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32 year-old female from a place completely removed from reality
I'm extremely weird, not that that is unusual nowadays, but like everyone else I have my own brand of weird. ^.~* I like to think of myself as extrovert and friendly but I'm really sorta shy. I also have a talent for being adorable and child-like but I can be mature when need be. I'm a military brat with 5 brothers and no sisters so sometimes I act like a tomboy. My nickname is Pan because like Peter Pan I don't wanna ever grow up.

Yay!! Tohma Seguchi Kicks Ass!!!!

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Name Pan
Occupation Student, Actress/Writer and Corporate Slave
Birthday April 21st, 1983
Interests Movies Anime manga comic books roleplaying reading writing singing and acting. I enjoying sewing too. I am also an Aesthetist (which may or may not be a real word) a DYIer (all be it a lazy one) and Amateur Magician/Juggler (i.e. I can perform a handful of magic tricks and two or three contact juggling moves but I am learning more). I am currently studying Hypnosis and hope to one day astonish the world with my Repertoire of Seemingly Useless Skills. (Oh I also like to make up words and Capitalize Wherever the Hell I Please. I'm a quarter German so I figure I'm allowed. ^.~*)
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Music Rock mostly any kind as long as it's not head-splittingly loud. I like Blues Jazz and Musicals a lot too (and a lot of other weird stuff). My favorite bands are Evanescence Linkin Park Savage Garden and Blackmore's Night. Phantom of the Opera is my favorite Musical.
Movies Labyrinth Legend The Phantom of the Opera V for Vendetta MirrorMask Kingdom of Heaven Monty Python and the Holy Grail Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi Howl's Moving Castle Spirited Away MST3K: The Movie Mallrats Jay and Silent Bod Strike Back Phone Booth Sabrina Muppet Treasure Island The Princess Bride movies based on Jane Austen novels and the list goes on.
TV Shows ST:DS9 & TNG Judging Amy Two Guys and a Girl The 70's Show Night Court (I love TVLand for putting it back on the air. ^.^) Red Dwarf Blackadder Almost any cartoon based on DC comics (i.e. Teen Titans Batman Batman Beyond Superman Justice League Static Shock.) various anime shows (Namely Slayers Fruits Basket Utena Inuyasha Ranma Bastard Tenchi Muyo Fushigi Yûgi Ceres Chrono Crusade Bleach Rozen Maiden etc.) And as strange as it is for me I find I like a few shows on HGTV and G4TV. (I also can9;t seem to stop watching those "I love the [insect decade here]" shows on VH1 though I�39;m not sure why that is...)
Books Harry Potter series (obviously) The Scarlet Pimpernel The Phantom of the Opera (again no surprise there.) Peter Pan Howl's Moving Castle The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gaveriel Kay (Three books: The Summer Tree The Wandering Fire The Darkest Road.) the Red Dwarf books Some Shakespeare plays (the few I've read or seen mostly the comedy like A Midsummer Night's Dream and Much Ado About Nothing.) Pride and Prejudice The Harper Halls books by Anne MaCaffrey etc etc I'll list more as I think of them. I'm also addicted to manga and I read some comic books as well though I�39;m not collecting any of the latter presently.