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  • Death Battle Prediction: Jaune Arc vs Squall Leonhart

    12 hours ago


    Some people have authority thrust on them.

    Some people have to live with their homes coming under siege.

    And some people have their girlfriend chosen to harbor ancient powers.

    These two have all three in common.

    Jaune Arc leader of team JNPR

    Squall Leonhart commander of Balamb Garden.

    Here I will compare their equipment, tactics and strength to see who would win a Death Battle.


    Jaune Arc


    "An Arc never goes back on his word."

      Jaune Arc is the only son of eight children in the Arc family. While a stable family they never really put to much faith in him due to his clumsy nature. Despite this he was inspired by the tales of his family to be better. Determined to change how everyone perceived him he falsified information, stole the family heirlooms and enlisted in Beacon Academy. Headmaster Ozpin saw through the information but upon seeing the lad's earnest behavior allowed him to stay. After completing the initiation trials Jaune was selected to be team leader of JNPR a team made of himself, Sanctum Academy ace Pyrrha Nikos, Kuroyuri survivors Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. Together they face threats both monster and man in their journey.

    Squall Leonhart



     Squall Leonhart was originally an orphan living in the Sorceress Edea's Orphanage. Whoever is his parents are is unconfirmed but rumor suggests that the current Esthar president Laguna Loire and his wife Raine Loire are his father and mother. While Laguna was in Esthar working to overthrow Sorceress Adel, Raine died in childbirth, thus both he and his adoptive sister Ellone where sent to the Orphanage. Squall grew close to Ellone but her unique power made her a target so Edea's personal Seed entourage was tasked to keep her hidden, even from herself. Shocked by her loss Squall became defensive and shut in, letting no one come close and determined to do things with his own strength. These qualities made him a useful soldier and he was enlisted in Balamb Academy to become a Seed. From there he was embroiled in a conflict with the Sorceress Ultimecia in a battle that spanned the globe and surpassed time itself.



    Jaune Arc

  • Swimmer's Ear and RWBY weapons

    20 hours ago


    Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain with ever allergen in North America. It's not too bad if you eat local honey and practice good housekeeping. However, my immune system just couldn't keep up with the flora and fauna after a nasty virus. 

    Ear infections suck. Being stuck on a three week waiting list for a specialist sucks. I can't drive, and I'm walking into furniture around the house. Music hurts, turning my head quickly hurts.

    Thank goodness for an active imagination and Tinkercad. You don't have to turn your head to click and drag colored blocks around a screen. So with nothing better to do I designed a hunter weapon.

    ...introducing... an track draw crossbow that opens into a short spear? I think the Sudafed is messing with my better judgement. A crossbows only advance over a gun is that it's quieter and you could load the bolts with a large dust payload. However, the Grimm don't hunt by just hearing.

    Let's not even get into the issues of jabbing a highly sensitive crossbow into a Ursa mask. Just enjoy the pretty shapes in my images folder. It's colored like a mallard duck.

  • Fan Art Friday #101: Raven by HolyFudginCrack

    2 days ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Edyta, AKA @HolyFudginCrack, for this digital painting of Raven.


    Edyta is a college sophomore studying marketing in Greenville, South Carolina. Raven is one of her favorite RWBY characters. Although Raven is a mother, many people wouldn’t describe her as “maternal.” Edyta likes to think she cared about her family in the past, and wanted to see if she could draw Raven in a way that most don't imagine her.

    This piece was created digitally using Paint Tool SAI and took about 14 hours.


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • Austin is wild.

    2 days ago


    A few days ago I found an offical Yang plushie at Goodwill here in Austin? One of the oddest but best things I've found.

  • Guttermouth Review: RWBY Manga (Book 1 (?))

    6 days ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    {Posted 2/11/2018 23:44 PST}

    Hey-0, gang.  It’s been a while since the last one.  I was going to do something else, and I started it but…


    There was a 20 minute loud conversation with myself about a minor character’s drastic and inappropriate changes from the original graphic novel to the film “adaptation” and that is the tip of the iceburg for the first of three parts. 


    I’m working on it.


    Now however I have something I can review that’s relevant to Rooster Teeth and I certainly do have interesting and enthusiastic things to say about it without risking my mind exploding every twenty minutes over a slight towards the source material.


    Also it’s the first full Manga I’ve ever read.  That will probably be worth something, even if it is just entertainment.


    So, let’s move on to it, I’ve got words about the RWBY Manga* and I’m going to say them.


    *Okay, so there’s no indication on the book itself but what do I call this?  Is it a limited series?  Is this volume one?  Book one?  I know there are Japanese collections of two issues for the first four sets, but I’m not sure what toes are called either.  Does anyone know if it is still ongoing?  Sure I could and probably will look it up, but this is more of a rhetorical discourse and possibly the first slight criticism of the book.  I’d be satisfied if this is it and I’d also love if it continued, but I have no idea either way from the book itself.  Maybe that will make these first edition collections valuable once there is more and they reprint this but with a number.  We’ll call it Book 1 for now.




    From the Beginning, Right to Left


    In the past I’ve tackled the stories of Guttermouth Reviews beat-by-beat first and we will, sort of, but I’m also not going to make you sit here to my complete reactions of about 250 pages.  I would definitely recommend reading it yourself, but I’m sure you can likely find more detailed summaries online.  Maybe your local library or library system has a copy.


    One part of that is, frankly, I had trouble following some of the plot while first reading it.


    It is not overly complicated as far as plots go.  I think most of the problems I had were between the particular medium and my inexperience with that medium.


    -Manga is read right to left (I know this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned that, but I’ll lay off it soon) in most cases and then like a traditional comic down each individual page except in a splash page. 

    -Manga is also in black and white with a majority of the art depicting the characters and important objects with relatively minimal backgrounds. 

    -Manga is printed in a ratio smaller than western comics. 

    Let’s be literal academics here and say that Manga uses a very particular and small set of tools.  These tools, as the pages in the RWBY book show, can be used to fantastic effects and I do not at all mean to put a limit on what the artists can accomplish or say that the medium is easy to work in. 


    It does make some things difficult for me as a reader though.  Mostly the difficulty is with scene transitions (or lack thereof) and some of the more complicated action pieces.  One panel that’s just a picture of Weiss one dark room followed by another that is also just Weiss but now she’s in some other dark room after a period of time has passed is hard to figure before rethinking the dialog without a change in coloration, a narration box, or a discernable change in background.  Fair enough, there’s the black and white that’s ever present (except in one part I’ll talk about) but a later chapter takes place with several different groups of people in the woods and a simple “Meanwhile” box would go far to distinguish how far certain characters are from each other.  Character dialog (off panel sometimes) could also use some distinguishing factors in long conversations.  A font change for Weiss’s proper speech, Ruby’s usually fast speech in slight italics, &c. 


    But okay, the art style is different.  That’s neither here or there when it is good.  And yes, the art is really good.  There’s some really fine (detailed) inking work with just as much effort put into the shading of dark and light patches where the ink is thick.  The movement is exquisite.  The combat in the Blake chapters especially just moves across the page and individual panels (or splash pages).  I also love the exaggerated faces and poses used for emotional (mostly comedic) effect.  Ruby has so many crazy eyes.


      Do you want to talk plot?  I want to talk plot now.  I’d also like to point out that the title of this first section was a pun.  Of course it was a pun.


    The RWBY Manga “Book 1” really does start “From the Beginning” and for the first 8 chapters retells and elaborates upon the main four girls and their original trailers.  Each, as far as I can tell from the separate collections of the pairs, is named for the song featured in each trailer. 


    MIXED LIGHT SPOILERS-------------------


    -Red Like Roses- (Chapters 1 & 2) starts (In this book) with a glossy version of the Red trailer in black and white and RED.  This is a part that is proof positive of what just one color can do in art.  The few pages like this transition us from the world of the trailers and the show and into the manga by going to more traditional book paper and finishing the trailer in black and white.  Because the Red trailer is a fight scene with no dialog and little background, there’s not much to be elaborated on so it is largely supplemented with a solid introduction of the principal characters, the basics of the world, and where we are in the story for a majority of the manga in comparison to the show.  The bulk of the book actually takes place in the period of time between Volumes 1 & 2 of the show.  Little pieces build up to prove this, but it’s easily gathered.  RWBY bickers on their way to breakfast and there’s some exposition and character introductions leading up to Jaune being thrown across the cafeteria at the girls by Cardin Winchester.  Ruby stands up to the bully but before a fight breaks out Glinda intervenes and, suggests they fight in the arena.  Clearly she is the best teacher.  Also did you know Ruby has stage fright?   I didn’t.  It never really came up in the show and since she largely gets over it in the fight (while still being a weapon nut which is another focal point of her character here**).  The fight is good with some of the dialog being a version of why Ruby became a huntress.  What the take-away here is though is Ruby gains an even stronger mastery of her semblance and can do her rose petal thing at will now.  Harmony of mind I guess.  Ozpin also has a very telling moment about what he believes his students are about to face.  This section is good.  It captures the tone of the early series and starts mounting the tension with a cryptic cut to Roman. 


    ** Take this less as a jab and more as a note of some slightly heavy handed foreshadowing.



    -Mirror Mirror- (Chapters 3 & 4) Is a much tighter story that takes place almost entirely within the White trailer.  Weiss is fighting the Grim Golem which is revealed to be a captured possession-type Grimm.  But that’s nothing when compared to the fact that it is revealed Papa Schnee isn’t even there when this is a challenge he issued to decide if Weiss could go to Beacon or not.  AND SHE HAS A CONCERT LATER THAT NIGHT.  The drama escalates.  Weiss and some woman (either Weiss’s handler or Papa Schnee’s secretary) are talking through this version though, about how distant Papa S has been over the years despite Weiss’s constant exhibitions of talent.  (We also get a brief glance of Winter.)  Weiss is also perfectly portrayed as aloof through almost the whole thing, even when she gets her scar.  In the end she wins the battle and her way and goes to sing in spite of her father.  For as little as I have to say about this portion I want to assure you I really enjoy it.  It was pitch perfect for character study of Weiss and the action here was pretty easy to follow.  This also has a very compelling instance of incidental exposition and foreshadowing for the rest of book.  It is a very good place to put some information we’re coming back to in later chapters.  But we’re getting to that eventually.  No need to spoil it now when I’ll spoil it later. 


    -From Shadows- (Chapters 5 & 6) takes things into Blake’s head for the events of the Black trailer and has a significant amount of extra dialog and exposition.  Blake leads us lightly through the events of her life in relation to the White Fang and the general oppression of the Faunus.   The new leadership of the White Fang supported the methods of Adam and that got Blake on a train filled with weapons and dust.  And a crew Adam was willing to sacrifice and Blake wasn’t.  These chapters do several things really well.  First is we get to see more of a side of Adam that we haven’t anywhere else, an Adam in power and with everything going the way he wants.  An Adam who still believes he has Blake’s support.  It is mostly subtle things in the art like his intense grin and laughter as he attacks or his proud stance when standing next to Blake, but I can tell that Adam doesn’t have the undercurrent of frustration that the show gives him.  Second, I want to reiterate that this was one of the best actions sequences.  It closely follows Monty’s original choriography but adds things specially that only stagnant art can.  There’s one double splash page of Adam and Blake fighting a robot that has Adam in the lower right corner, where the action starts and the energy of the page moves out and up to the exploding automaton surrounded by Blake shadows moving around it but also still moving to the left and up.  In comics, motion like this (up a page but in the lateral direction of it being read) is explosive and the action is almost literally moving out and up from the page.  Also, having multiple versions of a character in one panel is a shorthand for even faster movement.  Specifically here though there is the extra context of us knowing Blake can have her shadows for only seconds after leaving them.  All of the motion being conveyed in this still image is compressed into even less time and thus has more concentrated energy.  Third, we continue the great expansion of all of these characters in the Manga.  There’s Blake’s internal speech, and all the detail put towards Adam’s characterization, but there’s also a button on chapter six that really dives into team RWBY.  Blake is in the bathroom looking into her reflection, it turns out that everything before was a dream (which could explain any inconsistencies to the show) and now Blake’s up early.  Yang bursts in because she misplaced her toothpaste and Weiss is chastising Yang’s carelessness and they see Blake without her bow.  It seems like the first real look they’ve gotten and that puts us squarely right after the finale of Volume 1.  Yang fauns over Blake’s cute ears in a way that really makes me support at least one side of Bumblebee. Weiss, in her way, opens up to Blake’s nature and concerns about being a Fauns and offers for Blake to be without her bow in private.  Let’s really think about this.  On the surface it may seem like Weiss is ashamed and nervous for herself, but what I think she’s really saying is that Blake, who is in fear of being cast back into the shadows of her past if people know she is a faunus (and a White Fang), does not have to be in that fear around her friends.  That’s something.  And where is Our Heroine***? She’s asleep still of course.  All four members of the team, perfectly represented in three pages.  This section is like that, very good and worth a lot of notes. 


    *** This is a bit of a “problem” inherent in the medium and also a bit of a nitpick.  It has happened before, but there’s a caption box in the final panel of chapter 6 that might be a translation issue or one that comes from me being new to manga.  The picture is of Ruby sleeping and the box is in the center(ish) of the panel. It took me some time to realize that this panel was completely disconnected from the scene that just unfolded except for it showing where Ruby was during it.  No one is saying “our heroine” about Ruby from the other three girls as I would have guessed.  I knew that interpretation was wrong because there is no connection to what any of them were just saying but the phrasing is so personal that I figured it had to be dialog because there aren’t any other narration boxes like it.  The RWBY manga has almost no narration and when there is non-diegetic/unconnected-from-a-character text in frame it is not in the font of the dialog as this box is.  A caption stating “Our Heroine” would be at home in a classic Marvel book where Stan Lee did much of the exposition for the comic and as if he was a good friend telling us the story at least once a page.  This came out of nowhere and that is the nitpick.  The medium challenges is that there is no color to differentiate this from anything else being said and it could be that the translation is just imperfect.  The closest thing to what was originally said likely is “our heroine” but to my very western mind that particular phrase complicates things.  Something with more detail like “Meanwhile, our heroine contributes to this morning’s peace in her own way.”  And something stylistically different could have helped too, like the Impact font that introduces each character and their affiliation.   I may as well add here that a lot of the awkward phrasing or seemingly random transitions of dialog probably amount to the same issue of being translated very closely, rather than a bit more localized in style and phrasing.  For me this is only a technical issue that doesn’t really detract to the quality of work, but how I interact with it.



    -I Burn- (Chapters 7 & 8) might be the least of the segments in the book.  There are no real problems with it narratively or anything like that, it actually follows the Yellow trailer very closely, adding dialog where needed for pacing.  That is mostly all that gets added.  There is a frame to this story about Yang’s protective relationship to Ruby who inspires her that is pretty strong, but it is maybe a fifth of the story and there’s little tangible connection between it and the Yellow trailer thematically.  Over the course of the fight Junior (Jr?) makes a comment about Yang being a dragon and it flashes back to Ruby complementing Yang’s beautiful dragon hair.  That’s something I suppose.  There’s also a nice moment with the two sisters getting drinks at the smashed up club at the end being pretty adorable but even that button feels less additive than Blake’s in the previous chapter.  The final page indicates Yang was searching for Torchwick, but there’s no indication to why.  So on its own this section is just the Yellow trailer with more words.  As a comic chapter it is a bit less because compared to the previous chapters the action is much messier.  There’s a lot going on and the characters involved have so detailed costumes that you really have to look at some panels for a while to figure out what’s going on.  I won’t say it is bad artwork because once I figured it all out it was really nice, but there was just so much going on and when all you see is black and white and some gray picking things apart is even more difficult.  But overall it was a fine.  It’s kind of like how every episode of Camp Camp is hilarious, but I don’t really watch Camp Cool Kidz after the first time.


    SPOILERS ARE OVER FOR NOW------------------------


    Now, that’s only two thirds(ish) of the book.  We’ve covered the origins of each of the main girls and went a little deeper into their characters each time.  The degrees do change but each show a new dimension to a trailer in…  Well, I was going to make a joke about it being in 2 dimensions, but since the show is cell-shaded the end result of an episode of RWBY is that it looks two dimensional, not to mention all film is on a screen and is thus still 2D…  But you know what I mean.  I’ve kinda derailed myself. 


    Oh yeah, I remember my point.  These eight chapters are satisfying on their own and would have been worth a purchase, perhaps at a lower price, but still a fair one for a trade paperback of a short run.  However, that’s not all that we received.


    (w)Holy Original Content, Hunts-Man!


    I’m not quite sure what to call chapters 9-12 of the RWBY manga.  I don’t have any good puns relating to the story and there’s not much that stands out from it that is title worthy.  And nothing from the V1 soundtrack strikes me as a title either.  If you know what it is called or have a good suggestion, feel free to let me know.


    The untitled chapters 9-12 are very good and a completely supplemental story that fills in some of the time during the latter half of RWBY and friends’ first semester at Beacon.  Just one weekend, but it shows some of the character progression during the time period in question.


    This story has everyone, RWBY, JNPR, Ozpin, Glynda, Torchwick, The White Fang, and a special guest appearance form everyone’s favorite Combat Ready Best Girl.  Before we get to all of everything I should probably tell an abridged story of the events. 


    MORE AND HEAVIER SPOILERS-------------------


    Roman Torchwick and the White Fang are off in the woods searching for a remote entrance to Mountain Glen.  When they find it we cut to an exhausted Jaune doubting his own plan to take JNPR on a hike to fight some Grimm when he can barely handle the hike.  After some character expository dialogue and Pyrrha being best girl, RWBY is being informed by Glynda that JNPR went to go remove some King Taijitu on their own for an extra credit assignment they were going to do with RWBY and CRDL.  Glynda’s cold wit gets them going. As the White Fang remove the wooden planks that were supposed to keep the Grimm in the tunnels out scurries a very dangerous Grimm by Roman’s recollection.  It’s not anything that JNPR needs right now because the eight heads of four Grimm are tossing the students around.  That little grimm that came out of the tunnel makes its way to the fight and one tiny octopus thing plus four King Taijitu makes one very scary-looking Hydra Grimm.****  The battle ensues as JNPR discuss the fusion and increased power of the Grimm.  Luckily RWBY shows up and starts to help.  It is a good fight that is a bit like the Yellow fight in the “too much going on” way.  Though I understand it now, I spent some time on these pages.  There’s also some possible translation hiccups again where everyone shouts names at each other right before someone else speaks.  Most notably this is when Ruby says Jaune as if to continue speaking to him (though I now assume she’s saying “okay”) and Blake tells Ruby about a Grimm like this that once kept a rare and powerful weapon.  Weapon Nut Ruby (remember that character trait?) is even more interested in the battle now.  The random names and the wording of the dialog doesn’t quite gel.  It doesn’t strike me as the kind of thing Blake would have said in the heat of battle, even if it does convey the same message as the original language.  But we’re spending too long on that, we’ve got some for fight left.  AFTER WE DISCUSS ONE OF THE BEST CAMEOS EVER, OF ALL TIME.  Roman and the White Fang are flying off to tell Cinder they found the tunnel when out of nowhere a sword slices through their airship.  It’s Penny testing out a set of wings as a modular function of her body.  She’s just as adorable as she is in the show and she flies with her arms out in front of her because she thinks it looks hip and the voice on the other end of her radio gives an indication that Penny’s more real girl than robot when it comes to doing things the fun way.  Oh, and let’s not forget this conversation happens within second of her taking an unidentified craft out of restricted airspace.  Penny is great.  And back to the fight with the Hydra Grimm.  I don’t want to ruin it, but it plays out like all good RWBY fights with ship names combo moves being shouted, the characters interacting well, and some good action poses.  At the climax of the fight each character gets a panel that I would buy as a poster after Ruby thinks about why she became a huntress.  They beat the Grimm and Ozpin and Glynda (and Cardin) who were watching are adequately impressed.  Issue 12 is relatively short, Ooblek and Port confirm that the Octopus fusion Grimm is actually a type of possession Grimm like the one Weiss fought and the one in RWBY Chibi.  This one can just to the much more terrifying task of take over multiple “living” entities.*****  Follow this with some perfect character chemistry and a cryptic hint at what’s to come and then Ruby runs off to join her team and this book of the manga ends.


    ****That’s issue 9.  If you think it’s a little all over the place, this and the following issues are where my earlier comment about the lack of easily identified transitions comes into play.  It’s not so often that it is a detraction from the story, it just could do with some transitional captions and being in black and white doesn’t help it.   


    *****Okay, I know Grimm technically might not be “alive” really but this is the easiest way to differentiate from the floating mask that can take over rocks and kitchen appliances. 



    MAJOR SPOILERS ARE OVER NOW----------------------


    I know I said that the part of this book that was the trailers was worth a purchase.  The section that is this mission with RWBY and JNPR is also worth its own purchase and more.  Even if you didn’t want the trailer sections (because you already have the other versions of them or something) I would recommend buying this book for the last chapters alone.  On a story level it is contained enough to be two or three episodes of RWBY proper but not be a intrinsic to the plot it also fits in so well with the story that it genuinely adds to the experience and understanding of RWBY.  I know I said a whole lot in both parts that there are good character moments and dialog that does read like the show’s but I didn’t actually say them.  That’s because they’re so good I don’t want to ruin that experience for you and I could get away with my summaries without telling them to you (mostly).  I think we all have a need for more fun early RWBY action and the last four chapters in this book bring that to you.


    When the Dust Settles


    This is an excellent addition to the RWBY canon. 


    That is my final verdict and if all you needed was a yay or nay from me before picking up or reading it for yourself, there it is. 


    If you don’t mind me elaborating on that thought and others though, I can do that too.


    The RWBY Manga ties itself together well between the two distinct parts and to the Rooster Teeth series it is based upon.  The meat of the new content fills the gap between Volumes 1 and 2 with believable and accurate character progression and plot that you really should check out for yourself.  I may add to these thoughts later in an actual discussion of the events in the book, but for now the story here is still new to a lot of the audience and spoiler courtesy should be observed. 


    The artistry here is to be applauded here too.  Shirow Miwa not only understands the characters and tone of RWBY but he also has a knack for intense action and good use of contrast.  I know I’m a newcomer but the black and white and detailed line work sometimes made things hard to follow quickly, but it is just busy, not bad.  There’s several panels I would use as decorational art.  I will also stand by the From Shadows chapters being some of the best and smoothest action I’ve seen in a while in comics.  This level of quality is in all the art, it is only the subjects that change and change the ease of experience.  There is also a slight difference between the style of the book and the show.  Everyone is still identifiable as the characters and such, but there’s enough of a difference to tell.  I’d point out Weiss, Ozpin, and Jaune particularly.  This again is not a bad thing at all, just something worth noting.


    The translation at times can be less than clear, at least to a guy who reads things mostly written in English and almost exclusively Western based comics.******  I can understand everything, it just takes some particular thought sometimes.  If anything this makes me want to read more manga though because the cultural and lingual differences weren’t at all the barriers I had anticipated.  It was actually easier than some anime that I have watched.  And if I can do it, y’all probably can too.


    ******Zot! is one of my favorite comics of all time and is based heavily on Manga style though it is written by an American in English.  I also really enjoy Monstress in the trades and if they weren’t so darn expensive I’d have all the Avatar comics by now.  That’s certainly another barrier for me.  20 book stories for $10-$15 each is more than I can invest right now into my entertainment.  And if we’re really sort of stretching, I play JRPGs often and am a fan of Kingdom Hearts as much as I am a fan of Red vs Blue, so I’m not adverse to Eastern storytelling at all. 



    Sure, I’ve got my nitpicks, but I mostly played them up for the laughs here or left them out entirely.  The only real criticisim I can levy against the RWBY Manga is when it diverges from the guiding style it establishes such as the one narration box when all other narration is done in dialog or with text that looks different. 


    In addition to the glossy first few pages with color, there’s also a fold-out “poster” of an altered version of the cover art that also has some light introductory lore on the back.  This is nice for two reasons.  1) If it is indeed a poster to be removed, it would look really nice.  I can’t find any perforation myself so I’m not going to try it.  2) It further allows for this to be either a stand-alone piece or an introduction into RWBY for a reader.  For reasons evident in my summaries, there is a self-contained story here that you could understand just from reading the book.  It’s not nearly as satisfying as it would be if you watched the show too, but all of the exposition done in the first half of the book has pay-off in the climax. 


    Yes, I really enjoyed the RWBY Manga (Book 1) and I would not only say it is worth its price for a full collection of a RWBY supplemental story in a nice package, but each individual segment is something I want to have as a part of my collection of RWBY media.  At its very least it is a slight new perspective on events and at its best it compounds on character traits and expands the world of RWBY. 


    But what about you guys?  Did you read the Manga and how did you experience it?  Did you wait for the American hard-copy release like me or read along with each chapter in the magazines?  What did you think of it all?  If you haven’t read it, do you think you will or not? 


    Of course, feel free to also continue the conversation from where I left things in the comments.  I typed this all out in Word, so I had to label my spoilers differently but let’s all be respectful of the possibility someone might want to go into this blind and just be generally respectful if you comment.  I look forward to it as much as I do to the continuation of the Manga that I am not sure will happen or not. 


    Thanks for reading,























  • My Inspirations & Influences

    1 week ago


    There are many different people who inspire & influence me in a positive way (such as some of the Jackass guys like Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera & Ryan Dunn) & out of some of the Rooster Teeth Staff (since late-2016) it's not just some of the founding fathers (primarily Matt Hullum, Burnie Burns, Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey & Joel Heyman) but other notable employees whom I've come to enjoy like Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free, Lindsay Jones, Blaine Gibson, Miles Luna & Chris Demarias as well as others too & throughout the times I've watched through the shows that are not Red Vs. Blue or RWBY, such as RT Life, RT Shorts, RT Podcast & Always Open, I've become even more inspired by noy only some of the comedy in them but also some of the important lfe advice from them as well that I've remembered & will always keep in my mind when it comes down to making new friends & dating as well.

  • Fan Art Friday #100: Nora by i111i1

    1 week ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Liliana, AKA @i111i1, for this digital painting of Nora.


    Liliana is a photographer based in southern California. This piece started off as a pencil outline sketch, which she scanned and converted to a digital painting in Adobe Photoshop. Regarding her inspiration, Liliana said, “Nora Valkyrie has grown on me as a character since RWBY Volume 4. I was inspired by her spunky, combat-ready attitude and decided to render her in the style of WWII nose art.”


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • RT Box December 2017 Impressions

    1 week ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

    Well hey! Fancy seeing you here.

    Wrapping up 2017 two months late is December's RT Box that landed in front of my face just yesterday. Talk about delayed! Better not waste anymore time, right? Except that January's box hasn't shipped anyway, so we're just continually falling further behind...

    To make matters worse (for me), the box's theme is ICE COLD. And it's bloody warm here, so, it's sufficiently melted. Maybe because it's from our hotheaded friend Michael Jones? michael

    Just kidding, nothing is meltable. It's just a theme. What kind of things do we consider appropriate for the theme of ICE COLD?

    - one long sleeve Rooster Teeth shirt (white; black and red print)

    - one Achievement Hunter sphere ice mold (green)

    - one RWBY Weiss Schnee papercraft (...white)

    - one Camp Camp 'Max' collectible minifigure (in the Double Gold Exclusive Lake Lilac Ice Blue)

    - one Fallout Burnie Burns pin (blue/yellow)

    - #11 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring The Know (about 20% were signed by those know-it-alls)

    So, all but a few pictures ended up sideways. It's bloody annoying I'll tell ya. But, the shirt pictures turned out fine, so, that's great because I love the shirt design.

    For the FIRST TIME EVER the shirt is printed on BOTH SIDES. Amazing. I knew they could do it.

    The front has a little chattering teeth ala the Rooster Teeth logo with a few Rooster feathers underneath it.


    And the back brings those feathers into context with its abundance of Roosters! So clean and eye-catching, especially with the red. This is 100% cotton and it feels like its well suited to keep you warm in Winter, especially with those long sleeves! Look at all those...look at all those CHICKENS.


    Moving on to something really ice cold, we've got an ice mold that's round...all around. The picture isn't really annoying when turned sideways because it's a circle and a box.


    Speaking of, it came in a box. Nice. This is made of silicon and has the AH logo printed on in black - I wonder if it'll come off. Probably not. There's a hole on the top half to make sure it's filled all the way, I guess? And each half interlocks with each other, so no water leakage (I should have tested that...). It's for whiskey. Michael likes to make frozen balls while his own balls are frozen and drop his frozen balls in his whiskey. My mother asked me why they'd give us a whiskey ice-mold, and, I said one word. Alcoholics. Don't tell them I said that, though. 

    From ice cold to Weiss cold, there's the final piece to the RWBY papercraft puzzle, Weiss Schnee, the Ice/Snow Queen herself, in box-form (Michael made sure to mention he's partial to Ruby. Very well done, there). She even came with her ponytail on the side, but then I realised that I wish the Yang one had her little cowlick. I didn't rip this one at all! I learned. 1/4 ain't bad. Now I have the team back together, just like the real thing. Box heads galore. My dad used to 'affectionately' refer to me as box-head. I don't know why. I should have seen our terrible relationship coming a long time ago! Ha. Hah. Welp, that is sad but it also goes great with Weiss because her dad is also an asshole!

    Now, let's see, Camp Camp? Max? That's Michael. But he's not just cool, he's ice cold, because the colour is literally called Ice Blue. Lake Lilac (that resides in Camp Campbell, obviously) Ice Blue. And boy, is he fucking BLUE. Look at this little shit.


    All 3D and stuff. You're from 2D animation, son! But he's quite nice to look at - metallic almost. Otherwise, nothing special, he's the same ol' Max. But this colour was exclusive so, suck on that, losers.

    And now, because one Fallout parody pin wasn't enough, we've got another founding father. Burnie Burns, everyone! burnie He's ready for the nuclear winter with his trusty camera and he's looking particularly pleased so I'm not sure if he understands how much of a shithole he's going to be living in. If he lives at all. Oh, well, you and the Geoff pin can be fallout buddies. And then there's Gus, to the side, naked. Cheese definitely would survive a nuclear bomb. I'm adding the picture because otherwise you probably won't see the detail unless you go look for yourself, and who knows how lazy all of you are?


    And lastly! The Double Gold card finally presents to us The Know. Adam, Ashley, Ben, Gus, Jon, Kdin, Mica...and that's about all I know of that work there. My bad to the rest of the crew! And guess what? I didn't get a signed one again! But this one turned out the right way up! It knows what its doing! I'll stop with the jokes now. I like the art here, the colour scheme really pops. Plus, it accurately depicts the giant that is Adam.


    What are The Know's scores? Well, they work quickly and efficiently to bring you the news, as best as they possibly can, even though they're a little clickbait-ey. They score a nine on speed, a ten on intelligence and a whopping ninety-nine on comments section because have you seen the YouTube comments section on their stuff? It's just timestamps, console wars, and compliments to Ashley and Mica and weird things about Gus.

    Turns out I actually posted pictures of most of the stuff, but have another look anyway, because I went to the effort of taking the photo.


    Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that.

    Just a little reminder if you haven't seen, but, the monthly RT Boxes are being phased out soon. March will be the last monthly box, and so once that has arrived, I'll do a huge roundup of everything I received since January 2017 - March 2018. From March onwards, the boxes will be bigger and better and come quarterly I will adjust my posts accordingly to that.

    Toodles! See you probably next month when January's box inevitably arrives late!

  • RT Box November 2017 Impressions

    1 week ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

    Two months later than it should have been (partially not my fault), I bring you the November RT Box post!

    This is a holiday themed box from everyone's favourite Punkelman. 'Ho, ho, ho, y'all' - Barbara  barbara The greeting card is quite a sight, with its dick-woven stocking. Lovely, festive.

    I apologise in advance, and once again, that my pictures are literally all uploaded sideways. I don't know any workaround for this, perhaps the new site will improve on this system? We can hope.

    What's in your holiday gift box? Upon opening much after Christmas, there was:

    - one Loopy Lupe shatterproof ornament (white)

    - one RWBY Ruby Rose papercraft (red)

    - one Stage 5 ribbed knit beanie (grey)

    - one RTAA Christmas Snail Assassin pin (red, white and snail)

    - one special Rooster Teeth cookbook 'Bon Appéteeth'

    - one Lazer Team 2 theatrical poster holographic sticker (rainbow, shiny)

    - #10 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring the RT Podcast

    Now, I also apologise that I forgot to take a picture of the shiny-ass sticker I got, but, it probably would have been a nightmare to take a good photo of. I promise it will be in the round-up post for the RT Boxes that I will do...after March, I think. I'll tell you more about this in the December box post.


    Loopy Lupe. What have I got to say about this motherfucker? Everyone's got a soft spot for Geoff (right?...right?) except some people that don't want this little guy on their videos when they pay for no ads. That's not the topic, though, so. He's mostly likable to me. Now, you can get him for yourself, one time a year, with this unbreakable (as Barb says) ornament. Lupe is unbreakable, with that little bit of Geoff Ramsey spirit.

    Following the RWBY papercrafts of Yang and Blake in the previous months, Ruby is now here in her box-like glory. She's red, she's box-like, she's...paper! This is the only one of the girls that I can take seriously with the ecstatic face. Well, maybe Yang too. But the others...not really. Still, she only got ripped a tiny bit by my raging clumsiness, and she most definitely didn't end up on the floor after I got back from a week's absence. No, really, she didn't. Blake and Yang on the other hand, were not that lucky (it's the fall of Beacon all over again!).

    Here's the third clothing item out of every box (excluding the RTX ones if they had anything head-related). It's another beanie, and it's ribbed knit for maximum cosiness. It's got a big red 5 on the front stitched right on there and it's a little small for the purpose of keeping your whole head warm. But it's still there, on your head, like a good beanie should be. I like the colour, it's very...wintery. Except it doesn't snow here, so, fuck this.

    Bringing back a classic, we have the Snail Assassin (he'll kill you...eventually) from RTAA. Except now, he's got a fuckin' SANTA HAT! It's like that Malibu Stacey episode of the Simpsons but now she has a hat oh my fucking god. In all seriousness, though, it's cute. All I want for Christmas is murder. Shiny!

    Lemme just whip out my chef's hat, because hats are so on theme right now. Ta-da! Cookbook! From the staff at Rooster Teeth, you can now experience the joy of cooking their contributed recipes ranging from appetizers, sides, entrees, desserts and drinks. Some of the recipes in here, be warned, are not meant for real cooking. Chris Demarais, I'm looking at you and your fucking fish + dressing shit. We all wonder how he's alive, that shit is nasty.

    The sticker is a trip. Lazer Team was a trip, and now it's a trip in SPACE! There's not much to say but it's the theatrical poster, but smaller, shinier, and 100% more psychedelic.

    And last but not least, #10 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards. This did not mention anything about a percentage being signed, but if they were, I didn't get one again! Wah. This one's titled RT Holidays and features a cute little scene wherein the main RT Podcast crew are sliding down a snowy slope on a sled (alliteration!) while they toss Gavin off. But don't worry, Gav, if you run down a mountain you won't die, or something. Nice. They rate nine in Joy, ten in Love, and a nice round zero in Peace. Never a dull moment with the squawks of Gavin Free, everybody!

    There's always a little bit of an upside with the pictures, because the group photo always seems to upload in the correct orientation. Huzzah!


    Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that.

    Comin' right up (may or may not be right up) is the December Box that just arrived today!

  • Entertainment Perspective

    1 week ago


    Ever since I 1st watched the 24th episode Of RvB season 14 (Red Vs. Blue Vs. Rooster Teeth), I've found Rooster Teeth's other shows (like the RT Podcast, RWBY Chibi, Always Open, Immersion & Million Dollars, But..., along with RT Shorts & RT Animated Adventures) to be entertaining & enjoyable at the same time & Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V (my 3rd main favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! series) represents this fun-loving aspect for me & besides just Red Vs. Blue & RWBY (which are a core part of my Party-Nerd aspect with Rooster Teeth being a strong influential part of it & with Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V being a strong founding part of it), there's a lot of things within the Rooster Teeth community (as in groups & shows) that I view to be exciting & fun to watch & due to me wanting to go to more fun-related parties & eating establishments (in Calgary) that I never tried at before that I can share my experiences with the rest of the RT community from different parts of the world  as a positive way for others to take an interest into what I bring to the RT site in a way that's both accepting & swell at the same time.

  • Moving Forward Perspective

    1 week ago


    The inspirational words "keep moving forward" by Monty Oum, the creator of RWBY have been truly inspirational for me with moving forward in my own life & not looking back on any bad past memories at all, & Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (my 2nd main favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! series) represents this aspect for me & for my post-high school year (2011), that's been a primary thing for me since I wanted to move forward, but keep the best of what I have in my life when it comes down to friends & an everyday life while making it better at the same time, & one aspect of being a part of the Rooster Teeth community is to not only find out any news on what's-to-come next with my favourite Rooster Teeth series (like Red Vs. Blue & RWBY) but to move forward by being a part of a community that's welcome for new members (like myself) who haven't been into Rooster Teeth since it's early days when RvB made it what it is today.

  • Rwby thoughts

    1 week ago


    V1 where monty choreographed everything was just so amazing, combat was what we all came for (the non-combat was quite stiff before lots of mo-cap and all). V1 was characterized by mid/close camera angles, circular camera motion, nearly ALWAYS moving camera (only stops to emphasize a motion/hit or banter), camera sweeps moving with the character motions, and camera transitions to move with the actions (usually linking previous motion into the new one somehow).  that was just the camera, fighting styles where highly acrobatic high speed affairs, often with wide arcing motions.

    v4-5 just is the opposite static cameras into odd transitions, (or slow moving camera tracking movement), combat is fairly static as well, very land based. some characters kept their wide arcing motions but without the camera panning they seem less, while others do nothing but fight on the group (or in 1 place). also a lot of mid/long camera angles.

    v5 had 2 great fights wiess v lancers & raven v cinder (this was very DBZ though). the rest just wern't good.

    take the "climax" fight of v5 there were several major fights going on that we got to see next to nothing of. Camera is almost perpeutally stationary (does pan sometimes usually to give the antagonists "height" but usually non-combat panning), just focusing on the limited bit we saw of Wiess's fight against vernal the styles are just opposite:

    she does move acrobatically but what camera motion is there moves almost always the same direction, "backwards" and to the left. hell during her 2nd part of the fight after she flips vernal and she get shot in the back it transitions the a side perspective mid/long range camera angle to keep her on screen the full time. worse she used her sigils as dainty stepping stones rather than the launch pads she used them as 90% of the times we have seen her fight. (look at "white" trailer for reference of what her motions should have looked like), 

    not to mention her entire fight seems so poorly scripted here; lost track of her location and hits a pillar near the edge of the room. rather than use her actual skill tries to summon the entire time EVEN AFTER it is proven to be too slow. repeatedly turns her back on enemy combatants, vernal thew her to the left staircase moving LEFT, so vernal should be on right side. where does she get impaled from? THE RIGHT GOD DAMN SIDE with her back to that direction.

    hell looking at the fights wtf is with the continuity? we see her land from the direction RUBY should be, NOT where it was shown in a 1s zoom out when ruby activated her eyes. if she was launched from where the clip showed then she would have been launched face first at the stairsso launched left from ruby & cinders area. hell they show over her shoulder as she pushes herself up, WHERE THE HELL is VERNAL in that picture???? it shows emerald, ruby, cinder, AND jaune, but not vernal who supposedly threw/ launched Wiess from that direction.

  • Party-Nerd Aspect

    1 week ago


    Ever since Late-2016, I've developed a lifestyle choice for Party-Lovers & Nerds alike (which I've created both a group & page on Facebook that revolves around it) & both Red Vs. Blue & RWBY (alongside Power Rangers) are primary founding elements of since I consider Rooster Teeth to be an influential part of it all, aside from doing other fun stuff (new & old) to expand it such as going quadding, axe-throwing & watching other fun, party-related movies & tv shows (& listening to new music too), along with going to new eating establishments (in Calgary) that I haven't been at before & going to any anime & comic book related conventions (& parties) in the future in order to extend the Party-Nerd aspect that I'll continue to embrace for the remainder of 2018 & the future that lies ahead when I make new friends who are into some or most of the same things that I have a strong interest in (& had for years).

  • RWBY & Yu-Gi-Oh!

    1 week ago


    Ever since around the  time when RWBY Volume 5 started in October 2017, I've envisioned an idea of mixing the best of RWBY (which I've been into since December 2016) with the best of Yu-Gi-Oh! that I've been into (& maintained) for years, primarily with the Original, 5D's & Arc V since I consider them as my primary favourite series (with GX, ZEXAL & VRAINS being my secondary favourites) & throughout my watch-through of Volume 5 (October 2017 - January 2018) my RWBY viewpoints grew more than ever differently from that of when I watched through the 1st 4 Volumes & RWBY Chibi, and to expand that further, I created a Facebook group called "The RWBY/Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Union Group" for people who are fans of either RWBY or Yu-Gi-Oh! (or both like myself) & after spending a week of watching all 5 RWBY Volumes (from January 29th - February 2nd, 2018), I decided to get away from revolving the most of my attention from RWBY & Yu-Gi-Oh! and mixing the best of both with eachother & focus my current attention on something else for a change, but I'll still do it all in different ways with blending the RWBY/Yu-Gi-Oh! perspective with the Party-Nerd aspect that I've 1st formed in Late-2016 & will continue to blend in through my Rooster Teeth fanbase, specifically with my interest in Red Vs. Blue & RWBY and mixing them with other stuff that I'm equally into as well.

  • Cleric Of The Murder Princess — Wait, What?

    1 week ago

    CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
    — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —

    On my Rooster Teeth profile, I have an odd choice set as my occupation —

    Cleric of the Murder Princess

    To answer the bulk of any questions right out of the gate, it's a title someone used as an insult against me in a recent debate.  At first, it was mildly irritating — but like any terrible nickname — it's grown on me.

    Now, who that individual was is not important — nor would I ever out someone so blatantly.  I bring that incident up to make a point — and I truly hope that anyone who is dealing with self-righteous know-it-alls will take these words to heart.

    If you are not enjoying the conversation — there is no thread, topic or individual that is worth your time & mental grief.  There are people who simply feel that they are always in the right & nothing you say will ever change their minds.

    There will be other threads.

    There will be other people to talk with.  That, I can promise you.

    A debate — whether you win or lose — should be engaging.  It should not feel like a chore.  There also has to be some give & take due to differing views & opinions.  The individual who I can thank for my new job title was one of the most arrogant, abrasive & egotistical people I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.

    But I realized that I can't change who he is.  The only person I can control is myself — so I left the thread.  If he feels he won, let him — I have more pressing matters to contend with.

    If you're dealing with someone like that — just leave.  Whoever they are, whatever the thread is about, whatever the topic is — they will never be that important.  Trust me.

  • RWBY Spin-Off

    1 week ago

    CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
    — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —


    Come on — you know you'd watch it.

  • Nuckleavee Hood

    2 weeks ago

    Daks Jersey Devil

    Hello! If you are here I am assuming you are a friend or came from the "CRWBY gets a crazy gift" video. 

    I thought I'd talk a little bit about the process (look under the hood, if you will) I went through to accomplish it.

    To make some things clear: the original art on the hoodies is by RJ Palmer, an incredible illustrator. I can illustrate things myself but I did not come up with this art, but I was the one who applied it.

    There ended up being a massive time crunch and to do work like this from scratch would have been easily 5-10 days of work for me, plus the time it takes for the clear to set. Due to extenuating circumstance, we had 3 days. Marcus was really concerned about having the time to make the art truly faithful to the original and to make sure it was something worth giving to the CRWBY for all their hard and awesome work. 

    While I knew I could recreate the design myself, we decided on putting an undersketch on the hood that I could paint over so there wasn't any guesswork or having to correct proportions. A lot of airbrush artists do this sort of thing for mainly portraits that need to be done quick or replicated many times. Sometimes we will use a projector to project the photo (or art) onto the canvas so we can sketch it out without having to eyeball making something tiny 40x bigger. Sometimes it'll be lightly printed onto the canvas. It's a bit like a tattoo artist not totally eyeballing a design a client brings in if they can help it.

    Everything your eye sees is my paint in the end, and everyone was super pleased with the end result. I couldn't be much happier with how it came together. It was such a cool project. Hopefully we can do something like this from scratch one day and we can have a timelapse of me painting it and some more BTS stuff! 

  • Thank you, Monty

    2 weeks ago


    This is my first time doing a journal post and I’m doubtful anyone will read it, but I believe in putting positive out there in the universe and right now I could really use some.

    A few days ago I was scrolling through Twitter and reading all the posts about Monty, honoring him, remembering him and, thanking him. I never got the honor of meeting him, but he has inspired me through his incredible imagination, dedication, and determination. 

    Reading posts from so many people about him and especially those who knew him best taking about his attitude of keep moving have especially resonated with me. As I read these posts, I have been sitting at my father’s bedside while he is in his last days. These messages and those in the RWBY soundtrack lyrics have given me the strength to keep moving forward instead of being lost and consumed with grief.

    I know you need to process grief properly and I will when the time comes, but for now I am responsible for not only his care, but my Mom’s as well and keeping these thoughts in mind has made me able to do so. 

    All this is to say thank you, Monty. Even though you have left us, you continue to inspire me and so many others.

    I leave with this verse, which is keeping me going right now…

    “When it feels like there's nothing

    Worth living for

    Everything is broken

    The light's not there anymore

    And the story

    Takes an unexpected turn

    A friend is suddenly gone

    We can cry our lives away

    But if they were here they'd say

    Go forward you must keep moving on”

  • Pamphlet Illust

    2 weeks ago


    Pamphlet illust given out to booth visitors during last year's Comic Fiesta.

  • Fan Art Friday #99: Ruby Rose by Geekyowlet

    2 weeks ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Lilah, AKA @Geekyowlet, for this illustration of Ruby Rose.


    Lilah is a high school student based in British Columbia. She created this piece over the span of a week on an iPad Pro using Clip Studio Paint and an Apple Pencil. It was inspired by the Red Trailer, when Ruby smashed through the clock face. Lilah wanted to make the drawing look like Ruby was going to kick the viewer's face using perspective, and the rose petals coalescing into her cape signified that she had used her semblance.


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • An Illustration for Monty Oum's Legacy

    2 weeks ago

    manjamanse10000 Adam Merrigan

    I digitally drew an illustration in honor of Monty Oum, his legacy is ours.

  • Remembering Monty

    2 weeks ago


    It was around late 2013 when I'd first heard of Monty Oum. It was from a YouTube video discussing his latest project at the time, the animated web series "RWBY". The video was made by Gigguk and covered the first Volume of the show. It looked interesting and I was intrigued. At the time I'd been watching many anime that the community deemed "classics" or good shows, but it was also at this time I'd noticed how a lot of anime in it's approach to animation, how characters were animated, scenes framed, and more felt stilted. But I as the lazy person I was (and still am) did not approach RWBY, not out of a shared dislike that the anime community had, but because after that I didn't hear much about the show.

    Around a year and few months passed when I decided to approach the show. However I still to this day regret the fact that I didn't begin watching RWBY until the passing of Monty Oum. I still remember how on Facebook his death was trending and for once beat out stupid polical parties for news and attention. I was myself surprised because of how young he was - 33. At the same time both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of RWBY were made avaliable on Netflix and I then finally went for it and watched the show. And I fell in love with it like no other show.

    My best comparison of feeling towards RWBY is my love of other series like Bleach, my favorite anime and tv show; Rurouni Kenshin, my favorite manga series of all time; Star Wars, one of my favorite movie franchises; and Jurassic Park. The thing was that I had heard so much criticism leveled at this show towards its voice acting, animation, and approach to story, yet upon actually watching the anime for myself I found that much of this criticism was blown way out of proportion and literal virtuol. In particular the voice work of Lindsay Jones as the main heroine Ruby Rose pulled me straight into the world. Here was this little girl who wielded a giant scythe / sniper rifle and took on a group of mooks in a setting that looked straight out of the RPGs and video games I liked so much but emulating the cool appearance and style much better than other anime. The fact that this was 3D animation with a 2D aesthetic for its characters also drew me in as nothing looked bulgy or out of place - sans minor things. But the action -God the action I so loved. The moment Ruby threw a mook out a window in Episode 1, leaped out and the RWBY theme song played from her music player, and she twirled and swung that scythe confidently - that made me believe in this character as a hero despite the fact that at only a few minutes, I still didn't understand what the world or its story was about.

    But then the next scene brought me in. It was just Ruby Rose being interrogated by Glynda Goodwitch - who a scene prior had an excellent fight scene with series antagonist Cinder Fall - and whom Ruby just gushed over. Already from her conversation and Lindsay's acting I know who the character is - I don't understand exactly what a Huntsman is, but Ruby's love of the job, wanting to be a hero for non-selfish reasons, and how totally serious yet at the same time goofy Lindsay to illustrate who Ruby is, made me immediately like this character. And after watching all of Volume 1 in a day and getting introduced to Weiss, Blake, Yang, and others, and falling in love again during RWBY's battle with the Nevermore Grimm - specifically the action married with awesome song sung by Casey Lee Williams - I knew RWBY would be one of my favorite shows ever. I then watched all of Volume 2 the next day which had the action, funny character moments from Ruby and her friends, cool music, and just cool style overall that I liked. But it was also improved upon and to some extent, Volume 2 is one of my favorite volumes for how much tighter of a story it was in order to carry out its cool action and fun.

    It's February 1, 2018, three years after Monty Oum's passing. I should mention that once I watched RWBY it also made me interesting in Rooster Teeth, the company that created the show that Monty Oum worked for. But I also became interested in Monty himself and to this day feel a great shame for not having followed Monty Oum's work while he was alive. It was not long after I watched the show that I bought Volume 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray and there listened to Monty's commentaries on both Blu-rays, looked up his older videos like Haloid, Dead Fantasy, and interviews and panels featuring Monty discussing animation. Distinctly a panel he held with Jordan Cwierz discussing animation has always stuck with me. He was both silly and serious when he talked about animation, not one to hesitate making a joke or funny comment, but also respond respectfully and answer something seriously. But what most got me was his mentioning of how animation should mimic reality, how you animate, draw, and bring to life characters and worlds should be done and practiced by watching movies, shows, other animation, but especially reality itself. And the thing was his comments which really made me realize why Monty's animation stood out against other anime reminded me of similar words that Director Hayao Miyazaki said.

    I don't like all of Miyazaki's works to be completely honest, but I do agree with him in his approach and persepctive on animation. It wasn't even that long ago that he mentioned why Ghibli's work always looks and feels different from a majority of anime is because of the fact that many animators who create anime don't observe reality, they observe other anime, and create new anime mimicking other anime. But that life like feel towards animating human beings and animals and whatever your anime is about, is lost. I still remember a documentary about how Miyazaki worked on the film Spirited Away, how he was trying to describe a dogs panting and breathing and also how the movement of a snake falling looks like. But his entire team of mostly younger animators had no idea what that looked like, they'd become so modernized that they never interacted with animals or nature like Miyazaki had in his youth which led Miyazaki to sigh and bring his entire team to an animal shelter for them to gain that interactive experience for reference. Thus in Spirited Away, the beasts and animals in how they move resemble real animals much closer than other anime.

    Its here that I bring up my surprise when I learned Monty Oum did not have a background of a traditional animator. He never went to college or even completed high school and wasn't the best student. But he always had a creative mind and from what his coworkers say of him always was creating - be it his show RWBY, to cosplay, to taking apart computers and modifying them to suit his needs, to a paint gun, legos, whatever. It was even described that he had a special blu-ray player that played film at a slower or faster rate in order for Monty to really observe and see how images moved for reference. A lot of his old work is also products that are derivative, he taught himself how to gain the data from video games in order to use them for animating and continued at that even into his time at Rooster Teeth. He didn't go to CalArts or other animation houses, worked for larger companies like Disney or Cartoon Network, yet his approach to animation was just different and more vibrant and not stilted and strict like other animators. I'd argue he was bound to become the best animator of our time.

    Monty Oum... it's strange to speak of him and know that he's gone. Yet what he created, what he managed to bring to life in Haloid, Dead Fantasy, Red vs. Blue, and RWBY, along with much of his other work in a way keeps his spirit alive and well. I don't know if Monty Oum's name will be remembered ten years, twenty years, or a hundred years from now, but I do know his work likely will. In some ways like Walt Disney, he didn't die but he became the art that he created which now is viewed and loved by many people around the world. RWBY has spawned a video game, an official Japanese dub, many manga series, a large and loving following of fans from Asia to Latin America and Europe and beyond. I think that now we're past the point of whether or not RWBY is an anime, it undoubtedly is. But the more important question is of whether or not it's great, and in my opinion as a fan of anime, animation, and media ever since I was small, I would say that RWBY is indeed Great.

    Thank you Monty. You inspire me. It's still part of a dream of mine to become an animator but more importantly, to be able to have a gift to bring to life characters and stories that have a spirit of their own. And I'm not alone - many have been touched by your works and still are inspired to pursue their dreams. We'll keep moving forward.

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    KarlsNotGreat Boop!

    Hey everyone!

    Recently i decided to sit down and share my thoughts on Volume 5 of RWBY.

    I did a summary of what RWBY is about for newcomers, Then a Non Spoiler review and a spoiler discussion.

    If you want to jump into the comments and share your thoughts on this Volume I'd love to hear! (Or read, that would probably make more sense)

  • First Journal

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    Hello there, Im Sarah-Ann. Been a fan of RT for half my life, and that being said I'm just now getting around to writing a journal. So yeah I have decided to write this to introduce myself. Im a huge Fan RWBY, The RT Podcast, Always Open, and On The Spot. Soooo Yeah... if anyone wants to chat hit me up. Let's be friends! yay! nora We Can celebrate Pancake day together.