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  • 008 FUNboxing- August RTBox

    7 months ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee


    Grab yourself an elongated mug with too much coffee and your factory defect knives, it’s time for another FUNboxing!


    But before we get any farther I want to talk a bit about the reason it is late.  Our nation is being affected in every corner by natural disasters.  Harvey, Irma, and Jaun are still causing problems a whole lot bigger than delayed mail.  The northwest is really being hit by forest fires too.  I’m in the Seattle area and we’ve had 3 solid weeks of smog and a few days of ash falling from the sky.  Now and for the next while it is important that we support each other.  If you are in an immediately effected area or not, both maintain yourself and giving to the relief groups of our country are the best ways to do so.  Give what you can, if that’s time, monetary donations, and/or volunteering.  The Red Cross, food banks, and the Humane Society are examples of groups heavily involved and highly beneficial.  If you don’t know how to give directly, businesses are doing some of the hard work.  Just the other day I donated on my grocery bill.  RT and other online entities are also giving you easy ways to find and donate to the right organizations.  Watching this week’s Burnie Vlog alone (<14 minutes) will contribute to disaster relief.  Thank you for listening to a guy who usually just makes stupid jokes talk about the serious things going right now.  The contents of this box are very coincidental and while I’m going to go about this FUNboxing like I would any other I just want to make clear no one is making light of recent events.  This is the best way I know how to address that. 


    Now with complete respect to the previous statements, let’s get on with the FUNboxing!




    The theme for this month’s box was Survival and by extension Day 5.  The letter was a nice one written by Josh Flanagan focused on all the uses of the following items in the event of world ending disaster.




    The first item to pop out is the Day 5 Sandman’s Oasis T-shirt.


    I still have not watched Day 5.  It has yet to stir interest in me through advertisments or the light word-of-mouth I’ve been exposed to.  I’m sure it is a good show, just not my speed (as I said last summer).  So, just on the level of a cool looking shirt I can say:


    I like it.  It’s simple but clearly there was effort put into it.  The shirt glows in the dark apparently and that will be fun to look at once it’s out of the wash.




    This, the AHWU Bad Decision Repair Kit, is something I expect to see everywhere next RTX.


    And not just because of the belt loop on the back.


    There’s actually enough handy things in here and there’s enough space to customize it you your specific needs.  I for instance will probably add more simple band-aids and include some tooth picks. 




    By far my favorite item in the box is the Headlight Fluid Flask.  I like the Double Gold branded items a lot (like the hat and wristbands) but my absolute favorite things are the items that are deeper references just presented simply (the #StopDolphinPoaching beach ball for instance).  The idea itself is hilarious, who would believe in Headlight Fluid?  But having a red container of it for the red team is the best (more Red vs Blue items please) and it’s also a joke popularized by Gavin and the RTAA where he fell for the lie (sort of).  So yes, this item is both a deep reference and RvB so it has moved up to the top of my list for great items.




    This Dragon Grimm sticker is plenty cool itself.  I’m not sure what to do with it so far but it’s cool enough that I have a few ideas.  Also, if anyone knows what the text in Japanese (?) says, sharing is caring…




    I got a signed RT Gold Card this month with a signature I can’t quite make out, but it’s still really awesome to get.  By the way the description on the back of the card is what actually might get me into Day 5.  I don’t know how accurate it is, but I might give episode 1 a shot sometime now.




    The next item is this Day 5 rechargeable flashlight.  It’s one of those ones without a cord or battery where you have to pump the little trigger.  It’s something that’s good to have for sure and might just find its way into my car for utility.




    For those of you who are interested, this month we got a game code for Serial Cleaner.  It’s a cool sounding game where you clean up after The Mob.  Haven’t looked into it yet.




    Last but not least, the Gold Pin of the month is the Geoff Ramsey “Fallout” pin.  A good twist on the real design and with all the Fallout Shelter Geoff plays it’s fun too. 




    And that’s this August’s box.  It follows theme really well and even if it’s not my my favorite thing over all, it does have one of the best things I’ve gotten in a box yet.  I don’t mean to keep going on with this but I’ve got two (three) huge RvB based projects going on right now (my season 14 review is nearly done, the rewrites on Rec0very, and something else) and this little bottle has got a minor essay starting in my head.  Other than my little niche, this is a nice box of cool nerd stuff.


    As always, I can’t wait for the next one.


    Talk you y’all soon.

















  • Bleepbloopopolous Region Recap- Downtown: Part 2

    7 months ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee


    Hey gang, we’re back in the Downtown of Bleepbloopopolous and we’ve gotten down off the top of Geoff’s house and headed for the entry plaza to take the other path that will eventually take us to the residential area of the city.




    If you think that was a long sentence, you might want to look at the “Tallest” Towers located by the gate.  It was a fun contest that went awry quickly.




    As a part of expansion quite a bit ago, there was a field added for the major residences’ horses.  The Bleepbloopopolous Green has a few new things from the updates that have come to Minecraft since the last time we were here.




    The first addition is the Green is the Walk of Flags.


    Each major resident has their own custom banner on their indicative color as yet another means of identification and/or claim.  From right to left: Geoff has the Orange Crowned Diamond on Green – Gavin’s symbol is the Golden Creeper Explosion – Jack has placed a House on his Orange Banner – Michael has the Sword of Mogar over a Light Blue backing – Ray has an X of Rose Vines over the man’s Brown – The Mad King Ryan’s symbol speaks for itself over the Red from the blood of his enemies – and Jeremy has the trappings of Rimmy Tim on his Magenta – And there’s room for more!


    There are other flags as well that we may see again down the line.




    The Bleepbloop Stables haven’t changed much since the last time we came by.







    A small Llamma farm has also been added to the Green for convienence.




    Now we finally get to travel over The Bridge Downtown (and not to the seedy goings on underneath.  (No, they don’t trade seeds there.)







    There isn’t any reason to explore the condemned house dug into the rosy hill.  It’s kind of a shitty place anyway. 




    Opposite the condemned house is Jack’s house, which we will be visiting.  It’s a very standard way to see how the other 5/6 live.




    Because there’s no Trials skin on PS4 The citizens of Bleepbloopopolous built a Fire Station and statue of Jack to help him with the problem he had with his house catching on fire all the time.  It was very nice of them.









    If you take a right at the end of that road you’ll find probably the second most opulent house in Downtown Bleepbloopopolous built over the ruins of the other one built in the Rose Hill.  That’s Jeremy’s house and it’s full of twists and turns!














    And if you thought the Pleasure Chamber and the Winchester Beotch Room were strange, Lil’J himself has expanded in his down time.





    And there’s even more secrets, but we don’t have the time to give them all away so let’s instead go outside to where Jeremy keeps his horse and Purplur Plant.







    After that segment of the Downtown we’ve got to call it a day, but there’s plenty more coming soon.  You can take that to the bank.

    See you then,



























  • Bleepbloopopolous Region Recap- Downtown: Part 1

    8 months ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee


    Hey Gang, I want to thank you for your patience first.  I know it’s been a while.  Around a half a year, while, but in that time I was doing quite a few things, and you’ll be happy to know a new and improved Bleepbloopopolous Travel Log was among them.  With new pictures directly from my PS4 and some time working around the many regions that an expanded world has allowed me to start, we’re not only ready to start back up on our tour of Achievement City as if one guy built it on a Sony console.  I’d say it’s about time that we have to.




    We’ve gone back to the main gates.  We’ll be starting over in a sense.  When we last left off, we’d done an entire region and were going to do a change log.  In a sense we’re also just going forward with that.  You can think of the next set of entries as yet another change log. One huge change log…  I’ll let you make the jokes.





    I should get rid of those signs and this door.  We need a way in.




    The area right inside the gates hasn’t changed much, just a tad more color and work on the map wall.  Since the nature of this set of logs is a Region Recap and not introducing much new, I’m going to cut back on descriptions.  This entry clocking in at 52 images itself is a factor in that decision, but the way I see it we’ve covered most of this already.  If you have any questions at all though, feel free to add them in the comments bellow.









    Just like when we started, we’ll be checking out Geoff’s Court and Geoff’s house first.  Geoff’s Court (where the games for Geoff’s kingship take place) has also gotten a few new details added, including Geoff’s Banner. 




    Though decommissioned and memorialized, Plan G is still very much a part of Geoff’s front lawn.


    The forbidden tunnel is also located in Geoff’s court, none who have gone all the way through have ever returned.






    Tough technically it is all a part of Geoff’s Court, Geoff’s house starts on the other side of his flowers and doors.




    Geoff’s house in Bleepbloopopolous has always been much more decorated than the one in the branded sister-city.  His many trophies and items from past games line the walls.







    Yes, even Butts is still a part of Downtown (though I haven’t activated it in quite a while because the clean-up is tricky).




    If Geoff’s throne is the height of power in Bleepbloopopolous, I feel like I have to remind us that Geoff’s house is also the highest place in Bleepbloopopolous literally too.





    First we must go down though.  Down, under, and out to find all the secrets of Geoff’s house (that I’m going tell you about now).









    Going up Geoff’s house is a true way to see how Bleepbloopopolous has changed, there are many markings that remain though growth has re-defined many of them








    Above the throne Geoff might think is just his ceiling and the stairway to it, but unbeknownst to him, the other citizens of Bleepbloopopolous made some mischief.


    The super fancy apartment at the top of Geoff’s house is a relatively new addition, with all the space for six and tones of clicky-tacky decoration.









    From the top of Geoff’s house you can see everything.  Just over the edge is the rest of Downtown Bleepbloopopolous, the Carnival, some of Bleepbloop Forest, and our first canon view beyond the Old Bleepbloopopolous Fence.   But that’s not all I meant.




    The top of Geoff’s house has the ender canons that can take you any direction and quite far away.





    And that, my friends is just a taste of what Bleepbloopopolous looks like now.  I’ve gotta tell ya, it’s great to be back.  I can’t wait to show you the other things I’ve built and finally get back on track to the other regions.  Thanks for joining me.  Please, leave any comments or questions below. 

    Next time we’ve got fewer pictures but more ground to cover and a good chunk of the residences (of many qualities).


    Have Fun,

















  • 008 FUNprecidented and Experimental Post

    10 months ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    {6/8/2017 23:48 PST}

    Well, the FUNprecidented part is it’s a double post and the experiment is the second half, but for now get your knives, your coffees, and your packaged banana protein shakes, it’s time for a good old fashioned 008 FUNboxing of the May Double Gold #RTBOX !




    I could tell from the start I would love this month’s box, which has the theme of “Starting the Best Summer Ever!”  It’s wordy, but you’ll get it.



    Right on top is this month’s card, written from Miles Luna.  The old-school postcard image of CAMP CAMP is great.  I think I saw a hint that this image would be coming as a shirt down the line.  That’d be cool.  The letter was fun, but as usual, I’m keeping some things for the Double Gold FIRST!s.



    I literally had no idea what the second item was for a few seconds.


    It’s pretty top, innit?  I’m not sure how much protection it’ll have, but if I go swimming at RTX, this’ll be close.



    The hits keep coming with some killer Yang shades.  I’ll be honest, I love funky sunglasses but I’ve never had the excuse to get them.  This is pretty lucky.  Yeah, they look good on me too, but I haven’t gotten the right picture yet, so instead wait for a joke at the end.



    A CAMP CAMP SPACE KID NASA STYLE SHIRT!  I am so happy.  I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how often I’ll wear this one because it’s so cool (and white).  The detail of it being the imaginary rocket from the who and the stars out of the circle really sell it.  I’m not even much of a Space Kid fan (hilarious, but not very big in plots). 




    The Double Gold Card this time was RWBY CHIBI.  I got another signed one (Paula? Dlumin?)!  I like the picture they used with Zwei in it.  I’m surprised this came before the actual RWBY one, but I bet it’ll be in the fall with the RWBY premiere. 



    This Schooled Looser sticker is one of the more obscure items, and like most of the others, I’m very happy with it.  People who know, will love it and people who don’t will be adequately confused.  I want to put this on my car.  I’m not sure if I will though (it’s not technically just mine).  It is the first sticker that will definitely be used though.  Maybe it’ll just get on the RTX Pizza Hut Skate Board, my plans for that are still iffy too.  (For anyone who has used theirs, is it a white sticker, or a clear one?)



    My favorite thing from the box though is a metal sign of the CAMP CAMP SONG SONG.  Just like an actual camp song, we’ve got a sweet permanent version of it.  This is wall material and you can bet I’ll be working to memorize it as soon as I can.



    The Double Gold Pin this month is Naked Gus.  Damn, that’s a throwback.  I don’t know what to do with it yet.  It’s cool, and I want to see where this collection goes from here.



    This month was pretty much the best I’ve gotten.  I loved every item in it.  Knowing that this is the new direction they’re taking with these (the pins, the cards, fewer but meatier items) I am stoked for the next few.



    And, of course, here’s that joke photo, I mentioned.


    Wot is kawaii?




    Moving from our FUNboxing, I made a fantastic discovery last week at the local Fred Meyer.  They had a whole, largely untouched, box of RWBY trading cards.  For two bucks each!  I love supporting RT directly, but for the price of shipping I was able to get two more packs.  I can’t pass that up.  Also, since this is yet another mystery container with multiple items, I knew I could remove these from their packs in a fun way.


    You know it, gang.  It’s time for a not-too tech savy 008-FUNpacking!


    I bought three packs this time.  I probably won’t get more until after RTX (where all my fun money is going).


    A few things before we get into the packs itself:


    Each pack comes with a set number and proportion of cards.


    All cards are numbered and all regular cards have the RWBY logo on the back.  The special cards have special backs with text, but like the Double Gold letters and descriptions on the Double Gold Cards I’m going to keep those secret for the collectors and as fun surprise.


    I’m putting this in a new format for two reasons.  1) I want to try new things in the 008 “brand.” Feedback always helps.  2) This format saves me on photo-upload time (though even my crappy MS Paint edits take time). 


    Here’s what I pulled:




    Final Thoughts:  I like these cards.  They’re fun and I’ll be taking them with me to RTX to trade.  It’d be nice to get all 112, but I’d also like to see/have cards like Nora v Deathstriker, Jaune & Weiss, and the Ruby poster cards to the degree that I know other people want to have the full set.  If they’ve got any duplicates (which I managed to avoid somehow AND get both checklists (Uncle Qrow, I am not)) I’ll fill their collections.  I won’t trade Zwei, Team RWBY, or a few others, but if you don’t have Atlesian Military vs. Grimm, find me in Austin.

    EDIT: Okay, clearly this didn't work, too big a file for the size of the margins.  I'll fix it for the next time.  HOWEVER, I'll put the important parts here now.

    -The Team RWBY rainbow holographic card is my favorite.

    -I really like the Grimm "sketch" ones.

    -The Checklist cards are really handy.

    -PACK 1: #051 Nevermore / #039 Boarbatusk / #003 Blake Belladonna / #015 Lie Ren / #027 Sun Wukong / #010 Dr. Bartholomew Ooblek / #097 Glinda Goodwitch

    -PACK 2: #047 Beowulf / #071 Checklist 1 / #006 Zwei / #035 Mercury Black / #023 Velvet Scarlatina / #011 Beacon Academy / #096 Atlesian Military vs. Grimm

    -PACK 3: #048 Boarbatusk / #072 Checklist 2 / #007 Ozpin / #012 Jaune Arc / #036 Neopolitan / #024 Fox Alistair / #112 Team RWBY



     And that’s my two FUNblankings for the month (so far).  Always feel free to continue the conversation in the comments.


    ‘till next time,