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28 year-old male from Blood Gultch

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Current Favorite Quote:"Otherwise, Shoot this mother fucker" -Morgan Freeman as Sloan in Wanted
Currently listening to: The Arctic Monkeys
Current Game: Burnout Paradise (w00t Davis)
Currently Scoring: 11480
Current COD4 rank: 2nd prestige lvl 17
Current Halo 3 rank: Commander grade 2 **|
Currently Anticipating: nothing
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www.real-wishes.comhey, if you are reading this you should check out this website, it's called www.real-wishes.com, it's free and can make your dreams come true.

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Name Butch
Birthday March 24th, 1987
Interests Sleeping Eating Videogames Napping Swimming Sailing Skiing/Snowboarding Snoozing setting stuff on fire Airsoft Catching Z's Biking Doing Stuff
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