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Pretty bored right nowSo I figured I'd give a quick update.

School started for me about a month ago, and in the past 10 days of school we've had four bomb scares/evacuations. It's not a big deal. We get to sit out on the football field for 2 hours while bomb dogs search the school. What do bombs smell like anyway?

I also got Halo 3 last wednesday. Last Friday/Saturday me and infiltrate beat the campaign on Legendary, with the help of my brother. It was pretty good, but the whole storyline pretty much went over my head. And the ending definitely makes it seem like there should be a Halo 4.

Um, that's about it. Not much else going on. I expect at least 5 comments by the next time I check back. Which will probably be in a couple of weeks. Not very high expectations, but it doesn't seem like there are many people left here who actually do anything.
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