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25 year-old male from Houston, TX
Message me! I love to chat with everyone! Don't send random friend requests! If you near The Galleria area Houston, TX and want to hang out sometime I'm totally down. I like to play all kinds of games with friends. Look me up anywhere as Conrad500.
Currently living with my girlfriend Becca.

Steam: Conrad500
XBL: Conrad5oo
Skype: Conrad5oo
League: Conrad500
3DS: 1564-3224-0559

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conrad500 Awesome
Crack the Case 2 - Ship Gyp
The Case - After Saving for years, Oscar purchases a 40-foot cabin cruiser at a bargain price. Then, a week later he wins a contest for an all-expense-paid stay at a luxury resort on the island nation of St. Aretha. Oscar immediately takes some time off from work and heads for the Caribbean paradise. He is thrilled with his good fortune, but slightly puzzled because he can't recall entering the contest.

The Mystery - How did Oscar win a contest he never entered? What crime was involved, and who was behind it?

This is a bit harder and the last one for today!

1. If you've played this and know the answer, fuck off. let others have fun
2. I can only answer questions with "Yes, No, Yes and No, I don't know, and Irrelevant"
3. Ask all questions in bold or I will not answer them. This is so you can talk, but I know what I'm answering.
4. Don't ask more questions in replies. Ask them in a new post so that everyone can see everything.
5. Don't cheat. People play this online a lot apparently. Please don't google the cases.
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