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  • Quebec City

    1 month ago


    Hey everyone, just wanted to reach out to find other members of the RT community in Quebec city. Kinda wanna meet up downtown, play some board games or video games and get to know yall. We can also discuss MTL Comic con as the Cast of RWBY (mr Jones himself michael)  will be there, and id like to let them know that The RT community is in QC too! (maybe get them aware of the the QC Comic con in October as well. who knows, maybe we could even get the one and only Miles Luna  to visit, take him to Ashtons and ruin his life with real Poutine??? or even Gavin show him how the frenchies here party??? just saying could be some fun times guys!) 

    long tangent aside, RT COMMUNITY UNITE!!!!... and join for board games and video games please and thank you. we can chill in french too if yall wanna do that ;) 

  • My RT Community Card Exchange cfinally made it, a touch late, but much appreciated. I'll

    5 months ago


    @RoosterTeeth @curiouslykatie

     It finally made it, a touch late, but much appreciated. I'll also make sure to stream my gift once I get some time.

  • FANEXPO 2017

    7 months ago

    little_mixer Verified Nerd

    So excited for FANEXPO Vancouver in less than 2 weeks! My cosplays are pretty much ready to go, minus a few minor details.  So excited to debut these cosplays that have caused me to work my ass off (i'm going as agent moose from ELR and as a casual mad queen), plus i'm excited for the community meet-up/photoshoot on the first day of the con.  Cannot wait to meet up with fellow members of the community!  Pics will be before and during the con

  • Why I Am Not A Coach (6/30/2017)

    10 months ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    As seen on:

    My Website


    *I used to post a lot here. Not sure why I stopped. Maybe it was due to lack of time or I just wasn't reaching an audience to make it worth it. I'm going to try and make a larger effort to do so. I write things that are in my brain and try and share them for no real particular reason other than to just post into the internet void. If you do end up reading, it's much appreciated.*


    It’s something I’ve never felt I had to write about explaining myself because it is a career path I never considered. Since I am now displaying my life much more in internet writing, I felt this might be something people would want to read. At least for those who know me, it’s possible this is of interest.

    I fell in love with running at age 14, where most high school kids are actually introduced to running by participating in cross country or track & field. I was not a natural athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess I liked being what I thought was a good athlete in these sports. I was average at best, but a contributor in the sense I scored the occasional point in a competition.

    It’s funny because I remember some people in high school in disbelief that I wouldn’t be competing in college. Those are the people who aren’t seeing the real picture. A 4:48 mile doesn’t get you in the door in Division I, it’s almost a charity to let you walk on in Division II with the expectation you’re most likely going to be cut, and you’re probably in the top 7 on a Division III team. I also destroyed my legs to the point I wake up in pain every single morning. Sacrificing that much to be an average athlete in high school (yes, in the grand scheme of things a 4:48 mile is pretty average in high school)? Well, that’s another explanation for another day.

    Now that I’m starting the fourth paragraph, I guess I could explain why coaching has never been in my life view. First off, I work a 9–5, so coaching is unrealistic because you can’t fully invest in your athletes, high school or college level. That’s just the simple, cop out answer though because it’s so easy to say.

    The real answer is this. I’ve talked about how I destroyed my legs in high school to the point that trying to even jog produces unbelievable pain. 2 rounds of PT in a span of 5 years treating a problem that no specialist has any idea to what’s going on was a waste of money. If I can’t keep my own running body healthy, how am I expected to keep the bodies of high school athletes healthy? Now I’ve designed my own coaching philosophy as kind of a “what if”, but I feel I couldn’t go through with it. I have knowledge that could be useful in coaching, but at the end of the day, I have no confidence that I could produce athletes with results and that I’d ultimately break them. They’d never see their true potential due to that. I understand injuries come with sport, but mitigating that is a result of good coaching and smart athletes. Could I coach well? I have no idea and I’ve kept myself out of trying for this very reason. Plus the 9–5 thing too. Scheduling is so unrealistic.

    I will admit, however, during my time volunteering at my high school track team, there is a sense of satisfaction watching athletes do well. Definitely enough to break some of my own rules in order to make coaching happen. Who knows if it’s in the cards for me? Something to really think about as time goes on.

  • Minecraft Leaderboard (UPDATED 6/7/2014)

    10 months ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    Avoid the spoilers by watching the Let's Play. Come on, I know you got time.

    Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 106 - Bodyguards

    Congratulations to Team Lads on their recent victory in "Bodyguards". With their experience in the "Lava Walls" Let's Play, they were able to once again pull out the win, killing all of Team Gent's villagers. So check out the new numbers below.


    As always, check out the spreadsheet so you know the victories from each Let's Play done.

    Also congratulations to RoosterTeeth on reaching this goal in their indiegogo campaign! $650,000 in about 10 hours and it continues to climb! Also they have reached their first stretch goal of $750,000, which will now bring back 6 episodes of "Game Time" to the Let's Play channel. I'm excited to see what their next goal will bring! Track their progress in the following link.

    You guys are awesome.

  • Please Help

    11 months ago


    For those of you who don't know gymnastics has always been my second home, it is something extremely close to my heart and I can hardly put into words how hard what we are going through is, but I will try..

    Last year I stepped away from my dream job and running RTAB because my family desperately needed help with our family business, the only gymnastics club of its kind in the city. We found a building owned by a local mall, but it had been destroyed since the last business went out of business years ago and  the reapo company literally just ripped everything out. While it was empty it also had 2 floods from burst pipes which destroyed the floors, walls and ceiling. My family and I put our life saving and my grandfathers inheritance; who passed away last summer; into fixing up this building. It took 2 months, a little over $40,000 and countless volunteers of families, children and grandparents hard work to make our space beautiful again. We had our dream home for the gym.

    Unfortunately the mall and leasing company (Rio Can) only saw this as an opportunity, they took one at our now beautiful space and said, "Wow this place is actually show-able now, you can afford it anymore" not joking that is word for word what they said to our face. They nearly immediately had already shown and sold our space out from under us and cut our lease with over 4 months still left to go. We were given 60 notice to leave. 

    As most of you know most businesses do not even come close to breaking even in their first year, and we were no different. All of our money is in drywall, paint, ceiling tiles, things we can't take with us or sell to get any money back. My family literally has nothing left, we have given our heart, soul and money to this gym and our kids. We are living off credit cards and hoping another car doesn't break on us. We can not afford a new place without help, over 400 kids are now left with no indoor activity in Millwoods (that part of the city) and my family is losing a much need source of income. 

    Please have a look at our go fund me and donate if you can, at this point I'm not joking when I say every cent counts! If you can't donate please share as much as you can. All money will be going to a down payment and city permits for a new home

    Thank-you for reading <3

  • Introductions: Hi there!

    1 year ago

    ailsarocks FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Stylist

    Hello loves! Thanks again to all of you who were so lovely and helpful! I won't gush but things are good.  barbara

    So I started thinking again (uh oh) about the #RTCommunity. Folks come and go all the time, groups are established and others fade away. Podcasts, regional groups, general interest... there's a lot out there!

    What I would like, is an update of sorts on what is still around! Seems like people stumble upon my journals a fair bit so I'd like to help them find any active community members and their groups to join! So if you could, if you have a moment, could you introduce yourself, and talk about any projects you're working on, or any groups you run here and what folks can do to join or help! I'm genuinely curious myself to see what you lovelies are up to!  caboose

    I'll start:

    I'm Ailsa, I am kept busy with Rooster Teeth is Fashionable: a group you should join if you love to represent Rooster Teeth or any of it's branches by wearing the merch your own unique way.

    I also lend a hand however I can with RT Scotland: a group for everyone but primarily organising meet-ups for community members in Scotland. Same with the Rooster Teeth Safe Room: a group that provides a safe place and information for those who have experienced cyberbullying. It's also paired with leading charity Cybersmile, so you know the advice is sound.

    I also help "off the radar" on various other groups but the admins can talk about the groups themselves! As for current projects, I'm toying with the idea of bringing back my "Fashion Stamp of Approval" articles, which feature you, the community, and how amazing you look in your RT merch. Let me know if you'd be up for consideration by dropping me a DM!

     arrow_down arrow_down arrow_down OK, YOUR TURN!! Comment below please!  arrow_down arrow_down arrow_down

    ...while I wait I shall watch this gif of an adorable baby owl getting it's head floofed.  heart_eyes


  • Let the fight begin...

    1 year ago

    Izayer Keeper of Stories

    So who here is competitive? Who here likes Over Watch? Who here has a PC? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions than I would like to invite you to the RT Community tournament. In celebration of Over Watch turning one year old there will be a competition on PC for bragging rights to see who is the best. For more information let's redirect you here. If you are interested in representing MD in this blood fest, go to the sidebar and follow the link to our #gaming chat to be picked for the tournament. 







  • Happy Birthday Rooster Teeth!

    1 year ago

    FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X5

    Rooster Teeth is 14 today! That's crazy! Even though I've only been in this community for almost 3 years, Rooster Teeth has, in leaps and bounds, changed my life. Going to RTX, and then being a Guardian for RTX (and the upcoming RTX London!) has given me my own little family within the RT community, and I couldn't be more grateful. I have made my best friends here, friends I talk to every day, friends I travel across the country to see, and it's all thanks to Rooster Teeth.

    So Happy Birthday, to the best community out there! I love you all a lot, and can't wait to see what year 14 brings us!

  • Merch March Photo Collection 1

    1 year ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    It's time for some #MerchMarchChallenge fun from over on twitter!



    Hey and are you celebrating ? has offered up a challenge for us. Join me, won't you?




    Some early for


    Bonus :

    Any day can be Mardi Gras if the USPS tries hard enough!

    Great this month. I got one of the signed .


    I forgot the picture AGAIN and I haven't even used the glass yet.



    Some merch just brings together an outfit.



    My favorite on a lazy Sunday is the Chronicles of Blood Gulch.



    Today's Camp Campbell Camp Councilor Fashion Tip: Dress for the seasonal weather! #MerchMarchChallenge



    I've gotta be careful tweeting all this copywrited material during #MerchMarchChallenge




    I have 2 RvB books. The nice one my friend got me.

    And then there's this asshole...




    There's only one TOP way to save for more Merch during




    The best thing about and the #MerchMarchChallenge is it lets me channel my silly.

    It's like a benign version of Shenanigans!



    My RT travel cup had a leak in the lip, so I made a fun brush cup for my woodworking. #MerchMarchChallenge






    What's really helped with this 's #MerchMarchChallenge is this notebook. More office supplies in would be cool.


    And that's it so far.  How are you celebrating Merch March?  I hope you're having fun and don't just let me know.  @ailsarocks is not only interested, she's the one who came up with the challenge.

    Unrelated, I'm hard at work on Update #22.  Planning on it coming out mid-week.


  • RT Community Day 12/16- Let's Get Sociable, Sociable

    1 year ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    I wanna be Sociable, Sociable

    And now that I've got whatever Olivia Newton John images crossed with me in your head that you came up with, let's celebrate another day in the RT community!


    The irony being if I'd have only waited a day to post the last 008 update, we'd have a big ol' post for today. 

    As always let's try copying an image from a remotely hosted internet source...

    <img src=:large" data-width="720" data-height="900">

    Well, there's text this time...  That's a start.

    For this #rtcommunityday's actual picture of me in RT swag (usually accompanied by a joke), you can always check out my twitter or intstagram.  There's also always facebook where I think its time my RT Community stuff started spreading as well, I just feel I need more RT Community people there to appreciate it.

    I have other shameless plugs too.  I'm a routine member of RT_Seattle and I'm sure the fine ladies in charge would love to have you at one of our events if you can make it.

    Have a PS3 or PS4?  I'm making the transition soonish to the current/next gen.  While I revel in bigger Minecraft worlds and finally discover the next chapter of the inFAMOUS saga, I'll probably need help boosting up my Warlock in Destiny.  Look out for GEEK-008 in the Tower and other games.

    Lest we forget, I've always valued the on-site community too.  So much so that I am trying a new way to us to know each other better in leu of my old Tuesday Question Days.  Ask me a question by the 25th and see what happens (or follow the link).

    And, as it's December I'll leave you all with one of my favorite RT holiday videos. 

    Happy Whatever-you-celebrate!

    I've got a cheddar, bacon, roast beef, and chive flatbread to go devour.














  • West + East Coast Traveling~

    1 year ago


    I've literally not been at my house for over a month just traveling places. I really love traveling and seeing/meeting new people, and I especially love meeting those part of the RT Community. A particularly fond moment I had during my travels was when a guy high-fiving me in the middle of Times Square because he liked my X-Ray Shirt (that moment blew my mind). (ノ≧∀≦)ノ I get so happy when stuff like that happens ✌[/green]

  • Seattle Event(s) HYPE!

    1 year ago


    Wow. I haven't posted a journal entry in a while! (I blame laziness). Its kinda hard to get back into writing journals when you haven't posted in forever. Don't worry I'll try to be better and write more often.

    Update on my life: Last month I got back from my three week long trip to Asia! I visited Taiwan, Cambodia, and Thailand~ I love the foods, the languages, and all the shopping everywhere all the time. I also saw family and hung out around downtown Bangkok during the New year. Side Note: I would also like to add that after coming back to America, I forgot how to drive on the right side of the road and without speeding/cutting so that has completely messed me up. Since then, I've pretty much been chauffeured around (is that how you spell chauffeured? really?). Anyways, everything was all fun and much better than Seattle.

    But ... I guess living in Seattle does has some perks! Here are some events I am attending!

    March 27th - 29th ~ Emerald City Comic-con: Dante Basco (FIRE LORD ZUKO/Rufio/General Iroh), Jenna Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald), Levar Burton HYPE. (Plus many others!) I am so excited for possibly meeting so many great people (plus its kinda near my birthday! 19!) WHAT WILL I WEAR? 11th Doctor Cosplay? Attack on Titan Cosplay? oh the worries of a girl.

    April 3rd - 5th ~ Sakura-Con: Confirmed Attending! lol late with registering but who cares. SHOUJO MANGA. This would probably be the best time to wear my Attack on Titan Cosplay. Think of all the great stuff that will be there. All of the cosplaying and SHOUJO MANGA.

    tumblr_n98uujr2_PG1tct66to1_r1_250.pngtumblr_n98uujr2PG1tct66to2_r1_250.png. <3

    August 28th - 31st ~ PAX-PRIME: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. no words. I can't wait to meet Ray and everyone from RT who is going! (also the community duh.)

    They feel forever away and I'm super excited! I hope I can meet people from the RT Community :) That would be incredible!

  • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: Double Gold Box October 2016

    1 year ago

    ailsarocks FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Stylist

    Hello my dears! My goodness, #rtcommunityday snuck up on me this month! I feel like it was only recently I was writing the article for the last one! But here we are, mid way through November ALREADY. Time: you need to calm your shit.

    As always please post your #rtcommunity pics on twitter using that hashtag so I can see! I love checking out your unique styles!

    Anyway, as predicted the October RT Box was spooky themed! Here's a little inventory list of what we got this month:

    - An Achievement Hunter Beanie hat.
    - The Funhaus Freakshow Shirt.
    - 5 piece glow in the dark RWBY button pack.
    - Gus' face mask. Yup.
    - Let's Play logo shot glass.
    - RWBY Tote Bag.
    - RT Store $5 gift code.
    - Card written by Michael.

    As I write this I just realised I didn't actually get the AH beanie in my box. I'll get that sorted! *EDIT: Shoutout to Sheena from RT Support you absolute babe!* I want to style the pieces I did receive. Now, with this being a Halloween themed box, you might think that you could only use these things at the spookiest time of year. Wrong! The super stylish Funhaus shirt has a great autumnal feel, with a slight alternative edginess to it.

    Being a Funhaus piece, I was delighted to dust off my orange sunglasses. There is still a little sun here in Scotland! Banish Winter blues and shine brightly in bold hues of orange, red and gold! I'm still waiting for my Funhaus Logo lightweight scarf. Just sayin'!


    Or, if you'd like to play on that alternative edge, get your chokers back out, rock a little black leather. All genders suit this season's hottest offering: leather panelling. My coat is wool with leather bucket pockets, leather cuffs and leather panelling along the bottom half too. It's a great way to smarten up your everyday outfit while still adding a little alt attitude!


    As for footwear, I would recommend some cute creepers if the weather is still dry with you. However, mine would get utterly ruined due to Scotland's wintery weather so I've had to opt for some boots. Go for a little heel to elongate shorter legs, or go flat to stay comfortable! Why not try some military style or biker boots? These beauts are from All Saints. But style it your way!


    I love that the RWBY bag has that darker feel to it too, tying into this look perfectly. Another great feature is that it's fairly waterproof, as I got to test out when I went shopping today!


    Well there we are! I hope you enjoy this look as much as I loved wearing and styling it! Hmmm, I'm wondering what the theme might be for the November box... any guesses? Winter? Party? I suppose we will find out soon.

    Stay Fashionable ;)

  • Happy RT Community Day 10/2016!

    1 year ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

     pyrrha HEL-LO! RT Community! pyrrha

    Can I easially post pictures yet?



    Oh well!  The new site will be the new site. 

    I'll put a pic up on twitter later, but I've got to say here and now Happy #rtcommunityday!

    Boy oh-boy is this a big one for me.  It's finale weekend, which means a write-up of the Summer of Animation is on its way. 

    RWBY v4 is also premiering soon!  I'm very excited!

    And there's personal importance to this one too, I just realized we're a month away from entering the eighth year of this profile (I had one way back, took a break, and forgot the info).  It also is about this time eleven years ago that I first became aware of a web-series where the character a friend thought I would identify with the most died in the sixth episode.

    Not everyone has seen RvB, so I think putting something out to the general RT community should be more general. 

    So, gang, I really appreciate the RT-Community, it's been a part of my life for years and I'm going to be showing you all how much its meant to me soon in a large post (not just an Update) and in throwing my hat in for Guardianship sometime in the next few weeks. 

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I was gonna start doing a RT-Song-of-the-Month Thing.  There's a way more appropriate one for next month, but I've got one for you now too after thinking a bit about it.

    A big shout-out to the RT Animation Team after all their hard work on the Summer of Animation and as they go into the new volume of RWBY!  Your enthusiasim and dedication cannot be described.  But here's one of your leads doing his damnedest to try! 

     purple_heart-U All!


    TAG BAG:
















  • Saving up for RTX 2017

    1 year ago

    little_mixer Verified Nerd

    So after I heard about all the fun times that were had (and feeling the thirst of wanting to go again after going in 2014), i've made up my mind that i want to go to RTX 2017. There were so many community members (HemboHero and MurderOfBirds specifically) and of course, members of the RT staff that i wanted to meet and give big old hugs to. Now, i know its an unrealistic to go to RTX with the goal of meeting your favourite personalities being your driving force, having gone previously. Fact of the matter is, there is a SHIT TON of stuff going on and you may not get to half of the booths/activities/panels/signings you plan on getting to because, like i said, there is SO much going on. My advice is to soak it all in and let whatever happens happen and if that happens to include "accidentally" running into an RT staff member, then so be it. I wish i would've followed some of my own advice when i went. But on the plus side, i got to both AH panels AND all the centre stage events they did that year, so that was good...Here's to being able to go to RTX 2017!!!!

    **Love how this turned into me giving semi helpful advice, lol**

  • Post-RTX thoughts

    1 year ago

    YooniqueKwon I'm a lot of things, but

    RTX 2016 came and went, and July 4th did the same.

    For me and my friends who came with me, RTX 2016 was our first RTX.

    Put it simply, RTX 2016 was absolutely amazing.


    Meeting all the people I've looked up to basically felt like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of way. And the panel, what can I say? Hilarious, fun and in one case, informative and very helpful.

    I didn't get to meet all of my community friends who were present at the con; completely failed to meet @Caszie though :( Oh well, maybe next time. But I did get to meet @bellison...


    ...Twice, actually :p..


    ..and @lambency


    (Both are even more cooler in person :D)

    I even made some new friends like @thisisjodi, @Sopholley, and @Ramundose; now who says internet friends aren't real friends?

    I also have a vlog coming up which hopefully should better explain how my first RTX experience went.

    Bottom line, I had an amazing time and have already started saving up so I can hopefully go next year as well XD

    If you haven't been to RTX yet, save up and go. I promise it's worth the money.

    'till next time, then.

  • Video Tour of the Server for RTX!

    1 year ago


    I made a video tour to show the attendees of our panel at RTX.

    Can't make the panel? Well, watch the video and then sit around for another hour or so, it'll be like you were with us the whole time!

  • Seed Move is

    1 year ago


    So this came up a little faster than anticipated, but due to poor planning and some free time, I'm hoping to have the new seed ready on Friday or Saturday for people to move in.

    Hopefully, anyway,...there isn't too much left to do.

    Tentative Timeline:

    Have your chests ready at /warp move by Friday at 9pm CST.

    Then I will take the server down sometime on Saturday morning to do all the backend switcheroos.

    Saturday I will notify as soon as I have an idea when the world will be open. NOTE: The server may be "Up" but unaccessible for awhile.

    The new capitol is bigger than previous but contains most functions of the current Capital City in one building.

    There are some important changes to note:

    A note to note on the note of changes. The changes are subject to change.

    The Move:

    The move will be VERY limited. Check "/rules move" in-game for details. NO buildings are going. Fresh start.

    The Economy:

    Shops will be off at the start. Except for a few trade signs at the Capital.

    The mob kill payment will also be off, basically because the economy needs a re-tool and the other systems that were also re-tooled were a priority.

    This will give people a chance to get settled in before having to think about shops and money.

    The Capital:

    From the start the Capital will have plots for players to build houses in, if they want. There is a property system setup to allow you to own a piece of the Capital. The details are under "/rules Plots"

    The new capitol building contains 4 wings containing systems for the server. The Admin, Community, Helpful and Civics Wings.

    They each contain different features, with some overlapping functions.

    The World:

    The world will be going back to a more vanilla MC style in certain aspects.
    Creeper damage, fire spread, etc. will be ON.
    Protections will be lowered, but punishments will be harsh. Anyone exploiting the changes for ill will get an ass full of foot.

    Difficulty will also be raised, because you’re all badasses.

    This isn’t definite, but just something we are trying to see if makes the world more interesting.

    Established towns will be given protections against mobs.

    The main world is the o


    Residency is changing. You now are an official resident of one town only. You may have houses in multiple still but will only count and get town benefits from 1 town.

    Towns will get a dynmap marker and Capital listing at 5 residents. At 10 residents the town will be zoned for mob protection, inclusion in the transportation system may also come at 10.


    The newb entry to the world will be different. New players will have to pass a short quiz to gain "Player" status (current gray level). This is to make sure you are playing with people that at least read a decent amount of the rules.

    When someone has a [Newb] title you may welcome them, but leave them alone while they do their homework. :D

    Uhh...I think that's it for now.

    *whew* Beer? yeah...

  • C'mon people, let's act like adults here...

    2 years ago

    little_mixer Verified Nerd

    Given all the recent drama in the Roosterteeth community and within the company itself, i feel as though some people are being less than civil towards RT staff and towards fellow RT community members. As we are all fully aware, even if we won't willingly admit it, there are always two sides to every story. I'm sure there are elements of truth in the open letter (we all know which one I'm referring to) and on Roosterteeths side of things. All i have to say about this is lets not point fingers or attack each other and/or staff members of Roosterteeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus etc. We are, in a lot of ways, a family and i don't know about any one person specifically, but i wouldn't treat my family like that on assumption alone...i'm trying to speak from a non subjective 3rd party viewpoint so as not to cause any unnecessary flare ups of drama...

    Rant over...

    Resume your normally scheduled lives...

  • Uhhhhhhh.......I can explain : What took you so long

    2 years ago


    Hey Rooster Teeth community, long time no see (well no see me, because of the whole 'not a member' thing). I just thought I'd share how I got here.

    It all started when I got born, stuff happened and then my friend who knew I was a massive fan of Halo like he was showed me Red vs Blue. This was back in the days of season one and I loved those those episodes. We must have misquoted those digital pieces of gold thousands of times "What like a Puma?", "Like a blue spider; get it off","Not a morale boost you idiot, a physical one". Classic!

    I kept getting my fix of RvB from friends from school and the laugh kept coming......for a time.

    But alas, my time with Rooster Teeth was numbered and we drifted apart as the community took off and flourished without me. This could be seen as a regret I have, as I could have been at the forefront of the RT community....or not, it's a big world and I had many other parts in it.

    Fast forward to when I got internet again after a lot of time away (due to a thing) and I was looking through you tube and this thing called "Lets Play Minecraft" was all over the recommended for you portion of youtube. Honestly I was having non of it and I even once clicked on it and watched about 30 seconds and my conclusion was "aww, its just some British dude playing Minecraft...lame" hahahahaha. Then I came across an RTAA, which led me to the Rooster Teeth Podcast.

    Now imagine my surprise when I see this. As far as I knew Rooster Teeth were the guys who made RvB in a bedroom. So my reunion with RT began with the Rooster Teeth Podcast, with the guy that sounded like Simmons and the other one that sounded like Church, some British dude and a Canadian chick who made shit loads of Puns........I f**king love puns. Now I was just watching the Podcasts off of youtube and they were coming out on a Tuesday or something so every Wednesday I'd do my ironing while watching the podcast. Not always ironing but thats what I remember. So thanks to the RT Podcast I was back into the Rooster Teeth fold.

    Naturally I moved onto the Lets Play channnel and the guy who sounded like Grif. I loved these because it was just like playing games with mates, giving each other shit and making jokes.

    Now I'm hooked on the content and people of Rooster Teeth. Its about time I became apart of the community which I feel I have always been apart of, even if I wasn't on the site.

    Hey RT community, nice to finally meet you.

  • Surgery Update!

    2 years ago



    My father surgery date has been scheduled for sometime in Mid May.

    Please help spread the word! In 1 week I have managed to raise $237 across 5 donors and the end goal is $25K. Please to anyone who has read these post or has even donated (Thank you,) spread the word please!

    Thank you for listening


  • I saw my father cry.

    2 years ago


    I feel like I should share this.

    My father in my eyes is the strongest man I know. When my parents split up back in elementary he took care of me while my mother used me to do everything she didn't want to do. Grocery shopping, picking up her medicine, going to the bank, doing her mail, etc. But my father took care of me, to the best of his abilities. Growing up with him I never saw him cry. He may have done it while I was at school, but he never showed me his tears. He always said "don't worry, things will get better eventually." But they never did, at least they never did In elementary or high school. I was always picked on and made fun of but I kept going. I read my books, played my video games and eventually made my first best friend. I led a normal school life, I cried, I bled, I dated, fell in love, got dumped and graduated. My father was so proud of me. He may have teared up a little, but I never saw him cry.

    Together, my father and I lived in a bachelor suit. That's right. Just me, him and our tiny little dog named purdy. I lived in that bachelor suit with my father from 6th grade up until high school graduation. I never complained, but was always secretly jealous of my friends having their own room. But my dad, was my dad. He never dragged me through the mud, he always tried to provide me with the best of things I could have asked for. When he knew I finally needed a computer, he got me one. Granted it was a shitty and I was in 9th grade, it was a computer. I did my homework(to an extent) I read my books and kept reading and played video games like no tomorrow. The reason my father and I lived in that bachelor suit was because that's all the he could afford in the city I grew up in. With the shitty pay he was getting as well as his "want to give me the best" he did his best and I could not be more proud and grateful towards him. I may resent him at times, but never the sacrifices he made to raise me. I never saw him cry.

    We have moved twice since that bachelor suit. Now I have my own room. Granted I'm married but I'm taking care of him till his surgery is over. When we found out he had to get heart surgery he was shaken, but he kept his composure. Today I woke up to get ready for work, I wake up before the sun to leave before the sun. My father likes to sleep in, but today I walked by his room only to hear him sobbing by his bed. I saw and heard him do something I haven't seen him do since my mother and him split up, he was kneeing, he was crying, and he was praying. I haven't seen my father pray in forever, I'm not religious myself but to see. Him not only cry but pray as well was heartbreaking to say the least. When you father says to you all throughout high school "there is no God, you need to make your own path and make the right choices" you believe him. My father was praying that he would find a way to live past his surgery, he was crying cause he was scared he wouldn't see his grandchildren. I listened for a moment and almost started crying myself. To see the strongest person in your life cry and beg "God" for help, while pretending to be strong infront of his only son, it hurts you. Today was the first time, in a long time I've seen my father cry.

    Please, even if you don't want to or cannot donate, share this link. please help my father just a little. Because a little in this family, goes a long way and means everything. I don't want to see my father cry again.

    Thank you for reading.


  • Help fund me

    2 years ago


    Hey, my name is Jon. I am a newly and happily married man, 22 years of age. At home I am a severe introvert who wants nothing to do with the outside world and its inhabitants, but once I get outside (forced to go outside) I am a polite and outgoing individual. I don't like going outside much. I have been a RoosterTeeth and an RvB fan since I was in 6th grade. My friend Michael introduced me to RvB and I was hooked. "Fuck this, fuck that, what the fuck here, what the fuck there" my father hated it, he hated RvB but was okay with me watching South Park... Sometimes I don't get him. But eventually he saw that it made me happy, genuinely happy, something other than video games, books and homework (yes, at the time I liked doing my homework.) Fast forward a couple of years, I get married and now it's the present. As I said I am a 22 year old that hates the world but pretends to love it for his job. But I can honest to god say I love RT and its community. I have always been a proud long standing RT fan. Though one of the quite RT fans, an RT fan nonetheless. I hate people, I hate social media (High school was a cruel and unforgiving cyber bully.) but RT and its community is where I feel most at home. Though I act like an outsider looking in. I have fun. RT as as whole is a home for anyone like me. That I can truly say.

    So here is where this post comes in. Not too long ago my mother was in ICU dying of 2 kidney failures. (Have you ever seen someone you love unconscious and hooked up to a breathing tube?) unfortunately she is not a candidate for dialysis because of her history with cancer and the medicine she takes for her schizophrenia. At that time the doctor came to my father and I telling us that we might have to decide what to do with my mothers life. That is not something you want to hear months before your wedding. But my father and I waited it out and eventually my mother got better. The nurses and doctors kept saying stuff like "she should be dead" or "I'm surprised she's still alive." Unfortunately for her her memory started going after that, but fortunately for her we were able to get her into a care home. That is not where the fun ends.

    2 months ago my father went for an angiogram. But during the procedure they found out his heart was far too clogged and that an angiogram would be pointless. It's heart surgery that he would need. Thinking it was just a standard double to triple bypass, 3 weeks ago we found out that the right side of his heart is 80% clogged and it was going to have to be six-seven bypass surgery. Which in turn would be an excess of money out of our pocket. Money we don't have because my father is not fully covered.

    I have put all my savings and so has my father just to put towards his upcoming medical bill. But it's not enough. We are roughly 35 thousand short. And with his heart surgery coming up within the next 2 months. I am stressing out. So I am turning to the RT community. RT community, you're my only hope. I have watched silently since RT was just starting. Where the main cast of anything was Burnie, Joel, Matt and Goeff. I've watched RT break boundaries, make strides larger than anything I could make. I've watch RT grow in a community that accepts everyone, that helps anyone, and let's everyone be who they are. I mean do fuck sakes they still have Miles working there and that guy is out there, I love him and every video he is in, specifically the Sponsor Alien Isolation lets plays, but that fucker is loud. I hate social media, but RT is a place where I feel like I won't get hated on for being me or run out of town for crying for help. RT and its community I am crying for help. Please help my family.

    Help me find my dads med bills.


    TLDR: a long time RT fan needs financial help for his father 6-7bypass heart surgery. Can you please help out?