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Female from somewhere in Florida...
I don't sleep.
I'm left-handed (and damn proud of it!)
The "Scaevola" in my pseudonym means left-handed.
I've written two books.
I'm awesome at words.
I suck at math.
I lived in Japan for 4 years; England for 3.
I'm an Air Force brat.
My obsession with Mountain Dew scares even me.
I hate large vehicles that try to kill me.
I love art, reading, and learning languages.
I speak passable Japanese (when the Spanish isn't getting in the way).
I taught myself the aforementioned Japanese.
I'm a pre-med bio major at a tech school.
Better Paranoid than Dead.
Oh, and Chell's Mind is my new baby.
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Long Time, No SeeHello, people. I figure since this is one of the few sites that I care about I should say hello. I'm very much alive and well, and things are pretty good. Kinda almost broke, but you can blame Betty my car for that.

By the way, I finally got Ian (Pirate) to start watching RvB. *evil laugh* At last, progress! He's loving it, so I got my sponsorship renewed and am currently fighting the urge to watch seasons 9 and 10 before him. (I'm one of those wacky types who likes to watch a season all in one go, so I'll wait for the whole thing to come out before watching any of it.)

Oh, and I went on a road trip to Tennessee with Ian to hang out with his CounterStrike clan...
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Name Cyh Scaevola
Occupation Student or Writer--you decide.
Birthday July 15th
Interests Writing reading words in general tinkering with organic compounds funny movies horror movies some action movies computer hardware--code stumps me like particle physics plating bacteria...seriously drawing painting creating observing browsing fantasizing over my ultimate computer solid state hard drives paranormal activities cooking baking learning new languages Japanese cetera. Also I would really love to build my own moat but zoning laws won�39;t let me...
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TV Shows Fringe House Chuck and How I Met Your Mother--for various reasons.
Books John Dies at the End by David Wong Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard (technically a play)