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  • RTUK Representing at RTX London!

    4 days ago

    Tudor RTUK Fireteam

    After a hugely successful After Party for last year's RTX London, I've decided that RTUK are gonna run not one, not three, but TWO parties this year!

    Our Community After Party is making a return to the Secret Weapon bar in Stratford on the Sunday evening. There'll be a smaller charity raffle, but a Mario Kart tournament will help fill the night, along with Rooster Teeth and RWBY themed drinks as well as a music playlist put together by RT Radio!

    But even before RTX begins, we're taking to the Thames on a floating nightclub for a beach party themed Boat Party! Floral patters, leis, hula skirts and for anyone brave enough, maybe even swimsuits!

    Tickets for our RTX London parties are launching next week! You'll have multiple chances to snag your tickets (up to 2 tickets in one transaction) for our community events! See the dates and times below and set your reminders!

    All profits from both parties directly support the work of our friends at Special Effect!

    RTUK Boat Party

    Batch 1 - 25/06 13:30 

    Batch 2 - 27/06 20:00


    RTX London - Community After Party
    Batch 1 - 26/06 13:30
    Batch 2 - 28/06 20:00


    Any questions on either event? Ask away!

  • RTX London Ticket Giveaway!

    2 weeks ago

    S182Jesus FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Wookie Jesus

    Gooood Morning!

    Another wee competition coming your way today.

    This will be for One Weekend ticket to RTX London! There will also be a few wee things for two runners up as well.

    Since the prize is higher, the questions are a little harder too, but will also be running for a little longer as well.

    This will run across our Facebook, Twitter and RT Site Group as well, and close in two weeks (20th June) at 2000, with winners announced shortly after


    1. What was the first Achievement Hunter video?

    2. What killed Burnie's character in 10 Little Roosters?

    To enter, just message me here on the RT Site, on Facebook or DM us on Twitter.

    Good luck!!



    2 months ago

    S182Jesus FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Wookie Jesus

    So, RT Box tickets were released today for RTX London.

    FIRST members are on Wednesday.

    We have TWO FIRST codes to give away, donated by members of our awesome wee community.

    Want to win one? SIMPLE!!

    What is Gavin's Porn Name?

    For ease for everyone, this was mentioned in one of the Hitman Let's Watches (Narrows it down!)

    Message ME your answers :) (I will respond to confirm I have received!)

    This will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and the RT Site, and Two winners selected at random and announced tomorrow evening (24/4/2018) at 2100.

    Good luck!


  • RTX London Guardian Emails!

    3 months ago


    Hey everyone! 

    You should have received an email indicating your status as a Guardian for RTX London 2018. If you have NOT, DO NOT FRET. I haven’t received one either :P

    Send a DM to @Boomer or @Arileya letting them know your name and email you put on the application. It will take some time for them to sort through and determine which emails need to be resent. Keep an eye on their journals for updates and just BE PATIENT. I know it’s hard, but they are working on this! 

    Have a great day! 

  • RTX London 2018!

    4 months ago

    FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X5

    Two posts in one week? Is the world ending??

    Nope! It's just all the RTX hype!!
    Guardian acceptances for Austin went out, which is a wonderful community-building time, and then yesterday, after MONTHS of silence, RTX London was announced in probably my favorite announcement ever - RT messaging a community member and letting her announce it! (I may have cried tears of joy and love and support while sitting in my car after work reading everything, RT did such a good thing here, and THIS is the kind of community support that I love!)

    I'm beyond excited to return to RTX London, (I already bought my plane tickets!) see all the lovely friends I made during round one, and hopefully I'll be a guardian again! My application is in, now we just wait   relaxed

  • Tower of Pimps at RTXL

    7 months ago

    secrethero NatutoAteMyRamen

    So for those that don't know me you may have seen me on the odd post or two in the Tower of Pimps cosplay at RTX London and if you really don't know about me I'll just tell you that my Tower BLEW THE FUCK UP

    I didn't go to RTX London as the Tower to gain attention and popularity, I did it to make people smile and I can say that I truly did. I saw people smiling, laughing and getting excited as I waddled past and it honestly got a bit too much at one point. I didn't expect it to be as popular as it was and the support and praise i got for the cosplay was just incredible. 

    But to think as Gavin put it "it wouldn't have had existed if I hadn't got drunk" I wouldn't have cosplayed the Tower of Pimps if I hadn't been accepted into the RTcommunity and welcomed into its warm loving arms. I wouldn't have had the confidence to cosplay Ray, Yang, Ren, Ruby and Platypus AT ALL of it wasn't for the community being so amazing and supporting over the two years that I've branched out into RTUK.

    At this point I'm babbling and being all emotional but I guess what I'm trying to say is THANK YOU EVERYONE! You guys made a community which welcomed and built me up into the person I am today. If I didn't have a passion to make you all smile and laugh the T.O.P cosplay wouldn't have been created. So YOU the community helped build the Tower of Pimps and I love ebery single one of you for that!

    Thanks so much

    Love the emotionally soppy Tower of pimps

  • RTXLondon happened

    8 months ago

    Lixxieb FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTUK Fireteam & Artist

    Yep. I know I'm pretty late on the RTXLondon post but I've been processing everything that happened (and also suffering from some mild conflu) So yeah.

    Okay. We get there on friday and had a bit of a wander around London before heading to our hotel because we got a stupid early train (it was so cheap). Checked into our hotel then headed out to pick up our weekend passes! It was our first time encountering any of the guardians and they were (unsurprisingly) extremely lovely and helpful! Didn't even laugh at my photo ID! Also bumped into some friends in the convention centre after picking up our passes! 

    That night I went to Custom House pub to gather together bits of treats for the basket of treats I'd organised for Bethany and the events team, the support for the project was incredible and it ended up being AMAZING! I unfortunately wasn't able to give it to them in person but I really hope they liked it!  DMw58Q-W0AEMkvb.jpg

    SATURDAY BEGINS! Hotel breakfast was eaten then it was time to get into the Grimm onesies we'd made and head to the convention! First stop was the RT Store which had a huge queue that only seemed to get bigger BUT the queue and store guardians were once again amazing and made the whole thing so easy and hassle free  heart

    After I spent way waaaay too much money in the store it was time to head to N10 for the RTUK CommuniTea panel which I was so happy to be a part of along with some super awesome (far cooler than me) people. AGAIN. GUARDIANS WERE AWESOME. The panel was so much fun to do even though I was terrified and it was wonderful to see so many people attend the panel and hopefully be inspired by it! Also I ended up with a queue of people wanting one of the prints I was giving out at the event! DMWHuzpXkAA0Aww.jpg

    NEXT UP. SIGNING. As per usual everything was handled so well by the guardians and it was wonderful to stop and chat with other people in the queue. My signing session was with Gray and Kerry... gosh I was nervous. I've met Kerry before so I wasn't as nervous about him but Gray is really cool (and handsome shh). The last thing I expected was for Gray to instantly recognise me from twitter and tell me he liked my art! I was so happy and shocked and also very very red. Gifts were given by me to them, photos taken, hugs happened and then I was ON MY WAAAAAY to go and have a drink because y'all I needed it. We'd planned to watch the Off Topic podcast but instead ended up sat in a nearby Starbucks with a group of friends that I so rarely get to see. DMhMQiCX0AE3qYU.jpg

    SUNDAY BEGINS! Hotel breakfast once again although slightly less than the day before. First time ever at a convention not in cosplay! We were up and out super early so that we could get a good spot in the queue for the RTAnimation panel and we ended up being 6th & 7th in the queue (not including VIP and those with disabilities). The panel was wonderful and we got to see some Gen:LOCK footage and concepts which was so exciting! Then we saw some BlazBlue including the introduction of Weiss to the roster! After the panel a lot of the day was spent just looking round the hall, watching odd thing on the main stage, and trying to catch the impromptu signings that were happening! DMP9JbBW4AIo7CG.jpg

    The convention finished and then we were off to watch Ready Player 3 (Game Grumps and JackSepticEye!) It was absolutely hilarious and I really hope they'll tour the UK again sometime soon! DMMmVRlWsAE92Gd.jpg

    In the end the event was amazing and surreal (people recognised me and wanted photos with me??? wild.) The Guardians were wonderful and worked so hard, I got to see people I've known for years but never met in person, I got to achieve one of my life goals by being on a panel. 

    My only slight issue was the traders. There were two stalls selling RWBY prints (something RT have said isn't allowed so it was odd to see at their event) and a stall that is actually banned from some events because all they do is take pictures from google images and add a filter over the top. As an artist in the community this all made me feel a bit sad I guess, it would have been lovely to see some space in the convention for an artist alley or something that all the amazing artists in the community could get involved in! HOWEVER the vast majority of the stalls were excellent, more of those please! 

    I really hope that RTXLondon will return next year, I'd very much like to be a Guardian at the next event! 

    TLDR; RTXLondon was absolutely awesome and I'm still overwhelmed by it. RTUK rocks!

    P.S. I want to give a huge shout out to Rosie who is my friend that I mention in this. We met at a convention through a mutual friend and have now been going to conventions together for longer than I can think. She always supports me at these events and in everyday life I honestly can't express how grateful I am for her and how I don't know how I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful friend!  heartpulse 


  • So RTXLondon was great....

    8 months ago


    and sunday was the happiest day of my life. I got to meet Michael and Lindsay and they were just the sweetest people I've ever met. I just love this photo. 


  • So RTX London Happened

    8 months ago

    FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X5

    Guess what? The first post I wrote literally wouldn’t fit here! So if you got a notification that I posted sorry! I wrote a novel and the RT site said NO.  Let’s try this again...

    I’m currently sat in an airport in Iceland, waiting for my flight that isn’t for another 3+ hours— perfect time to re-cap RTXLondon!

    Let me start by saying yes, I am aware it was not the perfect event. There were bumps and growing pains and it’s a FIRST YEAR EVENT. Cool? Cool. 

    I loved RTX London. I was part of the beautiful signatures team with @LaSole @Pockets_ and seven wonderful new guardians. I got to chat with lots of first-time attendees who were so excited to meet RT Staff and I was SO excited to watch them. I got to meet some wonderful RTUK community members - and actually...

    A serious shout-out to the RTUK community. You guys have such a kind and friendly and welcoming and enthusiastic group, and I still can’t believe how nice everyone was to me, one of a bare handful of Americans at this event. The RTUK community seriously ROCKS. 

    Back to the sigs team- I was Alpha Squad lead, and I couldn’t be prouder of my squad, Luke, Noodles, and Shan. You kids seriously killed it, every signing we had we nailed, and even when we had an emergency, everyone leapt into action to take care of the issue, keep attendees safe, and make sure the signing kept running (honestly, I think we acted so well and so quickly Barb and Gus never even noticed, which is perfect) 

    Sole and Pockets were first time team leads, and you guys were the heroes of the weekend. Every problem was resolved quickly and I’m sure there were tons of issues I never even saw because of how on-the-ball you both were. Thank you both for leading the sigs team to a victorious weekend.

    The whole London Sigs team had a fantastic weekend, and I’m so grateful to have had a chance to meet and become friends with you all. Now off you fuck  purple_heart

    @Arileya and @Boomer were kick-ass head guardians. I watched them run all over the convention, all weekend, taking care of everyone and everything. You guys were amazing, thank you so much for your hard work this weekend, and in the months leading up to it. 

    The sigs team also had some assistance from freelance to be our door keepers, and MAN our freelancers were the best. You guys helped us stay organized and not be entirely over-run with attendees and queues, even when I changed the process for literally every single signing. THANK YOU. 

    On Friday morning we got a bit of a surprise. @SailorTweek @sirNARVY and @mrarcys had flown in to help out. These three work SO hard for RTX Austin, and here they were, helping with RTX London, too. I saw every Austin guardian’s face light up when we saw them, mine included.  

    You guys keep giving and giving and giving to this community, and to the guardians especially. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you  purple_heart

    I spent 99% of my weekend in our little signatures box. I didn’t see any panels, I didn’t visit any booths, I caught glimpses of center stage. I experienced all those parts of the convention through the attendees stood in queues for signatures.

    I met so many incredible attendees this weekend. I got to learn more about the RTUK community, hear stories about panels and how people found out about RT to begin with, and hear about why they were SO excited to meet Burnie or Adam and Bruce or Joel or Barb.  I held hands and gave hugs and offered tissues, and cheered as I saw hundreds of RT fans meet their heroes.  You guys are the reason I fly across the freaking planet. You’re the reason I don’t go to panels. Your the reason I give up weekend after weekend.  I love seeing how happy we can make just one person. How happy we can make 15,000. 

    (Also serious shout out to the two attendees who went and bought me coffee?? Like, that’s incredible and I love you? And also the girl who came back the day after her signing to say thank you for keeping her calm before her signing, I love you too! You’re a spider!)

    Thank you to all the attendees of RTX London, you’re the reason every guardian works as hard as we do.  

    Thank you to the head guardians, for leading us through this crazy weekend, and supporting us in our work.  

    Thank you to the Austin head guardians for offering their advice and experience not just to the London head guardians, but also to the rest of us, and for leading by example. 

    Thank you to every guardian who passed up the opportunity to attend the very first RTX London, and instead devoted that time to making it even better.  

    Thank you to the RT events team, you guys built this convention from the ground up and it was amazing. I can’t wait to see what y’all do next. 

    And of course, thank you to Rooster Teeth, for creating this community and continually giving us all the chance to make more friends, expand our horizons, and always keeping us happy and laughing. 

    Thank you, everyone who was a part of RTX London. I had an incredible weekend that I’ll never forget. 

  • RTXLondon. Okay Fuckers lets make a journal like in the olden days.

    8 months ago

    Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

    Once upon a time, ROOSTER TEETH finally did an RTX in the UK. In London. You might have heard of it, you might have been there. AWESOME. It was an RTX, and I didn't need to get on a plane to get there. Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU. 

    I've been to the last 5 RTX Austin's. Last 3 as a Guardian. My 6th RTX was in London this past weekend, and I was once again a Guardian. I don't know what I expected before I got there, but once I got there, sure enough it felt like some kind of RTX. 

    Now it was the first year, there were some issues here and there, 1st day problems didn't disappear on the 2nd but they were handled better, quicker and everything ran smoother in general. All you first time guardians did good, I look forward to working with any of you again in the future. 

     I met a couple of friends from Austin RTX's, was great to see them over here for a change, met up with a bunch of people from RTUK which I finally made my way back to in August, just on the Sunday but I met a couple new people there that I also saw over RTXL and I made a bunch of new friends. NEW FRIENDS are great. Most of them even live in my country, which you know I love all you fucks that live in every corner of America and all you cunts down in Australia, don't even get me started on the Canadians and the odd other countries dotted about that I've gotten to know over the years.

    But its kinda cool that there were so many fans in my own country that are still passionate about Rooster Teeth, sometimes feels like I'm the only one. I now know that just most of you fucks don't live in or near Hull. Which you know... I can't blame any of you. 

    It was honestly really refreshing seeing so many people still giving a shit about Rooster Teeth and the various affiliated umbrella of contents that they provide, I have very little time to dedicate to any show on here on a regular basis, so I will watch the odd video every couple of weeks. Or binge a couple episodes of a series in one day off etc... seeing fans get emotional from meeting staff, you know made me get some icky emotions because they cared so much. I don't want to talk about it.

    I've honestly been volunteering as a guardian for the past 4 RTX's I've attended because of all the friends I've been able to make because of Rooster Teeth. I honestly don't think I'd have more then 1 or 2 friends in my life right now if it wasn't for Rooster Teeth. Not that I didn't make friends with attendees over the years, but it feels like Guardians honestly, care more about making sure others have a good time before themselves, and thats always something that I've admired about every other guardian, and something I aspire to portray whenever I've been chosen to represent Rooster Teeth and the community while volunteering at these conventions.

    I've made hundreds of friends many of which I'd consider life long friends at this point, many of which I'd do anything for. Thanks again Rooster Teeth for bringing RTX to the UK, where friends from the internet can actually meet each other. The best part of any RTX in my opinion, don't know where I'd be without it. 

  • POS RTX LONDON - 4 year build-up

    8 months ago


    A very small post to say that this weekend was the best weekend I've had in years. I dont remember being that happy for so long in the last 4 years and its all because of rooster teeth. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  • So... RTX London

    8 months ago

    Michael-H-Art Dummy Doodler and Comic

    so yeah RTX London was an absolutely incredible time. it meant a lot to meet a lot of my fellow RTUK community members and the amazing people that have inspired me to start doing what I do today.

    highlights were probably the RWBY Panel and the incredible applause at the end of the first episode of Volume 5. though a personal highlight was getting to meet Miles, Kerry and Gray.

    though for Miles it's a bit of a funny story (?). I was in the queue for the Voice Acting Panel and just tweeted out if anyone in the queue wanted to play Mario Kart and while I was waiting for the tweet to go up I notice that he was doing a meet up. so I grabbed my bags and sprinted for the meet up and it was so worth it (helps that I was able to get back into the queue for the panel thank you Guardians)

    but yeah for my first RTX i had an absolutley great time and I hope it returns for another year

  • RTX London 2017

    8 months ago


    So I got back from RTXL last night and good lord, it was the most fun ever.

    I honestly can't wait til they (hopefully) bring it back next year!! 

    Meeting Michael and Lindsay was definitely the highlight of my weekend, along with meeting Chris and Aaron and a surprising meet from Jeremy. They were all such lovely people. <3

    Roll on the next RTXL!

  • RTX London 2017

    8 months ago


    RTX London was amazing! Got to meet Burnie, Matt, Ellie and Joel which was a bonus as well as seeing some awesome panels. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • RTX London

    8 months ago

    Sandy Chuffed

    I knew it would take something exceptional for myself to return to the RT site and posting journals, but RTX London was that and more. 

    When announced, I immediately grabbed tickets without a thought,  with RTX Austin always just out of reach. You can't plan for the unexpected and this stopped many trips over countless years. I had no friends within the RT community and was going down as a loner, I enjoy my own company but was willing to be a bit more social to guarantee a productive trip. I shared a hotel room with 2 members of the RTUK community, lovely folk who were always friendly and conversational. I know their real names but none of the details on the site!

    The weekend was a blast, yes lots of queuing, but much fun talking to other con-goers, guardians and staff to pass the time. I saw many panels: Writers block, Ladies of RT, Off Topic, RT podcast, Voice acting. Saw the RT staff from a distance, but that's fine, I missed out on autographs but that's not really my thing anyway. Same with photos and merch, I have zero from the event, but that doesn't mean the event didn't happen or the memories and conversations at the con don't exist.

    All in all a successful trip, looking forward to next year with a determination to be a better part of this community and expand horizons even further!

    Shout out to the RTUK Facebook group who kept us updated and in contact with other attendees.



  • My FIRST Post! / RTXLondon

    8 months ago

    deadskulldec Dec

    Hey there!

    So this is my first post on here, I don't really understand how the journal works but I feel that this is worth something sharing as it's my first time on here! So hello and welcome to my page!

    RTX London

    So i've just got back from a very long weekend at RTXLondon, I just thought i'd share some of my opinions on the event and also some suggestions for it's return! This is going to be a very constructive and positive post as I don't see any reason to shit on event organisers, guardians or the venues at all. Where is that going to get us? Nowhere. But I will obviously bring up the negatives with a positive outlook on how they can be adapted.

    So the first section... The Queues.

    With this being the very first time RTX has came over the pond to the UK, I knew it was going to sell out very quickly as the RT community over here is very big. When entering the convention it was immediate that there was a hell of a lot of people here. Now I'm not saying oversold levels but a very large amount of people were queue just to get into badge collection, which is understandable but this was almost 3 hours since the doors opened so waiting an additional hour just to get in was a bit of a poor start to the experience. TIP: Tip for next year, create an additional set of booths for badge collections so more people can get through the gate and off into the convention with smaller wait times. The queue was stretched between two exhibit halls so for me it would of made sense to have badge collection in both halls  thumbsup

    Panel Queues 

    I think by far the hottest topic on social media around the event and also the first thing most attendees said to each other whilst waiting in line for panels. It became very clear that if you wanted to see something. You'll be waiting upwards of 2 hours. But thats not to say you are even going to get into the panels, it was very much of a timing mixed with luck and a bit of strategic planning to get into the panel of your choice. Accounts of the weekend seen Guardians enforcing a rule that you can only begin to queue ONE HOUR before the scheduled panel of your choice, however... once the tweets and word of mouth spread about the "Million Pounds But" panel being capped only 5 minutes into the suggested queue arrival time everyone began to go to panels upwards of 3 HOURS before the scheduled queuing time. So when a few thousand people really want to see a panel, they are going to make sure nothing stops them. After seeing Guardians "try" and enforce that queueing only starts an hour before the panel, attendees would simply stand around where the queue was likely to form in a kind of sub queue format. We are British, this shit is what we do, we love queueing so there was no hesitation to congregate in a line and wait. But as you expect if you are queueing 3 hours for something, you are missing 3 hours of other things you most likely wanted to see. The issue was (which has no answer too) we are all fans and we wanted to see everything. There is no fixing that, however here is what I would personally do. TIP: Bigger venues, the main hall section hosting the "Centre Stage" seen a total seating capacity of 250 SEATS and at one time around 8,000 PEOPLE were trying to watch the RT Podcast. You are asking for it really at that point. What I would do is move the signing upstairs to the platinum room where Lazer Team 2 and Always Open were held, this way you can see your favourite members of the cast without having to walk through thousands of people trying to watch something. 

    Additionally to this point I would push the main stage to where the singing was have the exhibition in the middle section of the venue and have an additional stage to the right mimicking the size of the original main stage. With correct audio set up the two talks wouldn't overlap or possibly you could have one panel with a 30 minute break and then a new panel on the alternative stage. One more idea I did have would be a boxing style stage. No not with ropes and a referee but a square stage surrounded by chairs with 4 way projection screens in every direction. Allowing a 360 view of the panel allowing for more seats and better views  thumbsup

    The Guardians vs Badge Holders.

    Another hot topic was the Guardians. Some good. Some bad. Some not knowing what the hell they are doing and just wanted to get into the convention. From my point of view, these guys are just trying to give us the information we need for the convention to become more enjoyable. Sadly this was met with thousands of people complaining about queues and taking it out on the Guardians, which is obviously understandable for both parties here but the way some of the guardians handled it seemed like they thought they were higher than you. For example at the Off Topic panel, myself and friends were waiting for possibly two hours before the panel, of course there was no seats so we were on the sidelines standing. Enter Guardian. The layout of the centre stage seen a block of seats with a walkway of green tape around it so people who needed special access could gain entry. My foot was possibly 3 inches max over the green line and yet most of the guardians were totally cool about the situation by saying "Hey bud, how's the day going? I just need you to try and step back a little bit, I know it's something so small but it's just for everyones safety". I'm cool with that and without a peep I tried my hardest to allow people behind me to see and reaming reasonably comfy as we have been standing for hours. So at this point (I'm not going to name the person but it was apparent that few of your fellow Guardians felt the same way as I do) said person walked over to me and said "If you arn't fully behind the line you will be asked to leave". At this point, obviously no one is in a great mood after standing for hours on end and missing panels, I simply said "Look, you are talking a few inches, it's fine. I've paid a lot to be here and you are going to ask me to leave over a few inches. I don't think so." At this point said Guardian raised his voice stating that "I should not disrespect him and follow what he says". Okay robocop. But i'm not moving here. Everyone around me is commenting in disbelief and after he leaves we all turn around to comment if thats how he's spoke to me about a few inches, how is he going to speak to someone who is less chilled out and or is their first convention. It would ruin the thing. So where is the tip? Here it is. TIP: Guardians are trying to do their job. Badge holders are trying to enjoy themselves. Don't be rude, voice your opinion in a calm manner because at the end of the day we are all here to enjoy ourselves. Some Guardians to me felt a little power heavy, looked down on people and could quite clearly work out this is their first time doing the job. Maybe some more trained staff for the next RTX or at least some prior background in operating traffic flow and large crowds. 

    There are loads of other topics i'd pick up on but I believe these points were the most talked about and I just thought I'd share my opinion on the matter to hopefully help towards a more organised less problematic convention in the future. With all of this said, what I did see (Always Open, Off Topic, RT Podcast) was great. Loved every second of it and it was inspiring to say the least to see your modern day heroes on stage, people we watch every day over our screens live in person and if you were lucky enough you got to meet them too which I think made some peoples weekend who couldn't get into the panels they wanted to see. 

    Thanks everyone!


  • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: #RTCommunityDay - Autumnal Survival

    8 months ago

    ailsarocks FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Stylist

    Hello beautiful dears! Gosh it's that time again! Happy #rtcommunityday to everyone! Extra shoutout to all of the absolute beauts who are enjoying the sights and experiences of #RTXLondon this weekend! I hope you're all ok and staying safe! Remember, if you're wearing your RT merch today, please tag me here on the site @ailsarocks or use hashtag #rtcommunityday on Twitter.

    As always I'm styling the next #RTBOX exclusive shirt! The next box was Survival themed and I must say there were more than a few very useful items here! This Double Gold Sponsor exclusive box contained:

    - Note from Josh Flanagan.

    - Day 5 "Sandman's Oasis" Glow in the dark tee.

    - Red "Headlight Fluid" water bottle.

    - Dragon Grimm RWBY Japan sticker/decal.

    - Day 5 "Do Not Fall Asleep" rechargeable torch/flashlight.

    - Game Code for Serial Cleaner.

    - Geoff Ramsey Fallout style pin.

    - AHWU Supply Bad Decision Repair Kit (complete with sewing kit, q-tips, gauze etc).

    - Collectable Card #7 (20% signed by Day 5 Cast).

    Oooh sky blue... another shirt colour that doesn't grace my wardrobe very often at all, but once I styled this I was very pleasantly surprised. The glow in the dark feature will probably be wasted on me, but could be a cool feature when styling this shirt from a day to a night look! Here's how I styled the shirt this month!


    Autumn is my favourite season. The colours, the mood, getting your cosy cardigans out for those crisp mornings where you can crunch through the leaves on your daily commute. I wanted to try and style this shirt in a muted autumnal palette, despite this shirt screaming Summer!! I paired the sky blue with touches of camel, accents of teal, mustard, tan and cream to bring together a look that would suit pretty much everyone, whether you're warm or cool toned. Tartan or plaid is a great way to tie colours together and the same tartan can look different depending on which colours you pick out. Added to this were my staple teal/grey chinos and I was ready to test my look in the harshest terrain I could find!

    Other than perhaps wanting to swap my favourite leather boots for wellies while walking in the sand... this look ticked all the boxes for surviving a typical autumn. The chunky knit cardigan kept out the harsh cold, my chinos were warm enough too... I was even brave enough to dip my feet in the sea. In October!!

    So there you have it. I hope you like how I styled this month's #RTBOX exclusive shirt. How do you wear yours?

    Thank you for reading, and as always,

    Stay Fashionable  barbara

  • Coming Up

    8 months ago


    If you're not going to #RTXLondon this weekend but you still want to have a good time, you should join our friday show in about 90 minutes!


  • Impromptu VIP Code Giveaway!

    8 months ago

    S182Jesus FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Wookie Jesus

    I have ONE VIP code to give away!

    Comment on this post, reply to us on Twitter on this tweet or comment on the Facebook post about this post and I will draw one winner from everyone who comments on any of the three methods in just over 24 hours from now at 1900 tomorrow (26th September)

    So comment here, Facebook or reply on Twitter for a chance to get a Signing session booked before they open to Weekend passes on the 27th!

    If you comment everywhere, great thanks from helping spread our social media, but still only one chance per person! One chance regardless of where or how many times you post or comment!


  • RTX London Guardian Lead Assignments

    9 months ago

    TopherBeadle Freelancer to my Core

    A little while back I learned I was to head up the Freelancers at RTX London. So what are Freelancers? I stole this from Mary (@SailorTweek)

    • Freelancers - Freelancers are the most flexible Guardians. From guarding a door one minute to wrangling a crowd of attendees the next, these Guardians go where they're needed. Good for people who are a jack of all trades and want to move around a lot. Really. A lot.

    Glad I have good stamina, if not pace!

    So today I got to find out who my fellow Guardian leads are for October. Bit nervous as this is my first RTX, but the old hands are doing a great job of passing on advice. Thanks!

    I also got to see who the 24 Guardians in my team will be. Whilst I can't share anything yet (you'll find out who you are on Monday) I hope to do my best for you, and you'll do your best for our RTX attendees.

    Just want to start planning now! Can't wait!

  • My journey to RTX LONDON

    9 months ago


    Fair warning the this is a couple couple of paragraphs so get comfortable. Here goes: 


    So, is currently 18:57 on the 31st of august and I am sitting in gate 6 of Luton Airport."I'm here for work". Next to me is my boss and I am completely Bored out of my mind. "My planes delayed... again". So I'm flicking through twitter a spot one hashtag catches My attention, #RTXLondon. My mind drifts back to abouts 3-4 week so" I can't remember that far back give me a break". And I was watching the RTPodcast, it featured Bethany and I remember her mentioning that they were releasing more RTX LONDON tickets and when they first released the tickets I couldn't afford it. "The flights, hotel and food etc". And This had gone to the back of my mind until that tweet triggered my brain cells to work for once. 

    It's now 19:07 and I'm still writing this. At this point I've researched the flights, hotels and RTX L'don tickets and it's a lot like a lot well for a young adult anyways. But I'm willing to cough it up. I confer with my boss who is also my dad, "sceptical at first I show him some MDB and Laser Team and greatly exaggerate their fame"tho still highly famous and successful in my eyes" (THIS IS NOT A HATE JOURNAL) 

    So the extra tickets go on sale tomorrow at   11am if my knowledge of time zones is correct "I may be wrong- I'm probably wrong I'll look that up and tell you when I find out" and I'm SUPER excited. "Jesus, I hope I get some otherwise this whole journal was a waste of fucking time" well I'll be back tomorrow with an update"if you even care" but other wise thanks for reading it took some time to type out on a iPhone like but sure it's currently 19:16 on the 31st of august. See ya tomorrow. Cheers again! 

  • RTX London!

    10 months ago


    I'm going to RTX London! ... alone. Are there any RT fans that wants to meet up? I'm really looking forward to it!  smile 

  • Things I Learnt From My First RTX and What You Should Know When It's Yours

    11 months ago

    kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

    What a long and totally up my own arse title, eh? But hey, I know a lot of people where RTX London is going to be their first RTX and although Austin is and will always be very different, many things will remain the same. So I'm gonna start by talking about what Austin, (in my opinion), got right and wrong:

    This year was the 7th (?) RTX. So by this point they've got the hang of it but this year was organised by new people. 

    What Was Good?

    Reminding you all, I was a VIP for this experience. The VIP Lounge was a lovely, chilled area for those who maybe needed a break from the action but wanted to stay in the venue. People were respectful of the quiet and they had a great arcade area.

    The exhibition hall, although crowded (expectantly), was laid out fabulously once you got your bearings and artists alley was filled with incredibly talented people. The arcade was constantly packed but crowds of people would surround a machine when someone was playing well.

    The atmosphere of the whole event was amazing. Everyone was excited and happy to speak to people; cosplayers were willing to take photos with everyone and it didn't feel like anyone was ever pushing their way to make it to that one RT member or special guest that happened to be walking the floor. Pre-panel parties are officially my new favourite thing.

    Finally, the guardians did an excellent job of keeping everyone's spirits up and looking after all of the attendees. During waits for panels they would offer water and make sure everyone was doing okay.

    What Was Not So Good?
    Lines. Queues. Whatever you want to call it, they weren't great. And I'm British. We're born for queuing. The registration line (I didn't have this problem) took far too long for some guests to the point panels, centre stage events and even signings were missed. The line for the exhibition hall on the first day was stupidly long and thankfully they fixed it with the help of more metal detectors but even then it was crazy. Safety is good. Security is good. People missing lunch and in the heat? Not so good. Also, the AH Escape Room had a 4 and a half hour waiting time. Jesus.
    What happened to VIP? When buying my VIP ticket, the selling point was queue skipping and priority seating. Well the priority seating happened, but queue skipping? Nope. For RT Podcast alone, I arrived 2 hours early and was stuck in a separate "unofficial" line because I was told there was no queue for the panel yet...except there was. And it was let in. Not once did people ask for VIPs to go first. The only time this queue skipping function seemed to work was for Theatre Mode Live where a guardian helpfully told me to go straight to the front and get a wrist band. I get it's unfair on other guests but...we paid over $500...for our tickets alone... Don't offer something that isn't available?m Separate queues were made for some panels for VIP holders which is a great idea if queue skipping isn't what they want. one or the other guys?

    Whilst still griping about the VIP thing, likewise, priority seating. PRIORITY. Within a panel there are 3 sections of seating: Exhibitioners/Special Guests/RT Family etc, VIPs and finally general seating. After incidents on Friday of special seating not being used, on Saturday they decided that if 5 minutes before a panel majority of the special seating isn't being used, the attendees can. Let's Play panel guardians executed this efficiently and effectively: moving us seating row at a time up until it was full. General attendees could then sit in some of the VIP seats, great! RT Podcast and Off Topic panel was mayhem! Those of us who had waited in line for hours and arrived early were told we could move up after a certain time limit when people from either side of the room suddenly started sprinting towards the special seating. Unfair and dangerous. A guardian then allowed the public to sit in VIP seating if they so choosed to move. Hundreds of bodies moved towards the seating causing so many people to lose their seat in general and had to sit at the back. It was disorganised and shouldn't have happened.

    What the f*ck (excuse my language) happened on Sunday? Off Topic happened. For Friday and Saturday there was a no queuing until 2 hours before the panel rule, on Sunday that went straight out of the window when Off Topic panel was allowed to line up and be let in to the room 3 and a half hours before the panel began. This caused people to leave panels they were already in that hadn't even started yet to go queue for something that wasn't happening for another 3 hours. It was unfair on the guests and unfair on those members who were holding the panels. MDB panel lost over 50 people an hour before the panel had started so they could go line up for it. It shouldn't have happened.

    So those are my main gripes. Now, if it's gonna be your first RTX, here's what you should know and prepare for:

    Bring water and snacks

    If you are a weekend ticketer you are going to be queuing a hell of a lot longer than VIP guests because your seat is not saved. Stay hydrated no matter where your RTX is and staying on your feet all day, you're gonna get hungry.

    Pick only 2/3 "Must See" panels.  

    The app is fabulous for organising this. You will not get to see everything you want to see. Don't be afraid to see the smaller panels as well, sometimes they're the best! And don't pick panels that back to back each other - you're probably not getting in. Don't be disappointed if you don't get in either, there are plenty of things to do!

    Don't be afraid to talk to people but don't be offended if they don't want to talk to you.

    Lines are great for talking to people and making new friends so don't be scared to start up a conversation with people. You have something in common already. But do not be offended if they don't want to speak back to you or are on their phone. Some people have anxiety and struggle with it. Or (personal issues time) for me, someone was moaning how I was on my phone the whole of a line and not talking, my brother had just been in a serious car accident, I was waiting for updates from home. You don't know why people are on their phones so don't expect them to be as confident as you.

    Know where you need to be and when and where you are.

    Nothing is worse than not knowing where the panel you want to see is so make sure you explore the venue first and know where you are in relation to the room you need. And if you need food, know where that is too else you will starve and die.

    Don't buy too many things unless you are comfortable carrying it & know you can get it home.

    If you're going to buy the life-size replica of the Master Sword, make sure you're cool with carrying it around all day and know you can get it home safely. The venue will be cramped. Things get damaged. It happens. You also will have to be prepared to take it to panels. There's no special area for people's shopping so be reasonable.

    Don't be a dickhead.
    We all hate slow walkers. We all hate people who just stand in the way. Don't stop in the middle of the hallway or the floor. If you wanna take a photo with someone, go to a location that isn't in people's way. The other attendees have places to be too and are just as excited as you. Just use your common sense. Be nice to people.

    Don't be nasty or rude to the Guardians.

    They do their best and they do a damn good job. All they want is for you to have a great time and be safe. They look after you no matter what. And they have the power to take away your badge so I suggest being as lovely to them as you can. Remember, they are fans too, they aren't hired help.

    Don't be rude or nasty to RT members and Special Guests.

    They're people too. They know you're excited but they have their boundaries too. Always ask before touching them, hugging them or doing anything. They will always be happy to chat to you but even then they might suffer from anxiety or struggle with socialising; they still love that you're a fan but some just like to know it from afar.


    I can't express this enough. Although we all want to meet our favourite RT member and pretend they're our best friend, there are real best friends to be made at RTX. There are so many fun things to do. It's a chance to experience something new and step out of your comfort zone while surrounded by things you love. You don't just have to spend time at the venue either! Explore the surrounding area with people! Just don't set your heart on everything RT. Signings, panels and spontaneous meet and greets are great but nothing beats being surrounded by thousands of people you love.

    I know these are things people say a thousand times before. It's been 7 years for goodness sake. But for some it's still new. It's still their first time. And for my friends who are reading this and will be at RTXL, I'll let you know when you're being a dick.



    11 months ago


    will post in forums but I am looking to purchase TWO PASSES FOR RTX LONDON 2017. ideally these would be VIP passes but I can also purchase weekend passes. I can pay slightly above face. names on badges are able to be changed if the seller emails asking for the change and provides my name / email

  • Guardian Round 3???

    1 year ago

    FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X5

    Guess I haven't posted this here yet, but hey! I got accepted as a Guardian for RTX London, and now that I've been able to finagle plane tickets, I will for sure be there!

    I'm super excited to meet a new part of the community, and help out with the very first RTX London.  ruby

    Now to find a place to stay...