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  • Post-Con Blues - What they are and how to deal with them.

    2 months ago

    Antharwn RTWorld Admin

    Conventions are full of smiling and excited and happy people. There is excitement everywhere, things to see and places to be stuff to do, and it feels like it never ends… and yet Sunday evening always arrives, as does Monday and Tuesday. And now it’s Wednesday, and while only a few days ago you were on cloud nine, now you can’t seem to find your smile. This is what many convention-goers refer to as post-con blues. The blues can take on many forms. Here is what a few of our admins feel:

    “It's usually depression. It hits like a freight train as soon as I'm in the air on my way home. It drains my energy and demotivates me from doing anything that I might want/need to do.”
    “It seems like you’re being punished because you aren’t spending every day with your friends doing fun stuff with content creators you love!”
    “The hardest part is leaving my friends, who I consider [to be] better friends than my IRL friends.”
    “RTX is the place that I get to see my friends, and, so far, I only get to see them once a year!”
    “I feel very lonely. I miss having people around to talk to and be familiar with.”
    “I find that I start thinking about how long it will be until the next convention. The week or two after I get home, RTX is fresh in my mind and it sucks knowing it's gonna be a year before I'll get to go back.”
    “I experience this every time. It's a high energy level for days and nights, then crashing down to the low energy of the rest of the world.”
    “For someone who suffers from depression on a regular basis, this was hard to recuperate from. The general feeling of loneliness and isolation was hard to shake even when seeing my friends at home. It lasted for about 2 weeks, but it did go away eventually”

    You are certainly not alone if you find yourself feeling low or lonely. It’s okay to feel like you can’t get back to your normal life, and that you almost feel like you could never get the convention feeling back.

    “Getting into a productive rhythm takes a bit of time. I have to get back to the different flow of day to day life.”
    “At conventions I'm much friendlier, being surrounded by other people looking to just have fun.”
    “When you’re at RTX, it’s a constant dopamine feed created by seeing happy people and people happy to see you. While that usually exists to a degree at home, it’s nowhere near the same level and you feel it in a very real way. Knowing that it would come around again next year and knowing that this too would pass didn’t help. I needed words of affirmation and plans to look forward to.”There are ways to get through post-con blues and back to normal life."

    There are ways to get through post-con blues and back to normal life. Here are a few things that some of our community admins do to cope.

    “I’ll make  an album or post the photos to share with friends and relive what happened.”
    “Treat myself, as soon as I get back to 'real life'. Start a new book, buy the nice chocolate, schedule time to just be in the moment. Even if it's just flipping back over photos.”
    “I like to keep busy. I’ll try really hard to focus on work, or find things to do after work that preoccupy my mind like watch tv or play a game. I make a point to take some time to myself immediately after a convention. I’m typically tired and emotionally drained and I’m scared that I’ll end up doing or saying things that will upset my friends. I personally need some time to decompress and recharge myself so that I don’t say or do anything that I don’t mean and end up hurting someone. But, once I rehydrate and catch up on sleep, I make a point to seek out my friends again.”
    “Something that my friends and I did after RTX was continue to do voice chats and google hangouts as much as we could so we don't feel lonely or sad.”
    “I think being in contact with close friends always helps. Surrounding yourself with others can help change your mood and take charge of whatever feelings you’re having. I also keep a day planner and to-do list most days I’m home.”
    “Last year my go-to fix was connecting with local friends who also went to the con and making sure to hop into a voice chat with friends from my community groups. Reminiscing was great, but making plans for next year worked even better. Doing that helped the reality that life moves on and good things cycle back around more realistic.”
    “The best thing for me is to keep myself occupied. Work helps me do that when it's busier, and on my off days I go for video games mostly, since having something interactive keeps me more occupied than something like Netflix. Eventually, it does pass. I'll stop thinking about it after two or three weeks and it's business as usual until it's time to plan for the next one (I usually start planning 3-4 months after the previous con ends). By that point, I'm more hyped for the next convention than I am depressed about the previous one.”

    Still not sure how to proceed? Try these tips:

    “Step 1 is always 'let yourself be sad'. Your body is adapting back to a rhythm, and your mind needs to re-adapt. It's a good move to just block off some time to spend with some headphones and chillhop playlists. Once you've accepted that weird feeling of 'loss', you can move on.”
    “Establish a few things that need to be done to take care of yourself - brush your teeth, shower, sleep, eat, etc, and make sure you do those things. Be gentle with yourself for a few days as you work on getting back into your usual rhythm. Don’t feel bad if real life doesn’t come back on like a switch. It’s okay to take some time.”
    “Remember that next year you get to do it all over again!”
    “Look back on pictures or videos whenever you can. Look through the #RTXAustin hashtag on twitter or Instagram. Write in a journal about the experience, anything you can that you can look back at later on and smile.”
    “Make a rough calendar or schedule for what your day to day looks like, I’ve found that visualizing things can make a world of difference in the Mind’s eye. For the loneliness, I would say go out with friends if you can. Even if it’s to play some couch co-op, grab some lunch, or go see a movie. The presence of other people can really help a mood.”
    “Try not to dwell on it. Keep yourself busy at work, and at home too. Go out with friends, play video games, clean your house, work on that project you've been wanting to do for a while. It will help you get your mind off it long enough for the blues to pass. Additionally, company is always good. Find an RT community that interests you and make some friends! Interacting with other RT fans will help keep your spirits up and the blues at bay. Plus, then you'll probably have some new friends to go to the next convention with!”
    “Find something that makes you happy and do that until you feel better. Find your normal routine as soon as possible. It also helps to isolate yourself in very small spurts. Find a Netflix show to binge, eat some ice cream, hit the gym hard, or get lost in a hobby for a few hours every day. Doing these things helped me zone out and let my emotional brain settle down. I’ve also heard others say a spa day with bubble baths and massage helped as well. Others find that taking a break from their online community helps them to create some separation and reestablish their routine.”

    If you find you're still struggling please consider these options:

    “There are many online groups where you can continue making friends and talking about your experience.”
    “Join a discord! There are so many discord’s to talk about the convention and look at pictures of things you may have missed or things you loved! And chances are there’s a community group near where you live so you can make new friends near you while you all wait for the next convention. If you aren’t the “in person,” type, there are lots of primarily online groups to join as well! Can’t find your ideal group? Make one!”
    “Talk to attendees! Stay in touch over Discord, Twitter, carrier pigeon, etc. Knowing that you actually made those contacts, even if it was just a couple great jokes, will help keep you sane. ‘It was all real’ is a good thing to remember.”
    “Join an online community like the BUS, RT Gamer Girls, RT Cosplayers, or another online group. These communities are active and love to stay connected throughout the year. If you’re having a hard time with feeling alone, it can help to have a friendly voice to chat with.”
    “If you’re not feeling so great or don’t know what to do, reach out to others and just be honest. If you’re going through a rough patch, a good friend will be there for you!”
    “If you’re feeling even worse than normal and contemplating self-harm or suicide, please reach out to 1-800-273-8255 and talk to someone. You can also text HOME to 741741 if talking isn’t something you’re comfortable with. There are people out there who love you and want to see you again soon.”

    You are not alone and you are loved. You can make it through, and we can’t wait to see you at #RTX2020 next year. <3

  • ​ 008 Update #34- RTXCited 2018: THE THREEQUEL (Part 4- Take-Aways (#RTCommunityDay))

    1 year ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee


    For the uninitiated, I get #VeryExcited for #rtx and for the past three years I have made a series of journal entries covering my thoughts and experiences.  This is the series for #RTXAustin2018 and the rest are likely to be found under the #RTXcited tag on the site.  Join me, won’t you?



    This is not just a swag post.  That said, I got a lot of nice things this RTX which I’m going to tell you about in the miscellany that is this post.


    The first, and probably most important thing to mention is my Badge.  It’s been added to my small collection, but we’ll go on a little journey to find it.




    Tucked away behind my jeans, jackets, (jean jackets,) and nicer shirts is a little organizational hanger with all my ties for the occasions I wear fancy clothes.  And on the other side of that…




    … is where my badges from conventions, school, and other lanyarded things I want to keep are kept.


    It is a safe place for my great memories, but it isn’t much of a display.  It’s not fair to the buttons and pins I get.  So I have a solution.




    As you can see, the badges are pretty bare.  They are in themselves wonderful keepsakes and that is why I have them but in my mind, pins and buttons as just as much for display.  I also don’t know about you, but I want to be able to remember RTX every day with other people.  Wearing a con lanyard in public makes people ask questions though…


    So I migrate the decorative bits (with purpose)! 


    Every year at RTX I but or bring something that’s going to be that year’s RTX thing.  Last year it was the Epsilon jacket which has my RTX 2017 pin secured front and center under the top button.  This year I intended it to be the RT Letterman Jacket which I’ve been needing to get since I got that Double Gold patch way back when, but there was also a sweet RTX Snapback in the RTX #RTBOX which is now half this year’s RTX thing.




    See, cool pins all along the hat (First, Extra Life, and Side Quest).  I put it on my head and remember the good times.  (I also, the day I got home, went out to get comics with my brother and the comic-shop guy saw it and asked if I went.  We talked for two hours.  I think the hat has earned its keep.)


    The jacket still will be an RTX thing.  It’ll be covered in patches I got this year (and before) and as soon as it’s done you can bet I’ll show it off.


    Speaking of showing off, here’s the rest of the merch I got in the RT Store.



    Some pretty cool stuff.  I just can’t not get an RvB thing each year, but it is true Camp Camp took up more of the budget than my jacket.  I really love that show, almost as much as I think the Ice Queen can be Best Girl when she puts her mind to it.  Maybe putting her hear back in a Cib headband might help her concentrate (I doubt it, but I needed to mention it somehow).  You can see here all the patches I got from the store and The Coop.  I really liked the Coop and its merch but that stuff was EXPENSIVE and I’ve still got some tin posters to buy.


    But, maybe by favorite thing of all is the RTX exclusive “Never Stop Trying” shirt.  It has that great cartoony style I love from this year’s RTX branding.  It has the positive other half of my favorite line in the show.  It’s very comfy.  And it has some actual importance to this post I’m writing on #rtcommunityday right now.




    For all the fun stuff I get from RTX, what I take away from it every time is a reinvigorated sense of just how much the #rtcommunity means to me and a passion to do my part in it.


    RT asked us on twitter for pictures and favorite moments from RTX to retweet over RT Community Day.  You all have seen the pictures (I wanted to attach them all, but twitter only allows 4) but here’s what I wrote:


    It's hard to pin it down because every moment of #rtxaustin is a reminder of the welcoming, talented, and just best community ever (of all time) that I have become a part of. RTX is coming home to these people and that keeps me very excited for every year.


    Maybe I’m being a little sappy, but there it is.  I may get a lot done at RTX and all of it gets me #VeryExcited , but a greatest moment?  I am immersed in the RT community from the moment I put on my daily outfit and funny socks to when I flop into my bed then have to get back out and turn on my light to find my eye cover so I can actually sleep a few hours for a whole weekend.  It’s pretty hard to top that.


    Yet I think I’m gonna try. 


    I planted the seeds of this all the way back in Part 1 of this threequel.  RTX 2018 marks the start of the Year of Participation for me.  I’m getting more involved with groups.  I’m gonna finish this pass at Red vs Blue Rec0very.  I have enough RT shirts now to wear one every day of the month (if I so choose).  I’ve got some actual video content actually in the works.  Where this year will take me is unknown, but there’s one key to getting there.




    Remembering where I came from to this community and applying that.  If I don’t do anything else this year I’m going to do my best to have one 008 Update* for every calendar weekI’m a writer.  I have thoughts best conveyed in words that I want to share with other people.  They aren’t all going to be 20+ page behemoths and not all of them are necessarily going to be directly RT related.  The connection will be I’m writing them for you guys, the RT Community.  It’s stuff I’m making because I’d want to read it and I’m hoping a bunch of like-minded friends on the internet will enjoy it too.  That sounds kinda familiar…


    *I really mean I’ll be doing “A Written Post” every calendar week.  Scripts for Rec0very and review posts count for that, as do other fictions I may decide to share and a planned series I have that isn’t just a blog but might start under the 008 Update banner.



    It’s a little ambitious but this community is worth it to me and I can always use the practice writing.  By calendar week I mean every Monday-Sunday and that is so I can visualize all of this on my calendar easier and make a checkmark.  It also gives me the leeway of more than seven days on occasion. 


    Again, I don’t know what shape this year is going to take.  I also may miss a few.  I’m not perfect, but what’s important is I’ll never stop trying.  This community and this place means a lot to me, so I will keep coming back.  I hope you will too.


    Happy #rtcommunityday

    -Max (AgentWashingtub008



    You can also expect, along with part 5 of RTXCited 2018: The Threequel a lot of fun shenanigans and doodles, like me achieving a nice lunch or little doodles to up my word count by a couple thousand (metaphorically) and explain some stuff about how I see myself and the world.  I even got a new set of markers.

























  • Did you or someone you know handle a bat during RTX/while in downtown Austin?

    1 year ago

    kriss Community Manager

    I am simply going to be copying and pasting for convenience. This rabies warning article was recently posted by Statesman. 

    RABIES ALERT: Health officials seeking women who handled infected bat downtown

    Health officials are looking for several women who handled a bat last week near the Austin Convention Center downtown that has since tested positive for rabies.

    The bat was initially found by a passerby near Fourth and Red River streets on Aug. 2 around 4:30 p.m.

    “Multiple females were seen picking up a bat from the sidewalk and handling it while trying to give it water,” a statement from Austin Public Health said Wednesday.

    “They then placed the bat in a tree and the bat fell out again on the ground,” officials said. “The bat was then covered with a cone until it was collected by Animal Protection.”

    Health officials are urging anyone who handled or touched the bat to call the city’s Disease Surveillance Program at 512-972-5555.

    “Rabies exposure occurs only when a person is bitten or scratched by a potentially rabid animal, or when abrasions, open wounds, or mucous membranes are contaminated with the saliva, brain, or nervous system tissue of a potentially rabid animal,” health officials said.

    They said infected people may not show symptoms for several weeks or longer.

    “The early signs of rabies can be fever or headache, but this changes quickly to nervous system signs such as confusion, sleepiness, or agitation,” health officials said. “Once someone with a rabies infection starts having these symptoms, that person usually does not survive.”

    They said it is critical that you talk to a doctor or health care provider immediately if a wild animal bites you.

    If you or someone you know has handled this bat, please take the necessary steps to ensure that you/they get the medical assistance that is needed. 

  • The Post RTX Blues Are Real

    1 year ago

    kriss Community Manager

    RTX Austin 2018 has come and gone, and I miss everyone so much. The entire week went by like a blur, but I have awesome memories to keep with me. I was ecstatic that I was able to attend as many community events as I did. I met so many people! I started off my week with the RT World/BUS cookout on Wednesday. That was a HOT day, but I was a happy lady because so many people attended the event, and there was a ton of food including pancakes on the menu!


    On Thursday, we held our first community summit with about 65 of our community group leaders/admins. It was absolutely amazing to see the huge turnout and also to be able to have an open dialogue with various representatives from our community. As it was the first of its kind, there were a lot of logistics to keep in mind to make this a success and a success it was! I could not have done this without Chelsea. She is, without a doubt, the most amazing co-pilot ever. Of all time. 


    And of course, afterward, I hit up the charity gala hosted by Sidequest. Ya gurl can clean up! 


    Now comes RTX Austin proper! HOLY SWISS CHEESE! I had so much fun meeting you all and having a ton of conversation on your feelings about the community and RTX as a whole. Fun fact, I was a Guardian from 2013 - 2017. This was going to be my 6th year being a Guardian, but I got to experience RTX as a CM this year! It was exciting and weird and bittersweet for me, but I'll get into that later. I got to attend a lot of community panels including the RT Reviews, BIGBITE Media, RT World, and OCC panels! (If you missed any of the community panels, you can see them here on Mixer!) 





    The weekend practically meshed into one day for me: our community creatives were kicking butt at the community corner all weekend long, 


    I got to ride on a wooden dragon, 


    and I got reconnect with even MORE community members during the evening events. 


    My heart is so full right now. RTX is such a great opportunity for members of this community to meet for the first time, reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and share their love of everything Rooster Teeth. Of course, RTX would not be possible without our Guardians. The heroes that you saw throughout the weekend with the red shirts (with the cute Ruby design) are all community members who volunteered their time and energy to make RTX run as smoothly as possible. I mentioned before that I was Guardian for 5 years. All weekend long, I wanted to throw on a Guardian shirt and help out wherever I could. Once a Guardian, always a Guardian for me. But this year, I passed the torch on to Joey and George, and I couldn't be more proud of them. Working with them over the years, seeing them grow into the people they are now, and watching them kick ass this weekend was a huge highlight for me. 


    Along with saying my farewells to the PA team, I also came to the realization that I would no longer be working with Chris, Mary, and Dan as I normally would as a Guardian. Of course, I'm still here as a CM and working with them in that fashion, but it's always difficult to immediately adapt when your course has been changed. I love these three with all my heart, and I am always so impressed with their work ethic, their strength, and all the passion they pour into RTX. Managing 500+ Guardians is not an easy task, but they handle it beautifully every year, regardless of how many obstacles and hurdles come their way. I learned so much from them as friends and as peers, and I reiterate again that RTX Austin could not happen without them. 


    Did you know that in 2013, Guardians had red shirts? It's oddly fitting and bittersweet that it is in 2018 that they have red shirts again. It's come full circle for me. 

    D3NBqYi.jpg 2013 Guardian Jackie! 

    I was and still am proud to have been a Guardian, and I will use that same energy to be a kick ass CM for this community. You all have provided very helpful guidance and feedback for me over the weekend, and I look forward to working together and making this the best damn community the internet has ever known. 

    Now that my wall of tex has wrapped, HOW WAS YOUR RTX? GIVE ME ALL THE DEETS. 


  • 008 Update #32- RTXCited 2018: THE THREEQUEL (Part 3- But More About Me)

    1 year ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    For the uninitiated, I get #VeryExcited for #rtx and for the past three years I have made a series of journal entries covering my thoughts and experiences.  This is the series for #RTXAustin2018 and the rest are likely to be found under the #RTXcited tag on the site.  Join me, won’t you?



    Because, after all, I’m going to #rtx and I know about what I’m doing better than anything else.


    I’m also posting this one a tad earlier than my usual “last minute” ones because that’s just the way things are.  I am #VeryExcited and #VeryPrepaired .





    I’m gonna drop a taft…


    Y’all might remember that I got that #fakeahcrew piggy bank in the AH #RTBOX back when it was called #DoubleGold and that’s where I put all my extra bunce leading up to RTX.


    Well I heisted that money over to the coinstar and got a fair amount for one or a few special gubs to be determined once I arrive.


    Though I do have a list.




    Hey, remember how I said I only had one cosplay this year and it’s another Top Secret Elaborate Shenanigan?  


    Yeah, while packing my “themes for days” idea turned into one EXTREMELY themed outfit and another that has been influenced heavily by what I’m doing on Sunday (the panel I’ll plug soon).


    So here’s a “Cosplay” Schedule like all the kids are doing: 




    This isn't just very important to me because I'm going to be actually on stage at RTX, something I never really thought would happen on my third trip, but because what me and my OCC friends are talking about is important.

    My fellow members of the Oxford Comma Café are going to be discussing how we've lasted and become the most active group/thread/subforum of the community site.  Our bend is full discussions with level heads and care to what we say, but over all what we'll be talking about can apply to all sorts of community groups and discussions.

    It's gonna be great.  We have some real fun things planned.

    Join us, won't you?



    Just on the off chance you don’t know what I look like, now you do.


    I will have floofy ginger hair, a hat, glasses, a beard, and a ridiculous smile all weekend.


    2 4 1 10


    If you want to send me some encoded message or just say hi, I think it’s important that you know the best way to contact me is here on the site, through twitter ((a)pinkgeek008) or Instagram (same as twitter). 


    You know I’ll be making a whole bunch of RTXcited blogs upon my return, but there may be a few updates on those other socialmedias too.


    That all said, everything else is going dim because I’m going down to experience as much of RTX as possible.  If this is the last time we talk for a few days I hope you all have a great week and weekend.



    The coffee tracker will be in effect again this year in a MUCH BIGGER WAY.


    A whole lot will be kept track of, like Dr. Pepper, and things I can’t tell you yet directly, though technically I have already shown my hand.


    Just gotta be #CrypticAllTheTime



    And that’s it, I’m just too #RTXcited to be able to think of much else to say.  My phone has been cleared of all debris and my bags are packed.  I need to be going to bed soon.


    Looking forward to it all,

    -008 (Max) 


    No, this wasn't also an excuse to make sure imgur's latest version worked with edge and the site...

    Not completely.
















    1 year ago

    16BitsOfAwesome Keeper of Moving Forward


    CONFIRMED! The one and only @16BitsOfAwesome will be coming to #rtxaustin! What an honor!!

    James will be organizing a VERY EXCLUSIVE autograph signing event in the convention center back alley, by the trash!

  • 008 Update #31- RTXcited 2018: THE THREEQUEL (Part 2: Be Prepared)

    1 year ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    For the uninitiated, I get #VeryExcited for #rtx and for the past three years I have made a series of journal entries covering my thoughts and experiences.  This is the series for #RTXAustin2018 and the rest are likely to be found under the #RTXcited tag on the site.  Join me, won’t you?




    And I thought I’d be sticking away from all of the lists and using minimal tips.


    Man makes plans, God laughs, and bureaucratic regulations do their thing.


    So guys, I’m still #VeryExcited for #rtx this year, and I’m counting each and every day that I have to wait, but recent developments and thoughts I’ve been having anyway have me thinking about preparation


    To get ahead of anything else, this isn’t a journal talking about anyone else’s preparation, but mine/yours. 


    There was a recent post from Bethany about how Security Checkpoints will work at the designated entry points to the convention center.  You should definitely go read it if you’re going.


    Here are my general thoughts:


    At least we have the system in advance.  It’s pretty restrictive and yet I can see how it could lead to confusion and complications.  However I think we’re better safe than sorry.  It would seem that this is the way it’s going to be.  It won’t do any good to cause trouble and we’re the RT Community, one of the best online communities ever, of all time.  Let’s be on our best behavior and things should work out for us.




    So, something to take from this situation is to Be Prepared with your time.


    Lines take time and this will be true getting into the convention center and getting into panels.  Planning your day appropriately is important, especially if you want to get into a big panel (we’ll talk about the big panels soon). 


    Travel from place to place also takes time and you never know what you might run into on your way: 

    -A friend from the site. 

    -Some awesome cosplay of your favorite character.

    -One of the many RT Staff and Cast (or Celebrity Guest) who may be wandering the floor. 

    -A lucky penny. 

    -A booth with some swag you just gotta have.

    -A brief blockage from some other line or event.

    -AND MORE!


    So, just be aware that it will take you time to get from one end of the convention center to the other or to a hotel or other event location.


    You also might want to Be Prepaired with your priorities.


    It’s a blunt truth that you can’t do everything at RTX, there’s just so much awesome stuff to do aside from all of the standing and walking around the expo hall.  I find it’s good to be measured about all this and have one or two things a day that are MUSTS for you and focusing on getting them done then allowing all the other fun stuff you get to do to be extra.  For me that’s about one panel a day and an event or thing I know will take up some time.  I have my list (and my panel with the OCC* is on there) all ready and I know that some of those still may be a stretch (RvB).



    *Yup, in case you forgot: I WILL BE ON A PANEL THIS YEAR as a representative of the Oxford Comma Café, one of the most active community groups of the RT community site and forums.  We’ll be sharing our secrets to success in communication, community management, member engagement, lunar settlement, respectful disagreement, and FUN.  Please come see us if you can.  I am very excited to be a part of it.



    I am not saying you can’t go see the panels you want, you should definitely try, but having priorities like this makes things easier.


    You’ll also benefit because you’ll find a lot of unexpected opportunities for fun at RTX.  You’ll meet new people and chat with them in the expo hall.  Maybe you’ll find some agreeable someone who wants to go get lunch with you.  There’s RT Staff and Guests wandering usually and maybe you can get a picture with them (as long as your mom doesn’t decide to call you).  People are playing all sorts of games and you may just want to show off your skills.  Cosplay shenanigans happen. 


    As I’ve said, everything is slightly different for everyone at RTX so your priorities are up to you.  Just know what you really want to do and work for that while leaving yourself open to the fun that will just happen.


    On another side of things, you will benefit by being prepared with ways to contact your friends.


    For safety you should have at least one person with your cellphone number who knows where you should be throughout your day and is willing to check in on you.  Using the buddy system helps a lot.


    Outside of that, you will benefit from having a way to contact other people through apps and websites and phone numbers.  I would know because I have a Windows Phone which, in this year of 2018, means I have few functioning apps and none of the fun social ones.  But I do have a cellphone number some people have and unlimited data so I can check in on Twitter, Instagram, and the Rooster Teeth Community Site.  Those are the best places to contact me (should you want to) (at)PinkGeek008 or AgentWashingtub00-  Wait, you should know that one.


    And finally, you should be prepared ahead of time.  Because I’m VERY EXCITED I’ve already packed and unpacked most of my bag.  It’s one thing to have a list of things that you want to have, but another to know you have the space for it all.


    I have to transport one of the many hats I’m bringing on my head (which is fine) and I’ll be doing the same trick of last year where I pack my on-the-floor bag into my clothes bag so I don’t have to pay twenty five dollars.


    Speaking of that hat, I’m really looking forward to my super elaborate shenanigan top secret cosplay which I’ll be doing on Saturday for reasons (and it’s the longest day).  Not only does it take last year to the next level on many fronts, I’ve been working on one prop that may not get me a guest spot on Master and Apprentice, but I’m really happy with what it is and what it is going to be by the end of RTX.  I’m going to have it all three days if you want to see it.


    But back to my point, which is the point of this whole journal really, I don’t know what you’re taking with you to RTX.  I’m still ironing out some of the exact things I’m going to bring.   I’m sending out contact info and networking.  I’m scouring the schedule to see what I want to get to and how I can do it.  We’ve still got, a few days.  The important thing is to make the effort now so you’re ready when you get to the ACC and see everything in front of you.  Plans may change, but at least you have your shit together.


    There’s still work to do.  I can’t wait to see you all down there this year.  Yet, I wanna get one more of these posts ready.  I have my jobby-job to go to a few more times.  Achievement Hunter had their tenth anniversary and I think I have a FUN post I can do for that…  And I do have to fully pack.


    So, I’m gonna go.  Thanks for reading and as always I highly recommend you go check out all of the official journals about RTX from the Rooster Teeth Staff and also the ones from RT World and other community sources if you want more detailed lists of things and information. 

    And, should you have any comments or questions for me, go ahead and use that comment section.


    ‘till next time.

    -Max (AgentWashingtub008)















  • RTX 2018

    1 year ago

    zombiezzeldao Angie

    Now that I'm living in Austin, you best bet to see me at RTX 2018!!

  • RTX Code

    1 year ago

    heyitscaiti RTNJ

    Hey friends!
    I have a FIRST code for RTX that I will not be using since i am a guardian! If youd like it, shoot me a message! First come first serve! Also check out #rtxaustin on twitter, there are TONS of people giving out their codes!!

  • So You're A Guardian. Here's Some Pre-RTX Tips (2018 Edition)

    1 year ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x9; Panel Lead

    I'm back again to give y'all some tips on how to prepare for Guardianship in 2018.  This will be my 8th year as a Guardian, and I can tell you, there's a lot you can do to prepare for RTX before the actual convention.  This is mostly a re-post of my 2017 guide, but there are some great tips for how you can prepare for RTX right now and in the lead-up.  If you're a new Guardian, I highly recommend giving it a read.

    1) So You're A Guardian.  Here's What You Should Do Right Now

    Confirm that you are aware of all official sources of information.  The RT site is the primary source for your information, and should be the hub for all official communication.  There may be instances sometimes when you get news updates from other sources, but they are not a substitute for the RT site.  Check the group often, and keep an eye out for news posts.  Be aware of dates, times, schedules, and information as it becomes available.  By the time RTX rolls around, you should already have memorized the start/end times for each con day, and the major events of the weekend.

    I would also recommend participating in the forum threads in the group.  Get to know your fellow Guardians in the fun threads.  Put the BAR on watch to socialize with your fellow Guardians.  You should also follow the FAQ thread, since it’s a good source of information and answers.

    Also, if you haven't by now, you should be working to establish your lodging situation (hotel, hostel, AirBnB, friend's place, etc).  RT will be releasing their hotel deals as some point, but you should be searching already.  If you a great deal, try to lock it down sooner than later.  Rooming in groups of 3 or 4 can cut costs significantly as well.

    2) When Team Assignments Are Announced

    This will be the next big development before RTX.  Research your role.  Get to know the people you will be working with.  There will likely be an official forum thread or group for your team, which your Team Lead will create and manage.  Just like with the group, check it often.  If your Team Lead introduces any new methods of communication, check those often as well.  Soak up all knowledge from your Team Lead and fellow Guardians on your team.  Be proactive.  If you have a question, ask your Team Lead, or ask in the Guardian FAQ thread.  Stay up to date on any meetings or information that your Team Leads put out.

    Some time after team assignments are announced, you will be given a more specific post within your team (exact place/job you’ll be working).  Stay up to date on any changes to your role, and research accordingly.

    3) Starting Around Two Months Before RTX

    Research the physical area of where you’ll be working, as best you know.  Find the floorplans of the place you’ll be assigned to.  Floorplans can be found on the websites for each venue.  If you don’t know the specifics of your post yet, make an educated guess and adjust your research as information becomes available.  Know the location of restrooms, exits, streets, and nearby restaurants/stores.  As soon as you know your place of lodging, map out your path to work.  Go to google maps, put in addresses, and have an educated idea of the time it takes to get there (and take into account traffic and the time it takes you to get ready).

    The whole idea is to minimize the amount of surprises in your work and travel area.  I find that this approach makes me more comfortable moving around my assigned area, and operating as an authority to attendees.  Spend a few minutes every week or two looking over this.  You won’t be quizzed on this, but you’ll want to have a working knowledge.  Not only for yourself, but for attendees and other Guardians.

    Also, if you plan on ordering anything online for RTX (athletic underclothes, shoes, etc), do it now.  You don't want to waiting on that crucial anti-odor undergarment when RTX approaches.  You'll also want to make sure your shoes are broken as well.

    4) When The Schedule Is Announced

    Get to know the schedule.  Try to memorize the big events, but especially memorize the events that will be taking place in your area.  Think about the specific needs of each event/activity you will be working, and what will be required of your role in it.  Ask your Team Leads and co-workers for any information that might be helpful in those specific cases.

    It is also a good idea to look at events in other locations that take place around the same time as your own events.  This comes in handy when anticipating sudden rushes and traffic of attendees.  Your area might be empty or slow, but when a big panel lets out, those crowds have to go somewhere.  Don’t be caught off guard.

    5) In The Three Weeks Before RTX

    Start eating a little better, if you don't do so already.  Don’t shock your body with new foods or diets though.  You don’t want to throw off your system.  Just pick the healthier option among what you already regularly eat.  Maybe avoid those god tier junk foods you love, and opt for the stuff you already like that might be better for you.  You know your own body, so you know what it doesn’t like processing.  If there are foods or meals that you love but you know make you worthless and lazy, maybe avoid those leading up to RTX.  This isn’t about dieting or losing weight.  You’ll need the energy, so don’t come to RTX starving.  It’s about being well fed, just not full of unhealthy food.  If you can put your body in a healthier and more responsive state pre-RTX, it will make the weekend a little easier.  Make sure to get on a good sleep schedule too, if possible.  One day of bad sleep can snowball over a week, and it’s easy to find yourself dragging by the weekend.  You don’t want to be operating on a sleep deficit during RTX, so try to get on an RTX schedule before the con.

    Hunger and sleepiness can strike hard, even right before RTX even starts.  Many times I find myself getting a little less rest and nutrition leading up to RTX.  It can due to work, travel, or pure excitement.  In each of those instances, it can be easy to lose hours of sleep or to just grab a quick greasy meal.  By the time the Thursday before RTX rolls around, it can be easy to find yourself tired and hungry at midday.  Such is the nature of cons and travel.  And you won’t always be able to eat super healthy at RTX.  Time, money, and distance can conspire to force you to eat greasy and unhealthy foods.  That’s just the reality of conventions, for attendees and volunteers alike.  And that’s okay.  But that’s why it’s important to stock up on healthy habits before RTX.  And remember, like I said, it’s not about dieting or losing weight.  It’s about being well fed on healthy foods already in your rotation.

    Here’s a cautionary tale for you.  At RTX 2015, I made a rookie mistake and went about 23 hours without eating and a whole day with only 4 hours of sleep—and that was by Thursday afternoon before RTX.  Bear in mind, this wasn’t due to the demands of the work, but my inability to manage my own time.  Any veteran Guardian will tell you that this one of the biggest things to NOT do.  Seriously, the first rule of Guardianship is “take care of your body”.

    It might not seem like something to be warned about, but it’s something that can sneak up on you when you’re so excited and dedicated about helping out.  It’s just a natural component of volunteering.  The best way to combat this, should you need to, is to make sure you’re in a good position beforehand by eating better and getting plenty of rest.  Think of it as stocking up on energy and recovery ability.  It gives you an extra boost, and provides you with a cushion of recuperation should you need it.

    6) One Week Before Leaving For RTX

    Make a list of what you’re taking.  Make a list of what you’ll be wearing on each day and night.  Do all your laundry days ahead of time and, if possible, have your bag packed by the day BEFORE you leave for RTX.  And that list of what you’ll be wearing? Pack that too.  No joke, waking up and having an outfit already planned out is a godsend.  The ability to wake up and seamlessly get ready during RTX gives you so much peace of mind.  Personally, I like to pack by the outfit.  I just pull an outfit out of my suitcase, rather than assembling it from packed sections.

    Also, if you plan to carry a bag during RTX, make sure to have that packed and planned out ahead of time too.  If possible, tailor your bag according to what department you will be working in.  Different departments have different needs.  PA’s might need sharpies and hand sanitizer, Panels might need pen/paper, and Tech might need a shitload of tech stuff.  Ask your Team Lead and fellow Guardians for specifics on what your assignment will call for.  Many supplies will be provided, but if you already have access to the appropriate materials, it helps to bring them yourself.  Don’t forget to pack snacks and water either.  DON’T FORGET TO PACK SNACKS AND WATER.  Don’t overpack your con bag though.  We all want to be walking Swiss army knives, but be realistic.  After 3-4 days, all those knick knacks will be hurting your shoulders.

    Take stock of your body as well.  Do your feet tend to hurt after being on them all day? Pack the comfy shoes or buy some inserts.  Do you chafe after walking around a long time? Pack a baby powder for your place of lodging, and pack a tiny one for your con bag.  Do industrial air conditioners dry out your eyes? Pack some eye drops.  Don’t just plan for situations, plan for your body.

    Also, by now, you will likely already know your schedule for that whole week.  Once you do, plan out your meal options as best you can.  Maybe do some research on the nearest restaurants, menus, and prices.  Knowing where you’re getting your meals from and how much they’ll cost can save you an unbelievable amount of time and stress.  When you’re in the thick of Guardian work, with the crowds and noise all around you, eliminating any unknowns can be great for your sanity.  Not just for the days of the convention, but the Thursday or even Wednesday before (if you’re in town then).

    7) One or Two Days Before Leaving For RTX

    Okay, this is where we get a little more…personal.  It isn’t a must-have, but I find that it helps psychologically when you get FRESH TO DEATH.

    I’m talking about haircuts, nail trims, and grooming (face OR body).  I’m talking eyebrows, small problem areas, moisturizing, exfoliating, and shaving.  You're not going to prom or about to get married though, so don't show up not ready to get sweaty (you will get sweaty).  You will be exerting yourself, and you won't be able to preen when you want.  But basically anything you might do when you have a hot date coming up or if you’re going to a nice party, do that.  Take your time, don’t rush.  I highly recommend finding some time to decompress and relax by yourself, and utilizing that time to take care of your body.

    Why, you ask? For yourself.  Have you ever been chilling at home, and had to make an unexpected trip to the grocery store? You’re there, in your comfiest of comfy clothes just watching TV.  All of a sudden, you remember you need olive oil for that kick ass dish you’re making later.  So you go to the store not looking your best, and try to incognito your way through the checkout.  The confidence level is noticeably lower than if you had taken an hour or two getting ready.  I realize that we all have different levels of self-esteem, and some of you would probably feel and look fabulous wearing a trash bag.  That’s fucking fantastic.  But for some of us, there is a measurable amount of confidence and extrovertism that can be gained when we look our best.  You carry yourself better, walk straighter, and make more eye contact.  It’s all about making yourself feel better.  When you look good, you feel good.

    Do the same thing for your clothes.  The priorities when it comes to Guardian clothes are typically comfort and presentability.  You want to be comfortable working all day, and you want to look nice enough for the public to approach you.  Feel free to make the best of that.  Wear special pants/shorts, shoes, socks, or accessories.  It can be nice and trendy, or it can be something that simply says “this is me”.  The idea is to wear something that gives you confidence, whether it’s something nice or something that screams your own personal style.  The same goes for clothes you can’t see.  Don’t trade comfort for style, but if possible, wear some good socks or good underwear.  Good underwear is a huge confidence booster.  It’s a weapon you should have in your arsenal.  Keep in mind, there is a minor dress code for Guardians (approachability, shirt mostly visible on front/back, emphasis on comfort).  But if you can do what I recommend within the Guardian dress code, I would highly suggest it.

    Here’s another personal example.  Right before RTX 2012, I forgot to get a haircut.  My hair was very overgrown.  I didn’t pack any nice clothes, so my wardrobe (as a Guardian AND a civilian), was subpar.  I could feel the lack of confidence I had that weekend.  I met a lot of people I knew for the first time, and I wished my appearance was a little better.  Like I said, for some of you that ain’t no thing.  But for me, sometimes, it can have a negative effect.  The people you meet, attendees and Guardians, will accept you even if you aren’t looking your best.  But looking your best can do a lot for you, psychologically.

    Keep in mind, you will also have to deal with helpless or angry attendees, industry professionals, and don’t forget, RT themselves.  Looking professional and put together can do wonders for your performance.  You’ll see many veteran Guardians emphasizing professionalism and hygiene.  Those two things are vital to being a Guardian.  What I’m recommending is just taking that next step in those two respects.  My only warning is to not go overboard.  After all, you will be working and quite possibly sweating.  So, don’t be too preoccupied with appearances.  But do yourself a favor and give yourself that boost of confidence.  In the days before RTX, make it a point to focus on your body and find serenity in the process.  Use it as a form of meditation, and arrive at RTX with confidence.

    8) Once You Arrive For Orientation

    Pay attention during orientation.  There will be a big orientation with important info, possibly some safety briefings, and then even smaller team-based orientation.  When you break off into teams, soak up your Team Lead’s advice.  During team meetings, if possible, visualize and act out your role.  I’m talking full on miming that shit.  Don’t just learn what you’ll be doing, imagine it.  Picture the crowds.  Physically and vocally act out your role.  This will be your only rehearsal.  It might look weird, but actually acting out the process will help you.

    Get to know your team.  Memorize their names, and tell them yours.  Maybe go to lunch or dinner together if people are available.  If any of you are free during the evenings Friday through Sunday, maybe make dinner plans with each other.  Things like this help your team become more cohesive, and close-knit.  We all have our own neuroses and anxieties.  Some more than others, and that’s okay.  But we all need to help create an environment of comfort within our co-volunteers.  You will be working alongside these people, you will grow fond of them, and sadly, you may never see them again.  Take the time to know each other just a little, even if it’s over a soda during a break.  It will help your work relationship, alleviate any potential awkwardness, and you will be happy you made the effort once you go back home.

    9) The Night Before RTX

    DON’T STAY UP ALL NIGHT.  I know there are evening events, and I know they’re fun.  I will be at them too.  But you know how much sleep you usually require, and you know what your body can and can’t handle.  Don’t cut it close.

    Eat a decent dinner.  It's okay to indulge, but don't go crazy.  Make sure your Guardian clothes for the weekend are planned out.  If you will be carrying a bag with you during RTX, make sure it is packed and ready before going to bed.  Doing these things will ensure you get a good night’s sleep, that you wake up refreshed, and that you won’t be stressed in the morning.  Also make sure that your toiletries and hygiene materials are ready to go in the morning.  Have a space set aside for all your bathroom products, and try to have them in a place that’s easily accessible in the morning.  Between deodorant, toothbrush/paste, soap/shampoo, and beauty products, you can easily lose 10-20 minutes fumbling around in the morning.

    Also be aware of your morning routines, and how your body acts.  Do you need extra waking up time? Get up earlier.  Does your hair require a special touch? Set aside that time.  Will you have morning bathroom business to take care of? Take that into account.  If you're rooming with other people, work out a morning schedule.  Don't rely on a bathroom time slot in the morning if it hasn't been confirmed.

    Also, and this is more of a personal suggestion, take a hot bath before bed.  Still take a shower in the morning, but take a hot bath before bed.  I know not everyone’s lodging situation will allow this (a shower is fine too), but if possible, do it.  Fill the tub up and take a quiet soak for a while.  Relax.  Breathe.  Listen to the sloshing of the water.  Use the good soap, and condition your hair.  Take your time, and maybe put some lotion on after.  Go to bed fresh and relaxed.  You’re here because you want to be.  You’re in your element.  You're with your people.  You’re calm and ready for tomorrow.  You know where you need to be in the morning, and what time you need to be there.  You got this.  Settle down, set an alarm, and go to sleep.

    10) Tips & Tricks

    That’s all I got.  If you want to know more about what to do during the actual convention, feel free to ask.  I will do my best to help.  There are also plenty of other experienced Guardians to ask as well.  I’ll go ahead and leave you with some tips and tricks that might help you during RTX.


    -Don’t be nervous.  The people around you are there to support you.  You’ll go through a lot of on-the-job training on the first day.  You’ll learn a lot, and apply it to rest of the weekend.  Don’t fret.  Any stress you have is a passing condition.

    -Don’t skip meals.  Hand-held and portable foods are your friend, but do take advantage of times when you can sit down and enjoy a meal.

    -Always have water on hand.  ALWAYS HAVE WATER ON HAND.  You don’t even need a space-age Olympian cross-fit artisan water delivery system.  Reuse an Ozarka bottle.  You’re not the Queen.

    -If you have the time and ability, try to take a hot bath at least once during the weekend.  You will be surprised how much it will help.

    -Be willing to relax.  You’ll want to cram as much fun into the weekend as you can.  That’s normal, and what we all want.  But if you feel you might not be up to it, that’s okay.  Chill nights with friends are just as good as wild nights with friends.  One year I even had a relaxing nice Italian dinner by myself.  No joke, it felt good.  Treat yo-self.

    -You will be seeing behind the curtain of RT a bit, but you will be doing so in order to help them.  Remember, you’re a Guardian first, a person second, and a fan third.

    -Food runs are life savers.  Going on break to get something to eat? Have some extra time? Are you working closely with other Guardians? Consider offering to go on a food run for the group.  Work out the money situation (through collection, smartphone apps, or trades), write down what they want, and grab it for them.  This isn’t expected of you, but it’s an option that can save a lot of time and stress.

    -Ask questions if you have them.  Redundant instructions are okay.  You don’t get points for memorizing things the first time you hear them.  But you do get Guardian points for thorough understanding.

    -Guardian Points don’t really exist, but just now I’ve decided to make them a thing.  Use GP for short.

    -If you want to get something from the RT store, try to work out ahead of time when you'll be going.  Ask your Team Lead or supervisor when the best time to go is, or else you risk missing your chance.

    -Avoid having too many chefs in the kitchen.  We all want to help.  We all have ideas.  There will be times when you’re in a discussion with other Guardians about what to do in a situation.  People will have suggestions, and everyone will want to help.  But once a decision has been made in a situation and a plan is implemented, give it a chance.  Don’t complain that your idea was way better the whole time, and don’t gloat if your idea is the one that is chosen.  Don’t let your eagerness to help become a battle over whose idea is best.  Trust your team, and trust your Team Leads.

    -Have fun.  All these people around you are your people.  They like what you like, and you have a lot in common with them.  Probably more than you know.  Feel how happy they are, and feel good about yourself.

    -Write down the screen names, twitter handles, etc. of your fellow Guardians.  Take pictures with them.  Upload those pictures like crazy after RTX.

    -If possible, STAY AFTER FOR THE GREAT GUARDIAN GATHERING IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CON ON SUNDAY.  People will dance.  People will take pictures.  People will cry, including you and RT staff.  You won’t want to leave.

    -Remember how you felt when you were there.

  • First Members for RTX Austin

    1 year ago


    Hello everyone, 

    I've heard that RTX Austin tickets will go on sale on the 23rd, and I just wanted a little confirmation on that. Also I was curious if there was a code for First Members to get their tickets early like last year? I received an email last year, but I haven't received anything yet. If anyone has some info about this that would be awesome, or could let me know who to contact about it. Thanks

  • Guardian Applications

    1 year ago


    I'm not sure if this has been posted on here or not, but according to the Rooster Teeth twitter, applications to be a Guardian at RTX Austin will be opening on Friday at 10am CT. They will be open for a month so don't stress about getting them in right away, take your time and make sure they are correct. Good luck to everyone who applies.

  • Back from Africa... So many photos

    2 years ago

    PortalBen Mad Inventor

    Just returned from my first (and hopefully not last) Safari to see the Great Migration between Tanzania and Kenya. It was an incredible experience and between myself, my dad, and a couple others in our group, we amassed about 5,000 photos. Many of which are probably duplicates, and only 3k or so are actually editable as RAW images. Anyway, this is gonna be a lot of fun to go through eventually.


    I finally have time to start doing proper edits from RTX 2017. Doing some pre-processing at the moment, but I'm planning to stream the my selection and edit process on my twitch: shadyguy0057. It'll probably be boring, but it'll be far less boring if you drop by and chat with me!

    No idea when I'd start and I have no regular streaming time yet, but I'll probably put it out on my twitter when that happens. Hope to see some of you join!

  • What's Up Wednesday!

    2 years ago


    Hey everyone!

    We hope you're doing well, we know it's been rough being without the whole gang this last week or so. But hey! We wanted to let you know that you don't have to lose that lovin' feeling!


    So! ICYMI here are some things for you to check out and get involved in!


    Do you miss the forums? We do too.  We know it's not been perfect here on site, massive thanks to the hardworking engineers who are working to try to up our quality of life, and we know the feeling has been mutual.  That's why our friends who help to run the various community discords (Yes, that IS A THING, go & have fun there!  barbara) have worked to come up with a solution. We'll let them tell you.

    "It's a place to post stuff not related to Rooster Teeth itself, but about community members to share what they're into, what they're up to, and anything else really! We hope some of you check it out as we think it could turn into a really cool place for the community!"

    So, if you're interested, and we hope you are, check em out!


    Recently arrived, but seems to be full of fun, this one stop shop is has been a community favorite recently for that 'missed connection' you may have had at #rtxaustin

    Check em out Here! Share the love you have for your fellow attendees, give your crush an ego boost, and have a fun time!


    Big thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever Community Hunt this RTX Austin! We're looking to do more events like this, so if you liked it (or missed out!) let us know! We continuously work to keep finding better ways to get more of the community involved and active!

    Last, but definitely not least.  We bet you want to know when you can see us each other again, right?

    How about a bunch of events coming your way.  Does that sound good?

    Upcoming Events:

    RTWorld Community Meetup @ Florida Supercon 2017: Hosted by RWBY Cosplayers of South East Florida

    Join this awesome community group for some fun & cool down after a long day with some ice cream at Coldstone! The event is open to both attendees and community members alike (no cosplay needed!!) More details can be found HERE!


    Not going to SuperCon?  Don't worry! We've got you lined up with an upcoming community event at Boston Comic Con! Keep your eyes peeled for more details and more community events by finding us where you lurk best! 

    In the interim, get involved in some of the upcoming Community events this weekend! (All times in Central) or check it out in your local time by clicking here!



    2 years ago

    DarkBowler Photographer

    I have 6900 photos and 4 hours of video to go through from RTX this year so don't expect anything for a while. I ask myself every year why do I do this and put so much work on me, I don't have a great answer other than I love all of you in the community; you are the reason I do what I do. I only hope you all like the work.

    Now back to editing, talk to you all later.

  • RTX 2017 The Rundown

    2 years ago


    Well everyone if you are anything like me you are sighing heavily for a few reasons. 1. RTX is over (insert crying emoji face here) 2. We can all finally get some rest (I'm sure the staff is more exhausted then us though) and 3...... we must wait until AUGUST next year until we can RTX again. 

    Considering my amazing weekend at RTX i wanted to recap what it was like.... whether that be for people to remember the good times or for fellow rooster teeth lovers to see what they will be getting into should they attend and RTX in the future.


      So, what’s RTX like is kind of like the big question people ask well let me tell you, it’s a string of 3 days blurred together where you walk around starving and broke.... but you are completely okay with being both of those things!

      Even being a VIP and having early access to panels you want to cram as many things into your day as possible thus taking away from time you could be eating (and if you love food like me then you are extra starving) and even when you do go onto the main floor to try and get some food the lines are so long they will run into getting into your next panel so you make the executive decision to keep starving. But once the people you've been waiting hours to see come out on stage your like "what food” and the reason you have been starving is totally WORTH! (and yes, I brought snack with me to curve my hunger......but I ate those while I was still in line). And yes, there are food places outside of the convention center that you can grub at, but then you run the risk of missing your favorite people walking the floor when you are gone i.e. Tyler, Mariel, and Texas <3, So starvation 5 me 0. But at the end of the day when all the panels and signing are over and you crawl out of the convention center into that moist Austin heat, you find the nearest place to eat and you basically consume your entire plate in the span of 5 minutes and regret nothing. And then you repeat this process for 2 more days!


      Now the being broke part as i said you are completely A-Okay with as well. You see you have already shelled out a few hundreds of dollars and the promise of your first-born child to be here, so why not spend the rest of your life savings on the MERCH, ALL THE AMAZING MERCH.  Might as well buy it now here and save on the shipping fees (at least that’s what I told myself…and my husband…I don’t think he bought it though he knows I have a problem). That is just the tip of the iceberg of rooster teeth merch, this is not to mention the vendor booths selling their vendory goodness, that you will buy without a doubt and be broker that broke.  Oh yeah and you will also get suckered in to buying another double gold box because it will definitely have different stuff in it than the double gold box you have waiting back home for you un-opened!  But along with your sleep your bank account will replenish after the chaos of this amazing weekend is over!


      And the best part of it all is that you spent 3 days in one of the most beautiful cities meting a ton of amazing people supporting a business that is so important to you and millions of others! And that ladies and gents is RTX in a nutshell (from my perspective anyway!) UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!

  • RTX Austin 2017

    2 years ago

    Birdork RTX17-18 Tech Team

    Guuuuuuuys RTX17 is already over!!! 

    This has literally been the best experience of my life, it has been such an amazing privilege and honor to be on the Guardian Tech Team this year. I've met so many incredibly, wonderful people that I've loved getting to know and work with and I honestly can't wait to do it again next year. 

    When I first applied to be a Guardian and got our team assignments, I was incredibly intimidated. The team looked very established, and so many community members knew each other in general,  that I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in or if I was gonna have fun. But I was overwhelmed by how friendly and welcoming everyone on the team and in the community was, and I hope I'm not inaccurate when I say I think I've made some fantastic new friends (at the very least, acquaintances). 

    From Day 0 setting up RT Games (and the sexist PS4) to the awesome escape room (Team Vag Pop for the win) and of course the ficus/fakus shenanigans the rest of the weekend (Honestly never thought I'd be invested in the secrecy and security of a plant), there was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun. And honestly, it never feels like work when you're doing something you enjoy.

    It was also so cool to see so much of the RT Staff (even if it was all mainly in passing) and to really see the inner workings of a huge event like RTX. Massive respect to seeing how it all goes down and what it takes to make this show run. The RTX Event Staff absolutely killed it, and took the whole Day 1 situation and turned it around beautifully by Day 2. 

    And it was so great getting to have dinner with new friends each night and seeing my family from Texas (who asked if I would consider moving to Austin, and the honest answer is absolutely). I think as an overall experience, this I will never forget. I think it was good for me, mentally and socially, to try out this slice of independence and get to know people and push myself past my comfort zone.

    I've said my thank yous a thousand times on twitter, but I thank all of my team, my leads, our head guardians, the RTX Event Staff, and the RT staff for allowing me to have such a positive experience. I honestly had so much more to say but I don't think words can really encapsulate everything. 

    To my new team and my new friends, feel free to add me on other social media sites as you please. I'm Birdork literally everywhere; Twitter, Tumblr, Twitch, Youtube, Instagram...aside from snapchat. In which case I'm aradiamegidork. Which I should really change at some point but ya know...

    I can't wait for next year. 

  • RTX Day 2 & 3

    2 years ago


    Day 2 was rather uneventful. My brother and I walked around the Exhibit Hall and bought merch. The food there was rather expensive, so we only bought a drink for lunch (no matter how hard I pestered for popcorn-- it smelled so good). We wanted to line up for the RT Podcast, but the line was atrociously long.

    We continued to mill around the Exhibit Hall until our feet swelled up. When they did, my brother and I both decided to call it a day.

    That night, we ate at the Burger Bar on Congress. I fed a pigeon I named Rodrick fries, and he sat with me for awhile until I refused to feed him anymore. He walked away, came back a few times to try again, before flying off.

    Day 3 was around the same.

    We spent around two hours at the convention center. I met Ray and Griffon and had them sign my sketchbook before I shopped for a Camp Camp shirt and a Cow Chop throw pillow. 

    I headed back to the hotel around 1:30 p.m. and my mother convince me to hop in the pool, even though our luggage were already waiting in the car for us. Without realizing my iPhone was in my pocket, I hopped in and swam around in my RTX 2017 t-shirt and denim shorts for around thirty minutes.

    She... she didn't make it.

    Luckily for me, I managed to have a backup on my iPod. I save my pictures from the con.

    We made it back to Dallas around 8:30 p.m., exhausted and defeated.

    It was a good RTX, and although it might be my last, I look forward for what Rooster Teeth has in store for the next ones!

  • RTX Austin Day 1

    2 years ago


    I woke up at 7:15 this morning to get my complimentary breakfast. It was mediocre, to be honest. I was forced to eat the sinful fruit called Grapefruit, and it sort of ruined my appetite. I spent the rest of breakfast drinking my orange juice in a cup that masked it to look like coffee. Although, the balcony was very comforting and just pleasant to sit at. I'm rather happy with the way the day began.

    I headed out around 10 a.m., headed to the Hilton to check out the lines, and was sent back and told to arrive at noon. So, my brother and I headed back to our hotel to wait two hours. We spent our time on our phones, showing each other memes or just chatting with each other. That was a pleasant time, too. My hotel room is chilly, which is the best thing for this horrid Texas heat.

    Those two hours sped by. At noon, we left our hotel and walked to the Hilton once again. My brother and I bickered the entire way there ("Autumn we're going to  be the first ones there" "Then we'll get a damn good seat"-- you know, sibling banter). From the side of the convention center we could see the line for the Cow Chop panel. We shared a dirty look before lining up.

    We waited for another two hours. 

    We did get some pretty good seats, though.

    After the panel, my brother and I headed back. Waiting for two hours with a hundred or so people was exhausting, so we decided we wouldn't attend another panel that day. My brother crashed as soon as we got inside of the hotel room. I sat by the pool.

    Strangely, my group ended up going to Fado, an Irish Pub a few blocks away. I ordered a burger, my mom ordered a freakishly huge pretzel, and our waiter was probably high as hell. Dinner, in my opinion, was rather long. I was exhausted, but everyone else wanted to walk down the street to some bridge so we could watch bats wake up for the night. So, instead of going back to our hotel and crashing, we did that.

    And we could barely even see them.

    After deciding to split up, my brother and I walked back to our hotel room.

    The funniest thing, though? I'm not even tired anymore.

  • RTX Austin Day 0

    2 years ago


    I arrived in Austin around 3:30 p.m. today. Being crammed in a small car with 4 other people, I found it hard to take any good pictures of Downtown Austin's skyline, but I did get some pretty funny videos that were often interrupted by the driver freaking out when driving on large bridges.

    Yeah. It wasn't that much fun of a car ride, but we managed.

    I spent the next hour waiting in line for my badge at the JW Marriott. I'd like to say it was way smoother this time around, but then again, it is Day 0; I was lucky enough to grab my weekend pass, First sticker, and RTX 2017 drawstring bag quickly. Although I didn't meet anyone, I heard some rather interesting stories behind me about the Korean Mafia. It was pretty wild.

    So, I spent the rest of my time until dinner sitting in my hotel room with my two other roommates. We sat in silence, looking at our cellphones and laptops and ignored each other until we had to figure out what we wanted for dinner. 

    Spoiler alert: it was Cedar Door, which is right behind my hotel. 

    The menu was hard to understand, and even though I am a little bit slow, it took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to order. I ended up ordering the White Wings (which is an appetizer), but gods, it was really tasty. Like, I never thought I'd like buffalo chicken wings with wrapped bacon and jalapeno, but here I am.

    Overall, Day 0 was a great day, even though it sprinkled a little bit while we waited for our food.

    Here's hoping Day 1 will be even better!

  • RTX Meetup Final Details!

    2 years ago

    savstan RT Gamer Girls

    Hello everyone! Want to hang out with us this weekend at #rtxaustin? We do too! Come join us at Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill on Sunday at 7!‬

    The restaurant is right next to the convention center, so you can head straight there, especially if you're coming from the Off Topic panel, which is scheduled to let out at 6. 
    Moonshine doesn't take reservations, so we will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. That means we'd like you to try to get there a little earlier so we all have time to be seated and eat together!
    We hope you have a wonderful time at RTX and we'll see you soon!
    303 Red River St
    Austin, TX  78701
    United States

    And if you aren't coming to RTX, not to worry. We're putting together a Meetup in Alabama for later in the month as well!

  • RTX Meetup Planning!

    2 years ago

    savstan RT Gamer Girls

    Hello everyone! We're trying to set up our #RTXAustin Meetup and we need your input! Vote here:

  • RTX autograph code exchange

    2 years ago


    Ok so I have a weekend pass and before they announced that they were going to add additional sessions i went ahead and used my code for a Smosh gaming autograph session. I will buy and trade someone for an unused code. Text me at (864)420-4176. 

  • RTX 2017

    2 years ago



    You wont make every single panel or signing..2015 was my first year and i went to RTX (on purpose) without a plan to see anything in particular. it worked great for me.. if i saw a panel then i did, if i met someone then i did, there is literally SO much going on before you know it the weekend is over.. i swear by the time the weekend was over i walked/ran about 10 miles if not more..

    EXPECT really early mornings and long nights.. Yes the panels didnt start until around 9 and the convention ended at 8 (except sunday) but i went to a panel where people started lining up at 530 AM and the panel started at 10..

    speaking of long waits..

    MAKE SURE to bring something to do while you wait.. like a book, something to draw, games, etc.

    DONT BE AFRAID.. to make new friends.. i mean everyone is there to see the same people you are! So there's an ice breaker right there!

    PLEASE DONT.. make fun of someones cosplay.. they have worked really hard on them..


    AGAIN.. you'll meet more people just by walking around the convention floor or any of the hotels! also you'll find someone who isnt part of RT there! My first year i met Wade (lordminion777) it was crazy!


    Ask a guardian if you can... if not you can LITERALLY follow the line of people.. 9/10 they are going to the same place as you.. by the 2nd day of RTX you'll know your way around to the hotels and center..

    Stay after the panels! Some of the guests at the panels will do signings!!! I know AH will for sure. I make it a point to go to both of their panels. The second panel more people stay because it's usually on the last day and not everyone has to rush off to the next thing. JUST MAKE SURE IF THEY SAY LEAVE PLEASE LEAVE.. this is because they have to set up for the next panel

    ALSO if you suffer from anxiety let them know they will bare with you most of the time and let you get out what you want to tell them!

    The question lines are LONG and fill up FAST! Don't be disappointed if you can't get your question asked! I was literally 3 or 4 people behind the Mic when AH called last question on the second panel last year. This literally happens the SECOND THEY SAY TAKING QUESTIONS!

    Guardians are not ass holes! If they come off rude or stern it's because that is how they have to be to keep everyone in order. Most of the time they will be very kind and help any way they can! Do not be afraid to go to them if you need help or even just a small question!!

    If you see someone in any area don't be afraid to go up to them! You may only get the one chance! Then again you may see the same people several times. But don't let anxiety get in your way. It won't go near as bad as your mind trys to make it out to be. THIS IS HOW I MET 99% OF WHO I DID LAST YEAR!


    Sunday is a GREAT day to meet people from RT.. since they will be walking around ALOT and plus alot of people are leaving that day so its less busy!

    Also on sunday most store have their stuff alot cheaper than the day before since they are trying to get rid of stuff so its less to bring back with them!

    For those who get sensory overload (which even if you are not prone to it there is a 70% chance it could happen with all that goes on.) There is a quite room! Ask a guardian to take you to it! There is no time limit to staying up there. So take your time and take care of yourself!!

    MAKE SURE YOU FIND A BUDDY! It will help with the anxiety!

    lastly.. (sorry for the long post)

    Important Dates: FOR THE TICKETS!!!!

    June 11 (by 11:59 PM CT) - Must have purchased your VIP badge (sold out) or Weekend badge (still available) in order to receive an autograph code

    June 12 - Codes will be distributed via email to VIP and Weekend badge holders

    June 16 - Autograph codes schedule released via social

    June 19 (10 AM CT) - Codes live for VIP badge holders only

    June 21 (10 AM CT) - Codes live for Weekend badge holders only


    *If you do not receive your code by the end of the day on Monday, June 12th, please contact Front Gate ASAP at 888.512.7469 or You have one full week to ensure you received your code so please do not wait until the last minute to reach out to Front Gate.


  • Highlights of a so far dark year

    2 years ago


    Ladies and Jellyspoons,

    It has been an age since I last wrote a journal and I apologize for that


    However, so far 2017 can kiss my ass, seriously though.

    * Lost my job

    * Lost my dog

    * Lost my home

    Alas, my friends, I am lucky that my grandparents took me in and are feeding and housing me until I can find a new job, They're the real MVP's.


    But as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining and for me that is


    I am not going to ONE but TWO RTX'S! Yes, my dear sweet famjam, I am Guardian for both RTXAustin and RTXLondon this year, I honestly can't wait to see my extended RT family in Austin and London this year. I love all of your faces muchly and can't wait to see you!

    Until then.....