It was awesome to work with Elyse and the rest of the Funhaus team on the season and I hope to do more of the show in the future. I personally have really enjoyed Funhaus' style for the show- going for something a little closer to the original MST3K style. 

    Recently we shot our first live episode of Theater Mode at the Alamo Draft House in South Austin. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event. This is a first for us. If it proves successful it can mean doing this type of production more often and possibly not just in Austin. You can expect the edited release during the next volume of Theater Mode. Now that I got you thinking about the next volume, let's talk about it for a second. We are working on acquiring new films for the next volume as well as testing a few new ideas- TM Live being one test. I don't have much to say beyond that, except for wait for the official announcement sometime soon. 

    The last thing I wanted to mention in this update is regarding changes in RT Broadcast's crew. You probably saw on this past Monday's episode of the RT Podcast that Eric Baudor from Mega 64 has joined our crew. Eric will be taking the position as our new Podcast Producer, working on RT Podcast, Always Open, and other emerging shows in our lineup. We welcome him to our rag-tag team of Broadcasters. 

    Lastly, you've probably noticed a new face on Fridays in the Broadcast pre-stream for Off Topic and Death Battle Cast. Dennis Fant is his name. He's a former Broadcast intern that had a particular talent for our graphics system and has been helping me by taking over a few weekly shows. Now I'm happy to say he'll be joining us as the permanent Live Graphics Operator for all our shows here at Broadcast. 

    As for me, I'll be working more behind the scenes as the Producer for Let's Play Productions in Broadcast. Basically anytime a Let's Play group is shooting in Broadcast, I'll be there to work on it one way or another. 

    That's all I have for now.
    See ya!

  • Babble

    2 weeks ago

    Athosa It's a Trap!

    So there I was, cheese balls in hand. RWBY on the screen and rain smashing into my window. (you know, the kinda rain that can mess you up if your not careful.) When suddenly I felt the need to spend some serious hard earned cash. I ripped my shirt off and dashed for my wallet. After removing the completely unnecessary lock I proceeded to type my super secret money number into the rooster teeth pay me bar. No longer do I rely upon YouTube and its infinite flaws (I came up with 2) or its click bait advertisements! Today, I can watch unhindered! (spends six hours watching podcasts while at "work") Just another day. 

  • It's been a while...

    2 weeks ago


    Well it's been 5 years since I was last here. A lot has changed since then. I'm now a game designer for the awesome Studio Gobo in the UK!! 

    I previously worked as a Contract Game Designer at Supermassive Games working on the PSVR game 'The Inpatient'. Now I am working as a Game Designer for Studio Gobo working on 'For Honor' and their training and trials modes!

    I'm so thankful to be where I am now but it wasn't easy. It took me 3 years after I graduated university to land the contract job at Supermassive and that included A LOT of rejection applications for various companies around the world. I nearly gave up so many times, just thinking I could get any old job and love contently. But my advice for those with the passion and drive to do what they love is to not give up! Keep working on your craft! Keep applying and reworking your pitch and eventually you'll end up where you want to be.

    I want to thank the entirety of the Rooster Teeth family for keeping my hopes up, my face smiling and my dreams alive as I recovered from each rejection email and worked late into the nights making crappy little games in Unity. 

    I plan to keep watching their awesome content as I continue in my career and who knows? Maybe I'll eventually end up at the Rooster Teeth Gaming Department one day! :)

    Keep dreaming everyone!

  • Finally Became a FIRST Member... Very Long Overdue

    3 weeks ago

    Harry_Hood Harry_Hood

    After being long time Rooster Teeth Fan, I finally decided sign up and start an Annual subscription to see how it goes and is it worth it. and after a couple days using the service I LOVE IT SHOULD OF STARTED SOONER!!! 

    I was first introduced to Rooster Teeth around 2007- 2008 from a friend of mine in middle school, he knew I enjoyed playing HALO and suggested watching a series called Red VS Blue. After watching an half dozen episodes from season 6 I was immediately hooked, so much so I binged watched all of Season 1, 2 ,3 that following weekend, in just a few days I was up to speed in no time ready for Season 7. 

    Just after that I stumbled across some achievement guides on YouTube. The first Achievement Hunter guide I watched was the Halo 3 Vidmaster: Annual guide featuring; Gavin and Jack I loved those video's and just started getting addicted to achievement guides ever since. 

    With being bulled badly throughout middle school because of being quiet, shy and very obese. this company and community was able to get me through rough time and turn hours of crying and sadness into days of happy-ness and enjoyment and loving playing video games.

    Ever since watching that first video I have always loved how open Rooster Teeth have been with their audience. I know i'm pretty late to say this but I absolutely loved the animation Monty created and produced on countless animated series, I remember hearing about it on The Know. it didn't really help that it was the same week I got my disability results to see if I had any disabilities/Learning Needs. The results confirmed that I had autism with speech and listening disabilities along with stutter, combined with monty's death lead to many months/nearly a year of just depression and sadness, I soon realised that you just have to move on but never forget. Thank you for all of your fantastic work (I know I'm not the first nor the last to say it but everyday We miss you monty  :( )

    Apologies for a very long passage, but I truly love Rooster Teeth It was a massive part of my childhood just like it was for a lot of other people, I'm hoping to meet and make friends who have a similar interests and just love Rooster Teeth.

    I would Love to Go To RTX London one year and meet the many people who have changed my life and shaped my childhood.

    Always Loving the content you's are putting out and like always enjoying the Podcast's and game shows

    Thank you for reading

    Have a lovely day.

    P.S Apologies for any; Grammar, Punctuation or just any other general problems with this I just don't do words good. 

  • Thank You Rooster Teeth

    3 weeks ago

    K0Z The vision never dies


    Ari this looks fucking awesome.

  • RT Box February 2018 Impressions

    3 weeks ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Every RT Box review ever

    Surprise! It's time for the second last monthly RT Box review!

    And like I previously mentioned, I hope you like animals wink c'mon, who doesn't have their own adorable little buddy, whether it be canine, feline, avian, many species are there out there, anyway? Do you have a pet? Let me know, I fucking love pets! Our house has two dogs and a growing kitten. It's a little chaotic.

    Once again I apologise for the SIDEWAYS pictures but they all seem to upload that way and I can't for the life of me fix it. All of them but a few have suffered this fate. Let's hope the new community site has options to rotate them sweat_smile

    Now, for the first time ever, this box isn't coming to us from a staff member...well, not a human staff member. You may be familiar with Rupert the wiener dog, owned by Becca Frasier, well known for eating pancakes on the RT Podcast and appearances in Eleven Little Roosters and RT Life. He's the official dog of the marketing team and is presenting this pet themed RT Box! He's also a very good boy.

    What treats await us inside? Prepare your sniffers to hunt down these special items:

    - one Rooster Rupert Teeth wiener dog pen (red)

    - one RWBY set of Zwei pins (corgi head AND butt)

    - one Dogs Hate Grapes collapsible silicone waterbowl (purple)

    - one Nomad of Nowhere pet rock PopSocket (white)

    - one RWBY Velvet Scarlatina shirt (brown)

    - one Achievement Hunter Lads blindbox minifigure (Michael, Gavin or Jeremy in a DG Exclusive Gold)

    Now, I don't know about you, but I reckon this pen is pretty darn cute. It even has a little rubber band collar and bell. My kitten wears a bell. It's annoying. But this pen is not! It's Rupert shaped and certainly screams 'rename the company' to me. Plus his butt is the cap that hides the pen. It's not the standard pen size but more novelty sized. I'd say it's very much a novelty item and cute for displaying.


    Rupert seems to have some sort of beef with the lovable corgi from RWBY. According to his amazing sense of smell, Zwei's has a butt you just can't trust. This pin includes Zwei's head AND his butt so we can smell and see if we agree. I tend to think it smells a lot like a two for one deal!


    People like grapes. But did you know dogs hate grapes? Probably because they're pretty much lethal to dogs, unlike this waterbowl that will never leave you high and dry when you're out and about with your pooch (or anything that drinks water, actually). No grapes here, only convenience. I find this a great item for pet owners, it's really compact, and if you want to take it with you on a long walk you can clip it to your dog leash. All you need to do is pop it out and pour some water in it (from a tap or drinking fountain or your own bottle, that part is yours to take care of). It's made of silicon to avoid breakage and there's the no grapes logo on the bottom to remind you that they suck. It's about palm sized to me; there's more photos to check out if you're interested.


    Hey, have you seen the Nomad? Maybe you've seen his magic. Or maybe you've seen his little critter friends brought to life and then this little rock walked past you on stick legs, waving with his little stick arms. No? Maybe you need to watch Nomad of Nowhere, then. This is a legit PopSocket (The RT store does sell many variants of these) with your very own pet rock on it. It's quite cute and the art style is perfect for the size. Now you don't need to lean your phone on a rock to prop it up, just stick this on and pop till you drop. You might drop, but it'll still be standing.

    One of the most recognisable characters of RWBY is Velvet Scarlatina, who is based on the Velveteen Rabbit. She first appeared as a poor bullying victim, being teased for having some big-ass rabbit ears, and became a fan favourite (maybe it's that fair dinkum Aussie accent provided by Caiti Ward?). She was originally only meant to appear twice, but was incorporated into the cast - Monty then asked the community to design her a combat outfit, and a lot of people stepped up. The final design was tweaked but still, the artists of the community loved the opportunity. Anyway, she's honoured here with her very own shirt. While the skirt silhouette indicates she's in school uniform, it's still obviously a very Velvet design that I think matches her personality well. The shirt is a chocolately brown and I definitely wore it for Easter.

    And lads but not least (see what I did there)...we have a special Double Gold exclusive Achievement Hunter blind box minifigure. It's a toy, but not a chew toy, if you want it to stay in shape! The blind boxes sold in the RT Store are inclusive of the whole of AH, while these boxes were only inclusive of the Lads (Michael, Gavin or Jeremy) and are especially gold. At first, I was a little miffed that my box was damaged; a hole in the very center front. Then I realised it was quite a beak shaped hole...I was hoping for Gavin, and whaddya know, his nose poked a hole in the box in transit. gavin



    You can see the little poked hole right by the tip of his shnoz!

    Woof, what a box. Rounding up the herd in a neat little package...


    Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that.

    My March RT Box just hit Sydney yesterday, so I expect it'll arrive on Monday (that's 3 days from now), just to let you know. That review is not slated to be done right away to alleviate the time between it and the new quarterly box, but I will also be doing the 2017 roundup post as well so those two should be spaced between the quarterly 'season 1' box.

    See you soon for the last monthly box, get excited! They've said it's worth the wait!

  • a small thank you

    1 month ago


    So recently I had to under go a procedure on my foot which left me in immense pain and unable to walk for weeks.

    During this time, I was incredibly stressed with classes, projects and with life in general. Not being able to walk properly or at all was not helping my situation.

    Because of this, I decided to sign up for a first membership so at least I could have something nice to enjoy while I was bedridden.

    I just want to thank everyone at Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter for making my past 3 weeks bearable! Watching the things that you all created made it much easier to survive with my foot and it was able to make me laugh when I really didn't want to!

    You've all brought so much joy and happiness into my life, I will forever be grateful. 

    Much love,

    Stephanie Ma

  • I am graduating! (And you can read my book)

    1 month ago

    Occuli Spooks

    I finished my Grad project for my Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr University 
    EGG CARTON is a project made to show what the heart of what Rooster Teeth is, the community.
    A book of interviews from the members of that community, you can download it here:


  • Getting Involved

    1 month ago

    Pegasus0147 Pegasus0147

    My first experience with Rooster Teeth was, like many of us, Red vs. Blue. I don’t even remember who recommended it to me but I was hooked after hearing that first line “Why are we here?” And ever since then I’ve enjoyed content from RT, AH, and other members of the Let’s Play family. However, I’ve never gotten involved in the community, until now. I’ve decided to actually use the site and I even got a gold membership because after watching “Why We’re Here” I realized jus the how amazing and extensive Rooster Teeth really is. I’ve always know that it’s huge but I not think I really truly grasped  into until now. So watch out RT, here I come.

  • RT Community

    1 month ago


    I just finished watching the documentary Why We're Here: 15 Years of Rooster Teeth. After viewing I decided to make my first journal entry.

    I first came across Rooster Teeth when I was a 15 year old sophomore in high school. My days from that point were filled with me going to school and constantly just thinking about going home to watch Red vs. Blue and Achievement Hunter content. Rooster Teeth at the time actually inspired me into thinking about creating my own content. This however never happened because I was too scared to start or always thought my ideas weren't good enough. I'm going to be 21 next month and all I can think about is how much time I've wasted since I was 15. I've always said to myself that happiness is the most important thing to me in my life and I never actually did what I wanted to do to be happy until this past year. Until now I basically just did stuff that other people wanted me to do. An example of this would be my last job. At my last job I made great money, especially for my age, but I was never happy. Despite being unhappy I stayed at the job because I was afraid that others would call me stupid for leaving such a good paying job just because I didn't like it. I felt stuck in a loop and that I was going to be trapped at that job being unhappy forever. I started to realize that I wanted to live for my own happiness. I realized that when I started watching RT content more heavily. Then eventually one night I went into my job and I just quit. When everyone asked why, I told them that I was living my life for me. People told me how dumb I was for doing so and how childish it was but for the first time in my life I wasn't bothered by what they said. Even family members thought it was stupid and criticized me for it but I kept moving and doing my thing. Since then I started going back to college, found a job that I'm happier at and I'm just overall way happier than I've ever been. Watching this documentary just confirmed my beliefs and really helped me see that I can change and improve my life. 

    You're never truly stuck in a situation, you can change your life for the better, you can be happy and most importantly you can do what you want with your life. Being part of this community has made me truly see that. I couldn't be more proud of myself to be the person I am today, and I am very proud to say that I am part of this community.

  • Who am I? Why am I here?

    1 month ago


    Since I actually have a friend on the RT site now for the first time ever (*gasp*), I figured I'd write a little bit about me in a journal since I can't really do that in the "About Me" section (at least as it currently exists, though I know the community site is getting an overhaul in the near future).

    My name is Eric, though online I am probably more comfortable going by Shade, but I don't care that much. Born in 1986, I'm in my early thirties and in a much different place in my life than I expected to be -- a much different place than I was, even just a year prior to writing this post. I've been following Rooster Teeth since year 1 (I can't remember exactly when, but it was definitely within a year of its existence, after season 1 of Red vs Blue was fully available), so although I've never used this profile or interacted with the community very much before now, no matter what, something about the RT site feels like home. Come with me and listen to a story about my experience with Rooster Teeth (and eventually other groups) and a bit about my life ever since RT entered it...

    Back during my senior year of high school, both me and one of my best friends at the time watched RvB religiously, and threw quotes at each other left and right (this continued through roughly season 6, so it totally became a thing between us for years to come). I watched a lot of Achievement Hunter videos on my own when it was created in 2008. At some point around then, sponsorship to RT began providing benefits in the form of early access to RvB. I believe he created an account first and signed up for sponsorship, and then I did, thus this account's creation in 2009. But in 2010, I moved out of state, and unfortunately RT became more of "my thing" than "our thing" pretty quickly.

    However, about a year after moving...I met the woman who became my wife. I introduced her to Rooster Teeth via RvB, which led to us watching other RT content, then Achievement Hunter...then Funhaus from its formation in 2015.

    2015 was particularly special because it's the only year we were together where we had enough money to travel to RTX in Austin. We were fortunate enough to get signings with 4 people -- I chose Burnie and Matt, and my wife chose Geoff and Griffin. I am incredibly grateful that we got to meet them, because it turned out to be one of the best experiences ever for my wife. We got pictures with Matt and Burnie, and she got one with Geoff and Griffin (hey, I didn't get one!). I took video of her interacting with Geoff and Griffin too. It was really cute, kind of like one time when it snowed at our apartment and she sent me a selfie with the goofiest but happiest smile. :)

    From then on though, paying the bills had a higher priority than attempting to go to RTX, so we were never able to return, although I was secretly starting to save and was planning to surprise her with a trip to RTX 2018. Unfortunately that did not happen because, nearly a year ago now, I lost my partner in life -- and my beautiful terrier-heeler mix, Alaska, lost her mommy -- my wife passed away on June 12, 2017.

    She dealt with severe depression and anxiety and took her own life while I was at work. It must have been a really horrible day for her. Normally she would tell me about these days, but there were occasional times when she didn't, and -- this was unfortunately one of those times. Although we were persistent with trying new meds and doctors and therapists, nothing stuck; she had made a few failed suicide attempts over the years. On June 12, 2017, she succeeded.

    It was the most devastating thing I have ever experienced, and quite possibly the most difficult thing I will EVER experience, emotionally. Among the countless invaluable things I lost along with her life, was my RT buddy -- we watched so many things together, since our couch time was priceless to us. Still, since I'd been following RT for about 14 years when it happened, the crutch it offered me was invaluable, during what were the most difficult months of my life.

    The wide variety, creativity, humor, collaboration, and good will that radiated (and still does) from everyone under the RT umbrella and Let's Play family could not be any more evident to me. On different days, in different moods, my favorite thing to watch could be anything. Barbara and Mariel kicking back and offering incredibly mature, open, direct advice on Always Open about things that have some sort of stigma involved with them (or a stigma with talking about them); the unpredictable chaos and humor in the Achievement Hunter office; the sage professional life advice and shorter-form humor of Funhaus; the utter destruction witnessed from Cow Chop; the fruition of potential in Sugar Pine 7's cinematography over the span of less than a year.

    I'm so grateful to Rooster Teeth. I don't know where I'd be right now, emotionally, without weird as that probably sounds, and as weird as it feels to say it. I'm grateful for what so many of the personalities my wife loved provided to her life when she felt trapped in her own mind so often. You helped her forget, and remember the good in people, and that she can feel okay being happy and laughing sometimes.

    She died far too young. But I will always be grateful for the ways she helped me grow and become a better human. And to RT for everything they've done -- for both of us. I'm a lifelong fan, so don't expect me to be going anywhere.

    Although you can find my name in two Dude Soup Post Shows (points to anyone who can find which ones), nobody really knows who I am in the general RT community at present since I'm mostly a I don't expect this post or even this sentence to necessarily go anywhere meaningful. BUT, in the event that it does: feel free to let me know if you have any questions about anything in my post. I try to be pretty open about things, though please be respectful.

  • Latest issue of Game Informer

    1 month ago


    Noticed some familiar faces in the newest issue on page 18:  Ryan,  Michael, Lindsey, and Jeremy with the  Lemons for leukemia guys. 

  • Another perspective of being acquired

    1 month ago


    So lately there has been a lot of talk that RT has sold out to Fullscreen and that they are just puppets to the corporate man. I wanted to shed a little light on this from someone who is going through the same thing of a parent company acquiring smaller companies. I've worked for a promotional products company for about 10 years now. I've consider myself fortunate for being able to work in a place that supported me through college and provided me with enough hours to work and go to school and still be able to pay my bills. 

    Now the one thing that I will say about being acquired is that it isn't what the public eye makes it out to be. No one really sells out, if you were to see it from RT's side or in this case my side you would see that there is actually a upside to all of this. Yes, things are going to change and become different from what you have grown to love and expect. But, some of those changes are actually really helpful. With RT being acquired they are now backed to hire on more people to focus on getting content out and creating new shows for all of us to enjoy. Same thing in my situation. 

    With my company being acquired we've been able to utilize the parents company connections and bring in more sales as well as more people to handle the load to where before we could only bring in seasonal people because we couldn't afford to hire full timers. We've also been able to get better equipment and insurance. 

    Just look at how much RT has grown in the past 2 years vs where they were before. With joining Fullscreen they've been able to do so much more than just RTX. They've taken it to two continents as well as their live events have exploded. The next time you want to complain about how you think that RT has sold out because they are doing an Ad read for something that you don't exactly agree with just brush it off. Its 30 seconds of a host reading an ad to inform someone who that pertains to. If it doesn't mesh with you then, that means you are not the demographic that the company is trying to reach. 

    Grant VanWinkle

  • i finally signed up for a first membership

    1 month ago


    well i'm finally a first member! it's pretty cooool!

    honestly I've been wanting to be a first member for awhile, but never got the balls to get it, but now since RvB 16 is airing tomorrow, I said what the hell and got it! woot

    edit: does anyone know if the prices for first are in USD?? cause if they are, i'm gonna have to convert to CAD and maybe rethink my plan! :')

  • Taking Jenga Seriously

    1 month ago

    BroadcastBryan Resident Beard

    We had giant Jenga at Rooster Teeth's 15th birthday party, but no shock collars since Cowchop weren't in town. We did have Jessica Vasami vs Drew Saplin play the tallest game of Jenga I've ever personally witnessed, and I took some pictures!

    The Jenga Action At RT15!


  • First Member?

    1 month ago


    So I’ve been thinking about becoming a First Member since coming back to the site. Even tho I’ve been away from the site for the last 4 years, I of course have still been watching all the content on YouTube. I can’t go very long without some RoosterTeeth in my life. They’ve become such a huge part of my life for the last 13 years that I’ve been following and watching there content. So with that being become a First Member or not, that is the question. Not that I don’t think it’s worth the price or anything because well for all the content they produce it’s more then worth it. What are some other perks of being a First Member besides watching some content on the site 1st. And yes I know I can look it up on the site, but I’d also like to know how people like being a member 

  • A new day and a new fight

    1 month ago

    Danishpanda A danish sunbeam

    So during the easter period. I moved out of the dorm that have been my home for the past 7 years. 

    Moving to a new place is often connected with some issues, and this was no exception

    I feel isolated, alone and forgotten. All at the same time. 

    My work helps ease the worst parts. But it is no secret that this was an area of the city that i had hoped to avoid. Sadly, this wasn't the case. And now im stuck here for about two years (if some of the signups on the extern list doesn't pan out) 

    After two years, i can enter the intern list within the housing association, and hopefully move on to something better (i would love to return to the isle of my birth just outside copenhagen) 

    In the time until then, i have to focus on what can make me happy. Rooster Teeth in general (and achievement hunter in particular) have done a tremendous job. And even though i barely know an ounce of the community members, i would like to say that it gets better. It always does. I've fought depression on and off for several years. So take my word. 


  • The new RT Box is available now!

    1 month ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Every RT Box review ever



    Anyway, since I somehow got unsubscribed from the Double Gold mailing list I didn't receive the apparent discount code for it either, so I didn't even get a reminder to sign up. I only saw there was a code on twitter which isn't even that easy to find when you're in a different timezone and don't go over every damn tweet on your timeline.

    This launch doesn't seem to be going very smoothly but I'll get over it if I can sign up + get my discount before it's out of stock.

    We're in limbo right now with this. I won't receive a response for hours since I'm in the evening (yep it took me that long to remember this was today) and it's the middle of the night for RT staff.


    So I haven't gotten any replies to my emails yet again, and it's now probably around midnight for the staff. I assume according to the community post about the box that they're dealing with a lot of requests regarding people jumping the gun and getting shipping charged or not getting codes. Chelsea has said all codes will be honoured so I've signed up and gotten my box (as you can see I even have little silver medal [it's now] two gold stars on my profile now).

    March's box hasn't shipped yet and won't for probably a week, but we'll see.

    Update on the update:

    Got a reply saying a discount would be applied. The email said 15% but apparently the discount was fifteen dollars, we will see what I receive back in 2-14 working days lel.

    Prepare your butts for February and March RT Box reviews and eventually a post around...June, I predict.

  • Well I'm become a little older today

    1 month ago


    sooo today is my 18th birthday woohoo! And I've been reflecting a bit cause turning 18 is supposed to be a pretty big thing.

    So here are 18 things I've learned that are pretty decent things to know!

    (Even if you know these things already, they're a pretty good reminder!)

    1. Even if you don't always see eye to eye, always respect your parents. They brought you into this world and they can sure as hell take you out of it too

    2. Appreciate your friends. They're all pretty good people, so try to be as supportive and encouraging as you can cause they'll have your back too

    3.  Be nicer to your sibling (s)! In the future,  you'll need them a lot more than you do now! They're family, and that's what matters

    4. Don't mix milk with anything citrus. The milk will curdle and give you stomach aches and bad poops

    5. Take care of yourself! If you don't take care of the machine you live in, it will break down! Take breaks, drink water, and get lots of rest!

    6. It's not always fun to stay at the YMCA. Trust me

    7. Accept constructive criticism with open arms. Most people who provide good criticism want to see you improve at whatever you're doing! Don't think that their criticism is a judgement on you! They're just trying to help!

    8. Be open minded. Going into things with an open mind, will let you enjoy whatever you're doing a lot more! And if it's with people, you might discover something new about yourself, and the other person will appreciate not being judged

    9. Get your goddamn flu shot. The pick of a needle is a lot less painful than what will happen when you get the flu. Save yourself the pain and discomfort, just get the shot.

    10. Not everyone will like you, and that's fine! You might not be their cup of tea, and you should be cool with that! Don't take it personally!

    11. If you are struggling with anything, seek help. If it's homework, and personal issues, finding help will always be the best thing to do, instead of keeping it to yourself and trying to deal with it alone. People want to help, you just need to go find that help.

    12. Be yourself! This is very cliche, but being who you truly are is the best person you can be! You will find people who will like you for you! And it's a lot less draining  than being fake!

    13. Treat yourself occasionally! Whether it's watching a tv show you like, or getting a cookie, treat yourself sometimes! Life is hard, and we all deserve nice things!

    14. Nothing lasts forever. Friendships and relationships will end, and bad times will come for all of us, but remember that it won't last forever. Power through it,  keep your head on your shoulders,  and stay strong! You can do it!

    15. Embrace change. Change is really scary, but instead of running from it, embrace it with open arms. Accepting change will make the process much easier in the future.

    16. You're past mistakes don't define who you are. We've all messed up in our lives, but don't let those things hold you back. Use those things as learning experiences and push forward!

    17. Laughing will always make you feel better! Feeling sad? Watch a funny video and laugh! You will always feel better! 

    18. You are incredible and you are loved. There is someone out there who loves you even if you don't feel loved. You're an amazing person, so don't let the hard times get you down. I love you ♡

    Steph xx

  • Is anybody else having problems with the RT Mobile App?

    1 month ago

    Melement Proud Hufflepuff

    I can't log in but also when i try to watch a video in guest mode that also doesn't work because none of them will load. Not even the thumbnails :/ I already sent a bug report and an email (no reply yet) but I'm actually just curious if anybody else has had similar problems? 

  • Lost, need new friends here haha

    1 month ago


    after like 4 years of not being on the site I decided to come back on. Was hoping my friends were still here but I guess not. Also I’m lost on how to use the site. I’m happy that there’s an app now. But can you post journals on the app or just the site? Also need new friends on here. I’m cool :) Hahah