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conrad500 Awesome
25 year-old male from Houston, TX
Steam: Conrad500
XBL: Conrad5oo
Skype: Conrad5oo
League: Conrad500
3DS: 1564-3224-0559

About me: I'm pretty awesome. I like to play games and hang out with friends. Don't send me a Friend Request, send me a message! If you near The Galleria Houston, TX and want to hang out sometime I'm totally down. I don't have much of a social life but I'm (not really) trying to fix that!

Gaming: Steam, League of Legends, Pokemon

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conrad500 Awesome
Put my money where my mouth is...So... someone was having a green Naked brand smoothie. She complained about how it was pretty bad, and I told her it couldn't be THAT bad and it's just mind over matter...

Welp, she had bought three. So today, I practice what I preach...

I was wrong... this is horrible...
I mean, I've drank about half of it, and it isn't making me sick or anything, but boy. I'll finish it, probably within the hour, but bleh, totally not my cup of tea.
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