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  • Awsomest show

    10 hours ago


    I love rwby but I found the fourth episode and it didn't work

  • RWBY Volume 6 Episode 4 Review (Spoilers)

    3 days ago

    Nightpound7 RWBY Enthusiast

    **Volume 6 Episode 4; "So That's How It Is"**

    In a clean thirteen minuets, this episode had a lot to say. It opens on a black screen and Yang yelling at Ozpin, however once the black screen stops, and we see where they all are, Oscar, or more accurately, Ozpin is on his knees crying. this is a strange and interesting new emotion for Ozpin, for up until this point he has been the professor, the headmaster, the untouchable mystery man who knew how to defeat Salem, but as we learned in the last episode, he not only doesn't have a plan to kill Salem, he knows that he can’t. stripping away his ability to reveal this information little by little, Ozpin is shown just how weak he is. when he is asked point-blank about what his plan is to defeat Salem, if he even has one, he says "I have none". it is at this point that Qrow shows emotion as well, going as far as to punch Ozpin in the face. this is important, and I will expand on this later. the group all starts yelling when the old lady becomes the voice of reason and plans to follow a trail and find civilization as to not be hunted by Grimm of freeze. we then cut to Salem's "domain" and we see the three, Hazel, Mercury, and Emerald, arrive by plane, establishing further that this is a physical place that team RWBY can go to if they find out where. (also no one is flying the plane, but that's just a small detail). they are stopped at the door by Tyrian who has some interesting things to say to Emerald specifically, most notably of which is "Cinder isn't here to protect you anymore". this begins Emeralds growing fear that will progress with the scene. they then enter the throne room where Hazel has apparently just told Salem of their defeat and she asks, "who is responsible".

    like any good superior officer Hazel takes full responsibility for the failure of his subordinates, however, Salem dislikes this answer, throwing the table to the side and using what appears to be red glyphs to summon Grimm hands to bring Hazel to his hands and knees. she asks Emerald that same questions and she answers (with only slight hesitation) that is was Cinders fault. this is also important, and I will return to this later. Salem lets Hazel go and begins to return to her throne, giving the speech we heard in the trailer, only this time to everyone and adding some "you need me" to the end. at this point Emerald is scared beyond belief. Hazel then reports that RWBY is taking the lamp to Atlas and are being led by Ozpin. This makes Salem immediately angry, however the group does not notice as her back is turned. They all start saying things like “Ozpin, so soon?” which may reveal that he has taken much longer in the past to reveal himself. Salem turns and tells everyone to leave the room, and they do so silently, and we get a shot of Emerald acting more scared than ever, watching Salem as the door closes. Salem, now alone, has a burst of anger that shatters the windows. She obviously still harbors much resentment to Ozpin and will most likely go to great lengths to kill him again. This also shows that they all know him as Ozpin, not Ozmo as we learned in the last episode was his name.

    It then switches back to the team RWBY walking and shows us the shots from the trailer. Yang is very agitated and lashes out verbally at the old lady before being hushed by Ruby, who notes squeaking in the distance. They then arrive at Brunswick Farms, a seemingly abandoned home and farm that they take shelter in. the episode ends there, but I would like to return to a few things. To start, I would like to return to the moment Qrow Punches Ozpin in the face. This shows that he is weak, and him doing this in front of team RWBY means that they are now officially a team and get to see their role models’ failings and weaknesses. Qrow also gives a short speech about how meeting Ozpin made him feel like he had a purpose because he wasn’t being treated like a curse anymore, but now he feels like Meeting him was the worst luck he has ever had, and this makes Ozpin retreat into Oscar, and when asked where he went, Oscar says that he is “gone”. This is concerning and shows that Ozpin was affected by these words and cares about Qrow.

    The second thing I would like to return to was Emeralds escalating fear. She seemed to have relied on Cinder and may have seen her as a mother figure. Realizing that this was her life now, that Cinder is gone and that she has no hope of escaping the evil things that Salem will make her do seems to get to her in this episode. Many have theorized that Emerald will turn good and maybe join team RWBY now that Cinder is gone, me included, however I feel as though this will not be the case. I do think that she will die doing something good, but she will not join team RWBY, at least not soon. She fears Salem, as she should, and will not retaliate against her unless she is certain she can escape.

    Lastly, I would like to talk about the overall tone of this episode. I had a lot to say, and so I had a lot to review, but one thing I have yet to mention is how dark and hopeless this episode seems. RWBY is a show about hope, and even in its darkest times has shown that if you band together and trust the people around you then you can do anything. This was echoed in Penny’s death when instead of lashing out a Pyyrah, ruby saw the real threat and fought with Pyyrah to stop the real villain, something that is not done in many other shows. Other shows like to have that misunderstanding tear a group apart, but in RWBY it made them stronger and gave them motivation. This is one of the things I like best about this show and I hope they keep going. However, in this episode all we saw was distrust, anger, and people lashing out at their team, be it villain against villain or hero against hero. I think that the reason Cinder was not in this episode was that she is on a solo journey and cannot lash out at a teammate if she doesn’t have one.

    The theme of this episode was distrust and failing relationships. At this point, both teams are weak and the bonds that hold them together are fraying. If anyone were to change teams, be it bad to good or good to bad, now would be the time, but I also feel that this is here to give the two groups a chance to strengthen their bonds. If one of the groups can get through tins, they will be stronger for it. This could be the way they defeat Salem’s army. By pulling through faster and better than Salem can, reinforcing the show’s theme of friendship and teamwork. Leaving on the note of weakness and distrust was not an accident, but a clever way for the writers to justify new members joining team RWBY (like Blake), and who will not be able to cope and leave (like Qrow).

    I love Qrow almost as much as Nora and Penny, a feat not easily done, but I will rag on him a little in the next few lines so bear with me. Qrow has never dealt with anything in his life and his main way of coping with loss or realizing that he is developing feelings for someone is to run away. He blames himself for many deaths and drinks heavily to forget it. This makes for good jokes and is a part of his character up until this point, but I believe it could be his fatal flaw. In the intro he is shown drinking when he is pulled to the ground by Grimm hands, ones like the ones Salem uses on Hazel. My theory is that Qrow will not talk to the team and instead do something stupid, be it leave the team or join Salem’s group; however, I don’t think the latter is likely. He will most likely die in this season or the next and show team RWBY that if they let things go unsaid it could destroy them all. My final thought about episode four of volume six was that I cannot wait to see the rest of the volume and see who can pull through and who cannot, and how much stronger they are by volume seven.

    Well done Rooster Teeth, Keep up the good work, Nightpound.

  • What we think we know, and what we actually know...

    3 days ago


    With Volume 6 on the rise, some people have begun to wonder what the meanings behind what has happened actually mean.

    I am here to offer some possible, yet confusing, insight to what we are facing over what evidence we currently possess.

  • The RT Radio RWBY Tournament

    3 days ago

    Joe Eighty7/RT Radio

    I haven't really spoken much about how the tournament came to be and things so I thought I'd do a quick journal that will probably be very rambling and uninformative so yeah, you've been warned!

    The tournament was a random idea that popped into my head at some point over the RTX London weekend. I dismissed it and it wasn't until I was ranking Bond themes randomly one morning that the idea returned. I started to build a bracket just for fun and the more I looked at it the more I liked the idea. I grabbed all the songs and made a few decisions like putting the Volume themes at the top of the seeding and having the trailer songs in the preliminary round but the rest was random.

    I was worried that RT Radio wouldn't get the engagement needed for a tournament like this to work. If you just get a few votes it's pointless so I needed to make sure it was out there in the RT Community and the wider RWBY stratosphere. This is where RT World were amazing. I made the announcement video and tweet and they did their thing and spread it far and wide. It was exactly the boost needed before the tournament started and I was fairly confident we'd get some decent engagement in it and I was blown away by the response. It's a passionate community and I was worried about possible negative attention being sent our way but I was relieved when there was basically none. It meant I could concentrate on the tournament and engaging positively with a much more active twitter account.

    I try to keep as neutral as possible with votes. RT Radio twitter, of course, never supported one song over the over but I also tried to be careful with my own Twitter not to push the vote in any way. I voted of course but I decided it was best not to campaign for certain songs like others did. The biggest of course was 'BMBLB'. I knew that had the potential to decimate all if the Bees got involved and I was right to a certain extent. In its first round matchup it went up against Caffeine at won easily but it was the amount of votes that was interesting. Over 400 votes happened in that matchup, most had between 120 and 140. It didn't happen again in Round 2 but it was interesting to see the engagement on that Round 1 matchup with lots of Bumblebee shippers calling on fellow bees to vote. Of course, there were songs that I wanted to see go through that didn't but I know not everyone has the same connection to certain songs like I do. It was occasionally hard not to get really pissed off at it, like how could 'Wings' go out in Round 1?!

    Anyway, the whole tournament was an amazing few weeks and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I might have become slightly malevolent with some of the GIFs I was using towards the end but it was all in good fun. I'm looking forward to doing another RWBY tournament before Vol. 7 but before that I have a Disney tournament to start planning...

    Much love,


  • Hi & RWBY Ships

    6 days ago


    Hi! I'm ZweiFanGirl from HK! I signed up for RWBY only, so every day or so I'm gonna post something - theories, ships, whatever. I know at the moment I'm posting privately, but when I'm confident enough (and that's probably never), I'll be sharing my thoughts to the world! At the moment, RWBY SHIPS!  heart_eyes

    I can just feel the love  cupid tonight  in RWBY! 

    Personally, I ship Flower Power (aka Renora)  nora &  ren, Black Sun  blakeTHEY HAVE AN FRIGGIN' EMOJI OF JAUNE BUT NOT SUN?!,  Arkos  jaune &  pyrrha and Snow Angel  jaune &  weiss

    What are you waiting for in Volume 6?

    Comment what you think about my first post and how I can do better (or you can just tell me to go back to hiding under a rock)! 



    1 week ago


    I love Penny not only as a member of the show but as a character all together she is funny and goofy on occasion but is a hyper intelligent robot girl trying to fit in

  • RWBY / Salem

    1 week ago

    Hessenerd #Team Cinder


    ...that was an episode alright, my dudes. I think I'm a Salem stan now.

  • Update of RWBY OC.

    1 week ago

    GrisellJumpTJD GrisellJumpTJD

    Brock Holden (Named after late Australian motorsport legend Peter Brock and GM Holden who no longer manufactures in Australia)

    Golden Brown in skin colour

    Nicknames: Brocky,

    Brockzilla,Rooman,King of the mountain.

    Descendant of Ayers Uluru (Brock’s mother’s maiden name)who adopted a daughter of Oz and Salem who was found abandoned and called her Sabrina.

    Member/ Guardian of the Order of the Silver Warrior!

    Age: In his 20’s

    Height: 182cm tall

    Clothing: Mechanic shirt,white shirt,jeans,sneakers or joggers.

    Theme track: Jitter Doll Revenge (Jubyphonic/AZ covers)

    Dr Rude - SNPR (2018 Refixx)

    High Restistance - Wizardry

    Alumni of Beacon Academy with some extra training through Atlas.

    Race: Kangaroo (Kangaroo faunus father,human mother)

    Kangaroo ears,instinct,strength and agility whilst still looking human like.

    Blue eyes.

    Robotic and weapons expert who worked with Ironwood in the build of Yang's prosthetic arm and Project PENNY in Atlas.

    Semblance: Ability to release his aura to increase his strength similar to the way Yang releases hers. Semblance also usable in conjunction with his mech suit. (Example: Wearing his mech suit during higher level battle).

    Battle cry/quotes:


    It’s time to roll up and roll out!

    Let’s roll up and roll out!!

    Team BLZE! Time to fire it up!!

    Can call on his AI Marvis for assistance

    Aura: Bronze

    Weapons: Prosthetic arms with weapon capabilities which can turn into light swords with side arms on his belt.

    Most parts of his body are augmented.

    High impact bullets with specially engineered dust.

    Prototype power suit inspired by our world’s Iron Man and legendary bushranger Ned Kelly designed and made by Brock himself with weapons powered by specially engineered dust and an ability to fly at up to Mach 5 with power output which can be increased through his semblance.

    Red with black racing stripe and white 05 on both shoulders named FlyRoo 05/FR5  (Based off QANTAS flying kangaroo logo)

    Personality: Gets excited but will stand his ground against the Grimm and can beat you down in a fight using his weaponry or his mech suit in ground or sky battles.

    His trait is also that he has the ability to jump higher than normal.

    Very adventurous as he loves testing his creations in the field.

    Trained at Beacon,Leader of Team BLZE (Brock,Leon,Zoe,Esther) and trained with guidance of General Ironwood where he met Winter Schnee in Atlas studying warfare,weaponry and robotics few months after graduating from Beacon before moving back to Menagerie with Esther.

    Born in Menagerie, Brock’s life was a tough one as he was always making weapons out of scrap metal and parts he found around the village or from travellers.

    He is best friends with Leon since they were little.

    He is also a family friend of the Belladonna’s especially Blake and can be called upon when needed!

    He had his arms amputated after an accident while working on an invention which malfunctioned and attacked him unannounced slicing his arms from above the elbow.

    Doctors and surgeons in Atlas replaced his now non existent arms with specially made augments which allow Brock to activate swords from his wrists similar to Tucker from Red vs. Blue or Adam from Deus Ex

    The mech suit is one of a kind and uses the same technology as a paladin in wearable scale and also allows Brock to increase strength and is capable of flight. (The flying kangaroo)

    He is a little bit of Tony Stark in a way

    (Mostly influenced by Robert Downey Jr.)

    Brock’s parents: Morrise Holden and Melanie Holden (nee:Uluru) both hailed from Vacuo and settled in Menagerie a year before Brock was born.

    Story from him.

    Oh! I didn't see you there. The name's Holden,Brock Holden and this beauty here is my specialised suit FlyRoo 05 or FR5 for short which is kinda like the paladin and the android soldiers from Atlas but in wearable scale.

    Some of you know me best as the leader of BLZE alongside my friend Leon,his girlfriend Zoe and my partner Esther but I’ll talk more on the team later.


    I am a kangaroo faunus and no that’s not a gun. *releases Tweed from holster on table next to his sword* This is a gun!!

    I was born in Menagerie to a human father and faunus mother.

    My father Morrise was a CEO for a local subcontractor business with the Schnee Dust Company in Vacauo and my mother Melanie worked for a company that did repair works on the CTT towers around Remnant where one day they met in Vacauo,feel in love,married,moved to Menagerie and then had me!! It has been a tough childhood as we had to fight off Grimm and one day being the inventive kid that I was,I created a great invention which right out of the blue,malfunctioned and sliced both my arms above the elbow.

    Mate! It hurt like hell fire!!

    Lucky for me,My parents knew the best doctors and robotics experts in Atlas where I met General Ironwood who I would later in my life work with (even though I am a faunus). The augments they gave me were so cool that I was able to upgrade them down the track when I started studying at Beacon.

    It hasn’t been an easy road being a faunus though even with that fool Adam trying to shove his agenda of payback in play and the Salem Crisis.

    Sorry,Going a bit off track aren’t I?


    Where did I meet my awesome team?

    At Beacon Academy where Professor Port loved talking about himself and my best friend was attending as well which was a bonus

    How I met Esther?

    She was the most beautiful girl I saw during our test to find an artifact,we locked eyes and when Ozpin announced us as team BLZE,we got excited (me more than usual) and as they say,the rest is history!

    Esther: Babe?

    Where’s the ammo?

    Brock: Should be in the ammo box!

    Esther: Not there.

    Brock: Huh? It should be unless it’s in the bunker ammo box.

    Esther: I’ll check!

    Brock: Found the ammo! Someone stashed it in one of the tool boxes.

    Yeah,Esther and I have been dating for a while now and she is also my PA.

    AI: Sir,We have some grimm in bound!

    That’s my AI,Marvis.

    Nice to meet you,I am Marvis,Brock’s personal AI assistant.

    Sir! Grimm approaching in 1.5 km!

    Well...OK! Would love to stay and tell you more buuut...I have some grimm to take care off.

    Marvis!! Prep FR5!

    It’s time to roll up and roll out!!

    Until next time!!....Exxxxcellllssssiiiiooorrrr!!!!

    More details are being added to Brock's description and I will keep working out it as new ideas come into play.

  • RWBY Hope Of Vale re-upload

    1 week ago


    Content:RWBY by Monty Oum & Rooster Teeth

    Music: Hope of Morning by Icon for HIre

  • RWBY Related. A friend of mine said I should post this.

    1 week ago


    Mirror mirror, are we the lonliest of them all. Ice cold and frigid in frozen heart. Mind as numb as snow still falling. Mirror mirror, take these tears. Give them shape and form. From the mantle of winters chill. The dampness in my heart, heavy as rains to start. Melting away my innocence. Giving me a mist of driveled sense. Fogging my way and hiding my thoughts. I am the lonliest and saddest of them all. Bearing smiles and proudness toward them standing tall. Afraid to crumble and fall. My pillar of loyalty and legacy, a front for all to see. Inspire and lead from fragility. I am nothing more than dust and greed. Soon soon, I pray to be freed. These shackles bound in my cage. Hidden within my rage. I summon my courage to defend me. A knight of glory to ascend me. I am the lonely Ice Queen upon her throne. No subjects or people to see. All alone, it is only me.

  • RWBY: S6 E2

    1 week ago


    I just finished watching the second episode of season 6 RWBY and it was amazing! Can't wait to discover more about Salem's past as well as what Ozpin has been hiding from the rest of us  (-.-) 

  • RWBY: The Memories

    1 week ago


    Just something I made to bring in the feels. And also the growth of the characters and show. 

  • i have a thought since every asshole thinks ep2 vol6 sucks

    1 week ago


    why dont you shut the fuck up and think Ozpin is the wizard, magic was a thing a long time ago people.

    Know humans dont have that kind of power, its not needed plus you really want to doubt Oz,  come on people grim, being scared, not knowing shit about magic will only make the public more scared. and Oz has the right to hide that its a time where bullying should end what does bullying in Irl Being in a sense irl grim that is anger frustration no one wants wars so i rest my case

  • RWBY Volume 6 - Chapter 1 - Review & Spoiler Discussion

    1 week ago

    KarlsNotGreat Boop!

    Decided to start reviewing each chapter of this Volume of RWBY

  • Great Start!

    2 weeks ago


    Now that volume 6 of RWBY is here I can enjoy the show again! The previous haven't been amazing but I'm sure there will be great new aspects in this next volume. It's looking amazing so far and some parts genuinely made me chuckle. Woo hoo hyped!

  • Our fan show, RWBY Recap, is BACK!

    2 weeks ago

    DarthDPool Zeroes To Heroes Co-Foun

    Thank you Rooster Teeth for giving us such a strong start to this new RWBY season! my friends and I host a weekly show where we discuss in great detail our thoughts of the episode and theories about the intro!

    RWBY Recap | Vol. 6 Ep.1: Argus Limited

  • Finally Joined RT!

    3 weeks ago


    Hey, everyone!  I don't know how far my name goes, but I'm very happy to finally join Rooster Teeth and support them directly.  Here's a bit about myself.

    I'm SUEÑO DIVERTIDO, a business student and hobbyist artist who does a lot of traditional art.  I'm a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts, but I also absolutely adore RWBY.  One of my BFFs loved the series, and at first I didn't pay any mind to it, but one sleepover in 2017 with my other BFF had marathoned the entire series (at that point), and I was sold.

    Ever since, RWBY has been a huge artistic inspiration for me when it comes to designing characters and imagining future action scenes for my stories to come.  I enjoy hearing about its flaws and critiques, but I'm honestly invested in it.  I love it so much!

    My favorite character has got to be Neo. <3

  • So I'm a First Member!

    3 weeks ago


    I figured it was a good price and it'll let me see RWBY as it comes out so ahhh!!!! What do you all think of the first episode?!?! I personally loved it!!!

  • Inforcam

    3 weeks ago


    Al aire libre

  • I became a first member.

    3 weeks ago


    Let's enjoy RWBY vol.6.

  • #SAM#

    3 weeks ago


    Volume 6 premier #rwby

  • Needed Merch

    3 weeks ago


    I have a RWBY bracelet I had gotten at Hot Topic and it's faded and it's probably going to break soon and if the RT Store sold one, I'd but it immediately.

  • RWBY Vol 6 Premiere

    3 weeks ago


    I was able to attend the RWBY Volume 6 premiere yesterday at AMC Disney Springs with RT Florida! I was excited to attend with fellow rooster teeth fans and had an amazing night out after a day of work! I'm not only super hyped for all that is to come but I was happy to see the behind the scenes footage and what it takes for RWBY to come together! Can't wait to see more! ❤

  • Well...

    3 weeks ago


    Ruby Rose is my favorite character