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  • Extra Life Gym Badge Case

    8 months ago

    StingySeagul Hold on, let me explain

    Make your own Extra Life Gym Badge Case. Downloads and guide at 


  • View Extra Life Segment Notes

    8 months ago


    If anyone has missed any part of the Extra Life stream today, I have a spreadsheet at:

  • Panel Prep for RTX 2018 - Broadcast Topics

    11 months ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    RTX! RTX! RTX!

    We are less than two weeks from RTX and we are getting some ideas for the broadcast panels. What would you like to know or hear from Broadcast? We will also be bringing some specials clips never seen before and BTS angles (maybe some with comms so you can hear what is going on during the production).

    Here are the two panels to submit your questions for

    •  - RT Broadcast: What the Tech just happened (August 3rd @ 12:30pm - ACC Meeting Room 6)
      • General Broadcast Topics
      • Tech and Configurations
      • Daily Routines
      • Crew
      • Storytime of when things went wrong
    • - RT Broadcast: Making Extra Life Extra Special (August 4th @ 10:00am - ACC Meeting Room 6)
      • Planning for Extra Life
      • Stages
      • Moments
      • How to pull off 24 hours of streaming
      • What ever else Nick comes up with

    Let us know what you want to hear from the broadcast team and get excited for RTX! Both panel's are first thing in the morning so great way to start off your days!

    See you all soon!

  • #RTExtralife

    1 year ago

    priisholm carlp

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated in this years Extra Life, and a giant thank you to everyone at Roosterteeth. It warms my heart every year, espacially when my brother and my dad has been at the hospital a lot as kids. It's just so amazing to see people caring <3

  • Extra Life 2017 is 100% fantastic

    1 year ago

    coffeemug pal, buddy

    November 11th in Canada means nothing is open, and there really is nothing to do, so I am doing and have been doing the 24 hr stream, and its been such a great experience, so many memorable moments, thanks for this yet again you awesome people

  • 30 away from $400

    1 year ago

    grif_indor Time2Goob

    Thanks to a fantastic donation by my office, I am $30 away from $400. Cheers! #RTExtralife

    DONATEWATCH!  doc.png

  • Borderlands Gameplay [PC] (Part 2)

    1 year ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    I assume everyone is watching the Extra Life stream, but going to share my latest video upload in Borderlands for consistency. Enjoy the stream and your weekend!

  • Extra Life 2017 Final Countdown

    1 year ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    The day has finally come. *Extra Life 2017!!*

    A lot of work from a group of very talented people will finally be shown to the World. But the event is so much more than just a production. I can't thank everyone enough for helping fund this cause I have grown to care so much for. 

    While I want to show and tell you everything, some things are worth waiting for and this is one of them. Here is what I can fill you in for now. 

    Streaming - YouTube/Site/App/Twitch/Facebook (YouTube Rooster Teeth and TheKnow) Youtube on RT and site will also have a mutlicam feature to switch between main feed and BTS feed (BTS will include PiP of main feed as well so you dont miss anything)

    Archiving/Recording -

    YouTube won't post 24 hour stream and twitch will only keep for a few days after. We are recording a low res version good for the web. We will check file size and where to post. Details most likely after stream event. I hear everyone wanting the recording to watch again - we will do what we can. 


    Best way to contact is #rtextralife. Working to make YT and Twitch chat accessible to all as well as a quick way to information. If you need to reach Broadcast - we will do our best to read #RTbroadcast 

    We are working with new software so names and donations will be worked on midstream hoping to find our solution. So do your worst to try and break our system (please play nice

  • Excited for Extra-Life!!

    1 year ago


    Hoping to help spread the reach even wider this year :)


  • Your #RTExtraLife Everything You Need Post!

    1 year ago

    jack I Like Lego

    Aloha folks!

    We are just a mere hours away from the kick off of Rooster Teeth's Extra Life Stream for 2017! Last weekend we held our second ever RT Community Extra Life stream, and as usual, our community kicked all kinds of ass.  We raised nearly $50,000 between the 25 teams that represented us all over the country!  As of this posting, we are sitting at just a hair under $100,000 for the year already! That is incredible and you should all be so proud of yourselves.

    Of course, all of that money donated so far goes towards our incredible goal of $1,000,000 raised by the end of our stream this Sunday! 

    Now then, let me rattle off a few answers to some common questions I have received.

    Q:) How can I donate?

    A:) You can donate directly to the Rooster Teeth Extra Life team right here:

    Q:) Where can I watch the stream?

    A:) You can watch our Extra Life stream at or on YouTube at or on Twitch at

    Q:) What if I don't have money to donate? How can I help?

    A:) SPREAD THE WORD! Please, if you aren't able to donate with money, please donate with time and exposure! Get on Twitter, on Facebook, Instagram, wherever, and let people know about our stream and what we are trying to do! We are going to raise a MILLION DOLLARS for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals all over the US and Canada with your help!

    Q:) What are the exclusive merchandise pieces I can buy?

    A:) You can pick up our exclusive Extra Life merchandise (of which, the proceeds go directly to Rooster Teeth's donation to Extra Life) right here:

    Q:) I missed out on the Community Extra Life pin during the Community Weekend, is there any way I can get it still?

    A:) You are in luck! We had some conversations internally and have decided to bring the For the Kids pin from our Community Weekend back for our main stream weekend! Again, proceeds from the purchase of the pin will go towards our Extra Life donation, so grab seven!

    Q:) I can't get to a computer during the 24 hours you guys are streaming, can I buy the Extra Life merchandise later?

    A:) Unfortunately no, part of the fun is the rush to get everyone watching us during our shenanigans and raising money! Please ask a friend to grab a shirt or poster or pin for you!

    Q:) Can I donate to Extra Life even after the stream ends?

    A:) Of course! Donations for Extra Life 2017 don't end until December 31st at Midnight of this year!

    Q:) When will Achievement Hunter / Funhaus / #2spooky / The Know / Whose Line / etc be on the stream? Is there a schedule somewhere?

    A:) We have never posted a schedule before as time slips quite a bit during Extra Life and you'll never know exactly when stuff happens.  We'll do our best to keep you informed as to when major groups will be on the broadcast though. (ie: Achievement Hunter will begin the stream from 8am-10am)

    Q:) Will anyone be playing games during Extra Life? Can I play with you?

    A:) This year we have dedicated game stations set up for our team to play games the entire 24 hours we are streaming.  We'll do our best to post information on how you can join them gaming.

    Q:) Is it too late to join the Rooster Teeth team for Extra Life? I want to stream soon!

    A:) It's never too late! We'd love to have you!  You can join our team or create your own team and become a sub-team of the Rooster Teeth Super Team here!

    Q:) I have a suggestion for a Wheel of Vengeance punishment or stretch goal!

    A:) Please post it below in the comments! We could always use more ideas.

    Q:) Do you guys have a medic/security on staff?

    A:) Yes, we have a medic nearby just in case Gavin lights himself on fire.

    Q:) Where can I get more information on Extra Life?

    A:) At their excellent website.


    I think covers every question I've heard.  If you have more, please ask below in the comments! 

    I cannot wait for this weekend and I can't wait for you guys to astound me again with your generosity.  Here's to $1,000,000!!!

  • Prepping for #RTExtraLife 2017

    1 year ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    IT'S HAPPENING! Talks of Extra Life 2017 are growing around the office and we are a few short weeks away. Here is the current schedule (All times in CT):
    Extra Life & Rooster Teeth Recruitment Stream
    Date: October 3rd, 2017
    Time: 5pm - 9pm
    Extra Life & Rooster Teeth Community Stream*
    Date: November 4th-5th, 2017
    Time: 8am - 8am
    Extra Life & Rooster Teeth Game Day Stream
    Date: November 11th-12th, 2017
    Time: 8am - 8am

    *=This runs into Daylight Savings so adjust your clocks accordingly

    Now is your time to get involved and let me know what you would like to see from this year's stream. Everything from stretch goal suggestions, games to be played, where you plan on watching and other technical details like graphics and layouts you would like to see.
    #RTExtraLife brings out the best in the community and this is just another chance to get involved. Of course - register with Extra Life and join us for the chaos that we hope will be a record breaking year.
    Thank you all and I'll see you in the prestream!

  • Rooster Teeth Extra Life 2016

    2 years ago


    Yesterday I uploaded a RT Extra Life 2016 Highlights video to YouTube. Though I couldn't donate this year, I'm still very proud of our community for raising so much money. 

    Go check it out and let me know what you think! <3  yang


  • RTExtraLife event

    2 years ago


    Alright... I'm late a day. But so what, huh? xD

    So... Rooster Teeth held once again one of their major events of the year, RTExtraLife. It was the first time i joined and enjoyed the lifestream as a member of RT community and I got to say, it was pretty awesome! 

    Unfortunately, i couldn't donate, because "no money no honey" at this period of time, but i hope i helped by watching the stream and telling others to watch it as well. 

    Plus congatulations to Lindsay and Michael for making an Extra Life.  heartbeat I wish them the best, and may their little one be blessed and in perfect health.  smile

    Shout out to all the Rooster Teeth employes. You guys did an amazing job, as always.  heart 

    So many things happened during the event, but the greatest achievement was that Rooster Teeth managed to gather more money than any other time (i believe). Congratulations once again to everyone. Thank you donators for your great generosity. For the Kids!

    Now, that's all i had to say for this. I know it's not very descriptive but as i have said before, i speak and write laconically... heh.  sweat_smile

    Peace out and take care of yourselves.  notes

  • Featured User and Extra Life

    2 years ago


    After years of being a fan and 3yrs on the site I was FU yesterday which feels so special and even more wonderful since it was during Extra Life where I was already on a love high (was that not the highlight of your year?!).

    This community has done so much for me and it was amazing to give back during Extra Life and that being made FU felt like a little thank you hug for the positivity I try to bring every day. Had I never discovered Rooster Teeth, I would have never met my husband and wouldn't be living happily in Austin with my incredible new friends and happy home.

    I'm so thankful for the laughter, tears, suspense, and joy that Rooster Teeth brings me, not only with their amazing content, but also with the wonderful community that has developed over the years. The employees at Rooster Teeth have the biggest hearts and the most admirable drive to keep creating amazing content for the fans they adore.

    My weekend was incredible. Not missing a moment of the 24hrs filled my heart with joy, donating really made me feel like I did my part for my city, and being made Featured User just completely won me over and made my heart sing.

    Thank you to everyone who wrote me nice comments, messages, and sent me a friend request. I love all of you <3 We did a wonderful thing this weekend!


  • RTExtra Life 2016

    2 years ago


    Now that it's been about 12 hours and I've slept and gotten my thoughts together, it's time for my yearly Extra Life post haha.

    People call me a little weird sometimes for having so much like and love
    for this group, but honestly, if you don't think their community is
    amazing for earning approx $898k USD for childrens hospitals, then I
    feel sorry for you. And who else can say they have a CEO who's willing
    to pull out a guitar and sing for everyone at the end of a choatic 24
    They beat out last years COMBINED total in about 16 hours and that is just amazing. Once again I am blown away and can't wait to see how generous the community is next year. Now the best way to round this off is with the closing speech and song from this years Extra Life.
    Thanks again you amazing community you.

  • My rtExtraLife promise

    2 years ago


     Yesterday during the rtExtraLife live stream as a RoosterTeeth and Achievement Hunter fan I said if the stream hits $630k before it ends that I would record my 10th time playing Dark Souls 1 and post it on my YouTube channel and on here the RT site, most know they did hit that mark and beyond. So when that mark was reached I turned on my Xbox 360 and press record on my phone, and played for an hour until I reached and beat the Bell Gargoyles, this is part 1/2 of my hour session.

  • Wow. just... Wow.

    2 years ago


    Another amazing Extralife fundraiser coming to an end, and what chaos has ensued. I don't even know how to describe how great these events are to participate in and even just to watch, and how important it is that we can manage to bring together the most divided and rage fueled population to come together for the kids to make these things possible. Thank you so much Rooster Teeth for everything you guys do and thank you for this past 24 hours of laughter, feels, and slight traumatic terror at the expense of your dignity, all for the kids. You're the best humans out there and I'm proud to be a part of such an amazing community. #rtextralife

  • Extra Life 2016

    2 years ago


    This year's ExtraLife has been hella wild: Mica's firing squad, hundreds of shots, the Jones baby, the Demarais-Flanagen baby, Rob Boss painting lessons, eating weird shit, drinking weird shit, and its only just past midnight

  • #RTExtraLife​

    2 years ago


    i cant handle michaels happiness and drunkness right now. im so happy and i can safely say that the Jones' saved 2016 for me

  • RT Family

    2 years ago


    I'm so happy that I was watching live when Lindsay and Michael announced their baby.

  • OMG!!

    2 years ago


    Yo Miles accepted my friend request!!! Can't wait to see you on #rtextralife #forthekids!!!

  • November 12th!

    2 years ago


    Just 3 more days until the 24hr Roosterteeth ExtraLife stream! Pretty excited, what about you guys?  blaine

    #rtextralife #forthekids #2016

    I'm so happy and proud of this community, I know I say this a lot.....but it's true! When something like this stream happens we just see the amount of heart that people have and love that! 

    And give it up for @jack, @Caiti, the cast and crew who are involved also, you ALL rock. Never change <3

  • Musings on ExtraLife 2015

    3 years ago


    Can you fall in love again?

    The day began with seeing Jack, Caiti Matt, Jeremy, Caleb, Geoff, and Millie, not an usual site so everything felt normal. The butterflies began when the clippers first touched Matt's head, now devoid of its locks, and grew as Jeremy took him into his arms for that special moment. As the hours ticked away and more Rooster Teethers graced the screen, the butterflies grew and I felt my heart turning to mush. They received my "I have a crush on you letter" in the form of libations, which I sent only to ensure that they were all hydrated. I witnessed a man from another land expel what was once within, the tasing of warrior, the beating a man in a wheelchair with raw sausages, listened to the soothing voice of an artist, and a tribute to a musical troupe on the mends, with too many more events in between to recall. I thought then, that the night could not be more special, but little did I know what was to occur.

    The events that unfolded in front of my eyes during, what will henceforth be known as the 2Spooky hours of 2015, will never be forgotten. A master was summoned who unleashed years of wisdom unto the youth. Further descriptions would suffer as the power written words would not give them justice. I will forever be left with a mark (it resembles a hand print), a mark that I will cherish for the years to come.

    As I went in and out of a Dissociative fugue I recall hearing the voices of many recite a song of Queen. I knew then that these people, with all their uniqueness, will be a part of my life for many years. The stream ended much like it began, though with much less hair, and a greater sense of community. I return now to the question I began with: Can you fall in love again? Now don't get me wrong I never fell out of love, nonetheless answer is wholeheartedly and unequivocally yes.

    Thank you everyone!

  • Extra Life Wrap Up

    3 years ago


    Ohmygod we made it.

    For 24 hours I took commissions in the name of Extra Life, while playing for the Rooster Teeth Team. My original goal was to raise $300 and by the end of the night I had raised $765 SMASHING my original goal!

    I did 12 commissions and I still have about 10 more to go and I'm going to try to get those fulfilled as quickly as possible.

    I want to say thank you to @jack and @Caiti for organizing Extra Life again this year and working tirelessly to make it better every year! Also to @Barbara and the kids in the booth for keeping the show running and stick-to-it-ness. Thanks to all the cast and crew that participated in the stream and made it such a fun time. Also thank you to all the dogs because yes.

    I'm currently sitting at #21 on the RT Team Roster and I am very proud of that fact. Everyone that donated or raised money for extra life, we did something really cool today. I LOVE YOU ALL!


  • Incredible

    3 years ago

    Akizato Dinosaur Wrangler

    Made it through with a 3.5h nap in the middle! Congratulations to everyone at RT, especially @jack and @Caiti for their humongous efforts in the last 24 hours (and all the prep that went into it beforehand). Shout out to the broadcast team as the unsung heroes keeping everything running smoothly.

    What an incredible event. Hope to have as much fun next year!