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21 year-old male from Cary, North Carolina
Currently a Student at a specialized program focused on the production of video games.
My blood is probably 85% caffeine.

xboxuncut.squarespace.com/ <--I'm on dis, check it out for news and what not
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RTX 2013I had a blast this hear. As a guy who one days hopes to become a developer, I loved talking to the smaller studios that had like one or two machines out. Those guy were great to just toss ideas back and forth with. Necro seemed like one of the best of those style of games and to anyone who reads this I hope you give it support as it goes through the hellhole that is steam greenlight.

On the other hand....

Some things about the event just sort of, well sucked. I guess It might be my lack of having gone to other events, but taking 2 hours just to get my badge when I had already pay and had my code printed out just seems wrong to me. Again it might be my lack of experience with conventions, but something about that seems like I should never happen. If I had one other gripe, it was that the schedule wasn't posted as early as I had hoped. The flights I had booked with the guy I was going to RTX with landed us in Austin just as the doors opened. They also had us leaving a 2pm on sunday. If I had one request for next year. Just give us a rough doors open, doors close for all the days so that people who do the arrive on day 1 leave on day 3 don't get ramrodded.

Otherwise, I was glad to meet the people I did, chat to the nerds I chatted with and see the stuff I saw. RTX 2014, you have a quite a lot to live up to.
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