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Gun control, emotions, and moralityI know this journal is going to be unpopular but as anyone can see, I am a supporter of 2nd amendment rights as well as an owner of a variety of firearms, all 100% legal. I collect them as a hobby, hunt with them, and I take my friends and family out to target practice. I've been shooting with careful adult supervision since I was three. As an adult myself now, I have never committed a crime with my guns, have never shot anyone on purpose or accident, nor have I allowed anyone shooting my guns to do anything unsafe with them. I am committed to firearm safety. Please, regardless of your opinion on the matter of gun control, please read this with an open mind. Genuine honest discussion is what this country needs right now. Not people tearing their fellow countrymen down simply for disagreeing.

My sympathies go out to the families and friends of those who lost loved ones in Newtown.

Human life is precious. Once a life is taken, the act cannot be undone. It is final. I believe this to be the case in many areas (which strays into other topics I shall avoid for the moment). Firearms are merely a tool in the hands of their wielder. Good people can do great things with them. They can be used to bring a father and son together through a common hobby such as hunting, competitive shooting, provide peace of mind for their family, or simply back yard plinking. Bad people can do horrendous things with them. Murder is the first thing that comes to mind for many people. The issue here isn't the gun though. Bad people are bad. Simple as that. They will do bad things no matter what. They have no regard for the law or for the well being of others. They will cause harm to other people regardless of the means they must use to accomplish it. There are also mentally ill people who unfortunately do not get the medical attention they need. Most mentally ill people are not violent. On occasion though some are and again, there is nothing preventative to stop a violent broken mind from completing their misguided mission of causing harm.

Part of the issue I see if the devaluation of human life. Video games and movies have ratings for a reason. Parents need to follow them. You see constantly where parents have bought their children violent games or taken them to violent movies. Children are impressionable. That is why those game and movie ratings exist. To shield young impressionable minds from situations and content that could be adverse. Children should not be allowed to play violent games like Call of Duty or watch violent R rated movies. Parents need to quit being "Mom the best friend" and actually do what's right for their child regardless of the child's desires. It is not in your child's best interests to allow them to interactively take part in violent content! Its a fact. Teach your child the value of a human life. Make sure they know at an early age that once a life is taken, it is gone forever. People who truly value another person's life cannot take that life. Those school children in Connecticut didn't deserve to be gunned down. The broken mind that went after them armed with a gun didn't value them for whatever reason. He didn't care that those precious young lives would be lost forever or those of the brave teachers who sacrificed themselves to save their students. They are true heros. Victoria Soto understood the value of the lives of her students and did the right thing knowing full well the cost. She is a real hero.

We have been down the assault weapon ban in the past. We have banned the import of such weapons since 1989. To this day all semi-automatic military style arms sold to US citizens must be produced in the US however foreign parts kits are legal to be assembled here with a certain percentage of their parts being produced here. In any case, that cut down drastically on the volume of assault weapons on the market in the US. Since then, there has been a 1994 assault weapons ban which prevented the sale of any rifle with the features of a military grade firearm. No bayonet lug, no pistol grip, no flash hider, and no grenade launcher which is not applicable to civilians anyways. This 1994 ban saw absolutely no change in the amount of violent gun related crimes. In fact since this ban was repealed in 2004, violent gun crime has decreased.

It is a fact, there are those in power in this country who simply hate guns. Its understandable. Guns are popularized in violent movies and games, highlighted on the news when they are used by criminals, and as such are misunderstood by a large portion of people. Then after a tragedy like what has happened in Newtown, there is a lot of emotion surrounding the issue of gun control and I completely understand why. Its awful what happened. The last thing we need to do is crumple up the Constitution and trample on rights though. Statistic prove gun control doesn't reduce crime in general or murder specifically. We need to all step back from the emotions surrounding this tragedy and take a calm and reasonable approach to the issues at hand.

The issue of morality is at the forefront to me. We live in a society where violence is glorified and in large, children are allowed to witness this by their parents. The value of life itself is in question with issues like abortions. It is a life and it is important. We live in a society that accepts poor, non-violent behavior as "entertainment". Look at people like Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, and some of the garbage on reality TV these days. Where is the accountability and the shame? As a society we need to seriously reconsider our values.

I've hit the limit of what can fit in a journal... The rest of my thoughts are in the first comment.
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