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  • Dearly Beloved,

    38 minutes ago

    zeitgeistzest ψ(`∇´)ψZeit

    we have gathered here today

    to pay our final respects to a most loyal companion there ever was, Lorie-chan. 

    Lorie-chan and I first met in around the summer 2011. Or was it 2012. Well, anyway. We travelled a lot together, mostly between the towns of Tampere and JKL but sometimes as far as Helsinki. He was quite heavy to carry around and he'd take a lot of space, too, but it was always so hard to leave him behind despite these slight inconveniences. He was also quite expensive to have, so I did my best to look after him and rather took him with me than left him in the hands of others. 

    And though I put him through a lot of daily use, and I wasn't always sure what I was doing with him, Lorie-chan stayed with me and he has been my most trusted companion. Oh, we had our fights, sometimes over so silly things too, but we'd always manage to work out a compromise. 

    But in the past 2 years, I'd known our time together was coming to its end. He started having so many battery-related and overheating issues, and indeed just the other night he decided he'd had enough of my antics while I was figuring out how to get out of the poor ending in Doki Doki Literature Club. Thankfully he forgave me and recovered quickly, but I knew I should finally let him rest - I had occasionally looked up candidates to replace him, yet it was hard to let go - terrifying, too, because I knew it would become expensive. Looking up replacements also felt slightly insulting to him, since he was still performing well despite his age.

    Despite all the sentimentality, I knew it had to be done. So. Today I met my new best friend, PR3DDY.



    So now I can finally let Lorie-chan retire and enjoy his final earthly moments in peace, without me demanding him to spring into action for several hours a day. So sigh with relief, Lorie-chan, for your excellent service has come to its end now! You will be missed, and you won't be forgotten. 

    Blessed be, Lorie-chan. Goodbye. <3

  • Death Battle Prediction: Jaune Arc vs Squall Leonhart

    6 hours ago


    Some people have authority thrust on them.

    Some people have to live with their homes coming under siege.

    And some people have their girlfriend chosen to harbor ancient powers.

    These two have all three in common.

    Jaune Arc leader of team JNPR

    Squall Leonhart commander of Balamb Garden.

    Here I will compare their equipment, tactics and strength to see who would win a Death Battle.


    Jaune Arc


    "An Arc never goes back on his word."

      Jaune Arc is the only son of eight children in the Arc family. While a stable family they never really put to much faith in him due to his clumsy nature. Despite this he was inspired by the tales of his family to be better. Determined to change how everyone perceived him he falsified information, stole the family heirlooms and enlisted in Beacon Academy. Headmaster Ozpin saw through the information but upon seeing the lad's earnest behavior allowed him to stay. After completing the initiation trials Jaune was selected to be team leader of JNPR a team made of himself, Sanctum Academy ace Pyrrha Nikos, Kuroyuri survivors Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. Together they face threats both monster and man in their journey.

    Squall Leonhart



     Squall Leonhart was originally an orphan living in the Sorceress Edea's Orphanage. Whoever is his parents are is unconfirmed but rumor suggests that the current Esthar president Laguna Loire and his wife Raine Loire are his father and mother. While Laguna was in Esthar working to overthrow Sorceress Adel, Raine died in childbirth, thus both he and his adoptive sister Ellone where sent to the Orphanage. Squall grew close to Ellone but her unique power made her a target so Edea's personal Seed entourage was tasked to keep her hidden, even from herself. Shocked by her loss Squall became defensive and shut in, letting no one come close and determined to do things with his own strength. These qualities made him a useful soldier and he was enlisted in Balamb Academy to become a Seed. From there he was embroiled in a conflict with the Sorceress Ultimecia in a battle that spanned the globe and surpassed time itself.




    Jaune Arc

    Utilizing his aura Jaune can increase his natural strength to perform superhuman achievements. In fact seemingly because of his lack of formal training and choice of weapon Jaune has focused primarily on increasing his ability to hit harder. He has deflected the massive armored pincers of an ancient, massive Deathstalker, blows from Ursa grimm and even stopped the Nucklevee's charge cold. Rather comedically he was able to cushion the fall of Weiss Schnee after she fell from the Nevermore hundreds of meters up. Should be noted that despite all his weapons and armor looking to weigh about 50 pounds he rarely takes his stuff off, even appearing to sleep in it.

    Squall Leonhart

     Seed's utilize the power of Guardian Forces of GF's to accomplish their tasks. Because of this Squall's raw strength is actually somewhat lacking compared to ordinary soldiers. In fact when taken by surprise by a soldier and forced into hand to hand combat Squall was barely able to win. Either way he is fully capable of landing a five meter jump without issue. One time he seemingly jumped a dozen meters to save his friend Zell Dincht in the Galbadia prison.


    Jaune Arc

      Jaune's aura shields him from harm and heals his minor wounds. It's kept him safe in battles with rock monsters, opposing teams and was able to keep him alive when he mistakenly entered the lair of the Deathstalker. His defensive power increases when he uses his Semblance. Jaune's Semblance allows him to supercharge aura temporarily by using some of his own. As he has quite a bit of it he can afford to give some of it up from time to time.

    Squall Leonhart

    Squall's defensive strengths have kept him alive in his travels. He has survived electrical torture, impalement from the Sorceress Edea, getting blown up in a training match with his rival Seifer and getting rammed by the Galbadia spider tank while escaping Dollet. He was even run over by a flying Galbadian soldier and still continued the fight. While journeying to the remote continent of Esthar Squall was able to make the entire trip while carrying Rinoa.


    Jaune Arc

    Despite having the most static fighting style of his teams and likely the world Jaune's speed has allowed him to keep up. He's avoided flying rocks, sniper shots in the battle with ABRN and nearly every hint that Pyrrha Nikos was attracted to him. By the time he got to Mistral his sword swings are fast enough to create shock waves through the air. His speed has improved to the point that he has not ever been a liability because of his late start on training which is pretty impressive considering the superhuman speeds possessed by his teammates.

    Squall Leonhart

    A decent level of physical education is probably standard for Seed students as Squall has demonstrated impressive physical abilities. He's jumped between trains, kept from being dropped when a bridge fell out from under him and even made it all the way from the top of Dollet Tower to the beach in less then 30 minutes all while being chased by a spider tank every step of the way. He even managed to make his way out of the battlegrounds in the Battle of the Gardens.


    Jaune Arc

     Jaune's personal weapon is the Crocea Mors, a family heirloom used by his great-great-grandfather. While a simple sword and collapsible shield/sheath, this weapon has proved his worth holding up to massive strikes and cutting down armored Ursa. After the Battle of Beacon Jaune had it reforged, increasing their size and allowing him to combine the two into a stronger sword when he wants offensive power alone.

     He also carries armor pretty much at all times. After the Battle of Beacon he had a larger more covering suit commissioned. Both suits however do nothing to protect his face.

    Squall Leonhart

     Squall is one of the few individuals who have chosen to wield a Gunblade. These weapons use an explosion triggered by the user to drastically increase the damage caused by the swing. Squall's mastery allows him to use the recoil to set up follow up swings. Should be noted it is not actually capable of firing real bullets. His original model was the Revolver, but later was able to upgrade to the Lionheart model. This upgrade came with increased power and the ability to use the powerful LionHeart attack in times of 'desperation.


    Jaune Arc

    - Stronger, faster and more durable in feats.

    - Gunblade isn't something he hasn't seen before

    - Can self heal

    - Has armor

    - Probably better dancer


    - Overall weaker in feats

    - Is unarmored

    - Has magical attacks

    - Powerful Desparation attacks

    - Actually saved superpowered Girlfriend and can get farther then first base with her


    All told this is a fight between a guy who actually has superhuman feats to his name and a decently fit fellow. Squall is outclassed in all 3 categories of stats, and his Gunblade style is unlikely to catch Jaune off guard, if anything he would be unimpressed. Squall's Limit Breaks while powerful are still avoidable and with the light show telegraphing the attack he is unlikely to land any on someone already shown to be faster then him.

    This battles winner is Jaune Arc.

  • LADY BIRD (2017)

    8 hours ago


    Gianella's Best Picture nominees watch continues. No spoilers. I do quote something but it doesn't have anything to do with the film's main narrative.

    Nominated for:

    • Best Picture
    • Original Screenplay
    • Director - Greta Gerwig
    • Lead Actress - Saoirse Ronan
    • Supporting Actress - Laurie Metcalf



    Oh man. Oh boy, oh man. This movie.

    Like, I don't even know what to say - it was just emotions all round for me. I kinda just wanna cry about it for a while.

    It's so poignant. It's so good at encapsulating the emotional tornado that is adolescence and immersing you in it. It's so good at making me - a former all-girl Catholic high school student - laugh. 

    "You're not supposed to eat the wafers!"

    "They're not consecrated." 

    (there are so many good lines in this film but this one got me, man)

    I do wish I didn't hype it up so much for myself but that trailer was too good to not get hyped about. While I was watching it I felt like it was too vignette-y in that it switches to different things so quickly but in hindsight I don't think that affects it all that much. That's probably part of the charm. I plan on re-watching it so we'll see how my opinion changes.

    Now I'm gonna go and not stop thinking about it for a couple of weeks.

  • Cave Story's Cutest Couple

    15 hours ago

    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi


    I drew the cutest Pixelated Couple Curly and Quote from Cave Story as emojis in hexels for Pixel Dailies & RTDraws today.



    Look at these cuties!

  • WIP Hexel Vector Portrait

    1 day ago

    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

    Working on a vector portrait of @elliemainey in Marmoset Hexels based on a production/preview image of her new show Skill Tree.  They are looking for artists for the show, so if you think you can contribute go to her journal and send your portfolio to the email Ellie provided if you want to be considered!


  • wakanda wakarimasen

    2 days ago


    I'm noticing a lot of people are happy with the recent Black Panther movie. I'm very happy for everyone but that must mean no one saw Red Tails. In all the excitement I worry people won't realize that Wakanda is fictional place in a comic book and now movie.But certain news sources are acting as if it is. Which is very concerning as someone who lived in a time where people swear that saw a pokemon or digimon in the woods in the early 2000s or people telling me they have demon blood transfused into them-- I could go on for a while. Some Men and women have issues differentiating fiction from reality when it comes to movies.

    This was due to a group a tweets I saw. They're below

    HAPPY blackpanther_live_v3.png" draggable="false" alt=""> DAY!

    As a 15 year old African American girl, this film is an imperative must watch for so many reasons and it's not just because I'm seeing a major black superhero grace the screens for the first time...


    11:52 AM - 15 Feb 2018

    I see a powerful black king who is proud of his roots and comes from his hometown of Wakanda in Africa.

    I see beautiful black queens and warriors who represent a whole new different demographic of brown and black girls who find themselves highly underrepresented in film.

    I see a powerhouse film with a 90% cast of black people breaking box office records and showing the world that we, as black people, with a black cast, and director are capable of shattering glass ceilings. Person raising both hands in celebration (medium dark skin tone)">

    That as a brown skinned, young actress - not everything is meant to be, but there will be Ryan Cooglers out there who will make films for black and brown men and women and shine a positive light on us!

    We've always thought of Marvel as a place where superheros weren't us.

    Feb 15

    How my little brothers look at every blackpanther_live_v3.png" draggable="false" alt=""> poster and their eyes immediately light up!

    Because the closest thing I ever got to seeing myself on screen at a young age was the Proud Family or Princess and The Frog.

    How my now, 9 year old, brother's birthday was in February and all he wanted was to see this movie - because even HE knows how imperative it is.

    How we always say , but this film proves to us that it really does.

    Feb 15

    How this has created a unity between our people and how when we see a packed parking lot and long lines of black people at the movie theaters we look at each other and nod - because we know what we're here to see.

    Feb 15

    Because I couldn't tell you how important this film was in one tweet.

    Because I am proudly "FROM WAKANDA"!

    Because blackpanther_live_v3.png" draggable="false" alt=""> matters!

  • Finally about to have a break...

    2 days ago

    nerdasmic FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Megan

    Reading week has arrived! I desperately need a break from school for a bit, holy crap.

    In the midst of all of this, I've started working on a few projects, one of which I'm planning on pitching to hopefully get it turned into an animated web series Rooster Teeth would be my first choice (obviously) because I feel like they would be the most open to the concept, but I'm looking into other companies as well to keep an open mind. This has been in the works for about 14 years, so... want to! make sure my life's work is done right. :P

    The other is a goofy little web series that I've posted a teaser for on YouTube. It's called Kali & Beau, and it can be found here. The premise is, "What if you had the roommate from hell? Literally?"

    I'm going to be doing a lot more writing for this in the coming days.

    The beginning of the year is always a bummer of a time for me for some reason, so having stuff to work on and being creative helps a lot.

    Anyway, that's it!

    Have a good day, fam!

  • Finnish Friday: February Theme - Questionable Food Items I Can't Recommend

    2 days ago

    zeitgeistzest ψ(`∇´)ψZeit

    Hello friends! :D I am back with another Finnish Friday post, and this time I want to introduce you some cultural 'delicacies' every other Finn goes crazy about, but I think you need to be pretty brave / insane / both to actually enjoy these. <.<;;;

    First, something you might recognize and I don't think it's really from this part of the world in origins, but something a lot of people like. That is lakritsi = black licorice. There's even ice cream (jäätelö) with the stuff, and God knows what other products contain this... Like cheesecake. I don't know, is everyone else as crazy about licorice as Finns??


    (pingviini = penguin, one of the most popular ice cream brands here)

    Next, something you might also recognize and have heard differing opinions about its tastiness. This supposed cultural treasure is called salmiakki = salmiac / salted licorice, and there are Finns who'd call me a traitor for speaking badly of this 'candy' - that I can't be a Finn because I strongly dislike this work of the evil. It can be added to apparently anything at all, because there exists such horrors like salmiakkikossu (shortened to salmari), which is salmiac Koskenkorva vodka, salmiakkijäätelö, salmiakkisuklaa (salmiac chocolate), .. and much more. 


    Like why would you do that to good milk chocolate is beyond me...

    Next, something that is a regional 'yum' from around the place where I used to live. This is mustamakkara = black sausage, often 'enjoyed' on its own or with lingonberry jam (puolukkahillo), another thing I can't stand. Don't ask me what goes in the sausage, I've never wanted to find out.


    And then one of the traditional Easter time uhmmm desserts, which you might also heard of maybe, called mämmi - there's no exact English translation for it, but it's ... sort of like rye pudding. It's often offered in a box that looks like it's made out of birchbark, and it's not too bad tasting if you have it with like a litre of vanilla ice cream or custard. You'll probably agree with me that it looks like runny poo, though, and will be deterred from eating it just because of the appearance. And I for one wouldn't judge you for not even wanting to taste it. 


    ..I think that's enough of disgusting things to view for today. I'm sure I've missed a couple, but yucccck.

    Next time, my own personal favorites~~!

  • It's been a long time but Its good to be back

    3 days ago


    I've been experiencing life for some time now with family but it is good to be back and to be a part of the RT AH community once more.

  • From Sprite to Voxel Model WIP

    3 days ago

    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

    A little insight into my pipeline/workflow:

    Original Sprite for a spriting challenge made in Marmoset Hexels in the Square(Pixel Art) Setting:


    Edited that into a T-Pose to make for easier modeling and importing:


    Which was imported into Magica Voxel to make the Voxel Character model, which is currently a WIP:


    So that's how I make things!


    I'll be periodically posting updates on my model on my Twitter for the next couple of hours, so if you want to see more WIP on the model check there.  Will also post the final model turnarounds on here, Twitter, my Instagram and on my sketchfab account so look forward to that!

  • First Journal Since RTX 2016 - An Update on Life

    4 days ago


    Hello friends, if you’re still there! My activity on the RT site fell off pretty quickly after RTX 2016 because I was starting my last semester of my forensic science degree. I ended up receiving my degree in Fall of 2016, and decided that I wanted to continue schooling. The following semester, I earned a lab science certificate, but has a lot of trouble finding employment, so again, I decided to continue schooling. 

    I applied to the University of Wisconsin-Madison (my dream school), two other UW schools, and Ohio State University. Unfortunately, I was not accepted by the University of Wisconsin, but I was accepted by Ohio State. 

    So here I am in Columbus, Ohio, now a Buckeye instead of a Badger. I’m working and going to school full time, so I’m always sleepy lol. I’m currently majoring in forensic biology and minoring in German – which leads me to the second part of this journal! 

    Ohio State accepted me for a study abroad program in Dresden, Germany from June until August. Sadly, my flight, food, and room and board is not included in the program costs. I started a GoFundMe to hopefully meet my goal of at least helping me with my flight. Any little bit helps, and I’ll love you forever for helping me accomplish a bucket list goal of mine :)


    Until my flight, I’ll be working and studying my ass off while trying to catch up on RT content I’ve missed over the past year. 

    Thank you to anyone who read this!

  • Violet Evergarden is Slow (And That's Okay)

    4 days ago

    Croswynd Youtube Anime Superstar

    I think it's okay to have a slow story. It may not be for everyone, but it always ends up with better characterization in the end. Violet Evergarden is no exception to me so far.

    Tell me what you think! And what are some other shows you think are slow, but do well in the end because of that?

  • Today's Art Dump

    4 days ago

    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

    Just some art I did today.

    Holographic Valentine


    Minimalist Palette Female Warrior Sprite:


  • Valentines

    4 days ago


    Just got back from my day trip to London!

    I wanted to wish everyone a happy valentines and if you're single ill be your valentine ;) 

    Lots of love 

    Millie <3


    5 days ago

    ninjamonkey774 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold NinjaMonkey

    Sup fellow nerds?

  • Valentine's... Includes an Old Poem

    5 days ago

    zeitgeistzest ψ(`∇´)ψZeit

    Hyvää ystävänpäivää kaikille! That literally translates as Happy Friend's Day to all, but the correct official translation is Happy Valentine's.

    To me, this day has never hold any special meaning. Not even while in a relationship. And it's not as a commercialized day here as it's elsewhere. Like I've basically seen zero adverts about it except on YouTube and Spotify. Anyways!

    To those whom it means something.... If you are happily with someone, YAY <3 for real. :) Go you! If you're not with someone and still glad for those who do have someone, yay! <3

    If you're alone & miserable about it, awh <3 you still have all your friends, right. :) Maybe remember the Finnish word ystävä = friend for this day.

    In any case, long ago on my old dA account I wrote more poems, & took part in April's National Poetry Writing Month. The following was written for that one year, but I thought it'd be perfect to post for today. A bit of humor for all. Excuse the not so exact traditional form of a sonnet lol. *clears throat* Ok I didn't have a proper title for this before but now I name it How to Repel Unwanted Suitors.

    "Shall I compare you to this blue cheese?
    You are just as smelly and just as emetic.
    Blunt words spoken at raw rough unease;
    See, you do not appeal to my aesthetic.
    Sometimes first meeting is well enough,
    By a glance at clothes and the face,
    To know whether you’re real or a bluff:
    Yet a deep sniff is needed, just in case,
    To ascertain to me your truest self.
    With perfumes ‘n soaps of candy odour,
    You can try ‘n fool me from your scent:
    Yet it is pugnant, loathsome, vile, ‘n sour.

    So as long as you stink like this,

    So as long you won’t get a kiss!"

    *bows* You are all welcome.

  • I'm a sociopath

    5 days ago


    I'm a sociopath. That's why I don't have many friends. In fact the only friends I have are like the only people I want to be around.

  • Hey Its Cool And All That You Like My Art, But...

    6 days ago

    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

    Would some of you people stop asking me to make free art for you?  I have been having these issues on multiple platforms of social media; its the worst. And I thought it was terrible when people were anonymously messaging me that my art was bad and shouldn't be featured anywhere and I should quit, I don't know how, but somehow this is both kind of worse and a step ahead all at the same time.  #DeathByExposure

  • Zeit Tries to Date, part 6

    6 days ago

    zeitgeistzest ψ(`∇´)ψZeit

    So hey long time no update about my 'dating' life. Haha. Not that there's much happening. Haven't been out with anyone in about a month or more? 

    And though I kept getting matches on Tinder, I finally made the decision last week to delete the profile and app.... It's a slow way to get to know someone via their messages system, and the notifications wouldn't always update unless I opened the app....

    Not to mention the last two matches I got were just... urgh. It basically went down as following:

    Recent match 1: Hi.

    Me: Hi.

    Rm1: Interested in submission and light bondage?

    Rm1: Do you live alone?

    Recent match 2: Omg hell yeah first time giving a Super Like and instant match!

    Me: :D

    Rm2: Hopefully there's no more need for that, if you know what I mean.

    Sooo umm yeah. I don't even have the time and energy to try create new friendships or whatever. I barely 'have the time' to see my girlfriends (read: I let my social anxiety tell me not to go anywhere), I barely have any interest in my studies, and I still need to do a lot of self improvement too. So yep. BYE TINDER. 3rd time with you was the last straw.

    I still sometimes exchange messages with duderino, but IDK.

    Anywaaays! So yep. :D I'll just be practicing flirting in the form of Dragon Age.... bwahahahaha. Fenris why can't you be accessible in Inquisition.

  • Discontinued merch

    1 week ago


    so I was rewatching Red vs Blue and it made me think of a few discontinued things that I had wanted to buy but never had the chance to do so, examples being the Locus and Felix shirts and the Captain Caboose shirt. Not to mention the ones I do have I don't know how I will replace them when they do wear out, my grey Church quote shirt "There is a very fine line of not listening and not caring, I like to think I walk that line everyday of my life." and my blue Caboose -1 hoodie. 

    Both of which I have had for about 3 years or so give or take a year, and I know that they have to keep making new products and discontinue others, but they could also have them on pre-order or have them in stock for a limited time a year or something. Or maybe they could add them to the store only during their Extra Life Live Stream or something.

  • Life Stuff

    1 week ago


    1. Tested out streaming on Twitch today and everything works out fine except my internet upload speed is literally 0.3 mbps (way to go Australia) and it makes me want to hang myself with the Ethernet cable. So Twitch is a no go until I figure that mess out.

    2. Because I'm just a tad insane, the other day I decided I'm gonna watch all the movies nominated for Best Picture this year. Best Picture noms are my minimum but if I have time to move onto the other categories, I'll do it. I'm telling myself it's so I have a legitimate opinion for once but I think it's just because like to invest my time poorly. I've got less than a month but ya girl determined to see this through.

    3. On the same note, I also want to run through Robert Rodriguez's entire filmography. I've been throwing this idea around in my head for months now. I won't explain the reasons here (if I even have any, lmao) because when I do start this, I'm gonna document it in blog form and so you'll see it then.

    4. I've started playing mahjong on my pc because I'm an old asian man at heart. Also it gives me achievements, lmao.

  • Unsure and restless

    1 week ago


    hello there, 

    It’s been a while since I wrote about my life. It’s been a rollercoster of a week. To make a long story short I just dropped an art class because teacher made me feel really  uncomfortable.   

    I was really looking forward to  create art again. My drepression was really bad last year. So I stopped painting. Now I’m starting to question if art is the right outlet. When I was a child I wanted to be an author. But growing up with( current have) a server learning disability hinder my confidence in ever achieving that goal.  I always drew comics as a child because I loved writing stories.  Currently I been working on some ideas for a story. 

    Think I’m going to start writing more. Maybe I find something to pour my thoughts  into. 

  • My Inspirations & Influences

    1 week ago


    There are many different people who inspire & influence me in a positive way (such as some of the Jackass guys like Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera & Ryan Dunn) & out of some of the Rooster Teeth Staff (since late-2016) it's not just some of the founding fathers (primarily Matt Hullum, Burnie Burns, Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey & Joel Heyman) but other notable employees whom I've come to enjoy like Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free, Lindsay Jones, Blaine Gibson, Miles Luna & Chris Demarias as well as others too & throughout the times I've watched through the shows that are not Red Vs. Blue or RWBY, such as RT Life, RT Shorts, RT Podcast & Always Open, I've become even more inspired by noy only some of the comedy in them but also some of the important lfe advice from them as well that I've remembered & will always keep in my mind when it comes down to making new friends & dating as well.

  • The Witcher: Soon to be a Netflix Original

    1 week ago


    Pretty pumped for The Witcher to come to the screen!

  • Pokemon Yellow on NES?! - AsaiNeroTran | Ep. 07

    1 week ago


    Someone put Pokemon Yellow onto the NES?! Find out what Asai thought about this bootleg!