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  • Sigh....

    1 week ago


    I just found out about RWBY: Combat Ready about a couple of hours ago, and I went on Kickstarter and looked at EVERYTHING in the game, and I was like, "Wow, I reaally want this game."  Then it turned out that some of the features were backer-only, the game wasn't out on the store yet, I have NO idea if the add-ons will be sold too (I sure as heck want the Emerald and Mercury booster) and I was disappointed because the project was already closed. Mostly at myself for discovering RWBY and RoosterTeeth a month ago. So I was just wondering if anyone wanted to see the backer-only extensions as an extension to the game that could also be played as a standalone game (Somehow), at an elevated price (Of course, but if the people at Roosterteeth asked me to pay my lifetime savings I would gladly do so)

  • Babble

    1 week ago

    Athosa It's a Trap!

    So there I was, cheese balls in hand. RWBY on the screen and rain smashing into my window. (you know, the kinda rain that can mess you up if your not careful.) When suddenly I felt the need to spend some serious hard earned cash. I ripped my shirt off and dashed for my wallet. After removing the completely unnecessary lock I proceeded to type my super secret money number into the rooster teeth pay me bar. No longer do I rely upon YouTube and its infinite flaws (I came up with 2) or its click bait advertisements! Today, I can watch unhindered! (spends six hours watching podcasts while at "work") Just another day. 

  • Fan Art Friday #112: Weiss by toast_adox

    2 weeks ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Adox, AKA @toast_adox, for this digital painting of Weiss.


    Adox is a high school student based in Miami, Florida. He created this piece using Photoshop and a drawing tablet over the span of 2-3 hours.


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • 2K18 PROM!!!

    3 weeks ago

    ModernFlash Jordan Wright

    I had my prom a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING and wanted to share some photos of it with me in my (Ruby) Rose Themed Suit!

  • A Writer's Thoughts on RWBY

    3 weeks ago


        RWBY or <<Ruby>> is an animated show produced by RoosterTeeth, with five seasons as of now. As for what it’s about, I’ll summarize it quickly. Picture a world where the grass is green, the skies are blue, and magic is in the air. Almost the entirety of the world is covered in beautiful greenery and nature, and humanity doesn’t produce enough pollution to wreck the environment, although they have a very noticeable lack of care when it comes to trees. Now, take this utopia, this paradise, this majestic, this beautiful, this gorgeous world, and throw an infinite number of monsters onto every corner of the map. Yeah, the monsters are the reason humanity hasn’t completely screwed over the world. Yet. These monsters are attracted to fear, are called the creatures of Grimm, and kill humans all the time. To fight them, humanity began to use a resource called “Dust”, which gave them power of the elements. People specially trained to fight the Grimm are known as Huntsmen or Huntresses. These warriors are able to use their life force, or aura, to protect them from some damage, like a force-field, and have unique super powers known as semblances. They also utilize a shockingly bizarre and incredibly ridiculous array of weapons that range from a sniper-rifle/scythe hybrid, to a sword/spear/rifle, to a pistol/katana/rope-dart/cleaver, to shotgun bracers. All of this is an incredibly promising and unique base for a show. The wonder and incredulity the audience feels when first watching the show sets a high bar, only complemented by the choreography.

        However, however... it’s all spectacle. RWBY had a somewhat decent start, but with five full volumes, its still just special effects and cool weapons, not plot progression and actual in-depth character development. If animation was consumable, RWBY would be junk food. Easy to eat, quick, tasty, and lacking in any real and substantial core themes. When the show first started, it had a lot of undertones that looked like they were going to explore contemporary issues and reflect on the nature of society. While a lot of shows are made just for profit, these types of shows rarely become memorable and truly impact its audience. But RWBY has a lot of potential to becoming an important landmark in animation. Its one of the first “anime” to come out of the US, it has a very unique setting and aesthetic, and it has the potential to explore a lot of deep issues. But it doesn’t. And that disappoints me and a large amount of viewers greatly. The fact that it doesn’t have a clear core theme is a huge problem, but its not something that I can really fix or talk about as that is under Rooster Teeth’s control. In this video, I’m just going to say that RWBY’s central idea is unity over evil, friends and family over fear and… there aren’t any words I can think of that begin with “f” and fit here. F*ck. Given that, I’m going explore how I feel about the 4 main characters and 4 main supporting characters.

        First of all, there is not nearly enough character development to carry this show. When the trailers for Volume 4 came out and I heard that the members of team RWBY would be on their own, I began to feel some hope and watched both Volumes 4 & 5. Volume 3 left its mark on me, and as it had its moments, I was optimistic about Volumes 4 & 5. In my mind, Volume 3 was a catalyst, a series of events that would lead to character growth and development. Splitting the main characters up and giving them their own story arcs to develop their motivations, their personalities, and their roles would give the show the substance that it lacked. Dividing team RWBY was perfect for exploring this dimension, and they just did not do that. It felt like Roosterteeth was just trying to put them back together as quickly as possible. When characters are alone, it is a good time to develop them individually, away from other influences. Characters develop and change when they are at their breaking point, when they only have the two options to give up or react. All of team RWBY were at low points, but were not given any experiences to develop their characters. There were no shifts or changes in ideology, no real emotional growth or personality changes. It felt like Volume 3 had no effect on the characters. Even though there were references, simply referencing events does not help us understand the characters more.

    Starting with Ruby Rose, the bright and cheerful leader of team RWBY. After the tragedy at Beacon, she is… still bright and cheerful, and her experiences have not made her more of a team fighter or leader. Even though her leadership talent was alluded to in the first volume, she hasn’t shown any growth in that department. First of all, let’s go with recovery from tragedy. The five steps to recover from grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, usually in that order. I understand that there was a time skip, and she could have already passed through these stages, but the reason so many good shows like to kill off popular characters is to put the main characters through these five stages in order to develop their personality. How do they cope with grief? How do their ideals change? How do their struggles connect back to the main theme of the narrative? Ruby has bypassed stages denial, anger, bargaining, and depression. She watched her friend die in front of her, and aside from a few references, Pyrrha’s death doesn’t look like it had any impact on her. Back to the leadership problem. RWBY’s incredible choreography is both a high point and a weak spot. At this point, it’s pure spectacle. There aren’t any conversations or orders in these fights. Without communication, it’s really, really hard to display improvements in teamwork. I mean, let’s face it. Most of us can’t look at combat and intuitively understand what goes through the fighter’s head. For example, Team RWBY had teamwork in the beginning, taking down the nevermore with almost no communication other than RWBY saying she had a plan. We didn’t get to see Ruby giving orders other than shouting out pairing names when fighting against an Atlesian Paladin in Volume 2, and she doesn’t seem to possess leadership qualities. To support my claim that Ruby herself has not become more team-oriented or leader-like, I will compare her actions in Volume 1 and Volume 4. In Volume 1, Ruby runs forward and bum-rushes a Deathstalker on her own, and almost gets killed. That’s fine, it shows her immaturity and potential to grow, and as long as she doesn’t do it again, it’s an easy way to show some subtle development as a team fighter- but wait! In Volume 4, Ruby charges forward against Qrow’s warning to stay away when fighting Tyrian. RNJR is clearly outmatched, and Ruby rushes forward, almost dies, and gets Qrow injured. That’s not what a leader should do (or, anyone for that matter), and it’s almost the exact same situation as Volume 1. I mean, Tyrian is even a scorpion faunus. At this point, as the main character, Ruby has to be developed a lot more. From a character’s standpoint, she doesn’t have any real motivation to be a huntress other than “having silver eyes”, and though her mother’s disappearance may be a reason to go into a dangerous profession at a young age, there is no sign of what truly drives her. All characters need motivation; from this inner drive, we as the audience can anticipate where antagonists will hit in order to hurt, what mistake the protagonist will make, what the actual end goal of this show is. Ruby is currently a very flat and one-dimensional character, and needs work.

        Moving on, Weiss. In Volumes 4 & 5, I really liked the development of her family. I liked how her ideas contrasted with those of her father and brother. We can get an understanding of the circumstances that shaped her early life, and why she wants to be a huntress. She wants to leave behind the falseness of her life back in Atlas and be exposed to the raw, human nature of dangerous combat. She wants to save people and help them rather than take advantage of those beneath her. There’s a lot that we can say about Weiss now that we have some idea of what her family’s like. What I’m going to talk about now goes off on a tangent a bit, but it’s something that I feel can really improve the show as a whole and make explore the world of Remnant more. First, I would have liked a connection to the ideological conflict over the faunus. Due to her association with Blake, she has likely has very different views of the faunus than other Atlesians. We have always heard about discrimination against the faunus, but we have never actually seen or hear about it. The episodes about her life back in Atlas could have developed the conflict more, and show the racists’ point-of-view. This could show the audience where Adam is getting his drive from, and develop him as a well-rounded antagonist. In addition, I would have liked some political intrigue and party life. These sorts of elite balls and gatherings are privy to all sorts of information about the economic and political sector.  Vale has fallen. An entire country has more or less collapsed, and there are only four countries in Remnant. Unless you count Menagerie, then that’s five but I don’t really know it’s political status. Moving on, how has Ozpin’s disappearance and the fall of Vale affected the rest of the world? I would like to see economic issues stemming from supply and demand problems. RWBY has the potential to connect and explore a lot of important contemporary issues. Since Vale has fallen, there is likely an overcrowding of refugees. How does Atlas, Vacuo, and Mistral react? What about the White Fang terrorists? Not only can exploring these issues develop the rest of the world of Remnant, it can also relate the show to the audience, and provide a sense of urgency as to why the main characters have to stop Salem. Again, not really related to Weiss, but stuff that I feel would improve the show.

        Next, Blake, Volume 5, what the f*ck was that confrontation with Adam. While many people complain about how underwhelming the fight was, that’s not my major issue. I’m fine with it being settled with a single chop, although I do feel somewhat letdown. But Blake and Adam represent two sides to a much larger issue, and that is what the faunus should do. Blake wants to rally them to integrate with humanity and fight with them while Adam wants to turn the tables and become the oppressors. The confrontation between Adam and Blake should have represented a battle of ideology. Ideally, it should have included some of the things Blake had learned while away from her team. It would have been great if Adam had used his chance to injure Blake in Volume 3 to relate Yang’s injury to what happens to people when faunus work with humans. We already know that Blake is evasive, and Adam clearly knows how to hurt Blake mentally as well as, you know, stabbing her. If he’d convinced her that the Fall of Beacon was her fault and that humans and faunus are meant to be separate, her adventures in Menagerie would have been so much more meaningful. If her experiences there made her remember the relationship of her team and connect back to the central theme of unity over evil (which I think~ is the core idea of RWBY), she’d push past Adam’s words and commit to the idea that humans and faunus share the same heart. Adam is an antagonist, and is someone who should be overcome through determination and resolution, which is something that Blake has demonstrated is a problem for her. She instinctively tries to run away from her problems, and if her story arc solidified her ideals, if she became committed to the idea of equality, if she overcame the fear she had for Adam, that set up would have made their meeting so much more impactful. It would be a great contrast to her retreat from Adam in Volume 3 to a cautious yet determined face-off. Rooster Teeth could even draw out the fight, make her start to lose, but see her friends fighting against Salem’s group and reaffirm her beliefs, connecting back to that central theme, which really needs to be solidified.

    Yang. In Volume 4, we got some development. Unlike Ruby, we got to see Yang at her lowest, in either the anger or depression stage of recovering from grief. Her vulnerability made her change somewhat, but her overall personality didn’t change too much. While she did become sterner and stricter, the loss of her arm has not had any real or lasting impacts on her. Her fighting style is still the same bruiser style that made her lose her arm in the first place. Maybe she could have become afraid of her semblance making her lose control and want to avoid using it so as to not rush in. Going back to the idea of unity over evil, her experience could be used by the writers to make her more team-oriented. Or, they could go the completely opposite direction, make her emphasize with Blake, and go entirely lone-wolf to try and find Raven on her own so as to avoid getting her friends hurt. This could lead to self-reflection over her actions, a new perspective on the importance of teamwork. All characters and events in a good plot should relate back to the central theme. While Yang was previously one of the least developed characters, the recent volumes did give us more insight into her.

        Now, while Yang’s development improved, Rooster Teeth did not do much about the other blond. [Sigh] Jaune Arc is RWBY’s problem child, as he still has no purpose. There’s not much change in him. New weapons and armor make him look different, but he is repeating the exact same actions. We got some sad moments of him and the recording of Pyrrha, and he’s become less optimistic, but he’s still useless. First, like Ruby, he’s gone straight to the acceptance stage of recovering from grief. Second, he still can’t do much in a fight against something that isn’t a mindless Grimm. He could become darker and more willing to kill, stating that since their enemies are ready to do so, they have an advantage over them. This sort of dark anti-heroism would create conflict between the rest of the cast and him, stressing the central theme of unity over evil. Or, what I would like to see is to have Rooster Teeth move away from his desire to become a fighter and develop him more as a leader. He has given some orders, though not too in-depth, he’s still more established as a strategist than Ruby. While a lot of shows make sure to have their protagonists stick true to their desires, I feel that this is one character who shouldn’t. Jaune can’t fight at the level he needs to, and without randomly giving him a power-up, Rooster Teeth can’t work him into fights. Characters who give up repeatedly are rightfully seen as weak and uninspiring, but given enough provocation, they should give up some things. If he took Pyrrha’s death as his inability to protect her, he would have plenty of motivation for giving up the path of a huntsman and exploring other ways to fight for humanity. Like with Weiss, if he went into politics or tried to command soldiers, we could see other aspects of Remnant and how the rest of society has been affected by the events so far, making a more realistic and comprehensive show. RWBY has become a dagger team, a small group of people trying to save the world. It’s a lot like what happened to Star Wars. Of the entire universe, with almost infinite story possibilities, all movies have ignored the larger, untouched potential and focused on the supernatural Jedi. Right now, Jaune is useless in this “dagger team”. Ruby is shoved into the spot of leader when she hasn’t demonstrated aptitude for the role, for which Jaune is the only other possible candidate. Now that Ozpin has reappeared and Qrow is no longer dying, their group doesn’t have a need for his developing leadership and his skill in combat can only drag the team down. Jaune needs a new direction, and I feel that this is the best possible thing to happen. The only way Jaune can serve a purpose is if Rooster Teeth throws us some unanticipated curveball that suddenly makes him overpowered. Even though his abilities can serve him as a healer, having him just sit there on a battlefield recovering people just seems stupid. Who’d let him keep his friends alive just by healing them in the open like that? If he tried to do that in a fight against Grimm, his abilities become useless as they’d just get swarmed. I really don’t know what Jaune’s purpose in the narrative is, and until he gets one, he’s still going to remain as the enduring emperor of incompetence.

        Next, we have the tragedy. The loss of Pyrrha Nikos devastated both the audience and the show itself. Pyrrha was probably the most developed and rounded character in the show. She had clear motivation for attending Beacon: trying to avoid the oppressive attention she got in Mistral and make real connections and friends. Though her motivation for becoming a huntress is never expressly stated, it can be inferred that she wants to help people and make use of her ability from her kind and compassionate nature. This is a good example of show-not-tell, where books, shows, or movies describe the character or demonstrate consistent patterns through their actions to the point where the audience understands the character as a person and can infer their motivation or future actions. Pyrrha was developed to this point, and her contribution to the show was one major reason her death was so impactful. However, while her death was emotional, tear-jerking, and done in a way that demonstrated the ruthlessness and strength of the opposition, there are also many things that I either don’t understand or dislike. First of all, there doesn’t seem to be any real purpose in her death other than proving Cinder was someone to be feared. This changed her from a developed character to a plot device. Arguably, Cinder’s victory over Ozpin would be enough to demonstrate her abilities, but Pyrrha’s death did make it more impactful and long-lasting, so there’s that. Secondly, back to the topic of motivation. She had no real motive to go and fight, and her charge seemed to be rather out-of-character and unexpected. A lot of people hate horror movies that progress their plot through the sheer stupidity and lack of common sense of the main characters. I’m not saying that that’s what happened to Pyrrha, but~ that’s kind of what happened to Pyrrha. She has proved to be rational and quiet, thinking her way through problems, weighing options, and above all, focusing on her friends. Pyrrha cares a lot about her teammates, and would likely sacrifice herself for them. However, none of them were in any danger when she rushed back to duel Cinder. In fact, Jaune was with her, someone whom she clearly cares for. It just didn’t make sense for her to send him away and fight someone she knew was too powerful for her. A lot of people attribute this to her shattered mental state after the whole accidental murder of Penny (insert obligatory Pyrrha can turn Penny into quarters), the death of the Amber, her breakdown with Jaune, and the invasion of Beacon. But to me, it just makes more sense that, in this time of uncertainty and terror, she would want to stay with those she cared about and make sure they survived. In my opinion, her death was just a way to throw in Ruby’s silver eyes power. Overall, that’s my thoughts on her death. However, I’d like to continue, as one problem in her development can be seen throughout the entire show. Even though she could be considered a round character, a large part of what we know came through pure exposition. Exposition, a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory. In writing terms, it’s basically an information dump. The most significant portion of her character was conveyed to us in Volume 2, when she told Jaune and the audience her motivation, her internal conflict, and her fears. Even though it was done in a logical way, where she confesses to Jaune, it still is just exposition- which is a problem that appears elsewhere in the show and is a massive problem. We as the viewers are handed this information to digest on a silver platter, and are not engaged in the show to the point of discovering the character’s internal thoughts through their dialogue and actions. Blasting information in large chunks is “telling not showing”, and the information doesn’t stay with use for very long. The easiest way to go with this is ask people what Mistral is known for, and where we got that info. The World of Remnant videos were videos dedicated to exploring, well, the world or Remnant, and it did so through pure exposition. I felt like I needed to take notes, as it was like a third party introduction; I feel that the audience would understand more if the information was integrated into the show. In conclusion, Pyrrha’s death was a blow to both the audience and the show itself.

        Onto Nora & Ren, whom I will be covering at the same time because they’re a pair. After Pyrrha and Penny died, and Volume 5 concluded, they are the most well-rounded characters. They have motivation: each other and preventing events like what happened to their village. They have support and connections with other characters: each other. They are realistic and consistent. They are ignored. While they have developed well for the amount of screentime they’ve been given, they don’t seem to have too much of an impact on the story. If we remove them from the plot and look at it objectively, literally nothing changes. They haven’t been present for many major conflicts, except for RNJR vs. Nuckelavee, when Ren pulled out his previously unknown semblance. This brings up issues as well, such as why do we have to wait 5 volumes to find out a main/supporting character’s trump card? I actually really like how Rooster Teeth did semblances. So far, they all reflect their personality. Ruby is fast and jumps from topic to topic like a sugar-high child. Yang is aggressive and blunt, charging forward and losing sight of reason. Weiss has her glyphs, which are complicated and elegant. Blake has her shadows which lack substance and allow her to run away, reflecting her evasive personality. Ironically, Jaune has had no semblance or aura until recently for his time on the path to a huntsmen, which reflects just about development he’s been given. Pyrrha has her control over polarity, allowing her to manipulate the metal around her; her reluctance to broadcast this ability also reflects her desire not to become center of attention. Nora can charge electricity and deal explosive power, reflecting her desire to be strong and destroy everything in her path. Ren apparently can go or make things invisible, which reflects his invisibility in the show. Aside from the RNJR vs. Nuckelavee fight, he hasn’t done anything of substance in the show. While his development is good, he doesn’t play an important enough role in the story to justify this. Not to mention, Ren’s semblance and its introduction felt like it was pulled out of thin air. Deus ex machina at its finest. Ren’s semblance, Ruby’s silver eyes. The show has been inconsistent when it comes to avoiding the trope that sheer power is equal to battle strength. Strength can come from experience or skill or raw power. A good way to show skill is to take a previously well-known ability and apply it in a high-danger situation to resolve it. That’s one of the reasons competitive video gamers have such high status among the digital community. They have the exact same characters and abilities as the standard gamer, but use their experience and talent to do incredible things. If they suddenly had access to a bunch of incredible play-making skills that no one else knew about, it would be called hacking and destroy the competitive integrity. The same goes for shows. In order to develop this I will branch off and mention team CFVY. I will ignore Fox and Yatsuhashi for now due to how little we know about them and contrast Coco and Velvet. Coco demonstrates power over skill. Her machine gun is inconsistent and gets its power from plot convenience. She can split a nevermore and deathstalker in two with a single burst, something not even Nora can do, but can’t do decent damage to an Atlesian Paladin, something team RWBY completely destroyed, similar to JNPR’s fight against the deathstalker or RWBY’s fight against the nevermore. While her fight against Mercury and Emerald demonstrated that skill can beat raw power, her abilities and performance screw with the audience’s mental power scale. Team RWBY is a younger team, but can keep up with Emerald and Mercury, who dominated and older team. Another example is Nora. I feel that Nora has become too simple of a solution. Even though Pyrrha was developed as an incredible fighter, she seems to lose out to the other characters, which screwed with my sense of character ability. The show made us intuitively rank the characters from Jaune being the absolute bottom to no idea maybe Ozpin or Cinder. Pyrrha takes on an entire team, defeating them cleanly but Nora destroys an entire team with a single hammer blow. A character like Ren, on the other hand, has a consistent performance. He has some bright spots and moments to shine but mainly loses his fights. An example of a “skillful” character is Velvet, demonstrating skill over power. In contrast to Coco, Velvet’s skill seems to be more concrete and developed. Revealing that she can fight without a weapon and still take on Grimm is a testament to her ability, and being able to wield all types of weapons and know how to use them implies that she has incredible understanding of battle or can observe others to the point of duplication. Due to the fact that we haven’t seen her fight much leaves us wondering about her performance in battle at other times, however. Back to the topic of Ren’s semblance, it’s almost as if they forgot Ren had a semblance early on, and when it came to writing the fight against the Nuckelavee, they either needed to save Qrow or remembered that they needed to introduce Ren’s semblance and threw it out.

        In conclusion, RWBY is a nice, fun show. It has its moments, but it really needs work, especially when it comes to developing the core of the show- namely, the main characters. If RWBY wants to continue down the path its going right now, I’ll still watch it. It will still be fun and enjoyable. The fight scenes are gorgeous, the animation quality is improving, and its comprehensively good show if you just look at the technical aspect. However, if the show wants to become more complex and improve the quality of its characters, plot, and direction, the writers need to focus more on developing the motivations and weaknesses of the main characters.

  • Fan Art Friday #111: RWBY Hockey Jersey by sasapb

    3 weeks ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Andrew B., AKA @sasapb, for this White Fang hockey jersey.


    Andrew is a college student based in Chicago, Illinois. He wanted a cool jersey to sport while playing hockey, so he utilized some pencils, cardstock, fabric paint, and a sewing machine to make this design.



    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • RT Box February 2018 Impressions

    3 weeks ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Every RT Box review ever

    Surprise! It's time for the second last monthly RT Box review!

    And like I previously mentioned, I hope you like animals wink c'mon, who doesn't have their own adorable little buddy, whether it be canine, feline, avian, many species are there out there, anyway? Do you have a pet? Let me know, I fucking love pets! Our house has two dogs and a growing kitten. It's a little chaotic.

    Once again I apologise for the SIDEWAYS pictures but they all seem to upload that way and I can't for the life of me fix it. All of them but a few have suffered this fate. Let's hope the new community site has options to rotate them sweat_smile

    Now, for the first time ever, this box isn't coming to us from a staff member...well, not a human staff member. You may be familiar with Rupert the wiener dog, owned by Becca Frasier, well known for eating pancakes on the RT Podcast and appearances in Eleven Little Roosters and RT Life. He's the official dog of the marketing team and is presenting this pet themed RT Box! He's also a very good boy.

    What treats await us inside? Prepare your sniffers to hunt down these special items:

    - one Rooster Rupert Teeth wiener dog pen (red)

    - one RWBY set of Zwei pins (corgi head AND butt)

    - one Dogs Hate Grapes collapsible silicone waterbowl (purple)

    - one Nomad of Nowhere pet rock PopSocket (white)

    - one RWBY Velvet Scarlatina shirt (brown)

    - one Achievement Hunter Lads blindbox minifigure (Michael, Gavin or Jeremy in a DG Exclusive Gold)

    Now, I don't know about you, but I reckon this pen is pretty darn cute. It even has a little rubber band collar and bell. My kitten wears a bell. It's annoying. But this pen is not! It's Rupert shaped and certainly screams 'rename the company' to me. Plus his butt is the cap that hides the pen. It's not the standard pen size but more novelty sized. I'd say it's very much a novelty item and cute for displaying.


    Rupert seems to have some sort of beef with the lovable corgi from RWBY. According to his amazing sense of smell, Zwei's has a butt you just can't trust. This pin includes Zwei's head AND his butt so we can smell and see if we agree. I tend to think it smells a lot like a two for one deal!


    People like grapes. But did you know dogs hate grapes? Probably because they're pretty much lethal to dogs, unlike this waterbowl that will never leave you high and dry when you're out and about with your pooch (or anything that drinks water, actually). No grapes here, only convenience. I find this a great item for pet owners, it's really compact, and if you want to take it with you on a long walk you can clip it to your dog leash. All you need to do is pop it out and pour some water in it (from a tap or drinking fountain or your own bottle, that part is yours to take care of). It's made of silicon to avoid breakage and there's the no grapes logo on the bottom to remind you that they suck. It's about palm sized to me; there's more photos to check out if you're interested.


    Hey, have you seen the Nomad? Maybe you've seen his magic. Or maybe you've seen his little critter friends brought to life and then this little rock walked past you on stick legs, waving with his little stick arms. No? Maybe you need to watch Nomad of Nowhere, then. This is a legit PopSocket (The RT store does sell many variants of these) with your very own pet rock on it. It's quite cute and the art style is perfect for the size. Now you don't need to lean your phone on a rock to prop it up, just stick this on and pop till you drop. You might drop, but it'll still be standing.

    One of the most recognisable characters of RWBY is Velvet Scarlatina, who is based on the Velveteen Rabbit. She first appeared as a poor bullying victim, being teased for having some big-ass rabbit ears, and became a fan favourite (maybe it's that fair dinkum Aussie accent provided by Caiti Ward?). She was originally only meant to appear twice, but was incorporated into the cast - Monty then asked the community to design her a combat outfit, and a lot of people stepped up. The final design was tweaked but still, the artists of the community loved the opportunity. Anyway, she's honoured here with her very own shirt. While the skirt silhouette indicates she's in school uniform, it's still obviously a very Velvet design that I think matches her personality well. The shirt is a chocolately brown and I definitely wore it for Easter.

    And lads but not least (see what I did there)...we have a special Double Gold exclusive Achievement Hunter blind box minifigure. It's a toy, but not a chew toy, if you want it to stay in shape! The blind boxes sold in the RT Store are inclusive of the whole of AH, while these boxes were only inclusive of the Lads (Michael, Gavin or Jeremy) and are especially gold. At first, I was a little miffed that my box was damaged; a hole in the very center front. Then I realised it was quite a beak shaped hole...I was hoping for Gavin, and whaddya know, his nose poked a hole in the box in transit. gavin



    You can see the little poked hole right by the tip of his shnoz!

    Woof, what a box. Rounding up the herd in a neat little package...


    Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that.

    My March RT Box just hit Sydney yesterday, so I expect it'll arrive on Monday (that's 3 days from now), just to let you know. That review is not slated to be done right away to alleviate the time between it and the new quarterly box, but I will also be doing the 2017 roundup post as well so those two should be spaced between the quarterly 'season 1' box.

    See you soon for the last monthly box, get excited! They've said it's worth the wait!

  • My Next 2018 Chapter

    3 weeks ago


    After I see Avengers: Infinity War on the weekend, I plan to make the mid-to-late parts of my 2018 year turn out like my post-grad year (2011) but with more to it, & a couple of main examples of what I want more of for this year include my 8-year interest in Jackass (due to the Action Point movie coming out in June which stars Knoxville & Pontius) as well as combining my interest in both Smosh (which I've had since 2013) & Rooster Teeth (which I've had since 2016) along with continuing to watch through the 16th season of Red Vs. Blue known as "The Shisno Paradox" on Sundays, & also throughout the early parts of this year (since January) I've focused a part of my attention on Jumanji due to "Welcome To The Jungle" being released in December of last year & due to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom coming out in June, I'll be shifting my attention on Jurassic Park for a while & hopefully go visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum (in Drumheller) again before that, & also with wanting to have more visits at CrossIron this year than I did lat year, there's a lot to it that I hope to have with it just like I did during 2011, such as my interest in Bass Pro Shops & other good stores (like Coles, EB Games & Hot Topic) that I've favoured over the years, & with my everyday life I still intend to keep the theme for me wanting to move forward & not looking back on any form of bad past memories while at the same time meeting & making new friends & it's through a part of my interest in Rooster Teeth (primarily Red Vs. Blue & RWBY) will greatly help me out with this.

  • Theory about Weiss' semblance and Salem

    3 weeks ago


    I've had this theory about Weiss and her semblance for awhile now, don't know if I've actually posted about it before though. I have this theory that Weiss' ancestor, Nicholas Schnee, came into contact with the relic of creation on his journeys. This caused him, and his descendants, to be capable of the glyph semblance. (creation) Whereas, Salem, once a normal human woman, came into contact with the relic of destruction and absorbed some of its power. This is how she knows about the relics and seeks them out, and how she creates these beings of destruction. Watching volume 4 episode 1, you see the geist grimm use its own glyph to create its arm, similar to the glyphs Weiss and Winter can create, and Salem has the same symbol on her glove. 

    I think Ozpin doesn't really worry about Weiss and Winter because they don't actually know about their power being from one of the relics, and because maybe they didn't 'absorb' as much of the relic as Salem did. 

    Anyway, just a little theory i've put together. 

  • Who I am.

    3 weeks ago

    robrob ramen enthusiast

    Hi everyone! I have been a fan of Rooster Teeth (mostly just RWBY) for about 5 years now. I remember just stumbling upon the Red Trailer for RWBY the day it came out and was immediately intrigued and have followed the show closely every since. I was also a huge Sourcefed fan but they once they got disbanded I just migrated over to Steven Suptic's channel and once he was picked up by Rooster Teeth I decided that it was time I watch all of the channels and it was one of the best designs I have ever made. I just very recently wanted to be an actual part of the community so I became a member and everyone has just been so nice! I'm glad I made the choice! 

    I am a filmmaker who specifically has a passion for editing. Why? I have no idea I've just always been enamored with that process so I began editing stuff, taking any video production classes that I can find just to be forced to make content to edit (Hey Rooster Teeth if you're hiring an editor I am more than willing LOL). I also try my hand in photography from time to time mostly portraits and eSports. However I absolutely love fighting games and play somewhat competitively, mostly the "anime" fighters like Guilty Gear and Blazblue, so you can imagine my excitement when RWBY made it into Blazblue Cross Tag Battle.

    That's kinda the basic stuff about me just a 18 year old video editor from California who plays fighting games and wants to be active in the RT community. I'm a pretty transparent dude so if you ever want to talk just shoot a message I don't bite!

  • My week in 4 Gifs

    1 month ago


    At work trying to teach my boss how to do his job


    Trying to make new friends out after work


    Trying to remember how pick up lines work


    Me giving up on that and enjoying a weekend of painting with Bob Ross... I mean Ruby


    I will not apologize for art. 

    <3 Be well and do good <3

  • RWBY Manga Review

    1 month ago

    HawkeyeMatt01 Sasstronaut

    So I've recently read and reviewed the RWBY manga on my YouTube Channel. I've linked it down below if anyone wants to check it out. Let me know what you thought of it if you've read it and if you haven't then don't worry because the review is spoiler free.  blush

  • have been watching the reds versus the blues for a very long time

    1 month ago


    I justn never made a rt account. avoided it maybe, but that is why I only just joined. first time I saw the show, I was a small lad, and I knew "I should not be watching this; it is filled with bad words" so I tried my very best not to. Then, mid / early twenty-seventeen, I hopped back on the rooster teeth train. I love this show in particular the best, but they have so many good ones [I would put an exclamation point here, but that button on my keyboard is broken]. Although, I do not appreciate the favoritism rt has towards RWBY. I've watched that one completely, and yeah, it is good, but that does not mean they should shove off their first show. Y'know, the show that started the whole company, and without it they wouldn't even have RWBY at all.  That one. They need to advertise. I hadn't seen the trailer or known when this season will start until I checked within the fanbase. Yeah, long story summarized, red versus blue? great. RWBY? not bad. chicken tooth's advertising and treatment for their very first show they did? not good at all. 2/479 stars. My broken keyboard and patience? cruddy. Goodnight [exclamation point]

  • RWBY Beacon CrossStitch

    1 month ago



    Beacon Academy Badge

    stitched on 32 canvas - about 8 days of sewing. Three thread colors - used Sulky brand sewing thread for red and black, and used coats and clarks sewing thread for gold. still tweaking both the pattern and the edging. Once i'm happy with the pattern, I will post it on my tumblr for anyone interested

  • Tomorrow I get to meet some of the cast of RWBY!!

    1 month ago


    I Cant wait for tomorrow to have the opportunity to meet Arryn Zech, Barbara Dunkelman, Elizabeth Maxwell, Kara Eberle, and Lindsay Jones! OMG! Im super pumped and excited cant wait to take pictures with them and go watch their Pannel .

  • Some RWBY Ideas that I've had

    1 month ago

    JustAnotherMadOne JustAnotherMadOne

    I am a huge fan of RWBY and, of course, I have had some ideas for characters. I know for a fact that the characters I've thought of will never ever appear in the show, but I have had quite a few ideas. So, I though I would share some of them.

    - Someone who has a tongue piercing with a fire dust crystal embedded into it, which allows them to breathe fire (think Iroh in A:TLA:)

    - A squirrel faunus, kinda like a mixture of Squirrel Girl and Makoto Nanaya from BlazBlue

    - A rock star based huntress, who uses a guitar/axe as a weapon. Also, said weapon can attack using soundwaves when played, and dust crystals inserted into the guitar allows for elemental blasts.

    -Hunter/Huntress who uses steel fans for combat.

    - Songbird faunus who uses a sort of modified crossbow for attacks, and has a 'sonic scream' semblance.

    I just thought I'd share some of these ideas.

  • RTX Cosplay Ideas

    1 month ago


    Soooooo, its my first time going to RTX this year and I am BEYOND excited and the main reason I'm so excited is because I get to cosplay which is something I've always loved doing, but this time I'm going all out. I decided on going as Majin Android 21 from DBFighterZ on one day and maybe a RWBY Character or gender bent Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul or gender bent Juzzo also from Tokyo ghoul or a Grimm from Rwby on another day. Idk I havent decided yet. Im just super excited. I can't wait to see everyone in their cosplays. My reaction is gonna be very similar to Ruby's when she first arrived at Beacon and saw everyone's weapons. Can't wait to see you guys there

  • RWBY Volume 5 Review

    1 month ago


    Took me a lot longer than I thought, but at least my RWBY Vol. 5 review is up in time for the DVD release! Check it out and let me hear your opinion as well.

  • RWBY OC: Brock (Team BLZE)

    1 month ago


    Soooooo,I have been working on a story/description for my main RWBY OC. 

    Still needs some tweaks here and there and my OC is similar to my other OC from the Scavengers Of The Scarlet Wastes web series.  

    Without further ado

    Brock Holden (Named after late Australian motorsport legend Peter Brock and GM Holden who no longer manufactures in Australia)

    Golden Brown in hair colour. 

    Nicknames: Brocky,

    Brockzilla,Rooman,King of the mountain.

    Member/ Guardian of the Order of the Silver Eyed Warrior!

    Age: In his 20’s

    Height: 182cm tall

    Clothing: Business suit,mechanic shirt,white shirt,jeans,sneakers.

    Alumni of Beacon Academy with some extra training through Atlas.

    Race: Kangaroo (Kangaroo faunus father,human mother)

    Kangaroo ears,instinct,strength and agility whilst still looking human like with silver eyes which are disguised by use of contacts

    Robotic and weapons expert who worked with Ironwood in the build of Yang's prosthetic arm and Project PENNY in Atlas.

    Semblance: Ability to release his aura to increase his strength similar to the way Yang releases hers. 

    Semblance also usable in conjunction with his mech suit. (Example: Wearing his mech suit during higher level battle).

    Aura: Bronze

    Weapons: Prosthetic arms with weapon capabilities which can turn into light swords with side arms on his belt.

    Most parts of his body are augmented.

    High impact bullets with specially engineered dust.

    Prototype power suit inspired by our world’s Iron Man and legendary bushranger Ned Kelly designed and made by Brock himself with weapons powered by specially engineered dust and an ability to fly at up to Mach 5 with power output which can be increased through his semblance.

    Red with black racing stripe and white 05  on both shoulders nicknamed FlyRoo. (Based off QANTAS flying kangaroo logo)

    Personality: Gets excited but will stand his ground against the Grimm and can beat you down in a fight using his weaponry or his mech suit in ground or sky battles.

    His trait is also that he has the ability to jump higher than normal.

    Very adventurous as he loves testing his creations in the field.

    Trained at Beacon,Leader of Team BLZE (Brock,Leon,Zoe,Esther) and trained with guidance of General Ironwood where he met Winter Schnee in Atlas studying warfare,weaponry and robotics few months after graduating from Beacon before moving back to Menagerie with Esther.

    Born in Menagerie, Brock’s life was a tough one as he was always making weapons out of scrap metal and parts he found around the village or from travellers.

    He is best friends with Leon since they were little.

    He is also a family friend of the Belladonna’s especially Blake and can be called upon when needed!

    He had his arms amputated after an accident while working on an invention which malfunctioned and attacked him unannounced slicing his arms from above the elbow.

    Doctors and surgeons in Atlas replaced his now non existent arms with specially made augments which allow Brock to activate swords from his wrists similar to Tucker from Red vs. Blue or Adam from Deus Ex.

    The mech suit is one of a kind and uses the same technology as a paladin in wearable scale and also allows Brock to increase strength and is capable of flight. (The flying kangaroo)

    Brock’s parents:

    Morrise and Melanie Holden both hailed from Vacuo and settled in Menagerie a year before Brock was born.

    I'm still working on this.

    Introductory from him.

    Oh! I didn't see you there. The name's Holden,Brock Holden and this beauty here is my specialised suit I nick named FlyRoo which is kinda like the paladin and the android soldiers from Atlas but in wearable scale.

    Some of you know me best as the leader of BLZE alongside my friend Leon,his girlfriend Zoe and my partner Esther but I’ll talk more on the team later.


    I am a kangaroo faunus and no that’s not a gun. *releases Tweed from holster on table* This is a gun!!...oh and it’s also a bat!!

    I was born in Menagerie to a faunus father and human mother.

    My father Morrise was a CEO for a local subcontractor business with the Schnee Dust Company in Vacauo and my mother Melanie worked for a company that did repair works on the CTT towers around Remnant where one day they met in Vacauo,feel in love,married,moved to Menagerie and then had me!! 

    It has been a tough childhood as we had to fight off Grimm and one day being the inventive kid that I was,I created a great invention which right out of the blue,malfunctioned and sliced both my arms above the elbow.

    Lucky for me,My parents knew the best doctors and robotics experts in Atlas where I met General Ironwood who I would later in my life work with (even though I am a faunus). The augments they gave me were so cool that I was able to upgrade them down the track when I started studying at Beacon.

    It hasn’t been an easy road being a faunus though even with that fool Adam trying to shove his agenda of payback in play

    Where did I meet my awesome team?

    At Beacon Academy where Professor Port loved talking about himself and my best friend was attending as well which was a bonus

    How I met Esther?

    She was the most beautiful girl I saw during our test to find an artifact,we locked eyes and when Ozpin announced us as team BLZE,we got excited (me more than usual) and as they say,the rest is history!

    Esther: Babe?

    Where’s the ammo?

    Brock: Should be in the ammo box!

    Esther: Not there.

    Brock: Huh? It should be unless it’s in the bunker ammo box.

    Esther: I’ll check!

    Brock: Found the ammo! Someone stashed it in one of the tool boxes.

    Well,That's it so far and I would love to hear what your thoughts are as feedback is always a good thing to help improve my project.

    Hey I'll be more than happy if my OC is featured in V6 or future volumes of RWBY. 

    I have a better story of him that I'm working on including a radio/voice over style script coming soon.

    And as always,I'll catch you on the wild side of sound!

    Bye for now!

  • In the minority/Burn this man for his dangerous opinion!

    1 month ago


    I'm going to state some very dangerous opinions nowadays:

    RWBY Vol.5 was okay(I give it a 75%).

    I believe that the writers can do better, and will do better.

    I believe people like Fatman Falling and Mediocrity4 are way too bitter/jaded for reviewing a show like this.

    Bring your torches and pitchforks; it's gonna be a bloodbath.

    Comment your thoughts on the matter.

  • My First Convention (AwesomeCon 2018)

    1 month ago


    So I went to AwesomeCon in Washington, DC this past Saturday March 31.  I had an amazing time at my first convention.  I went in with a friend of mine and there was a Star Wars section so I went in there and got some photos (check out the album).  Then we walked around the floor at the artist alley and booth and such.  Then I met up with some Rooster Teeth community members I know from a local RTVA group.  We all met up and my friend left.  We checked out the board game room which was cool I had fun playing some games and talking to new people.  Then it was time to get some food and prepare for the photo ops.  We split a photo op with the RWBY girls (check out that photo in the album as well) and I think that this photo op was the highlight of the convention for me.  I knew that I was going to be excited but when I saw them in person in front of me I started getting so excited.  I physically couldn't stop smiling when I was in the line and saw them and I was talking with my friends and they pointed out that I sounded like I was about to cry but I just literally have never been that happy and excited before so I was just overwhelmed with emotions!  It was an incredible experience that makes me need to go to RTX even more than I already knew I needed to.  After that photo op immediately next I had a photo op with Lucie Pohl, Mercy's voice actress from Overwatch, which was cool because I am a Mercy main.  But weirdly enough I was not as excited when I was doing that photo op, I dont know if it was because I was starting to feel the tiredness at the end of the day or because of how crazy excited I just was about RWBY or maybe I just feel more connected to the RWBY girls given I have seen them on podcasts and such so there was more to be excited for.  Anyway, to conclude my first con was AMAZING and now I think I am gonna go to Katsucon 2019 (it's annually in Febuary) and maybe do a Kaori cosplay from Your Lie in April.

  • Ready Player One Easter Egg: Where's the Scythe?

    1 month ago


    I'll make this quick.  RT signed on to Ready Player One, allowing Crescent Rose from RWBY to show up in the movie.  No one I've talked to has seen the Scythe.  Anyone here find the Easter Egg?

  • Fan Art Friday #107: Cinder by toast_adox

    1 month ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Alex, AKA @toast_adox, for this digital painting of Cinder.


    Alex is a junior in high school, based in Miami. Watch this speedpaint video to see how they created this piece!


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • RT Box January 2018 Impressions

    1 month ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Every RT Box review ever
    Greetings, folks. It's almost April but we're still lagging behind on the last three monthly RT Box reviews.

    Well, that's my fault, on the most part. I've been quite busy lately, but January and February's box have already arrived. They weren't that far apart but let's say I've had them both for at least a month? March hasn't shipped yet so I will stagger February's post appropriately between this and the last one.

    Anyway, since you've been waiting this long, let's get right into it.

    January's RT Box is breakfast themed, coming from the ever British Brit boi, Gavin Free! gavin

    Let me start off by saying I absolutely love the card/sticker art for this one. It's a really great cereal box parody. It's a wonderful design, really colourful and it just...pops. Have a look! (SORRY THE PICS ARE STILL SIDEWAYS)


    What's in the cereal box?

    - one 'Barb's Diner'/Always Open inspired shirt (black)

    - one Rooster Teeth cereal sticker

    - one RT Pancake Podcast pin (delicious)

    - one Camp Camp Quartermaster inspired oven mitt (black)

    - one RWBY Team CFVY mug (black and red)

    - one Camp Camp 'Cameron Campbell' collectible minifigure (in the Double Gold Exclusive Campe Diem Gold)

    - #12 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring Million Dollars, But... (about 20% were signed by people that make MDB)

    First up, the Barb's Diner shirt is very 70's, to go with Barbara's Always Open show (the set of which is a yellow-themed diner, if you're unaware). It even says always open just for shits and gigs. The rollerskates and the dress really sell it. It's another lightweight cotton shirt, which is the regular choice of shirts I've found. Comfy.


    The sticker is the same art as the greeting card, but the whole thing is a few shades darker. Probably due to the different mediums of printing, but it still looks fabulous. As it's cereal box art, Gavin's distaste for cereal (which I share, in case you missed it) is apparent. This sticker won't ever get soggy in milk. I love the little grumpy Gus and the chit chat toy (not actually included), too. Really cool.


    As Shrove Tuesday was a thing, a pancake pin was included. The RT Podcast does a pancake special for that, which is Gav's favourite, so this pin is to celebrate it. It's simple, but effective.


    Continuing on with the food related items, there's an oven mitt to prevent hand burnage while making breakfast (or anything, really). It's a pretty smart design when you think about it, and I'd have to bet that ol' Quartermaster would be impressed. It's printed fabric on the front and stiff heatproof spongeness on the back. I tested it, by the way, my little fingertips were fine!


    You could even hold this mug with it, if you wanted extra protection. Team Coffee (stylised in the RWBY fashion as CFVY) would approve of this mug. It's weighty and the right volume, with a matte finish, and the print has that shiny smooth thing going on. It's got CFVY on one side and the RWBY logo RT seems to put on certain apparel on the other.


    We also have another Camp Camp vinyl figure! This time it's the elusive and mysterious owner of Camp Campbell, Cameron Campbell. He's majestically posed on a rock, looking as smug as ever, and as gold as ever! This exclusive variant shows off his thirst for wealth nature, I think. Get it, nature? HEH. Unfortunately mine looks a little damaged on his left chest area but it's not that obvious. He's about twice the size of the Max figure, true to the show. Gav told us to consider this the prize from the cereal box. How lucky!


    And how could we forget the last card of the first season of Rooster Teeth Gold Cards? I again missed out on a signature, awMillion Dollars, But... director Blaine Gibson is here to fulfill any fantasies about his body as he lies atop a pile of cash, most likely a million dollars. blaine It sure is...artistic.


    This one scores a ten in deception, one million in dollars, and one in buts. How fitting. What would you do for a million dollars?

    Hey, my cereal box is empty. Looks like there's nothing left to show except the spoils of the past (the spoiled part being soggy cereal, yuck).


    Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that. There is 100% spoilers of the Feb box since all those pictures have already been uploaded, so...either look, or don't look!

    Look out for February's box sometime soon, that is, when they send out the March box...

    I know exactly what's in Feb's and I can say it was pretty pleasing. Let's just say, I hope you like animals...can't wait to see what the last one has in store.

    Catch ya on the flip side.