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Step 4: Parts!Today my turbo came, marking the last piece I needed. Unfortunately, it's at home near Cleveland, and I'm at college in Toledo. On the good side of things, I was able to get the intercooler fitted and mounted last week during my spring break. It's amazing that I was able to get it to fit. Now, when I say "fit", that means that it had to be put in at a slight angle, and the stock turn signals will no longer fit. Yeah, I know that I don't need a 24x12x4 cooler for the power level I'm looking for. But, hey, an intercooler that big for only $99, I couldn't pass it up.

Now, as I've said, in order to get it to fit, it had to be put in slightly sideways, and the turn signals won't fit. That isn't that much of a problem, since I'll just make new signals out of rows of LEDs. The second problem is a bit more complex. Step 3. The oil cooler.... Yeah.... Unless I get creative, there's no way in hell that it will fit.

As far as pictures, I'll add some in on Friday or Saturday.
My Turbo!!! I finally have it!!!

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