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  • Journey Through 15 Years #1

    1 month ago

    spriiing Jericho

    Well, the marathon is off to a pretty good start! (for those who have NO idea what I'm talking about, go see the #0 entry.)  But then again, I suppose that the beginning of adventures like this always go better than future weeks. It's like starting a daily workout, only much more entertaining.


    Completed Series:

    1-800-MAGIC: I had never seen this before starting this marathon. I had assumed it was a pretty early venture into other machinima a la the Strangerhood, and I was right. Honestly, the 20 minutes it took to watch it was probably just enough time before it would have gotten annoying. Now, that's not to say it's bad, just that I'm glad it didn't overstay it's welcome.

    A Look Back At: A pretty solid series on old 360 titles, which is especially nice a few years after the Xbox One came out. Really made me want to go back and actually play Mass Effect. (If anyone cares, I'm currently playing Dark Souls Remastered.) Also really made me miss Fragger and Ray.

    A Simple Walk into Mordor: This series is very different on this viewing, since I hadn't actually seen or read LOTR when I saw it. Having done both now, I have to say that it's a lot more enjoyable with LOTR experience. While it's still pretty cool without that knowledge, it's even better with it. Plus, 'Bilbo Baggins' might be my new favorite term for testicles. Thanks, Chris!

    A Spot of Science/Let Me Clarify: On watching this series, I ended up realizing that it was pretty much a miniature science podcast. But I was already four episodes into ASOS at the time, and said screw it. Sally Le Page is surprisingly fun to listen to, and the questions were really interesting - my personal favorite being the evolved mosquitoes in the London Underground.

    Achievement Hunter Minimations/Straight Outta RT: It's been a while since I've seen these, and I still love them. Any animated version of AH shenaniganry is always entertaining to me, but it's not just AH here, either! Animated podcast moments in something that isn't RTAA is rare. And while I love the fact that modern Achievement Hunter Animated is all about fan animation, I would love to see Minimations make a return.

    Current Series

    Achievement Hunter Animated: I'm currently in a show that I go back and watch all the time. See my thoughts on Minimations. I still think the best one is their very first, "Gavin Explains the Star War." Gavin trying to make sense of a text scroll and the rest of AH being done with his shit is something that will make me laugh until the end of time.

    Current episode: AH Animated - Choose Your Pokemon

    Generic Updates

    I'm fully expecting the Achievement Hunter series to take more than one week to get through (there are a few series like that for me), and I'm taking another step to alleviate that: I'm skipping achievement guides. Yeah, I'm cutting more content from the marathon, but I don't feel like watching a bunch of videos on how to get achievements in games I don't have. Now, things like ALBA and Imaginary Achievements I'll still watch, since there's more than just getting an achievement. But even without achievement guides, I think Achievement Hunter is gonna take two weeks, minimum. 

    Here's to continuing into Week 2!

    Remaining Series:

    Achievement Hunter Animated

    Achievement HORSE/Achievement HUNT/Trials PIG

    Achievement Hunter

    Alternative Lifestyle/Lifestyle Classic

    Amazon Prime Time

    Backwardz Compatible

    Burnie Vlogs/Barbara Vlogs/FIRST Vlogs

    Cowchop Behind the Scenes

    AH Behind the Scenes

    Between the Games/Shenanigans

    Board as Hell

    Buff Buddies

    CRWBY/RWBY Rewind

    Camp Camp

    Captain Dynamic

    Class of 198X


    Cow Chop Gaming

    Cow Chop VR

    Crunch Time

    DBX/One Minute Melee

    Death Battle

    Day 5

    Death Days

    Demo Disk

    Esports Ejects

    Evil Craig/Evil Craig 2

    Fails of the Weak/Game Fails

    Five Facts/Five Fun Facts

    Foreign Import

    Four Play

    Free Play

    Game Attack Fun Stuff

    Theater Mode (Cow Chop, Funhaus, and AH)

    Funhaus Shorts

    Funhaus Let’s Play


    Guinness World Records

    Funhaus Gameplay

    Great Moments in Video Game History

    Happy Hour

    Heroes and Halfwits

    How To

    Imaginary Achievements


    In Review

    Is It Good?

    Lazer Team/Lazer Team 2

    Let’s Pine

    Game Attack Let’s Play

    Let’s Play

    Let’s Play Live: Life On Tour

    Let’s Watch

    Master and Apprentice


    Metal Gear Ben

    Million Dollars, But…

    Nature Town



    Nomad of Nowhere

    On the Spot

    Open Haus/Your Comments



    Photoshop Battles

    RT Pilots

    Play Pals


    RT Docs

    RT Shorts

    RT Life

    RT Podcast Play

    Sponsor Cut

    RWBY Chibi


    Rage Quit

    Random Awesomeness

    Reasons We Love/Open Letters

    RvB: PSA

    Relationship Goals

    RouLet’s Play


    Screw Attack Illustrated

    Screw Attack Shorts

    Sex Swing

    Social Disorder


    Sunday Driving

    Tap That App

    Ten Little Roosters/Eleven Little Roosters

    The Number One Show/The Best Ever

    The Armory

    The Gauntlet

    The Industry

    The Lab

    The Slo Mo Guys

    The Strangerhood

    The Woods

    Things to Do In…

    This Is…

    Top 10

    Trials Files

    Tuesday Night Game Fight

    Twits and Crits/The League of Extraordinary Jiremen


    VR the Champions


    Video Game Vault/Retroactive/Reboot or Retro

    Who Is?

    Wrong Side of Youtube

    X-Ray and Vav

    Red Vs. Blue

    135 series remain

  • The Mindscape of Work

    8 months ago

    j.a.diablerie Stultus Philosophorum

    The human animal is simultaneously a simple, yet deceptively complex creature. It's desires are base in nature, but deep and multifaceted in context. It is also a being of internal contradiction.

    People have differing opinions on work. Some relish in it, while some find it a bother. Yet, the human person is a being that despises constant stagnancy. It drives itself to take part in some kind of activity to avoid stagnation of the mind and soul. To avoid boredom, or to simply partake in a passion of ones choosing.

    The human mind craves an activity to focus on. Usually not at the cost of comfort, though. That is why many have an almost programmed distaste for work that a person requires to live in a commercial society. And that is where something interesting comes up.

    The duality of work ethic. Certain people do not enjoy working, but that work brings their minds a degree of satisfaction, as it identifies it as something progressive. It may not be luxurious, or what the person desires, but the human mind derives a kind of pleasure from doing something that is assumed to be productive.

    The work of an individual is miniscule on a large scale, but to that individual merely contributing to a collective whole is an instinctua desire. An instinct ingrained into the humanity by its social nature and dependance on those around them. It is this need to "carry ones weight" that is ingrained into us at a young age, mostly without our notice simply by the fact that that's how the world works.

    We see a person working, being a contributing member of society, and everything tells us, "that should be me. I should do that." The enjoyment of work doesn't even come to the equation to some, whom desire their enjoyment off of the concept of working itself. Simply standing there, watching others work may incite certain vindication, but ultimately makes one turn their gaze inward with a type of envy.

    Watching others work while you do not makes questions like: "Are they judging me for doing nothing?" or, "Am I selfish for not following example?"

    This type of thinking borders on self-loathing. "I am not contributing; I am a terrible person." Such thoughts are what take place in a person with a drive to work, but no desire for it. This distaste may even cross into the field of deep denial, which only facilitates more self-loathing, and eventually may even serve as a catalyst for depression,

    Bottom line: We may not enjoy the concept of work, but the concept of contributing to a work brings us a type of contentment and mental nourishment. Ones personal preferences have a say in to what extent, if at all, but it remains a deeply ingrained part of the human species.


    Post-note: I have no idea what I'm doing.

    -Bargain Bin Philosophy, Discount #0

  • RTMD Monthly Update #0.5: The Updatenning

    10 months ago

    Mololue FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold That One Idiot

    giphy.gifHello everyone! Welcome to RTMD Update #0.5. This neat little feature is kid-tested and mother-approved to make sure all of our members are informed and up to date every month (disclaimer: don’t quote us on that). On the first week of every month (starting in October) we will post about upcoming events, important announcements, birthdays in the RTMD community, and other cool highlights.

    Mark Your Calendars


    October is the time for pretty leaves, pumpkin spice, and deathly terrifying shenanigans. Hallow your ween with us on Saturday, October 21st at Markoff’s Haunted Forest in Dickerson, MD in honor of the most sacred of candy-giving holidays. RSVPs are a must! Please let Emily and Hannah know by October 10th if you want to attend in order to get an accurate headcount (admin's site names at the bottom). Tickets are $25.00 per person (until October 13th, $30.00 after) and we strongly urge everyone to individually purchase their tickets through the website ahead of time. If necessary, please contact either admin if other arrangements need to be made. Be sure to buy a trail pass; please do not buy the town pass. You will have a completely different adventure than the rest of RTMD! We want to all be terrified together.

    We will be meeting up at 9:00PM at Emily’s house. Be sure to have your tickets handy for our carpool to the death forest. Afterwards will be a backyard camping adventure for those who don’t wish to drive home so late, want to spend more time together, or are traumatized by the forest of terror (like us!). Be sure to bring pillows and a sleeping bag. Snacks are encouraged, but if you wish to share with the class, please let us know so we can plan how much to bring and/or deal with allergies. Details and 

    Emily’s address to be privately given to everyone who RSVPs. Respecting privacy, yo!

    If you have any questions, feel free to message Hannah or Emily on the site!


    Extra Life Stream:

    As many of you are aware, Rooster Teeth’s 24-hour Extra Life Charity Stream is coming up on November 11th-12th. This is an important event to Rooster Teeth and the entire community where we band together to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. RTMD will be hosting a 24 hour viewing party to laugh, play, and exhaust ourselves alongside our favorite Rooster Teeth and Let’s Play Family personalities. Please keep an eye out for next month’s update which will provide more details and be sure to let the idea percolate in your head if you wish to attend! Remember, it’s for the kids!

    The Chesapeake Surv-Bays

    Do you like surveys? Do you like providing information online? Do you like spilling all of your deepest, darkest secrets to strangers in a Google form? What do you mean, no? Well, too bad!

    In all seriousness, we need information from y’all to plan monthly meet ups and stuff that you would enjoy. The more information provided, the more fun for RTMD!

    We will love you forever if you complete the survey, which you can find here:

    Community Showstoppers

    Exciting news! RTMD will be working on a community showcase for our wonderful state. We will have more details available next month in our first edition. You can also contact Isaiah (@Izayer) if you are interested or have any questions.

    Birthday Party

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear everyone! We’ll be putting out birthday announcements each month to show some love to our awesome members. Be sure to double check that your birthday is listed in our member survey, and we’ll give you a shout out. Spread some birthday joy amongst each other!

    For September, we have very happy birthday wishes to Kyle (@Laxus) and Larry (@HyLarryous)!

    If you have a September birthday and would like it announced, please let us know and we will put it in October's monthly update.


    And Now...The Weather

    We’re so excited to start pushing RTMD to be even better than before. We have tons of fun events planned, plenty of shenanigans scheduled, and a whole lot of content to enjoy. But while we are growing, we want to take the time to encourage all of you to reach out to each other. New friends are just a few mouse clicks away. Find someone you haven’t talked to much, or at all, and send them a friend request. Ask them what their favorite RT show is or what video games they play. First and foremost, RTMD is a community of individuals who enjoy Rooster Teeth, and we want to double down on that whole community thing.

    Be sure to keep in touch with the group through our RTMD social media accounts for the latest news and events!

    Stay tuned for more updates when we roll out our first full post in October! Don’t call us, we’ll call you.


    Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins, Hannah (@hannahconda), and Emily (@Mololue)

  • so this thing...

    1 year ago

    adoorable_door FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Chromophobic


    Username: adoorable_door

    From: Örebro,Sweden

    FIRST member: Yes

    Date Joined: rejoined in 2013, lost access to the account details

    Last Signed in: always

    Rooster Teeth Content:  

    First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Fails of the weak #30 something

    Last Podcast you watched: Always Open #0.1

    Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Gav, Ryan or Barb. or burnie. or Michael. I can't make up my mind

    Did you watch a RT video today: Yes

    If yes Which one: RTAA #250

    Favorite RT Series: RWBY

    Favorite RT video: Fails of the weak #192, my clip is featured there

    RT Site:  

    Current Number Of Notifications: 3

    Name of first Journal: So far behind

    Name of you latest Journal: God Damn It Rooster Teeth

    Last Photo you uploaded: Current profile pic

    Last Thread you commented on: unknown. I'm not very active socially around here

    First group in your group list: halo

    Last Private message sent to: chris2594

    Achievement Hunter:  

    Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: GS: 32115

    Team Lads or Team Gents: Lads

    Favorite Achievement Hunter: Ryan 

    Minecraft Skin: custom made on called Corrupted Steve 

    Favorite AH show: Things to do in

    The Community   

    Favorite Group: not active enough to answer this 

    Have you gone to a community event: not yet. sails are set for RTX2017 however

    Favorite Fellow Community member: Shagrazir. What can I say, I like his name

  • My hometown

    1 year ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    The local paper did a photo essay on it and posted it on line. Enjoy.