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Female from inside a picnic basket, on the moon.

sigs by Cabo0sey (who's 100% awesomesauce =D) <3

I'm just a geek, like you, only I have boobs.
I'm a little gothic and more than a little strange.
I like music, books, language, games, social science, history and inappropriate jokes. =)
I'm illegal in 67 countries and may in fact be the 8th deadly sin.

Msgs lyk dis will be ignored.
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Really considering reviving this profile a little, but it'd need a bit of a do-over. And way more love than I'm feeling right now.
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Name Tenni
Occupation Universal empress in training.
Birthday September 12th
Interests Things. Try getting to know me
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Music I'll save you the reading and just put down current addictions The Azoic Ayria Combichrist
Movies I find flaw with every movie. The Matrix is probably the only exception.
TV Shows Family guy Scrubs CSI
Books Once again. Try speaking to me. Try asking me what I'm reading right now. *gasp* human interaction. Unimaginable