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26 year-old male from Oklahoma
My previous description seemed quite hostile, almost militant, so I changed it. I'm a nerd, and if you're reading this, you most likely are too. Glad we're able to get along now that we've established that.
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Ayooooooooh!I just got my Achievement Hunter shirt. That's pretty awesome.
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Name Chris
Occupation Part-time sumo wrestler slash fighter pilot slash EPA inspector.
Birthday June 3rd, 1989
Games Show 5 More
Music As long as it's not country anything from 1880-1920 screamo music and most rap/hip hop. However I do like a select few artists perhaps only those that were popular back when I was younger.
Movies Star Wars Pirates of the Caribbean and anything else that's funny. I'm not all that picky really just as long as the movie is either funny or awesome. I do enjoy some "classics" like Jaws and Casablanca. But even so I don't see movies all that often.
TV Shows Scrubs and many things on [adult swim]. Also I have an odd fascination with whatever is on Modern Marvels.
Books Harry Potter (who doesn't) Halo and Redwall. <--All mentioned are a series of 3 or more. I also like Republic Commando: Hard Contact. I have a picture of it in my profile. I also like the Thrawn series of Star Wars books. Mostly if there's a Star Wars book with Clone Troopers in it I'll try to read it.