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conrad500 Awesome
25 year-old male from Houston, TX
Steam: Conrad500
XBL: Conrad5oo
Skype: Conrad5oo
League: Conrad500
3DS: 1564-3224-0559

About me: I'm pretty awesome. I like to play games and hang out with friends. Don't send me a Friend Request, send me a message! If you near The Galleria Houston, TX and want to hang out sometime I'm totally down. I don't have much of a social life but I'm (not really) trying to fix that!

Gaming: Steam, League of Legends, Pokemon

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conrad500 Awesome
How do I edit?Every time I sit down to edit something, I just get a block, don't want to do it, and usually put it of forever.

I've got my Sponsor Hardcore server footage I need to edit and I've started a series with my friends I need to edit, but I dont know if I'm just a lazy bitch or what, but I haven't finished anything.

I also ran into a few minor problems with audio/video/lost footage, but it's nothing to scrap it over, it just makes me quit almost as soon as I find out or reach a part with that problem...

How do you get through editing? What keeps you doing it, or do you just enjoy doing it? I don't know how to get myself to do it T~T
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