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28 year-old male from Vancouver, BC, Canada
Respect the past. Encourage innovation.


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Happy birthday, Gavin.There once was this teen with an eye for the past.

He was passionate about using technology to slow life down to see the unseen, more so than anyone you'd ever met. For many years he trained with the best around the globe.

He filmed. He shared his perspective. Explored nature and found questions. Formed teams and crafted worlds. Creators, musicians, athletes and personalities great and small sought his services, but he never lost sight of his own crazy self, never left a site that had become a home. He is one of the most inspiring members to come from this community.

Before he was the slow mo guy he was the kid with the eye and the dream in it of a future in entertainment, perhaps as a stunt man, the British moderator with the longer-than-usual hairdo and the Santa hat avatar, making us laugh by hurling water balloons at his buddies. Now, he makes millions laugh and wonder a bit more about the what ifs in our universe.

Wait until you see what he does next.

Have a top birthday, @Gavino!

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