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  • Discontinued merch

    6 days ago


    so I was rewatching Red vs Blue and it made me think of a few discontinued things that I had wanted to buy but never had the chance to do so, examples being the Locus and Felix shirts and the Captain Caboose shirt. Not to mention the ones I do have I don't know how I will replace them when they do wear out, my grey Church quote shirt "There is a very fine line of not listening and not caring, I like to think I walk that line everyday of my life." and my blue Caboose -1 hoodie. 

    Both of which I have had for about 3 years or so give or take a year, and I know that they have to keep making new products and discontinue others, but they could also have them on pre-order or have them in stock for a limited time a year or something. Or maybe they could add them to the store only during their Extra Life Live Stream or something.

  • I Don't Know Where To Post This

    2 weeks ago


    So I really like the episode that followed Locus and Felix before RVB and I would really like to see more of that style of animation. Maybe with the Freelancer Before they became who they are.

  • Watch Brown vs Green!

    3 weeks ago

    BrownvsGreen FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    In Burnie Burn's RTX 2017 Vlog, a fan offered him a three season machinima series based on the world of Red vs Blue. The fan had taken ten years to make this project ever since he was in correspondence with Burnie via letters. If you'd like to watch this series, here is a link:

  • Fan Summary..."RvB Season 10"

    3 weeks ago


    I got an itch to make something a little bit more related to the roots of my inspiration so I watched RvB season 10, It was awesome, and it helped me think of how to best sum it up.

    I think I came pretty close.

  • RvB Impressions!

    1 month ago


    Recently I restarted my Youtube channel, throwing away the 6000 subscribers I already had. One thing that I did love to do before was make impressions videos, and this week my impressions video was Red vs Blue impressions!

    I would love it if you guys watched it and told me what you thought. I figured this site would probably be the best one for people who actually care about RvB-related content ;D 

  • Rwby/Rvb fan

    1 month ago


    Look at my title

  • Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, What a Decade! A retrospective.

    1 month ago

    BricBrac Eagle Scout and Explorer

    First, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Festivus, and anything else!  I hope you had a great one!

    Second, I just noticed I missed my on site birthday which was December 11th.  Ten years ago I joined the site after watching for months first.  Wow.  A whole decade that RT has been a part of my life...  That is pretty significant, at least to me.

    A lot has changed in 10 years-for instance, when I was 16 I had no facial hair but I now have a full beard and sick handle bar mustache.  I've graduated high school, gone to community college, graduated with my Associates there, transferred to another college, made some life long friends, graduated with my Bachelor's there, worked as a camp counselor and program staff at the greatest camp in the world, made friends there who are as close as brothers.  I met my (now) soon to be wife-even though she was dating one of my close friends then-and began a relationship with her after I had graduated the college we had been at.  My brother started high school, graduated, and has moved on to other things.  My sister is graduating high school this year.  I lost my Grandma to heart failure, almost lost my Pap due to other issues, and saw my great uncle pass on.  I lost my cat, but have gained three dogs, one of whom is buried under a blanket at my feet right now.  I've watched friends come and go.  I've grown myself, and learning skills I never thought I would know.  I've become Wilderness First Responder Certified.  I became a youth group leader and have watch my group of guys strengthen and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I went on three mission trips to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, leading the youth kids while there.  I've traveled and seen some amazingly beautiful places.  I have camped on the banks of the Rideau River, couch surfed around campus, completed multiple 50 mile canoe trips down the Allegheny River, and more.  I've been a ropes course facilitator, Sportsworks presenter, apartment cleaning and maintenance, pharmacy clerk, janitor, lot attendant, comic artist, writer, computer programmer, and more.  Now I am preparing for my greatest task, becoming a husband.  The Lord has been good to me, and I strive to follow Him and give Him all of the glory in everything I do.

    Through this whole decade RT has been apart of it.  I remember the first RTX, the first Extra Life Stream, the premier of the RWBY Red Trailer, the loss of Monty, when Church turned out to be an AI, the first Gauntlet, Nature Town, the premier of the Drunk Tank, the inklings of the Lazer Team idea, and Adam and Joel's How To's.  I remember all of the studio moves from the Congress office and beyond.  I've grown up with RT.  I don't watch TV except for a few shows (who doesn't love M*A*S*H?), and watch a few show on other streaming services, but largely RT is where I come for my entertainment.  RT shows are my favorite shows (especially when I can identify with David from Camp Camp so much).  RT, you've have been a constant in my life through a lot of changes, making me laugh when I'm down, putting a smile on my face when I couldn't myself.

    RT, you, my family, and God have been the three constants in my life over the past ten years.

    And I'm looking forward finding out what the next 10 years bring.  Merry Christmas, and here's to many more.

    Oh, and have a Happy New Year's!

  • Hey there!

    2 months ago

    ToriJCaboose FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Hey there! I’m Tori! I’ve been a long time fan but I live in the Stone Age. I only just now made an account because I only just now got internet. For four years I’ve been binge watching RWBY, RVB, Let’s Plays, and all other RT content I love when I visit my best friend’s house. I’ve spent ridiculous amounts on the DVDs so that I can have the content readily available to me.

    Hoping to connect with more friends and fellow fans this way.

    I love everything AH, I’m behind on RVB and RWBY but I love them both. I can’t wait to meet more fans!

  • Ta-Daah!

    3 months ago

    zeitgeistzest ψ(`∇´)ψZeit

    So many posts from me, but I just have to show this off here as well! xD My first ever RT Store shirt, and of course it's RvB related. xD 


    I know, I'm so good at posing... Also my hair just has a life of its own. xD

  • Red vs. Blue Season 15 Infographic

    3 months ago

    PatrickEng Marketing Technology

    Since season 15 of RvB came to a close, I've wanted to commemorate in some way. RvB was my introduction to everything Rooster Teeth, and will always remind me how I found the company that I have since dreamt of working for. So, after watching season 15 multiple times, I was able to gather some random tid-bits that I threw into a little statistical infographic. While it's not a master piece, I did enjoy making it and hope to get better in the future!

  • RVB 16?

    4 months ago


    Does anyone know if RoosterTeeth is planning on making a 16th season of RVB?? I hope they do! It can't just end like this! I have so many questions! Do Wash and Carolina get together? Does the team ever return home to Blood Gulch? Do they ever make a home somewhere else? What about Wash, will he recover and be able to talk or will he be like another Maine? Do Jensen and Palomo get together? Do they ever find the original Church/Alpha AI? What happened to all the kids Tucker sired?! Answer me!!!!!  gus

  • RvB Season 15 | Bingeworthy

    4 months ago


    I've finally completed my reflections of RvB Season 15!

    Read it here!

  • One of my favourites

    4 months ago


    ♫ Yellow rose of Texas clad in black

    Lonely star tattooed upon her back

    Double Tex, she'll hit you like a truck

    Double Tex and she'll mess you up!

    Still love this one. The nostalgia hits me hard.

  • It's Crazy to Believe

    4 months ago


    It's been:

    Almost 11 years since this profile has been active

    Almost 12 years since I created my first profile(which is dead and lost to history)

    Almost 13 years since i've found RvB

    I think I can officially say I'm an old fart at this point

  • Finally setup my profile..

    6 months ago

    newtypejp NewtypeJP

    well just a tiny bit. Was introduced to RvB when people were still Lan partying Xboxs and playing on bulky ass TVs. in multiplayer games my character was caboose.. my best friends character was church. lmao such a long time ago. anyways thats when i first learned of rooster teeth..

    fast forward to about 2015. for some reason i stopped watching rvb for years up until 2015. i binged watched every rvb episode up until that point & i discovered something else. a huge amount of other content RT had come up with. I mean mind blown Rwby,Immersions,RTAA,Podcasts,AH,FH.. geez i was so entranced by it all. I had so much entertainment. Since then i have be a heavy RT fan. one day i hope to get the chance to go to RTX. & if i had to pick my favorite RT person is Gus... I just feel so relatable to him, haha as little of physical human interaction as possible. just leave me alone haha. anyways cheers !

  • My First Rooster Teeth Post

    6 months ago

    BraeDelaney Masters of Comedy

     Hey guys!

    This is my first post on Here's a little bit about me. I like making and watching YouTube videos and I have a channel called Masters of Comedy. I recently created a series called Mimicry, a Halo machinima, inspired by Red vs. Blue. I also went to Vidcon recently, because my channel had grown and I wanted to meet some of my favorite creators. I went to a Markiplier panel but was unable to meet him so I was a little upset. However, the next day I went to a Rooster Teeth panel with Burnie and he was answering questions and stuff so I raised my hand to ask one. At this time Geoff and Ashley have come out of the back and into the panel booth. I asked how they came up with the names for the characters of Red vs. Blue because I was a big fan. Burnie then asked how old I was. I said 12. He asked my name as well, but you guys know my name. He then said "So Red vs. Blue is older than you." It was funny to me because I have actually thought of that before. They also asked how I found RvB and then answered my question. Long story short I got to meet them! It was really cool because they asked only me to come backstage and it felt very special. They also gave me this big coin with the Rooster Teeth logo on it. But anyways that's a little bit about me and how I went deeper in the Rooster Teeth community!

  • $35.00 for tears

    6 months ago

    JadeTiger what?

    I signed up to be a first member about 30min ago so i could watch RvB a week earlier.....

    I payed $35.00 US to have my heart broken?!

    *sobs in the corner of the room*

    Wash! *sobs*

  • One third of my life

    7 months ago


    I've been hooked on RT and RVB since season 2 back in the olden days. RT now spans one third of my life. I enjoy on RVB, RWBY and The Slow Mo Guys. Keep it up.

  • Recon Cosplay

    7 months ago


    Hi people! So I am excited to say that along with learning Maya I have decided to create a Halo 4 Recon/EVA Cosplay. I am making the Recon helmet now and am making good progress with Pepakura. I may change the EVA but I'm not sure what armor Carolina in the newer seasons has because I know it's not all Recon armor but if I find out I might do a full Carolina Cosplay, not sure yet though just a quick update. Also, while I can't go happy RTX 2017 everyone!

  • The Current Status of all Known Project Freelancer Personnel: A Resource (Post Episode 11 Version)

    8 months ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    Here's a helpful thing that is a part of yet another project of mine (it helps with Rec0very, but is meant for something else).  It is not spoilery if you've seen up to episode 10 of season 15 except for one entry at the bottom:



    Director Leonard Church- Director, Deceased: Suicide

    Counselor Aiden Price- Psychological Management. Deceased: Shipwreck

    Four-Seven-Niner- Officially she was head of Recovery Command Dispatch, it is likely she was assumed into the greater UNSC Simulation Program like most other PFL Assets.

    F.I.L.S.S.- Administrative Security Routine AI Copied twice from the MoI, the original version is unaccounted for.  The Offsite Storage Facility copy was deleted by the Director and the Sheila copy was last seen in season 10 still in the broken Pelican on Valhalacagigit.

    V.I.C.- Alive: Just barely functioning and accompanying Dylan in her armor.  Looking to be deleted.


    --Known Agents (34*/~50)—

    Texas- Deceased in the EMP (Epsilon Tex was eventually laid to rest/re-integrated to Epsilon as memories)

    Carolina- With the Reds and Blues

    Washington- With the Reds and Blues

    Maine- Deceased: Asphyxiation by water

    New York- Deceased: Mortal wounding and explosion

    Wyoming- Deceased: Fatal Stabbing by Tucker (All time clones were later accounted for by some combination of the Reds and Blues)

    North Dakota- Deceased: Mortal wounding by Maine (Likely exploded)

    South Dakota- Deceased: Mortal wounding by Washington, then several measures were taken to ensure her body no longer functioned.

    Connecticut- Deceased: Mortal wounding by Texas

    Florida- Deceased: Unknown Shooter (Death was never directly confirmed but likely)

    Georgia- MIA Presumed KIA: Lost due to an accident involving a jetpack in space.

    Utah- Unknown: Severe injury by a malfunctioning Bubble Shield early in testing may have removed him from the program or active duty.

    Iowa- Unknown: Last seen on an unknown snow base in Project Freelancer’s Simulation System in combat with Charon operatives.

    Ohio- Unknown: Last seen on an unknown snow base in Project Freelancer’s Simulation System in combat with Charon operatives.

    Idaho- Unknown: Last seen on an unknown snow base in Project Freelancer’s Simulation System in combat with Charon operatives.

    Alabama- Deceased: Undisclosed accident with a flaming mongoose (Book footnote)

    Delaware- Deceased: Blew herself up while breaching the outer wall of Highground

    Hawaii- Unknown: Alive at the beginning of the Blood Gulch Simulation and active.

    California- Unknown: Alive at the beginning of the Blood Gulch Simulation and active.

    Kansas- Unknown: Alive at the beginning of the Blood Gulch Simulation and active.

    Montana- Unknown: Alive at the beginning of the Blood Gulch Simulation and active.

    Oregon- Unknown: Alive at the beginning of the Blood Gulch Simulation and active.

    Unknown Agent- Unknown: User of the Adaptive Cammo unit gained by the Meta, likely deceased (Carolina still has hers and all he took from her was Eta and Iota).

    Illinois- Deceased: Put into Armor Lock by Temple in his trophy room.

    Arizona- Deceased: Put into Armor Lock by Temple in his trophy room.

    Maryland- Deceased: Put into Armor Lock by Temple in his trophy room.

    Alaska- Deceased: Put into Armor Lock by Temple in his trophy room.

    7 Unnamed Agents- Deceased: Put into Armor Lock by Temple in his trophy room.


    *There is an unknown additional number of other Agents killed by the Meta connected to its frantic search for AI/equipment and various armor upgrades between the Break-in and the EMP


    --Smart AI—


    Alpha- Deceased: EMP (A slight possibility he's still alive, but not much of one)

    Beta (Agent Texas)- Deceased: EMP

    Delta- Deceased: EMP

    Gamma- Deceased: EMP

    Omega- Deceased: EMP

    Sigma- Deceased: EMP

    Eta- Deceased: EMP

    Iota- Deceased: EMP

    Theta- Deceased: EMP

    Epsilon- Deceased Personality: Disentangled self/memories from programming to allow his other active remembered personalities to run at their full potential.

    ETex- Deceased: “Forgotten”

    EDelta- MIA: Unresponsive after disentanglement.

    EGamma- MIA: Unresponsive after disentanglement.

    EOmega- MIA: Unresponsive after disentanglement.

    ESigma- MIA: Unresponsive after disentanglement.

    EEta- MIA: Unresponsive after disentanglement.

    EIota- MIA: Unresponsive after disentanglement.

    ETheta- MIA: Unresponsive after disentanglement.

    DumbDelta- A routine copy of Delta sent with all of Epsilon’s files to the UNSC meant to help sort the information.  Currently functioning but inconsequential.

    *There are also a number of undisclosed “bad fragments” and Yellow Church could possibly be a late fragment from the Alpha.




    Not so much a list, but there are several other PFL Personnel who were not simulation troopers.  These include Security Project Freelancer Troops (White ODST) The Recovery Force (Steel ODST) (There is no known number of Recovery Force personnel, but recovery 6 and 9 are confirmed deceased.) and then “Command Opperatives” (Black MOLJNIR) which include Lemons and Lt. Lieu who served as trainers and facilitators of the simulations.


    A final but unranked PFL operative is Pvt. Jimmy who is deceased.  His position in the program is debatable but he likely was just a Security Trooper or even a construction worker who eventually volunteered for his final role in the project. 


    The UNSC “official” timeline indicates 50 operatives who attempted to become Agents at first but that number (like the timeline) is mutable and possibly corrupted/doctored by PFL by the time it made its way to them post Season 13. 


     TAG BAG














  • Red vs. Blue Stories

    8 months ago

    CriminalKarma Miranda

    So! I just wanted to let you guys know I started an RVB Oneshot collection. I hope you all check it out!

  • Well this is new

    8 months ago


    hmm, reminds me of quote v a little bit...Oh my bad the names A.J if you wonder... I got here recently and I do love Red Vs. Blue been watching when I was little (Not really) it was entertaining for me... Now I watch R.W.B.Y and so far its awesome. Well I be here wondering and looking around for people to say hi to. Well stay golden.

  • Fan Project Question?

    8 months ago


    So at what point is making a fan project of RvB okay, and at what point is it plagiarism/copyright infringement? Asking for a friend,,.......

  • RvB 15.09

    8 months ago

    anneapocalypse Shine bright like a Lina

    Wow, I do not trust Temple even a little bit. Interestingly, he still gives me way more of a smarmy Captain Flowers vibe than a Church vibe. And his comments to Tucker about Dylan are a pretty effective red herring. He’s drumming up suspicion of the reporter team, positioning them as the outsiders and his own team as allies, using the mistrust of Dylan to gain Tucker’s sympathy.

    I’m not saying I 100% trust Dylan, of course, but at this point I’m far more suspicious of Temple. Dylan’s motives, at least, unless she’s hiding something major, are fairly clear. Temple’s are still pretty blurry.

    The prototype explanation I like. Whether or not it turns out to be completely true, I’m glad both that the Blood Gulchers are actively questioning the situation, and that there is an explanation given–I wrote last week that I hoped that would be the case, and once again, Joe delivers.

    I even like the explanation itself, because frankly, setting up a trial outpost with recruits of similar psychological profiles… well, that certainly doesn’t seem outside the realm of things Project Freelancer would do. Specifically, things the Counselor would do. 

    Furthermore, Doc’s familiarity with the Blues and Reds bears out at this part of their story. Of course he’d know them–he was probably serving as a medic for other sim bases even before Blood Gulch Outpost was set up. 

    I’m also just very happy to see Doc back in general, and to learn that he’s been safe thus far. I’ve had about enough of Doc being forgotten.

    I come back to Temple. It’s emphasized how much the Blues and Reds are like their Red and Blue counterparts… all except Temple, who really doesn’t resemble Church in anything but color and name. One of these things is not like the other. Perhaps the rest of the Blues and Reds really do have nothing to hide and are just following their leader. It’s the leader who doesn’t fit, and it’s him I don’t trust. Others have suggested he might be a Freelancer just as Captain Flowers was a Freelancer, and I think that’s a pretty viable theory. Either way, I think he’s the one to keep an eye on.

    did enjoy very much hearing someone tell Tucker he fights like a Freelancer, even if it was underhanded flattery–and I’m not convinced it was, not completely. However much the Blues and Reds may resemble the Blood Gulchers, they aren’t them–they haven’t lived their lives, had their experiences. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Tucker might truly have surprised Temple a little. It wouldn’t be the first time Tucker’s been underestimated.

    Glad to see a glimpse of Carolina and Wash at the end. I hope we get to see what they’ve been up to next week.