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25 year-old male from Lufkin, Texas
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PaintballSaturday morning, just the other side of Hudson School. 19 guys with paintball guns running around in a ~100' x 50' woody patch next to a cow pasture. five games in five hours. I was on the yellow team with 10 and all the new players. First game, we got 6 of them before they got all of us and took the flag. Second game, we switched positions and lasted about another 10 minutes. Third game we gave them one newbie and Mr. Bond(see older paintball posts) and got a couple of good guys, including my brother. We got 3 or 4 of them before they got two of our guys at the same time. we ended up winning with 3 guys on our side, two of which were on the other end of the field guarding the flag. Fourth game, 3 left because of time, 5 went to get ammo, and 1 didn't play. we got all but one before Austin started getting our guys out one by one to win the game. Game five, we got the guys who went for an ammo run back, but Austin left. We Kicked Butt. but one of their guys bent the rules quite a bit and got the 3 on our side that got out.
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