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A Few WordsI'm not a prominent member of this community and I probably never will be, but if there's even a chance that someone will read this and take it to heart then it's worth it.

Monty passing serves as a reminder that nothing is permanent and tomorrow is not a guarantee. Please remember that your time is finite and to spend that time being excellent to one another. Life is too short to be a shit head.

Love isn't easy. Everyone is different and those differences are bound to cause friction. Love each other anyways. If it were easy to love then it wouldn't mean a fucking thing. Look for the good in others and strive to love them even when they're at their lowest point. It won't be easy. Do it anyways.

If you ever need a friend or just someone to talk to, I'm always around. I can't promise that we won't have our off days, but I'll love you anyways

Monty, I never knew you and that fact will remain one of my greatest regrets for the rest of my life. Rest in peace.
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